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So You Think You Can Fight?

A gathering of skilled fighters with good reputation for instruction, along with those looking to learn a bit of something from them. A spar or two could definitely happen.

At the very least, Michael will be on hand to teach up to 4 in Medium Wpn, Dodge, Ride, War, Leadership, Strength, Dexterity, Stamina.


March 21, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Lyra Raven Patrizio Thea Branwen Drake Santi Kenjay Giada Razija Martino Calla Adalyn Reese Domonico



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Training Center

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Comments and Log

Chamberlain, a surly blood-stained lammergeier, Rodolf, a blue roan heavy warhorse arrive, following Razija.

Michael Bisland has booked a fair portion of the Training Center for his random classes and instructional time. Hopefully those skilled and unskilled will both show up to put on exhibitions to learn a thing or four from them.

Why Lyra had allowed herself to be talked into turning up for this training centre is anyone's guess. Or it just might have been to do with the fact that it's because the new Duke of Pridehall is also her sponsor. It's /him/ that had told her that she ought at least learn how to dodge on the offchance she ever found herself at the pointy end of something nasty. It's lucky she'd brought her riding clothes with her from Cedar Vale, lucky also that she'd managed to rummage them out from the bottom of a chest and have one of the maids shake the dust out of them so she'd at least not be wearing a gown. After trailing Michael into the training centre she immediately heads for the benches, to take a pew there and to /try/ not to look conspicuous or like she might want to be picked on. For anything.

Theadora, A young Golden Eagle arrives, following Santi.

Lyra has joined the Benches.

Murmurs of interest are heard around the Training Center as one of the Champions arrives.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

Raven strides in sans her armor save her pants and just enough steelsilk to protect her head and vital bits and of course her usual collection of swords.

Off to one side, Patrizio Pravus lurks, for once sans any of his centurions. It's not at all, after all, like he'd be concerned that they'd not be letting him spar - no, there's the aspect of perhaps his having wanted to give them a little time at leisure, rather than watching their commander perhaps get his comeuppance on the sands.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon arrives, following Giada.

Not having much to do today, Thea decides to make make her way to the training center. Whether to learn or not, she's here. It's something new to do and all.

Branwen arrives, clearly not equipped for the sort of training happening here. Rather, grey dress rattles with jars and pouches of medicinal herbs. A large raven perches on her shoulder, watching those assembled with its beady eyes. Perhaps a grim choice of pet for a healer.

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Drake arrives at ringside, hearing there was going to be a training event today. The Highhill dog that follows at his side is here too, but is behaving, knowing she's not supposed to be nipping at fighters and so-on. He has a few swords at his side and some leather armor on for the possible spars, though he keeps his cloak off so that he can keep it even for those who are more newcomers to this sort of bout.

Giada has joined the Benches.

Arriving at the training center Santi could be seen striding in with an almost casual gait, the man relaxed and at ease and still very much armored almost as if it were a near feat to get him out of it or as if he might have even slept in it and only recently awoken given the rather large /mug/ of coffee held in his right hand as his left hefts his shoulder keeping it raised and held at his side almost like the man expected at any moment an arrow to fly or a blade to flash out to strike. Soon enough though the shield is set aside as he arrives at the benches only to carefully pluck free his helm laying it atop his shield for the moment. The man seconds later taking a sip of his coffee as his eyes work over the area searching for a familiar face, any familiar face.

Raven scans the crowd and purses her lips a bit before deciding to join one of the many benches that's not yet burdened by gear or people waiting for a crack at things.

Raven has joined the Benches.

Kenjay steps quietly into the training centre, with polite nods and waves for those people who notice his arrival. More a shambling mound of fur than anything recognisable as a warrior today, he's got a heavy red canvas bag over one shoulder and a pair of Redrain-liveried guards at his heels.

Giada slips in, the Godsworn followed by nothing more than a fat and waddling raccoon. Without a word, she heads to a bench and lounges idly on one. The trash panda begins rummaging around, likely looking for dropped food or something. Olive green eyes watch as people arrive, and the woman quickly knots her hair back with the help of hairpins.

Patrizio lets his jade eyes drift over the growing crowd. Kenjay gets a nod when he notices him, as does Raven, though there definitely does not seem to be any sense of hurry on the part of the prince to be moving closer to the sands yet, perhaps getting more of a feel for those who've come to see what's afoot.

Arriving alone, Razija arrives and stretches, picking Michael out of the crowd and approaching with a nod of her head. "Duke." Unfamiliar with most if not all the other faces in the area, they also get a nod of greeting.

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff leaves, following Drake.

Murmurs of interest are heard around the Training Center as one of the Champions arrives.

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff arrives, following Drake.

Lyra lifts a hand and waves to Thea when she wanders benchwards. She's not seen the Malvici for a while -- well a very long while -- but she remembers who she is. "Hello Lady Thea, it's lovely to see you again. I think the last time we met you were still recovering from a wound." Her smile is bright. "Are you getting out there and sparring today?" Her eyes drift towards those kitted out in the armour already, and there's the smallest wrinkle of her nose. "Oh look. Prince Kenjay's arrived. I've seen him sparring a couple of times. A real treat."

Oh. That is quite a few people arriving for this training opportunity. Which means probably plenty of exhibition fights. "Hellllooo and welcome. I'm Duke Michael Bisland. I know quite a few of you don't have very much to learn from me. So I hope you're here to show off a bit so that others might learn from you. If you want to participate in a exhibition match, go ahead and wave a gauntlet in the air, with a hand in it or not."

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker arrive, following Martino.

Raven flashes Patrizio a smile and a wave, patting the bench beside her in silent invittion that's discrete enough to be politely ignored if he so wishes. Her jade gaze tracks on the big Redrain figure with keen interest, trying to make out who it is before Michael's introduction yanks her attention away. She shrugs and raises one of her leather-clad hands. Does this make her an exhibitionist? Best not to ponder some things too hard.

Patrizio, too, briefly lifts his gauntleted hand at the call from Michael, before he's making his way over towards Raven - clearly, he's not sufficiently rude as to ignore that she's invited him to join while they wait for their turns on the sand. "I did promise you, my lord, that I'd be here for such," he calls back to Michael. "Not that I know that I qualify as 'a decent exhibition' of anything, save for my hair."

Patrizio has joined the Benches.

Thea looks toward her name calling and smiles a moment. "Lady Lyra. It's been awhile, yes. And I was--a bit under the weather. I'm a lot better now and have a lot to keep me busy,"reaching in her satchel for a flask. "How have you been? And yes, I may spar a bit. I'm not sure." Her gold-flecked green eyes drift around those starting to gather and she greets them as well,"Cousin Santi, Prince Kenjay. Hello." Thea spies Drake as well, and offers him a wave and smile as she takes a drink. "Hello Messere Raven, Prince Patrizio, prince of mischief..."

Drake isn't wearing a gauntlet and doesn't really seem to carry them, favoring tighter leather gloves...but he raises one in the air and waves it, sans his hand, really. He looks over and smiles at Thea. "Always odd being a leathers fighter sometimes. I only wear the metal for the joust."

Flickering his eyes across towards the ring, keeping distance between himself and the sand, the Lord Martino Malvici steps around the edges to bring himself across to the benches where the Lady Lyra and Lady Thea are found. "Ah good to see you both. Here to take part or watching?"

The heap of fur that is Kenjay lifts a hand. At least, there's movement and something red lifted higher than the rest.

The call for those willing to fight has that large mug in Santi's right hand lifting, the Malvici putting his name into the ring for those willing to go for a spar and exhibition. After a few moments of watching Michael that hand with the mug lowers back down. Another sip taken from it before finally Santi sets it aside to begin removing various pieces of armor after noticing some sans their own armors. When he hears Thea's greeting his eyes lift focusing upon the woman only to have his response come simply and with far fewer words than his cousin. "Top off, yeah?" The man motioning between her flask and his mug briefly as if to show what he meant before he resumes his work of dearmoring in the cold.

Razija lifts a gauntleted hand and gives a little wave at Michael. "I think I'm here to participate in a spar or two. After I watch a round or two." For now, it looks like she's headed over to one of the benches to do just that, lowering herself down to take a seat and perch to watch the ring.

"There seem to be a fair bit in the way healers as well. Just in case." He'll step out of the sands and towards the benches and bleachers surrounding the fighting pit. "I'll skip out on the first bout just so I can greet any that are still arriving. How about I take the Iron Guard Raven...and..Lord Drake first." He finds them one at amid the crowd before waving at them in case they didn't hear him.

Giada leans back on her elbows, reaching out a booted foot to nudge the raccoon away from someone's bag. Thea, Martino, and Patrizio bring looks of recognition and faint smiles of greeting. Otherwise, she only tips a hand up when 'healers' are mentioned. "I can set your ribs, gentles," she offers all the Martial Types.

"Lady Malvici." Patrizio smiles warmly to Thea when she's greeting him. "I hear congratulations are to be offered to you, and Lord Wyvernheart as well." Drake, in turn, gets a nod when he's mentioned it, and he's considering the growing crowd, before turning his attention back to Thea. "Quite the crowd building for this, would you not say?" There's a glance at Raven, though, as Michael mentions her...

Lyra is quick to smile to Martino when he joins the group that lurk on the benches. "Lord Martino. Hello. I've come to watch and learn, possibly to take a little instruction on how to dodge if time allows for it. Certainly I'm not that keen on picking up a sword and trying to defend myself from pretty much /anyone/ that I can see here right now." There's laughter in her eyes as she speaks, and with a tilt of her head to the benches she indicates the vacant space to her right. "Won't you join us? Judging by who is here, it'll be a good few hours of entertainment." She does glance to Patrizio and Raven when Thea calls out to them, a smile sent their way. "Prince of Mischief? I'd love to hear the story of how you earned that moniker."

Branwen eventually wanders to the benches, though aside from a few cursory polite nods and a slightly longer lingering look of vague recognition of Raven, she keeps to herself. Once she's seated, the raven hops off her shoulder and scrounges for anything it might find under or around the benches.

Thea is the mouthy Malvici for a few reasons. But she snorts as she pours some of her whiskey in Santi's mug. "You're only getting a little, otherwise you'll take my whole damn flask." There's a wave to Martino too. "Possibly. You know me--I don't turn down challenges." Thea gives an easy nod to those that have greeted her with a slight smile. "Hello,"she says with a brief wave. Looking over to Patrizio, the Malvici nods her head in thanks. "I appreciate that, thank you. And yes, there is. Do you plan on participating?"

Raven grins broadly, "OH thank the gods." she springs to her feet and eyes Drake's weapons and hrrms, wondering to Patrizio, "What'cha thing, Iron or something more flashy?" debating on which blade to bring to the match against her dance partner.

"It's hard to resist an event framed as a challenge," Drake says. "So far as fighting goes I'm not a great teacher, but maybe I'll pick those skills up some day too. I... tend to work more intuitively I suppose."

Theadora, A young Golden Eagle leaves, following Santi.

Theadora, A young Golden Eagle arrives, following Santi.

Patrizio offers up a smirk to Lyra when there's the call of it, and then he's chuckling and shaking his head with that magnificent mane of his. "If I figure out how I earned it, my lady, I'd be certain to let you know," he quips in response. Raven's question, though, has a brief contemplation from him, before he offers up quietly, "I think it's what makes you most happy, and gives you an opportunity to show off and get the itch for a fight scratched," he offers to the Blackheart. "I'd almost say something more flashy, honestly."

Thea's question does get a smile from the Pravusi prince. "I'm intending to, yes. No point in coming out all kitted out and sitting around, I imagine. Plus this one," says he, as he's jerking a thumb at Raven, "probably wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I bailed on fighting."

Crinking the corners of his eyes, Martino's head is dipping down to Giada before he's turning to lower himself to sit upon the bench. Hands folding in his frockcoat's tails beneath his legs while replying to Lyra, "Oh a good choice. I am always told off for being far too slow on my feet." Placing himself beside the Lady Lyra, Martino's leaning back as his eyes draw across to the ring itself. "Who is up first?"

Raven wields Requiem, a gleaming alaricite halfmoon blade with a shadowmeld grip.

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Lyra murmurs something quietly to Martino.

The words from Thea on taking the entire flask has Santi's brow lifting as he glances to the woman while undoing the straps of his cuirass, "Like there isn't another in that bag of yours waiting to be opened cousin." The man teases back before finally dipping his head in thanks to Thea. Moments later he is looking to Martino, "Need to speak later." The man keeping it short and sweet and revealing little on just what they might have to discuss before his focus turns to Raven and Drake. Eyes flitting between the pair as he murmurs out, "So we placing bets?"

Lyra mutters, "I honestly thought I would have a couple of sand-filled ... ... ... ... ... ... me ... ... dodge. I ... NO intention of standing up there as ... target for anyone's ..."

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Raven has joined the fighting grounds.

Drake gets up from his seat now and looks at Raven. "Steel or Rubicund? I usually duel with steel." He dusts himself off and gets into the arena properly. "I'd bet on me if I were you, but upsets do happen," he adds to Thea.

Drake has joined the fighting grounds.

Drake wields a steel longsword engraved with the sigil of Gloria.

Raven wields curved scythe-like steel sword.

"Bets?" Michael manages to catch Santi's words as he moves away from the sands and up into the benches. "More like thinking about who'd you like to challenge more than anything else." A glance towards Lyra, his protege is accompanied by a wink before he turns to face back towards the grounds. "I'll be taking Patrizio to the sands after you two, so don't dally."

Branwen has joined the Benches.

Raven ahhs and places Requiem safely back in it's sheathe and leaves that and the blackheart blade in Patrizio's care as she trots out with her steel sword, "Yes M'lord. I'll make it quick!" She promises flashes Drake a broad, toothy grin.

Raven bows to Drake and lifts her steel sword to indicate she's ready.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Thea amusedly hears Drake. "Is this because we're getting married? Because you know I'd just bet against you right now, just because,"she teases. There's also a look at Santi as she simply mutters,"Maybe,"taking a drink. Watching the sands, the Malvici calls out,"Kick ass, Messere Raven,"an impish gleam appearing in her gold-flecked green eyes.

"I'm sure bets can be arranged," says the Second Reflection, Giada's quick and contrarian smile offered to Santi despite Michael's suggestion to the otherwise. "I'm here for the concussions, anyway."

Drake is cocky, but clearly it comes with being a Champion. The fight starts up right away, as he lunges in and gets a good swipe on Raven. But she has good footing too, and both of them seem fairly even for a moment. His sword is straight, of a more classical design, but he's not having too much trouble adjusting to deflecting her more curved blade.

Lyra had allowed herself to be distracted for a minute, but as Drake and Raven take to the stands, her attention snaps back. Arms get folded across her knees as with a forward lean she at least concentrates on the interplay between the pair.

Patrizio chuckles and shakes his head good-naturedly when he hears Michael's arrangement for that next duel. "I'd have argued there's no hurry then in the first match," comes the playful retort, as he's turning his attention to Drake and Raven's sparring.

Raven is cocky but it comes with being Raven. She comes out swinging, taking a hit and scoring one in kind but the second pass she takes a lil less that she gives and becomes more guarded, watching Drake attentively, her grin broadening, "Ooooooh, I was HOPING it'd be someone who'd make me break a sweat."

The words from Drake bring a flicker of a grin to briefly show along Santi's lips, "But then where is the fun, I know your fighting. Not hers, she is an unknown to me so far." The large mug is waved in Raven's direction before he murmurs to Thea. "thousand silver on the..Raven?" The man glancing over towards Thea as he finally hefts off the cuirass, the rest of the armor soon following easier to remove with cuirass now gone. It isn't long before the Malvici is left in simply his tunic and cloak with his mug once more taken up to comfort his hand. The man's blades for the moment left safely leaned against the bench where he had laid his shield and armor.

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Trouble, the waddling raccoon leaves, following Giada.

"Ah, I'm good at that," Drake says, laughing a bit and meeting the woman's eye. But, not to be distracted, he takes a good hit back, a slap to his side with the curve of her blade. He seems to shift to slightly more wary for a moment while he looks for an opening. It's a clash of styles, as he's a straightforward duelist who has had to adapt to more unorthodox weapons and tactics.

Chamberlain, a surly blood-stained lammergeier, Rodolf, a blue roan heavy warhorse leave, following Razija.

Raven calls to the crowd, "Do not do what I'm about to do. The SMART move is stay guarded and wear them down-tire them up. ME? I'm impatient and impulsive which in combat will leave your holding your own entrails so...Don't do it." And with that she begins to batter at Drake's defenses.

Thea lowers her voice to Santi, amused. "I've learned to never underestimate Drake. He some how always manages to find a---,"but hears Raven and laughs. She leans back and watches the fight, eyebrow lifted at the evenness of it all.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon arrives, following Giada.

The clash continues on a bit with no clear winner at first. Drake laughs as Raven says she's impatient... "A warrior after my own heart, to be honest. But we both seem to be one who can stay on their feet. Let's not make it boring for the crowd." He starts to mix his strikes up a bit more. Going for more aggressive strikes, then hanging back looking for an opening. The clash seems even, but one strong jab gets through her defenses.

He tries to address the audience. "In the name of instruction, what I... tend to do is ..." A clash of blades again, the swords crossing, and Drake loses his place. "Improvise, a lot."

Raven grins nearly ear to ear, Verdant green eyes shine bright and her pale skin has a flush of exertion, "Works for me!" She gives a sharp yelp followed by a string of very pirate-like cussing disengaging and trying again, in spite of being smaller she tries to brute-strength bash through his guard.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon leaves, following Giada.

Applauding now-and-then at the moves between Drake and Raven, Martino's right leg draws over left as he's leaning to murmur hush to Lyra. "So was that you - will - be getting up to fight then? Surely not in that lovely brocade coat of yours."

There is a sound that is a grunt mingled with a brief and suddenly stiffled chuckle from Santi when he hears Thea's words on not underestimating Drake. His mug lifted for a deep drink only to have the man tell her in a lower voice, "Oh I know not to underestimate him Thea, But until the wedding I can still bet against him. After, well he is your husband.. So my bets will go to him." The man explaining his own logic behind making the bets for another while he still could as he watches the fight with keen interest.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Drake is successful.

Drake remains capable of fighting.

Raven checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Raven is successful.

Raven remains capable of fighting.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Drake is successful.

Drake remains capable of fighting.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Drake is successful.

Drake remains capable of fighting.

Raven checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Raven is successful.

Raven remains capable of fighting.

Kenjay leans on the rail to watch, pulling off his hat and revealing a smile.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Drake is successful.

Drake remains capable of fighting.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Drake marginally fails.

Drake is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sir Mayhem, A silvery marmoset arrives, following Calla.

Lyra laughs at Martino's quiet suggestion. "Oh I would remove the coat first, my lord. I'm rather fond of it and wouldn't wish to introduce it to the sands, or..." and here she hesitates before continuing on, "... to the cut and thrust of a sword." She pulls a face and smooths her fingers over the intricate embroidery that adorns her VERY lovely brocade coat. She lowers her voice a little. "I'm rather hoping that the duke will forget that I'm here if I remain quiet and out of the way. Besides, it's rather fun simply watching. You can learn a /lot/ by simply watching I've heard."

This bout goes on for a while yet. Drake is a determined fighter who doesn't give up easily, but he always seems to get a little too confident when he says to bet on himself. It's not so much his skill in the fight as the fact that eventually, even someone as determined as he is can get tired. He starts to slow down just a little, his arm striking less eagerly with every beat. His footwork is good, but soon enough, Raven is getting in more hits as his deflection slows. Even in a losing fight he tends to be determined. He sticks it out until he can't any longer, and finally drops his guard just enough-

Patrizio is watching the goings-on warily on the sand - not just for the sake of learning from watching Drake, whose style he's not as familiar with as he is Raven's, but for the idea of when he ought to be getting himself ready for his own bout.

Raven's definitely breaking a sweat and she gets dinged very solidly more than once. Each time issuing a yelp of girlish squawk followed by a stream of the most IMPOLITE language. She flings her head every now and again to try to cast sweat away or hair out of her face. For all of her battering she can't get truely punishing blows in, left to battle with Drake in a protracted tit for tat until it becomes clear it's less about who's most skilled and who can take the most punishment-and in the end that seems to be Raven.

Drawing his hands together, Martino is applauding Drake and Raven while dipping his head. "Oh I would agree Lady Lyra. The same goes for when I am looking at war maps. Simply watch."

Michael mutters, "I'm glad I didn't pick myself into ..."

Raven manages to finally get the tip of her blade under Drake's guard and against his side underneath his left armpit, in real combat it'd be a fatal blow if it'd landed.

Drake takes the strike... and, seeing he can't continue, drops to a knee, holding his hand out to yield. "Well, that's it for me... but, good bout. I'm going to need a long drink after that." He lets out a huff of air, and looks up at her, admiring her armor for a second. Then he gets back to his feet.

Drake has left the fighting grounds.

Lyra winces as Drake goes down, a lift of one brow and quick nod to Martino before her own hands join his in applauding the pair.

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Michael is quick to start clapping at the end of the fight. To lean over a moment to whisper something to Lyra before standing from the benches to head back into the sands. "Very well fought! I'll remember to take Raven along if I ever need someone to watch my back in the Guard." A glance back towards the crowd. "Prince Patrizio? I believe I owe you a bit of something? You can pass until a quieter venue if you wish."

Thea watches the fight, her eyebrow lifted. She watches closesly and blinks when Drake falls. She awaits for him to head back to stand before she'll say anything to him, because yeah. Calling out to Raven and him both, she applauds,"Well faught!"

Branwen watches the fight quietly, her hands folded in her lap as occasionally her eyes flit to the others gathered on the benches. At Lyra's observation of learning by watching, a small smirk tugs at the corner of her lips. As the bout draws to a close, she raises her hands to applaud politely.

Santi stands near Thea, the man lacking his normal armor as it sits nearby with his blades. His hands clutching his mug as he watches the fight go on and finally come to its end as Raven takes her licks and manages to get in just enough more to put Drake down. The mug is suddenly lowered and smacked against the bench as he leans down in his own form of clapping. "Well done." The man offering his praise in few words leaving it to his tone of enjoyment to show his approval and appreciation of the exhibition.

Raven's steps are heavy as she makes her way back towards where she left her weapons with Patrizio, "That was harder than I thought it was gonna be! Gods I did need a good match."

A breath, but there's a shake of Patrizio's head. "No, indeed, I think we've long since promised each other a go on the sands, my lord, and you've been very patient for it." His lips playfully turn into a smile, as he's lifting himself form the bench, and gesturing to the sands. Though his gaze does stray back to Raven, and there's an approving nod of his head as he's passing her en route to the fighting ring, and passing off her blade to her once more. "You did quite well out there. Hopefully I continue the streak, mmm?"

There's the muffled sound of applause from inside the heap of fur that is Kenjay, but there's a broad smile on his face too.

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"Let me say, whoever taught you those moves trained you well," Drake says, collapsing in to a bench and looking wiped out, but smiling at Raven nonetheless.

Peeking in to see what all the ruckus is about, Calla moves through the training center, aiming for the spectator benches when she spots some familiar faces. There's a waggle of her fingers in Patrizio's direction if she can catch his eye before heading over to the Malvici group, smiling to Martino, Thea and Santi each in turn. "Room over here for another?" She asks.

Michael waits in the sands for Patrizio's approach, eyebrows lifting towards his blade. "We'll swing the Alaricite at one another? Or do you have a steel training blade."

Lifting his left hand up, Martino's fingertips are waving thrice towards Calla as he dips his head, "Oh Baroness. Do come and sit with us... oh have you met the Lady Lyra here?" Doffing down his hand afterwards to Lyra, Martino's voice purrs his Lycene tones, "Lady Lyra Byrne this is Baroness Calla Vaevici."

Raven pulls out a flask and salutes Drake, "Likewise, My lord! Most roused I've been in a VERY long time!" She calls to Patrizio, "You can borrow my blade, your highness, if you've need!"

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Drake laughs a bit more at that. "Now that is what a man likes to hear," he says, in that Oathlands accent. "If I've done that, I've done my job well." He sits close to Thea, leaning into her a bit as they talk about it.

Patrizio seems to contemplate that, when Michael's calling attention to it, as if he's not perhaps thought so much of it. "Whichever is your pleasure, my lord - I can borrow a steel weapon from the chest if it pleases. I'm not wedded to wielding the serious weapon for the purposes of showing off, and I think both of us would prefer enjoy a match, mmm?"

Michael gets Autumn Breeze, An Etched Longsword from a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Michael gets Evergreen, A Steel Blade from a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Patrizio takes Tournament longsword in Laurent colors from Chest Labelled 'Practice Weapons Courtesy Of House Laurent'.

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Michael wields Autumn Breeze, An Etched Longsword.

Patrizio puts Tournament longsword in Laurent colors in Chest Labelled 'Practice Weapons Courtesy Of House Laurent'.

Patrizio wields Evergreen, A Steel Blade.

"That won't be quite necessary. I've brought a few myself that we can use. To even things out better." Michael calls upon Lyros to bring forth two blades and offer one to Patrizio as he gets settled into the sands.

Patrizio nods his thanks to Lyros when the blade's brought forth. "Quite the thoughtful host," he offers with that warm smile of his, taking a moment to get a feel of the blade as he's preparing himself and then.... "I'm ready when you are."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Raven winces a bit, "Well this will be demonstrative." she mutters to herself, looking around to belatedly notice she's got the bench to herself. She gives a shrug and flops back with a wearied grunt and a bit of a groan as she discovers a well earned tender spot.

"Baroness. It's a pleasure." Lyra's words are warm and heartfelts, and she shifts a few inches up the bench so there's room for Calla to sit. "You've arrived just in time. My patron, Duke Bisland, is just about to take to the sands with the alleged Prince of Mischief." A smile curves her mouth. "I've not seen him fight before, though I've heard he's terribly good." She hitches her feet to the bench in front of her own, heels rocking on the edge as she plants her elbows on her knees and rests her chin on folded knuckles. "Oh here we go...."

Thea sees Calla and gives her a wave. "Baroness, hello. How are you,"she greets. Looking over to Lyra and Martino, Thea asks with a grin. "So did you learn anything,"while she also glances at Santi. "Do you ever put that mug down? Ever?"

Lyra grins to Thea. "I've learned it's very comfortable here on the benches, my lady."

The arrival of Calla sets Santi's lips to twitch slightly, A smile threatening to spill though in the end it remains elusive as he hears her question. His head dipping and raising as he follows her movements only to finally offer up as Martino extends his greeting. "I think a warmonger could often find an open seat among us Baroness. It is good to see you again." The man managing to string together more words in greeting to her than he had yet given near overall before finding silence as his mug is raised and he takes another deep drink. When Lyra is introduced to Calla there is a nod given to Lyra before his focus is taken away by Thea's question, "Don't plan to when I spar, so why put it down now?"

Michael takes his time initially with Patrizio, letting their boots scuff up sand amongst them to spray out thrusts and parries. Then the points of the training blades land upon one another, here and there. Patrizio first onto Michael then Michael returns.

Patrizio grunts loudly when he's tagged by Michael's blade, thou the smile lingers still on his features as the two dance there on the sands, jade eyes flashing delightedly at the play of blades. "I think we're fairly evenly matched," he offers lowly. "Lovely blades you've brought here today, my lord."

"No, we have not met. The pleasure is mine Lady Byrne." Calla responds with a dip into a slight curtsy before she takes a seat on the benches herself. "I've met the Duke Bisland once...maybe twice? But I am aquainted with Prince Patrizio. We're working together with preparations for war in the Chain. I'm more of a strategist than a fighter myself, though I do like to watch some good sparring." Thea's offered a little waggle of her fingers, "Lady Thea, I'm quite well, and yourself?" She replies with a genuine smile, which is then slid over to Santi, eyes dancing slightly. "You as well Lord Santi. Do I get the pleasure of seeing you in action today?" She queries with a little tilt of her head.

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"Fairly evenly matched, Yes Prince Patrizio." Michael will murmur as he hops back from their engagement and circles to converse with Patrizio and reset once more for another engagement. Then to dash in with another hand pressed to the blade just past the pommel to give him better leverage to force Patrizio's blade aside. Thanks to a steelsilk tunic, Patrizio's strikes will only leave him with moderate bruises for now. And they're plentiful.

Raven watches and fight, sprawled on a bench with a flask in hand. She calls, "Don't give up! Keep at him, your highness! You can do it!"

"Though I think still the advantage is yours, it seems." The words sliding from Patrizio's lips are not coming quite as easily as earlier - he may be in armour rather than steelsilk, but he too is going to be feeling it on the next day, the little grunts and hot hisses of his breath when he's getting caught again and again by Michael's blade. Another low sound passes from him when he's frowning a hint, then shifting slightly to better press the attack.

The question from Calla has Santi giving a small shrug, "That I do not know yet, I offered myself up for a spar. But don't know if they have a partner for me.." His words trailing briefly before there is a brief gleam of mischief in his gaze as he gives a sidelong glance Thea's way motioning to her with his mug. "Unless my cousin here is ready to take me to the sands for my new messenger." The man's tone near teasing as if trying to nudge his cousin into a trip to the sands. His gaze refocusing upon the two sparing watching the back and forth between Michael and Patrizio and their dance of blades.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lyra before departing.

Raven grunts and pushes herself upright and then to her feet to join the main crowd, noting unfamiliar faces though Calla gets an unobtrusive wave as she makes her way towards an unclaimed end of the bench.

Patrizio checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Patrizio marginally fails.

Patrizio is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Dipping his head to the others around the bench, Martino's hands are pushing him up from the bench before dusting down his coat. "Ah I should see myself to Malvici once more, due to meet someone there." Crinkling his eyes, turning his head to the others and dipping his chin, the Malvici Lord waits a few before taking his leave.

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an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker leave, following Martino.

Thea glances at Santi and snorts. "You know I have no problem going against you in the sands. Much like I always tried when we were little(well when Thea was little.) So I'll happily do it today."

Raven is overheard praising Michael.

Michael waits only a touch longer, until Patrizio attacks once again and his over extension is minor. But minor enough that Michael charges in beneaht his blade and forces Patrizio to fall back before him. With being this close, it must be difficult to find a place to lay a blade onto Michael. That chance doesn't come too quickly for Patrizio though..

"I would offer myself up, but my skill with weapons is rudimentary at best, I doubt I would make for a very challenging opponent." Calla replies to Santi with a chuckle before looking over to Martino when he announces his imminent departure and offering a little wave in farewell before turning her attention back to the fight currently going on.

Raven has joined the Benches.

All it takes, ever, is the length of time it takes to blink for the tide to turn. Not that Patrizio's had the better of it throughout - he's been certainly receiving more from Michael than dishing out - but there's that expression fo surprise when the duke comes rushing in. The twist of his arm to try to block the blow comes too quickly, and the sword comes away from his hand as he tumbles back onto the sands, though there's a hot laugh on the heels of the more pained groan that passes his lips, and a hand waves. "I give, my lord, I give," he says, even as he's trying to catch his breath. "I think you've carried the day."

Calla also offers a wave back towards Raven when she catches that unobtrusive wave in her direction.

Michael says, "to patrizio I wouldn't worry, I'm sure someone will punish me for my brashness later in the day."

Michael is quick to offer a hand towards Patrizio amid the scatter sand. "I accept your yield. You fought well, your highness. It was a good showing." Only after the man finds his feet does he look back towards those gathered. "Is there anyone who wishes to call someone else down to the sands for a bout?"

Drake applauds from the benches. "Ah, well you organized the bout, I suppose you did come here to show us how it was done. But another close spar."

Raven says, "Well fought, your highness!" She salutes with her flask and frowns as she finds it empty, pulling out a bottle and lifts it, "Got something if you need something for the aches!"

Patrizio grins at that, and is a little slow to get himself back to his feet. There's a moment for him to collect the borrowed blade once more and return it, pommel-first, to Michael, before he chuckles anew. "I'd say the same for you, my lord, save it's evident that you've the better of me. I appreciate the lending of the blade for the skirmish." He does, briefly, take a few moments to retreat from the sand, the better for him to be finding that bag of his and draw forth a familiar bottle for him to get something to salve the inevitable soreness.

Thea applauds both Michael and Patrizio, a smile for them both. "Great fight,"she calls out. She sees Raven flask as well as her own. "You too,"Thea asks. "Whiskey or vodka? I always surprise people when they take sips.."

Lyra oh's a little as the current sparring draws to a close, perhaps a little more quickly than the one that had gone before. Her hands come together in a clap-clap-clap for both Michael and Patrizio as they dust themselves off. "Well fought!" she calls on the heels of everyone else.

Watching the fight unfold and hearing the remark from Thea there is a grin that crosses the remaining Malvici man's lips. "Well then best let the one organizing things know cousin. Your blade versus my mug. And what say you we make it interesting? I win you help me with a few tasks this next month.. And if you win, I'll help you glitter anyone for a month..and your devious ploys.." The offer made his brow lifts as he looks to Thea. When Calla speaks up and mentions how she would offer Santi looks her way and shakes his head, "It would not be right to fight when your path is strategy and mine is to be in the thick of it. But I am sure I could help teach you a thing or two someday if you wish it Baroness." The man's eyes lingering briefly upon her only to swiftly return to the sands to watch as the Prince yields. "Well fought." The man calling out to the pair as their time in the sands comes to an end.

Patrizio eases himself back down onto one fo the benches as he's taking a breath and letting it free, some of the contents of the bottle poured into a convenient cup for him to drink from as he's smiling, appreciatively, to Lyra at the applause. Even if there's a look on his face that speaks to how he'll likely need to avail himself of the hot pools later for some soothing.

Thea exhales at Santi,"You really want to put your mug against my kopis?" Thea shakes her head and sighs. "Fine. But only because you're going to help me with whatever I have planned for the next month." You can see plotting already in her eyes, just spinning.

"You're fighting with your mug?" Calla looks a bit skeptical at that, with one saffron brow rising up slightly before chuckling soft at Santi's offer. "I might just take you up on that, Lord Santi." She answers with ember eyes still dancing softly.

Drake sits back a bit. "Good luck with that," he says to Santi, mostly looking amused.

Raven leans forward to peer at Santi and this mug, "Did someone say you fight with a mug, man?! What's that thing made of?"

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Thea wields Skystrike, the finely crafted diamondplate kopis.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

The questions over his mug have Santi actually smirking as he raises it to quickly gulp down the last of his drink. As it lowers he gives a reassuring look to Calla, "Yes my mug.." Moments later he turns and edges closer to the sands. Catching Raven's comment he lifts the large and rather heavy mug up giving her a wave with it, "I will be today..and rubicund, keeps my drink warm."

Lyra drops her feet to the ground and pushes to her feet. "If you will excuse me, it's been a terribly informative hour or so, but I do have a meeting that my presence is required at and would hate to be late." A slight bend from her waist and a slide of her eyes in Michael's direction. She waits until his attention falls on her, then states. "I do have some papers that I should like you to look over later, my lord. I'll call by the manor later." A quick smile is given, then folding her arms about her waist, she turns and makes her way from the benches, a whiske of gold brocade as she slips through the door.

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2 Obsidian Brigade Guards leaves, following Lyra.

Murmurs of interest are heard around the Training Center as one of the Champions arrives.

"Do so. We have far too much paperwork to let it sit for too long, my lady." Michael remarks to Lyra as she gets ready to go. He won't sit down at the benches though, as the next spar and duel begins in the sands. Instead, his arms cross over his chest as he watches with an apt eye.

Fighting.Against.A coffee mug. Thea shakes her head and starts forward. One things she's learned, it's always something and she supposes anything can be used as a weapon. "We're doing this then,"Thea says with a hint of amusement. And then she takes off, ducking most of--whatever is happening with that mug. She manages a few hit sof her own with that kopis though. As you know, Santi is big though he's blocking a good portion of her swings.

Moving into the sands with Thea her larger cousin smiles turning to face her, hefting the mug and giving it a testing swing. And then it seems the fight is at hand, the man moving in counter to thea's or attempting to but the faster and smaller Malvici seems to be on the better end of things at the onset of their spar landing a few light blows while the mug is used to smack away another.

Santi checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Critical Success! Santi is spectacularly successful.

Santi remains capable of fighting.

Santi checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Critical Success! Santi is spectacularly successful.

Santi remains capable of fighting.

Late is better than never, or so Adalyn Clement is hoping as she makes her hasty entrance, purposeful strides carrying her into the familiar training center. Michael is first to capture her notice, and she makes a quick approach toward her patron with fingers waggling in a wave of greeting. "Lor- /Duke/ Michael." Her bright eyes seem to carry a hint of mischief as she hastily corrects herself. "I hope I haven't missed all the fun?"

A beautiful songbird arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

"There is still plenty of fun, Lady Adalyn. Since you inevitably bring quite a lot of it with you." Michael smirks at Adalyn's arrival before glancing amid the group as if..making a decision. Then leaning forward to whisper to her.

Patrizio turns his attention in Adalyn's direction as he's hearing the entry and then the way Michael responds, an easy smile lingering on his features between sips of his drink. And then the jade eyes drift back to the sands and the combat afoot upon them.

Santi checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Santi is successful.

Santi remains capable of fighting.

Santi checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Santi fails.

Santi is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Thea still isn't really sure HOW to go about this, but well---she does. And she doesn't give the giant Malvici any slack either. Thea goes against him like she would anyone else. She pushes herself against him, using elbows and everything else. "I hope you'll be ready for---everything,"Thea threatens with a briefly grins.

Raven watches Thea with interest and shakes her head at several points, nursing her bottle avidly.

The fight seems to go on for a bit, And as he grows more tired from wielding the new coffee mug and makeshift weapon not used to how it swings and facing a smaller and quicer adversary the tide remains against Santi. The man managing to land only a few glancing hits on his cousin while taking far more until finally a well placed strike sends him into the sand and flat on his backside.

Calla giggles slightly at Raven's reply. "Oh, I got that itch to get to it as well. But these things, as always, take time. Even more so with so many different Houses and groups working towards a common goal. I sure the war will be upon us before we know it." Turning back to watch the action, the Baroness leans forward eagerly to watch the exchange of blows, wincing a bit when Santi is sent flat to on his back. "Well that's the most unusual bout I've ever seen." She announces before applauding the combatants.

Raven snorts and points to the arena and shakes her head. "I don't know I'd keep my dignity so pristine in the face of such ridiculous. Double marks for the lady."

Drake has been watching the fight quite intently, but, is a bit glad when a more standard weapon wins against a cup. Otherwise he'd... proably either never let Thea hear the end of it, or not hear that himself. "Well done. Unorthodox to be sure."

Adalyn flashes a wide grin toward Michael, winking in answer. "Well now, that's such pressure. What if I happen to be horribly dull today?" she queries although her voice betrays amusement. She leans in to intercept the whisper, murmuring back in answer. As she does so, her gaze meets Patrizio's and she offers a cheery grin and a wave of greeting.

"Sometimes unorthodox works in the heat of battle," Patrizio offers as a counter to Drake's comment, that chuckle that slips from his throat when there's the end of the spar... and a shake of his head. No, he'd probably not have known what to say either if the cup had won. But his gaze meets Adalyn's own and he inclines his head in welcome as well, that smile not for a second leaving his features.

Thea sheaths her kopis with a shake of her head. "I go schmucked by a damn mug,"Thea says. Looking at Santi, she simply smiles,"I hope you're ready,"as she waves to Adalyn in the stands. She strides back to the stands, taking her seat. "Next time you're using your blade, kay,"Thea mentions to Santi.

Raven pauses and squints at Patrizio. She doesn't SAY anything but that squint says volumes. She gives a lofty sniff and rolls a shoulder, wincing and shifting a bit as muscles tighten now that she's cooled of and settled down.

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Shaking his head while some might curse there is actually a grin worn on Santi's blood stained lip, The man slowly picking himself up before glancing to the benches hearing the comments on his mug versus the kopis. "How else am I to know if it will work in a pinch." The man's logic seeming to work well enough for himself to give a shrug moments later before he is hefting the mug up offering it out to Thea to look at finally more closely. "Next spar I am going mug and shield." The man teasing before finally giving praise, "Good fighting cousin, I am gonna feel it while crawling into bed later."

Raven pauses and squints at Patrizio. She doesn't SAY anything but that squint says volumes. She gives a lofty sniff and rolls a shoulder, wincing and shifting a bit as muscles tighten now that she's cooled of and settled down.

Kenjay continues to lean up against the rail, watching events with a smile.

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"Very well fought Lady Thea." Calla calls when she's close enough to the stands to hear her. "To hold your own against such an unorthodox weapon was very entertaining to watch." Then to Santi, she grins with subtly amusement. "I enjoyed seeing you in action, Lord Santi, even if you did end up on your back." She teases him lightly before leaning in for a quiet word.

Patrizio squints back at Raven when he notices it, and chuckles, shaking his head. But the bottle is proffered to her as well, when he murmurs, "You look like you could use some rum yourself, after that bout of yours. I should market it as a cure-all or something, make some money on the side while we're waiting to be sent off to the wastes."

Thea chuckles at Calla. "Thank you. It was, wasn't it? But as Santi knows---I never was one to turn away from anything." She glances at Santi and snorts. "I can give you something to help you with that, and to put in your bath." Thea looks to Drake as well, a brief smile for him as well.

Raven points a finger at Santi, "I know a man who rivals you for unorthidox ways and utter lack of shame. If you should ever come across Savio Ponteleaus you should buy him a drink, you two are likely kindred spirits." She lifts her bottle of Sin's spice rum and grins broadly at Patrizio, "It's certainly the cure to most all that ails me, your highness. My favorite brew to date!"

Following along after Thea there is no denying that despite the loss to his cousin that Santi feels little shame over it or hard feelings, Instead there is that glimmer of amusement as he moves along back to the benches behind Thea. The man slowing slightly as he looks to Calla hearing her words before giving a nod, "Sometimes a man need end up on their back to learn the hard truths. Like that his little cousin can now lay him out in the cold. Far from youth back home and the old bouts.." When Calla moves in for the softer spoken words that grin flits across his lips before vanishing as he turns his head to offer a low response to the Baroness murmuring it out to her. When he leans back and hears Raven's remark he looks her way. "I will keep that in mind, And have to see how my mug does against your blade sometime. I am curious.." The man pointing out only to quickly look to Thea, "That would be grand cousin and more from hat flask for my mug."

Santi mutters, "Then it ... we ... our answer Baroness."

Adalyn arches a brow as she hears the talk of the match she just missed witnessing. "Sounds like I missed an entertaining spar. Serves me right for being tardy, I suppose. I'm not nearly so unorthodox in my methods, but I'd be glad to face anyone who might still be willing?"

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Raven looks around to see if anyone else will spar with Adalyn, "I reckon I can run you through your paces if no one fresher volunteers for the honor." She seems content for now to see if anyone else volunteers.

Thea looks up to Drake and smiles. "Of course,"before she looks over to Adalyn. "Just my cousin fighting with his giant coffee mug. Against my kopis." Because doesn't everyone fight with coffee mugs?

"Wise words." Calla replies to Santi with a tilted grin in his direction before chuckling softly at his murmured reply before drawing back. "Sadly, I must be off, other engagements and all that. But thank you all for letting me watch the Sparring, it was delightfully entertaining." She offers waves to Thea, Raven, Patrizio and Santi and even tosses a "Wonderful event, Duke Bisland." in Michael's direction before she retreats back into the cold.

"I'll pass and let you pick another, Adalyn. We tend to throw each other in the sands frequently enough that it'd just be rude to not give someone else the same sort of chance." Michael points off towards Raven though. "Theres an Iron Guard that'll put you through your paces with relative ease."

Patrizio is chuckling at Raven's response to the bottle, and offers appreciative nod, though there's a glance as Calla's making her departure. "It was good seeing you, even if briefly, Baroness. I hope to speak with you soon about some of the changes we need make to the plans we discussed."

Calla calls back to Patrizio when she reaches the door, "I am at your service, your Highness, anytime!"

Calla is overheard praising Michael.

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Adalyn's easygoing smile remains as her attention settles upon Raven. "I'd be glad to take you up on that, particularly since Michael here doesn't want to see if I've become good enough to beat him yet." It's clearly a tease, an elbow thrust out to playfully nudge the Bisland duke. She adjusts her grip on her spear and moves toward the sands.

Santi leans down listening to whatever those last words are murmured out, A twitch of his lips and a few murmured words later and he is leaning back dipping his head to the Baroness, "Until next time Baroness." His dark gaze looking to her a few moments before he is turning his focus to Thea. "Want to know why Thea? why." The man lifting the mug in clear signal before finally tossing to heavy drinking vessel to his cousin. With the mug tossed he looks to Adalyn, "It's like I tried fighting with a fish..or seal pup." His head giving a little shake with the comment offered up.

Raven wields Requiem, a gleaming alaricite halfmoon blade with a shadowmeld grip.

Adalyn wields a diamondplate spear ringed with duskstones.

"Oh, I'll leave you finally besting me to another day, Dame Adalyn. Lets not let your ego get too big, or mine too small." Michael gives a quick smirk towards the Clement before pushing at her shoulders to send her down towards the sands.

Raven rises and grins at Adalyn, "My lucky day I don't get just one match I get two. IT's like fate knew I needed a workout!" She draws her blade and strides out to the arena asking Adalyn, "To first blood or to yield, my lady?"

Raven has joined the fighting grounds.

Kenjay's eyebrows lift at the sight of alaricite in the training ring.

"I wield neither mug nor kopis," Adalyn admits with a grin toward Thea. "But I'll try to entertain as best as I can." Showy Champion that she is, she'll probably delight in attempting to do just that. Turning attention to Raven, she strikes a fighting stance. "How about to yield?"

Raven wields curved scythe-like steel sword.

Raven inclines her head, "Very well, be advices you will have to knock me on my ass to make that happen." Her weapon up she closes the distance and cirlces Adalyn.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Thea peers at Adalyn with a grin,"You have a boney elbow. Did I read that somewhere?" She watches the sands now, ready as ever. She looks to Raven and Adalyn both, a smile for them both. "Good luck."

Patrizio shifts back slightly where he's resting, the better for him to be pouring another round from the bottle, and having that faint hint of alcohol to dull the soreness from his bout with the good duke. Though he does notice Kenjay's look at the items being wielded, and muses quietly, "I think many of us oft too easily forget what it is that we're carrying with us. Episodes like this make us far more mindful."

6 Grayson House Guards, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier arrive, following Reese.

"You and me both," Adalyn answers to Raven, a flash of teeth appearing in a wide grin. She launches into movement, moving swiftly to evade her opponent's blade, a sidestep here, a showy twirl there. Each jab of her spear, however, seems to find only air. Finding an opponent so well-matched seems to only add to her exhilaration, a gleam in her bright eyes as the fight continues on.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Raven launches into counter motion, deftly ducking or hopping back out of the way sometimes otherwise stepping in to close the distance and parrying. An answering grin splits her features as her booted heels churn up sand in her wake, "Oh, this IS Going to be fun!" she crows in delight.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Reese arrives in the training center while adorned in her ivory and rose. The princess has a hood drawn up over her blonde locks. She moves with the grace of a trained warrior or maybe a trained dancer, it can be hard to tell at first glance. She is pretty covered up in the cloatk right now. She looks over the area and then to the fight, seemingly interested in what is going on.

A spray of sand is kicked up from Adalyn's boot as she feints left, then ducks right. A jab of her spear manages to finally find its target, but she doesn't let it distract her from attempting to avoid her opponent's blade, having seen how swift Raven is.

A turn of those jade eyes towards the arriving figure of Reese and Patrizio's offering the warrior princess a nod, before he's also turning his attention back to the spar in progress. The cup in his hand makes its transit once more to his lips as he's warily considering the way Adalyn and Raven are circling and slashing at each other.

Raven grunts-taken off guard the first time. The second time she sees it coming but can't quite evade it prompting her to give a slight growl of frustration and takes on a much more guarded approach to the dangerous spear lady.

Reese looks between Raven and Adalyn with thoughtful and almost studious interest. The princess is a teacher of combat and so she is quite fascinated. She looks from their faces to their feet, trying to get a feel for the details of the tactics they use. She then looks over to Patrizio, giving the Pravus prince a polite smile of greeting that brings forth her dimples and touches her blue Grayson eyes.

Near one set of benches Santi sets his coffee mug down before taking to the process of replacing his armor, His gaze and focus though largely upon the sand fighting area as Raven once more takes to it with Adalyn. The man not yet noticing the arrival of the Princess watchful of the pair and even calling out, "Lay her out like she did the champion and I'll keep you in drink for a week." The man trying to help show his support in the only way he seemed to know how, by wagering and showing it that way while watching others fight.

Adalyn fights with a mix of natural showmanship and focused attention. The spar builds in momentum, each keeping up with the other - clearly a well-matched pair. Another fierce jab of Adalyn's spear is rewarded with a well-landed blow from Raven's blade, which prompts a quiet grunt from the Clement heir.

Raven grunts and eyes the woman's weapon in appreciation, "You know, I think that's an excellent weapon choice, never fought against such before...I do owe you a drink for the practice." She drops down low to evade a jab and manages to slingshot a the tip of her blade under the woman's guard before wisely springing back to circle widely.

Reese has recently arrived in the training center and is watching the fight taking place. She goes to take a perching seat on the bench. The princess is adorned in her pink and rose. The hood of her cloak is pulled up over her golden locks.

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Theadora, A young Golden Eagle arrives, following Santi.

Another grin appears as Adalyn just barely manages to dodge her opponent's blade after a series of grazing hits. "Never thought I'd ever enjoy a weapon more than my sword. But I have to say, spear's a great one. And I'll gladly take you up on that drink sometime," she answers somewhat breathlessly between giving and receiving blows.

Domonico strides in, helm under his arm as he sweeps his gaze over those present, serious faced andnodding to those he knows before focusing on the spar, carefully analysing what he can.

Raven hahs, "I love weapons of all shapes and sizes but fun does not always mean practical-however if ever there's a weapon more storied than swords in war-it would be the spear, no?" Her face flushed and persperation trailing dow her face and making her hair damp, her breath also becoming a touch heavy but not so much so as Adalyn's. She gets one shot in and starts to press her advantage only to be given a rather stinging rebuttal.

It takes a little bit to get his armor back on and his deep red tunic once more covered up, but in the end once more Santi stands dressed in his deep red armor. The Malvici Lord retaking his mug from its spot on the bench only to sit back down unknowingly just a short ways from the Grayson Princess and his newly arrived cousin. His dark gaze focused on the fight as if the rest of the world simply ceased to exist as he studied the movement of the pair working on the sand.

"I'd say so," Adalyn readily agrees with a nod and another ferocious jab of her spear as if to punctuate the sentiment. The attempt leaves her open for a swipe of Raven's blade, causing her to take step back and regroup.

Raven hisses and bares her teeth a bit. Those jade eyes size up Adalyn and seem to realize the other woman's starting to flag-and decides to try to press the woman as she had her previous opponent, aggressively driving forward and battering at Adalyn's guard.

Adalyn is not one to conserve her energy during a fight, given to showy movements and dramatic flair. As the spar continues on, she finds herself tiring although it's clear she'll not yield until physically forced to the ground. Instead, she doubles down with a look of determination, enduring a few hits from Raven before swiping her spear at her opponent to drive her back.

Raven gives a sharp grunt as she's forced to rock back on her rear heel, it creating a large gouge in the sand behind her but she doesn't retreat, she keeps attacking the other woman, parrying or ducking out of the way when she can but far more concerned with dealing blows than avoiding them.

Adalyn checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Adalyn is successful.

Adalyn remains capable of fighting.

Raven checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Raven is successful.

Raven remains capable of fighting.

Adalyn checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Adalyn is successful.

Adalyn remains capable of fighting.

Adalyn checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Adalyn is successful.

Adalyn remains capable of fighting.

Adalyn checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Adalyn marginally fails.

Adalyn is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Domonico gives a noise of approval as he watches the spar end. His face is still rather impassive until he sees Reese and moves to greet the Princess with a respectful nod, "Princess Reese.Good to see you again. I trust you are well?" Santi then catches his eye and he chuckles, "Cousin! Have you been training too?"

The pair are incredibly well-matched through to the end, blows traded for blows, no intentions to yield. But at long last a particularly fierce swipe of Raven's blade forces Adalyn to stagger. Driven backwards by her opponent's onslaught, she stumbles and finds herself sprawled on the sands, but a wide grin accompanies the moment of defeat. "That was exhilarating. Well fought!"

Reese looks over to Domonico, having a smile the count. "Count Domonico, very good to see you again." She says in his direction. She turns her attention to the fight, watching as Adalyn staggers backwards. "Well fought." She echoes softly, still perched on the bench.

Patrizio applauds from where he's settled, lifting his cup in salute to the two fighters, before he's tucking both bottle and cup away, and glancing about, as if looking to see where the next spar might well come from, given those gathered about.

Raven takes shots and there's physiological responses but those verdant eyes are locked on the other woman and she keeps coming, no more hoping back and circling, she just accepts what punishment Adalyn doles out. She pauses, panting and brushing the back of her arm across her brow, "Yes, yes it was. I'd VERY much like to do that again sometime." She offers a hand to Adalyn, "Raven, a pleasure to meet you, my lady." she grimaces a bit but otherwise has no problem helping to haul the champion up to her feet if she accepts the assistance.

Hearing his cousins voice so close has Santi looking up and very quickly blinking as he greets the woman on the bench with that particular title, A soft muttered curse slipping free under his breath before he is giving a small smile for a split second to Domonico hearing the greeting and question offered to him. "I had a go with your little sister earlier, We answered the age old question of what happens when you use a coffee mug against a kopis." The man lifting the large mug in his right hand up briefly to Dom before he gives a shrug, "She left me on my back, she's gotten faster or I'm slower now.. One of the two."

Santi wields The Mistress, a large rubicund coffee mug.

Michael also applauds from where he is standing, near the benches but not sitting on them. "Thats a /very/ good show! Very good showing!" He'll march on down towards the sands and lean forward into the railing to peer towards Adalyn to make sure she is going to be getting up again.

Adalyn reaches out to clasp Raven's hand, allowing the other woman to help haul her up. She brushes sand from her hair, her grin only growing despite the soreness from a few particularly heavy blows. "I'll gladly face off against you again, anytime. You're one hell of a fighter! I'm Lady Adalyn Clement. Pleasure to meet you." She turns to give Michael a thumbs-up to demonstrate that she is indeed alive and (relatively) in one piece.

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