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Physicians & Mercy Emergency Meeting

With news of a massive tidal-wave washing out Astarrea, Master Physician Eirene calls an emergency meeting of the city's medical staffing to discuss arranging relief efforts.


Feb. 1, 2021, 6:59 p.m.

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Sophie Ian Ivy Aelgar Estelle Orland Azova Jan Medeia Maya Rowenova Juliana Giada Clarisse Lethe Emma Alarissa Thea Merek


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Operating Theater

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2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Emma.

A nod is given to Azova, "We should try to make it a point to get together more often, and hopefully under better circumstances." She turns her attention to the others who are already discussing plans and her eyes travel around to the others present.

Ian leans against the wall with the air of someone who's not here to actively engage in the discussion, which shouldn't be a surprise, since he's not a doctor. He drips gently, although not enough to actually make a puddle at his feet or anything.

Ivy steps into the Operating Theater quietly, pulling off a simple sodden cloak and hanging it somewhere it might at least start to dry out by the end of the meeting. She glances around and moves to seat herself somewhere out of the way. The woman is tall, very tall, but makes no attempt to maximize on that height, instead giving off every impression of being a wallflower.

Aelgar waves his big ole' dog to the floor by his feet, where the puppers sits and bookends him opposite Giada.

Estelle reaches out to give Azova's and Sophie's shoulders each a fond squeeze. "It is very good to see you both again." Her expression turns more somber while bowing her head in acknowledgement, "The circumstances are truly tragic, I know we'll all do the best that we can to assist with the catastrophe however." Her gaze turns back towards the assemblage, "Seeing so many with compassion in their hearts is an inspiration." She then quiets to listen.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound, Starboard an excited Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Juliana.

Orland wasn't going to take a seat for those who should sit, on behalf of the physicians or mercies who attend the call, but he is loitering in the back, arms crossed. He might be one of the youngest faces there, but he does have the authority to move ships around and lend aid. So here. Just in the wallflower position.

Despite the terrible rains soaking the city, the Operating Theater is fairly crowded today as those wishing to lend aid or hear the plans for relief efforts make their way in. Rugs have been thrown on the floor to catch dripping water, and hot tea and coffee has been made available for those needing a warm drink to chase away the chill.

Lady Eirene rolls a corkboard over for Giada to set the maps up on before addressing the assembly. "Thank you all for coming. Especially with this Mangata damned downpour that's got us all wetter than a fish's..." she cuts off from whatever colorful words she was going to say and forces a smile. "For those of you that don't know me, I am Master Physician Eirene Riven, assistant-guildmaster and emergency coordinator for the Physicians Guild. I also work closely with Mother Mercy Sophie and Mercy Azova." She pauses and motions to the coffee. "While Sister Giada sets up the maps, which yes, are kind of pointless... help yourself to warm drinks. We'll start shortly."

As a flotilla is mentioned, Azova speaks up to be heard over the gathering crowd. "Darkwater can send some ships to sail with the group. For supplies, or whatever is needed." she adds, mid-discussion with her fellow Mercies. "Do either of you want coffee?" She lifts her hand to wave when her name is mentioned, for any who haven't recognized her or met her yet.

Jan arrives dripping in rainwater. It looks like she rode here despite the storm and has to take some time at the door not to bring it in with her. Out of place among the scholars and critical thinkers, Jan must have some other reason she thought to come here. When she notices Ian, she takes up a position beside him with a small head nod in greeting. Her escort is left holding her outer leathers, his scowl etched into his visage even deeper somehow.

Medeia makes her way in, a well-oiled and hooded shark leather cape keeping her mostly dry from the weather. She doesn't really look around to see who is present, just takes the first seat available. Her expression is serious and her posture rigid.

A pale -- in so many ways -- woman slips into the room somewhere in the midst of the crowd. Maya's hair is tucked into a braid which only puts the laced eyepatch over her right eye on display all the more. Not to mention the scarring peeking around the edges. She's got a handkerchief in hand and the reason is obvious soon enough as she stops on her way to a seat to sneeze into it. Sniffling, she finishes her way and plops down.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Showing up a bit late, a sneaky duo slink back behind the physicians group, hanging out behind the big crowd and listening up.

Juliana slips in enough to be technically in the room and leans back against a wall. Her height givng her the ability to stand to the back and not be completely lost with what is happening up front.

Aelgar leans into a wall, the wolfhound still sitting close by his leg, and watches Giada set up the maps expectantly. And maybe a bit wryly, since they are maps of a place that no longer exists.

Ian lifts his chin to Jan when she comes to join him.

Perhaps oddly for those who know the raccoon, Trouble lingers in one place by the wall and watches Giada like a hawk as if aware of something different happening. After the maps are stabbed into place, Giada picks up a piece of charcoal and draws an X through Astarrea. Olive green eyes flick to Azova as she finds the nearest wall to propr up. "I'm not sure what we're heading into, so I'm not sure how many of the flotilla we'll need yet, Lady. Speaking of, I suppose it's too soon for reports coming in of damage estimates?" Her eyes turn to include the rest of those gathered. Maybe Alarissa in particular.

Clarisse offers a nod of her head in the direction of those she knows, in the event any look her way, her hands holding a bag in her lap, mostly likely filled with supplies she keeps with her incase they are needed. Her attention focused on those talking though. She is definitely encouraged by the outpouring of support from the physicians to help with the emergency.

Lethe finds a place to observe as she looks around with a solemn expression.

Sophie smiles slightly and nods to Eirene after her name is mentioned, and she leans in to answer Estelle in a near whisper, "Tea might be nice. I can't quite stomach coffee these days. Much too bitter. Tea with honey is perfect, I think." She nods to Azova's offer, and she watches her proudly. "We have some stockpiles of bandages and blankets we can send as well, and perhaps more once we know what the needs are."

Emma has also elected to stand instead of sit down on a bench. A quiet but regal presence, she situates herself an appropriate distance away from the healers and leaders here. Piercing eyes turn their gaze slowly over the assembly; the slight narrowing of her eyelids doing nothing to quell the cold fire burning within the blue irises. Her mouth is a neutral line, slightly tight at the corners, and her immaculate facial features reveal nothing of her thoughts beyond a grim concentration.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Clarisse does move closer at Giada's urging though, offering a gentle nod of her head towards her, staying close at hand should Giada need her, not sure what to say at the moment as she does. She offers a gentle squeeze to the Sister's hand, as she joins near her.

"Expect damage to most strongholds commensurate with the fierceness of the storm. We are in the process of discerning more a our means provide, but presume that the reports of the complete loss of Astarrea is true" Alarissa supplies to Giada and the rest. "The soonest that we have more better understanding, we will be sure to provide that to the physicians and the mercies. You are welcome to reach out to the other individuals houses as well to see if they have any need." Alarissa's voice calm and steady.

Estelle dips her head gratefully towards Azova at her offer, "I am okay, thank you. I do prefer snow to this flood-weather though- less likely to cause the landslides I'm familiar with." She smiles wryly towards Sophie, "Too used to relying on coffee to get you through all that paperwork by now, hmmm? The hospitality of this hospital never fails," an approving look is given towards the wisely-prepared hot beverages.

Giada looks down in confusion at her hand when its squeezed.

Eirene says, "I'd like to thank Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax for being here with us, and granting us permission to undertake these humanitarian efforts." She nods to the woman with a sincere yet gruff thanks. "We'll be working closely with the Thraxians to coordinate this, both for logistics and protection against unsavory elements..." She turns to the map and points to the X. "Astarrea is about as far east as you can sail before you get out of Compact waters. -Was- I'm sorry to say. Initial reports state that there was an earthquake, with a tidal wave to follow. It washed over all of Astarrea and wiped it clean away. It also moved inland and took out a portion of the land between Astarrea and Tydehall. We don't have casualty reports -" she looks at Alarissa again, "but we're estimating over a thousand; easily."

Thea has been here the whole time. No. Really. Okay. Maybe not, but she slinks into the back, quiet like she has been. The Malvici gets a look to Eirene, letting her aunt know she's here before she offers the others a brief nod. Then, away she goes to pay attention.

'Thrax grants permission for the guild and mercies to sail in our waters. We will provide security and ships as needed as well, to see to the efforts of it's people, and supplies as needed. Whether here, or in ports." Alarissa nods to Eirene. "These are our people and despite the anti-dominus's ridiculous claims, we take care of our people."

"Wouldn't mind seeing Mangata drop a rain of frogs on that asshole's next sermon," Ian mutters, probably to Jan, but maybe just to himself.

Aelgar nods once upon hearing Alarissa's offer, as though some question had been resolved for him. "Some smaller coasters to sal ahead and map any shoals ro rocks might be nice..."

Aelgar nods once upon hearing Alarissa's offer, as though some question had been resolved for him. "Some smaller coasters to sail ahead and map any shoals or rocks might be nice..."

Ivy scoots around to go where the coffee is, pausing while a cup is poured to dropa light touch to Estelle's shoulder and offering a faint smile. "Apparently there -is- something that can entice me onto a ship after all... I could have wished otherwise." It's never good to find out something new about yourself because of a horrific tragedy. She looks first to Eirene, then to Alarissa, then back to Eirene, "Should we be expecting to gather the dead as well as assist the living? Should we expect any from the Queen's service along as well?"

Azova prepares a cup of coffee for herself and some tea for Sophie that she brings back with surprising alacrity. "Do we know if there is enough of a patch of land to set up treatment areas? Or will we need to use the ships?" she wonders, dipping her head politely to Alarissa and Eirene as they begin providing the pertinent information.

"Few years ago, I helped the Redwood mercs set up a chapterhouse in Tyde territory," Giada adds to Alarissa after some thought. "Ajax may not be in Arx anymore, but the Company owes me more than a few favours. I'll send word to get eyes on what's left there." She opens up a book, balancing it on an arm as she turns to a specific section and begins scanning. "I -do- need to send some cartographers, your Highness," she says softly. "With the changes in the coastlines, it could affect shipping lines when we go to war."

Merek makes a way along into the place to listen, and nods to people.

Juliana lifts her voice from where she is leaning against the wall. "Do you need ships?"

Estelle turns at the touch to smile at Ivy, though it is tempered by the words that elicit a nod. "Trying times indeed, though I know it will take more than salt water to keep you from souls in need." She reaches up to give her cousin's hand a brief squeeze in the passing." Her attention returns to the discussions at hand, apparently more keen on listening than speaking so far at least.

Giada nudges Aelgar and points to Juliana. "She said something about ships."

Orland looks over toward Juliana and notes, "I'll second the question." Not as loudly but it might be heard. Might be.

Eirene tries to address everything, pointing from person to person.
To Ivy: "Death rights? Most likely, unfortunately. I believe House Tyde is currently doing this?" She is unsure.
To Aelgar: "Exactly, as Sister Giada says. We wouldn't want to sail blind with a bigger relief ship."
To Azova: "I'll talk to the Duchess Tyde, because I think Tydehall would be a good base of operations. Somewhere closer to the scene would be preferrable but we don't know the coastline well enough to make landfall - OR - if there will be more sea-quakes. So that would depend on the scout vessels."
To Juliana & Orland: "Most likely. We have a few transport cogs in berth but nothing for a full scale relief effort. We were relying on borrowed vessels for hospital ships, so we will likely need some kind of transport caravels."

Aelgar drops one hand to absently as he turns his eyes to follow the bold finger. To Jan, he wonders, "Coasters? Smaller ships to forge ahead? We do not know if the cataclysm left us submerged reefs, unexpected shoals or worse." Orland gets included in the statement as he speaks with a tilt of Aelgar's head. "We have only the physicians cogs, really..."

Medeia rises from her seat and clears her throat, standing as tall as her barely-over-five-foot stature allows. "Lady Medeia Eswynd, Physician and Harlequin, for those who don't know me. On behalf of House Eswynd of Eswyndol, vassal of House Tyde, I have been sent to off our fleet to the efforts as needed. Our people know those waters and can assist with noting physical changes, and they are well practiced in protective maneuvers to guard ships carrying supplies." She pauses for a moment and looks to Alarissa, then Eirene. "We do not know the extent of damage, if any, to Eswyndol. However, I believe our 100 longships survive intact and await instructions."

Juliana arches a brow nods. "You have my caravels already, as they are the hospital ships. But I have three galleys that are sitting docked with no contract on them at this time, if you have need. I can donate their time."

Aelgar nods and smiles gratefully toward Medeia with the manner of having had a weight lifted from his mind.

Aelgar adds Juliana to the expression of gratitude and relief.

"I may be able to run a few caravels down, if you're short," Ian offers, from his place leaning against the wall.

"We also have the two borrowed larger ships," Giada adds absently to Aelgar and Clarisse as she scratches notes in her book, "and I've got a meeting about a fourth supply cog. If the holdings can also supply longboats to scout and map their coastline changes, that would speed shit up, too."

Giada pauses and looks up at all the gathered gentility. "Sorry. Stuff."

Clarisse offers a warm smile to Orland, as she stays near Giada. "It is a good question, and you may need feet on the ground when we get there to get the camps set up for survivors. We may need all the cloth we can get our hands on, tents, cots as well. We may have a lot of people that need shelter and the ships may not be enough.

Thea pipes up from the back, nodding,"I have my cog, if it's needed. Obviously not large, but still..."

Juliana glances over to Ian, surprised to hear his voice then pushes off the wall to start making her way down to his section of the wall and flops down beside him.

Orland bobs his head, "I see," there's a quick running number in his head, "House Amadeo can lend a few longships as needed. A galley too. Our navy may not be as large, but it certainly can be sent to assist. I speak as..." oh god, "Voice of House Amadeo. I preside over the navy." He avoids the use of 'Admiral' in a crowd so large. They'd laugh.

Jan whispers to Ian, "I have some resources saved for just such an occasion, someone has to work out the upkeep however. Porter mentioned something about them needing ships." Jan likes to run her ideas past her cousin before blabbing out in a room with so many smart people. This is not her arena.

Sophie, Estelle, and Azova are speaking a little more quietly amongst themselves and Sophie speaks up a little more clearly, "Can we get some idea of where the Faith stands in the villages and cities surrounding the affected areas? It might be dangerous if the Faith makes too big of a presence in our attempts at aid. We could do more harm than good if we aren't careful."

Aelgar "Anyone have a longship or ten that can scout for us?" Aelgar lifts his hand from the dog's head and looks about hopefully.

Eirene grins at Juliana "Yours were the borrowed ships I was referring to." She nods to Medeia and looks thoughtful. Giada's suggestion is exactly what she's thinking, judging by her agreeable nod. "Deia, could your ships scout the waters and then report back what changes there are, sending maps back to the city? Then we could use the Guild cogs for swift deployment with a galleon following behind, and a few longships to deploy to the shore with supplies" To that pont, she nods at Clarisse, "Exactly. We'll need tents, foodstuffs, medical supplies, clothing." As for the Faith, she leaves that to Alarissa. "If you're concerned, Mercies, we can have the Guild run point and do this secularly to keep your healers from causing any conflict."

There's another sneeze and more sniffling into the handkerchief from the chair Maya has sat herself in. She's listening, though a few things have set her to frowning. Maybe it's the whole situation.

Orland lifts his FEATHERED Bravuran hat, to get Aelgar's attention, "Here." Did his offer get lost in the voices? Good. Maybe.

Mention of the Faith brings Giada's head up from her work. Her gaze moves to Sophie. "I don't know anything about where they stand on villages, but the pretender Waldo is just spewing more heretical nonsense about divine punishment. I expect the Faith will make their position there clear, if that's what you meant?"

"Thank you, Lady Eirene." Azova seems content with that answer, as she starts scribbling down notes on what supplies will be the most useful. "I think there is the question in our minds of whether we want to deliberately ensure Waldo knows that despite his proclamations, here we are. We will be there /as/ Mercy's I think, regardless." A glance is given her fellow Mercies, in case she's reading their corner of the room wrong.

"Many of the houses this affected /may/ be swayed to Helianthus and Bellerive." Medeia notes, but glances around. "However, none would turn away humanitarian efforts from Mercies, or assault Mercies, if they retain any shred of non-heretical Faith." Her eyes look back to Eirene, a nod confirms the request. "Yes, I am certain that would be feasible, au- General."

Aelgar waves back to Orland. "Thank you, m'lord. That will be a definite help. Probably will not find anything, but at least we can map that we looked and confirm it is a safe passage..."

Ian nods to whatever Juliana whispers to him.

Nodding to Eirene, Ivy settles back to listen the responses to the other questions asked, her eyes darting here and there as people speak. She sips on her coffee and gives Estelle's hand a light squeeze in response. As suggestions, offers, and questions fly around, she focuses on one part of it, frowning lightly. "I would hope that the Faith would be welcomed, for guidance in such a trying time as much as for healing. We can mend bones and stitch cuts, but a natural disaster on a scale like this is bound to cause a spiritual hardship on people. I would think the Faith will be needed more than ever."

Giada ahs. "Beyond me," she says to Sophie, returning to her notes.

Estelle nods towards Azova and Eirene, "Our aid is going to be extended by whatever channels best get it to those who are in need. We were just curious to see if it is known whether or not the pretender's words had managed to find any foothold in the area and to prepare for that if necessary." Medeia receives the next nod from the tall woman, "Thank you, and that is the most sensible response but sadly many who panic may make unwise choices in the face of disaster."

"There is a significant number of those who call themselves the Orazian Sentinels, present up near Tydhall and the area. You should have no issue with them. Templars has been in the Isles as we are forming a fortress of the faith but that is away from the damage. For further information I would have to seek out the faith itself." Alarissa offers up what knowledge that she has.

At mention of Waldo, Emma's gaze grows as unforgiving as the edge of a razor. Her beautiful face remains composed save for but a faint, stiff flex of her jaw. There's the sense that were she not a Valardin princess, she'd be spitting on the floor right about now.

Eirene points at Orland. "Can you and House Eswynd work together to get the coastline re-mapped? Send out your longboats with cartographers to give us an idea of safe passage." She's speaking about the same time as Aelgar, giving him a grin as they think alike. "As to the offer of other ships, perhaps it would be better to use those offered by Thraxian houses, Lady Juliana, and save yours for the fleet deployment in the future. That way, they will see Thraxian flags flying and know their people are here for them in their hour of fucking need." She smirks at the term 'Assault-Mercies' and shakes her head at Thea in amusement.
She looks back towards the various Thraxians in the crowd. "Who said they could offer vessels? Other than the Princess."

Aelgar points at Jan.

Giada "The Mother Mercy could likely get a quick answer on that," Giada muses absently to the gathered Mercies. "House Thrax, House Amadeo, House Kennex, Lady Thea..." She keeps reading to answer Eirene. "I think I missed someone. Hang on..."

Azova raises her hand. "Darkwater as well." she reiterates.

Giada says, "Darkwater!"

Giada grins at Azova.

Aelgar chuckles at Giada.

Ian lifts a hand. "I might be able to a few people to lend caravels to the cause. Maybe somewhere between three and five."

Giada nods at Ian and jots that down.

There is a sneeze and then, snuffly, Maya speaks up (though not very loudly because oh gosh so many people): "Redreef can provide some ships and people as well."

Medeia adds one more point, looking to the Islanders around her for confirmation as she speaks, "I have learned that one trait binds the Islanders together - survival. They will do what they must to continue on; attacking the Faith on relief mission is not going to do that." When mention is made of Orland working with Eswynd, she dips her chin and offers a smile in the man's direction. "It would be our honor to work with House Amadeo."

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Giada inhales and looks at Eirene for a moment. "Got a sec?"

Orland is wearing such a fancy hat, though the feather may be less puffy from the weather, he still is resigned to lift it up from his head to acknowledge Eirene's request. "As you say. I will be pleased to coordinate with House Eswynd." His eyes catch Medeia, when she speaks out - large crowd and all!! He bobs, "It will indeed. Like old times." Says the young one in the crowd.

Clarisse offers encouragingly for Giada, "As Lady Clarisse Charon, I know that House Charon we will do anything we can to assist, even reaching out to other houses, to aid as well. I know that House Redrain has already offered to help where they are needed most. I can reach out to Princess Gwenna Redrain if you wish?"

Eirene is furiously scribbling things down. Her handwriting is chicken-scratch, or 'doctor' as the case may be. "Houses Redreef, Kennex, and Thrax." She nods to Alarissa and starts to grin at something said quietly. "Right. So you three will be responsible for the ships for supplies and transporting humanitarian aide." She turns to Orland and Medeia. "Amadeo and Eswynd will provide scouting and updated maps so we can get our assess where we need to be." She then points at Juliana, Ivy, Clarisse, Emma, and Thea. "Supplies. See if your houses can assist with getting clothing and provisions, tents too."
Eirene looks around, "Who else?" She glances around at those not yet named. She's not intentionally missing you, honest. "Volunteers to go with the relief efforts?"

Aelgar finally gets a quirk of Jan's head and her eyes squint. Unable to actually ask him about the pointing, she does her best to communicate -WHAT- through then widening her eyes as far abouts as they go and moving her about ever so slightly.

"My red hair is too much of a distraction today isn't it. I should have braided it back." Azova comments, looking forlorn. "Darkwater ships can run supplies, and possibly deploy a Caravel - though I will want to double check with Lord Wulfrum on whether the Creampuff can be spared."

Thea is scribbling notes, pausing to look up. "Duchess Calypso will likely throw out a bunch of amazing swear words, but I don't see a problem." Her eyes look amused but her demeanor is nonetheless serious.

Juliana nods to Ian's nod and then turns to listen. Then as Eirene calls out for her ships raises her hand. "Eirene.. my ships aren't house ships and are docked in Stormward right now. I can send them somewhere to be supplied but Isles Canines doesn't happen to keep that stuff."

Aelgar gestures toward Giada and and mouths 'her question' back toward Jan. He flashes a quick smile before getting suddenly distracted toward another vector by the discussion.

Estelle snickers and bumps a shoulder against Azova's, "Your hair is beautiful! Though braids will probably help save any birds from getting caught in it," she ends on a teasing note.

Giada speaks quietly with Eirene for a bit, touching Astarrea on the map once as they do. She nods then and looks back at the others. "Alright, so, as far as shipping and supplies go, what the logisti-- Princess, get with me after and I'll give you a port to supply at. I've got one nearer that side of the Isles.

Giada speaks quietly with Eirene for a bit, touching Astarrea on the map once as they do. She nods then and looks back at the others. "Alright, so, as far as shipping and supplies go, what the logisti-- Princess, get with me after and I'll give you a port to supply at. I've got one nearer that side of the Isles."

Giada says, "If I could respectfully ask to be given copies of any new coastline maps made by holdings, that'd be great. We'll send out some longships first and get back our reports, split up supplies and healers from there."

Azova winks at Estelle. "How'd you know that happens to me /all summer/." she jokes, making a face at her fellow Mercy before she hip-bumps in return.

Ian raises a hand again. "Once the fleets leave for the Saffron, I need to be in Stormward, but I can join the escort until then, along with the Thrax Special Forces."

Ivy gives a nod to Eirene, "I'll speak with the Marquessa tonight about getting supplies. And I'll see if there are any other Houses in the ward that are able to donate anything... food, medical supplies, clothing, shelter... fresh water. We don't know if any of the water sources have been contaminated or flooded over with silt and sea."

After saying her piece, Medeia sends a grin in Orland's direction before retaking her seat. She is listening carefully to everyone else in turn.

Eirene gives Azova a look at Creampuff. Confused by that name and slightly amused. "I'll note Darkwater for ships. We have a lot of help and we don't know exactly how much of it we'll need," she says with a nod to Giada after the two confer on something. "But once we get the shorline and better ideas of what help is needed, I'll coordinate what needs to go where and from whom. Or Giada will put all this shit together. One of us... In the meantime, work on obtaining fresh supplies. Drinking water especially - shit, that's something nobody rarely thinks of, is it? Yeah." She nods at Ivy. "Water, tents, food, clothing, medical supplies. All this."

Jules looks to Ian. "Why don't I just leave them under your command? You can deploy them for Tyde as needed then bring them back when the rest starts to go down?"

Emma's eyes might be smouldering with dragon's fire yet still, but she nods to Eirene nonetheless to acknowledge that she has heard the suggestion.

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Ian nods to Juliana.

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Azova raises both hands. "I didn't name the ship. I swear it." she promises. "MY ship name will be MUCH better when I get one I promise. I was thinking 'I'm Prettier than my Ship'." is said solemnly.

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Aelgar yawns and tugs lightly on the wolfhound's ear, earning a reproachful look from the hairy giant.

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Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, Argent, a silver hound, Starboard an excited Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Juliana.


Things seeming to be well in hand and with a bow of her head to others, Eirene and Giada, Alarissa's moving to the exit, Maxene there at the ready with the decadent fur to ward off the rain enough to get to the carriage. She has things to put in motion.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

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Giada leans over to Eirene and murmurs something quietly as she takes notes.

Giada leans back upright and goes back to writing.

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Eirene has gotten a list from everyone in the room willing to lend help. "Excellent. I really appreciate everyone's assistance. Compact cooperation- you can make fun of it sometimes but it's the only way we can fight back the darkness and disasters we're all facing." She grins and goes for a cup of coffee. "Okay, I've got everything we need. Once we get the scouting info back we'll reach out to everyone. So Eswynd and Amadeo - get to work." She grins at Medeia and Orland.

Giada begins folding and sealing notes with wax, pressing them with a plain stamp. Three are given to the raccoon by her who begins chittering and chirruping in a sweetly musical manner. "Shut it, fatty," the Lenosian says offhandedly. "Take this to Redwood," she taps a note. "This one goes to Selene." She taps the second. "And this one is for-- You know what? Gimme that one back." She takes the third one. "Scoot." And off waddles Trouble.

The Quartermaster looks back at Eirene and smirks a bit at something said quietly. "Wise woman," Giada replies.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes, Triage, The white dove of Mercy, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sophie.

Lance the white dove, Sunny, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Estelle.

There comes a distant caw from outside, jogging Aelgar into moving to the door and allowing access to a familiar black raven.

Eirene calls her aide over. "Send Margot a note telling her what we're discussing and that we'd like her permission since it's her Duchy. I'm so used to just doing shit, I keep forgetting I have to ask people first," she says with a smirk. "So. Anything else anyone has to add, or shall I release you to the rain storm..."

Orland gives a two fingered salute off the rim of his hat, searching for Medeia and wandering over toward her, with a delightful but montoned, "You again." He winks, "I guess we should go tell our people what we committed them too and sort out a plan."

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