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One Night In Tor: The Wineover II

The group has recovered from waking up in the gardens and with the help of a servant, discovered that they went to a bar after drinking some Cardian wine. So they venture forth to find out what precisely does everything they remember, have to do with the bar.


April 26, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Graziella Valerian Sydney Clarisse Zyxthylum



Outside Arx - Lyceum near The Roseward - The Duchy of Tor

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With a cane wielding Princess, an arm slinged noble and Sydney looking snazzy in her new emeralds, the group embarks out past the safe confines of the Fidante grounds. It is a lovely late morning in Tor honestly. The roads bustling and the perfectly pastoral city welcomes them.

There's even posters of them on the- wait. What?

Well, on the walls of buildings, littered with other posters that have been torn dwon from time or worn or glued over with new posters are wanted posters and sketches that look vaugely like them... Though the noses are a little off and the eyes on Graziella's is just a little too wide but it's most certainly this group.

You can give the commoner the noble treatment, but it hardly means that she'll be inclined to act the part throughout the rest of the trip. Sydney is continually striding a few dozen paces ahead, casually strutting about, and then when the rest of the group catches up, flashing a grin and repeating the process. She's maddeningly lively, given the circumstances. Then again, now that she's been bathed, she's wholly intact.

"Rather like me to have suggested we have more to drink after partaking in some Cardian Red," She breezes, "...Frankly, I'm amazed any of you went along with it!" Chirpy, common pugilist.

She takes her cursory several paces ahead and stops in her tracks at the sight of the posters. A beat.

"...I'm not sure whether to be flattered or hurt." Her poster depicts her with a too-masculine face, but with far more endowed in the chest.

"Wonder what we did to earn 'em." A wide grin to match the Cheshire smile on the poster. They at least nailed that.

Graziella is clomping along with more of that put-upon sneer on her face at the reality of having to drag her legs through this ordeal of retracing their steps, looking around she catches sight of the posters only a few seconds after Sydney. "Oh for all the oracles.." Graziella mutters under breath in sheer annoyance, rushing forward best as she is able to snatch the poster down, "They've drawn me like a fish." The paper is crushed in her slender hand and she looks over her shoulder at dozens more on the wall, "This does /not/ bode well.."

Clarisse can't help but be floored by the wanted posters, she has never been wanted ever, what did they do? There has to be some kind of mistake. She does try to pull her chaperon down to cover her hair just a little more so maybe she will go unrecognized, at least she hopes. She is not the best at hiding, and she knows there has to be some mistake. Her heart sinking though as the uncertainty and panic tries to set in. "I don't normally drink. but this is a special occassion, and I know my limits, but the wine. It is much stronger than anything we have at home." She tries to remain calm. Her picture almost picture perfect except that nose, and that is disturbing to her, the poster not the nose. The mass of curls is unmistakeable though. "What did we do? Perhaps we should seek out the authorities ourselves and try to sort it out?"

Sydney lazily peels at the corner of her own poster, shredding the top half as she continues to walk, "Look, look, look for the buxom brawler. Her face, shrouded forever in mystery and intrigue." She backpedals as she walks, looking from Graziella to Clarisse, "Oh, it bodes fine. I figure /worst/ case we caused a little property damage. Can always fence your dress if we broke somethin' important." She smiles as her joke falls predictably flat, and offers Clarisse a more comforting smile, "...There's time for all that after we got our own memories of events to work with. Otherwise whoever made these posters has the narrative, and we've got 'We were drunk.'"

It's not property damage. On the posters still on the wall, it seems that the group is wanted for trespassing, and... burglary?

Graziella looks scandalized at the notion of pawning her dress to cover the damages, scoffing and abiding, "If it is /that/ bad I'd be more concerned about what my elder cousins might do to me.. when I return to Arx.." Graziella is leaning heavily on the cane, just standing there and staring at the poster in disbelief for a long time before finally making a point to put up her hood and keep her eyes down for the rest of their quest through Tor. The Princess holds one of the posters aloft after reading and mutters, from the corner of her mouth to the other women, "It says we're wanted for trespassing and burglary." She looks around after and remarks, "We need to figure out who we offended, or, robbed?" That last word spoken like its a riddle.

Clarisse carefully looks at the poster to see if there is some huge reward, and to reread the offenses against them, "Perhaps that dolphin statue that Valerian had has something to do with this? And falling over that wall?" She is very much trying to recall and put pieces of this puzzle together on what she has observed so far, before she moves over to Graziella and puts a gentle arm around her offering her good arm for support if Graziella chooses to accept.

Clarisse checks willpower at normal. Clarisse fails.

Sydney's eyes flit to the text of the posters that she'd utterly ignored on the first pass. "...I... huh. Trespassing, I can see. I guess old habits, maybe, but..." She drums her fingertips against her cheek a touch airily, as though rather unconcerned with the severity of the implications.

"I mean, did anyone wake up with anything extra? Well, more -- oh! The dollie fin. I mean, I suppose that might qualify. A devout worshipper of Mangata, perhaps, but tut on them for playing favorites. Unless we... I mean, I hope it's not from a shrine." Even she can only manage a fractured laugh at that, her lips twitching as if this has become a fraction less amusing. "Maybe the woman we got the bottle from can point us the right direction?" She offers, unhelpfully. "If she's on duty."

Graziella checks intellect and investigation at normal. Graziella is successful.

Sydney pauses and thoughtfully taps her cheek. "Wait. No. We already... huh."

Clarisse throws up her hands and shakes her, "I am not sure maybe it has to do with, but I don't know. I don't remember how Valerian acquired it." Her heart sinking because she just doesn't know. "Remind me never to drink again. It never agrees with me and now this..." She is clearly unsettled and frustracted as she is normally so sure of herself.

There is no reward offered. It seems the local constabulary are interested in them. Burglary and trespassing. Really, it's a passing resemblance. Maybe though, you should head for the bar. Or the ... estate? There's a name on the poster. The name of some nobles home one would lay odds.

Graziella looks simply scandalized at the notion of stealing from a statue and all the color runs out of her face as she takes Clarisse's arm with the hand not holding the cane, imploring faintly as she does, "Don't say that, I can't bear the thought of angering the Gods like that.." She shakes her head faintly and cuts a look up at someone passing by with her nostrils flared. Then, just as suddenly and furtive in her efforts not to be noticed, Graziella turns her gaze away and says to her travel companions, cutting her eyes to the other side of the street with another flaring of her nostrils as if trying to place the smell, "Someone smells the way you did, only not as overpowering.. not as if they bathed in it."

Graziella checks perception at normal. Graziella fails.

Sydney checks perception at normal. Sydney is successful.

Clarisse checks perception at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Sydney offers a helpless little shake of her head, clearly not following Graziella's logic right away, but she does notice the flaring of princessly nostrils, and that has her tilting her head up and lightly sniffing, looking puzzled for a moment, but realization appears to dawn on her. She turns on her heel and starts walking the other direction. This time, however, her gait is subdued. Just a normal person, walking normally. No excess pugilism energy here, friends.

Clarisse speaks softly to Graziella, as she turns to look at the bottle being held by the other nobles and she leans into to her. "I think we should see where they go." It is meant for Graaziella's ears only though as Sydney seems to already be following them. "I recognize that bottle she is holding." Still only meant for Graziella's to hear as she offers that hand again to offer support knowing that Graziella must be getting tired walking so much when she should be resting.

Graziella is plenty shrewd enough to pick up on the moment of realization and she sends a pinched whispered little, "Oo, you smell it too.." As she scurries to chase after Sydney while still holding onto Clarisse for support and speed. Graziella nods to the input from Clarisse and she finally spies the nobles everyone else noticed. "Oh." Careful to keep a low profile she nods and silently falls into step alongside Clarisse, letting Sydney have the lead.

Sydney, in fact is following a man that is not with the gaggle of noblewomen. But they're in roughly the same path. Only the women are at a leisurely pace whereas the man's at a quicker one. The man though, looks behind him and see's sydney and his brown knits. "What are you doing? Are you trying to steal from me?" Making an assumption. The ladies are far far far too enamoured with the perfume bottle.

Sydney checks charm and empathy at normal. Sydney is successful.

Graziella checks charm and seduction at normal. Graziella is successful.

Sydney takes a half-step backward at the accusation, her brows knitting upward. With her emerald jewelry and lavishly braided hair, even if her clothing isn't up to snuff, she hardly resembles the sort of woman who'd steal. She shakes her head earnestly, and offers with not a hint of her Lowers drawl, "What? No, I was simply trying to get a glimpse of the label of that bottle. I'm dying to know where I could purchase such a scent!"

Following the direction of one of the Fidante Guards the Kennex Lord arrives a touch late. Spotting the wanted posters has his cheeks flushing a touch as he makes his way after Graziella and Clarisse, the young Kennex Lord seeming to be trying to keep his eyes down not wanting to look anyone directly in the face. Clearly it was someones first time being on a wanted poster.

Graziella does a tiny little double take when the man turns around to address Sydney, she pulls her chin down into her chest and whispers from the side of her mouth to Clarisse, "Let her handle that, follow my lead.."

The Pravosi Princess strikes an imposing figure in her steelsilk dress, a dress with Oathlandic influence by the appearance of pauldrons; pauldrons made from mirrorsilver and twisted into something like Lycene satire.

"Pardon me, ladies, what is that divine perfume I smell on the air... is it?" Graziella places one of her slender hands on her breastbone and affixes a sacchrine smile on her face as she looks around the gathered faces giving each one a few seconds of eye contact, "Is it coming from all of you? Must be the talk of Tor, where can I purchase such an intoxicating scent?"

Clarisse is happy to follow the lead of the Princess, still offering her support to the Princess, and smiles warmly at the gathered group of nobles, her own gown is made of a high quality linen, making her look more as if a lady in waiting than a lady, in comparison to the Princess, but she is happy to let the Princess take the lead.

Torsney, an attentive high strung law clerk arrives, delivering a message to Valerian before departing.

Nobles. Commoners. It's an awkward thing especially when you run across one who has a less than stellar opinion of those not born with alaricite spoons in their mouths. So when sydney professes that no she's not at all stalking the nobleman, well.

Little surprise that he's turning around and screaming for the constabulary and Sydney has no choice really but to try and hightail it. Which isn't too far down the street when guards come around a corner and the commoner is hauled in.

If they don't want to be hauled in too give then posters of their likeness around them, well, probably best to not pay attention and try to get her out later.

But luckily, the group of nobles are a distraction as they do their own screaming, of joy. How often do they get to be the one that lets another in on something before it's found out?!

"Oh my lady." They breathe and ignoring the drama of the commoner and the nobleman, they sweep up Valerian, clarisse and Graziella into thier little enclave and produce the purple bottle. "Tor's Mirror" They breathe. They sigh. One rests her head on her ocmpatriots silk clad shoulder. "smell it!" They insist. "Messeire has outdone himself." And in the distance, toward the center of tor where the ladies came from, there's people starting to rush. "He only has so much. We bought a bottle but if you go fast." They're all flushed. "He says it's the only batch he's making!"

Swept up with Graziella and Clarisse the Kennex Lord does give a little glance back to peek over his shoulder at the departing under guard form of Sydney, the blush that had taken to his cheeks quickly draining as Valerian looks away. The young man chewing his lower lip nervously as he looks to the gathering of noblewomen as they talk of perfume, Valerian for his part remaining largely silent as the talk is something a bit further from his expertise. His dark eyes wide as he looks around keeping an eye on their surroundings.

Graziella leans in to waft the scent from the bottle and she asks politely, "I'm from Arx my dears, forgive the confusion, is Tor's Mirror the scent or the store? Perhaps you can point me in the right direction 'lest I get turned around and miss out on buying the last bottle?" Standing tall with shoulders squared despite the cane takes considerable effort and still the princess performs with aplomb in the current moment, using the cover afforded to them by the gaggle of noblewomen as Sydney is arrested. She even titters out a laugh, just to fit in.

Clarisse tries her best to follow Graziella's lead and shakes her head in amusement, keeping that hand out for the support of Graziella and smiling her warmest smile at the ladies as they try to learn where they can acquire a bottle of the scent. She does keep her head down though as Sydney is being arrested but tries her best not to let herself become distracted with her situation, hoping they can arrange to get her released once they have more information to work with.

"Oh it's the name of the perfume" And they take the stopper off so that the trio can smell and yes, indeed, it smells like the more approriate strength of what Sydney was bathed in, and what the rest of the group was moderately doused in. "Come. Come, we'll show you to Messiere's shop. You can't miss out!" So enthusiastic!

And they they gather up the group, going as fast as they can while respecting Graziella's injury. That earns a few clucks of the tongue and sympathetic looks.

It'll take a little bit of time and perhaps the reason why no one is really paying attention to those posters is because there is a mass of people, clamouring at the door to a shop. An apothecary's shop. People shoving to get into line, others coming out of the door with a tiny purple bottle. So tiny.

The hanging sign above the shop declared it to be "The Midnight Reflection Apothecary" and it's a madhouse. A total madhouse.

Graziella hesitates a step at the sight of the crowd and she holds back momentarily as she lets out a breathy, concerned, "Well, isn't that a sight.. how are we ever going to get in there and get a bottle?" She blinks a few more times, looking over to Clarisse and Valerian as she admits, earnestly, "I'm running out of ideas, I don't care for crowds.."

As they are guided and lead along to that shop the sight of the place has Valerian's breathing quickens, the young man clearly becoming nervous seeing the throng of people trying to get in to get their hands on the bottles of perfume. The young man unable to help but murmur softly, " it always like this when new perfumes come out?" A little glance given over between Graziella and Clarisse before he is looking back to the scene of madness before them. When Graziella makes mention of not caring for crowds Valerian nods his agreement before murmuring, "Could always tell them the taverns giving out free ale.."

Clarisse smiles and goes one step further, "Free Cardian Wine.. really?" She says that a little louder than she should in the hopes that those around them will hear it and pick up the question to spread among the large crowd around the shop. She look at Valerian and nods her head, "Unfortunately yes it is. Everyone wants to be the one to get their hands on a new scent, or a new wine especially one that smells so sweet. Especially collectors." She is trying her best to think of a way to distract them away from the perfume shop though. Was there any reward being offered for them on the wanted posters? She can't seem to recall.

Graziella frowns at the notion of lying to the crowd but she doesn't stop them from trying, "Skald lets you do as you will.." She mutters out her opinion on choice and looks around them, seeking out other options incase lying doesn't work they way they hope it might. "Do you think maybe we were..." She trails off as she chooses her words carefully keeping an eye on their surroundings for clues, "Last night.. maybe we were here? The perfume shop?" It's implied, unspoken but implied, 'Did we break into this place last night?'

Valerian nods his head as Clarisse goes one step further, A little glance to her as he offers a faint smile clearly not used to such situations as they had found themselves in. "Oh I think so, least they were last I heard." The young man trying to help with the ploy before that answer from Clarisse has Valerian nodding as he fidgets, "Well that.. remind me to avoid going out shopping on those days, can only imagine the melee that is the city shoppes on those days." His head giving a little shake. Moments later though that dark gaze turns to focus on Graziella, the young man murmuring low to the two women. " two keep an eye out, I am gonna go see if I can't take a peek and see if it looks like we broke in there last night."

There was no reward on the poster, that Clarissa can remember. But while they brainstorm on how to get a bottle of the perfume, there's the little group they came with who are looping their arms through the arms of the others. "Come, this way, we know the perfumier. We will bring you the side. He is the lover of Donaria here." One of the group just smiles like she has the golden ticket. "Though perhaps... just two of you?"

Clarisse offers reassuringly to both Graziella and Valerian and shake of her head, clearly not her cup of tea either but the only thing she could think of in the moment too. "I would never ask for what is popular in the moment, only what is given from the heart." She winks to Valerian, and looks to Graziella, and to Valerian, "I can remain here if you wish me too?" She offers.

Graziella considers it for a moment and asides to Clarisse, "No, why don't you two head in there and I'll hold back to get a look around this street.." She smiles faintly like a Princess advising her hand maiden to handle the dirty work, "I'll give you the silver to cover the purchase.." She leans in to whisper something to Clarisse when she hands off the silver, "You'll be less conspicuous than me.. see what you can find out, I'll keep an eye on the street."

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