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The Nightingale Performs - The Black Fox

Rumour has it Nightingale Gianna Delvecchio of the Bard's College may perform at the Black Fox. Levels of excitement for this may vary: merits include her being a legendary performer as well as a trendsetter in fashion. It's not like it's something that couldn't be happened upon unintentionally.


April 13, 2022, 7:23 p.m.

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Keely Mattheu Esme Valerian Aella Edris Theo Caspian Larissa Kiera Catalana Jace


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - The Black Fox

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Comments and Log

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Theo has joined the A corner booth.

Keely has joined the A corner booth.

While it might be fashionable to be late, in this case it would result in missing some of the Nightingale's performance and perhaps not getting a good seat. For this reason, Princess Keely Grayson steps inside the Black Fox relatively early, on the arm of the handsome Prince Theo Velenosa, and the two settle quickly into the best empty seat available, sitting quite close to one another and chatting intimately as their assistants bustle off to fetch them drinks. Theo is soon handed a glass of something strong and rich gold in color, and Keely a flute of something light and bubbly. Probably this is not a metaphor for their personalities. Probably.

Possibly, people should really schedule appearances beforehand if they plan to just play a song in the Black Fox. Possibly, Gianna has been rude in just announcing she's going to perform. But that's what she did, and here she is now, tuning up her gittern while perched on a table, one leg crossed over the other. Do not be mistaken. She definitely made sure that table was wiped down before she sat herself down on it, new gown and all. Some people may have come here to listen to her; some probably just come here all the time. The self-styled Nightingale runs a hand through her hair and adjusts the hang of her twinkling duskstone pendant.

Mattheu has been seated and slowly drinking a bright orange and pink-ish drink from a booth. Showing up well in advance, at the very least ensuring his bells won't interrupt the performance

Esme saunters in and immediately claps her hands over her mouth not to squeal happily. Her eyes slide over the seats and she pauses to see most are taken. The woman's hands fall down to her sides as she smiles and finds a place to lean for the moment.

Valerian gets his wine as more high class arrivals filter into the Fox, looking around with a furrowed brow. Were all Lycene people so wealthy and well-dressed? One he certainly recognizes is Gianna - and when she perches herself up and runs her hand through her hair, it's clear she is the reason for the occasion. "Oh," he murmurs, sliding close against the bar to watch.

Esme has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Gianna looks out over the audience and... waits. Possibly for a moment of quiet, or to make eye contact, or for people to settle enough. When she decides it's still enough, she begins picking out a melancholy little tune on her gittern. She begins, her voice clear and strong, to sing: "Sing for me..."

Aella is keeping her conversation with Caspian on the dark leather couch low, occasionally putting her flask to her lips for small swigs.

Edris collects a small glass with what looks suspiciously like whiskey in it, though for the moment it's just something to have nearby as the Elwood knight observes Gianna's entrance. He does not move to stand or interrupt the Nightingale at her work, but it's clear he's one of the many who have flocked here due to word of mouth. He remains still and quiet for the moment, waiting for the first notes to be played and then for that voice to rise, some of the tension in his broad shoulders relaxing.

Gianna sounds sad. Her blue eyes are lowered, dark lashes obscuring.

"Oh, I am gone and now you're free
I sacrificed all that I used to be
Oh, I want you to sing for me"

Kingfisher - The Osprey, 2 Redreef Wardens arrive, following Jace.

Now the song is more insistent, though Gianna's voice hasn't risen in volume. It still carries. She's seated on one of the tables, playing her gittern.

Gianna says, "Sing for me
I so wish that you could truly see
All I did so I could keep us free
Oh, sing for me, please sing for me
Why I had to go, I don't know
They heard my plea
Someone had to try
It was I, so sing for me"

When Gianna takes to the stage, Aella stills her conversation on the couch and turns her attention respectfully towards the performer.

Theo Velenosa is sitting at a corner booth and murmuring something to Keely just as Gianna begins to sing, which prompts him to quiet down and pay attention. He lifts his glass to take a sip of his drink as he listens to the words that the Nightingale sings in the moment. The glass is then lowered to the table's surface at the same time he leans back against the booth and a bit closer to his Grayson companion.

Caspian leans forward as Gianna begins to sing, his eyes intent on the Nightingale as the woman demands every gaze to her. he sways slightly with the music simply taking it in and letting it wash over him

Gianna raises her head, looking out at the audience. Her gaze meets one person's eyes, then another.

"Sing for me
This is now my song of legacy
And it was a song that was the key
Oh, I want you to sing for me
Why I had to go, I don't know
They heard my plea
Someone had to try
It was I, so sing for me"

Edris closes his eyes as he listens, perhaps to concentrate more fully on the experience. Though it does hide his expression somewhat, there is a sadness that manages to linger nevertheless, though a slight smile plays upon his his lips as well.

Esme gets a drink, which is probably whiskey, and she brings it to her lips. However, the singing captures all of Esme's attention. Her emerald eyes playing a lot of emotion upon them. Then her brows lower just a bit before is it all smoothed away to watch Gianna singing.

It's a simple song, and the final verse is just reinforcing the rest. Here, emotion renders the song an actual plea. A request, as though she thinks she might be forgotten.

"Sing for me
This now my song of legacy
And it was a song that was the key
Oh, I want you to sing for me"

The melody lingers a little longer as her deft fingers pick out the last notes of the tune. She smiles, then, as her palm gently stills the strings. It's a rueful smile with a wistful note.

Mattheu turns from soft conversation at the booth with Kiera, and listens to Gianna's song.

Keely looks entirely wrapped up in Theo's company until the moment the first note floats from Gianna's glittern. Her dark eyes are immediately drawn that way, and she is also settling a little closer to her companion as the pair settle in to take in the performance. Her expression shifts when the words begin, melancholy settling on her young face. And when the song is over, she doesn't stir for some time after, even as those around her begin to applaud, simply watching the Nightingale in pensive quiet.

Valerian watches in awe at the performance, taking a sip of wine that turns into a big gulp as he forgets to lower his glass again, too caught up.

Esme is overheard praising Gianna.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

A soft strum of music and a lilting melody filter from the Black Fox into the streets, drawing ever more patrons in as if tugged by the melancholy notes that swirl around them. Amongst them, Larissa slips in along the periphery of the tavern with naught more a disturbance than a whisper of silk and lace that trails behind the pinned up bustle of her gown. Her gaze slides over the swell of the crowd before settling upon Gianna as the final notes of the song fill the space. A touch late to enjoy the entirety of the song but none the less enough to enjoy. She gives a quiet whistle in appreciation.

Larissa is overheard praising Gianna.

Caspian seems to be held for a brief moment, his eyes closed as the words hung in the air. he broke into a smile then, eyes opening as Gianna finishes. he begins to clap, a quiet reverent clap as oppose to the raucous applause of a usual tavern performance. the solemnity of the music demanding more respect.

Kiera is overheard praising Gianna.

Aella is overheard praising Gianna: Absolutely lovely performance to go along with my drinking this evening.

Kiera applauds gianna softly, a questioning and thoughtful look in her eyes as if anticipating something

Edris joins in the applause, respectfully, as he opens his eyes. It's only then that he takes a slow sip of his drink, settled in and relaxed.

A shower of bells sing out louder than the clapping from Mattheu, as he moves to stand upon his bench at booth every bell seeks to find its own voice.

Catalana missed the performance completely. She slips in silently when others applaud and sneaks unobtrusively to the bar to watch.

"Thank you," Gianna says as people applaud. And jingle! The smile lingers just a moment more as she says, "Someone should buy me a drink."

Keely nods to Theo, finishing her drink and lowering the empty flute before scooting out of the booth and taking the prince's hand. "We can swarm the Most Glamorous Nightingale first, and then I shall introduce you to Lord Mattheu," she is telling him, steps heading toward Gianna, deftly weaving through the crowd in attempt to get there FIRST. "Nightingale Gianna!" she calls softly, her voice barely carrying.

Valerian sets down his wine to applaud, his clapping stopping swiftly after. "So wonderful," he murmurs, with a sheepish smile and a shake of his head toward Esme at the bar.

Catalana has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

A late arrival Jace makes his presence on the other side of port with little in the way of fashion. Seafaring clothes befitting a darker of hue Thraxian style with seal-skin waterproof boots. He does carry the Sword of his people but not with any particular pomp display. His eye-patch is on and he pauses to listen and watch some applause before he ventures in further.

Caspian breaks into a merry laugh at Gianna's comment. "Gianna i swear each performance of yours has a haunting beauty to it that is unmatched! i would happily buy you a drink!" he pushes up off the couch and moves to the bar, a pouch of silver is pushed over to the man behind it and a smile is given. "Whatever the Nightingale wishes to drink please." he looks to Gianna with a chuckle, "so, was there an inspiration for the song ?"

Getting up from the sofa she had been seated in, Aella makes her way towards the Redreef lord, making sure to sneak up on the side that still has a working eye, so as not to be too threatening. "Lord Jace! You just missed the entertainment, I'm afraid."

Caspian has left the A deep brown leather sofa.

Theo lets go of Keely's hand long enough to clap in appreciation for Gianna's performance and then rises from his seat when prompted by the princess. His hand finds hers again and he follows her, weaving their way through the crowd to approach the Nightingale.

Gianna inclines her head to Keely, and then to Theo, since he's holding the Grayson princess' hand and all. "Princess," she greets. And, more loudly, to Caspian. "Whiskey, please! And I shan't tell just now."

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