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Jewels of the Crownlands

Word spreads around the city and beyond about new aditions to the Society of Explorer's Museum. It is said some jewelry was found, by the charming lady Kaia Malvici, while a group explored a Castle in the Crownlands a few years back; and, after a careful restoration process the pieces are ready to be set for display for all to see. Come join the explorers for a night of pleasant conversation, curio appreciation, fine drinks and delightful finger food.


March 13, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Rosalind Cufre Eirene Evaristo Zara Lyra Keely Martino Aaron Natasha Romulius


Grayson Society of Explorers The Crown


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Museum

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Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

The museum of the Society of Explorers has always served as home to many relics and treasures from all over Arvum and even beyond. Today the Society gathers, their doors open to all, to celebrate the unveiling and addition of two new pieces: The Jewels of the Crownlands!

Lady Kaia Malvici would be the host and donor of these fine pieces. She would be standing by the center of the room, next to the rosewood display case. One of the necklaces is being showcased on her neck. The other still remains inside the case beneath a green velvety cloth.

"Welcome all! Welcome!~ Please, feel free to enjoy our delightful finger foods and drinks. The unveiling ceremony will begin soon."

Rosalind burst through the door with a gasp,"Am I late,"she blurts as she gathers her red hair into some presentable.

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Tugging back her hood as she makes her way into the room, Cufre does a quick visual sweep of the room before edging her way, with smiling declines for the circulating refreshments, toward the display.

Eirene enters, with her little family. Baby Riven in a bundled sling for warmth, six-year-old Malvici twins in their black and red fur-edged cloaks, and Eirene herself in black leathers and umbra overcoat. She pulls off her gloves once in the warm museum and shoves them in a pocket of the coat. She's going for the liquor first, and getting a platter of snacks and some milk for the twins.

Evaristo arrived in good time, and has already warmed up from the winter weather, having some fingerfoods and a drink as he hovers at the edge of things, awaiting the official opening of the event. He beams at Kaia as she welcomes everyone, and is immediately strolling over to take a look at these unique pieces of jewelry. "What a splendid idea, Lady Kaia! You look ravishing, as always," he compliments, bowing deeply. He takes a moment to study the necklace around her neck, and then moves to the display case to peer into it.

The prospect of new jewels being unveiled is too much for Zara Valardin to resist and so she's travelled through the snow with an eager - for her - look in her eyes as she drifts into the museum. "I've never actually been to this part of the building." She says with a thoughtful look, approaching Kaia. "Thank you for holding this, my lady." She nods before giving the room another scan.

Predictably, Lyra is neither too early nor fashionably late to the exhibition held by Kaia. She walks into the Society of Explorers in a long slate-blue and gold brocade cloak that sweeps to the floor and drapes luxuriously over the warm velvet gown she's picked to wear beneath. Her hair is braided at her temples and woven through with golden cords, those braids then swept back and upwards to a point high on the back of her head from which loose curls descend to her shoulders. Her fingers work at loosening the buttons on the wrists of her glove, tiny mother-of-pearl discs getting fed through their keepers as she pauses just within the entrance to the room and peels the fine kid leather from her hands. She spots her the lady of the moment, so heads in Kaia's direction. "Lady Kaia. You look radiant tonight," she greets with sweep of her skirts to one side. "I've been so looking forward to this from the moment I heard of the unveiling."

Keely slips into the room, muttering a few reminders to herself under her breath. "Thank you so much for hosting, Lady Kaia," she bids politely as she passes the hostess. She takes a beat to look around the room. "I've not been here before. Wonderful work you do."

Stepping into the room, closely with the Lady Eirene, the Lord Martino Malvici arrives with the scent of ethereal seabreeze to him and young daughter of his and Kaia's. Frockcoat bouncing against the back of his legs with each step while making his way to the drinks while cradling the two-year old against his side to stop her running off, "Mm I suspect I am now going to have to keep this one held to stop her running and disturbing Kaia too much." Laughing hush to Eirene, afar Martino's eyes crinkle towards Kaia. Fingertips of his free hand wiggling to a few he's met before also.

It's a snow-dusted tailor that arrives only moments late, Aaron careful to stamp off extraneous snow before he enters the Society of Explorers. His expression is complicated, as he looks around the room, kind of wistful and envious as well as interested. "My lady," he bows his head to Kaia with thanks, moving to collect a drink before he goes to find a seat.

Seeing Kaia, Rosa waves with a smile. Oh! And Eirene! "Hi! Nice to see you both again,"making her way to both whiskey AND food. "Im here to hear the stories. Because there is ALWAYS a story!"

"Eirene, lovely to see you," she greets, a warm smile directed to the twins and she leans to place a kiss upon their foreheads. "and, you kids as well.~ I hope you've all been well!" Soon enough, she's back to her straightened self, and setting her eyes on those arriving.

"Ah, Messere Evaristo!" she beams. "Always a pleasure to see you. You flatter me, dear.~" she says with a giggle. "But, thank you. Thank you for the compliment and for your fine work restoring these!" she notes.

Her gaze, then, sets upon Zara as she thanks her for hosting, and a nod and a sweet smile is given in return. "It is my pleasure. I do hope you enjoy the ceremony, your Highness.~"

Soon those wintery eyes are traveling to the next. "Ah, Lady Lyra!~ I'm so glad you could make it dear friend. Oh, and thank you! You look quite lovely as well." she beams. "I admit I'm quite excited for the unveiling myself. Although, one of the pieces is aleady on display just here on my neck." she notes, with a gentle gesture and a kind smile.

While this wouldn't be her first time attending any events in the building occupied by the Society of Explorers, she has never had an opportunity, before, to spend any amount of time in its museum wing, and so perhaps it isn't surprising that the colors of curiosity and interest paint themselves well on Natasha's typically inscrutable alabaster visage, near-obsidian eyes casting a wide net to take in both the arrangements and all the other artifacts on display. It's ineviable that most of her attention would fall on the Mysterious Case in the middle of the room, covered as it is for its later unveiling, but at the moment, she contents herself with all the other offerings and artifacts; old history, it seems, is a love that she shares with her older brother and were she not anchored, presently, to the side of Romulius Blackshore, the Thraxian princess certainly would have drifted like an unmoored vessel away from him to follow where her inquisitivity leads her. Thankfully, this doesn't happen; long, pale fingers remain in their place tucked within her taller companion's inner elbow.

She generally defaults to the more austere and unforgiving lines of vintage Thraxian dress; her preferences are in full display today, with a few variations of cut and color, draped in blue silks of varying hues to call upon the beautiful inconsistencies of the sea. Her favored high collar, long sleeves and draping skirts split upon their outer layer allow for a glimpse of a snake's head clasp from her garter, dipping into the tall hem of a thigh-high snakeskin boot; for as generous as her heels tend to be, somehow, her childhood friend's powerful frame still manages to dwarf her by a few inches, as usual. She seems to be engrossed in a soft, murmured conversation with him, up until she espies the Malvicis. "Lady Kaia, this promises to be very interesting," she tells her, lips curving upwards in a barely-there smile as she leans in to press a kiss in the air close to her cheek, and a slightly wider smile to her husband before extending her free hand and anticipating his usual greeting. "Lord Martino, I hope you've been well."

"Thank you for attending!" she says to Keely. "Oh and thank you! You flatter me!" she says with a grin. "I'm afraid I cannot take all the credit. It was the work of the Society." she notes.

Her eyes then catch a glimpse of her husband Martino and their lovely daughter, Arsenia, on his arms. The little one making grabby hands at her already. "Oh dear." she would let out with amusement and give a brief wiggle of her fingers in greeting to them from afar. Then she takes note of Aaron, making his bow and she nods to him in aknowledgement. "Messere, thank you for attending."

Eirene pats Arsenia on the head and cautions all three mini-Malvici to look, don't touch. Eyes, not fingers. And if they're good she'll get them all snow-cones for dessert. I mean, there's plenty of snow to go about after all. "Kaia, it's always fun to see new shit on display. I want to hear the behind the scenes story," she agrees with Rosa. But then she backs off to let the hostess do the hostessessing thing.

Lyra draws a breath as her eyes are directed to the necklace worn around Kaia's throat. "That is one of them? It's so beautiful. I imagine that the jewellers of Arx will be rushing to make replicas and offer them in stores throughout the city." A smile to her friend then as she steps back to allow her to greet the onslaught of others that come to greet her, and she turns her attention to Martino instead, and by default his daughter. " Lord Martino. Hello. And this must be... Arsenia?" She plucks the name from the annals of her memory.

"Well, thank you for giving me an excuse to visit, in that case," Keely notes with a shy grin, as Kaia points out the place is the work of the Society. She moves now towards the display case, peering with interest at the item within. "Yes, I'll admit I'm curious to hear the tale as well," she agrees, turning back towards Kaia.

Evaristo can't see past the cover, so he gives up trying to sneak a peak - besides, he HAS seen these pieces before, as is made obvious when Kaia thanks him for having restored them. "Oh, it was very interesting and fun to do," he says and stands up straight, with a small wince - he has the look of someone recovering from some illness or other, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem to bother him too much. "I am also VERY curious to hear the story behind these pieces. Their make was entirely new to me, I've never seen filigree like that before, or such a design," he admits. He nods and bows to people around the room, smile charming and friendly.

Cufre follows the whispers to take in Lady Lyra Byrne's ensemble. A mouthed "ooh" later, the jeweler has a small book and a stick of charcoal drawn from her apron and she is writing or drawing with the occasional glance back to the outfit.

"Rosalind! You made it! It's been a while. I trust you've been well?" she would greet the explorer. "Oh, and yes. There is a story!" she agrees. "Oh! Princess Natasha! So good to see you again. Yes. I would hope so.~"

There's a grin given to Lyra at her words. 'Ah, a fabulous idea! Although, it might not be fair to the piece. Then it wouldn't be unique!" she notes. A little chuckle and a glance given to Evaristo then. "Although, who knows! It might not be a bad idea after all, hmn?~" she adds and gives the man a little wink.

It's almost certainly an academic interest that draws Romulius Blackshore to the unveiling of the much-anticipated exhibit - austere, monochromatic attire giving little indication that he's come to marvel over the stones themselves, however precious. That, or he's been dragged along by his childhood friend to act as a reluctant escort, but the sweep of cerulean gaze over the chamber holding the displays reflects genuine enough interest that it's more likely the former. Still, he's perfectly content to let a far more inquisitive mind take the reins, and it's apparent enough that Natasha's wandering gaze is very much leading their steps about the museum despite any apparent direction that he might provide.

Decorum demands a visit towards the evening's hostess in the form of Kaia, a dip of head given in greeting along with a polite smile. "Lady Kaia - thank you for opening this unveiling to the public." It's followed by a nod of agreement at Natasha's assessment of the interest promised by such an event, before another greeting is directed toward Martino. "Lord Martino, always a pleasure." With those formalities dispensed, Romulius would certainly look to make himself scarce in the wings of the chamber were he not presently acting as anchor to his companion.

Crinkling his sharp greens in their very corners, the Lord Martino welcomes both Natasha and Romulius closer, "Oh it is good to see you Princess Natasha, and dear Lord Romulius. Oh quite well, I won a prize recently to visit a library." Fingertips of his free left hand gather Natasha's offered hand to lift it momentarily to his chin. Leaning forward with daughter held close, Martino's lips lightly touch the bare knuckles of the Thraxian Princess. "I might need a researcher to help me pour over old documents with me." Returning the hand, Martino's glancing thankful to Eirene while bouncing Arsenia upright. "Arsenia, this is Princess Natasha and Lord Romulius. They are from Thrax so be nice or else." Blinking at them, the young child looks both confused and concerned while Martino is smiling afar to Cufre.

It takes time for Aaron to wind his way closer to the necklace in the display case, given others are looking as well. He doesn't seem in any hurry, though. As Kaia mentions a story he looks her way, but when she doesn't continue with it turns his thoughtful gaze back towards the display case.

"I don't miss stories, Lady Kaia,"Rosalind declares with a grin. "Or um--you know explorer things if I can help it. And we're friends AND fellow explorers, so..." Like this explains her presence. As more people enter, Rosa's large hazel green eyes take in unfamiliar faces and she introduced herself, greeting them like old friends. "Hi! Nice to see you! Im Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, or Rosa or Rosa if you'd prefer." Rather. Rosa prefers.

"Ah, it is my pleasure Lord Blackshore," says Kaia to Romulius. "I'm so glad you could make it."

There's a little wiggle of her fingers given to Cufre as she takes notice of the somwhat shy jewelrer. Then her eyes are back to Evaristo. "Oh? Is that so? Hmn..." she pauses in a thoughtful manner. 'I'm afraid the story might dissapoint you my dear. I can only tell of how and when we acquired them. The source of their craft is unknown to me or to us all so far." she explains. "Still, it would make for an interesting research project." she notes.

"Oh and Lady Lyra, it is Arsenia. Named after the famed Malvici and who will go onto probably ---" Martino's welcoming Lyra closer but is cut off by Arsenia now pointing at Lyra, "Hoi!" Exhaling to himself for a moment, he continues, "Do much. Curious to get involved with the Society are you?"

There's no resistance when her captured appendage is lifted for one of Martino's charming tokens, curiosity heightening over Natasha's mien. "Which library, and what did you win?" she wonders of Martino, smile softening the severe regality of imperious features though the ghost of it is, as always, brief - gone in the blink of an eye, and left to wander in the halls of memory until that, too, fades. Fingers shift once released, the protective guard of the silver cuff that encircles it catching light upon its blue-violet fulgurite crystal, to offer index and middle fingers curled sideways to the little girl attached to Martino. "It's nice to meet you at last, my lady. I look forward to getting to know you better." Even as she engages the child, brows lift upwards from underneath the fringe of sideswept chocolate tresses. "Documents?" Oh gods, someone stop her.

With Arsenia's exclamation, she manages to withhold a growing grin. "Careful, Lord Martino, she might've found her calling just now, which only means the even more premature emergence of silver in your hair. Not that I would ever begrudge her of it when I might do the same with anyone who knows me." And with that, she makes a mock-exaggerated gesture of leaning towards Romulius, head canted up to direct her eyes towards his temple, as if on the hunt for any silver streaks within the ebon curls that adorn his pate.

Evaristo sips his wine carefully - he's clearly not interested in drinking heavily, now sitting down on a chair to regard everyone. "Well, how DOES one find lost jewelry in a forgotten castle? Sounds like adventure to me," he grins at Kaia. "But... I admit I too am very curious who made these, all that time ago. Maybe there is a way to find out," he says thoughtfully.

"What sort of contest had the prize of a library visit?" The introduction to Arsenia is a quick distraction from the query, mangaging to draw out a flash of white in a grin from Romulius, a stark contrast to otherwise dour features as the child is given a dip of head and shoulders in a polite bow. "Lady Arsenia, a delight to meet you. I can't imagine you'll ever need to worry about your father's 'or else'" The greeting and introduction from Rosalind, then, is given a similar gesture. "Lady Ravenseye, a pleasure. Lord Romulius Blackshore." Preferences, it seem, lie towards the oft-suffocating formality that Islanders are known for.

Natasha's search earns a quick glance aside, eyes widening in a heartbeat of surprise before clarity dawns on what it is she's doing - or rather, looking for. No silver, yet.

Eirene has plenty of silver in her ebony hair. Streaks of it, along with shock white, all of which is braided into ornate plaits and pinned atop her head with sturdy but costly hairsticks. But her face isn't as old as one would expect based on her hair though there are signs of wrinkles. She eyes Natasha with a dubious expression at the comment directed to her nephew Martino.

After examining the necklace around Kaia's neck -- not the one in the covered case -- Keely turns her attention again to the larger room. "Even the story of how you discovered it would be thrilling to me," she admits. "Although perhaps that indicates I should get out more." She gives a self-conscious little laugh.

The tip of Lyra's nose crinkles as Martino introduces her to Arsenia, and she waits until Natasha has finished speaking with the child before she offers the toddler a warm and generous smile of her own. "My lady. It is good to finally meet you at last." She lifts her hand and mirrors Arsenia's point with a point of her own. "And 'Hoi' to you too. I have heard much of you, from both your father and your mother. A tilting of her head to Martino as with a surreptious nudge of her elbow and a glance towards Natasha and Romulius, she murmurs. "Won't you please make introduction of me to your friends?"

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Kaia chuckles and nods at the request of the story. "Ah, very well! Very well! I shall indulge you all with the wonderous tale.~" she announces in that sweet musical tone. "Hear! Hear! Gather around all you princes and princesses, my lords and my ladies, and even all of you messeres!~ I will tell you the tale of how a group of valiant Society explorers came across these beautiful pieces!"

"Oh it was for the Archduchess' event. So it would be Lenosia's Library." Crinkling the corners of his eyes, Martino's voice is chuckling his to those around, "Some might pick a trip to Saffron Chain for a break from the city. The tropics there but... how could one resist the most Lycene of cities." Wryly curling his lips at Natasha's comments about his hair, glancing for a moment to Eirene who he grew up close with, he adds, "Oh I will age with distinction. I would have to, after all, to still be of much use." Broadly smiling to Lyra, Arsenia giggling for a moment at all the attention, Martino turns his free hand from Lyra to Eirene, Natasha and Romulius then back. "Lady Lyra this is Lady Eirene and my not-Aunt-Aunt. Lord Romulius and Princess Natasha. Voice of Thrax. Sword of Blackshore. One of the finest healers, minds, and most trusted I know." Hushing himself after speaking, Martino's attention settles across onto Kaia.

Evaristo sits up more straight, violet eyes intensely focused on Kaia as she announces she will tell the story.

At Martino's introduction to Lyra, Romulius breaks his gaze from the over-exaggerated inspection being conducted from the Thraxian princess to turn cerulean upon the Byrne with a warm smile. "Lady Lyra, a pleasure to meet you." Then, Kaia is announcing her intent to recount the tale of how the evening's draws came into the Society's possession, an apologetic look delivered to Lyra before attention is placed squarely upon the impending story.

"It is good to meet you, Princess Natasha, Lady Eirene, Lord Romulius," Lyra intones, the smile on her face warming the tone of her voice. She hushes then as Kaia's voice lifts and drifts across those gathered. "Oh wonderful, I have been waiting for this." Hands knot in the small of her back, and she turns to listen attentively to what Kaia has to say.

Keely takes a drink from a passing servant, imbibing a small sip before she moves back in closer to Kaia to hear the tale. "Thank you for indulging us, My Lady," she offers in a quiet, polite voice towards the hostess, before falling silent to listen to the story.

A hand lifts to wave to Eirene. "Well met, my lady Ravenseye," Natasha tells Rosalind with a faint incline of her head at the wake of Martino's introduction, fingers slipping from Arsenia's grasp and angling an askewed look to her taller companion's handsome sun-darkened profile as he bows towards the little lady. The change in her expression is ephemeral to the point of sheer invisibility, a softening that doesn't linger but enhances the fae-lined fragility of what already exists, and kissed by unmitigated affection - and all vanishing once Romulius addresses the rest of their party. Fiery amber veins flash within a predominantly dark gaze, a brief glimpse of golden lightning when her face cants sideways to regard Lyra, the dip of her head forcing a stray curl to cling lovingly to the contour of a pale cheek. "And you as well, my lady. I work closely with my lord Malvici on Inquisition business, and he has mentored my lord Blackshore's cousin, Lady Rowynna, on several subjects. May I ask how you came to be in his acquaintance?" The question leaves her before Kaia commands the room, her attention drifting away to regard the hostess of the evening and the unique piece coiled around her clavicle, and falls quiet for the promised accounts.

"You see, it all began with an expedition!" she begins to say, with a gentle gesture of the hand. "A group of explorers was sent out to review a series of ruins discovered in the northwestern section of the Crownlands..." she explains, and then her features shift to a somewhat darker one. "Oooh but they went //MISSING//!" she lets out a loud gasp. "They knew the area; but, they were long overdue to return!" Clearly, there's more to the story. But, she makes a pause to allow for that bit to sink in, and for those who were still not close enough to hear to join the crowd of listeners.

Rosalind grins at Romulius and Natasha. "Nice to meet you." Seeing all the kids. Twins, baboes, she brightens a little. "You all have adorable children,"before silencing herself to listen.

Eirene offers a short sharp nod of greetings back to everyone when Martino introduces her. Then Kaia makes the announcement and she motions to the children to come sit with her so they can all listen. She taps her lips twice, then her ears and eyes once. Close those, open these. The story begins and she listens with a keened tilt to her head.

Still in the group positioned near the display case, Aaron frowns thoughtfully, as if distracted. It's only when Kaia begins the tale that he turns to look her way.

Lyra is completely enraptured by the telling of the story, and despite the direct question asked her by Natasha, fails to answer. "This is why I have never been much of an adventurer myself..." she says beneath her breath when people going missing is mentioned.

"Of course, when a party does not return when expected, a new group of explorers is sent out to track them." she explains. "To ensure they're well. To rescue them if not..." her expression turns a bit grim. "Or, to retrieve the corpses if they are even found."

The beaming expression returns, "Oh! But, worry not everyone! Not one died in this particular tale!" she grins. 'So, off we go: Duchess Lisebet Ashford, Lady Miranda Mazetti (before she was wed), Messere Caspian Wild, Sparte Grayfellow, Merek Black and myself! To find our missing fellows!"

Crinkling his eyes at Lyra as she's speaking, Martino dips his chin before lifting his gaze and attention still towards Kaia. Broadly curling his lips as she's speaking of the story, Martino turns to Arsenia to bounce her slightly underneath to make sure she isn't slipping away. "See Nia. Those stories we tell you are true." Leaning into her dad's side, her tiny fists grip into the collar of his frockcoat while looking around the room and to Eirene's children.

Idris and Iris, Eirene's children, are listening intently because adventure stories are the best. Even better when it's about family. Idris waves a finger at Aresnia and says, "Your mum does the adventure thing like our mum. That's really neat." Iris shushes her brother so she can listen better about the story. Eirene just grins at the three little ones.

After a quick glance nearby, Aaron quietly slips out the door.

"So first things first we had to track the group!" she continues with the tale. "This is where those tracking lessons offered by the Society come in handy!" she notes and goes on. "It took us a while but after a bit of traveling we encountered a fork. It seemed like both paths would take us the same way..." she pauses to create a bit of tension. "Sparte smelled blood!"

Romulius follows the thread of the story Kaia weaves with dilligence, attention only broken by the occasional glance towards fellow listeners, particularly towards the small assortment of little lords and ladies before gaze returns towards the hostess.

"So, naturally, we avoided that path. We continued to walk against the wind. Oh, but then there was growling! Then a snarl! Two predators were going at it." she explains. "We of course were prepared. Our weapons drawn out, but we did our best to avoid their attention. We had a group to rescue. We couldn't get ourselves killed there, right?"

"Oh my," Keely murmurs quietly, eyes wide as she listens to the tale. She lets out a slow breath, her gaze fixed on Kaia as she unfolds the story of what happened with the jewels. "So brave." She idly takes another sip from her drink.

It could be the mention of predators, but the midnight gaze of the Thraxian princess narrows visibly as Kaia gets to that part of the story. Perhaps Natasha will have questions later - it's guaranteed that she will, she always has them, but for now she is, like the rest, a captive audience of the yarn that Kaia is spinning. There's a brief digression, though, a surreptitious turn of her head to meet her companion's striking cerulean eyes.

Kaia would go on and on about how they managed to track the group down over to the castle ruin. "So, once we get there! The structure was a frail thing. The floord were falling. Most of the cielings colapsed. However, all signs pointed out to the group making it there." she notes. "We split when we got there. Some moved up. That's where they found the bags from the others." she explains." While some of us went straight to the grounds below. I wasn't as agile then, and fell right on my bottom! It hurt. A LOT."

Lyra snags a glass of wine from the tray of one of the servers that circulates the room. A sip of chilled white is taken, and if there's a low chuckle to the background chatter provided by the children, well, that'd be only natural! Her eyes glitch briefly in their direction, but are quick to return to Kaia as the story progresses. "Oh goodness. I'd have been positively scared! A snarl?" Her face scrunches and yes, she does grip her glass just that little bit tighter as the story marches inexorably on.

Rosalind listens with complete rapture. She rounds her eyes, not blinking. "That's--amazing!"

Evaristo is quite caught up in the story, making oohing and aahing sounds, and envisioning it clearly in his mind. He winces when hearing she fell down and squirms where he sits, as if he knows just how THAT feels like.

"It was down there, in those floors below that I came across a chest. It was locked. The others were of course checking everything as well. There was a locked door, you see? We were trying to find a key." she gives a bit more of detail. "I start fiddling with the lock with my trusty hairpin, and..." she pauses and then lets out an "Aha! Success!" she shouts. "I managed to open it. Oh, and inside? These beauties!" she announces, her hand reaching out for the green velvety cloth covering the rosewood display case. The other piece finally revealed.

an elegant rosewood display case is now unlocked.

Kaia puts rhombic silver pendant with lapis lazuli donated by Lady Kaia Malvici in an elegant rosewood display case.

Kaia takes large geometrical filigree gold pendant with sets of rhombic rubies donated by Lady Kaia Malvici from an elegant rosewood display case.

Kaia puts large geometrical filigree gold pendant with sets of rhombic rubies donated by Lady Kaia Malvici in an elegant rosewood display case.

Eirene leans over to the children and stage-whispers, "Someday, when you're older, we'll find someone to teach you how to pick a lock." She pulls one of her cupridium hairpins out and wriggles it at the twins. But then she looks back at the jewelry and goes hum. More studious interest than fashionable acclaim.

Kaia then adds, "Of course, we continued on, and managed to open that door. We found where the others were likely at. But, I gather you can read more on that from our book accounts." she notes, with a gesture to the books on a shelf.

Evaristo stands up and applauds, both at the story and at the piece of jewelry that is now revealed. "Marvelous! What an adventure, and what a treasure!"

"I would like to thank Messere Evaristo for his wonderful work restoring these gorgeous pieces! Without his help the Society wouldn't have been able to showcase these." she announces. A smile and her glass of champagne lifted torwards the man. "Cheers!"

Lyra joins the applause and claps her hands lightly together. "A wonderful telling, Lady Kaia. Thank you."

Eirene is overheard praising Kaia.

Eirene is overheard praising Evaristo.

Lyra is overheard praising Kaia: An amazing tale of derring do

Keely lets out a sigh of relief as everyone in the story comes out okay. "Thank goodness!" she exclaims, joining in the applause. "And what a treasure." She leans over the case to look more closely at the two sets of jewels now.

Keely is overheard praising Kaia.

Giggling at the attention from Idris of Eirene, Arsenia continues to tightly hold into Martino's coat while listening to Kaia. The Malvici Lord nodding along at his wife's voice, leaning slightly to Natasha to murmur something low before shifting himself upright. Hearing to the end of the story, Martino's free hand taps upon his chest allowing him to somewhat sort of clap and applaud the tale. "Oh how encouraging to see and hear. The Society truly is blessed."

Lyra is overheard praising Evaristo: An amazing restoration!

Eirene is overheard praising Society of explorers: Gotta love adventure.

Martino is overheard praising Evaristo: Restoring Master

Rosalind is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Martino is overheard praising Society of explorers: Finding things is neat!

The flourishing reveal immediately draws Romulius's gaze to the newly revealed ornament, a small smile drawing over thin lips with Kaia's explanation of how they came to be acquired. He likely has a different sort of experience with 'adventure' that prevents a clear picture - a lifetime on the decks of ships make the mental imagery of ruined castles loom larger and more forboding, likely, and there's a quick glance directed towards his companion to judge her reaction before turning back towards Kaia. "Likely at?" That particular choice of wording, it seems, is of particular interest.

Keely is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Earl Peckworthy Flappington the VII, a blue and gold macaw arrives, following Vitalis.

Lyra is overheard praising Society of explorers: Such wonderful treasures!

Keely is overheard praising Evaristo.

Romulius is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Cufre is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Kaia would grin at them, and make a bow. "Do feel free to have a closer look. Thank you all for your support and for being here. We all appreciate it.

Earl Peckworthy Flappington the VII, a blue and gold macaw leaves, following Vitalis.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

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