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Grayson Fealty Feal-Tea - May (1017)

The next installment of the Grayson Fealty gathering is scheduled for Sunday, May 15! Vassals, friends, allies, and strangers are all welcome to attend this event. It's a great way to get together, voice any needs, foster new connections, and recruit for projects.

If you are nervous about attending without a personal invitation, Princess Keely would like YOU to attend as her personal guest for tea in the library.

(OOC - This event is open to everyone, and is great if you have personal/side plots you'd like to get others involved in, or if you are interested in being involved in such plots!)


May 15, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

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Alis Terese Ailys Lou Lisebet Noah




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Library

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Comments and Log

It is a lovely day for tea in the Grayson library! Keely stands near the ring of couches, greeting people with warm smiles as they arrive and pointing out the tables of refreshments before welcoming them to make themselves comfortable. Eventually, when it seems as if the trickle of people may have ended, she moves to retrieve her own cup of coffee and find a place to sit. "Well! How is everyone? I think we are all here acquainted with one another so there is no need for an icebreaker," come the princess' naturally soft tones, a smile lingering on her young face.

"Definitely glad to be in Arx and not, say, in an old broken and duty Inn somewhere with grave dirt all over myself." Alis quips, in a very oddly specific way. "How are you, Princess Keely?" Whatever her drink preferences, she can quaff tea with the best of them. She even has the pinky held just right.

Terese makes her way into the library offering Keely and anyone else a bow in greeting. Terese is wearing her full set of steel armor, removing her helm and tucking it away as she settles into one of the couches. "Greetings Princess Keely and everyone else," she says. "I am doing fairly well over all I guess, always keeping myself busy," she replies then lets the others present answer, looking over at her Cousin when she speaks before helping herself to a cup of tea

There's no need for Ailys to go far, it's just a step across the hall. But she's dressed up anyway and offers a sisterly air-kiss to Keely on her way to the refreshments. "You certainly are becoming a mover and shaker," she tells her cousin fondly, then swings a serene look at Alis. "Indeed. I'm glad for that as well." Her wide gray gaze alights briefly on Alis' shoulder, then she's pouring herself a cuppa and adding a few cookies to her saucer, carefully balanced. "Hello, Princess Terese."

"I am... glad that you are here and not in such a place as well, Your Grace," Keely voices with a small, startled laugh after Alis gives that definitely hypothetical and not at all real example of where she'd rather not be. She looks her patron over assessingly, before Terese's greeting brings a smile to her lips and she dips her head gently in greeting. "I am delighted to have Valardin friends joining us today, welcome your highness." She returns Ailys' greeting warmly, air-kissing on the opposite side and gazing up to her with matching fondness. "Oh, I don't know about all that," she demures at the praise with a soft pink flush to her cheeks, before giving a wary look between she and the present Highlord. "Yes, I am very glad no one has grave dirt on them. The staff would be very put out, I imagine it's a nightmare to get out of these couches. Aside from that... who has news to share? Upcoming events, ongoing projects, unsolved mysteries they may like assistance with? Oathlands friends, you are welcome to share, we are always happy to assist our allies."

"Hello again Princess Ailys," Terese replies warmly. "It is nice to see you again," she says. "I feel I missed some sort of adventure Cousin," she says, smirking slightly at the comments about grave dirt. "Well only thing I am still wishing to look into personally is a dream I have but other then that my main focus has been on the Academy I built mainly and offering assistance where I can since I basically feel I learned all I could about something else I was researching for now," she tells Keely

Alis is, of course, completely shameless and looks pointedly at the cookies on Ailys plate before hovering a hand near one to ask without asking if she can steal it. She forgot to get herself a cookie and she's feeling lazy, apparently. "Keeping busy is good, cousin. Did I hear correctly that the discussion with Lord Richard went well, and he'll be commanding the infantry?" she wonders politely, quieting when Keely speaks up again. "Oooh, unsolved mysteries! My missing shoe." Of course she comes out with that. /Of course/. She just winks, about missing adventures honestly.

There might not be grave dirt coming trailing in with Alis, but there is certainly some kind of dirt trailing after Lou who looks like she might have passed out somewhere, sometime in a pile of leaves somewhere. There's more than a few stuck in her tangled brown hair. "Sorry I'm late," the explorer mutters as she enters into the library. She then rather unceremoniously flops on one of the sofas, likely much to the chagrin of the staff.

"If anyone brought grave dirt into the mansion by accident I'm sure the staff would try to be very forgiving." Ailys drops herself lightly down next to Alis, the A-Team sipping tea and...yes, both eating cookies. Ailys offers the plate to the high lord complacently and lets her pick her poison. "I need nothing, but I am happy to offer any help. Lord Richard Wyvernheart?"

"A dream?" Keely wonders curiously of Terese, sitting Perfectly Poised at the edge of her couch and looking slightly uncomfortable for it. She smiles to herself when she watches Alis begin her pilfering, and then giggles outright on the matter of her shoe, cheeks coloring faintly. "Yes, we do still need to hunt down your shoe pervert, Your Grace. Are we still looping in Prince Sebastian? I should arrange a briefing soon to go over what we know." Lou's presence is met with a warm smile. "Hello, Lou! We were just getting started. Can I fetch you some coffee with whiskey?"

"Oh yes, our meeting went well," Terese replies to Alis and Ailys. "I did set him to the task of commanding the Infaltry and he seems very well suited and I thank you for the suggestion. It just leaves me to find someone for the pike and archers perhaps," she says. Her eyes move to Lou as she enters and she offers her a bow of her head in greeting. "Ah Pathfinder, it is good to see you again," she says warmly. "Yes well vision, dream, not to sure, it is always the same though," she explains to Keely's questioning. "Missing shoe," she questions

"Dreams sound more important than shoe perverts, perhaps we should start there." Alis ventures, as if the matter of her missing shoe is actually a very serious matter. Just not as all consuming as the dreams some may have. "You have forgiving staff, then, Princess Ailys. I suspect our own staff would definitely find ways to remind whomever brought in grave dirt that they should not do so again." is murmured to the healer. "Hi Lou." The polite greeting offered. "And of course; I am sure Prince Sebastian will find no end to the amusement of such a search. Since he gained such levity from merely the telling of the story." She leans towards Ailys then to offer a quiet word.

Ailys cocks her head curiously. "Princess Terese, if you were willing to share your dream, perhaps one of us might be able to offer some insight. Only if you want to though, of course." She cuts a look sidelong at Alis. "I need to hear the shoe story sometime."

"No, no coffee," Lou wrinkles her nose at the suggestion of coffee. "But I'll have whiskey with my whiskey," she quips lightly. The Tenatious Griffon seems to be in better spirits than she usually is today. This is one of her very rare public outings since the whole Bastion affair and practically cloistering herself away from all things since. She's looking a lot thinner and maybe not quite herself. "And some cakes, if you have cakes. Or, muffins?" there's a faint hopeful tinge when she asks about the possibility muffins. She grows quiet though when the topic of dreams comes up, or visions. Either, really. Her eyes fall on Terese, giving her a curious look. "Lady Terese," she greets, and although her usual warmth is not in her voice today there's neither a coldness that exudes from her either.

"I will tell you all about it, as well as the theories we've come up with so far." Alis promises.

"Okay but for ease I will speak in third person," Terese replies, nodding and starting to speak of her dream or vision. The dream is always the same. Terese sees a great, hulking fortress that overlooks the coast, with thousands of men and women in shining platemail standing along its ramparts. She hears a speech, and then looks to the East as the sky grows dark and a stormwind blows, and hears a great beating of wings. She sees thousands upon thousands of inhuman monsters fall upon the fortress and a struggle that seems to go on and on and on, as one after another falls. And Terese sees all those around her driven deeper and deeper into the fortress, and something truly dark and terrible coming for them. She sees herself grab a sword, and slam it down into a stone, and the entire world vanishes into a blinding white light.

Keely is intrigued now. She turns her body a bit to more fully face Terese, her dark eyes brightening with interest. "Whar kind of vision, if you do not mind sharing? Everyone here loves a good mystery." She nods to Alis, making a mental note to invite Sebastian to all shoe pervert-related matters, but her focus is now fully on the other Valardin princess. She sets her coffee down and moves over to make Lou's drink and a little plate of tiny muffins and an assortment of other sweets, sneaking a finger sandwich with bacon jam in there for some protein, glancing back to Terese now and then, and carefully delivering plate and glass to the Grayson Voice with leaves in her hair. Then she resumes her seat, collecting her coffee again.

"Okay but for ease I will speak in third person," Terese replies, nodding and starting to speak of her dream or vision.

"The dream is always the same. Terese sees a great, hulking fortress that overlooks the coast, with thousands of men and women in shining platemail standing along its ramparts. She hears a speech, and then looks to the East as the sky grows dark and a stormwind blows, and hears a great beating of wings. She sees thousands upon thousands of inhuman monsters fall upon the fortress and a struggle that seems to go on and on and on, as one after another falls. And Terese sees all those around her driven deeper and deeper into the fortress, and something truly dark and terrible coming for them. She sees herself grab a sword, and slam it down into a stone, and the entire world vanishes into a blinding white light.
"Then she sees glimpses of other things. She sees faces of those strong in the Faith now. She sees Preston and Thena, and Orazio and Cassandra, and other men and women around Arx, and the banners of the Faith being raised once more."
"And then she sees the dark clouds coming from the East once more, and a sense of dread before she wakes."

Lou gives Keely an automatic nod of thanks as the whiskey and plate of sweets is passed her way. Truly, it's the plate that interests her the most at the moment. She neatly unwraps the muffins so that she might devour them, one going into her mouth with a single smash. She does, at least, quietly eat it, her attention mostly raptly on Terese. She does remember to finger wiggle a greeting in Ailys's direction, and she gives Alis a shadow of a smile, as much as she's able to muster. "Alis," she greets. "I do hope that things are quiet in the Oathlands these days."

Ailys flickers a wave at Lou, then props her chin in one hand, teacup and saucer balanced neatly in the other. "That sounds a bit like...Stormwall? But we won at Stormwall...and I don't remember hearing anything about flying creatures."

"Have you seen the painting in my office, Terese? If not, I will make sure you have a chance to do so. Perhaps you can tell me if it matches what you've seen in your dream. Or at least, a part of it." Alis decides, after a long moment. And, a slight smile towards Lou. "Quiet for now. Hopefully it stays that way."

Keely remains quiet for a time, looking to the other three women present curiously. Especially Alis, when she mentions her painting. "Have you talked to the other people in your dream, to see if they've had it as well?" she wonders after a moment.

"I will have to take a closer look and let you know," Terese replies. "I am not sure what the winged creatures relates to since these sorts of dreams can have all sorts of imagry that might not be litteral and more depicting other elements or things," she says. "My main focus was always about that sword but I guess the mind of a warrior always on the blade," she says

Ailys looks at Alis, mildly intrigued by the mention of the painting, but then purses her lips thoughtfully. "I think the Carnifex is the only one in the city right now." She clears her throat a bit awkwardly. "And alive."

"She won't be able to talk to Orazio. He was murdered sometime ago," Lou points out gently in Keely's direction. She looks to Terese, considering. "That sounds a lot like maybe in was associated with Stormgreet, the first part of the Skal'dagan War. I think Orazio was still alive when that happened, but died soon after, but I could have my dates wrong." She frowns as she considers it.

"Those people may not have been there physically, but in spirit." Alis suggests, as a possibility. "If it doesn't reference Stormgreet, that is." A nod is given towards Lou. "The blinding white light Terese speaks of - that could perhaps have granted a sight beyond what we can normally see. I know when I performed the primum cleansing ritual, I saw an image of Dayne in the smoke. And he spoke to me. Perhaps something similar happens in this vision."

Keely nods solemnly, sitting back a bit and taking a more passive role in the conversation, but still listening with deep interest.

"It's odd that the flash of white light is after I slam the sword into the stone," Terese replies. "There is also Preston and Cassandra in my dream so I am not sure how it all ties together honestly," she says

Lou glances to Alis curiously when she mentions seeing Dayne. "I saw the world, during my ritual cleansing, from the top of a mountain, and from there I saw the fabric of the Dream itself and felt how everything was connected and the adventure that could be discovered in everything." There's a brief pause before she adds, "I've been trying to find that feeling again." She turns her attention back to Terese, giving her a puzzling look. "Dreams are also not always straight forward. It's possible it's a future thing, or maybe something that was a averted. They are possible futures, sometimes, and events can change them."

"What's a cleansing ritual?" Ailys pipes up after washing down a mouthful of cookie.

"That sounds amazing." Alis seems enchanted by the vision Lou saw; a smile appears as she tries to envision it. "Dayne told me to stick to honor, and look to my family, friends, and allies during the dark times that come to Valardin. And to do what I must even if my heart breaks to do so." she explains further, the familiar stubborn tilt to her chin appearing as if she steels herself for it to happen. "It's a ritual that all must eventually do, in order to cleanse the poisoned primum of Avrum. When enough of the primum has been cleansed, we may be able to start doing things that the others can - others like Cardians, Undying Empire, Eurus..."

"How... do we do it?" Keely asks tentatively of Alis, sitting forward again, her coffee forgotten.

Ailys tips her head at Keely, basically a 'what she said' type of gesture.

"Oh perhaps I should do this cleansing then," Terese replies and continues to listen once Keely asks how it might be done. "I might have to wait till this other project fully concludes I don't think much will come of it though," she says.

"Brass, Copper, Prism, Bronze..." Lou seems to supply on the edge of Alis's commentary. "To do a ritual, you must first witness someone else doing theirs. It's part of the process. You learn through seeing, then you do. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You make your intention clear about what you would like the Dream to project into the world. For me it was hope and adventure, but that's a bit of a simplification. It was more, specifically, something like..." There's a brief pause as Lou brings her intentions back to mind. "There may be darkness, but in the darkness there is always light, and where there is light there is always wonder and hope in the world, and in the dream. My wish, my intent, is for the dream to be ever filled with wonder and hope. There was a long other set of things about how I saw that, afterwards, but that's the better explanation." She looks to Keely. "Well, we'd need to find someone who is doing there's so that you can witness it."

"You have to witness the ritual being performed, first. But the gist of it involves a sacrifice to each of the Gods. Something with meaning for you. The more meaningful the better. You offer it to the flame." Alis thinks back, trying to remember. "I still remember the things I sacrificed. Sacramental wine for Mangata. My wedding dress for Limerance. Things that imbued into the dream my love of my people, my family, and holding to honor and duty."

Lou glances to Alis, lifting a brow. She quickly interjects, "I definitely didn't sacrifice anything to the gods. But perhaps that's how you saw it being done."

Ailys listens carefully to Alis, nodding along every once and awhile, and then takes a long sip from her teacup. "I would like to witness one as well."

With a tilt of her head, Keely's dark eyes flit between Alis and Lou, taking in their words attentively. She then nods to Ailys, her turn to do a 'what she said'.

"Faith and the Orthodoxy is also important to me, so that undoubtedly colored my choice to be specific." Alis agrees, nodding then towards Ailys. "If I hear of anyone doing one I will definitely let you know. And you as well of course." A gesture made towards Keely and Terese there.

"Oh thank you, I would like that," Terese tells Alis. "I am surprised I am just learning all of this," she says. "Seems there are so many things left to discover really," she says. "Thank you all for your suggestions," she tells them all.

"It does involve 13 sacrifices, so whatever you do, you'll need to think on what it is you wish to sacrifice," Lou adds in addition to other things stated. "I did things from family, childhood, and adventures. Exploration was important to me, and the wonders of that, so that's what colored mine." She seems to be nodding with Alis's description of what colored hers. "The important thing to do is to make your cleansing about you and what you want the Dream to look like for others."

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"It does involve 13 sacrifices, so whatever you do, you'll need to think on what it is you wish to sacrifice," Lou adds in addition to other things stated. "I did things from family, childhood, and adventures. Exploration was important to me, and the wonders of that, so that's what colored mine." She seems to be nodding with Alis's description of what colored hers. "The important thing to do is to make your cleansing about you and what you want the Dream to look like for others." (repose)

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Keely smiles warmly, gratefully to Alis for that. "Thank you for educating us about that, Your Grace, and Lou. And thank you, Princess Terese, for sharing your mystery with us. Ailys, Lou, is there anything either of you have been working on or looking into that might benefit from talking it out here?"

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Terese has joined the Couch of Noble Gryphons.

"That's all fascinating." The wheels in Ailys' head are clearly turning, but she does bring herself back to the present to nod agreement with Keely. Then, "No, I'm afraid I don't have anything to share today."

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

"I'm just continuing my research into what the Traitor took from the Grayson crypts. We think there could be clues in the Passages of Whispers, but we're not sure. Eventually, we might need to send someone under the city to start searching. It's hard to say though because our present research is stuck in the ugly craw of discovering everything new that could ever be that hasn't yet been cataloged properly yet in the Great Library." IE: It's stuff discovered in a newly set of uncovered books, making the slog take forever.

Lou definitely says that!

"Have sword, will travel." Alis quips, as her offer of help should people be needed to go under the city and ensure it's safety for others. "And brains. I have brains too." For whatever reason, she feels it necessary to point this out.

A remarkably late duchess arrives, pausing to look around. "Good day everyone. I'm not too late, am I?" Lisebet asks, a little ruefully. "I made the mistake of going with the children for their naptime and fell asleep before they did." Oops. Ahem. "At any rate, I hope I might join you all for a bit?"

"I will also help if needed Pathfinder," Terese offers. "If anything I can help try to help keep everyone safe," she states. Then she offers Lisebet a polite bow of her head in greeting. "Greetings," she offers but then quietly sips her tea

Nodding to Ailys, Keely then turns her attention to Lou, expression shifting slightly. "Hm," she voices, not wanting to leave it uncommented on. "Do let us know if anything is uncovered that we might assist with." There is a solemnity in her words. But she soon looks to Alis and asks, "Perhaps you will regale everyone with our shoe mystery? They may have seen something that would help..." Lisebet's presence brings a warm smile to her young features. "Oh, welcome, Duchess Ashford! Please do join us, there are refreshments just there if you'd like."

"I'm pretty good at healing." Ailys perks a smile, then waves to Lisebet from her place on one of the couches, teacup and saucer in hand.

Alis scrunches up her face a bit at the request to regale everyone with the shoe tale. But, drinking the rest of her tea and then setting the cup down nearby she gives it a shot. And, tries to keep it diplomatic. "During the camping event sponsored by Princess Keely, we all threw our shoes in a pile before crawling in to our bedrolls to get some sleep." Or, some people climbed into the bed they made their house staff set up for them. "When we woke, I went through the shoe pile to get my shoes. And, my left shoe was missing! /Missing/." she emphasizes. "So far, the current theories about it's disappearance are a hungry giraffe... though I think it would have, uh, expelled any evidence by now. And, a pervert who likes shoes."

Lou nods around at each person who offers help. "If there is a need, I shall remember to reach out. I have about a dozen people of varying skills helping to research the weapon. The good news is that there is a way to destroy it. The bad news is it involves finding the gems that make that possible, which Caithness most assuredly hid somewhere, then it involves finding the Traitor's cache of items and being close to the weapon." A pause, then she says sardonically. "So, I was quite able to achieve my goal of finding something that /can/ destroy it, but not from afar as I had hoped."

Lisebet promptly offers a curtsey, and then she inclines her head to all the princesses. Lou gets also a small wave. "Princess Terese, it's good to see you again," Lisebet replies to the greeting there. She flashes a bright smile to Ailys as well. Then Keely gets a hopeful look. "Oh, thank you. I shall take a look," she says, before she heads over to get some tea and some small finger foods on a plate. She turns to look over at Alis at her shoe story. "Or perhaps someone is playing a prank?" she offers, somewhat bemused. "I cannot say I've had a shoe go missing since - well, since I came to Arx from Westrock Reach at the least. Now that I've said that, of course I shall lose a shoe before bed tonight, no doubt." A delicate half shrug follows that, and then Lisebet says, "Lou, you know of course you also have my assistance, should there be anything I can do."

"But the pervert theory is much more humorous. In a somewhat dark and gross way." Alis points this out without sounding even a little repentant, when Lisebet brings up a far more believable theory.

"It was probably someone with a beer pickle," Ailys offers to Alis, utterly deadpan, before tuning in to Lou's words and asking, with a hint of hesitation, "What sort of gems? Diamonds?"

"Or someone I've said had a beer pickle." Alis concurs, nodding solemnly.

"Where the shoes perhaps heels," Terese questions, like this narrows down the seatch of suspects. "Quite lovely to see you once more as well Duchess," she tells Lisebet with warm respect

"What... is a beer pickle?" asks Keely, focusing on the important things.

Lisebet laughs outright, amusement showing. "Fair enough," she says to Alis.

Alis shakes her head a little, and makes a gesture indicating maybe a small heel. "They were more like boots. Suitable for a wooded environment." she confers to Terese, and of course grins impishly at Lisebet. That is, of course, before Keely asks what a beer pickle is. "Same thing as..." she glances around at the rest of the company and /struggles/. "... when a guy has had too much to drink and can't, ah, 'perform' because of it."

"I know he has been collecting black diamonds. We're not sure the types of gems, but I don't think this is powered by those. He has a different purpose for those, of which I've been assured has been averted by diverting the assets he wanted to control away from where he can find them." Lou replies in earnest to Ailys.

Why does Keely ever ask Alis to clarify anything? That is the question that is plain on her young, crimson face just before it disappears behind her hands. "Of course it is," she mumbles, muffled into her palms.

Lisebet remains calm and collected, though her eyes dance with amusement. She doesn't blush at the comment about beer pickles, though she may not have heard the term previously. "I shall have to remember that one," she comments simply, and sips her tea.

Terese blinks lightly as her cheeks flush at Alis's choice of words to discribe what a beer pickle is. She coughs slightly as some tea goes down the wrong pipe then blushes more before clearing her throat. "Black diamond," she questions Lou, trying to change the topic, the shoes forgotten for now

"It's much more polite than the term I may or may not have been accused of using." Alis murmurs for Lisebet. "Okay, but that was the most polite way I could think of to describe it. Could you have thought of a more polite way to describe it!?" she wonders of Ailys, looking sorrowfully at her cousin and her protege.

Ailys nods slowly at Lou, then curves a smile as Alis explains the beer pickle. "There are so many terms for it, some of them quite clever," she tells Lisebet earnestly. Take it from a healer. "Ahm...a certain disfunction of the member, incurred by overindulging in alcohol?"

Nara, an enthusiastic young sailor arrives, delivering a message to Ailys before departing.

Lou nods in Terese's direction. "Black diamonds. Pieces, apparently, of a different Herald, also known as the same gem, that can control those under his Abyssal writ. That's about all I know on that topic though," she warns. "I've also been informed I should try to stick to one thing at a time, and that the Falcatae Solis is the more pressing matter." A pause, then she adds, "The weapon. That's the weapon the Traitor took." There's a grim expression on her face.

A flustered Keely drops her hands to peer at the A-team, having entirely lost the plot of the more important conversation taking place between Lou and Terese in favor of beer pickle chat. "I didn't even know that was a... a thing," she half-whispers, red as a beet. "So I would not have any sort of way to describe it."

"Is that where the swams came from," Terese questions Lou curiously about the weapon of course, her attentions fully drawn to know more. "I mean not that the Diamonds are not facinating," she murmers and then her cheeks almost match Keely's as she whispers back, "Me either..."

"Sticking to one thing at a time is difficult. Far more difficult than it would seem." Alis murmurs, clearing her throat and attempting to put on the serious face now that beer pickles have been explained. She looks up at Keely then at her half-whisper, and oh there's a question there on the tip of her tongue. But, nope. Noooooo. She very politely goes to get another cookie or three and shoves one in her mouth before she can say anything else.

"I ... uh... You're going to need to ask Preston about the swans since they were clearly there to talk to him," Lou studiously advises, clearly staying FAR AWAY from the beer pickle topic. In fact, she rises from her seat stating, "I should go tuck in the kids."

Lisebet goes to the conversation between Terese and Lou, leaving the other topic as not really important. "It is, but it helps when we have others to work on other topics," she observes. "My research currently is on Soulsage, and there is a certain mage in the armies of centipedes who likes swans who is related to that topic. Calyana, Sir Preston called her."

Ailys' sigh is more seen than heard, as Alis divests her of her remaining cookies. But Lisebet's contribution to the conversation keeps her from fetching more immediately. "What is soulsage? Is it something medicinal? Or a weapon?"

"Vitalis is looking into her," Lou says on her way out to Lisebet. "He may welcome aid, since I think his is taking as long as yours, but not LONGER than yours." She smirks. "Maybe the librarians will finally cough up the information this week?" she wonders.

Keely sits back, and refuses to ask any more questions because it simply is not SAFE. What if Soulsage is some euphemism for flatulence? She might die on the spot. So instead she sips her coffee and observes from behind it like the saucer is a shield.

Alis thinks Ailys should be grateful Alis stopped herself from asking the question that was on her mind, and her attention is now diverted to the questions the healer is asking. "Most of my research has been pretty routine - mostly to learn all we can about Cardia. But if I can be of aid to anyone in their efforts, just let me know. I've become quite adept and looking through the stacks and annoying the scholars with my constant questions." This said after she's chewed and swallowed the cookie she shoved in her mouth. Of course.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

"I am also currently free to assist anyone as well," Terese replies. "Other then the daily functions of the Academy and my duties as General I currently am quite free for researching now and then. I at least know how to modivate the scholars to find things for me," she says

Lisebet shakes her head. "It's not a medicine nor is it a weapon, exactly. It's - or was a Sylv'alfar family, that has apparently been all killed off. But there are some interesting tidbits of information available, if you are all curious. we stumbled upon it while looking for something to help us with curses."

"I'm currently working on something related to medicine. But I'm a fair researcher and I'd be happy to help out in the future." Ailys does, now, go fetch a few more cookies, stacking them neatly around her saucer. "Oh...that is interesting. Aren't there a few Sylv'alfar families thought dead that weren't?"

"What sort of curses," Terese questions Lisebet curiously. "I would be interested in learning more," she says. "And if you do need help latter Princess Ailys let me know, I do still have all my medical books for when I have time to study again," she confesses

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber arrives, following Noah.

Noah strides into the room as if he owns it. Which in some matter of bloodlines, he does. His blue eyes slide over the tables and the actual tea. The food. The /bite-sized/ food. He doesn't even take a moment to read the room before... "Keely?"

Keely lights up when she hears the voice of her favorite cousin, and quickly turns to look for its source. "Noah!" she beams when she sees him, tones soft so as not to interrupt the ongoing discussion, lowering her coffee to a side table and rising to step over and greet him. "We are just discussing some ongoing investigations. There is coffee and tea, and some stronger things too if you would like?"

Alis has been very busy eating cookies so that she talks less, but she does offer first a nod towards Lisebet. And then, turns to look at the entrance to the library when Noah arrives. The cookie is waved in lieu of verbal greeting.

Lisebet nods towards Noah as he arrives, and then turns to Ailys. "Captain Evaristo and I were looking to get rid of the curses we incurred when the mages attacked Whisper House," she admits. "Seems the two ways that we know work are to kill the mage who caused it or to exorcise it with a ritual. Both are dangerous. We heard the name Soulsage incidentally and thought it might be a medicine so we started to investigate, thinking it might be something that could help."

"Cousin Noah," Ailys greets politely from her seat on the couch, where Alis is stealing all her cookies. She tilts her head as Lisebet speaks, a slight frown touching her lips. "I...did not even realize that curses were incurred. Goodness."

"Hmm, curious. Are there different sorts of curses," Terese questions curiously. She bows her head politely greeting Noah and sip more tea, so far resisting the urge to eat the varrious pastries offered

Noah lofts his brow a bit towards Keely. "Tea?" He shakes his head a bit to that and then looks at the others. "Soulsage?" He looks over towards Lisebet. "Is it a plant?" He's only mildly interested before he looks towards Keely and gives her a one-armed side hug. "Please tell me you have wine."

"No, not a plant. it's a Sylv'alfar family name, one that apparently was all killed off. But there's a still alive mage today who - might have something to do with them. Just doing some research on it," Lisebet says to Noah.

"I suspect there are numerous types of curses, and blessings." Alis replies to Terese, though she also shrugs to accompany it. "But I haven't really done a lot of looking into either of those things yet, so that's purely guessing." is added, giving a single cookie back to Ailys. Cause now she feels guilty, obviously.

Keely tucks in to Noah's side, mouthing 'wine please!' at Wyla with a brief widening of her eyes to communicate urgency before smiling fondly up at her cousin. "Wine is on its way," she promises as her assistant hastily departs the library. Side-hug complete, she reaches to gently secure one of his hands and tug him toward the couch she had abandoned, dark gaze flitting from Lisebet to Alis and back to try tracking where the discussion has gotten to.

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Terese nods at Alis and then finishes her tea. "Do not hesitate to send me a messenger any of you but I am afraid I must get back to the Academy," she says and then offers them all a respectful bow in farewell

Ailys accepts the return of the singular cookie with appropriate solemnity before getting to her feet and brushing off her skirts with her free hand. "I should be going. If anyone needs help with anything, just send me a message and I will do what I can."

"Wait for me, there's something I wanted you to look at!" Alis hops up when Ailys does, to try and chat with the healer on their way out.

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"What else have you researched, my lady?" Keely asks of Lisebet after bidding farewells to those departing and murmuring a soft aside to Noah. "I am entirely fascinated by it all, but haven't the skill to find most of what I'm looking for."

Lisebet considers for a moment. "Many things over time," she acknowledges. "The Metallics a bit, the Reckoning a bit." She shrugs delicately and sips some tea. "All kinds of fantastical stories about magic."

Wyla scurries back in, bowing to Noah while offering him a megapint of red wine, two more bottles tucked under her arm. Keely smiles to her before turning her focus back to Lisebet. "Anything about... mirrors having odd effects on people? Or... souls inhabiting objects?" She tries to sound Very Nonchalant

Lisebet arches a brow at Keely, and then she says, "Yes, some. though it was never a primary focus of mine. If you want, I can look up what I have back home and we can compare notes?" she offers.

Noah stretches out his legs and crosses his ankles. "I once tossed someone that annoyed me at a mirror to see if they would go through it." He gets his wine and nods his head before offering. "I wouldkn't advise doing that, it pisses off the Faith." He then looks at Keely and runs a hand through is amazing hair. "Why?"

Keely smiles gratefully, offering a few eager nods to Lisebet. "Yes, please, I would like that very much. How is everything else? I do not think we've sat down to chat recently about if House Ashford needs anything that Grayson can assist with." Noah's words coax a small, surprised giggle from her, but she clears her throat after his question. "A small personal mystery. Did... the person go through?"

Lisebet also arches a brow at Noah, curiously, given his comment. "I admit I am curious as well," she offers. "House Ashford as always has abandoned in the woods, some of whom are lovely and others not so much," she says. "And there's strangeness aplenty across Arx to be found. But if we do come up with something specific that requires assistance, we'll be certain to let you know, your highness."

Noah shakes his head. "Nah. They just hit the wall and got bruised, but like I said... pissed off the Faith. I would not recommend doing that any time soon. I figured, they annoyed me. If they went through, that is settled. If they did not, well, it was still a wall."

A gentle scrunch crinkles the bridge of Keely's nose as Lisebet echoes Noah's curiosity, and she simply offers, "Perhaps in a different setting," before puvoting to the other topics. "Yes, please do always feel free to reach out whenever you need and we will do all we can to help. And... do continue to keep an eye on the Abandoned. I am told the Traitor is taking advantage of and enslaving those who, for one reason or another, feel they have no choice." Back to Noah. "I did not plan to try throwing anyone at anything any time soon, but your advice is always most appreciated. What did they do to warrant this, if I may ask?"

"Oh, he definitely is doing that," Lisebet says soberly to Keely. Though truthfully her curiosity was about Noah's experiment, she's not expecting to hear Keely's all here. "I generally don't try throwing people at things. more likely I'd throw the things at the people, honestly," Lisebet says with a slight smile. She might just be joking there, as she doesn't really seem to be the type at all. She sips her tea as she listens a bit.

Noah shrugs a bit. "I was curious what would happen." He says this as he's just relaxed in an almost bored fashion. "The Traitor is just doing what anyone in power does. They take advantage of those that have less to follow the program." He takes another drink as he looks between them.

"Not everyone in power tries to eliminate Choice from the human race," Keely softly counters Noah's point. "What about you, cousin Noah? Do you have any mysteries or anything that might benefit from a discussion?"

Lisebet stays quiet at this, thoughtful, but not interrupting the discussion. She sips her tea and nibbles her muffin, because it's really tasty.

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