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A Primer on Healing Herbs Pt. 5

Another installment of an introductory course on healing herbs. This session will include information on the use of lion's bane and lavender.

(OOC: A teaching and RP event! Medeia will have Teaching 5 trains available for relevant stats, skills, and abilities. Others are welcome to come and share their trains if desired. Teaching or training is not required to attend the event.)


July 13, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Eirene Merek Aelgar Thea Everett Giada



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Medicinal Gardens

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Comments and Log

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

The medicinal gardens at the Saving Grace remain warm well into the cooler months, making it the ideal location for a lesson on herbs that far into autumn. It wasn't at all chosen because Lady Clarissa and Brother Aelgar insisted the still-injured lady leading the lesson do it here so she'd have access to prompt medical assistance. Medeia is settled in a chair that has been cushioned by a pillow to protect her back. There are two small plants beside her, and her assistant Klavdiya stands ready to assist with the lesson. A cart with drinks and pastries has been brought out for guests.

Griz the huge wolfhound, Muninn the cocky raven arrive, following Aelgar.

Eirene arrives dressed like the Master Physician she is, with her two six year olds and their nanny in attendance. One can never learn too early. She scowls a little at Medeia being out of bed but it fades as the woman is taking precautious for it. "Thank you for hosting," she says with a sharp nod.

Merek walks along and into the place to see what people are doing, and will find a place to settle in as well.

Aelgar pops in from the hospital, waving and smiling, the absent-minded Scholar never really noticing things like starting times and most other peopling stuff. "Hello everyone! Good to see you all. Lady Medeia, you look a thousand times improved!" With this cheerful news, he ambles over to Giada with an extra grin for the Archlector.

Aelgar has joined the the benches on the left.

Thea comes for two reasons. One. Main one--Check on Medeia. She shakes her head at the woman's like she cant believe she's even up. And two. To SUPPORT the woman hosting. For reasons. Going to sit, it's hard to hide the fact that Thea is well indeed pregnant, but does make her way to sit next to her aunt and the twins. "Hey,"she greets everyone with a nod of her head.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Giada before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Giada before departing.

Everett is already seated. He returns waves and greetings in a friendly and affable manner, after which his attention keeps on returning to the plants on display. Plants and farmers. What can you say? Everett adjusts his big ole' floppy straw farmers' hat with the inside of his right elbow, pushing it up out of his view as he stretches his long limbs on out in front of himself.

Giada looks half asleep on her bench, eyes half lidded and watching Medeia; it's a low key vigil over the Very Unwell Physician. Aelgar's arrival and a couple of messengers get a smile before she pockets something in her bag. "I'm awake, I swear."

Little Idris Malvici, all of six, looks at Thea's belly. He's debating something. A look from Eirene stops him from saying whatever that was on his mind. "Hello Auntie Thea," they say as Eirene raises a hand in hello. Giada and Aelgar also get a tuck of the chin in hello.

Aelgar looks around blearily and murmurs to Giada, "I am not. I think all that seawater, upset all my balances. I am now a fish."

"Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today," Medeia says as people are coming in. Her voice lacks some of it's usual volume and vigor, but there is no lack of welcoming or appreciation in her words. "I'll be talking about lion's bane and lavender today." There's a careful gesture to the plants beside her. "Are there any questions before we get started?"

Aelgar also greets Everett Thea, Eirene and Merek with appropriate grins, nods, waves and verbal salutations.

raising a hand, Aelgar notes quietly to Meseia, "I am focusing a lot on field medicine this week and next. Any anecdotes or advice for using anything on the road or in a pinch is always welcome, Lady."

Giada gives Aelgar a shrewd look up and down, pausing to give Eirene and Everett a smile. "If you think your humours are unbalanced, Brother Aelgar, we should correct that," she says seriously. But then Medeia starts talking, and her attention shifts.

Thea has joined the the benches on the left.

Thea squints at Idris for a moment before smirkinh in amusement. She lowers her voice quietly, telling him,"I swallowed a mellon seed,"her gold-flecked green eyes teasing. Looking up to Medeia, shr then starts to pay closer attention

"I am a fish for now." Aelgar notes dryly to Giada before waving again to Thea as she nears. "Lemme be a fish for a little bit before you start messing with all them foul-tasting cures..."

Eirene arches her eyebrows at Thea. "Kids, this is what you call 'bullshit' because you can't get a Mellon growing in your belly from seeds. It doesn't work like that." A teaching moment, then she nods to Medeia, "sorry.."

Everett's attention dawdles a bit as the melon seed conversation happens. A bit of a grin quickens his features, at that. Everett nods a bit at Giada's admonition to balance Aelgar's humours. Stands to reason. Doin' too much of any one thing is liable to set yer innards awry. Everett adjusts his suspenders and routes his attention on back to the speaker. And the plants. Everett's eyes do keep on drifting back to the greenery. Just a professional habit, one guesses, but farmers are more 'show' than 'tell' most times.

Giada snorts. "Complain to the Apothecarists; I just administer the shit." Retort fired off, she settles again, speaking more quietly as the lesson begins.

Aelgar "We will see when I am one." @Me growls playfully to Giada. "I will fill your humors with some very nasty crap, Your Sadistic Belssedness."

Giada gives Aelgar a look like he just sprouted a few new noses. "Remind me not to let you perform surgery on me."

Aelgar smiles nicely at Giada.

Medeia gives Aelgar a nod. "I can add a few notes in on that, but we can also talk more at length on that another time." She glances at Eirene, then. "Don't be," She says. "But that's an idea for another day. Field medicine courses." A quieter word aside to Klavdiya has the Prodigal woman picking up a pot with a lovely yellow flower growing in it. "I'll start with lion's bane. Klavdiya will bring it around so you all can see. This plant is very useful - and could be found somewhat easily in the field. The petals and roots both are useful. However, it can be harmful in too large a quantity, so it should be used externally primarily." She pauses, trying to keep from laughing at Giada and Aelgar. "Ahem. And, in being used externally, you will want to keep watch on your patient that they don't develop a rash."

Aelgar settles his body and mind, even if the twinkle does remain in his eyes as he focuses back on Medeia and the yellow flower, keen eyes scrutinizing the plant. It is almost possible to see his sorting and memorizing information in this moment.

Everett examines the plant in detail, looking under leaves and even peering down at the root structure. Might know his plants, might Everett. That does seem possible. Everett takes note of Aelgar's efficient way of observing and processing information quite quickly. Everett shakes his head a bit, wishing that he knew that trick. Everett does it the old fashioned way. Slowly. Feeling the leaves, unobtrusively smelling the plant and the soil through slightly dilated nostrils.

Giada tilts her chin up. "So... what does it do?"

Giada's nose wrinkles as the plant gets near. "Gods. It smells like chamomile," she sighs. "I remember these crates." Crates?

Eirene encourages her kids to feel the leaves with their fingers and take a sniff. She nods and passes it along.

Thea offers Eirene a slight shrug before winking at the twins. Looking back at the herb then back to Giada, Thea asks with a raised brow,"Crates?" She then looks at Deia, asking,"What is it used for exactly?"

"I oversee the Physcians Guild's storehouses, Countess," Giada tries to explain, looking at least a little chagrined at the accidental interruption. "This stuff all comes to me in crates which I then inspect, log, store, and disburse."

Aelgar points at Everett and nods agreement. "Yes what miracles can I perform?"

Merek looks from the scarf which he wears to listen to people and nods while he takes a few notes. If anyone seems to look his way, he doesn't notice all that well, he seems a bit tired while he draws pictures of the herbs along with the herbs themself described in the book.

Medeia smiles, "I like to give the warnings first, people remember them better that way." To Aelgar, she shakes her head gently. "No miracles, but it's beneficial in the treatment of contusions, breaks and fractures, joint swelling, and similar injuries." As the plant is shown around, she notes, "The petals and roots can be ground into a paste, or gently heated to release their oils. When spread over the injured area, inflammation reduces faster which allows for more comfort and better healing."

Giada nods a little. "We keep those crates in the dry storage at the back of the stacks. They do best in comfortable temperatures and all preparations must be protected from light."

Aelgar watches the group with an absent look to his expression that might be explained by the way he turns back to the plant and then to Medeia, obviously attempting to organize and soak up the lesson.

Everett raises a giant farmcalloused farmhand sort of hand. "Beggin' your pardon, but iffen we was to wan' to plant this, what season, sun or shade, and lemony soil or vinegar? What plants do she get along with, and what plants must we not plant 'alongside?" Everett gets plenty of contusions, some breaks, and he knows darn well that Father Time has got some joint swelling in store for him, on down the road.

Eirene nods at Everett's questions, all good points.

Thea is studying the plant, eyebrow lifted. "Yes..If one wanted to grow this, how would I go about it?"

Readjusting slowly, Medeia nods to Everett. "I'm not... Terribly sure how to answer the which plants to plant it with and which not to, aside from 'plant it with plants that need similar conditions.'" She grimaces as the pillow behind her shifts, but she is resettled quickly. "As for what those conditions are? Full sun is okay, especially in the farther north areas it can be found. A bit shade is best, though. And they do need a lot of water. If you find them wild, they're likely near a river or a lake." It takes her a moment to think, trying to keep track of all the questions. "You asked about seasons, yes? I've had success planting in both early autumn and early spring, but the flowers aren't likely to come up until early summer in either case. Greenhouses give you some wiggle room."

Merek checks wits and agriculture at normal. Merek marginally fails.

Merek looks up and along to Everett, "I like planting things. I can't imagine it'd be difficult to find what to plant it with, just cross-reference the knowledge we have with other plants, and seasonal things."

Giada thinks for a bit. "Lady Clarisse is also a skilled apothecary," she says to Everett. "You might ask her if she's familiar with what other medicines would grow well alongside it. I'm sure she'd know where to look if she doesn't know personally."

"I am interested more in where I might find then growing naturally, but that is the next class." Aelgar grins at Merek and Everett, his keen eyes following their discussion as well. "I am a little bit intrigued by the idea of hacing a garden, yet I know I cannot carry the world with me and likely I will run out sooner or later..."

Giada once again peers at Aelgar. Her mouth opens to say something, but the quizzical look stops all words. "W.., I.., Mmn." Eventually, she just covers her mouth, chin in the palm of her hand, and watches.

Eirene says, "Its my hope to get more self sufficiency for the Guild and improve on our herb procurement and supply- get more growers from the Guild as opposed to having to haggle with those locations and growers who are outside, and costing us a shiny silver."

Everett nods to Giada and also to Merek, and grins a bit at Aelgar's commentary. With a slight shake of his head that sets his straw hat to waving, Everett turns on back to the lessons. Everett does note, with interest, Eirene's concerns over economics. Maybe he can help with that?

Giada perks. "I am -all- about cutting costs there."

Aelgar smiles at Giada and her expressions, then shrugs her way. "Unless you think I should be followed around by a wagon for all my gear..."

Giada says, "Here's an idea: stay in the city where things are civilized."

Eirene murmurs a comment to Everett with a satisfied nod before she smirks at the quibbling pair.

"You'll have to come see my garden," Medeia says to Eirene. "I've been exceptionally busy this past year. But now my stock of medicines is pretty much self-sufficient between the sanctuary and the smaller garden at Eswyndol." Which is important seeing as how the noblewoman charges nothing for any of her time or supplies when tending patients. "I'd be glad to help with those efforts for the guild, and I believe Sister Sophie has a similar aim for the Mercies." Assuming that questions on lion's bane are past, she motions to the lavender and has Klavdiya pick it up to carry around to everyone. "Lavender is probably one you're already fairly familiar with. The smell is distinct and commonly used in a variety of cosmetic products, teas, and more."

Giada and Aelgar are obviously good friends as they pick at each other. At least she is doing her best to keep it softer.

Giada tilts her head. "The apothecary school will likely utilize a large garden, so that's also an option if they are aligned with the Guild and Mercies."

Aelgar gestures with a dismissive flick of his fingers between Medeia's lesson snippets. "I like travel and I feel the call, so I will wander off where Lord Vellichor calls me, with or without a wagon." He grins to Giada with this, adding generously, "I will bring you exotic presents."

Giada's eyes roll, but she says nothing further.

Everett nods right on back to Eirene. Good deal. Everett surveys the next plant on the list. He knows lavender well. "Ahyup that's also the smell that the bees done go nuts for. So if you're planting or trimming' it, you had best be about it 'fore the bees wake up, or after they go to sleep. Lest you fancy a heap of new welts for y'self." Everett nods. Not a book learning type, Everett's ever practical, and speaks from experience.

Giada leans in and smells the lavender, a strange little smile on her lips.

The twins both take a sniff and make little faces at the scent. Not fans. No.

Aelgar is apparently already familiar with the scent as he makes no move to approach the source.

Giada looks to Medeia. "Correct me if I'm wrong, Lady Eswynd, but lavender is used to correct the sanguine humours, yes? Inflammation and the sort?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Giada before departing.

Giada looks up as a student healer walks a note from Everett to her. She reads it, looks back up again, and nods at Everett. "I'll get in touch with you about it later," she promises.

Everett doesn't really know all that much bout 'sang wean' humor. Let alone the multiples. So he sets in to listen intently, being as he knows lavender well. May be he can learn something of physicking, lestaways some medic'ly knowhow.

Medeia is clearly amused by the mixed reactions to the scent of lavender. "It's a divisive plant, hm? People tend to love it or hate it." She gives a nod to Giada. "Yes, and a host of other things. Sleep, mood, skin care, stomach upset... Insect repellent. It's incredibly versatile. And lavender honey?" She looks at Everett. "Lavender honey is wonderful."

Everett nods happily "Indeed it do be some wonderful honey. Got a jar at m' home on th' farm, for sure. Alongside one 'o clover honey, and one of wildflower honey, what's mixed. I once did taste some orange blossom honey, though, and that was the most amazing to my own reckoning. Never did taste the like, 'fore nor since!"

Giada's face LIGHTS UP. "I -love- orange blossom honey. It's more common in the Lyceum because we grow various citrus fruits there."

Medeia's energy is beginning to wane, and quickly. "I think... I will need to answer any questions on lavender at a later time. But you can send me a missive if there is something you'd like to know." She gives everyone a small smile. "Thank you again for spending your time with me today."

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