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Patron & Protege Hunt - Afternoon Picnic

Seeking a Patron? Seeking a Protege? Come join the large Picnic of Arx in attempt to find your perfect match!

Your mission is simple: Bring a basket of your favorite food and wander around convincing others of its superiority! It can be a drink, sweets, fruit or whatever comes to mind.

Found someone you might have common ground with? Sit with them and check what else you have in common and if it can blossom to anything more!

Those who require assistance are welcome to approach the Laurent Kitchen, The Dire Bee Lounge or The Cider Bee Fire House and place an order of a basket of their favorite food, courtsey of House Laurent.

[ooc: No need to actually bring anything physical. Its just an aide for mingling].


April 3, 2022, noon

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Lena Mattheu Iliana Renata Macda Terese Kritr Jamie Sunaia Cassiopeia Erik Aella



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Comments and Log

A beautiful afternoon at the Beach of Arx has a comfortable sunshine and some breeze from the sea, making gowns flap away in the wind. Mabelle is standing by the picnic table which is laden with... wait for it, its shocking, cakes. She can sell cakes to a .. well to everyone. She is waiting to see who will come and mingle, clad in a very very pink dress. What? Its spring.

Violeta Emili, a Ravashari smuggler dressed as the wind, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman arrive, following Mattheu.

Lena arrives, unhappy about trudging through sand, by smiling nevertheless. With her she carries a bottle of cheap red wine. "Good afternoon," she offers the greeting from afar as she makes her way towards Mabelle and her army of cakes.

Mattheu's pouches upon his sash belt look a little plumper than usual, the smell of freshly baked ginger cookies surrounds him as he jingles in his walk towards the beaches.

6 First Legion Centurions, Sparrow, an enthusiastic and bubbly assistant arrive, following Renata.

The Marquessa-Consort of the Leaholdt is not dressed as many might for a picnic; instead, Iliana wears armor as is her want to most places in her life. She has at least set aside any helm, letting her black curls loose in the sea winds. Beside her, carrying a basket proudly, is a young girl of no more than eight years that looks very much like a miniature of her mother, except that her eyes shade grey rather than blue. She has also been clad into a pink dress of a rosy hue for this outing, and she's muttering: "It couldn't hurt if I had /one/. No one would notice."

"Resistance to temptation is a lesson that will pay off in dividends in the long run, Valitina," Iliana replies firmly, before her gaze searches out Mabelle and she grins for her cousin and also makes her way to converge on her with Lena.

Keg, a warhorse arrives, following Kritr.

Hermeline, a russet vixen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Terese.

Renata seems to be a little worse for wear but she's still coming down the beaches, nervously... A wary gaze on the shore and sea water that laps at it. Certainly not the first impression she'd want anyone to see of her but it's been a long night no less. Still though, she's got a warm, and friendly smile along her lips and is making way to everyone gathered around. Sparrow, her assistant, is walking a few paces behind her along with six Pravus Guards adorned in armor and house colors, they seem to be keeping a /very/ watchful eye on the Princess. "I hope I'm not to late!" she says in a musical lilt as she makes way down the dunes. Eventually closing the gap between her and the guests.

Mabelle opts to be loud today, "Hello Lena, Hello Marqueesa Iliana, this is Lena, she is an aspiring actress and a costumer", she draws on her Oathlands accent to notes that costumer means someone who makes costumes, So fashion and Art at one!", she indicates the woman and notes, "Marquessa Iliana is a talented Knight that in youth, I did not wish to anger!", that sums it.

She next indicates Mattheu, "Lord Rivenshari is an entertainer and a very brave man, good with the sword and with a bell and I can smell the ginger cookies. Bring one here, please!"

Macda found a compromise between dresses and armor and she arrives with a basket that clinks a lot over one arm, bottles of beer inside. The salty air is doing nothing for the veritable puff that is her hair. "Afternoon! Oh, just in time."

Mattheu takes to slipping his toes into the sand of the beach while looking around and pulls out a ginger cookie from the lower pouch. The upper pouch's flap is pushed back a little where several small eyes from various plushies look out as if they are all surveying the world from the safety within their cozy spot upon Mattheu's belt. A nibble of the cookie is taken as he looks over to Mabelle with a grin, his cookie stuck in his mouth as he slips another from pouch to hand over to Mabelle. With cookie still between his lips, a mumbled greeting. "La'y Mab'l'e." He chews upon the ginger cookie and looks to the others, with a soft smile as he swallows hard. "Yes. I'm seeking a protege, hopefully someone that is interested in some wandering, seeing where the wind takes us. A love for the amusements in life."

Terese walks in looking pale and zombish like she is about to collapse any moment. She sees Renata and head over towards her, looking a bit worried and urgent, nothing else seems off about Terese/ she is in her usual armor, others get a respectful bow of her head the poor Princess has low energy as she whispers something to Renata

Lena dips in a flourish of a curtsy, "How good to meet you," she straightens, presenting an unpretentious green bottle - sans label - sloshing around with red liquid, "I brought cheap red wine. It is my favourite." The words are accompanied by a cheeky smile, "It is effective, cost efficient, filling, brings me joy, and leaves me money for lace." She seems rather good-humored despite the unpretentious, practical statement.

Mabelle continues booming introductions of people as they walk in, happily holding onto her ginger cookie as she mentions to him, "Well there will be several of those, we will find you one eventually. Princess RENATA! The charitable and sweet And Princess Macda which scares me a little, but look how pretty", she is of good cheer, grinning at Macda. She looks around to see who else is here, "Oh Princess Terese, hello! The Princess Recently started a new academy for knights, ILIANA", she directs her cousin toward Terese.

"Hello, Mistress Lena," Iliana offers with an easy smile, despite the fact that a sword hangs at her side, a spear sheathed at her well-armored back. She nods to the young girl next to her, telling her, "Ok, you can give her one." The young girl reaches into the basket and pulls out a steak sandwich, wrapped in wax paper, and holds it out politely to Lena. "I figured my cousin would have plenty of dessert--," Iliana's gaze roams the table of cakes, "and it seems I wasn't wrong, so perhaps you might like something of a sandwich first." She grins as Lena offers the wine, adding: "I like cheap red wine too."

Kritr has brought a slab of meat. It is twenty pounds of beef, slow roasted for more than half a day, crusted in simple salt and pepper and served on slices of raised bread.

a blue and gold macaw, Renard arrive, following Vitalis.

Lena smiles, encountering the child's kindness with an unprepared awkwardness, "Oh..." She reaches out, collecting the sandwich from the girl with a peculiar smile, "Thank you. That is very kind." It is painfully clear that she does not interact with children often. She almost offers the girl a drink, but thinks better of it, instead presenting the bottle to Iliana, "Please, help yerself."

Lena leaves the bottle on a table nearby and slips out, back up the beach.

Renata is fluttering fingers in the direction of Mabelle, her gaze taking in the scenery and people that are entering. She catches glimpse of Terese who makes her way towards her and offers a quirk of a brow before leaning in to hear the whisper for her. An exchange of soft words before the Princess is eyeing Kritr who is /unfortunately/ bringing a slab of meat to which the Princess gags, a hand going to cover her mouth for a more presentable lady-like appearance. A slow exhale to compose herself and she's returning that hand to clasp in front of her.

Iliana is quick to look around when directed, though there's a quick tip of her head and a furrow of concern in her brow as she catches sight of Terese's manner and appearance. Zombies are always a bit concerning. She sketches a bit of a salute towards Terese, before grinning at Lena. "I will!" She takes the bottle of wine, scanning for a cup, but she abandons that to take a swig directly from the bottle and offering it back. "Sorry, I hope you don't mind-- Couldn't find a cup."

Mabelle's nose wiggles in the direction of Iliana's sandwhich but then Kritr enters with a really large slab of meat and she only eats cake in public and how did she end up digging that hole for herself? "Lord Clearlake", she greets Kritr, "Is a very wise man with invaluable advice that used to be my protege and now I have to watch him find another. Life is unfair", she grins.

Terese finishes her whispering to Renata then looks like she might vomit at the sight of food but offers a smile to Mabelle. "Thank you Lady Mabelle, no food for me but maybe a drink," she says respectfully. "Good turn out so far though, I think I may have eatten something foul last night, was up all night. Sick, forgive me," she says, offering a salute in return to Iliana but it's very low energy

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes, Parker, a quietly assertive servant arrive, following Sunaia.

6 Arakkoan Free Guards, Flopio, a soft grey rabbit with huge floppy ears, Sunshine, a golden peach blonde palfrey, Councilor Aresea, a strong and wizened Quartheen woman arrive, following Cassiopeia.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Iliana before departing.

Quinten, the Quintessential Coadjutant, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador arrive, following Erik.

Macda snorts a laugh, "Weeding out my prospects a little early there, don't you think? Scary." She twists a little while looking over herself, her blues and greens, her shining knuckle duster... "Bah."

Mabelle grins apologetically at Macda, "Good scary! Not bad scary. I ... maybe I will let you introduce yourself", she laughs

The Picnic is ongoing with people sharing all sorts of foods while Mabelle sometimes calls out who they are to get the conversation going.

Kritr nods his head when Mabelle mentions his name. "I am serving auroch brisket. It is cooked low and slow in indirect heat for more than half a day. This has only salt and pepper so you taste the meat of the North, not sauces or flavors. Come. Take a slice."

Mattheu continues to roam in a spin upon the beach, barefoot a twirl of color and laughter. Ginger cookies are handed out to any that are within reaching distance, and even to some which are not as he throws a cookie towards them.

"Ok, now you may have one, and then /one/ slice of cake after," Iliana murmurs to her daughter, sending her off to be seated at the picnic table under her nurse's watchful eye. She pauses as a messenger approaches her, reading it with a thoughtful hum, before she gives it to her own lady's maid.

Renata waves a hand to her assistant, Sparrow, who is now bringing up a bottle of Setarcan Red wine for the Princess to hold, a nod of thanks and she's meandering around. Mattheu gets a friendly little wave, "Hello Lord Mattheu." the Princess calls out, however, she is not taking a cookie even if they might look awfully delicious. Doesn't seem she has the stomach for anymore food today.

Terese also is avoiding any food as she sips her drink and tries to mingle as well. "How are you doing Lord Kritr," she questions, trying to not gag at the sight of food. "It is lovely to meet you Marquessa Iliana, Hello again Lord Mattheu," she offers to anyone she knows and sees off hand

Jamie's not been too out and about since his return to the capital, but he here finds himself at the beach with a small throng of people. Even for those faces he recognizes, there's little more than a terse nod given. But a picnic means forward and a man of his stature needs calories. He scans that which is laid out and spots a leg of venison. He waits and sees many avoiding the food, but he moves to take some, muttering soft, but earnest apologies if he gets in anyone's way.

Kritr nods his head to Terese. "Are you unwell Princess Terese?" He wonders.

Finding her way down to the beach, Sunaia looks charmed to find a wealth of foods and drinks being served. Her white eyes make their way around the gathered but she looks for fruit, oranges might be too early in the season, and maybe tea to drink. She had a Lycene name but she appeared as her Ashford family often turn up: pale. "Lady Mabelle, kind of you to gather everyone for a hunt."

"You as well, your highness," Iliana offers. "I hope your stomach settles soon. I really hate when mine is upset." But then, she's obtaining a sandwich of Ktir's steak, explaining before she takes a hearty bite: "I also brought steak sandwiches! Figure I should try the competition's." It's said with a grin, though, without any seriousness about competition.

Mattheu watches as several push the cookies back to him and there's a small ripple to his smile while he now has a pile of cookies in his hands. A jingling of bells as he shakes his head, "Princess Renata, Princess Terese? Neight of you would like a cookie? The ginger is good for upset tummies."

It's a beautiful spring day, and Cassiopeia arrives perched on her golden palfrey. Hopping off with ease, she tethers her horse just on the outskirts of the beach. Leaving her with an apple, and a gentle touch, before the young Marquessa wanders towards the sand, with an easy and relaxed gait. Standing taller than most, she wears a warm smile on her face, and takes the time to remove her shoes, so she can walk barefoot in the sand. Late, time seems relative to her, and she is here when she needs to be. There are so many unfamiliar faces, she glances around, no doubt encouraging herself to push into the fray. The large hat she wears flops about with each move, seeming to cast shadows across her golden face. Dangling her sandals in one hand, she is accompanied by a even taller, and much more stoic looking woman. Cassiopeia murmurs something about how much she misses fresh tropical fruit the moment she sees the sand and surf. Perhaps it's triggers a memory, and she is lamenting about the lack of fresh mango in the mornings and she gets a nostalgic look in her eyes, like maybe she just misses her home.

Erik comes up from the beach rather than down from the path, having taken the scenic route to get here. There is only a little and on him, obviously someone has taken the time to brush him off and make him more presentable again before he was allowed to join the crowd for the picnic. And apparently just in time for the magic word 'Steak'.

Mabelle smiles upon Jamie's arrival, "Lord Greenmarch, hello there, I was unaware you have returned to the city. Please help yourself to some food! Do you know Marquessa Iliana Leary? She is my cousin. And this is Princess Terese Valardin and Princess Macda Grayson, might be potential interests for you."

She admits to Kritr, "There was a party, I just treated a very sick Marquis Tessere, Oh SUNAIA!!! Hello! Lady Malesparo here is a very enthusiastic explorer!" She sniffs again toward Iliana's sandwiches.

"I think it must have been something I ate last night or perhaps my eyes being bigger then my stomach," Terese says and shakes her head, looking like vomiting as more food is talked about. "Maybe some ginger tea or something, I really do not think I could eat," she says. "Thank you though, I am sure I will be fine soon," she murmers.

Kritr nods to Iliana. "But it is not a competition!" He boasts loudly. "It is a celebration of two cultures, with good food. I will try your sandwich also. I am very hungry."

"I'm scary in a good way," Macda pipes in, dimples deep around her grin. She pulls one of the beer bottles from her basket, opens it and samples it for herself. "So I'm fuzzy on the details... I'm wooing proteges with my excellent taste in grain products?"

Renata offers an apologetic expression, "No thank you. I'm quite.. ah, full after last night. They smell nice, though." she nods at that, looking a bit shy around soo many people. When Renata spots Jamie, she gives a little wave of familiarity but doesn't out the Greenmarch Lord with a call across the sands. There is a soft little swallow and the Princess is saying to Mattheu, "Just looking for potential proteges. You as well?"

Iliana eyes the beer with her mouth full of steak sandwich, swallowing first before she offers to Macda: "I am often wooed with beer."

Mabelle nudges Kritr toward Macda, "Look Beer. Oh Look, Taffy! Hello Erik! Hello Marquessa Cassiopeia, One is a lovely dog, one is a talented sailor slash explorer and the third is a charitable, sweet , fashionable, fierce Marquessa, Guess which is which".

Mattheu nods as he the pile of cookies are slipped into the pouch with its flap folded back for the plushies to see out from. To Terese:

Mabelle's greeting is returned with a tight smile and he's got half of a deer leg atop his plate before she rattles off a few names. He looks from one to the other and shakes his head. "I don't think I've had the pleasure." He looks to Iliana, Terese and Macda. Whether or not they heard the introductions or not, he doesn't seem overly concerns. "Thank you, my lady." That to Mabelle before he puts names to faces. The look from Renata is caught and he bows respectfully before easing away to a relatively isolated place on the beach to eat and listen.

Mattheu nods as he the pile of cookies are slipped into the pouch with its flap folded back for the plushies to see out from. A grin towards Terese, "That is fair Princess Terese. There'll always be more available later." Then looking to Renata, "Yes. I am seeking out a protege as well. I already have an absolutely lovely patron, I wouldn't trade her for anything the world might ever try to offer. Though I am finding it difficult in finding another to be able to romp and learn with."

Sunaia looks at Taffy and then Erik and Cassiopeia. "I can guess the fashionable Marquessa, at least. Unless you too, also like sailing and exploring. Maybe it was a trick." A teasing grin was given towards Erik, and she glanced for tea maybe at the mention of it. The crowd contained many faces she didn't have much of a reference for.

Kritr obediently goes over to to collect a beer. "Princess Macda." He greets. "This goes well with a sandwich."

Mabelle winks to Jamie and lets him get his bearings while she moves toward Iliana, "I want a sandwich, but do not tell anyone", because they are not in a public place.

Renata is standing next to Mattheu, one of the more familiar faces within the crowd gathered here at the beach. "Ah, yes.. I don't have a patron. It's very hard finding one of those as a Princess. Unless, it's a high lord or lady, queen or king." she chuckles softly, "But finding a protégé is proving to be even more difficult. What are you looking for? Perhaps I can be of some help." the Pravus Princess notes, "Its also very hard being a vegetarian." a nervous laugh is given to everyone calling out for steak sandwiches, in which, the princess is diverting her eyes from.

"Thank you Lord Mattheu..I myself am looking for a Patron," Terese says. "Prehaps a protege since Akamos no longer really needs my help," she states. "I guess I will figure it out hopefully," she replies. She is trying so hard to be polite though the sound of food is repulsing

Iliana whispers, "I can have Valitina slip you one, and then you can take bites behind my back," in a sotto voice to her cousin, her cornflower blue eyes dancing with easy amusement.

Erik immediately loses Taffy's attention to Mabelle, a quirky simple on his face, "Well met again, Mabelle, I see how it is, Taffy gets greeted before me. But you are still a good girl!", the last being said to Taffy. "We both seem to have picked up on the scent of food?" He eyes the beer "and of the liquid variety too?"
Erik returns a smile to Sunaia, "Taffy sure has quite the exploratory genes too.."

"Clearlake," Mac's grin broadens for Kritr, dimples pitting deeper. She tucks her opened bottle upright into the basket before fishing out a new bottle for him. "Nobody's scooped you up yet, or are you hunting for proteges too? Aye, let's have a trade then. You cook this yourself?"

"I did." Kritr replies to Macda. "Meat is much easier to cook than cake."

The young woman seems delighted by everything, or perhaps that's just how she is, a smile forms and it warms when Mabelle makes the comment, a bit of red flushing in her cheeks. Not one to miss the chance for a little humour, she says to Sunaia, "I do have the heart of an adventuress and love nothing more than the sea air, and the open sea, but I am afraid my talents are reduced to merely sneaking onboard and my ability to bury bones in the yard and dig them up, is severely lacking." A beat, "well met everyone," she murmurs, before she is distracted by the snacks on offer. What was she her for? Food? Something? Who knows. It's a nice day!

Mabelle eyes Erik a moment, chuckling, "I am a good girl", she grins at him and spies on Macda and Kritr. Her eyes then land on Cassiopeia and bunches her together with Erik and Sunaia, "There you go"

Iliana laughs quietly, grinning to Mabelle. She asks of her cousin, "Did you find a Champion yet?"

"I recommend Caspian Wild if a champion is needed," Terese suggests as she is mingling and avoiding and food, sipping her drink

"That is the issue. Finding what you lack by knowing what to need. I find myself back in Arx without a Patron or protege kicking around. You probably know how hard it is to find a Patron in our position." Sunaia says to Cassiopeia on the topic of the event and a lead in for her talk about the other favoured topics in her life, dogs and travel. A hand ran through her platinum hair before she nod at Taffy, speaking to then Erik. "My wolfhounds are bred for adventure, but I think even they get tired of my wandering."

Mabelle nods quietly to Iliana and Terese, not caring to disucss the matter right now.

Teeth tear into the venison and Jamie eats happily while listening with idle curiosity to the variety of conversations going on around him. What his purposes are for being here are still unvoiced. There's always the chance it was nothing but the food. Talk of 'Champions' though, turn his attention a little that direction.

"And what /else/ do you have to offer in a social alliance?" The Grayson Princess wonders, loudly, amplifying the advertisement for the man. She searches around for somewhere to set down the beer basket so she can have a hand free for the meat. "Tell you the truth, I didn't put much thought into what I'm after except people who aren't dull. And probably, people who won't get the vapors sitting in a training center."

As Mabelle kindly pairs people up, Cassiopeia gives the woman an appreciative smile, seeming far more comfortable now that she doesn't have to find people to talk to. And so she approaches Sunaia and Erik more fully, her lips curl upwards and she already has a drink in her hand, which she sips on occasion. It's the ultimate prop for mingling, after all. "Well met my Lady and my Lord," her free hand idly toys with her beaded necklace as she begins to engage in small talk. "Welcome back then, Lady?," she might have met Sunaia and she might not have, she cannot recall and that causes a moment of awkwardness. "I have a lovely patron, one I cannot imagine being without, he has guided me and supported me through so much turmoil, I am ever grateful. As such, I hope to provide that to others." A beat, "I have a sense of adventure, as I mentioned, but I also find myself with a world of responsibility. I am looking for someone that wants to grow and explore, experience life, all facets of it." A beat, "Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi of Tremorus," she adds in case it isn't clear and a brow lifts at the mention of wolfhounds, she seems unfamiliar with them.

Kritr goes shifty eyed when Macda asks more pointed questions. He looks down. "Well. I am wearing pants." He assures her, and behold, he is wearing pants. "That is a good first step into society I think."

"I'm sorry, cousin," Iliana apologizes when it becomes clear that Mabelle doesn't wish to speak on it. "Only know that your concerns will always weigh with me!" But then she brushes off the topic with a little wave of her hand, before she adds: "We should get a beer. Princess Macda, may Lady Mabelle and I have one of your beers?" But as she does, she catches conversation about the training center. "Oh, love that place. Do you spar, Princess? I know you brawl, and I could use to learn that skill."

Mabelle winks to Cassiopeia while she delicately eats her sandwich, with her fingers. She then nudges Iliana toward Macda as well. And Jamie too.

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Erik looks past Cassiopeia to the horse with a mix of awe and complete lack of equine knowledge paired with a sprinkle of cautious respect before bringing his attention fully on the rider, returning proper greetings and introductions with titles and some such. "Every unknown is worth exploring, if only to bring more substance to the island of knowledge and not all exploration needs to be of a physical nature, so that indeed includes every facet of life. I can approve of the prospect." He turns to Sunaia, "Taffy here has quite the fondness for water, just as I have. But sadly, she is just on loan to me, but I am growing fond of her far too quickly. When you speak of a Wolfhound, I imagine a massive beast, that can double up as a guardian, am I mistaken?"

"Lady Sunaia Malespero. Like most people, you probably either know my husband Pasquale or my one of my Ashford siblings." Sunaia waves off formality dismissively as she stands beside Cassiopeia and Erik. "I seem to be in fair company for people who do not like to sit around checking ledgers." Overhearing Macda made her smile, and the thought brew before saying so. "I love exploring, but that doesn't always mean going far away. I train a lot, though I'm no knight. There are innumerable things I want to look into: history, cultures. So perhaps someone can use a Patron or a protege that is willing to translate in almost a dozen languages." She points at herself with a smirk.

Terese sips her drink and smiles, as she finds somewhere to sit, far away from food till there are instructions given out. The poor Princess still looks fatigued and sickly but is trying hard to smile and be polite

"That would be a helpful direction Princess Renata." Mattheu nods in a jingling of bells from those braided into his hair and running along head scarf. "A protege. Though of that person, one that is free spirited. Maybe someone who could do with a helpful hand to seeing what amusements are available within life if one were to raise their head from the sands below. But also, this is a hard direction for me to sort out. As there are times in which where I attempt to offer advice and I'm reminded towards an oath of choice which I hold. And don't wish to be the force that pushes them away from their own choice."

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Mabelle finished a whole sandwich all by her lonesome, moving toward desserts.

"And we appreciate your sacrifice, Krit. Help yourself," Mac invites with an easy nod toward the beer and Iliana. Iliana's armor earns an appreciative study, "I've been known to swing a sword around once in a while, Marquessa." Though it's not a sword hanging from her hip. She pats at the mace anyway, fondly. "I'm utter rubbish at formal training, mind you, but that's something I could work on if you ever fancy a go. Always welcome in the ring with me." To Sunaia, she nods enthusiastically. "Too right! Nobody's going to accuse me of /finesse/, but I enjoy a deep delve into old books now and then. And a song and dance or three when there's a chance at it, though Lord Mattheu's a brighter star on that front."

"I do not think I've met a wolfhound," she contemplates this, seeming to find this a rather curious topic now, and it is obvious that Cassiopeia has a soft spot for animals. The sight of Taffy also brings a warm smile to her lips, though she seems, uncertain around dogs, perhaps not familiar with them. There is an easy smile that forms when Erik talks about every unknown being worth exploring, "that it is, for if we do not look, we do not know. That said, the last time I 'look' it went terrible array, but that is part of progress. We don't learn without mistakes, the sooner people accept that, move on, and own them, the quicker we get to personal or collective growth." A beat, as she looks towards Sunaia and smiles. "I am familiar with your husband," she says of Pasquale, "and send my best to your Duke and Duchess, it has been sometime and I hope they are well, and Lady Carissa is a dear friend. To be quite honest, I am rather fond of all your family, and collected sorts. Though I am sure you get that all of the time, do know that you and yours are always welcome in my home," she adds. A beat and she considers something Erik says, "be careful, the bond between a person and their pet is fast and furious, no one should loan me their pets, I fall far too quickly."

Mabelle exclaims toward Macda, "I have a cake knife!"

Iliana accepts a beer, tipping it towards Macda with a grin as her armor gets a look. "I shall write, then, your highness, if I don't find you in the center before then," she offers easily, before taking a sip of the beer. She falls silent, apparently without too much to say more than that.

Kritr takes a beer and does peel the top off. He shakes his head, turning back to Mabelle. "It is fine. Yvette was glad to meet you. If you are looking for a protege."

"I feel I would benifit with someone much better with social events and politics, translating could be quite usesful," Terese says, trying to add in what she might look for.

Renata nods, listening carefully to what Mattheu is looking for in a protégé. "Seems a very fine line for you to dabble in. However, advice can be given freely with no attempts in directing others. They either listen or they don't, choice within itself. But I can understand your concern." she chuckles softly. "I'm used to drawing crowds in with my singing when I lived in Luciva for sometime. I was known as the Siren of Luciva to some, but when it comes to conversation. That's a bit harder. Unless one loves plants, books or the arts of singing and dancing." she smiles. "Alas, I wish I could point you in a direction. But, a lot of these faces are unfamiliar to me. However, I did hear of Mistress Lena looking for someone that might be up your alley. Where ever she's gone off to."

Mabelle says in Rex'alfar, "יקרק/רד"

Mabelle murmurs quietly to Kritr, "If I were, I'd take you". She then looks toward Cassiopeia amusedly and informs Erik, "Taffy is mine!"

Despite his apparent comfortability in just eating his lunch, Mabelle urges him over to Macda and Iliana. Jamie takes a few steps over to them and watches for the time being, offering yet another tight smile. It's a strange silence for now, but surely that won't last long.

Sunaia nods to Erik, "Conall and Ylva can give a group of men a bad day." She turns to Macda with a curious interest when she says she sings, moving towards her reference. "He can sing and dance and read books at the same time? That is impressive." Her expressions turn as she moves to say something about Lianne and Apollo being off in Nilanza awhile. She looks a bit sombre at the idea but she head turns to Mabelle before uttering a very simple word.

Mattheu nods vigorously to Renata, a cascade of bells all singing out loudly as he does. "Flowers and gardening, and especially dancing. There's something extra amusing in finding a dance in the space that you are, yes? Just to be overcome by the need to move, and if another wishes to share that with you."

Sunaia says in Rex'alfar, "What?"

Mabelle asks Jamie, "How is your stay in the city finding you?", she asks the man, "I've not seen the Marquessa for long".

Renata cants her head, watching and listening to the cascade of bells that was Mattheu. "I do love your bells." Her tone of voice genuine, "And yes, dancing I think brings people together as much as singing does." there is a breathy little exhale from the petite brunette and quick nod of her head in agreement. "I thought of hosting a spring ball in the Pravus Ward at some point. But big events are rather easy to get lost in. However, the benefit I managed to throw seemed to end pretty well, I think." Renata is leaning in to the whisper of Mattheu before chuckling.

Kritr looms next to Mabelle and munches on a sandwich while drinking a beer.

Jamie turns to Mabelle just as the last bits of meat have been finished off. "No complaints so far, my lady. The marquessa is well, I think. Should I hear from her soon, I will be sure to mention that a letter is expected from her." There's a tightness at the edge of his eyes, perhaps a sign of humor.

Erik to Mabelle, "As if you - or she - lets me ever forget that. But I even have gotten some cookies for treats. Or as a bribe." He looks at Cassiopeia, taking note of the last thing she said in particular: "I have no illusion as to where Taffy's loyalties lie, but I sill like to take her for a swim." He turns to Sunaia: "a dozen languages? That is positively impressive! I can claim a good understanding of even the older texts in the archives and to prove it, many of my shirts have ink stains on them, but anything that has been written in a foreign tongue makes me have to tediously consult a translation index for each and every word. .. If I may, I would very much like to be allowed to consult with you on matters of transcription, if you might find a particular topic of interest that is." He however does not seem to recognize the name Pasquale, or at least the player does not.

Terese has fallen quietly to drinking her drink. She watches and listens for now. The Knightly Princess in a word seems overwhelmed with all the people

Valitina comes over to whisper to her mother quietly; which, in turn, has Iliana making her polite apologies to those near her and smiling in farewell to Mabelle, before she moves down the beach and towards the city with her hand lightly at her daughter's back.

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a plump lady's assistant, Cindel, a short-tempered, short-statured nanny leave, following Iliana.

Mabelle chuckles at Jamie, "That is not required. Tell me, what it is you seek?". She proves Erik's point by extending her finger to Taffy, which results in the animal coming to tap her nose against Mabelle's finger. "Terese, how are you finding yourself? How is your tummy?"

Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal arrive, following Aella.

Macda may be allergic to silence. But how can it survive for long around such a booming laugh? "Cake knife! Perfect. I also wouldn't be caught off guard if you carried a bee stinger around." To Ilira and Kritr, she says, "Lord Mattheu's obnoxiously good at dancing out of the way of a swat, but it's a treat to square up with someone so jingly. Maybe we can make a party of it sometime, last one standing sort of thing? Betting optional." And there's Jamie being ushered over. He's greeted too. "Lord Jamie of the Greenmarch, feeling parched? Come over here, have a beer, why so stiff? Use less starch."

Mabelle notes amusedly to Macda, "I have a bee stinger dagger too", she waggles her eyebrows.

"My first competition here in Arx was a melee in Southport." Kritr announces, agreeing with Macda. "I would definitely participate in that brawl."

"Then you have a far better control over yourself than I," the young woman says on the matter of pets and returning them. In the spirit of more small talk, Cassiopeia monopolizes a bit more of Erik's time and she pauses. "A sailor, have you be south towards the Saffron?," she wonders, curious to see if there is any connection there. "Where is home?," she wonders idly, and takes a sip of her drink, her attention drifting to some of the dogs there, still seeming unsure about them all. "I led an expedition recently, it was eventful to say the least, and it's encouraged me to consider others, and continue to explore the uncharted parts of my domain." It's really just chatter, but the young woman seems unsure what to talk about as the conversations flow around her, but there is excitement in her eyes, despite. "If I could do anything, it would be...wander about and see what I could find. But, I am only afforded such privileges on occasion, and so they must be coveted." As Erik talks to Sunaia about languages and texts, her brows lift upwards, clearly impressed by the woman's talents and she nods, "I imagine that you get a much more fulsome read of things, when you can read them in their original state. I find I loose much in translation, just trying to do so with my own thoughts."

The comment from Mabelle is met with a bit of amusement and Jamie shakes his head. "In the capital, my lady, rarely a thing." That's not quite what she meant, undoubtedly, but still, she's playing a fine hostess and is doing her job well. And then Macda starts rhyming at him. He looks at the feisty princess and cocks a brow. "I would, princess, but I have a training session in a short time. If that is a standing offer, perhaps I can take you up on that soon."

"You are always welcome to send word about a project I can help with, or lend a dozen primers about a language you might wish to study," Sunaia mentions to Erik. "We don't need any patronage agreements for that. I'd love to find out where your focus is." A pleased grin falls over her pale lips as she listens to Macda. "Better is always optional, but welcome in my circles. Spars are especially good for betting." She nods her head to greet Lord Jamie, who she doesn't believe she's met from the way she searches Jamie's face.

The beaches were a nice place to relax but Aella was here more so to acquire herself a protégé. The redhead is not easy to miss especially along the beach, her hair standing out like wildfire adorned both with raven feathers and beads. Umbra leathers which were apparently a favorite to the Countess hug her body tightly, great axe sat along her belt peacefully. She looked like a well seasoned warrior, with jagged scar along one side of her face in a dipping crescent moon from forehead to cheek only solidified her persona. "Oh good, there are vict - I mean people to be sought!" the Countess laughs merrily before making her way down the beach, Runa, her raven flying a bit above her and squawking out before swooping down to perch on Aella's shoulder.

Mattheu smiles in return to a soft word with Renata, and then is following her to a central-ish location upon the beach. A flourished bow to her as he pulls foot back to rest upon toes within the sand, hands upon his hips. "This is a particular fun dance for the seaside. More akin to what we would dance before being introduced to the compact's hand holding dances."

Mabelle is happy to see other people mingling so she goes to find a cheesecake.

Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at normal. Critical Success! Mattheu is spectacularly successful.

Terese is watching Mattheu as he starts to discuss dancing, she is sipping her drink and listening and watching curiously

6 First Legion Centurions have been dismissed.

Sparrow, an enthusiastic and bubbly assistant have been dismissed.

Kritr says, "That's how I could be useful as a protege, If you have ever found yourself without someone to cheer for at a competition, I attend those regularly."

Jamie is overheard praising Mabelle.

Sunaia hmms at Kritr, "That's not a bad quality. How is your skill for also quietly holding supplies?"

Kritr looks at Sunaia quizzically. "I own a horse." He answers. "They can carry quite a bit."

Erik to Cassiopeia: "The Saffron Chain, to the south, then the south west. I have not been personally on that route yet, Lady Cassiopeia, but as it is, I have been doing quite a bit on research in that matter. Especially around the rumors of pirates in the area, or the Isles of Echoes. At some point, I will surely go on an expedition for first hand knowledge."
Erik to Sunaia: "Thank you, I will. I think I should at least get a passing knowledge of the main languages of the Compact, it would make so many things easier.. Again, should there be something I can assist you... do not hesitate to call on me as well."

Mabelle tilts her head curiously at Sunaia's question.

"I am sorry, but I think I should go lay down," Terese says, she finishes her drink and looks about ready to collapse again as her Knight Guards escort her to a waiting carriage.

Sunaia nods graciously to Erik. "I might have a couple things you'd be interested in if you have the time." But she leaves the details to their next meeting about languages. Her head tilts at Kritr, "How are you going to fit a horse and yourself into a cavern passage? I don't mean for the ride out, Lord Clearlake, but for the surveying."

"Ah." Kritr says. "I think I know my way around a cave or two. The Clearlake Hold is carved into the mountains themselves. No one knows how deep it goes there."

Mattheu spins and spins in his dance upon the beach, bells singing out as scarves and his cloak float in each motion. One would think he's easy to be come dizzy though he's adding a leap upwards and finishing out with a deep bow. Looking a little flushed as he stands back up and stares in horror at Kritr. "You...Own a horse?" A shake of his head and he looks around as he only spots Renata on her way back to the gates of city.

Mabelle considers Mattheu, "Perhaps I should have Duke Cristoph bring some more horses from Artshall. Sale went splendid last time"

es." Kritr says. "It was a gift." He gestures in the direction of Keg, his horse. "I have not yet ridden into battle, but one day."

"The waters are quite stunning, but as with many things, looks can be deceiving," she murmurs, taking a sip of her drink, before cradling it with one hand. The mention of the Isle of Echoes warrants a lift of her blonde brows, but she doesn't delve deeper into the conversation, rather her attention drifts momentarily to her horse, to check on the creature before she returns her attention back. A beat, "if in your research you wish to talk to someone native to the area, a number of my family have spent time sailing throughout, and no doubt would be keen to share stories to those with curiosity." As a few folks leave, Cassiopeia takes the opportunity to consider a sandwich, she eyes it, studies it, reluctantly reaching with dainty fingers.

Macda listens in quietly while she finishes meat and beer, Princess enough not to talk with her mouth full! But by the end as she's dusting her hands together, she's excusing herself, "Lady Mabelle, this has been great. Such a smart idea, you know I got /nothing/ when I tried the classifieds? But I've got to leave early. Please, everyone, enjoy the beer! And good luck finding good matches. Patron or protege, you're all welcome to send a message my way if ever you want company at the training center. Or need more hands," fists, really, "on a day trip."

Mabelle waves to Macda, "I hope it helped! There are a couple more events, hope you stop by!"

Another shake of his head as Mattheu waves his hands in front of him as well, "No Lady Mabelle. Athuar would be sure to keelhaul me if I even dared to bring one upon the expanse."

6 Grayson House Guards, Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant, Liza, a young and energetic bard leave, following Macda.

Mabelle tilts her head at Mattheu, "Why's that?"

Sunaia comments to Kritr, "It must be a fairly big draft horse," and she turns her neck to look. Her own horse, Westerly, was back at the tower but she had a momentarily look like a mother not ready with a sketch of her beloved child. "My horse was also a gift, a dark bay gelding."

Mattheu starts to nibble upon another cookie, "Horses. They are evil things."

Erik nods to Sunaia in agreement, adding a random "I would not even know how to properly sit on a horse, let alone make it go where I rather where it wants. This is, I admit, a reason why I do not stray too much from the coast as progress within the lands is slow when on foot or relying on having a carriage available." To Cassiopeia "Then here too, I would love to seek you out at another time, for mayhap I feel that I, too have heard a story from the lands that might be a bit on the obscure side to them."

Mabelle huffs at Mattheu, "My Cookie is the size of a cow and she is perfectly sweet", she wags her finger, "I'll show your brother!"

"I barely survived one in the winter, only saved by the horse's wish to have an apple while many others continued to race them tied to chariots." Mattheu looks to the conversation as it leads further into covering the dreaded creatures. "Why use a horse when a ship will get you there with less hassle?"

"Horses are animals. Animals cannot be evil." Kritr says, literal minded at best. "They can be hungry, scared, even angry. But not... evil. At least a horse will never sink. If the horse fails, you can always walk."

Despite Mattheu's proclamation, Sunaia mentions to Erik, "I would encourage learning to ride. It's a better ride than a carriage in most circumstances." But she does agree, "Ships are much nicer for travel. I've commissioned a slope recently to store all my gear and wild notes about exploring. I collect plants from anywhere I can get them."

Horses. Cassiopeia has opinions on horses. Oh yes she does. "Horses are not evil, even if some might be misunderstood, as many of us are..." she snaps, "they are kind, intelligent creatures, that seem to be a good read of character," she insists. "That an animal has desires that conflict with ours, should say more about us than them." Yup, lots of opinions.

Kritr nods to Cassiopeia. "This is precisely correct. Even when that desire is just not to be eaten, when they are hungry, it is a conflict that is still of our own creation."

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