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Grayson Fealty Brunch - April (1017)

The next installment of the Grayson Fealty gathering is scheduled for Friday, April 15! Vassals, friends, allies, and strangers are all welcome to attend this event. It's a great way to get together, voice any needs, foster new connections, and recruit for projects.

If you are nervous about attending without a personal invitation, Princesses Keely and Ailys Grayson would like YOU to attend as their personal guest.

(OOC - This event is open to everyone, and is great if you have personal/side plots you'd like to get others involved in, or if you are interested in being involved in such plots!)


April 15, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Ailys


Alis Theo Angelica Corrigan Udell Kiera Fairen Liara Mattheu



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Courtyard Gardens

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Comments and Log

Alis has joined the by the morning glories.

The Grayson courtyard gardens are abuzz, in a polite way of course. Guests filter in, greeted by Keely and Ailys in the most polite sense, in most cases. Everyone is handed a slip of parchment on which to write a secret fun fact about themselves and then shown to their seat by their personal table attendant, then plied with mimosas and coffee and what ever other libations they like. "The first course will be announced shortly!" calls the younger of the hostesses cheerfully, though her voice is not made for projecting.

The tables each have their own tier of appetizer pastries, and some of them are actually the size an adult human would expect to be served, but there are plenty of bite-sized morsels as well.

Once everyone is greeted, Keely prances away from the garden path and over to her own table, all smiles, giving even more greetings on her way by the more familiar faces.

Alis isn't going to turn down a good cup of coffee, so despite the mid-morning hour she has her hands wrapped around a cup of it like it gives her life, appearing only a /little/ tired instead of groggy and grumpy. Smiles and small talk were definitely offered by way of greeting to the hostesses and those with whom she's familiar. For now, she settles into her seat and glances around to look for this first course that was mentioned.

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Keely has joined the by the morning glories.

Theo Velenosa walks into the courtyard garden with a sense of familiarity as he sweeps his gaze over the immediate area upon arrival. He steps to the side to allow other guests to pass through and after a moment's pause, he ventures further in and nods politely to a few acquaintances. A small piece of parchment is soon handed to him and he slips it into his jacket's pocket as he's led toward a table across the way. "But, she knows all my fun facts." he says to the attendant and then takes a seat.

Theo has joined the by the morning glories.

Angelica arrives with quiet steps, the blade in her baldric piece bound, the carved graven with its unique symbol peeking over her shoulder and unobscured by its ties. "I was told this was open to anyone?" she inquires politely, the tall woman serious but calm, her shoulders relaxed, her movement efficient; she takes up no more space than what she needs.

Ailys is a taller, quieter shadow to the more exuberant Keely, graciously polite as she greets each guest and shows them to their table. Alis Valardin receives a slightly larger portion of smalltalk before she's left to nurse her coffee, and she turns with a cordial smile when Angelica speaks up. "Of course. Please join us, we're just getting started."

"Open to lushes like me, at the least.", a voice near Angelica is heard. Corrigan's apparently slipped into a seat near the entrance in the interim and had by now already acquired a flute of champagne, which he raises towards the woman in question. He's resolved to simply watch the room for now, taking sips of his glass, pale-green gaze shining with some awe but more amusement as it darts about from personage to personage.

Unable to escape past the attendants without having a parchment thrust at him, Udell scritches something unseen before passing it back and taking up a cup of coffee. With a single draught, he empties half of it within his gullet and then gives an impish smile as it is topped up with something dark and boozy before he moves to take a seat, perching owlishly upon it and smiling to the hostesses.

The first course arrives! The garden floods with a choreographed army of attendants to bring around a delicious peach bruschetta with goat cheese, and a petite salad of baby greens tossed in a citrusy dressing. Other attendants come around, collecting those fun facts to bring to the princess hostesses of the day!

Kiera comes in quietly seeming both surprised and pleased to not be the only oathlander in attendance and greets keely and ailys with a smile "Thank you so much for hosting you always outdo yourselves at these events

Angelica has joined the by the morning glories.

Angelica nods to Ailys and thanks her politely, finds a place to sit not far from Alis, giving her a nod as well. "This place is beautiful," she remarks, before eyeing the food with interest as she removes her hat and sets down her baldric, the weapon still bound but not far. "Your hospitality is delightful," she adds to the host. Star-iron bracelets tinkle softly as she reaches for utensils to try her salad.

"Thank you, but Keely is the real talent when it comes to these sorts of gatherings," Ailys tells Kiera with a smile and a little head-tilt towards her fellow hostess, then half-settles like a butterfly that may need to flit off at a moment's notice, mimosa glass in hand, near Alis and Angelica.

Keely is giggling at Theo and Alis from their table, and flashes a wide, warm smile to Angelica when she joins them. "Hello! I am Princess Keely Grayson, and this is Highlord Alis Valardin, and this, Prince Theo Velenosa." She looks out over the garden like she might just keep listing names, but instead raises a hand to wave to Cristoph, to Fairen, to Udell! So nice to see everyone. "We will start our little ice breaking game after the second course. Everyone please enjoy the peach bruschetta. Now, these are generally done so we can all get to know one another, hear any questions or concerns or needs from our fealty, and connect with the rest of the Compact in a small, casual way. Does anyone have any matters they'd like to bring forward?" She is doing her best to speak loudly enough for everyone to hear, and remembers to stand up while speaking halfway through before plunking back down into her chair with a flush of her cheeks.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 3 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Cristoph.

Corrigan has kept to himself on his table, squinting at the bruschetta like it was alien fare. He lifts a portion daintily with a fork and sniffs at it subtly, before shrugging and popping it straight into his mouth. He downs it with a bug gulp of champagne. He seems content with this arrangement.

Angelica smiles at Keely. "Well met, Princess Keely Grayson," she says, dipping her head respectfully to her and the others. "You set a wonderful table." She's heavy on the compliments, like maybe she's been practicing, her manners a little wooden in that regard.

The Grayson guards in the courtyard all immediately come to attention and salute the arriving Grayson highlord.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Fairen enters a bit belated and then gets distracted by the offerings: mimosas _and_ coffee. He looks blatantly torn by the options, and that's just with _two_. But. There's a flask. And then a Fairen, sipping coffee _and whatever he has in his flask--_.

"Your highness," Fairen says, greeting Keely with a perfectly polite bow and a warm half-smile that's tucked in the corner of his mouth, habitually wry. "I'm so glad to see you've allowed us reasonably sized pastries today," he says, his tease mild and easy as he greets the others present. "Leary has no matters to bring forward other than our compliments, as always, to Grayson's staff."

Alis smiles politely at Angelica when she's seated, as well as Ailys, and leans over to murmur something quietly to both women as people begin to dig in to their starter salad. "Perfect combination." she compliments, looking towards any speakers as they divulge topics to bring up.

"Things taste better when they are smaller," Keely insists to Fairen with a comfortable breeziness, as if this is a frequent refrain. "Please chew thoroughly and do not choke on your head-sized muffin. My lord." And then there is a flash of a warm smile, though her playfulness was not well disguised to begin with. Pastry size is a perfectly reasonable matter to bring to the House's attention.

Udell takes a bite from the salad and follows it up with the fruit and cheese concoction placed in front of him, listening to the conversations at large before he looses a chuckle at the reply.

Kiera has joined the by the morning glories.

The second course is soon brought out on shining trays, plates gracefully placed before each person in short order. just after presumably empty first course plates are whisked away. Custard toast casserole with cream cheese icing and warm maple drizzle, and a personal quiche with bright, cheerful vegetables in their sunny, eggy confines adorn the plate, which is garnished with candied violets.

Ailys has joined the by the morning glories.

Kiera smiles "Wyvernheart has nothing to bring forward but i will be pleased to offer others what aid i may...and whatever the second course is looks scrumptuous

Angelica speaks quietly to Alis, a small smile on her lips that's both apologetic and genuine. And then she's eyeballing her quiche like it's a lost friend. Oh my.

Liara shows up just in time for (her own) quiche, and is all smiles for everyone about as she moves through to find herself a spot at a table. Someone shows up with a bit of paper for her to write on, too, and she duly does so, at least after a short moment of consideration, before that's whisked away to be taken to Keely.

Alis looks even more delighted when the next course comes out, and she exclaims, "Maple Syrup!" loudly. "You really do love me." she teases Keely, digging into that part of the next bit of food first. When Liara is spotted, she pauses long enough to greet the other Highlord politely. Because that is just what you do when you're an Oathlander. Apparently.

Keely lifts her dark eyes to Kiera with a warm smile and a dip of her head. "Lady Wyvernheart, so wonderful to see you again," she voices softly. "I am so pleased to hear that all is well with your House, and I am sure any here who need assistance would be honored to accept yours." She gives a cursory glance around, inviting anyone with -plot things hint hint- to come forward with them and share. Many hands make light work! "Oh, hello, Your Grace!" she calls over to Liara, reaching aside to touch Alis' shoulder in preemptive apology for any confusion that it might be -Her- Grace being addressed, and not -Liara's- Grace. And also to agree-- she really does love her!

"Mmm." Fairen does not disagree with Keely -- certainly not in her very own brunch! -- but there's a bit of doubt in the furrow of his brow, a skepticism behind the glint of his glasses. Maybe he disagrees about what tastes better. Maybe he thinks it's a complicated matter. Maybe, maybe, maybe, but no one will ever know because he only inclines his head, salutes with his muffin, and says, "Thank you for the caution and the care," with a dryness cut by a subtler humor that, while not so expressive, is equally playful. As Liara enters, he joins those greeting her, head bowed.

"Archlector Udell," Keely chimes with a bright smile, turning her eyes Udell's way while he is mid-bite because that's always the way of it. "When you have chewed, please introduce yourself and tell me, who here is in possession of a red knitted hat that was gifted to them so they did not get lost in the snow whilst adventuring in the north." The game is afoot!

Ailys nibbles on one of the candied violets as everyone tucks into their brunch and defends their quiches, alighting briefly from her seat to offer a curtsy to Liara. "Your Grace."

"I am sure that she does," Liara observes lightheartedly to Alis, followed by a slightly more formal, "Good morning, your grace." Keely gets a far less formal flutter of her gloved fingers - because of course Liara's shown up dressed up for brunch - as does Ailys, then she says to Fairen, "Marquis Leary, how do you do?" Then, greetings done and note dispatched, she gets to eating her quiche

"Good morning to you as well, Your Grace." Alis replies promptly, a warm smile set forth despite the formal wording. And as Keely starts the game, her gaze settles on the Archlector with curiosity.

Corrigan inclined his head politely as Liara passed him a smile, though his attentions are wrenched towards the quiche presented before him as he sits, once again considering it like something from outer space. It seems he considered using his hands to finger-food it, though he visibly thinks twice and looks about conspiratorially before picking up his utensils and using that to slice up chunks to pop into his mouth instead. Again, a shrug is given as he savours the taste, and be uses more alcohol to chase it all down. "...Senior Confessor Corrigan Grayhope. And, eh, dunno everyone yet.", he calls towards Keely with a raised hand. Of course when he's done chewing, he's no Shav.

The attention drawn to him causes Udell to swallow rather loudly and finish his coffee-flavored liquor, standing at Keely's command. "Hmm, well, I'm Udell Alban, for those who don't already know me, but I'm the Archlector of Death. As for who had a hat, I'm going to guess that it was Prince Theo." He looks between Theo and Keely as though to await either confirmation or ridicule before he turns to enjoying the quiche.

A soft laugh escapes Keely, and she gives a small but firm shake of her head. "It was not his highness," she replies airily. "Will the owner of the red knitted had please introduce yourself to everyone, and then tell us who here kept frogs beneath their bed as a child?"

Alis raises her hand when Keely calls for the red hat owner to introduce herself. "That would be me; and the red hat was a gift from the late Duke-Consort Anze Malvici. I still have it, in fact, and wear it whenever I travel north." There's a reminiscent smile for a moment, before she continues. "I'm Princess Alis Valardin, and... I think the frog catcher is Princess Ailys Grayson."

Theo reaches rather nonchalantly toward Keely's plate of custard toast casserole in an attempt to slide it toward him when she's distracted with the start of the game. He's thwarted, however, by Udell's guess and he decides to very nonchalantly slide the plate /back/ toward Keely as all eyes seem to fall on him for a moment. The prince shakes his head with a half smile in response to the Archlector's guess.

Angelica watches the others as the game begins, the corner of her mouth quirking up as she catches on to the nature of the game. Second course consumed, she sits back with her hands relaxed in her lap, her thumb idly rubbing a charm on one of her bracelets as she observes.

Keely side-eyes Theo, fighting the grin from her lips, but it softens when Alis relates her story. Her face lights up, and she nods eagerly, gesturing to Ailys. "Princess Ailys Grayson was indeed the frog catcher. Princess! Please introduce yourself, and tell us who here once had the misfortune of having their face be used as a mop." As she speaks, she is spooning a large bite of her custard toast casserole onto Theo's plate as subtly as one might perform such an action.

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman arrive, following Mattheu.

Who said late?! Mattheu comes running through the gates, his hands look like he's been digging in the dirt and there's petals of a flower trailing after him as he comes to stopping his run, only to slide upon the flagstones of the ground before nearly tumbling to a complete stop. A mass jingling of bells screaming out as he finally catches himself.

Ailys blinks once, wide-eyed, at Alis. "I did not think anyone would guess that," she remarks with a little perk of a smile, then stands up gracefully and looks around at the crowd. "I am Princess Ailys Grayson. I'm afraid I haven't met very many of you so I will have to guess." Her pale gaze lights on each guest, her brow furrowed in thought, and then she extends a hand towards...Corrigan. "I do know you. Senior Confessor Corrigan Grayhope."

Alis appears momentarily triumphant of course, when she guesses correctly. "But did you hide them under your elder siblings covers?" is asked, playfully, of her. "I'm a little sister too." she reminds, and may well have done similar things in the past. That might never admit to.

Keely is in the midst of reacting to Ailys' guess, as the guests at this brunch appear to be playing a little game, when Mattheu comes running through the gates. She looks mildly alarmed, half-standing up despite being too far to help stop him from falling, and so subsequently looks Quite Relieved when he does not. "Lord Mattheu, welcome," she calls out to him gently as an attendant swoops over to hand him a slip of paper and guide him to his seat. "We are just playing a getting to know you game, you are just in time." She smiles, gesturing for the first two courses to be brought to his place before settling back in her chair and turning her focus back to Ailys. She consults the slip of paper she was reading from and then lights up again. "Oh! Yes, it was Senior Confessor Corrigan Grayhope. Well guessed, your highness. Senior Confessor! Please introduce yourself to everyone and tell us who here has a secret hoard of plushies locked away in their office."

Mattheu has joined the by the morning glories.

Corrigan had jumped in place slightly when Mattheu came running in, though he relaxes just as quickly and resigns himself to an upturned eyebrow... which then turns into an eyewag at Ailys. He rises and half-bows towards the guesser. "Y'know me so well already, Yer Highness.", he lets out with a grin, before he looks about in chin-stroking fashion. "Plushies, huh?." His gaze rests on Liara for a beat, before it switches to Keely. "I'm gonna guess Princess Keely just by virtue of th' last party Her Highness threw."

Fairen has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

A soft laugh escapes Keely as Corrigan voices his guess, and she shakes her head to and fro. "Alas, Senior Confessor, my plushie collection is no secret. Our hoarder of soft friends is none other than Archlector Udell! And since he already went..." she scans the garden, eyes landing on Angelica. "You!" Not the most polite way to greet someone whose name one doesn't know, but here we are. "Our new friend. Please introduce yourself and tell us who here enjoys chocolate so much, they submitted this as their fun fact."

As Fairen takes a seat near the fountain, he gets the faintest distracted look on his face, like maybe he is just realizing he left a fire somewhere, burning attended, or possibly -- possibly he misunderstood something. He drinks his coffee, eats his reasonably sized muffins, and watches the guesses as they go back and forth.

"Mine all live at the end of my bed," Liara clarifies for Corrigan, then she lapses into comfortable silence again, listening and eating quiche.

Will wonders never cease, Ailys guesses correctly as well and looks even more surprised for it. "Well." She merely lifts her mimosa glass in a little toast to Corrigan and retakes her seat, then smiles at Alis, shaking her head. "No, not the frogs. I did that with the leeches."

Mattheu stares at the slip of paper only briefly as the food is brought over and digs in, half finding his seat more shoveling the course into his mouth while trying to wipe his fingers off upon back of tunic. A few flower petals remain in his hair, following a shake of his head a jingling of the bells in his hair following some of the bright pink petals to fall out and land on his plate. A hard swallow and a nod to the others, "Apologies. I lost track of time and was trying to move a flower from the small garden to out front of my yurt." He stares at the petal on his plate then picks another that is caught in his head scarf with a small smirk. Then looking to the others and patting a bulging pouch on his belt, "Mine are right here. Always watching the world as the wind guides us along our journeys."

"Yes, yes! Healer... leeches. I wish I'd thought of that." Alis laments quietly, leaving it uncertain whether she's joking or not as her cup obscures her expression.

Confessor Tybalt, the one who asks nicely have been dismissed.

Confessor Mildred, the one who doesn't ask nicely have been dismissed.

Angelica blinks at Keely. "Me? Ah." She dips her head to the room. "Angelica Sanna, distant relation to the Sannas of Giant's Reach." She looks around the room. She points to Fairen. "You. You like chocolate."

"I don't think I have any.", Corrigan murmurs in response with a squint, before shaking his head and retaking his seat, his legs sweeping into a cross as he watches on.

This one gets another soft giggle from Keely, and she gives a shake of her head. "He may, but not enough for this to be how he identifies himself in a game of fun facts," she replies with a grin. "Please will the lover of chocolate introduce yourself to the group and tell us who here is Very Excited for us to know that mullein is one of the softest plants there is?"

Fairen gives Angelica an apologetic shrug of his hands as he eats what just might be a chocolate chip muffin. It's easy to see where the confusion might come in.

Kiera is for some reason blushing as she rise from her seat "the lover of chocolate would be me and I shall follow an investigator's logic and conclude that my dear friend with both flowers and bells in his hair submitted a secret about plants

Keely gives a warm smile across to Mattheu, but shakes her head to Kiera. "Alas," she laments, her eyes slowwwly turning across the garden to fixate on one individual. "Will our friend who has educated us about soft plants please rise and introduce themselves, and tell us who here was once, as a very small child, dangled over a stream by their older sibiling?"

Angelica smothers a small laugh at that last from Keely. And then clears her throat, looking about. No one heard that.

"Let me tell you, you can only pull off the leech thing once," Ailys notes, then nods approvings. "Mullein is a very nice plant."

A quiet aside with Kiera and Mattheu is handing over half of his quiche as he looks to the others playing the game while taking a large bite of the peach bruschetta and attempting to sip at the juice and sparkling wine drink. Each time he tries to pronounce the drink the stewards shake their head as he butchers the word repeatedly, eventually just holding out the long stemmed glass and shaking it, "more? please?" Another swallow for the rest of the bruchetta still in his mouth and look to Kiera with a little blush "What did I do?" Then looking to Keely and with a soft voice "What are the papers for?"

Fairen rises from his seat, brushing crumbs for his fingertips. "Marquis Fairen Leary," he introduces himself, "and in addition to being quite soft to the touch, Mullein is a wonderful remedy for various respiratory ailments as well as in poultices and external applications. In addition--." He pauses. He thinks about it. He reconsiders his audience. He detours so smoothly from an oncoming lecture that one can only feel the faint breeze as they dodge the nerd time. "--I will repeat Lady Kiera's guess and put forth--." He pauses. His gaze, which had been resting directly on Mattheu, now must swerve wildly around the room for another target. "Ah. You. I hope you have siblings," he says, looking at Theo.

Keely closes her eyes. She bites her lips together. She does. Not. Laugh. As Fairen begins his symposium on mullein. After a clear of her throat, she is back, smiling shaking her head sadly to Fairen'. "Prince Theo does, indeed, have a sibling, but to my knowledge she has never dangled him over a stream," she says, mirth in her tone. "Please will the victim of such brutality introduce themselves and tell us who here is the lucky friend of an adorable calico kitten by the name of Sly?"

She scrunches her nose, lowering her voice a little for Mattheu's sake. "It was for a fun fact like these I am reading, my lord," she explains softly. "We are taking turns guessing at whose they are. It is all right, please relax and enjoy, it has nearly concluded."

Having been listening along with an easy smile, Liara then volunteers, "I was the unfortunate one to be held over a stream by a then much larger sibling. I caught up in size eventually and had the good grace not to engage in any reciprocal holding over bodies of flowing water." Then she goes ahead to muse briefly, "A kitten?" An arc of her eyebrows as she looks over to Ailys, "Is it your kitten? Do you /have/ a kitten? If not, I am sure kittens could certainly be organised!"

Ailys actually sits up a little straighter when Fairen starts talking about mullein and its various uses, and there may even be a faint air of disappointment when he swerves away from the lecture. But the games must go on, and she settles back in her seat, taking a little sip from her drink. She shakes her head when Liara checks on her kitten status. "I'm afraid not. Just the little monkey." Who isn't present, fortunately. At least not where he can get his little mitts on the food.

Confessor Tybalt, the one who asks nicely, Confessor Mildred, the one who doesn't ask nicely leave, following Corrigan.

Alis is shortly in receipt of one of /those/ messengers. One that prompts her to give her regrets to Keely for having to leave early and with a promise to catch up soon, before waves and seeyoulater's are handed out to the rest.

"It was not me!" Keely quickly assures the entire garden, as if she were large enough at the time that Liara was a small child to be dangling anyone over a stream. She looks around the garden, trying not to look at anyone at her table. "Will the owner of Sly the adorable and perfect calico kitten please introduce themselves, and tell us who here was often scolded by their governess for putting far too much honey into their tea, usually with the accusation that they were decimating entire hives with their habit."

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Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Liara offers each of Ailys and Keely a quick and quietly amused smile, then settles back to listen and to graze at some brunch.

"Saoirse probably would dangle me over water if she could." Theo says with a hint of a wry smile. His empty plate is pushed forward on the table and he leans back in his chair, glancing at Liara when she makes her guess. A hand is then raised as he's the owner of an adorable calico kitten. "I'm Prince Theo Velenosa and Sly was a gift from Princess Keely." he admits with a fond smile. "And a few of his tiny paw prints are painted on the floor of my den." A long story, that. One that involves tiny kitten feet and a near empty paint tray. He then glances over at Keely with a slight squint about the honey. "Was it you, Princess?"

"It was," Keely grins at Theo's squint, a quiet giggle accompanying her words. "I can still hear her voice when I add what -I- consider to be a delicious amount of honey to my tea. 'Princess -Keely-, you will exhaust all the bees in Artshall before summer at this rate.'" She puts on a good attempt at sternness when she mimics her governess, apparently, before turning with a flash of her dark eyes. "I am going to cheat. Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, my wonderful protege, learned to climb the masts of a ship by playing in the rafters of his longhouse as a child! Such a wonderful, fun fact. Lord Mattheu! Please will you tell us who here is a bookbinder by trade, from a long line of bookbinders?"

Mattheu grins to Keely and the others, standing up in a shower of bells and another petal is knocked loose from his hair floats down which he tries to catch and misses, slipping into a jingling flourished bow to all. "Yes. I am Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, climbing into the rafters was a fun past time. It also gave me an advantage to knowing where Amelia was looking when seeking to steal a cookie." He smiles broadly then looks around the circle, "If I didn't already know a little about her family, I would say Lady Kiera. Though she is a scholar and loves to find new books, she is not from a long line of bookbinders." Another look around those gathered, "Though I don't know you." He points towards Angelica, "Would you be our bookbinder?"

Keely just smiles this time, turning her gaze onto Angelica and waiting for her to answer Mattheu's query. Meanwhile, she has finished another mimosa and smiles rosy-cheeked at an attendant who immediately fills her flute again.

Angelica tips her head in a small smile towards Mattheu. "Good guess, my lord. Yes, that would be me. My kin and I live in a village far to the north, past Giant's Reach, where the dry, cold air keep our books safe as we produce them. The finest you'll find." She taps her wrist, a bracelet there with several charms. "They're rare enough but if you see a symbol like this-" And she shows it, a rectangle around a pale, nearly white circle. "-it's one of ours."

As the game draws to a close, with everyone having a turn to share and guess, the final course is brought out. Little plates of dainty, colorful pastel meringues in various light flavors are placed before each guest in a pleasing arrangement, and coffee is offered all around.

Ailys has been mostly quiet, enjoying the conversation (or mourning the loss of a mullein lecture), but when Angelica speaks, she seems to take note of something in particular, pauses with her glass partway to her lips, then sets it down carefully and leans over to murmur something to her.

"It is so nice to know a little more about everyone," remarks Keely with a broad smile as she looks around. "Especially my own sister, I had no idea! I hope you all enjoy this dessert, which I am told is Very Difficult to make, and please feel free to swarm Her Grace with your fealty-related queries!" She grins in Liara's direction, ducking in her seat a bit and quickly tucking into her desserts.

Kiera smiles "A talent which requires a steadiness of hand i do not possess. i pracriced a great deal just to have my pennshio readable by others. a scholar with poor handwriting is precious little use

Udell claps his hands at the end of the game and says to Keely as the last course emerges, "A fine game, indeed! And a most delicious brunch."

Mattheu looks at the symbol pointed out and nods with a soft set of bells finding their song. "It's a lovely piece too. I don't get to see many books. My sister's husband has the most books of us all."

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