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The Antlered Ones pt 1.2

A continuation of the antlered ones plot part one. (See @cal 5220 for more info). Quenia, Emberly, Esme, Thea, Felix and Caprice have priority this episode.


Feb. 22, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Caprice Emberly Apollo Felix Thea Quenia Esme Jaenelle Sunaia




Outside Arx - Lyceum near Lenosia - Near Count Vespin's Lands

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The Antlered Ones pt 1.2 has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Lenosia - Near Count Vespin's Lands.

At the end of the previous episode the group had just finished sharing the information gathered so far from your day in the Rainfoot town.

You have learned the following:
Rollar has recently gained political power and a place on the town council
Many people (including the local guard) believe Rollar is involved in criminal activities.
Rollar has been buying supplies that suggest he's involved in activities outside the norm.
Rollar is buying tokens with an antlered skull symbol on them.
Rollar is associated with a building on Keep Road
The guard is investigating Rollar.
The antlered ones were doing something in a place called Maddle Hill.

You still have time before you need to leave to pursue at least one more avenue of investigation and are looking for information that might help the Mirrorguard to disrupt the ritual or neutralise the cultists. With that in mind - What would you like to do?

Emberly would like to head to the streets to investigate who rollar buys the tokens from.

It doesn't take long for Quenia to make good on getting to the tavern. Once there, she looks for Emberly and Esme right away. It's Esme she finds first, giving a nod of her head. "Hey. Any luck?" she asks, taking a seat near to her. "Heard there's a new guy in town, buying up all sorts of strange supplies. Rollar was his name," she tells them. Once settled at the table, she says, "Seems like we got a few options, given he's up to nothing good. There's a building he's collecting supplies in on Keep Road, which we could check out, or we could assist the guard with their investigation, or check out this place called Maddle Hill. I'm up for pursuing any of those leads." She nods to Emberly's suggestion. "We could do a bit more digging around too if you feel like it's warranted."

Esme gives her summation of what she's learned from the previous. That being that he's been elected to a council of sorts. "I would think that we should see if we can get into his keep and see what we find at ground zero." Her lips curve as she sort of purrs out her words for a few moments, her head tilts. Her emerald eyes slide from one person to the other and then back again.

Thea gathers her book back, shoving it back into her bag. Now that Quenia helped with that language barrier there, she's good to go. ""im with Esme. I'd like to see what we can find." Thea doesn't look she rushing rushing, but she IS getting antsy though.

Emberly nods her head a little to Thea, her attention moves over to Quenia "do we need to know who he is getting the tokens from?" she wonders if it really matters

Felix has been working with the smith that is making the tokens.

Apollo was here all along. Maybe? Maybe he got tugged along earlier to go play at being a merchant, given that he /is/ a merchant. Sometimes, you have to lean into your ruses for them to see any success. He slips back to the others, looking discombobulated, probably the effects of language barriers. He's doing some heavy brain lifting today, don't mind him.

While Jaenelle's face is probably well known throughout the surrounding areas of Lenosia, and the guards certainly know who she is as she pays them, the rainfoot tribe dont know who she might be and she keeps a cloak above her head to shield her features from view as she settles at the table with the others. She listens the back and forth of ideas, not offering her ideas one way or the other. "I would like to not be noticed unless it is in our best interest to share who I am. The guards would listen and help us should we choose that option, but I will follow where those who are better suited for such things decide."

Esme stretches out her legs a bit to that as she looks around and wrinkles up her nose in a small wrinkle. "You should probably remain cloaked." It looks like she might say more and stops, but beams a smile, "On the flip side, you make mysterious look so lovely that I feel my heart breaking in my chest." She winks towards Jaenelle. Nothing to see here. Just a happy sellsword. That's how they are, right? Then she looks towards Emberly. "I am sure it would be interesting to know who is smithing the coins. It is equally interesting to see his keep. I am happy to go where the group decides." Her lips curve up just a bit.

"We know. Felix is working with a smith to create them," Quenia gently reminds the others. She gives a nod to what Jaenelle says. She looks to Esme, "He doesn't really have a keep. He has a building on Keep Road. If we go in there, we'd be breaking into it. Do you have skills sufficient to pick locks?" she asks in a voice quiet enough that only the folk at her table can hear. She glances around the table to see if any would admit to such skills. "Our best bet may lie with working with the guards, and offering to help. Let them know we heard rumors they were looking into Rollar, and suggest that Rollar was causing trouble for another nearby tribe. She gives off a name of a nearby tribe the Mirrorguard would likely know about as an example. "They might be grateful for our assistance, especially if they've been stumped in the investigation. Afterwards, we could go find Maddle Hill, or take what we know and send others of the Mirroguard more equipped to handle it to go search around Maddle Hill to see what they are up to."

Apollo slips into a seat, keeping his voice hushed. A strange, hesitant smile that almost wants to be a grimace takes his features as he turns eyes around the room. "I do, likely," he says. Have skills sufficient to pick locks, that means, close enough to Quenia's questions to be read that way. A tip of his head, and a roll of his shoulder, and he says: "Nervous pasttime."

The settlement you are in is a walled town owned and populated by members of the Rainfoot Tribe. Today it is market day and the streets have been busy all morning although they are starting to noticeably thin now that it is getting towards the mid afternoon. There is a significant garrison, making any combat extremely risky, but the wide range of people occupying the market have allowed you to stay mostly unnoticed.

Keep Road is, quite simply, the road that runs between the town square and the towns Keep. Luckily the Keep itself is not your target but a large U-Shaped building surrounding a fenced off workyard. A quick walk past the building tells you that you can gain access from the road proper directly into a shop space, through one of two residential accesses, or via the workyard itself. The shop and workyard are currently in use by workers but can be expected to close in about an hour. There is also at least one worker who's body language screams guard.

A quick walk past the guards hut suggests that you got away with the earlier theft and are unlikely to suffer problems because of it.

Emberly smiles to the words of Esme she nods her head a bit listening. her eyes look over to Jaenelle, "I....have before help liberate a lock." she nods her head to Apollo. and she blushes "your probally much better then I

Thea is doing pretty well looking like the guard she is. Stern and all that. The eyes may give her way, if anyone looks TOO closely. Walking with the others, Thea hears Apollo quietly. "I'll--well, I'll this time follow with you all..."

Jaenelle looks around at the others, "so we have some who wish to go towards the building and see what it has in store. If Apollo feels he is able to break the lock, I am certain I can cause a distraction large enough that no one will notice you doing so or once the lock is broken it will give you a chance to look through the building and find more information. I...have a secret identity that I dont often share with others, but for this, I would be willing."

Esme has never looked more interested in a person before. "You have a secret identity?" Curosity fills her eyes fully as she looks Jaenelle up and down. "I am... you can't just put that out there before me like that." Then towards Quenia. "I know the basics of it to be honest, but I'm sure there are others more capable."

Quenia glances over at Apollo and Emberly appreciatively, then gives Jaenelle a considering look. "I am willing to go with the consensus." There's no one right way to handle this situation after all. "I can speak the language and maybe smooth things over if needed." She nods to Esme. "So it sounds like we have a plan then. We should go after things close, and maybe when it's a bit darker out." That settled, she gets a drink and waits for that time to pass so they can go out and get their hands just a bit dirty.

One imagines Apollo doesn't always advertise picking locks, either. He gives Emberly a brief smile that could be conspiratorial but simply reads as warm, and - at Thea and Jaenelle - flares a hand. "I will help however I can. I'm certain I'm capable of looking around a bit without being caught." Probably also a nervous pasttime. Everyone just... putting it all out there, eh? Esme's comment draws some amusement, eyes alight, but at Quenia's decisiveness, he nods once. Dirty hands bother a tanner? Never.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Janelle. Huh. Imagine that. "I can keep eye on all of you,"Thea decides. "I mean, you need help distracting, sure thing. Someone coming out from a dark corner, I'll cover you." Thea is actually looking like she may smile a bit now. "I can't pick locks, but I can cause a ruckus.."

Jaenelle laughs softly, sighing as she speaking, "when I was younger I took dance as any good noble does for important balls as such, but I took it further. I learned to belly dance, and years ago I made up a persona who goes around to cities to dance for a single night to all the most notable. But as the sun rises, the dancer disappears and is never seen again until she decides she wishes to perform again. It was a joke between a paramour and I, and something I dont often share with others." Until now it seems! "So should a distraction be needed, I can provide."

Apollo's smile tempers a moment - no, actually, just softens. "Perhaps a dance long-saved," he says, giving a dip of his head. And of course, he'll get a drink, too, but just one. Sharp minds save lives, all that.

Esme glances at Thea for a long moment. "Well if we get in a pinch.." Her voice slows down as she just stares at Thea. "... I sometimes can get people to come around to what we need." Her eyes hold the woman's and then moves on. "I would rather not though." Then she's sated by knowledge. This almost became an epic messenger battle. THEA KNOWS. It shows on Esme's features as well. Then she looks at Jaenelle. "Does this dancer have a name? I'll try to pretend that I don't know that information." Esme looks at the others. "I have a sword and I'm willing to do what is needed. I'm stealthy." She shrugs. "I can protect people."

It is easy to find a nice-ish tavern in which to wait for darkness to descend. Exiting the tavern you discover that the town is almost entirely dark with only the glowing lamplight from windows and a rare street lantern to light the way. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) one of those lanterns stands near Rollar's building. The two residential entrances are unguarded but there are two guards lurking in the puddle of lamplight outside the workyard entrance. First things first then. You need to get past the guards..

You could attack them - if you are /really/ quick - but this approach risks drawing the town guards down on you. You could lure them away somehow. You could negotiate access. Or you could try the residential doors and hope there is another way through.

Quenia's mind is already working toward the distractionary tactic. "How does this dancer usually enter the towns," she asks as she wanders along the path. "How is word sent to be people to go and watch her?" These are questions put to Jaenelle, a shrewd and plotful look in her eye.

Thea simply winks at Esme. Yes. She knows. Walking with the others, she is really curious about Jaenelle. "How---we clearly have to be closer friends,"she just says. "Does this dancer need trumpets or anything, word of mouth, whistles?" Meanwhile, the Malvici is also busy checking for well---anything and anyone. Guardish and all---

"The dancer never had a name, she just was, and," Jaenelle turns to smile towards Quenia, "a little charm goes along way in causing people to look at what you wish them to, and it is not hard to get people to look at you if that is your aim while your hands do other things. I would simply walk down the street, and it never failed to cause a crowd to gather. A performance done, with whispers of intention of another for more important people, and soon you have an audience with the leaders themselves."

Emberly smiles softly noding her head to Jaenelle as she says that last, she shifts a little closer to the woman quietly following along "well I mean if its a performance you need ..."seems perhaps Emberly had an idea for that as well, "really though I will follow, let me know what you need?" she looks to Esme curiously

Apollo nods his head at the explanation, like coasting along on pure charm is a perfectly sensible thing to do and never gets you held up by the local guards. (Or, why not charm the guards, too?) Quietly, without really drawing attention to himself (because that /is/ the point), he's stashed anything blingy or eye-catching on his person, thrown an umbra handkerchief over the head of his adze. He's ready when the distraction is available.

"Then, dancer extroidinairre, perhaps you can give them a show?" Quenia suggests, grinning mischievously at Jaenelle. She did offer! She nods over at the guards as they approach the building, as if to suggest that's the start of her target. "And perhaps Esme and Thea can keep you safe, while I stand as lookout for Emberly and Apollo?"

"I dance.. horribly. I think I was banned from doing it ever again. I'm not good at performance things." Esme offers before she nods her head to that. "Of course, anything you need." Her eyes slide over the building. It's almost like she's debating climbing it before she looks back around the area.

Thea checks perception and investigation at easy. Thea is successful.

Apollo checks perception and streetwise at easy. Apollo is successful.

Quenia checks perception and investigation at easy. Quenia is successful.

Esme checks perception and investigation at easy. Esme is successful.

Jaenelle checks charm and performance at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

Emberly checks charm and performance at easy. Emberly is successful.

The spidersilk veil that is rolled and tucked in against Jaenelle's head is unraveled so the fabric covers her face at an angle and does more to hide her identity than the cloak and is a bit more flattering for a performance. While she is quiet as they move and those whos job it is to investigate do their thing, Jaenelle does not hide the sparkles adorning her veil as she walks along the opposite side where the guards are located, pausing when she draws near. A delicate wiggle of her fingers, allowing them to know she is directing her attention towards them, still not saying a word. She doesnt speak the language most likely anyway. She has spent most of her life relishing in being underestimated as well as being what others wish her to be, and tonight is no different. Should the attention of the guards fix on her, she crooks a finger for them to come closer, then she wiggles her finger downward before the same is done with her hips, clearly the universal sign of asking someone to dance. A light giggle escapes, she is not exactly a threat to the guards after all for them to find her threatening.

Emberly has a flute! she raises it to her lips as she begins to play a soft sweet tune for Jaenelle to dance with, she moves slightly almost simply as she plays, swaying slightly like a siren on the seas. Her red locks shifting over her pale shoulders and her blue orbs flashing in amusement. As Janelle motions the guards closer she stands between them and her so they do not get too close

Apollo gives good attention to scoping out the path to the target, of course. He looks about to murmur something to Emberly - but she's off with a flute, and he's ... not here, or he'd rather the guards were less than aware of it. Alright then; she's a flautist, and he'll sneak. Once the guards are out of position, with a nod to Quenia, he does just that, slipping into the holding, dark on dark.

While Jaenelle does a--Gods above, Jae is like a siren--Thea is busy doing keeping an eye on the guards, making sure they don't touch her and things. NO TOUCHY! "Seroiusly, I have things to learn,"she simply states. She simply watches, hand near casually near her hip.

Esme saunters backwards a bit towards the building. It doesn't seem that she's too interested in where the lights are as she moves to follow Apollo. It's a quick backing away while Thea is protecting Jaenelle; Esme will move to venture into the place. Her steps very light as they fall.

Quenia meanders along the street, keeping a watchful eye on the guards. She's opposite of where Jaenelle is, on the side with the guards, looking for all the world like she's just a person heading home. However, when Jaenelle starts to dance, she pauses and stares at the other woman, as though entranced by her actions. It's all an act though. Largely, she's keeping watch and signals when its clear for Apollo or anyone else that wants to go to the building to start heading over.

Apollo checks luck at normal. Apollo is successful.

Quenia checks perception at normal. Quenia is successful.

Thea checks perception at normal. Thea is successful.

Esme checks luck at normal. Esme marginally fails.

Emberly checks perception at normal. Emberly is successful.

Jaenelle checks perception at normal. Jaenelle is successful.

It is easy to get the guards attention and one of them almost immediately drifts out of position to see what is going on with the two performers. The other almost seems to be considering staying behind but a grunt from his companion soon sends him hurrying along too. Their absence leaves the gates and shop entrance open to the group. The shop door is locked but the gate is not and its easy to slip through and into the pitch black interior of the yard. It takes a few long moments for eyes to adjust from the lamplight outside to the muted light of moon and upper story windows. From here there are a few doorways, each of which is secured by a basic lock. After a few minutes worth of combined lockpicking and searching you realise that there is nothing up here that is all that odd. There are some expedition supplies and weapons in one of the storerooms, which have been partially used up, and an administrative office which seems to hold nothing but business documents. It all seems quite typical until you find a find a suspicious torch holder next to one of the fireplaces. Pulling it opens up a panel, giving you access to the spaces underneath the structure.

You start down with appropriate caution but near the bottom Esme slips. In that precarious moment, when limbs go out automatically to correct her balance, there is an ominous click.

Beyond Esme and her predicament the stairs end in a puzzle-lock door. This door has several cog-like wheels set in combination on the outer surface marked with symbols. Various skulls on one, antlers on the second and geometric patterns on the third and fourth.

Apollo checks luck and smithing at normal. Botch! Apollo fails badly.

Esme checks dexterity and survival at normal. Esme marginally fails.

Apollo checks wits and riddles at easy. Apollo is successful.

Emberly checks intellect and riddles at normal. Emberly is successful.

Clue One: The token that Felix provided (with his amazing success) has an antlered skull on one side and some geometric symbols on the other.

Clue Two: Wheel puzzles with pictures on are often solved by lining up the right pictures.

Apollo watches Esme go down and... you know, if he weren't frozen, wide-eyed, like just the worst caricature of a thief there ever was. He's listening listening listening for someone who heard that fall. After a dozen seconds and actually breathing again, he looks at Esme, pulls a face. "Sorry," he whispers. Then he eyes the door. "Oh, -wow-," he says. "There's a... mechanism. A clasp! Something like. Oh - maybe there's a thing opposite, a hinge. The -scale-, goodness. Must be heavy." Hush, Apollo. At least he's whispering.

Jaenelle checks charm and manipulation at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

Esme feels her foot slide forward and there is an uttered exclamation of a swear. Then she tries to catch herself and ... did she just feel the brick move? A tip of her head and then she goes. "This can't go well."

Emberly watches those go down, she shifts a little and she smiles to Jaenelle, she pauses in her flute playing bowing to the guards as she takes a step back, carefully and softly. She backs herself out of the performance to seemingly go for a drink! She is lost in the busy streets and she too tries to slip past the guards who stay with Jaenelle.

The guards outside are obviously enthralled by the performance and Jaenelle has no trouble making them forget all about Emberly as she sets aside her flute and sneaks instead. "Who are you?" one of them half-whispers. Awestruck by the mysteriously veiled lady.

As the music slips away when Emberly lowers the flute to make her way to assist those within the building, Jaenelle makes certain that the two guards never once give her a side look to wonder where she is going. They can see her smile from beneath the veil as she places a single finger against her lips to show it is a secret. From one of her pouches, she produces a single onyx stone before she speaks though she lays heavily on the more Thraxian accent of her youth to hide her the more Lycene accent she has developed along the way. "A gift," she states, offering the stone to the guard who followed first, "I have been called many names, from many lips. Though only those worthy are given the truth. Are you worthy?" she grins, head tilting as she grows bolder, moving closer all the while her dance continues.

Apollo snaps out of his reverie long enough to turn, blink at Esme, and then - "Oh, sorry," and offer her a hand up. His eyes scan upward. "I don't hear anyone coming. It'll be fine. Where's that thing Felix made, wasn't it... something like this? Somehow?"

Thea scoots back just a touch, her gold-flecked green eyes still on Jaenelle and the guards. However this time, she goes to where she can keep an eye on a much bigger scale...

Emberly reaches the others and she smiles a bit as she looks over the lock "no one is coming." she tells Apollo, "That Princess is something else!" she says quietly in awe as she breathes a little looking to the riddling door curiously trying to figure it out.. "I love puzzles."

Quenia rests against one of the residential houses as she watches Jaenelle's performance, still keeping a lookout for anyone who might be going into the building behind her group of people. If necessary, she'll warn them. Otherwise she's 'enjoying' the show while really watching for other people.

Apollo checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Apollo is successful.

Emberly checks dexterity at easy. Emberly is successful.

At roughly the same time as Jaenelle presses that piece of black stone into the guards hands the sound of an approaching trio of drunks becomes obvious to the three still up on Keep Road. One of them actually has a pretty good singing voice.

Down under the workyard the efforts to prevent the trap from firing eventually run out of time. There is another snick and moments later a hatch in the ceiling opens dumping a dozen or more fist sized rocks down into the stairwell. Apollo and Emberly manage to avoid being struck but Esme, pinned as she was in the perfect position, gets tagged a few times. It doesn't seem to have changed anything about the door.

The symbols on the door match the symbols on the token. One of the skulls is obviously done in the same style. One of the antler sets is also the same. And that continues with the rhomboid and circle on the rear.

Esme winces as she's hit with rocks. There is a look up for a few moments and then she moves down the steps to look at the symbols thoughtfully. She looks towards the others. "Well, I found that trap. I'm sure we are good." She says this but her hand comes near her sword as she looks at the area behind them.

Apollo leaps out of the way, not managing to get Esme up; he makes several faces at her, moving through compassion and apology, resolving into a very flat look. "Pick a lock, I said," he says. "No trouble. Might have mentioned it's some kind of bloody trap business." He looks up and back, where he might estimate Jaenelle is still charming some guards, with Thea and Quenia on guard duty. He has to trust them. Oh, there's Emberly. "You got any ideas?" he asks, gesturing to the pesky thing.

Thea checks charm and manipulation at easy. Thea is successful.

Quenia checks perception and investigation at easy. Quenia is successful.

Jaenelle checks charm and manipulation at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

As Jaenelle continues to distract the guards, and the singer and friends begins to approach, the woman takes a bit more of a demure stance, letting the guards know that her attention is focused on them and oooo manly guards should protect the dancer from any future trouble, oooo.

Emberly looks to the trap door, "well... this lock is not like any I have ever seen. Are the sigils something of the occult?" she asks her eyes flickering and she smiles slightly looking to the others before the door

While Jaenelle has a handle on all the guards and the guards have a handle on the drunks--Thea hears the songs of one in particular. "Hey,"she calls out. "Know any songs other than---whatever that was down the road?" Engaging him to sing. Keeping everyone busy and put.

The approaching trio turn out to be three well-heeled young men. Two of them are obviously drunk. One - the singer - is singing a song about a wasp that kept stinging a herd of stags until one of them stomped on his nest. One of his friends is just stumbling and chuckling along. The third however, to Quenia's eyes, looks sober and has that subtle way of walking that suggests martial training. He is wearing a sidesword but gives no suggestion that he's worried or aggressive. Thea's approach is welcomed with smiles. A few short words later and they walk, alongside Thea, their new bestest friend, over towards the impromptu performance party. When they arrive the singer asks. "What shall I sing?"

The two guards that are already here glance over when the trio first come and for a moment the dutiful one of the pair seems almost to want to go back and check on the gate. He looks over, sees nobody there, and then turns his attention back to Jaenelle. "Onyx then?"

Emberly looks to the trap door, "well... this lock is not like any I have ever seen. Are the sigils something of the occult?" she asks her eyes flickering and she smiles slightly looking to the others before the door, her attention lingers on it "I think if you line the symbols up... we should be able to get in.." she says quietly

Quenia's attention shifts to the drunks a moment. She narrows her eyes from her position learning against the house, across the road from Jaenelle and the others. She seems to be more alert, or vigilant at least, when she notices one of them is a bit more sober and walks like a warrior. Still, they're not really doing anything that would cause her alarm, so she rests back against the house and keeps watch on the gate again as folk inside search the building. Though, she does start to get worried at how long it's taking. . .

Esme has been hit by falling rocks, but no one died. Esme offers a glance towards the coin and then lines up the symbols. She circles one around to the left. She moves the left to the top. She moves the right to the bottom. She slides the other one to the free spot. There is a clunk and Esme pauses. She shuts her eyes for a moment and then...

The door opens.

Esme pulls up her sword and walks into the chamber. She's taking point it seems.

Beyond the riddle door there is a rather unexciting antechamber with several racks full of robes and a few boxes worth of suitably cult-y paraphernalia. Ritual knives, chalk, salt, some vials of liquid, some flutes. Nothing too exciting. From this chamber there are two doors. One leads into an office type space and the other into what can only be described as a ritual or meeting hall. There is a podium on one end, mosaics on all the walls, and a complicated inlay of tiles and maybe-silver symbols on the floor. There are no guards, vicious animals or sneaky demons to prevent you searching for more information or taking anything you need.

Apollo checks luck and investigation at easy. Apollo is successful.

Esme checks luck and investigation at easy. Esme marginally fails.

Emberly checks perception and investigation at easy. Emberly is successful.

Flutes might be exciting for flautists? Apollo smiles when he spots one of those, and gives a chin gesture toward Emberly, shows her before moving on. He angles a look at the tile-and-silver pattern on the floor - if they have time, he might quickly sketch a bit of that out, puzzle at it later. But his lips press, and he moves on toward the office space... peeks at papers on the desk. Hmm. Inscrutable. Lycene shav. He almost sets them aside, but pauses, gives them a study. "Lady Esme," he hisses. "Lady Emberly. Either of you read this?" He brings them back, meeting halfway. "Doesn't match any kind of ... order of words I've ever heard. Not even in shav tongue. Ciphered text?"

Emberly moves to the podium, she looks over the book, though she can not read it, she looks through the papers slightly before she brings the book off the podium and holds it close to her chest. she smiles and she nods her head.. ought - oh books or flutes... books or flutes... she needs a sack for the loot. She looks to them to see if they are designed with the same writing. "I found... a shav... book... maybe ... a dance?" she asks as she brings the tome over.

There is a gasp and good natured laugh when the guard called Jaenelle Onyx, as if he solved as large of a mystery as the others in the part have with the door. "How did you know!" she tells him, clearly leaning into the whole flirting distracting thing she has been doing while Thea works on the others and Quenia watches the whole thing. "And here I thought I was being so secretive!"

Esme doesn't find a thing, but there is a strange look to her eyes for a moment before she blinks it away. There is a glance at the items. "Quenia reads it. I know about other things, but she knows the shav language. She can probably transpose it? Is there anything else that seems... out of place to you?"

"Sure. I know lots." The singer tells Thea with a wide grin. "How abouts." and he bursts into a song about a mysterious veiled dancer. One or two hiccups make it obvious he's making it up as he goes. But its still pretty good. His friends join the guards. Intrigued by this mysterious Onyx woman. "Where do you normally perform?" asks the sober one. "The Red Rose?"

You probably shouldn't stay in the cellar much longer. Time to decide what you're going to grab and rejoin the people outside. Luckily, because of their continued efforts, you wont have any problems escaping with your stash of evidence/clues/loot.

Apollo turns in a broad circle, gesturing with spread-wide arms as he looks at the floor. "We're in an underground room protected by riddles and traps, loaded with cult-y fishy-seeming business. What /don't/ seem out of place?" He peers around. "Maybe take some of those vials. Never know what sort of nonsense is stoppered up in those." He goes to inspect the knives, just to be sure there's nothing inscribed or anything.

Apollo checks intellect and occult at easy. Apollo is successful.

Emberly shakes her head a little to Apollo, she moves to see the vials of liquid and she looks at them, the Alchemest in her was curious as she looks over them "all in all, the silver inlay of the tiles is a nice look."

The ritual blades that Apollo looked at do indeed have many fancy symbols on them. Knowing what he knows about the Occult Apollo can safely say that the symbols are decorative rather than important. Meant to make the blades look appropriately special and nothing more.

"Exactly that,"Thea nods, watching still. She does look over her shoulder for a brief moment, wondering what's taking so long. Refocusing on the group in front of her, Thea murmurs lowly to herself,"Hope Jaenelle likes gifts.."

From her place leaning against the wall, Quenia whistles her appreciation for Jaenelle's dancing efforts, giving her, Thea, the drunks and the guards a wide, appreciative look. She pushes away from the wall and starts walking over to her. "I'm not sure where you learned dancing," she speaks to Jaenelle. "But if you're ever looking to teach it, I need a few moves like to what you've got to show off to my man," she winks in Jaenelle's direction.

Esme moves over towards the vials of liquid and she moves to sweep them into a bag. Making sure not to break and blend them. There is a look towards the knives as Pasquale looks for it. "You would be surprised how the strangest things are most mundane. As well as the mundane most worrisome."

"Bugger," Apollo says, the knives nothing to tickle him, and by tickle him, I mean 'make an effective and seemly instrument of stabbing'. "Alright. Short of prying up the tiles, which I think might get us noted before we've left town - I think we'd better go."

Emberly says, "there are more rooms down here." she says guesturing about, "you sure you want to leave?""

Emberly nods her head to Apollo she lifts one of the vials up to take with her .. one vial, one book.. she moves to join the others.

Apollo checks intellect and occult at easy. Apollo is successful.

Esme checks intellect and occult at easy. Esme marginally fails.

Emberly checks intellect and riddles at easy. Emberly is successful.

Quenia checks intellect and occult at easy. Quenia is successful.

Thea checks intellect and occult at easy. Thea is successful.

With the ritual tome, ciphered documents and a number of vials pilfered from the cellar Esme, Apollo and Emberly return from the cellar. The distraction provided by Jaenelle and Thea and the watchful eye of Quenia means that they face no difficulty in safely leaving and vanishing into the streets without being spotted. The distraction is no longer necessary but the party will have to stay in town overnight (unless they really want to try climbing the city walls) so it is easy to just wait for the right opportunity before the mystery party ends and everyone goes back to their business.

It went well. You have a lot of information:
You know that Rollar is an important figure in the cult and that he has been buying supplies, owns the building you just investigated, and has a place on the town council
You know that the symbols marked with an antlered skull provided by Felix are closely tied to the cult and Felix can help you get a few more of them if need be.
You know the town guard is investigating Rollar's criminal activities.
You know the cult was doing something up in a place called Maddle Hill
You have a tome which seems to hold information on the cults rituals.
You have a bunch of ciphered papers that hold cultist names.
And you have some vials of 'weird stuff'
Breaking the ritual to prevent its success and weakening the cult with dagger-work should be much simpler now.

Emberly checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Botch! Emberly fails badly.

Esme checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Esme fails.

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