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Saik-Valardin Wedding Celebration

Family and friends of Baroness Lucita Saik and Baron Talwyn Saik nee Valardin are invited to an evening of celebration in honor of the couple and the alliance of two such esteemed houses of the Compact.


Feb. 11, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Lucita Talwyn


Alarissa Eirene Leola Lenard Adrienne Katarina Gianna Calypso Alban Zoey Cirroch Rowenova Svana Sebastian Caelis Dio Jaenelle Kiera Pasquale



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Gardens

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As autumn starts to wind down, the evenings are chilly. But on this particular evening, braziers add warmth and light to the Hidden Gardens at the Golden Hart where guests are gathered to celebrate the marriage of Lucita and Talwyn. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed at the lobby and directed through the courtyard and down the stairs to reach the party. Streamers of Saik green, Valardin blue, and white threaded with silver are twisted and looped through the trees, providing contrast against the blazing autumnal leaves. A runner of blue edged in silver leads from the stairs to the table Lucita and Talwyn will be near when receiving guests. Servers circulate with trays of finger foods and glasses of sparkling wine. Off to the side, buffet tables have been arranged for guests to put together more substantial plates of food, with a bar featuring mulled wine and hot cocoa to warm up with, or any other alcohol one could ask for. A dance floor has been laid in the gardens, and musicians are warming up to play for those who wish to dance.

Medeia stands near the bottom of the stairs in a poofy, dazzling strapless duskweave gown with black glimmering coral at her throat and ears, and tucked into her hair, which is left in loose waves around her shoulders and down her back. As guests arrive, she greets them and directs them as needed.

Medeia drops Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Zoey gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Eirene gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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On the arm of the dear sweet Columbine, Alarissa in deep plunging red finery only smiles and meanders with her beneath the warmth of a thrax colored cloak and fur. There's a lift of her chin for Medeia and appreciative nod to the coral before heading to a place to sit with the Columbine.

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Alarissa takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Eirene enters in a dress. A rather fetching dress. With color. And jewelry. And a tiara perched jauntily on her head. She looks fancy for a change... only there's a hint of a weapon at the gown's silken edge and a slender flask shoved down the decollatage of the gown. She's wearing her usual smirk as she steps down into the garden and looks at the gathered. Bride and groom given a broader smile as she gets into a receiving line.

Carelessly taking a seat on the charming garden swing, the golden Columbine grasps the support, encouraging Alarissa to join her. There, she begins to swing, slippers emerging from the frothy skirts, golden lips whispering to Thrax as she laughs and chuckles

Lenard has come, a smile for any who look his way. He quietly moves to a spot to sit, waiting for his turn to address the crowd. Dressed in white and blue to represent his house.

With fingers curled into the skirt of her jade and violet gown, Adrienne descends into the gardens slowly and with a distant appreciation for the decorations, the flowers, and the musicians preparing for their performances. Alone tonight, the Pravosi princess angles away from where Talwyn and Lucita will be greeting the guests and finds a relatively peaceful corner from which to observe the bards at their performances. Tanned from her travels, she is also visibly pregnant, just past that point at which it is impossible to mask.

Alban gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

The veiled Princess Katarina has been making sure that the finger foods are not going to waste, because that is what one does for one's family.

Gianna descends the stairs, skirts swishing through the fallen leaves. A white fur cloak keeps her warm though it's worn open at the moment to display her gown and jewelry. As always, she makes an entrance. Her gaze is cast about, noting the decorations and favours.

Calypso glides into the garden, her step uncommonly quiet without her big stompy boots on. Her gown is gossamer and Lycene, adding to the sense of lightness about the way that she moves. Sapphires glitter in her hair, which has been styled up with loose curls hanging around her face. She joins the receiving line in good spirits, dark painted lips forming a small, slightly smug smile.

Alban walks in to the wedding dressed as you would expect a member of a ducal family to dress. And then bee lines it for some food and wine. He slips past Katarina, greeting, "Princess," perhaps a BIT frostily.

Zoey leaves behind her regular entourage as she enters the garden, offering them an evening to enjoy themselves at the Golden Hart while she attends the party. The glass beads on her clothes sparkles as they catch the light. Knowing that the bride and groom will be overwhelmed with guests, she joins her fellow expectant mother to wait for an opportunity to say hello.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Cirroch enters and takes a standing position near the back, crossing his arms. Waiting for anyone he might recognize

Rowenova takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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"Lorf Awlbuh," Katarina greets Alban in turn, with her mouth full, mid-appetizer -- but it's behind the veil, so no one can tell, clearly.

Eirene smiles with a bit more sincerity as she spies Calypso. "Niece," she greets, raising a hand. "Don't we both look fucking delightful tonight," she says as the smirk returns. "And Lucy, she looks pretty slick too." A fair compliment from her. She grabs a glass of wine from a passing waiter, surreptitiously tastes it out of habit, and then takes a deeper drink.

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Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington apparently rush to show up -- not too late but slightly late -- to their lovely patron's wedding day! Although they have apparently failed to dress up, they are quite clean/pristine, indeed!

"I don't know about you, but I look fucking fabulous." Calypso greets Eirene with a devil may care grin. She hasn't gone in search of a drink yet, but that's probably coming.

Lucita is standing with her husband, her garments coordingating with his, her hand with the wedding ring resting lightly on Talwyn's forearm. She is beaming a smile up at him, amber gaze seeking to meet his for a moment before she turns and, projecting her voice, says. "Welcome guests. Please meet my husband, the Voice of Saik, Baron-consort Talwyn Saik. We were wed some time ago but the demise of Legate Hamish made us decide for a private ceremony. Archscholar Sina was kind enough to perform it for us. My twins served as attendants. Some trips away from Arx to which we had committed time had us delaying this party to celebrate the wedding.

The musicians set into a light, airy song as the guests mingle. Medeia is dutifully greeting each as they arrive, offering smiles and introductions if necessary. She does her best to slip in and out of the crowd to keep things running smoothly. Tonight is about Lucita and Talwyn, so she aims to ensure it is perfect.

What Calypso says suddenly earns a Northern laugh from Rowenova but then the scout quiets when she hears Lucita, turning her cobalt gaze to her patron. Blinking... because even she did not know, Nova wows softly then cheers for those newlyweds. "CONGRATULATIONS!" Big. Northern. Voice. She. Has.

Talwyn, former Valardin Prince, stands with all of the poise one would expect of the high born Oathlands family. His arm is bent just so, allowing Lucita's hand a comfortable perch upon his elbow as he looks into her eyes as well. A smile rests easily upon his features, and it is clear that the two are quite happy together. As Lucita addresses their guests, Talwyn turns his eyes toward those in attendance and offers a bow of his head in greeting. "Hello and welcome to you all," he says happily. "We are both so incredibly grateful for those of you who have come to help us celebrate this union between our families."

Calypso winks at Rowenova when she laughs and steps out of the receiving line long enough to take her hand and give her a little dancer's twirl.

The line has been dismissed by Adrienne.

Alban frowns even more at Kat as she greets him like that, but, she's a Princess so....he has to let it stand. He then heads to the seat farthest from her possible at the wedding.

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Turn in line: Calypso

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"Congratulations, you two." Calypso beams at Lucita and Talwyn as she reaches the front of the receiving line (because she was totally in front, which might have required the application of a few sharp elbows, but whatever). "I refuse to discuss business in this dress, but once the hangover has cleared up, we'll have to get together to talk about what Malvici can do to help Saik grow. In the meantime, what are the chances we're going to hear some of that beautiful music, tonight?"

Certainly amenable to Calypso's twirling, Nova lithely moves in a smooth spin before their hands must part, and then the merry scout heads up to the line, with the good boy at her side.

Standing from the swing, the Columbine offers a delicately gloved hand to Alarissa, and gestures to the line. Golden lips move, murmuring, and she tilts her veiled head

Turn in line: Zoey

Lucita reaches to give Calypso a hug and then glances over that gown she is wearing. "Now that is nice. Very very nice, and yes, no business tonight. We have some plans readied but that is talk for later." She steps back and gestures toward Talwyn. "And my Voice has some very good ideas to be considered as we talk, too."

Svana takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"Let's make a date, then." Calypso gives Lucita's cheek a kiss and takes Talwyn's hand for a moment before letting herself be ushered off so that other people can greet the happy couple. The light shimmers off the silk of her dress as she moves, seeking out a drink.

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"That is very kind of you, Duchess," Talwyn says with a smile toward Calypso, offering her a bow when she steps forward to congratulate them. "And certainly. Such talks sound very good. As for music..." His eyes drift to Lucita at his side before he says, "I am not opposed. But I will follow Lucita's lead. She is the one with the beautiful voice, afterall."

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Zoey spots and opening after Calypso greets the happy couple and excuses herself from the table where she sits between Adrienne and Gianna. She approaches the bride and groom with open arms and a broad smile. "Congratulations again to you both," she tells the pair. "I cannot begin to express how happy I am for each of you."

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Briar, a quiet young woman, 6 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Sebastian.

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Turn in line: Eirene

Eirene steps forward to give Lucita a little hug and a hearty handshake to Talwyn. "May you always make beautiful music together, blah blah blah. Sincerely though, I hope you two have some great sex and develop a strong bond together. The Saiks are dear to me, like family. So welcome to it, Talwyn. Just... don't call me Auntie. You need to -earn- that," she cautions, blue eyes serious for the moment.

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Svana is not escorted by anyone, even her assistants, but she does come bearing gifts. She looks upon the happy couple and smiles, joining the greeting line. She gives a slight start when someone familiar latches onto her and she turns, looking at Rowenova with a laugh. "Fancy seeing you here, darling. How are you enjoying the party? Have you just arrived? I'm always terribly late and the first one to leave."

Nova happily hugs Svana just like that and then lets go. "Good to see you, too! Ayep, so happy for my patron! She sure looks to be pleased with her man, too! That is good! I just arrived a bit before you, yeah."

Sebastian doesn't even bother to pretend he's on time: the bride knows him too well for any attempted subtefuge, even if he were inclined to it. Instead, the Pravosi Prince steps though, pausing in the entrance to run a hand over his steelsilk vest, gaze flickering across the gathered crowd. He spots the bridge and groom immediately -- of course -- but given the line that's forming to greet them, he circles around towards the lily, joining his wife and the others there.

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Lucita returns Zoey's hug and with a soft voice murmurs. "Thank you. We promised a party when we wed and here it is. Lady Medeia was kind enough to organize it for us. As for music, I think there is to be some entertainment later, but not sure we will be the ones providing it. My talented husband will be performing at some time though so you may have a chance to hear him then." She releases Zoey and OH, more hugs as Eirene comes forward. "Auntie Eirene made me earn that, too, and ..." She clears her voice, eyes sparkling a bit as she grins, color rising in her cheeks. "... " She finds no words regarding the sex, just grins a little wider and nods.

Lucita lifts her hand as Svana approaches and shows the ring she wears. "Fits wonderfully and you did a remarkable job. Thank you. And Nova. Now you see why I have not been around the taverns as much. I took some time off to be with my husband.

Turn in line: Gianna

"Eirene, you made her blush!" Zoey points out. "Goodness. Well, I will have to thank Lady Medeia as well. And I look forward to hearing you." That last part is directed to Talwyn before she returns to the table.

Gianna rises from her seat near the midnight black cala lily but doesn't actually get in line. She just decides that this is a good time to just interrupt. Thankfully, her voice carries. "Two members of the Bard's College have found each other and formed an alliance that I fully support," she announces. "May you both prosper." No hugs from her. No touching! Gianna inclines her head graciously and reclaims her seat.

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Caelis.

Talwyn offers a laugh as Eirene comes forward and greets them. Looking to Lucita, he laughs all the more as she is suddenly struck speechless and he offers a shrug before he says to Eirene, "I will see what I can do." Then to Zoey, Talwyn offers a chuckle before he says, "Thank you for coming, Lady Zoey. I am happy to see you here."

Svana beams in Lucita's direction and bows to her. She doesn't return a reply yet, biding her time until she can get closer. She focuses on Rowenova and smiles. "Yes, they do look happy together. So sweet." She reaches out to squeeze Rowenova again. "I keep meaning to have you come by the Haven. Don't you and Anisha have some business to attend to?" She asks with a smile. "And I know Rowan would love to see his special auntie."

Now that most guests are settled and the bride and groom are receiving guests, Medeia makes her way over to the bar and claims a mug of mulled cider for herself. She lets her eyes scan the party, looking for anything that needs fixing, but allowing herself a chance to relax for the moment.

Turn in line: Cirroch

The Marquis of Sanna looks like he is trying to remember something. Inside voice... But it's a happy moment, thus with a booming Northern voice, and placing a hand to his heart, Cirroch nods to the newly married couple. "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach. Marquessa Sasha is unable to make it." He explains, then bellowing further, "Congratulations! A lovely moment for both of you. May you create a small army of children! If you are in need of plushie battle training, let us know..." He trails off here, unsure of what else to say in the moment, the Marquessa would know what to say, heck, even Petroc could whisper something, but neither are here and The Marquis looks a little lost in what else can be added. He opts to simply show a large smile beaming across his face as he then wanders off in search of whiskey.

Over at the rose garden, Calypso's gaze has settled on the woman in the mask, and a slight frown creases her brow, although it's not enough to quite touch her full lips. She takes a pensive sip of champagne.

Seeing Lucita grin like she does makes Nova grin some more, too, and then after there is a nod tossed upward of that wolf-framed/shaded noggin of the scout's before she pipes up. "I see! I am glad you did! You definitely deserved some wonderful moments!" She then refocuses upon Svana, also squeezing her again, too. "We do! I need to talk to her, yes! And Rowan! He is the best behaved, yeah?" She curiously asks, like it must be so!

Walking into the garden, Caelis looks around a little. Sweeping her dark hair over a shoulder, she crosses her arms under her chest and scans over the crowd for familiar faces and considers the greeting line for a slow moment.

The Columbine remains gracefully on Alarissa's arm, fingers caressing, escorting the Princess-Consort and smiling with golden lips, musing and looking around. Her dimpled mask settles on Calypso, and golden lips lift. She dips, delicately, in a curtsy, before returning her attention back to the line

Eirene beams a smile at Caelis, "Other niece," she calls out, Calypso standing nearby likely the other other niece. She lifts her glass of wine. For once, Eirene looks the part of a Noble lady and not a mercenary ready for a throw down.

Lucita says, "Nightingale Gianna, Thank you, and your coming is much appreciated. Marquis Cirroch! You got here. I'm so glad to see you. It has been a couple of seasons since we all got a chance to have tea in your lovely garden. I miss visiting with Lady Sasha." She greets the man and nods. "In time, we hope for children.""

To the line they go, Alarissa and the Columbine, a smile on the pearl's face and murmuring softly in conversation with her, looking to the side now and then to see who all is coming to greet the newly married couple.

Dipping into a bow toward Cirroch, Talwyn says, "Thank you very much, Marquis. It is quite kind of you to come to congratulate us. I am sorry that Marquessa Sasha was unable to attend. Perhaps the four of us might have a chance to meet up soon enough to see if any opportunities might be available between our people?" As Lucita speaks of children, Talwyn offers a nod of his head and smile her way before he says, "Yes, we do. I look forward to the day."

Turn in line: Svana

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Cirroch has joined the rose garden.

Nodding to Eirene, Caelis navigates her way over looking a little drawn. "I forget how much I dislike large crowds." She rumbles to her auntie and nods to Katarina and Calypso. To the other two she offers a softer "Hey."

"He is the only one who knows how to behave properly, aside from the babies, who haven't learned yet how to misbehave. I'm sure their time is coming, the Dragon and the Shadow, mm?" Svana asks Rowenova before she steps up in line and smiles at Lucita and Talwyn both. "It is so wonderful to see you two together. The rings look beautiful on you, if I do say so myself." She bows to them. "I wish you both prosperity and many years together, with the halls filled with even more laughter and the sound of little footsteps." She pulls a few bottles from a pouch, offering a bottle each to Lucita and Talwyn. "Gifts for both of you. It isn't much, but I wanted to do something."

Calypso, the other niece, lifts her glass to Caelis when Eirene calls out to her, then takes a sip of champagne. "A couple of drinks, and the crowd won't be a problem. I'm glad you could make it out."

Turn in line: Rowenova

Sebastian takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Lenard gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Adrienne gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

What Svana says has her crack up as she lets go but follows her in the line. "Sounds about right to me!" says she about the babies before moving to offer these big wolfy hugs to Lucita, doing so with bright eyes and a big smile. Course, there will be hugs for Talwyn if he wants those, too. "Forgive me for there is nothing I bring you but hugs and hope of blessings to your future. Wonderful seeing you happy, my Lovely Patron."

As Svana comes forth to greet them, Talwyn offers her a broad smile and takes the gift with a grateful dip of his head. "Thank you, Mistress Svana. I am so glad that you were able to make it. The three of us should sit down soon so that we might discuss the future. It does mean so much to me that you are here. And as Lucita says, the rings are truly beautiful." Then he offers a smile toward Rowenova and does accept the hug with a one armed friendly return. "Hopes of blessings for our future are quite a good gift, thank you."

Something said while waiting in line has brows going sky high on Alarissa's face and a chiding look given to the columbine.

The Colombine lifts a gloved hand to her painted lips, hiding a titter, and she nods to Alarissa

Lucita takes a sniff of the perfume and smiles approvingly. "Thank you. That is so thoughtful. We did not expect gifts, just the pleasure of your company! Enjoy the gathering, please." She smiles at Svana and lifts the scent for Talwyn to sample the aroma before capping it again. Nova is given a warm smile. "Yes, those are a wonderful gift, good will, blessings and hope. Thank you."

Calypso slips her hand in the crook of Cirroch's arm and, walking very close to him, leads him to the table where the hard liquor is being served. She downs her glass of champagne in a couple of gulps, more a soldier than a lady for a moment, and sets it aside to free up her hands to pour him a glass of whiskey. In true Lycene fashion, she takes a sip of the drink before offering it up to the Marquis with a slow smile.

Turn in line: Adrienne

Svana moves out of the line and away from Rowenova's side, looking over at the person with the Columbine Mask and her gown, then she bows back to Lucita and Talwyn. "I would love to get together with you both." Svana heads over to the bar, looking at everyone in an introspective manner.

Someone from the excellently trained Saik staff had the sense to not ask the expectant Voice of House Pravus to wait in a receiving line. When the moment comes, Adrienne takes Sebastian's arm as they leave their company near the musicians. There is something starstruck in Adrienne's manner, an odd lightness to her expression as she fixes her hair, an anticipatory glance from Sebastian to Lucita as they near. "Baronness, I've wanted so, so much to meet you. My warmest congratulations on your wedding." Her gaze turns to Talwyn and she raises to press a kiss to his cheek if he permits you. "You look very handsome, and very happy."

Turn in line: Alarissa

Sebastian crooks his elbow to allow Adrienne to clasp her hand there, before escorting her towards the bride and groom. There's a genuine warmth in Sebastian's gaze as he leans in to kiss Lucita's cheek and give her a one-armed hug. "You look radiant, Luci," he says. "I'm so happy for you. Prince Talwyn, as impeccable as always. We must have you over for dinner sometime," he glances at Adrienne, "After we've settled with the Skal'dajan fleet." He leans closer to murmur something to the group.

Cirroch looks at the drink that is being offered to him by Calypso, again, failing at a inside voice, "What is it with all the Tiny cups!" Then procceds to drink the entire thing down in one 'sip', as he pulls out the Sanna drinking horn and grabs at the bottle of whiskey pouring the entirity into the horn. "Now. This is better!"

Lucita returns Sebastian's hug and leans over for a kiss on the cheek. "Bas, you got here, too, and your beautiful wife! Thank you for coming." She turns toward Talwyn. "Prince Sebastian's twin is married to my brother. I don't know what relation that makes us but it feels like family in some way. The kids have him as 'honorary' Unka Bas' who spoils them with those whimsical ice sculptures come winter."

After visiting the couple, Nova moves to the bar, too. She seatuates herself upon an adjacent stool. She people watches whilst half grinning, as well.

When Adrienne and Sebastian step forward to greet them, Talwyn offers a bow to the two of them. When Adrienne leans forward to kiss his cheek, Talwyn stoops somewhat to allow it before he smiles and reaches out to squeeze Lucita's hand. "Thank you. I am very happy, so it is good to know that I look as good as I feel. It is good to see the both of you, Princess Adrienne and Prince Sebastian. I have been meaning to find an excuse to catch the two of you about, but it seems that we always seem to miss each other." When Sebastian murmurs something in a lower tone, Talwyn grins and chuckles before nodding his head and offering a wink toward Sebastian.

Calypso is pouring her own glass of whiskey while Cirroch uses his outside voice and grabs at bottles of whiskey, and she just looks -delighted-. She's beaming, and there's a glitter in her pale eyes, like the winter sun lighting up a field of ice. "Oh, I think I'm going to -like- you."

Adrienne looks charmed by Lucita's compliment, pleasure undeniable in her pale and golden eyes. "We've left a gift for you at the table. One of the pleasures I've found in the south has been the wind chimes by the sea. We hope that you enjoy yours. I can promise they were crafted by the finest. Please enjoy yourselves, and I will look forward to the dinner."

Eirene waggles her eyebrows at Calypso, but it's likely that Duchess General isn't paying attention to her at the moment.

"Family," Sebastian agrees with Lucita's sentiment, a visible warmth accompanying the words. "We've all been busy with other things," he adds to Talwyn, "But we'll make time soon." He glances to Adrienne, nodding agreement with her sentiment before leading her back to their table.

It's her turn, waiting till people have cleared and ensuring that she's not stepping on anyone's skirts or hems, Alarissa's bringing the Columbine with her but releases the woman's arm so she can press her right hand to the side of Lucita's arm and offer a kiss to the woman's cheek. "Congratulations my dear friend. I'm so happy for you." A look to Talwyn. "To you as well. I think you'll do just fine in this household my dear cousin. May I introduce a lovely Columbine? She couldn't bear not coming to see you."

Svana leans over and nudges Rowenova's arm with her elbow, nodding to the Columbine and Alarissa. "Look, wait for the big reveal. I want to know who it is."

Turn in line: Someone wearing A Columbine Mask And Brightly Painted Lips

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate arrives, following Dio.

The Columbine steps up with Alarissa, guiding the Pearl of the Isles up, and she dips a low curtsy, lace whispering over golden honeysilk. Her voice is soft, below the veil, musical and light "Baroness. Baron. It is so good to see Saik represented so. I do hope the house grows, and I am sure you will make it thrive." The painted lips grin "And I don't normally have a flair for the dramatic, but I hoped to at least hear your announcements before being cornered" As she delicately removes the mask, leaving only the shadowed eyes and golden lips

After scanning over the Columbine, Nova leans to Svana and whisper whispers.

Medeia has finished her mug of cider and made her way back to the bottom of the stairs to ensure she is visible in case anyone needs anything. The musicians begin to play livelier songs to dance to as the line winds down.

As she and Sebastian near the black lily, Adrienne slows him with a touch to his arm, a curious cant of her head. Exchanging a few words, Adrienne murmurs to Gianna, Zoey, and Lenard, "Will you please excuse us? It was very good to see you all so well. Especially you Lenard. We should meet for tea while I'm in the city or seek me out if you call in Setarco or Pieros."

Svana gasps and claps her hands happily, squeezing Rowenova. "It's Dame Leola! It's been ages since I've seen her. If it were more proper, I'd run and hug her and scoop her up. And probably take her home to chat her ear off all night. She has new babies to meet."

Lucita's expression softens when she sees Alarissa has come. She looks truly touched by her attendance and the cheek kiss is returned. "As busy as you are, you made time to be here. Thank you. It really means a lot." To the person in the mask removes it her eyes widen and she laughs softly. "Dame Leola? That was you? What a wonderful surprise! I am so glad you got here! You have been missed and you are one of the people I want to have a meeting with later.

Nova suddenly wows, as Sir Flop sits there like he knew all along you people! Clinging to the side of Svana, she pipes up. "So wow! Ages for us, as well! Wanna do the same, yeah! She has babies?!"

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6 First Legion Centurions leaves, following Adrienne.

Briar, a quiet young woman, 6 First Legion Centurions, Adrienne leave, following Sebastian.

Cirroch is nearly done with the horn. It may be large to everyone else, though for the Marquis of Sanna, it is emptied in nearly three 'sips'. He looks at the available bottles. Then reaches to a satchel under his coat and pulls out a bottle he has with him, for such 'emergencies' and proceeds to refill the horn, stopping for a moment to hand the bottle over to Calypso.

Eirene gets a better look at the Golden Columbine and cracks a laugh. Cackles even. "That turned out so damn good. You look like a freakin' golden statuette," she tells Leola. "I almost didn't recognize it. Haha."

Turn in line: Lenard

Leola merely grins and dips her curtsy once more, replacing the mask and returning to attend on Alarissa's arm. She nods to Lucita in agreement, and winks to Eirene

"For you, I made the time." Alarissa smiles at the reveal. "I found her loitering, I couldn't let her come in alone. But now we'll leave you to greet others. May your marriage be fruitful and joyful. Now I am going to steal her away from you. I have to talk about teaching an otter to -lockpick-" And she's turning then, off with the Columbine once more.

The drinking phase of the night seems to have begun for Calypso. That didn't take long. She downs the splash of whiskey she poured for herself, and takes the proffered bottle from Cirroch. She doesn't seem to be in a huge hurry to get back to the rose garden, and lingers near the Marquis, talking in a soft voice. When Leola unmasks, she casts a smile and a playful wagging of a finger her way.

Talwyn offers a smile and grateful dip of his head toward Alarissa when she greets him, responding with, "That is very kind. I hope that you are right. It is a new responsibility, to be sure." Then as Leola removes her mask, Talwyn smiles and looks to Lucita, gauging her reaction from where he stands. "Thank you, as well," he offers to Leola.

"No, silly, I have babies," Svana says, looking at Rowenova. "Though I do suppose anything is possible. She's been away for a bit. Maybe she went off to have a secret lovechild." There's a bit of a snort at this and Svana orders a drink, crossing her legs as she looks at Leola fondly. There's a serene smile on her face but she turns to Rowenova. "I wish I were as pretty as she."

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

The Columbine merely laughs as she's led away, grinning and leaning to whisper to Alarissa once more

Dio walks with unhurried steps into the hidden gardens of Valencia's Hart. He is dressed in a formal coat of black and gold, and is accompanied by Anne. The marquis smiles as Lucita and Talwyn speak with Alarissa, and, after admiring the attire of the Baron and Baroness of Saikland Greens, makes his way toward Medeia, sweeping a glass of wine from a passing servant.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dio before departing.

Lenard rises from his seat as his turn comes up, and approaches the couple, "Baroness Saik, Baron Saik." He greets, "Congratulations on your marriage, and my apologies that I come without gifts. I only received the invitation yesterday, and have not had time to arrange something. Nonetheless, I wish you the very best in your future." His gaze falls upon Lucita, "And I know you may not be familiar with me, Prince Lenard Valardin." A pause, "On my word, I will make this lack of gift up to you."

Lucita gives a curtsy to Lenard as he introduces himself. "A pleasure to meet you and please, we expected no gifts, just the pleasure of the company of friends and well wishers! Please feel welcome and enjoy without any need for a gift.

"Marquis Dio," Medeia says brightly as the Seraceni approaches her. "How lovely to see you!" She extends a hand to him in greeting, stretching up on her toes to offer the traditional double cheek kiss.

Now that the line has emptied, the servers circulate more regularly and the music continues - a bit louder.

The line has been dismissed by Medeia.

Jaenelle arrives, perhaps a bit late though such things happen. She has one of her assistants bring in the gifts, placing them wherever they have been stashed away for the couple before she moves towards the pair. Jae offers a warm smile for Lucita, then another for Talwyn, dipping her head towards both. "All the greatest to you both in your journey forward, for both your union and the blessings it shall bring to your lands and people."

From her safe hideout by Eirene and Kat, Caelis leans over and notes the lack of a line. "Probably best to let them go eat or something." She muses and shifts her weight a little to just blow Lucita a kiss from afar.

Svana stands from her seat, downing the drink she's ordered in one go. She leans in and kisses Rowenova's cheek, stroking it. "You will stop by soon, won't you?" She asks. "Bring the dogs. They'll have a romp out back with ours. It'll be good for fun everyone."

Lucita gives another curtsy to Jaenelle and once more looks very touched by her attendance. "Thank you so much for coming. I have news for you... but ... perhaps instead of telling you, I'll just sing it. It is about a trip we made to Saikland and what we discovered there! Can you play for it?" She glances toward Talwyn as she asks that. "...please?

Rowenova gives Svana another hug and awws softly about the cheek kiss before finally releasing her back to the urban wilderness. "I surely hope to soon! Thank you. I definitely will bring them. All of them! Even Clovis!"

Eirene nods to Caelis about something said in private and then she glances as the bride says she'll sing. "Oh yeah, that one," she grins. "This is good, but all Lucy's stuff is good. Even that damned Rattlebone song," she admits, begrudgingly.

Lucita checks charm and performance at easy. Lucita is successful.

Talwyn offers a nod of his head to Lucita. "Of course," he says, turning thoughtfully for a moment and looking about before he spies his lute leaned against a chair nearby. He crosses the short distance to retrieve it before returning to Lucita's side.

Dio bows to Medeia in courtly Lycene fashion, touching his lips to her hand, and smiling as she kisses his cheeks. "Good to see you, My Lady," he says. "I am happy to see the Baroness and Baron surrounded by friends and peers." He stands beside the Esywnd lady, watching those newly bound by marriage. As Lucita prepares to sing, Dio takes a sip of wine, otherwise held fast by anticipation of the music that is to come.

Lucita sings:
An old book written centuraries past
Held cryptic words figured out at last.
Keys to ancient maps were held within
To secret places none of us had been
And the wish to know what it was that they held
Couldn't be quelled.
So off we went to explore.

A group of brave volunteers did form
And ventured on while weather was warm.
And the weeks of travel came and went,
Rough nights spent in each one's tiny tent.
The ancient maps were consulted time and again
In a forest glen
Till a hidden cave was found.

Gear was gathered, they made a camp.
Inside the cave they found a ramp.
A trap inside sent them sliding down
Landing below with a crashing sound.
Glyphs of Platinum showed in lantern light,
An amazing sight
Within the caves of Saikland.

Calypso is still hanging around near the table with the hard liquor, drinking and having a very friendly conversation with Cirroch. When Lucita and Talwyn start to play and sing, however, she lets the conversation die out for a moment to listen, sipping her drink as she does so. Something in her carriage, however, in the way she's still standing close to him, suggests that the conversation is just paused, not over.

As Lucita begins to sing, Talwyn takes a mere moment to gauge her tempo before he begins to pluck the strings of his lute. His eyes drift closed as he plays, his head turning just so to position one ear in the direction of his strings as his fingers move to fret the notes with one hand and pluck with the other. His melody melds with Lucita's voice, complementing each raise of tone and inflection of pitch.

Gianna leans back in her seat as she listens to Talwyn and Lucita's song. She reaches up to brush some of her hair over her shoulder, her expression calculating.

Medeia's smile is fond as Dio straightens and stands beside her. She nods, letting her hazel eyes scan the gardens for anything that needs to be taken care of before relaxing into a comfortable posture as Lucita and Talwyn prepare to perform. A few quiet words are shared with the marquis as they watch.

Lucita finishes singing:
In darkened tunnels we walked along
Footsteps echoed softly like a song.
And in the darkness was a glow of light
Drawing us closer to behold the sight
Of crystals and metal veins along each side
A mossy glow to guide
Within the caves of Saikland.

Paths were marked with chalk and strings
The part of gear an explorer brings.
In a large cavern was a sight to behold,
Colored crystals red, blue, green and gold.
Graced their eyes with the beauty that they saw
Filled them with awe
Within the caves of Saikland

And yet further did the adventurers go
Platinum's glyphs the way did show.
Tunnels seemed to branch and reach for miles
Varied chambers of wonder brought serene smiles
Samples of water, glowing moss and living fish
Fulfilled a wish
Within the caves of Saikland.

Lucita finishes the song. "That was a trip we made in October this year. I thought a musical tale about it might serve like a story telling. Return trips will have to be made to map the tunnels, have some knowledgeable about minerals and metals assess and map above the cavern system, too."

Cirroch is in the middle of seeking more whiskey, and flagging a server by raising the drinking horn and pointing at it. Then is turning a little to watch Lucita play. His foot tapping a little in unison to the beat. As the song wraps up he is turning back to look at a nearly empty horn.

Zoey listens attentively, then applauds when the song is complete.

Calypso sets her glass down to free up her hands so she can applaud once the performance is complete. "That was as beautiful as anyone could have asked for." Then she tops up her drink, since it's sitting right next to the bottle, anyway.

Eirene applauds for the son and tells Lucita, "My kids love their glowing fish. I'd be happy to go back there sometime and explore more, sometime." She nods to the Baroness. Cirroch is given a broad grin. "Remind me to hide my whiskey collection from you should you ever visit Riven Hall. Damn, boy, you drink more than I do," she jokes, winking.

Breaking away from the Rose Garden, Caelis inclines her head respectfully to the newly married couple and slips out.

Caelis has left the rose garden.

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Caelis.

"I would expect news no other way than by song" Jaenelle tells Lucita with amusement as she takes a step back to give the pair room to perform. She listens to the adventure, her expression soft for the excitement of each line sang until finished, "Saikland has seen its share of loss, or challenge. It is not surprising that beauty has formed beneath, and life blossoms throughout. It sounds as if you have much work to do to take the steps to map your holdings further and to gather what the land is offering to see your people flourish further under your guidance. You have worked so hard for the bounties you are seeing, and I am so very happy and proud."

Gianna has a drink in her hand so her applause is quiet, but it surely is there.

Katarina joins in the applause, but it's now the Princess's turn to exit -- probably overdid it with the sweets and snacks. Or maybe she's just got an early bedtime? It will remain a mystery forevermore. With some fond but quiet goodbyes toward those with whom she's been conversing, Katarina quietly makes her way out.

Katarina has left the rose garden.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Katarina.

Cirroch turns to look over at Eirene, and with a mostly clear Northern voice, "If I had known that I would have to bring my own whiskey, I would have. It's a wedding, there should be an entire cask at least!"

The Columbine smiles at a comment from Alarissa. She stands, and dips a curtsy, whispering briefly, before she makes her exit, shimmering and silent

Leola has left the charming garden swing.

Alarissa has left the charming garden swing.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid leaves, following Alarissa.

Alarissa leaves, following Leola.

Eirene has left the rose garden.

Kiera wandered in just as the song began and watches transfixed the performance, applauding at the end and waiting a beat before approaching the baroness and her new baron "What a gift to give us all on your wedding . Congratulations. I hope this will not be the only time you perform together"

Gianna exchanges a few more quiet words with those nearby and rises from her seat. She bows slightly at the waist in Lucita and Talwyn's direction before ascending the stairs and leaving the event.

Gianna has left the by the midnight black cala lily.

Few things are appreciated by Dio more than beautiful music and a song of adventure. "That was beautiful," he says to Medeia when Lucita and Talwyn reach the conclusion of their melody. After a few quiet words pass between them, Dio smiles at Medeia. Leaving the lady's side, the marquis makes his way to Lucita and Talwyn, and bows. "The journey sounds exciting and full of wonder - no less the song. Congratulations, My Lady, My Lord. I wish you many such adventures together, and hope that this might not be the last time I hear you make such pleasing music."

Lenard has left the by the midnight black cala lily.

The musicians waited respectfully as Lucita sang and Talwyn accompanied her on his lute. Once the performance was done, they took back up their instruments to invite people out to the dance floor.

Medeia followed Dio to the bride and groom, taking the opportunity to share a few words with the group quietly.

Eirene finishes some desserts and asks a server to pack a to-go-bag. "If I don't return with some cake my children die of sadness and starvation and I'd be the worst mom ever," she says with a laugh.

Lucita says, "Feel free, Auntie Eirene, there should be plenty for them to enjoy.""

"I sincerely doubt that it will be," Zoey says toward Dio from the table where she now sits alone. "Have you ever met a couple who live and breathe music more than they do?"

Eirene waves to the crowd, salutes the bride and groom, and heads out to spoil her kids with cakes.

Pasquale makes his way from the entrance across to Lucita and Talwyn once he arrives. "I wanted to offer my congratulations Baroness Lucita." he inclines his head towards Talwyn. "Baron Talwyn. I hope you have a fine future together."

Kiera smiles "I should count myself lucky if I should make a match with someone who shares my passions"

Something Cirroch says to Calypso has her stop abruptly and look at him. She blink, blinks, and then suddenly breaks into a broad smile and a full throated laugh.

Talwyn offers a nod of his head and bow to Pasquale, but at that moment a messenger comes and delivers a missive to the former Valardin Prince. Offering an apologetic look to Lucita, Talwyn says, "Excuse me for just a moment, my dear." With that, he steps off and back toward the entrance, having a quiet conversation with the messenger as he looks through a stack of paperwork.

Dio smiles warmly at Zoey. "No, My Lady. I cannot say I have." Some words spoken quietly by Medeia cause Dio to laugh. He denies nothing.

Lucita glances around the room at those who remain at the gathering, some coming and going during the evening. Pasquale is greeted with a beaming smile. "So long since have seen you, you seldom visit since Neilda went off adventuring again. Please, come by and talk with us, you are missed and don't have to wait on Neilda for an invitation. The cook made your favorite dish just the other night and mentioned you.

There's some laughing from Calypso, then there's Cirroch's laugh which creates an echo of its own. He turns a little as he hears a familiar voice in the crowd, calling out to Kiera, "Ah! Lady Kiera!" Then turns back to Calypso with and lifts the drinking horn into the air. "Another drink then!"

Zoey has left the by the midnight black cala lily.

"I've been distracted." Pasquale admits to Lucita. "But I will try to do better. At least such absences give us plenty to speak about? There must be a half dozen new songs I haven't heard."

"Let us have that overdue dance then, shall we?" Medeia murmurs to Dio after speaking with Lucita and Talwyn. She offers her hand out for him to take and lead her to the dance floor.

Pasquale gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Calypso echoes the lift of Cirroch's drinking horn to Kiera with the glass in her hand, part greeting, part toast, part excuse to take another drink. Her ice colored eyes sparkle, reflecting the amused smile on her dark painted lips.

Zoey's assistant, a brunette in her early thirties names Ruslana, arrives from outside the garden and goes to her lady's side. Zoey sighs at whatever it is that her aide tells her, and after making a few short but polite goodbyes she departs.

Kiera smiles and waves to Calypso and Cirroch "I regret I can't stay. It's a pleasure to see you both"

Gifts given, news heard, Jaenelle slips away from the bride and groom as more approah to speak with them. It seems the Archduchess wished to speak to them in person before duty called once more and she is pulled away, leaving the garden.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington leave, following Jaenelle.

Dio takes Medeia's hand and walks with her to the dance floor, as the musicians begin to fill the gardens with a melody. He takes a step closer to Medeia, and sweeps her into a dance with simple steps, though not entirely lacking in grace. As he dances with his partner in time with the music, his smile shows sincere happiness, lost in a moment of music and movement.

Cirroch takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Cirroch puts Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag in Exotic Leather Satchel with carved bone buttons.

Dio gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Medeia takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Kiera takes Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Lucita gets Saik-Valardin Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

With a touch on his elbow, Calypso guides Cirroch towards the exit, although she does stop off to say a quick goodbye to Lucita on her way. "The music was everything I knew it would be. We'll talk soon." She looks sidelong at Cirroch. "But not tomorrow. I have a feeling I might still be drunk."

Medeia's left hand settles on Dio's shoulder as her right tucks neatly into his - nearly enveloping hers in his. She follows the simple steps easily, gliding along with him to the music and keeping them close to the warmth of a brazier near the edge of the dance floor. Their conversation is kept low.

Kiera slips out quietly

Cirroch finishes off the horn, and places it back upon his belt. Then nods to Lucita. "A wonderful evening. We'll have you over soon." He then hooks his arm out for Calypso to guide the way.

Calypso has left the rose garden.

Cirroch has left the rose garden.

Cirroch leaves, following Calypso.

Lucita mingles with the crowd and exchanges a few low spoken comments with Talwyn who slips out. She watches him go appreciatively and turns toward Medeia. "It is getting late enough we should let Princess Valencia's staff get to cleaning up here and not hold them over much longer."

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