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Saikland Distillers Present - Fernerra

The distillers of Saikland Greens are excited to introduce a new digestif, Fernerra. This earthy, strong alcohol has been in development for several years and is likely to be a divisive drink. They suspect Islanders and Northlanders may like it best. A cozy autumnal evening around a bonfire on the grounds of Saik Tower is planned, come with a story to share!


July 21, 2021, 7:30 p.m.

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Zakhar Lucita Scythia Cesare



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Gardens

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Comments and Log

The gardens around Saik Tower have been prepared for a gathering with torches and braziers lining paths and set around gathering areas to warmth and additional light as the evening fades into night. House staff are on hand to take cloaks, refill drinks, and maintain a clean atmosphere. A temporary bar has been arranged near the platform of statues where guests can get a sample of the featured drink of the evening, or a glass of wine or other beverage of choice. There are also servers mingling through the crowd carrying trays of finger foods to distribute. Near the pond, a bard with a lute is set up to sing and play for everyone.

Medeia is just past the gate to greet guests as they arrive from Southport Square. "Good evening, thank you all for coming!" She points out the bar, the well-lit paths, the musician. "Please, come and relax, enjoy the evening. I'll be sharing information about tonight's featured spirit in a short while."

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen arrive, following Scythia.

The old man that some might know as Whitebeard, others as that old fuck, and a very select few as Zakhar or Zeek wanders into the Saik Tower. A small rooster has made its nest in his snow-white locks of hair, and the old man doesn't appear to even notice that it is there. The click-clack-Thunk of the bone cane he uses occasionally to move about and the small clucks from the rooster trying to get some attention are about the only noise that he makes, aside from a grunt towards Medeia.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

Lucita is standing near Medeia, a shawl pulled round her shoulders. She casts a glance along the paths and to the statue area then gives a nod of approval. "They have gotten used to setting up for events here and it is going much smoother this year than it did five years ago, or even four years ago. You should have seen it then. One poor man set a brazier and torch so close to a tree that it almost got set on fire. He learned though and does really well now." She chatters along as she watches others begin to arrive. "You should see the ice candles when they make them and set them out in winder. So pretty and cast off so much light." A smile is given arrivals. "Welcome!"

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Arriving a touch late, Scythia nevertheless makes a striking entrance in her usual crimson, trailed with the aroma of spiced roses. Her sashaying steps take her over to Medeia and Lucita as she offers them both a gentle dip of her head, "My ladies. How utterly perfect to see you both again," she greets in her velvety voice.

Cesare arrives shortly, perhaps not as punctually as might be up to his exacting standards, but he certainly wouldn't miss one of his patron's events, particularly not one involving the Sailkand beverages he's rapidly become quite spoiled by. He's all aflutter tonight in tones of purple, and despite the chill of autumn in the air, seems to be handling the change of seasons with aplomb one might not expect from a native of Setarco. "Lady Medeia, Baroness Lucita, good evening," he greets, sweeping a bow. "I've been looking forward to this." He offers Scythia a bow of greeting as well. "Lady Scythia, how lovely to see you again!"

Cesare takes Fernerra - a digestif from Saikland Greens from crate of Saikland wine.

Zakhar lets out a laugh as the missives start to roll in, taking each one and putting them aside to a small pouch. Then looking over to Scythia and Cesare with a nod and small wave, his mood might be getting better. "Hallo!"

Elaine, an older courtier arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

Scythia gets Fernerra - a digestif from Saikland Greens from crate of Saikland wine.

If the chill in the air bothers Medeia at all, the lady doesn't show it. Her wine-hued seasilk dress leaves most of her back exposed beneath thin crossing straps. A new, shiny pink scar with ragged edges covers most of her left shoulder blade. Even the front cuts low enough to show the dark ink of a tattoo in the hollow of her ribs. Her hair is swept to the left and braided over her shoulder. Whe she sees Zakhar, she gives him a smile of welcome, but otherwise leaves him to find a drink and choose his vantage point for the evening. Lucita's story about the almost-fire earns a soft laugh, "Well, I do hope there are no mishaps this evening, thugh no one could forget such a thing - I'd prefer our events be memorable for the /right/ reasons. Lady Scythia!" She turns her attention tot he woman with a bright smile. "Welcome, thank you for coming, how lovely you look! Please, let me know if there is anything I can do for you tonight." As Cesare makes his way in, one of her eyebrows rises at the lateness, but she doesn't seem to be upset by it in any way. "My dear, come, let's get you positively ruined, hm?" Her hand extends to him, a teasing smirk on her lips.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

Lucita's lips curve into a welcoming smile as she spots the three arrivals. Oh, good, you got here! She gives a little nod to each. "My children once worried that formidable skull in the Square would scare people away. Why they got that notion I have no idea since it has been there since they were infants. Makes me wonder who has been telling tales of the giant from which it came."

Zakhar looks towards Lucita, and with a slow and over pronounced attempt at the clearest possible Avarni dialect which still comes across with some curves that aren't supposed to be there. "Whut Skull?"

"Meetings," Cesare explains, squeezing Medeia's hand and then raising it to place a kiss on the back. "Did I tell you I'm in efforts to be promoted?" He waves his free hand, and snags a glass of the digestif. "My lady, I dare say that you have another thing coming if you presume to get me absolutely smashed. Many have tried. Vanishingly few have succeeded. Most have regretted their efforts to keep up. We start young on the mean streets of Setarco." He huffs with amusement at the suggestion of giant skulls, asking Lucita, "Did you have a nice chat with the Archlector the other day? I apologize I had to leave so suddenly. You'd just caught me on the way out."

"Out in the square," Medeia gives a gesture back out through the gate for Zakhar's benefit. That's where the skull is. Her attention slips back to Cesare with a grin. "You did not! Are you? How can I help? I helped Nijah, a little, with hers." Her excitement is clear. "My duty as your patron is to help show society your merit. Do be sure to let me do that." She gives him a wink before laughing loudly. "Oh, I have no intention of trying to keep up, but the warning is noted." The musician begins to play a lively song.

Lucita says, "Oh, I understand. We did have a good visit indeed." She nods to Medeia's comment about the skull. "Duchess Calypso can tell the tale of it. It is her trophy from the Silent War." She then comments to Cesare and the others. "Archlector Wylla and I spoke of when the year changes and shrine is torn down and we rebuild the Shrine of Jayus, she has an idea for using some of the Saikland glass in a window overhead. We have some left over from that glass we produced for the Great Cathedral windows, some extra was made in case of breakage in transit. Will be a good place to donate its usage.""

Scythia remains largely silent as she listens along to the conversation, with a practiced, pleasantly neutral expression lingering on her pretty features. Her dark eyes move from speaker to speaker as she takes up her own glass for an appreciative sip.

Zakhar mutters, "... I ... ... ... going to send ... to the butcher and then ... ... pretty ladies ... going to wonder what ... ... a cock with be ... bloody mess ... clean up after, ... all over the ... down ... neck too? Just need to leave then, Hello Nobbies. Good bye Nobbies."

Clowder of nine 1-year old cats, Shekies, A black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell leave, following Zakhar.

"I think it's well in hand." Cesare offers Medeia one of those brief but warm smiles. "What Radiant Anisha asked of me, ironically, I had precisely the connections I needed. The only difficulty has been in herding Whispers, who are, as you may have surmised, a bit like cats in many regards. However - if I need any assistance at all, I'll be certain to let you know. The only area I'm uncertain about is writing contracts, but after reviewing the selection in our library, it seems relatively straightforward." He nods, and brightens at what Lucita has to say. "Oh, that's an excellent idea! I had such a lovely conversation with her. I'm thinking of planning an event for the Disciples, perhaps a Midwinter Festival of sorts. Something where we'd all have an opportunity to show off our talents, raise coin for the faith, that sort of thing. And the Archlector advised me to speak to Archlector Felix about a matter of interest to me, so perhaps he may have some recommendations on metalsmiths for your projects, Lady Medeia."

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen leave, following Scythia.

Medeia perks at the mention of Saikland's glass being used in the reconstruction of the shrine. "Oh! I love that idea!" Her eyes sparkle in Lucita's direction. "It would be a shame to waste them, for certain. And what better than to use them for a project somewhat related to the cathedral?" A fleeting frown crosses her features, quickly replaced by a smile. "I should go, one of these days." To the cathedral, presumably. She gives Cesare a nod. "Of course. You know how to find me when you need me." Talk of the archlectors has her fall quiet, listening as the others converse. But then Cesare is mentioning the projects. "Oh? Hm. I do have Cufre and Anisha, who have some experience there. And I am thinking of asking Raja - she learned from Felix. I had hoped to ask /him/, but he is so busy..." Her shoulders lift in a shrug before making the effort to grab her own glass of fernerra. "If there are others who wish to lend their talents, I am happy to speak with them."

Lucita watches as the older man mutters something and heads out. "Maybe he went to look that skull over more closely. Difficult to tell." She glances over toward Cesare. "Oh, I do hope you get the promotion. You are the first Whisper I met here in Arx back when I arrived here back when I was just twenty four. Do you still have those birds you did back then?" She looks at Medeia. "He used to compose songs and one of them used to flutter its winds when a sector did not flow quite right. The other used to land on the back of the couch in the receiving room and pull the hair of another Whisper man, can't recall his name though."

Cesare takes a long drink, and nods, smoothing his hair back over his shoulder. "Oh yes, I've just bought one of those new sets of hairpins Raja crafted. I know they're meant to be Laurent-themed, but I love the color, and they're very useful, hairpins. In any case - I'll speak to Archlector Felix about the project and see what he has to say, if he's got any recommendations." He blinks to Lucita. "My doves? Dolce and Dolente? I certainly have them, but I can't imagine either of them getting up the nerve to pull anyone's hair. Preen it, maybe, but Dolce'd rather have someone stroking him or be getting fed."

Medeia sips, slowly, from the glass in her hand. "I never quite know what thought is in Messere Zakhar's mind, Luc. He's... A good man. Certainly eccentric. He's saved my life a few times, though, and he's Haakon's protege. Not that I think either of them know what /do/ about that." Her words may be critical, but the expression she wears as she says them is fond. Talk of birds, hair, and hairpins has her looking back and forth between Lucita and Cesare. "I have little experience with birds, with the exception of Duke Bisland's. Quite a different creature from a dove."

Lucita lowers one eyelid in a litle wink. "perhaps the man as just pacticing his acting when he was being preened." She speaks calmly. "Duke Aiden used to have Sir Archebald. They could communicate somehow or seemed to understand each other. His birds used to scout for us when we traveled. What very little bit I know of birds and it is very little indeed, comes from he and Whisper Cesare. They are fun to watch though, and sometimes when I play or sing, it seems they chirp or sing along with me."

"They're such funny little things," Cesare says affectionately. "They have such distinct personalities. I confess I haven't done much in terms of training them musically, I just teach them how to do useless things like spin around and do little dances. Doves are much smarter than most people assume they are. Parrots - I've heard it's like having a toddler, forever. That might be a bit much for me." He chuckles, sipping his drink. "I don't actually know all that much. Mostly I've learned through experience. Sometimes I think it would be amusing to get a pet swan, to chase people away when I'm feeling sulky."

Mention of Aiden has a flicker of sadness darken Medeia's eyes, but she doesn't let that permeate the mood of the evening. "I'm waiting. I've been gifted a cat, and a dog. Someone will get it into their head that I am good with animals and should have a bird." She shakes her head. "If either of you hear someone say they want to get me a bird, stop them. Please." The idea of a pet swan draws laughter from her. "Lady Alessia has one. It's as unpleasant as you insinuate. I suggest asking her for tips on keeping one if you do."

Lucita says, "I'd prefer no pet birds. We had chickens once. Fifty of them, all ages and sexes, all of them left in the upper tower level den. Fifty. Fifty squaking, pooping, feather shedding, pecking holes in papers, knocking keepsakes off shelves chickens. They were a gift-prank from Lady Juliana to Lord Karadoc. When he opened the door of the room, they scattered through the tower. left and spent the night with Cousin Quenia and let him deal with his many many gifts.""

Lucita says, "She even had a statue of him looking stunned and perplexed with a chicken sitting on his head."

Cesare laughs, tipping his head back a bit. "Yes, that's excellent. People have been saying far too many kind things about me lately. I need something deeply unpleasant to balance it all out." He reaches to squeeze Medeia's shoulder - /not/ the one which has recently been injured. "The chicken fiasco must have been quite an event if it merited the commission of a statue to commemorate it."

Lucita says, "they had a prank battle going. Lady Julianna won. Once time she had a seamstress stitch his clothing a little smaller each time they went to the laundry and then began commenting about his gaining weight. And then there was something about the boots... So much mischief. But, he married out of house and took his statue with him when he went.""

"That statue is still on Tessere property, I believe." Medeia says that softly, shaking her head a little. "Doc was... One of the more interesting cousins when we were children." Her shoulders lift in a slight shrug before looking at Cesare. "It would go against everything in my being to say terrible things about you. But I could try."

Lucita is overheard praising Cesare: such skillful Whisper!

"Such effort," Cesare murmurs, shaking his head. "It certainly must have brought them a great deal of joy, if they were willing to put so much effort into keeping it up." He tips a smile to Medeia. "Lord Savio mentioned wanting to do poetic insult fights - flytes - so perhaps you should just saye it all up and we'll have to have one of those as an event sometime. Come to think of it, I may have already said something about that to you." He lifts a shoulder, finishing his glass. "On the other hand, if I had a swan, you wouldn't have to try to find something terrible to say, you could just say something terrible about the swan!"

Lucita gives a little shake of the head. "That is something I usually do not attend, insult contests. I don't like insulting others nor being the target of insults so I just tend to avoid that when possible." She looks toward the entry of the tower. "Oh, dear, seems they are trying to attract my attention. I best go see what is needed of me."

"A poetic insult...? Yes." Medeia doesn't need to think long - or at all - on that. It's an idea of Savio's, and Cesare seems into it, so she's on board. "Though, I agree, being insulted is... Not fun." Her eyes flick to Cesare, some shared moment of remembrance. "Oh, Luc, too bad. I hope whatever they need isn't too important. We'll be here when you get back!" And for the next while, the lady continues to mingle, explaining what she can about the Fernerra: It is a bitter, herbal spirit meant to be enjoyed whenever, but especially after dinner or a rich and heavy meal to aid in settling the stomach or preparing for bed. However, that is no reason not to simply sip it outside by a fire with good company! As the musician plays and the guests continue to enoy themselves, she finds herself back next to Cesare. "Mm, fine, so I can't get you fall down drunk. But I /can/ dazzle you with our wine cellar. Come, the staff has this under control, we can go take a look."

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