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My Chosen One Is The Best Because

In Honor of Prince Noah Grayson's chosen significant other --- a celebration of that. He knows why his is the best one out there (she hasn't killed him --- yet and she's slightly mad to put up with him) but why is YOURS the best. Noah hates poetry. There is no prize. Just come and tell the world why your person is the best person. No need to name them. There will be drinks and probably drugs.

This will also probably be the first and last 'mushy' event he ever runs. So everyone should come. Tell your friends, your family, that one time that he pretended to have a heart. One. Time. One night only.


Sept. 9, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Silvio Drake Bianca Thea Cesare Jaenelle Artorius Scythia Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Ebb and Flow Inn

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3 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Silvio.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Thea.

Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards, Clementine arrive, following Bianca.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
This room is like everything romantic threw up in it. Vellium hearts are put in various colors. There are ribbons everywhere. It's almost like one purposely went above and beyond every stereotype that exists. It's a horrid place for such a thing to exist, but here it is. There is a performer with a lute that plays soft music. As well, he is willing to play along if anyone wants a musical backdrop to their adorations of love and chosen people.

The special drinks tonight are two-fold. One is called DESIRE'S CHOICE - It's a red liquid with something close to glitter swirling in the depths. It smells of sweet roses and tastes the same. It's a heady cocktail with honey and risk. Risk? Yes, for one may feel the effects (player's choice). If they feel it, everything is just a bit more. Sensation of touch is more. Feelings of amusement are more. - The other cocktail, is a soft pink shade and called: SWEET SURRENDER. This sweet drink tastes like melted candy. One can't taste the very very strong liquor within it. While not being dosed, one might need to check stamina that they are not intoxicated. - Along with the drinks are finger foods of various sorts and desserts. Always desserts when one is speaking of love.

The servers do NOT look excited to be here on this most lovely event and time. This is not the normal for people. Not at all. They are decked in light colors and handing out drinks of choice. There is the normal types of drinks offered and then the two special selections. A lot of the food is shaped like hearts. It's very --- romantic or something. It is not a normal PRINCE Noah GRAYSON event; except for the special drinks.

Noah for his part is kicked back at the Captain's table. He's looking over the room with something akin to smugness at how over the top it looks. He has a glass of wine near him. Could he be drinking the 'magic' happy juice of the evening. There is also a small area set where people can go and perform should they desire.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Silvio enters the place with an odd expression. He looks around, suspiciously. The whole thing feels like a trap! An eye to the future Duke and he reaches to the back of his neck. Lips part as the horror of hearts continues. "This has to be a lost bet." he finally determines.

Drake walks in with Thea on his arm. He and looks a little surprised, possibly even confused, at this decor. It's certainly a look. He still has his winter coat on, and loosens his arm around hers so that he can make a gesture to remove it. But then he pauses. "Last chance if you want to leave and get whisky somewhere a little less ...sparkling? Oh, but then again, that's your favorite, so I'll hold out." He walks over and gets two glasses of this glittering brew, handing one to Thea and swirling it slightly to see it pick up light.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Bianca arrives alone. But the Legate doesn't seem terribly distressed about. Instead, she halts in the doorway, staring around. Just... staring. Really taking it all in. Maybe committing it to memory. Silver eyes absorb all the pink and red, ribbons and hearts. She blinks once. Just the once, and then moves inside, unjamming the entrance and allowing others to spill into the candy-sweet love festival. "Hm."

Looking around, Thea almost doesn't come in. In fact, she clutches Drake's arm tighter, almost dragging him back out. "What the fuck--,"she murmurs, actually agreeing with Silivo. But she loosens her grip when she realizes--she's not alone. Allowing Drake to take her coat, Thea relaxes and grows interested in the drink. She grins a bit, saying,"It's like this was made for me,"going to take a sip.

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Cesare sweeps in with a spring to his step and a quickness to his gait, glittering in gold and amber, with a folder of parchment tucked under his arm and his lute slung over his back and - stops. Looks. His expression says, oh dear, a Whisper really should have been consulted, but only for a fraction of a second, before it smooths over into pleasant neutrality. It's almost as though, despite his profession, the Softest is /not/ a committed romantic. He looks at both of those extremely sweet cocktails, gives them a sniff. And orders a whiskey, neat, instead.

Drake looks down at his glass again. "I know from experience you've got to be careful with Noah's drinks. They're always a BIT surprising." Yeah, the last time Drake had a drink with Noah he ended up completely shit-faced. But yet, he's still braving the swirling depths of this mysterious glittery concoction.

"This is an excellent way to show the lengths one will go to for their beloved," Bianca surmises as she catches sight of Noah, approaching her Patron with bow of her shock-white head. "You're certainly proving a point, Your Highness. I trust you're well drunk?" She looks behind her, ostensibly for the decor, but then spots Drake, Thea and Cesare, and her face lights with recognition. "Escape and you'll only have to face the snow. This is much warmer, at least."

Jaenelle hasn't been to the Ebb and Flow Inn in some time, though it certainly did not look like this. Her expression is clearly not as everyone else's and she can't help but sweep her eyes to where Noah has perched himself at the Captain's table and she looks totally and completely entertained and perhaps even a bit touched at all thats been set up. She offers a polite dip of her head towards Bianca and Cesare, then a smile for Drake and Thea, before she stops once more at Noah. "Prince Noah Grayson, how are you this evening?"

Thea glimps at Drake with a lifted eyebrow. "Haven't you had a--guys night since?" She sniffs her drink however before taking a sip. "It's---sweet, but not bad." Nudging Drake, she laughs,"I remember you shitfaced though. I forgot to thank Noah,"her gold-flecked green eyes drifitng to the Grayson. When Bianaca greets them, Thea waves to her. "Hey. Did you wan to come join us?" Seeing more people, there's also a wave and small smile to Ceaser and then--Jaenelle. "Whisper. Archduchess. Hello."

Cesare bows deeply to Jaenelle, to Thea and Drake, and to Bianca, and then primly takes a seat, himself, sipping his whiskey. There was meant to be entertainment tonight. He wax promised entertainment. It will be best for everyone if Cesare is not forced to take the stage, such as it is, first this evening.

Noah gives a smirk towards Bianca. "I'm afraid not. I'm still sob--not drunk." His eyes are a little red where they should be white, making the blue all that much more noticed. "Please have a drink. I'm planning to be drunk when people start doing poetry." He nods his head to those that enter. He looks at Drake, the drink, and lofts his left brow. He remembers. "Theresa." Then there is Jaenelle. "Kitten." He offers as he comes to his feet. It doesn't seem he's in a rush to do anything of action. It might be because of the red-tinged eyes. He gives her his full smile and offers her a seat. "I mean, Archduchess, it is so good to see you this evening. I hope the cold is not chilling you too much." A good man would leave it there. "But if you are, I know great ways to heat you up." Noah is not that man. He then addresses those that 'brave' the drinks and weather. "So, which of you fine people, came to tell me about love and those that you love?" Did someone JUST deliver him MORE haze? Why yes, yes they did.

Ezekiel the Crownlands Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrive, following Artorius.

Drake laughs at Thea saying she needed to THANK Noah, but, true enough. He nods to all those approaching as well, smiling at Bianca and bowing his head a bit to Jaenelle. "I am here to embarass my wife, or myself," Drake says... "I'm rather terrible at poetry though. I could wax in an attmeptively poetic way." He keeps drinking... "But, one drink first I think or I won't have the nerves."

"I am /not/ going first," Cesare says, loudly. He has finished his first glass of whiskey and is sitting placidly with his lute next to him at his table and his hands folded on top of his mysterious folder of parchment. Just in case anyone had a question about it. "Please and thank you."

Bianca inclines her head deeply to Jaenelle's arrival. "Archduchess. You look magical this evening." Her eyes slip between choices of drink, and the Legate wonders aloud, "Which is most like red wine, do you think?" She steps closer to Thea at the invitation, aiming the question that way with an arch of a brow.

Artorius is late but does it realllllly matter? Love has no set time, does it?! It strikes when people least expect it. There mayyyyy have been pre-drinking involved however and more follows as he plucks up DESIRE'S CHOICE, "What a clever name for a drink," he remarks to the server as he plucks up a glass of the red liquid. The first sip he tries not to gag on, honestly, it tastes like ROSE, but pre-drinking does away with the taste of flower on his tongue. He plucks up a rose, because that's part of the whole decor package, and puts it behind his ear, tucking back his long shoulder length black hair. So dashing. He picks up a few heart cut outs and tosses them like glitter around him, weeee.

"Princess Noel,"Thea greets with a nod. She squints at Drake when he mentions embarrassing her, causing her to drink more. Is this a drink she should be slamming. Probably not. "I'm not spouting any sorts of poetry. Not even a little,"Thea is quick to say. "Oh, try this one,"she instantly tells Bianca, handing her some glittery drink. It's Artorius's entrance that causes her to pause. "Cousin! What are you doing here,"Thea calls over!

Jaenelle checks charm and performance at easy. Jaenelle is successful.

Silvio lurks around the edges and he reaches out to get a drink...just assuming its laced. It is. Awesome. There's a hint of suspiciousness about him as well. Nothing wrong with some candy though. He exhales, softly and lifts his chin as the soft sensations roll through his form when he touches anything. That's when he catches sight of Thea and Artorius, both who seem to be having fun, and not the least suspicious! He makes a click sound with his tongue, and just watches them for a moment with a growing smile.

Drake looks up when Thea calls out for a cousin, and sees a Malvici hawk on an embroidery. He brightens up a bit at it. "Ah, more family." He takes another sip of the rosewater drink, but seems fine with the taste and not yet taken in by the effects. But wait on that second thing. "You're about to be here while I discuss your cousin."

4 Redreef Wardens, Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen arrive, following Scythia.

Artorius is strutting sheer confidence as he gestures with the ruby red laced exotic drink of sexual desire, "I was told by his Highness that there was a ri-righteous party here!" He looks for the heart crowns, before he pauses with an accusatory look to Thea, "What do you have to say for yourself, cousin?" He finds a paper heart crown and walks over toward Thea and plops it on her head, "Much better. You're the queen of hearts. Just not my heart." He winks then spots some lurker in the corner, touching Thea on the shoulder, "Would you wish on me to stay in my lonely manor?"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Jaenelle's brow arches ever so slightly at the new pet name given to her by Noah, though she doesn't say anything regarding it. Instead, she takes the first drink with the terrible things floating within the liquid. Turning on her heels and ignoring the chair offered first, she sips and moves off towards the stage. "As this event is a boost to my ego, perhaps I should go first?" She climbs up to the stage and turns to look out at those gathered. She lifts her glass, though her attention is focused on Noah. "Dearest Chaos. From the first moment we met, where you saved me from a fate worse than death, my life has never been the same. You are arrogant, and stubborn, and sometimes I wish to light you on fire, I find that if doing so were to remove you from my life I would feel the loss so deeply that I would never be able to survive myself. You are adequate for a fifth husband and I am so grateful that I have you in my life to make it so. Noah, our default interactions are usually fighting, but you are beautiful to make up with. To you, Noah, and our future together."

How /romantic./ Cesare croons a heartfelt 'awwww' nnd raises his - empty - glass, before applauding riotously. "To the Archduchess and future Archduke of Velenosa!"

Noah is overheard praising Jaenelle: She's not so great with husband math, but she's hot, also I'm high. So she will do.

Silvio lifts his hands in clapping for Jaenelle's ode to Noah. "An excellent example of how the rest of this should go." He chuckles and snags a paper crown for himself, drifting nearer to Thea and Artorius. "Hopefully Drake's ode to YOU will not be quite so full of facts." He slides a look at Drake, warning in a humored fashion. Then he narrows his eyes at Artorius, "And you...could probably deftly serenade anyone in the room, you are so good with words."

Thea eyes Artorius and the now---crown on her head. "What did I ever do to you,"she mutters to him. Practically shoving him to Drake and Bianca, Thea introduces him,"This is my husband Drake and his cousin and my good friend Legate Bianca." She smiles at them both, nodding,"This is my cousin, Art--er Count Artorius." Spying Silvio, she wiggles her fingers. There's already a reddness to her cheeks. So the smart thing to do is order more! There's a loud 'awwwww' at Jaenelle as she delivers her poem to Noel, as well as a grin.

In gowns, she may sway, but in her particular selection of attire this evening, Scythia struts, but that's more or less the skin-tight red leather trousers that are doing that. Every inch the Redreef lady tonight, her features are set into a neutral expression, with just a slight upward cast to her lips to make her appear just a hint more approachable.

Noah looks taken aback by 'arrogant'. "Beautiful, I'm not arrogant. I'm just better." He winks to her as she goes on and he pauses on fifth husband. His hand comes up to list her other ones before he nods his head. He smiles again for her, and her alone, before his smirk falls on the others. "Theresa? Drake?" He studies those that enter and offers that upnod of his, but hie syes always move back to Jaenelle. As if, he has to make sure she hasn't run yet.

Bianca accepts Thea's choice of drink for her with a dubious cast to her silvery eyes. "Hm." That's the response. And it grows deeper when there's a cousin thrust her way. But the Legate of Creation summons will of steel for both and she greets Artorious with a pleasant enough, "Count. Lovely to make your acquaintance. Have you been in the city long?" Punctuated by a swallow of the drink. And a prompt but understated wrinkle of her nose. But Jaenelle's inspired poetry serves as a much better distraction. "Here, here!"

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"Your Highness," Artorius speaks respectifully to Silvio, "I am TERRIBLE with words. Give me a sword," his hand clenches around a 'air sword' and he gives a 'thrusting' motion, "anyday over fighting with words." He throws an arm around Prince Silvio, clinking his glass against the Prince's-- but then he's being shoved along and nearly splashes his drink all over Drake. Whoops! That was a close one. It only splatters on the floor between their boots. "Husband Drake, Legate Bianca," a nod to each in turn, "Splendid love ballads going on here. The stuff of legends! Listen to all that, it's making my heart absolutely explode."

To add to Bianca's question Artorius shakes his head, "I still have my glorious sunkissed skin." He was still tanned from the sun, "In truth, I arrived not shortly on the words of my ill cousin." He tries not to banter around that too long.

Jaenelle does a flourishing bow, holding her glass upward so it doesn't tip before climbing from the stage to make her way back towards Noah. She leans down to kiss the top of his head before she sits beside him, her hand reaching to take his. "I think that went well."

Thea looks over at Noah as he looks over at her. She looks around her and asks those gathered. "What's he looking at me like that for? Because we all know I'm not going up there?" Nope. Nope and was there a nope? "Silvio, are you threatening my husband,"Thea asks with mild dramatics, though she grins at the man anyway. But then Artorius is all calling her little and whatever he's doing again and she squints at him. But she's getting too drunk to care.

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Drake raises his brows a bit at the comment about fifth husband. But then he raises his glass, as the cheer is over, and he takes another long drink of it, one which he might prove to regret later. But then he stands up. "I'll give this a go. Now."

Drake looks at Thea, up and down, where she's still sitting. "How to start. Do you remember that time in the boat, with-" His brow knits. "No. From the moment I saw her, I knew at the very least that I wanted to get her in bed." A charming comment to be sure, but one surely taken with the spirit it was intended, as he smirks. "We were both in that melee event with the low-armor low-coverage requirement, so I suppose there was only a few inches left to my imagination. But what tantalizing inches they were." He takes another swallow. "Dominique said a while later that she'd like an alliance with the Malvici family, and I was scared of falling in love." That last part is honest enough that Drake takes a moment to steady himself, in thought. "But, it did mean more nights spent with that beautiful troublemaker of a woman whose legs I so much wanted wrapped around my head." He laughs at this, but there's some sentiment there clearly. "And indeed. Now, it will be for all time. To the women whose spirit has lifted me up, and who has patched my wounds more times already now than I care to count. And the mother of our first child, who wanted nothing more than to get right back to adventures the moment she could, as she is, above all, a woman after my own heart."

Noah is overheard praising Drake: He's still upright after the first drink! Also, yay for -- I mean gross -- but yay for choosing his partner.

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Kiera wanders in the bar,momentarily oblivious to what she's wandered into, blinkinf athe crowd and the decor, but smiling at her brother and sister in-law and heading over just the same as she approaches on the heels of his declaration

Silvio is overheard praising Drake.

Silvio is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Cesare's glass has been refilled, and he raises it in a toast to Drake once the Count has finished his own declaration, which earns a little smile behind the glass, particularly for the bits of slightly awkward honesty sprinkled in among the sentiment. No hooting this time, apparently, just drinking.

After a few more sips, Bianca almost seems to like the drink. Almost. Her eyes take on a slightly glazed quality, a touch more ethereal than usual. A hand runs through her own white hair, smoothing it down her back. "Hm. I have a poem." It's almost like a question, but not quite. Everything is very fluid, very uncertain.

Scythia takes a few moments to settle down at the bar, opting to not take either of the mixed drinks. She's a purist, and rum is her drink. She settles a glass down in front of her, obviously recognizing some of those in the crowd, but not particularly many of them as she begins to work on her drink of pure dark hued liquor.

Bianca even looks to Artorius' skin, belatedly, and she considers it seriously. "Sun-kissed. What a beautiful turn of phrase. Hm. How would you describe your eyes, do you think?" the Legate asks of him.

Drake is overheard praising Noah: For whatever is in this drink.

Silvio smiles to Thea. " threat worked. He did a very nice job of it I think. I'm glad I was able to hear it. I'll see you both soon." He takes a deep breath, then sets his glass down. "His eyes are ocean blue, and just as easy to be lost in." SEE, he can be poetic. Then he tugs on the man's sleeve and nods towards the exit.

Artorius makes a face at Drake, "Gods man. Who wants to hear that about their cousin?" He snort laughs and downs the rest of the Desire drink, pushing off the empty glass on some servant and plucking up a second. Maybe it's the second drink, but cocktails aren't partically large drinks. To Bianca he considers, "My eyes..." He clears his throat, "The heart of Mangata spilled open and embodied my eyes with the purest waters of all her depths!" He looks seriously then at Bianca, "Blue. Probably island blue." A wink for Bianca as he nudges Thea, "Where's your rebuttal to Husband Drake's not-poem?" He raises a glass to Scythia and Kiera, before he takes another long drink, to finish it all. The glass it put down on a tray, "Excuse me, would you? There's a ... his Highness," He moves with Silvio toward the exit, sleeve tugged. Okay going!

Thea really smirks at Drake, though there's a smile that reaches her eyes. "You say the sweetest things." There's more sips of her drink, grinning at Bianca as she too enjoys her drink. "Told you." Thea's a bit more happy than she usually is. When Silvio goes to leave, she is guick to pat his hand. "You should be reciting just because. It was good to see you, you know." There's a wave to Scythia as well, followed by a smile. "Lady Sythia, good evening,"reaching out to swat Artorius. "It just wouldn't be appropriate to display here,"she merely says, waving to Kiera as well.

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Jaenelle claps her hands for Drake, though there is an amused shake of her head at the words. "What is going on there," she wiggles a finger between Artorius and Silvio as they leave, her question directed to Thea.

Drake sits down. "Sorry. I warned you. But my reputation is hardly a secret, is it?" He realizes his glass is emptied now, so, time for another, and he raises his hand to call for it and it appears too quickly.

Casting what may conservatively be described as stink-eye at the bard who is playing romantic drivel, Cesare has quietly begun to tune his lute. "I don't believe it's really a mystery, Archduchess," he says. "Although I am /slightly/ offended, considering the Count followed me home the other night and then proceeded to interrogate me about every man I had spoken to each time he'd seen me. I suppose he at least has a type. Alas that I'm so forgettable." He returns to tuning his lute, then adds, "Perhaps he's confused."

"Keep in mind," Bianca offers, her tone slightly fuzzy, "that I am the Legate of Creation, and not the Legate of Arts." But she's approaching the area set aside for poems anyway, holding her drink like a shield in front of her. "Oh, it's bright in here..." There's a clearing of her throat as her eyes attempt to focus on the others. "Ahem."

"My clever love's eyes are as blue as the sky
His words, the dagger that drive the point home
My beautiful love has hair dark as night
Whipped in the wind like a lash on the bone
My sweet lover's lips are generous and full
Perfect for kissing and long drawn out sighs
Bountiful pleasure from the windfalls we find
In whispered sweet nothings and saccharine lies
But what makes my love best is the beat of his heart
Callous and cruel, striking cold disregard
His heart is all mine, and bravely betrayed
And together we both are so flawlessly scarred."

And then Bianca just sort of wanders towards the closest velvet she can find.

Noah sighs and he's handed a missive. "This isn't mine." Noah wants that very very clear. He looks between Silvio and Artorius. "My Dear Archduchess, I'll explain to you later. We can use the puppets." He then pushes himself out of his seat. He points to Thea. "Think of your comment to your husband. Men deserve love too." Then he clears his throat. "DUKE Michael Bisland wrote---" Noah stares at the missive again.
"A ship upon the sea, tossed and tumbled without deceit
Billowing sails of most pale aeterna, tinted red by sunrise
A slender ship of strong wood beams, travelling across the sea to me

Wave after wave, makes your stern sway,
Aeterna tinted further red, my hunger now fed,
I loathe to see you depart, but thrive on watching you leave

Gold-flecked green eyes follow the two out the door. Thea lifts her eyebrow and admits to Jaenelle,"I have no idea. Maybe Silvio is impressed with my cousin's eyes." She grins at that a moment. There's a look to Ceaser as well. "Maybe Art likes your eyes?" Nudging Drake, Thea smiles. "Yes yes. I know. You left weeping women in your wake. I'm aware."

Noah is overheard praising Michael: You made me do the dirty work. Jerkface.

Noah is overheard praising Bianca: My hair is more blonde than dark as night, but it's forgiveable.

Scythia checks charm and performance at easy. Scythia is successful.

Bianca is overheard praising Jaenelle: Such beautiful hair

Raising to her feet after a time, Scythia stands up to her feet with glass in hand. "I am not a particularly apt poet, but I do think I can make a decent go of this. And I won't give you anything sad as I might be wont to do to ruin the mood." She says, clearing her throat. She slinks her way to the center of the room,

"Hearts are a tricky beast,
They often let you down,
But when you take a bottle out,
I cannot wear a frown.

My heart has been claimed,
Perhaps it is quite dumb,
But I'd do a lot of things
All for the love of rum."

With those words enunciated clearly and charmingly, it seems like a rather nice poem, if you get past the fact it is a sonnet for alcohol. She then punctuates by raising her glass to her lips and taking a nice long drink that drains it.

Cesare is a little surprised - pleasantly - when Bianca begins to recite. His eyebrows rise and he pauses his tuning. The applause when she finishes is entirely genuine, although she is probably too busy - drowning in the sensory experience of velvet to appreciate his appreciation. He toasts Scythia as well, and then, draining his glass, he rises.

Drake is nudged. But this is just how it is, and he's not upset. He responds by pulling Thea closer, the drink inspiring him to be a bit touchy-feely. His eyes unfocus a little as he listens to his cousin recite poetry. A small applause, and then there is more poetry, which causes a soundscape that somewhat blurs together, until he clicks on what the last song was in reference to. This makes him chuckle a bit, but then he is looking at the fur on Thea's gown.

Noah is overheard praising Scythia: LOVE OF RUM!

Noah is overheard praising Jaenelle: Because she's beautiful and I said something wrong and don't want to die in my sleep tonight.

Jaenelle blows a kiss in Bianca's direction after her poem, "that was lovely, Blessed Bianca. Sometimes people are just gifted, Creation or Arts." Then the ode to rum has Jaenelle laughing and clapping once more, "Lady Scythia, love is pure, regardless of what it is you love."

In the meantime, Scythia has refilled her drink, raising it to Jaenelle as she murmurs in her velvety voice, "I am secretly a romantic, your Grace. But for it to remain a secret, I cannot pour my romantic ballads out."

Bianca leaves off stroking the velvet of one of the player's tunics to catch the kiss Jaenelle blows her way. She presses it to her colorless cheek and then gets lost in the sensation of stroking her own cheek, silver eyes wide with wonder.

Cesare checks charm and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

Noah claps for the others and tells Jordan, "Go tell Mikey, I did his dirty work." Then he looks around the room. His eyes move over each person that has spoken and he lands on the Whisper. Maybe it was his comment about easily forgotten, or quizzing about other men, or maybe he just wants to hear a Whisper tell a tale.

Chances are, you may never see Thea again this cuddly. In public. She cuddles against Drake, long legs drapped his lap. "You all are talented,"she says. "Really." Another drink is taken as she starts rubbing Drake's arm. "It is no longer a secret,"Thea tells Scythia with a wink. "It's out now."

Cesare takes the stage with an expression of placid beatitude. The crowd, it seems, is appropriately pie-eyed for his ode, from his judgment of the slouching, slurring, and glazed eyes. "A note, before I begin," he offers. "First, that the subject of this song was tragically unable to be with us tonight. And second, that I will forever be grateful to him for teaching me what it feels like to be in love." He strums a chord before beginning. True to form, it is in the style of a romantic ballad, all saccharine twinkles and fluid arpeggios.

In tales told of love, I'm a novice, it's true;
But I've come here tonight to share one with you:
A tale of a lover whose heart's noble and pure,
A generous lover whose praise is his due.5rA man of great gifts; I could not list them all,
Renowned in the Compact by House great and small.
Though no great prince, and born common of name,
His bounty of talents has brought him such fame:
A meteoric rise to the top of the peers,
Whilst the jeers of his critics fall on deaf ears -
So belov'd is this gentleman, by the many he knows,
If loving were a cup, his cup overflows.
And to me? What he gave, why, I can't sum it up.
For a man so occupied, he never emptied that cup.
So bountiful was he in his grace and his giving,
It was weeks since we met that I heard of his wedding!
A magnanimous gentleman so helpful and fair,
He'd forgotten to tell, and wasn't even aware.
No matter it was, such a meaningless slip.
For me and for more, there was loving to spare.
But as time passed by, it slowed to a drip -
His poor heart grew heavy, and try as I might,
I am only a Whisper, and could not whisper a light
Bright enough to raise it from the dark where it fled,
And so while I toiled and soothed him and pled -
Alas I was not generous enough for my lord,
And eventually my toiling only made him quite bored.
So it's this lesson I've brought here for you:
It's a bit of a tale, but I promise it's true.
If you've a generous lover, then remember it well:
If one's cup overflows, he must let his love swell;
To divert its flow is a fool's errand only,
And will leave you like me: alone, and thus, lonely.

Bianca is overheard praising Cesare: Beautiful tragedy

A few moments pass as she listens to Cesare, Scythia raises her cup to her lips and drains the rum. She sets the glass down with a soft clink, stands, and begins to depart the room.

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Bianca's hand falls away from her cheek in favor of Cesare's epic and the Legate sinks bonelessly into the nearest chair, which just happens to be near Jaenelle and Noah. Her tilts to rest on one shoulder as she listens, lips parted in an exaggerated sigh. "Nothing is so tragic. Ah, Cesare Whisper. My heart breaks for you."

Kiera hms 'I'll give it a try Love is confusion % Both joy and pain.
Once one has loved and then loves again
For of her being , each plays a part
there side by side in one leart
old memories blend with new desires
Present lust mixes with smoke from old.
when love is mixing and swelling inside
To place one above others is not to be tried

Drake listens to the tale, nodding a few times as he realizes it's a tale of heartbreak. He feels a little whistful now, but his job here is done in terms of giving a speech, so at least he can sit back and relax... and keep touching the fur on Thea's dress with greater interest as time goes on and the drink becomes more potent in his blood.

Kiera hms 'I'll give it a try Love is confusion % Both joy and pain.
Once one has loved and then loves again
For of her being , each plays a part
there side by side in one little heart
old memories blend with new desires
Present lust mixes with smoke from old. fires
when love is mixing and swelling inside
To place one above others is not to be tried

Noah pauses in drinking his wine at the continued poetry and song offered. For a moment he has as a: DAMN look. It's like someone just got called out. Then he looks towards the others and finally towards Jaenelle and Bianca. The man cheers for them both. However, the damnable Grayson just isn't really showing too much beyond smirks.

Noah is overheard praising Cesare: Damn. If you know, then you know.

Noah is overheard praising Kiera: Giving a show for love. Drink up.

Noah is overheard praising Thea: For doing what she does best. NOTHING. Didn't even say a praise for her husband. Is that even love?

Bianca is overheard praising Noah: Terrible taste in booze but wonderful taste in love

"Heartbreak?" Cesare steps down from the stage and immediately moves to the bar. "Oh no, my heart is quite whole, Legate. Don't you worry. I fear I've brought the mood down, however - or possibly that's just intoxication." He slips toward the Captain's Table once a refill has been obtained, ducking down to murmur a polite greeting to the Archduchess and the Prince.

Leaning against Drake, Thea kisses his cheek. that stubble. She rubs his cheek briefly, thoughtful. "Huh,"she says before climbing to her feet. "Right. I uh--I have things to do." Thea gives a look to Drake before waving to the others. "Great poems,"finishing off her drink and stumbling toward the door.

"Sorry, but if you're going, I'm going," Drake says, getting up as well. "I have to walk you home," he says with sudden energy.

Noah pushes up again to his feet. Although, he does touch the Whisper's shoulder in passing. "Okay. I suppose I should list why mine is the best. I mean besides the fact that she told me she was." He winks to Jaenelle. "When we first met the time stood still, the lands shifted. Actually, none of that bullshit happened. You were talking to a man and I decided that I'd piss him off by asking you out. In front of him. Mid-conversation." He lifts up his red wine. "No regrets on this one. Then we fought over who would give in first about marriage, but it was just jest. I mean comeon. For fuck's sake, I got challenged almost daily. Who the hell would see that and think, awww yeah. Limerance sent this one to me to secure political ties." He looks at the Archduchess. "However, no matter how much I begged her to stop being amazing. She just kept doing it more and more. So it led to private talks. Honest answers and honesty hurts. Then it led to well by the Gods, we are doing this. I mean, there isn't anyone other I'd want to marry and that can put up with me. In fact, that was probably my ask. Hey wanna life of entertainment and political chaos? Yet here we are." He winks again and toasts her. "It will be good being her third husband until my most untimely demise. Don't look too hard into that one. We um.. just shouldn't. We have an agreement. She is going to constantly be on level with me. So I suppose, thanks for this lifetime with you and I'll wait in the Wheel after my untimely ending and you forgive me for it."

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"It could be the intoxication," Bianca admits to Cesare with a smile that's not beautiful, but rather odd for her face. And the smile stays as Noah makes his declaration. "I do love love," the Legate adds with a happy sigh. "And I shall raise my glass of this horrible drink to the ode of your love. May it shine brightly in the darkest of shadows, and may it stand strong under the heaviest of weight. To the Archduchess and her Prince."

Cesare steps aside as Noah stands, and raises his glass as well. "He needs elocution lessons direly," he notes with absolute bone-dry sincerity. "To the soon-to-be-newlyweds; to honesty, clear eyes, and communication, because all of those things will take you much further than any amount of love or sweaty ill-advised lust will in the end."

Kiera applauds "Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials

Jaenelle smiles towards Cesare once more when he moves closer to the table she and Noah had claimed, "how are you? I hope you didnt drink any of this?" and she lifts her glass. Then Noah is standing and moving forward and she watches him completely until he finishes. Once done she motions for him to return, though she does not stand to meet him half way. "Yes," she then agrees with Cesare, "there is much to be said about communication and being able to work through everything." Then she closes her eyes and puckers her lips, totally and completely expecting him to cross the distance and kiss her.

Noah looks at Jaenelle's pouted lips as he comes over. He studies her for a longer moment and takes a slow drink of his wine. He's making her wait for it before he kisses her. Only, sorry folks, he doesn't just kiss her. His drink is set to the side and he grabs the back of her hair to pull back when he does it. Then, only then, does he stop. He mutters something to her and then looks towards the others. "Do any of you have any other talks on love and care? Or even heartbreak and disgarding?"

"Oh, I don't like sweet things, Archduchess," Cesare demurs, shaking his head in response to the awful cocktails. He doesn't add anything more to his pithy nugget of advice, his expression perfectly placid and composed as he watches the minor spectacle play out.

Bianca is eyeing the door. "Surely it can't be that cold out when I feel so warm..." And up the Legate gets, heading for the blizzard outside. Fortunately, she also has guards to keep her safe. "I think the temple of Limerance is the perfect place to be tonight. Good evening, Your Highness, Your Grace, Cesare Whisper," and anyone else Bianca happens across on her path to the outside, her drink still in hand.

Kiera comes to stand closer to her brother. she still hasn't touched any of the gods knows what's in there drinks. Even if she drank she wouldn't.

Kiera is overheard praising Noah.

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Kiera is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Kiera is overheard praising Bianca.

Kiera is overheard praising Scythia.

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