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Sun, Sand, and Sea - A Summer Celebration!

Come one, come all, and join Princess Keely for a party on the beach to celebrate summer! Wear your beachiest attire and bring your favorite bathing costume for a laid back gathering with fellow lovers of the waves and sand.

Will there be games and prizes? Obviously, yes.


April 22, 2022, 7 p.m.

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Alis Denica Thea Nazmir Nina Larissa Liara Mattheu Dino Aconite



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The afternoon is clear and warm, the sun is bright, the water is just right-- it's the perfect day for a beach party! Cabanas and giant parasols have been set up in neat rows, lounge chairs set up beneath them as well as out in the direct sun if desired. A barbecue of foods-on-a-stick is happening over by the picnic area where you can watch your food cooked right in front of you and carry it around! A real novelty for many of the nobles of Arx. Even the desserts are on sticks!

An area is set up for a game to be played soon, with a full band playing 'island music' and pair of attendants holding up a long stick, and there is a sandcastle contest area cordoned off away from foot traffic, loaded with all the tools one might need.

A bubbly Keely holding an umbrella drink was all smiles as she greeted guests in her beachgoing outfit, and she is happy to tell literally everyone who compliments it that she most recently wore it on the pristine beaches of Cair Morien, but as the trickle of guests halta, she finally wanders off to the picnic area to get some food on a stick and mingle.

And now everyone has been welcomed, the music is playing, the water is waiting, so relax and enjoy!

(The game (limbo) will commence soon so make sure to +getinline if you'd like to play.)

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Alis has some food on a stick, the sun on her face and the wind through her hair. It's a perfect afternoon with all of that! She also has very fair skin, and seeks some shade so that she doesn't turn into something that looks like a bright red ocean crustacean. "What's the limbo?" she asks anyone nearby who might be inclined to answer. "That's a new one." She doesn't go to many beach parties apparently.

There are those that worship the sun, and those that must hide from it. With skin as white as a sheet of paper, Denica Thrax is in the later category, though it doesn't stop her. Not much does. Armed with BOTH a wide-brimmed hat and a parasol, she is going to shield herself from the worst of the rays and enjoy the time out on the beach. The sea air invigorates her, as does the endless sand and surf. Ever excited to be doing something, she is energetic and keen to participate in whatever the event has in store for them. Showing more skin then a daughter of Maelstrom might typically, her assistant is kindly angling the parasol every time she moves because something catches her attention. Otherwise, she is sipping on her drink. It also has a little parasol in it too, how convenient. Both princess and beverage are safe, for now.

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Thea is naturally of olive skin, but it's already getting darker. She walks her way easily through the sand, like it's a second nature. She's even wearing a flowy like dress(bets there's a dagger hidden). A small bump shows under the gown, but she smiles a moment nontheless. Spying Alis, she gives a smile to her as well and a bow of her head. Denica gets a flutter of her fingers.

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Having arrived alongside the Whisper Larissa, Nazmir is clearly one of the outliers amongst the Northerners. Relishing his time in the sun, there's a healthy tan that has already taken hold and he seems all to happy to be out and about beneath the beating rays of the sun. Having done the welcoming rounds earlier on, a couple of drinks had been procured, along with a small plate of edibles before the pair had found a spot amongst the various seating arrangements that we available. With the mention of a game to be had, he had ensured that he indicated his desire to attempt and now, he's simply lounging, taking an idle sip of his drink as he converses quietly with Larissa while his gaze darts about the area, taking in those that have come to linger and enjoy the weather and games.

Nina, being of Setarco, is used to warm weather and is happy to let some sunlight caress her skin, which needs it from being inside working for so many winter months. She's wearing red on red, with most of her skin showing under starlight silk, and a flower perched in her hair. She's been drinking steadily since the party was underway.

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(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: If you would like to play the game, please +getinline

If you would like to enter the sandcastle contest:

oldcheck (dexterity or intellect) + (artwork or occult) at 30
And page Keely with the number!

Denica checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Nina checked dexterity + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

Nazmir checked intellect + artwork at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Alis checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Keely lights up when she sees Denica across the way, waving a skewer of roasted, cinnamon and honey-glazed peaches gently in the air to get her attention and then looking around in alarm as she definitely flung peachy syrup around in the process. Her cheeks grow a little rosier, though they are already a bit pink because someone forgot to wear a hat to the beach.

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It seems that it is a pair of outliers that joined the party as most those who've come attend in their finest beach wear that is most fitting for sun, sand, and surf. The Whisper Larissa however is wrapped in dusky rose silks that trail over the dunes in arriving with Nazmir. The women's thick dark locks are swept up into an artful array of loose curls that shimmer with rich mahogany and burnished auburn hues, set with two steel hairpins. She has however forgone her slippers, preferring to slip bare foot to let her toes sink and curl into the sand as drinks and food are gotten. From their idle musings and languid lounging her voice lifts in a soft sing, "It has to be a true red velvet with little candied cherries if it's going to be a bribe."

Catching Keely's wave, her smile grows and she waves back, seeming endeared to see the peach juice splatter about. Mouthing the words 'this is so much fun', she probably yelled them by mistake. That's okay, it's a party! Another drink please.

Alis returns Thea's wave, a smile appearing when the Countess is spotted. And for the moment, she continues to be content wandering around to stop and speak with whomever she comes across. Maybe to compare foodsticks, or drinks, or ask what the limbo thing is all about. She'll find out eventually.

Also wiggling fingers to Thea, she takes another sip of her drink, before storing it into the little sand rest, she's made while sitting there.

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With a drink and plate divested off in the direction of Larissa, Nazmir takes to munching on something from his plate before giving a low chuckle and a little shake of his head, "Well, then I suppose we'll just have to consider this not a bribe. An offering, perhaps, instead." A quick little smile is given and he's liftin g hand to wave in the direction of the others as his gaze darts about the beach, before he's looking back over in the direction of Larissa once again, "Do you know most of the people that have ventured out here? Or do I have to be polite and make introductions for you?"

The music grows a little louder from the game area, and attendants begin to usher participants and anyone who would like to watch nearer! To sweeten the lure, there are trays of fresh pineapple skewers and coconut cake bites being passed around exclusively over that way...

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:

The Bending Dance!

+getinline to play!

When it is your turn:

stat: strength, stamina or composure
skill: athletics, dodge, or performance

1. check stat + skill at normal
PASS: You made it thru round 1! Move on to step 2.
FAIL: You fell or touched the stick in round 1!

2. check stat + skill at hard
PASS: You made it thru round 2! Move on to step 3.
FAIL: You fell or touched the stick in round 2!

3. check stat + skill at daunting
PASS: You made it thru round 3! +getinline again!
FAIL: You fell or touched the stick in round 3!

This game is straight success/faill! You can use the gradient to determine your pose.

We'll do a second or third round if there are ties!

Turn in line: Denica

Denica checks composure and performance at normal. Botch! Denica fails badly.

Keely hops to her feet, dashing over to the limbo area, plucking a fresh drink from a passing tray on her way by and calling back a soft, "Thank you!" as she bounds across the sand.

Thea checks strength and dodge at normal. Thea is successful.

Sitting in the sand, Thea is putting some finishing touches on her sand castle. Which is likely a bit lopsidded. "I used to build these with my cousins from time to time. We'd make have wars and see who could destroys who's first." Because of course they did. It's here that Finn comes by, wagging his tail and knocking part of it over. Climbing to her feet, Thea grabs something to eat asks Alis with a grin,"How are you,"walking toward some stick. Thing.

It's time for a contest and Denica cannot get there quick enough, clearly someone has a wee bit of a competitive streak. Checking out the pole, her thick Islander brows lift upwards as she tries to figure out, exactly what she is going to do. Oh yes, she is eyeing it up, contemplating strategy, swiveling her hips to get ready. Then it's her turn. Denica is first. It's obvious the Thrax has no idea what she is doing, but that's never stopped her before. Quite the opposite, that's the time to rush in, and so she does. Oh so fast. Bending back, she is especially limber, too much so, she's not stopping, oh and that hat slips and covers her face, and she cannot see anything, and takes a step and SPLAT. Denica falls ceremoniously on her backside, into the sand with a splat. The hat covers her face, which is probably a good thing, she doesn't move, rather she raises up a hand and waves it. "I'm fine!," she mutters from underneath. "I just bruised my a....ego."

Turn in line: Alis

Alis had started to build a sand castle; but when a wash of water came through and knocked the haphazard creation over she shoved the rest of it into the water with her foot - "Not worth it if it can't withstand a water siege." she declares, taking up a walk alongside Thea again. "I'm alright, how are you? Oh, it's my turn!" After she rushes over to try and help Denica to her feet anyway.

Alis checks stamina and dodge at normal. Alis is successful.

Alis checks stamina and dodge at hard. Alis is successful.

Alis checks stamina and dodge at daunting. Alis marginally fails.

Keely gasps softly as Denica falls into the sand, and hurries over to assist. "Oh! Here, let me--" she says, offering her free hand to help her up. "Come, let's get some pineapple. It is delicious, but did you know that if you eat too much, it eats you back?"

There is a flicker of lash towards the plate that had been divested to her before Larissa gives a slight wrinkle of her nose. As Nazmir glances off towards the games the Whisper employs a slight of hand to make it disappear, which is naught more then quickly sliding it behind a stand of bottles set out on a table nearby. "An offering..." her mutters before smiling a little too quickly when the Prince glances back. "It was delightful, truly. Thank you." His offer of making introductions brings a loft of one slender dark brow. She slides back in her lounge chair. Beneath the silken layers of her skirts one knee lifts to slide over the other in the dappled shade of a large cabana overhead. "I'm perfectly capable of being left to my own devices without causing too much chaos. Besides, there's no curtains here to burn down." There's a brief flicker towards the canapy as she side eyes it. "Go, enjoy the games," she urges.

Alis watches what Denica is doing here and somewhat comically tilts her head to the side to try and figure the game out. "Ohhhhhh. Are people... nevermind." She's not going to voice her thoughts this time, Keely, you're welcome. Instead, she does that bending backwards thing to pass under the limbo stick - and somehow manages to do this successfully not just once, but also the second time when it's lowered further. "Hah!" she exclaims, feeling like she's got the hang of it. Until, round three. At that point, as she's passing under the bar and tries to bend back a liiiiiitle bit more, the telltale crack of stretching vertebrae (age? war injury? BOTH??) prompts maybe a bit of a wince and she unthinkingly starts to pull back upwards and doesn't catch herself in time. Limbo stick touched, oh no!

Thea is about to answer Alis, but she's darting for her turn. She looks at the castle and lifts an eyebrow. "Apparently needs better reinforcement,"before she sees Denica. She actually finds herself chuckling before going over to help her friend.

Turn in line: Nina

Nina checks composure and performance at normal. Botch! Nina fails badly.

The Redrain Prince does miss the slight of hand that his companion conducts, what with his attention over upon the area where the games are about to take place. When Nazmir looks back over towards her, there's a smile on his lips and a little dip of his head, "You're most welcome." That is then followed by the hint of a chuckle and a quick little curl of his lips to a grin, "There may be no curtains, but there's certainly enough wood to be burned." A soft tease and he's then glancing back, watching Denica and then Alis before he's glancing back to the Whisper, "Very well. Wish me luck!" He's then hopping up to his feet, only to meander over in the direction of the area where games are being conducted, a smile being given to Denica and a quick, "Good try!", only for him to offer up to Alis, "Good showing, Your Grace!"

Through the kind efforts of Alis, Keely and Thea, the small Thrax princess finds herself upright again and her brows lift upwards at the mention of pineapple. "So long as it's soaked in a lot of rum," she says of the suspicious fruit that eats you. "So do live octopuses," she murmurs, still catching her bearings, before she adjusts her hat and flashes a smile. Yup, just the ego bruised, she seems her content self in short order. "That was fun, dangerous and well fun," she says, offering all the women an appreciative smile, before she is soon cheering on the remaining contestants!

Nina gets up to enjoy the dance. Dancing is always great fun after all. The music has her pumping, and she waits for her turn in line to bend down. However... she's quite unfamiliar with this dance, and at first does not seem to understand the parameters of success! She eventually gets a try, leaning backward... but, slips and falls as she's leaning, getting her rump right in the sand and missing a beat besides. She tries to laugh it off, but only after standing up does she realize she's probably had a bit too much to drink already to do something so athletic as this! She's dizzy for a second, and grabs onto Thea's arm, as she's next in line, to get her balance and avoid tumbling again. "Oh! Sorry!" She starts to wipe herself off. "Um, good luck! I need another drink!"

Turn in line: Thea

"Should add that to The Gauntlet at Telmar Tower." Alis quips, when she's come back around from her attempt to watch the others. "Thank you, Your Highness. And good luck!" she calls back towards Nazmir, and stifles a bit of amusement for poor Nina. "The drinks are soooo good aren't they?" She holds out her arm for the other woman to try and get her balance with, since Thea's up next.

Keely steps back to watch Alis next, getting more and more excited the longer her patron stays on her feet. "Hooo!" she cheers softly, hopping up and down as she lines up to make her third pass. But-- oof. She winces, but knows better than to go fuss the highlord, and instead turns her attention elsewhere. "Prince Nazmir! I was hoping you would come. My, look at your bathing costume. I -adore- that color for you." She circles him, looking his attire over appraisingly before flashing a warm smile up to him. "Are y--" a wince as poor Nina bites it. "Well done, Miss Autumndale!" she calls politely, offering an encouraging smile, before looking back up to the prince. "Have you met Princess Denica Thrax? You should, after your turn, she is-- Princess Denica! Have you met Prince Nazmir Redrain?" She is now trying to call over to Denica but her voice doesn't carry well over the music.

Thea checks strength and dodge at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea checks strength and dodge at daunting. Thea is successful.

Thea helps Nina up with amusement. "It could have been worse,"wiping sand from her arm. Then she looks at the the stick. Watching the others, Thea formulates and plan and starts to arch her back. The first she manages without an issue. The second, she manuevers her body in a different way, but still--manages. It's the third. It's the third stick that gives her pause. "What the--,"Thea mutters. Taking a breath, she bends her knees and just starts to bend her back, bend her knees, and contort her body even lower. Managing to get under the third stick. She always a lithe thing, but Gods!

Turn in line: Nazmir

It doesn't take long for the games to begin and before Larissa can offer something in return, Alis already has it covered. The Whisper lifts a large shallow glass spiked with a few slices of pineapple on the sides towards Alis and Keely both. "You are both far kinder than I. I was going to say that I hope he doesn't split the seams on his swim trunks." That lift of a glass is as much of a toast as the woman pulls it back to her lips for a long, lingering sip.

Nazmir checks composure and performance at normal. Nazmir is successful.

Nazmir checks composure and performance at hard. Nazmir is successful.

Nazmir checks composure and performance at daunting. Nazmir fails.

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Alis whews, and winks at Keely for all of her cheering. But Thea, look at her go! "Nicely done!!" A whistle and applause for the Countess are enthusiastically given. When Larissa approaches and offers that quip, it definitely prompts a laugh out of her. "One could consider that a kindness though." she considers, with some amusement. "Because imagine if he /did/ split the seams on his swim trunks."

Nina grabs Alis's arm to steady herself next. "Oh, they are! And I guess they're much stronger than they taste! I had no idea until I was upside-down!" She giggles, since it's all in good fun. She waves to Keely and then watches Thea's excellent performance. She claps excitedly.

Dark eyes grow, and grow, and grow in size as Keely watches Thea take her turn, chattering softly with Nazmir beneath the music. "Hooo!" She cheers again, all smiles and a little too much sun. She hops up and down in the sand, spilling her drink over her hand in the process and so, by necessity, calming herself down. "Well done, Countess Thea!" she cheers gently, her smile impossibly wide. "Oh! Your highness, it is your turn!" she is ushering Nazmir excitably to the front of the line despite how he can walk on his own. She casts a small, puzzled smile in Larissa's direction, tipping her head to one side, before spotting Nina's wave and giving a cheerful one in return.

Taking another sip of her drink, and watching from under the safety of her hat, she winces a little as Nina falls, perhaps wondering if that is how she looked too. There is a smile give to her, before her attention drifts to Keely, who she smiles warmly at, and the introduction she is making to the Redrain prince. "Just some crimes and misdemeanours," she says of Nazmir with a small shrug of her bare shoulders giving the man a small wave and overly dramatic wink. But the hat probably hides most of it. Thea's talents are cheered, watching as her friend seems to have no issues with getting under the pole.

Liara, eventually, shows up to the party. For whatever reason, she has chosen to wear a circlet to the beach, but besides that is dressed generally appropriately for the occasion. There is fruit on a stick to be had, so she goes for some of that, then continues along to find herself a spot, with a suitably expansive umbrella over it, to settle down at.

"Oh, hello there Princess Denica!" That's offered with a quick smile and a waggle of fingertips in the direction of Denica before Nazmir is watching Nina at her attempt, smile on his lips, "Oooh. Good try!" But then Thea is actually succeeding at it and there's a quick little applause given, "Well done!" But when it's his turn, the Redrain Prince is ushered by Keely up to the line and eyeing it, "Clearly my height is no advantage at this game. Rigged, I say." There's a sideglance to Keely, a quick little grin and then he's beginning to move, body bending backwards at the waist as he dips down to slip underneath the stick. When it's then lowered, he mock grumbles and begins to move again, body bending even lower, hair almost dragging along the sand as he manages to walk himself underneath it a second time. That third attempt, though, is what really gives him troubles. When he bends back and begins to move, he doesn't even come close to making it. Instead, he misjudges the bend and legs wind up giving out on him, which has him flopping onto his back. He makes light of that fact, though, for he's then attempting to do the backstroke in the sand before finally hoping up to his feet as his gaze darts over towards Larissa, "Pfft. As if such a thing would ever happen to /me/."

Turn in line: Liara

Nazmir gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Thea smiles a bit embarrassedly. "Thank you,"her head bowing in sheepish acknowledgement. "Spying on my brothers all those years paid off,"she jokes now. She steps over to the group and lifts her eyebrow. "Did I hear pineapple,"part of her vision watching Nazmir.

Liara checks composure and dodge at normal. Critical Success! Liara is spectacularly successful.

"I guess I can go back to working on my sandcastle," Nina says, pleased to see that her beginning work hasn't yet fallen over. Though her usual artistic medium is cloth, she's gotten used to working in three dimensions and is building something quite structurally sound. It looks to be based on the shape of the Pravus ward concert hall, but she's adding some decorative posts in the back and then finally a few seashells she salvaged.

Liara checks composure and dodge at hard. Liara is successful.

Liara checks composure and dodge at daunting. Botch! Liara fails completely.

A large wince crosses Keely's young face as Nazmir falls into the sand, and she lifts a concoction of pineapple juice, coconut milk, and rum from the nearest attendant's tray, crossing to offer it to him with a grin once he is on his feet and out of dodge. "Artistic crimes and misdemeanors?" Keely wonders as she looks from he to Denica, eyes bright with interest.

"Very good attempt." Alis will half-applaud Nazmir's attempt there, and only half because she can't abandon Nina to her own balancing devices now can she? "My favorite is the one with the pineapple and coconut and rum I think. I really like that one." she shares. "The little umbrella and the cherry on top makes it perfect. And, you barely notice it's even alcohol." Hence, drunk a whole lot faster. "Should we find you a seat?"

There is a stick to try to walk under! So, fruit eaten, Liara goes to try to do just that - without her circlet, which she leaves back to mind the umbrella for her. "What is this game called?" she asks aloud. She makes an excellent showing of it at first, and it continues well as the stick gets lower, too. Then it stops going so well when the stick gets to its lowest point. Trying to lean down yet further to get below it, Liara instead just falls over backwards. Ofo. She's left spreadeagled in the sand, as if she's about to make some sort of sand angel, and blinks several times as she peers up at the offending stick, before simply bursting into sudden laughter.

Larissa lets her gaze slide towards Nazmir for Alis' comment. She gives a slow nod and muses back, "Would it be, though?" A smile tugs at the corners of her lips. She gives the large glass in her hand a low swirl before offering to Keely for the puzzled smile, "All in good fun!" But then Nazmir is ushered up and two successful passes are made. She makes a soft 'tch' of noise that turns into a short, clipped laugh as the third attempt lands the Prince on his back. She suddenly sweeps a hand into the lengths of her skirts to hoist them backwards with her as his backstroke casts sand everywhere. It allows her to catch a glimpse of Liara to which she calls, "We're going to be building sand castles to bury the Prince in if you'd care to join!" It might be true, just not necessarily in this location.

Nazmir is accepting the drink from Keely with a little smile and a murmured, "Thanks," before he's looking over in the direction of Alis, a quick chuckle escaping past his lips, "Clearly I need to shrink a little more before attempting such a game again." He does lift the drink to his lips, taking a small sip before lowering it back down to look to Keely once again, "Oh, long story." Then he's looking to watch as Liara makes an attempt, smile on his lips as he dips his head, "Good attempt, Your Grace!" The mention of burying him in a sand castle has his gaze /sliidddiiing/ over to Larissa, a brow arching a touch as he offers up, "That's gotta be one big sand castle."

"I love pineapple," Nina says, nodding in agreement. "I even used it in a perfume once! It might be becoming my favorite." She's rambling, but that's rum for you.

"Always," she winks at Keely, taking a sip of the tropical concoction, the princess takes out the umbrella and plucks the cherry free so she can enjoy it, before she starts to play with the little decoration. All the while, one of her assistants, continuously chases her around with the parasol. It might help, it might not, so far, she doesn't look too red. There is snacks to be had, and before she drinks too much in the sun, she meanders over in that direction. Looking over at Keely, perhaps for some guidance, she asks, "what is the most tastiest thing here?," she wonders, thick brows twisting together. At some point, she has forgone her sandals, and they are probably in different locations. It might have happened after her fall, toes seem to welcome their freedom and the opportunity to wiggle into the sand.

"It is called The Bending Dance!" Keely calls to her sister as she steps up to the pole, grinning broadly and bouncing in place as she watches intently, only to give another deep wince as she sprawls into the sand. "That was a wonderful try!" she calls softly in encouragement. Denica is pulling her attention and her eyes grow as she fervently suggests, "You must try the roasted peaches. There is a honey cinnamon sauce on them that is divine. But if you would prefer something savory, there is pork and different kinds of sauces to try on it!" Really there is nearly every food one might think of when they think cooking out of doors in this setting, plus some creative desserts on a stick as well! "I am going to tour the sandcastles shortly, last call for finishing touches!"

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman arrive, following Mattheu.

"Fair point." Alis returns, continuing to look amused as she addresses Larissa. "Pineapple in perfume, hmm. I don't think I've tried a fruity perfume before; I tend more towards florals with a bit of spice to them. Sweet just... doesn't suit me." she decides, helping the woman to a place where she can sit and be shaded. "Oh see, now those sound amazing, and I have to try them." she decides, referring to the peaches referenced by Keely. "Good thing I skipped lunch by accident. Hello, Your Grace! Nicely done at the... stick thing!" Her greeting for Liara.

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Turn in line: Mattheu

Mattheu checks strength and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

At some point after she has picked herself back up off the ground, and dusted at least some of the sand off her person, Liara replies to Larissa and Nazmir both, with a glimmer of a smile, her voice carrying easily and lightheartedly back across, "I could certainly try. Producing a sufficiently capacious castle may be challenging." More dusting off of herself follows, then her next words are directed between Keely and Alis, "I thought it was going rather well, but perhaps that is why it went the way that it did." Another amused smile follows as she opines, "The Bending Dance certainly sounds better than 'stick thing'. I hope you are well, your grace."

Nina thinks about Alis's comment. "That's a good point. If I join the perfume contest I'll have to decide carefully what notes to include in my final batch. But I like the fruity sweet ones!" says the woman who is indeed smelling mostly lemony and sunshine at the moment.

Mattheu checks strength and athletics at hard. Mattheu fails.

The line has been dismissed by Keely.

"I'm being technical." Alis quips back at Liara. "Sure 'stick thing' is an excellent technical description! And I am well, thank you. I hope you are too?" She seems intent on skipping the creative skill required to make a sand castle, and settles into a lounge chair with a parasol once she's sure Nina is also settled. "Honestly, if you prefer the fruity and sweet scents that is what you should make! I imagine you'd be at your best doing that rather than what someone else prefers."

"Peaches, my favourite," she says, seeming to opt for this snack, fingers still probably a little sandy from all the castle building, but the stick seems to mitigate this.

Once Liara is back on her feet, Keely skips across the sand and pops to her toes to press a sisterly peck to the Crownlands Highlord's cheek, apparently having enjoyed a few rum-with-exotic-fruit-juices if her giggles are anything to go by. "Have you met Princess Denica?" she asks yet again, this time of her sister. Apparently everyone present needs to know Denica!

The jingling of bells rolls along the winds as Mattheu wanders along the beach in each step finding another song of his bells reaching to sing out to those around him. A large smile upon his lips, only widening as he sees those that are already here. A little roll to his shoulders as he sees a dance taking place and while in line is stretching out to seek the best means to get as bendy as possible, as he comes up to being his turn he makes the bend just barely. Jumping back up with several chimes singing out while watching what is needed next and staring at the level of what is needed to bend to clear and simply shakes his head. "I don't know..." But the Rivenshari isn't about to stand down from the challenge and gives it a try, only to fall completely backwards an land within the sands. Both a laugh and roll out of the way, he's back upon his feet. Clapping at the sands now stuck between bells. "Where's the drink then?" and a quick look to Keely, "Ah! Princess Keely. There's a few more blooms about to open up. If you were to choose a single color what would you prefer?"

Thea gets a message and she lifts her eyebrow a touch. She shakes her head but nods back to Rocco. Looking over to Keely, she smiles a moment. "I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere. But thank you for hosting this. It's been nice way to welcome summer back."

Countess Thea Wyvernheart is announced as the winner of The Bending Dance! She is presented with a little charm that... well, it looks like a stick. It's hard to represent limbo with a tiny piece of metal okay!

Denica gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Thea takes a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Thea has left the Beneath Trees.

Mattheu checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

With her skirts in one hand, Larissa dips slightly to loop their lengths over her forearm instead to keep the delicate silk and crinoline from pooling in the sand. With her drink in her other hand she gestures towards Nazmir though her attention and words are turned to Liara. "You heard him. He didn't deny it." But then something in the distance tugs at her attention. "If you all will excuse me..." Her words draw off into a hushed quiet as the Whisper sets her drink down on a table near by before she slides off.

Keely bids a warm farewell to Thea, piling her with compliments on her limbo prowess as she makes her way across the beach, and then Mattheu draws her attention and she pauses to beam at him, her cheeks and the bridge of her nose showing the first signs of sunburn. "Lord Mattheu! You did so well, thank you for coming!" she enthuses softly. "Hmm. I am partial to blues at the moment," she says thoughtfully, lifting her drink for a sip.

"Don't encourage her," is what Nazmir offers to Liara, after murmuring something to Keely, his gaze then sliding over in the direction of Larissa once again to give a little chuckle. When she announces that she's taking her leave, he's dipping his head to her, smile on his lips, "Thanks for coming and watching me try and make a fool of myself." His glass is lifted to give a little waggle of a salute/wave in her direction.

Being met on her way over to the large umbrella she was seated under, Liara reacts to Keely's cheek kiss with a subtle arch of her eyebrows, though smiles all the same. "I have indeed met Princess Denica and she has been of excellent help to us." Another smile follows, this one directed at Denica. Liara then goes to resume her shady seat, from where she replies to Alis, "I am entirely splendid. Matters at Bastion proceed well. I wonder if sandcastles are within the scope of what I can manage." As it turns out, they are not. From her seated position, she goes to start making one. It does not go well. The wall is bumpy, an effort at a tower turns into a heap, and the moat just fills itself right back in. It may have helped if she got up to get some wet sand to use. She casts a quick smile towards the departing Larissa, then says to Nazmir, "I am entirely in favour of encouragement to make the most of parties."

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"I'm glad to hear that things proceed well there. Our offer to be of assistance however we can, of course, remains open." Alis relays sincerely, stirring her drink with the little umbrella before she takes another sip of it. "Nice to meet you!" is called out next, to the departing Larissa. Probably too late since she can barely see the woman at this point, but hopefully it's the thought that counts.

Turning his attention to Mattheu's attempt, Nazmir offers a quick little clap as he calls out, "Good try, Lord Mattheu!" Then, he's nodding to Denica as she takes her leave before looking back over in the direction of Liara, to give a warm laugh and a nod of his head, "Well, I can't argue with that logic, Your Grace. Such things do tend to parties that much more enjoyable, don't they?" That glass of his is brought back to his lips, another quick swallow taken before he's lowering it back down.

Mattheu mutters softly to himself, "blue..." then is quickly pulled out of his thought as Nazmir calls out to him, "HA! Prince Nazmir. It's good to see you when I'm not throwing my drink across the table. How are you today?" Looking over to Keely for a moment and raising a finger, "I think I know exactly with bloom to send over. Though, much more drink and laughter is needed first."

The prospect of a day at the beach was almost too much for Dino, a young man from the south who is accustomed to time spent under the sun's rays. He joins the festivities a bit late, dressed in beach gear and ready to work on his tan. An easy smile creases his face as he takes in the decor, and his brows lift as he spots games in progress. Might as well join in.

Dino checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

"Yes, please! They are cooking out of doors over there, do you see?" Keely is saying to Mattheu, who has definitely seen food cooked before, and out of doors no less, but the princess is enchanted. "Eat, drink, be merry! The sun will set soon and there will be drums for dancing by the bonfire!" And it's true. A very large bonfire is being prepared in the middle of the beach, near enough to the water should anything go awry. It is not yet lit, but piles of wood are being heaped, and drums are being toted over.

She has a soft conversation with Nazmir before she takes off toward the sandcastles for judging!

Nazmir murmurs something quietly with Keely before looking back over to Mattheu to give a laugh and a little shake of his head, "Next time, I'll do the drink throwing, hmmm?" A grin tugs to his lips, "But all things considered, I most certainly can't complain! How about yourself?" He does happen to catch sight of Dino's arrival, which has him lifting a hand to give a wave as he calls out, "Hello there person I don't know!"

What a unique and charming set of sandcastles! Keely meanders among them, some earning a 'Hm.' Some earning an, 'Ooh.' But in the end, there is one that stands out from the rest and, after a quick chat with the attendants, Nina Autumndale is announced as the winner! She is presented with a charm in the shape of a tiny sandcastle.

Nina is still putting a final seashell on her castle... standing up and stepping back to admire it and judge the balance. She is always a little unsatisfied with her artistic works at times and yet... when they are praised, she accepts the charm. "Oh! How lovely!!" She gives a bow, not being in the right sort of skirt for a real curtsey. "Thank you. This has been such a fun day!"

"Thank you, your grace," Liara offers as a brief but sincere reply to Alis, then she resumes her sandruin assembly. It gets bigger, and loses shape, turning to more of a mound as she tries to remedy the decrepit tower. She looks up at one point to reply to Nazmir, "Certainly, and the construction of large-scale sandcastles does appear to be in keeping with the theme, although perhaps burying a person is slightly more than was planned."

Dino spends some time manipulating the sand into what looks likes a castle. If you squint. From afar. Yet he seems proud of the attempt, laughing at responses he gets to it, and eventually applauding the winner of the event. That's when he notices someone calling out to him, and he lifts a hand to Nazmir. "Hello, stranger!" After a moment's hesitation, he decides to trudge over.

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The sun has set and a rather large bonfire is burning bright the middle of the beach, kept roaring by party attendants, who also serve to keep people from strolling, dancing, stumbling too close. A lively drum circle is beating out heart-pumping rhythms, and guests are drinking and dancing and eating food on sticks.

"Your castle is spectacular, Miss Autumndale," Keely informs Nina earnestly, smiling broad and warm as she is presented with a charm. "Have -you- met my sister, Highlord Liara Grayson?" Introductions everywhere! "Liara, this is Miss Nina Autumndale. Look at her sandcastle and then you should both come and dance!" The young princess has lost count of how many delicious and fruity beverages she has enjoyed, and she also seems to have lost the desire to keep track as well, plucking up yet another one as she wanders from the sandcastles. "You too!" she tells Alis, trying to pied piper everyone toward the fire. She skips to a halt near Nazmir and Mattheu, tilting her head and offering a bubbly, bright smile Dino's way. "Hello! I am Princess Keely Grayson, welcome to my beach party! Did you get a badger?" She offers no explanation for why he would have gotten a badger, but smiles expectantly anyway.

"Ah, it is nice to be formally introduced. Princess, it is a pleasure." Nina gives a sort of curtsey to Liara. She is covered in sand at this point, but dusts herself off. "If I can stop being half buried in a sandcastle perhaps we can dance! I'm not usually clumsy when I don't have to bend backward!"

"Congratulations!" Nazmir is calling that over in the direction of Nina when she's announced the winner. As Keely makes her way over, there's a smile given back to her before he's looking over towards Dino, a laugh falling past his lips, "An appropriate reply!" The other man gets a grin and then a little incline of his head and after Keely makes her introduction, he's following that with, "I'm Prince Nazmir Redrain. Welcome to the fun!"

"Princess. Prince." To each, Dino gives a slight bow, his smile ever-present. "Thank you for the warm welcome. This is exactly the kind of fun I was hoping for." He places an open palm against his chest to introduce himself. "I'm Dino Corsetina. Badgerless, actually, and suddenly feeling quite naked as a result." He chuckles and looks around for signs of the creatures.

Mattheu pats at the badger that sits within his pouch. It's eyes looking outwards from the small flap that leans upon head, a few other eyes looking out to the crowd as well, as if there's an entire family of plushies in the pouch just behind sharkie. He looks to Nazmir with a smirk, "Yes, you can throw all the drinks next time. I insist." A look to Keely, "A blue flower it will be then." Then he's wandering to look at the rest of the sandcastles. As Nina is offered the winning charm he claps at his chest while bells sing out. "It's an amazing piece. I love how it's nothing like mine and holds well to its frame." There's a laugh as he looks back to the bonfire, "who is up for a dance around the fire?"

Following the introductions, Liara smiles between Keely and Nina, then says to the latter, "We encountered one another at the party amid the many fountains, if you happen to recall that. A pleasure, all the same." She rises from the space next to her own somewhat distressing sandcastle to instead proceed closer to the fire. More fruit on a stick is available, and she stops to have some of this.

"We are!" a perhaps slightly tipsy Keely volunteers Nazmir, reaching aside to gently secure his arm. "The badgers are in the chest, Mister Corsetina! You should most certainly retrieve one, and then go ask Miss Nina Autumndale to dance with you." She beams at Dino, already attempting to lightly tug her pressganged partner toward the sound of the drums.

Liara gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

"Yes!" Nina raises her finger as she recalls, and smiles at Liara. "I love a good swim party, and so this is again." Hearing her name, she... pretends she didn't, but looks over just a little at Dino.

Mattheu takes a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Dino gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Nina gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

Mattheu puts a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume in beeswax sealed pouch.

"Yes. Get a badger!" Nazmir does lift a hand to point in the direction of Nina, "That's Mistress Autumndale. And that .." He points to Liara, "Is Her Grace, Highlord of Grayson, Princess Liara .." He than waggles a finger at Mattheu, "That one is Lord Mattheu Rivenshari." A glance around, "DID I GET EVERYONE?" Yes, he bellowed that out only to then look back to Mattheu, "Deal! I will send drinks flying next time." His arm is then snagged by Keely and he finds himself tugged over in the direction of the dance floor, a laugh falling past his lips as he offers up, "It seems I have been summoned to dance!"

Briar, the fleet and agile shrike, Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean arrive, following Aconite.

"No, you missed Highlord Alis Valardin," Keely says helpfully as she skips at Nazmir's side on the way toward the fire, already feeling the rhythm of the drums. "Do you know how to dance to just drums?" she asks the prince, looking somewhat uncertain herself but bouncing in the sand anyway.

Aconite gets a cuddly badger plushie with a silk bathing costume from a silk-lined chest of party favors.

"Nice to meet everyone." Dino glances first to Mattheu's call for a dance and nods, "That sounds like a good idea!" Then, he follows Keely's instructions to fish a badger out of a chest. He smiles at the little plushie, then turns it on Nina and moves its little arm, as if to say hello. "What do you say to that dance, Mistress Autumndale?"

Aconite strolls down towards the beach with her everpresent shadow. The darkly clad Champion takes a place over to the side of the festivities with his pipe while Aconite continues her graceful drift towards the fire.

Mattheu looks a little dejected as Dino goes to Nina over himself after calling out that a dance would be a good idea.

"Opps. Sorry Princess Alis!" That's randomly called out as Nazmir lifts a hand to motion in Alis' direction, for Dino's benefit, obviously! There's a grin on his lips at Keely's question, only for him to offer, "If there's a beat, I can find the rhythm in which to dance, my dearest Princess. And I do so promise /not/ to step on your feet."

Keely looks ready to explode with excitement. "Softest Whisper Aconite!" she squeals softly, beaming from ear to ear as she spies the woman so named. "Hello! Do you know how to dance to only drums? It occurs that I arranged for it and now... do not know what to do with my feet." Then she grins up at Nazmir at his remark. Everyone, partner or no, has started filtering over! Because drums are very fun to dance to regardless!

Alis might have napped for a few moments there, when she suddenly hears her name and her eyes fly open. "What? Wait, who missed what now?"

Aconite bows without faulter on the sand and she nods, "Of course I know how to dance to drums, Princess. Are we dancing, it would seem I arrived just in time then." The colorfully clad Whisper beams as she joins the others with nods and courtseys to others that she knows.

Mattheu looks to Keeely with a wide eyed, /are you kidding me/ then looks to Aconite. "Whisper. Shall I dance the same of which I did for your name and to teach the rest of those here how they can dance?"

Liara offers a ready smile to Nina, though otherwise doesn't distract from any imminent dancing, and when she is introduced to Dino by Nazmir, she gives a flutter of her fingers in a wave. Then, there's more fruit on a stick to be eaten, so that's what she occupies herself with.

Nina gives Dino a little wave with the fingers of one hand, or maybe, she's waving at the little plushie. She clearly finds this move charming. She nods with a grin. She looks at Mattheu for a moment, as if not realizing his offer of a dance was more direct and less community, but Dino is right in her eyesight and she looks back at him again. Others are pairing off of course, so the Suspire takes the hand of... Dino's plushie, and then looks at him with another twinkle in her eye. "Yes, let us dance!" she says, then moving her hand to his hand and walking with a skip out toward the bonfire.

"Everyone! This is Softest Whisper Aconite, one of the most resplendent women in all of the world. Softest, this... is everyone." Keely is very giggly and, perhaps, a little too merry now for proper introductions. "She is going to teach us how to do drum dancing!" And then she turns to watch Aconite, still holding Nazmir's arm and bouncing lightly to the drums. "Liara! Where is Alis? Go get her for dancing!"

"Introductions, Your Grace!" Nazmir calls that out to Alis, as if that will answer everything. Glancing back to Keely, there's a little laugh and an arch of a brow, "You setup the drum band and don't know what to do?" A little laugh and he's already letting the rhythm take hold, his body beginning to move with a liquid grace, feet lifting and stomping on occasion with the beat, "Just let the rhythm take you, Princess."

"Ah! Well, hello." Hopefully that will serve as a greeting to those she's unfamiliar with. "Ohhhh, that's quite alright Princess Keely. I'm just fine right here with food on a stick and a drink and a lounge chair! You have fun out there!" she encourages, a smile on her lips as her protege dances to the drum beat.

Dino catches Matheu's dejected look and winces, tilts his head, perhaps considering it to have been a call for everyone to dance. And everyone should! To Nina, who he has been paired up with, he gives a laugh and heads over to the bonfire. "I haven't had a dance like this since I arrived in Arc. Don't worry, though, that wasn't so long ago."

Aconite holds up her hands, "Your claim. Not mine." She laughs at the Grayson Princess as she joins them in the dancing circle, "I do know some of you, though." She nods to Nazmir and grins brightly at Nina and Mattheu. She steps into the circle and starts to move with the rhythm of the drums. The tall Eurusi Whisper is a born dancer and she begins to practically flow in time to the beat.

Mattheu gives a few jingly hops upon the sands before looking to the others as they take to pairing off in the typical Avarni style of dance and starts to laugh. A nod to Nazmir, "Yes. Just stomp away." Then another look to Aconite as he starts stepping backwards to the fires, allowing their tall blaze to make a silhouette of him. As if she might have seen this dance before in a crowded tavern... Each step that Mattheu takes is in precision with the drum's beat. A rise of hip, a fall to balance upon full ball of foot within the sands. As Dino calls out to him he opens his yes and nods softly, while wiggling his hips into a full cascade of bells singing out almost as if timed perfectly to the drums playing.

Keely checks dexterity and performance at hard. Keely fails.

Liara relays back to Keely, though not before some low laughter at Alis' reply, "Princess Alis is otherwise occupied with food on a stick, a drink, and a lounge chair, and exhorts you to have fun." The whole dancing in the sand thing seems to be unfamiliar to Liara too, and she hangs back to watch how it goes.

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Nina takes Dino's actual hand now rather than the hand of his plushie companion, and continues to move toward the fire. With the drums, she moves gracefully, even though she's also quite inebriated by this point and had an earlier stumble. The bit of silk skirt that she's wearing sways around as she shakes her hips. Though she's wearing very little metal, the sparkle of her starlight silk is enough to catch the firelight.

Keely is a ballroom dancer. She is used to solid floors and shoes and structured, predictable songs. Also she has had a lot of rum. And so, when she gives herself a shake and closes her eyes, she does indeed let the rhythm move her... right into Nazmir. Crash! She falls into the sand and just starts giggling helplessly, covering her face with both hands. "I don't think the rhythm likes me!" she tells her would-be partner through her fit of laughter, petite shoulders shaking with mirth.

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Alis looks quite happy with her bounty, and the view! "Thank you, Your Grace. The food is good, what can I say? And I'd hate to ruin our excellent working relationship by tripping on you." is added playfully. Though she /is/ enjoying watching people try to dance in sand. Really!

Alis is overheard praising Nazmir.

Keely is overheard praising Thea: Excellent limboing

Keely is overheard praising Nina: Excellent sandcastling

Aconiteis having quite the time, tough she's not really dancing seriously she seems comfortable with dancing on sand and to the beat of a drum. She cheers happily for the others who dance as well and chuckles at Keely. "Harder than dancing on marble, hmm?"

For a Northerner, Nazmir seems oddly comfortable on the sand, bare feet and all. And he's just as comfortable with the beat of the drums as he is in a ballroom setting, though he isn't quite able to escape the crash of a Keely into him, but he uses that little momentum to spin his body until he's back facing her, a grin on his lips, "I think it likes you just fine." His body bends low, feet stamping and hands reaching out to simply scoop the Princess back up to her feet, the dance never breaking as he then leads her into a little heavy beat inspired twirl.

Keely is overheard praising Nazmir: Bless your dancing abilities.

Dino takes Nina's hand as the pair head off to the fire. His eyes dart about at the other dancers and he laughs when he feels the heat coming off the bonfire. Mattheu's bells get a chuckle and a smirk, Nazmir gets a moment of jaw-drop, then Keely a wince. Finally, to Nina, he settles into the kind of dance one might find throughout Setarco, meeting her movements with his own less-daring ones. "You're an excellent dancer," he offers, turning once and kick up some sand around him.

Keely checks dexterity and performance at hard. Keely is successful.

Each step nearly has a precision to it, allowing the sands to slip around Mattheu's feet before he hops again and takes to walking within the sands on his hands. Feet in the air, bent a little towards the direction in which he bounces and continues to move before slipping over upon his feet again to stand up in a loud cascade of bells and large smile. Looking over to Aconite and Dino again.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Aconite laughs lifting a brow at Mattheu, "I don't know if I should take such a challenge." She teases and looks around and then moves over to slip out of her shoes and pulls off her stockings so she's on bare feet. And then back to the circle she goes and she closes her eyes and again lets the rhythm take her.

Aconite checks dexterity and performance at hard. Aconite marginally fails.

Nina is overheard praising Keely: A wonderful party!

Keely is still bubbling with laughter as Nazmir drags her to her feet, and she flashes him a sheepish smile, dusting her clothes off. She peeks back, watching Aconite more closely as she answers, "Sand is like a marble floor... just billions and billions of tiny versions." She gathers the skirt of her flowing dress, beginning with her shoulders this time instead of risking her feet first. That seems to go well, so she adds in some subtle movements of her hips. Nothing flashy or sultry, just a little wiggle to get into the beat. THEN her feet are added to the mix! And soon she is prancing around her partner, doing more of a skipping than a stomping motion but seeming to, at least, remain upright. "Liara come dance!" she calls to her older sister, not about to let her sneak off like her fellow Highlord did.

Aconite digs her toes in the sand and looks up at the sky again and exhales, "It's been a while.." She tells herself but she attempts to throw herself into a back handspring but.. topples into the sand with a terrible sputter followed by a warbling laugh. "Too long. MY mother would die of shame." She continues to laugh and waves at Keely, "It seems as if you've the right idea, Princess."

As Keely begins to get into the movements and prance around him, Nazmir is giving a laugh and a nod of his head, "You're getting it now." Each movement has him turning in time with the way that his partner prances around, his body swaying from his shoulders, to his hips and to the movement of his feet as they lift and lower. Catching Aconite's little tumble into the sand, there's a little laugh, "Ooh. Are we supposed to all dance down into the sand!?" Then, it's over to Liara, "Yes! Come join the fun, Your Grace!"

Keely checks dexterity and performance at normal. Keely is successful.

"Thank you! As are you!" Nina says, dancing in time with Dino as the music keeps moving. As he kicks up a bit of sand, she leans back, but then leans in, as her thin shoes are designed for sand and she's got her footing now. "It's always wonderful to meet someone who can keep a pace."

There is no time for Keely to even look alarmed before Aconite is swarmed with several attendants to help her to her feet, if she desires their assistance. "Please do not break your bones at my party! Prince Noah will be offended that someone is trying to take his getting-injured-at-Keely-parties title away!" the princess calls to the Softest Whisper as she continues frolicking around the fire. She skips over near Mattheu next, prancing a ring around him, then around Dino and Nina, then circles back the other way to return to her partner.

Aconite is helped up and shakes the sand free of herself, grinning at Nazmir with a scoff. She waves the attendants on, "Shoo, shoo, I've fallen many times before this and will again." She laughs a bit and then begins to dance agasin, without the thearics, simply moving with the sound of the music, "I am fine, Princess Keely, I've fallen harder off my horse." To Matteu she notes, "You win this round."

Nazmir checks dexterity and performance at hard. Nazmir marginally fails.

As Keely scamper-dances off in the direction of Mattheu and then Nina and Dino, Nazmir continues on with his dance, though this time when the beat hits just right, he's attempting a back flip. It looks good, right up until the landing, where he manages to catch only one foot in the sand and he wobbles and teeters a moment before suddenly tipping over to plunge down onto his back. There's a laugh that falls past his lips and the Redrain Prince begins to dance /in the sand/, body swaying and wiggling and looking utterly ridiculous as a result of it .. though he doesn't seem to care.

Keely checks dexterity and performance at normal. Keely is successful.

Liara checks dexterity and performance at normal. Liara is successful.

Dino leans in, then back, matching Nina's movements with his own. "I'll try!" he says, laughing and catching sight of Mattheu's display. "We're on to handstands already?" He'll have to give that a try in a moment, because the princess is soon dancing circles around him and Nina. "Lovely night," he says, lifting his badger overhead as the drums pick up their pace.

"Isn't it?" Keely calls back to Dino, flashing he and Nina a brilliant smile. She skips her way back to Nazmir where he is writhing around in the sand, looking a little worried but also deeply tickled by the way he is sand-dancing. She takes to hopping over his shins, back and forth to the beat a few times before hopping to a halt and bending to offer him a delicate hand up. "You are going to get sand in unpleasant places," she warns him with a quiet giggle.

Liara takes a moment to finish up her fruit on a stick then, after finding someone to hand said stick off to, she goes to join Keely. She replies to Nazmir on her way along, "I will certainly try, although this is a most unusual type of dancing. It rather resembles hopping." She elects to avoid taking any sort of partner and, despite the initial evident unfamiliarity with moving on sand, she makes a good showing of it - it is, as one who knew Liara six or seven years back might observe, very much a dance with lots of stomping, clapping, and generally brisk rhythm in it that she would have been known for, all in time with the drums.

Nina laughs again at the comment about sand. "Indeed. I'm going to need a real bath after this!" She leans in toward Dino. "Of course, I know a place," she adds, a bit drunkenly but mostly just good naturedly. The backflip catches her eye.. and she looks quite impressed at Nazmir's athleticism, but not going to attempt something that bold herself.

Nazmir laughs when Keely comes to dance above him, offering up a quick, "Look, I invented a new dance!" He continues that little sand wriggling around for a moment before a hand is offered to him, to which he accepts so that he can draw himself back up to his feet, a laugh falling past his lips, "Very possible! Worth it for the fun, though." His gaze darts over in the direction of Liara, smile on his lips, "It's a little of that, but you just have to move your body with the hopping and stomping."

"On to?" Mattheu smirks back to dino, "I tend to just start there and see what happens. even if it means knocking over a cake display." Mattheu laughs and brushes sand from his hands off over the scarves that line his clothing. Each with a bell singing out as he does so. "And you? What level of dance do you start at?"

Keely checks dexterity and performance at hard. Keely is successful.

Aconite checks dexterity and performance at normal. Aconite is successful.

Dino checks dexterity and performance at normal. Dino is successful.

Nazmir checks dexterity and performance at normal. Nazmir is successful.

Aconite is back to dancing, a swirl of rainbows and laughter as she watches the others though she does keep her space from the other dancers.

Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at hard. Mattheu is successful.

Neither will Dino attempt a backflip just yet. The night is young, though. He keeps up his dance, hips and shoulders rolling, body turning round and round slowly. His long hair sweeps about him, as does his light shirt, left open for tanning earlier. Nina's comment gets a grin, and Mattheu's a quick shrug. "Honestly? The level that puts me near a good drink. Would anyone like to join me for one?" He has yet to partake, unlike some (all?) of the others enjoying this dance.

It's Keely's turn to try a stunt! "I think I can still do it," she mumbles, more to herself than anything, before turning to whisper something to Nazmir. She gives him a slightly nervous smile, nodding a few times, and taking one of his hands and skipping out to the side so their arms are entirely extended. She flashes a wider smile, then skips back toward him and turns, rolling her back across his and kicking her legs out into a graceful fan made all the more beautiful by the flow of her long skirt, before landing on both feet on the other side. "It worked!" she gasps, jumping around her partner excitedly and looking entirely surprised

Leaning in as something is whispered to him, Nazmir gives a little laugh and a nod of his head as he's guided out, arms drawn out. When she comes to then roll her back across his, he's arching a bit, gaze lifting to watch her land .. or to make sure that she lands. When he catches the fact that she does, there's a quick grin on his lips and a little dip of his head, "Well done! I'll avoid trying such a thing. Clearly it's not my night for anything of that sort."

A whole lot of general stomping and clapping later, Liara withdraws from the space about the fire. She's smiling and in good spirits, and on her way off, she helps herself to more fruit on a stick.

The dancing goes on late into the night, the drums fading right around the time cranky people on this side of the city want to sleep and start yelling out their windows about 'that confounded racket!' Little by little, guests trickle off, by themselves, in pairs, in groups, wandering home are farther out onto the beach, or sneaking into a cabana to sleep right here because those fruity drinks went down a little too easy.

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