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The Bloodoar War Ep.4

Three fracticious shav clans call the Anvil Islands to the south of Nilanza home. For generations now they have been disrupting merchant shipping in the area and Malespero has decided it can not continue. The trade must flow.

Diplomacy has been exhausted and a battle plan drawn which will, should everything go to plan, result in the foundation of a new Compact House in the area. But before that can happen the faction calling itself House Bloodoar must be dealt with.

This part of the Three Pirate Kings plotline will involve several Risk 3 combat and war encounters. Episode 4 will focus on capturing the island and city of Onstan, capital of the Bloodoar faction.

Apollo produced a nice map of the region which you can access here:


May 16, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

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Ariella Carita Caspian Ian Piccola Raven Sunaia Terese Thea Titus Zakhar Gabriella




Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum

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The Bloodoar War Ep.4 has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum.

Zakhar wields Bandage hiding Shadowed metal knuckkledusters.

In the time between the Defense of Nilanza and the current day this part of the Malespero fleet has returned to the Anvil chain and performed two important actions - They landed the army on the island of Onstan (where you are now) and they blockaded the Bloodoar capital. During the last week or so the army captured everything on the island except the city before settling in to siege the place. Lord Stefanos clearly believes its time for the city itself to fall because he's called for you all to join him in the camp beneath the walls.

The tall and somewhat tired looking Malespero can be found in a large pavilion there in the camp around a miniature of the city. "We're going to start the assault soon." he tells them all. "Once it begins I want you all to push for the Queen's home" he points to a keep within the city which has its own inner walls and gate. "Here and hold it. Any questions?"

Ian almost certainly isn't totally healed from his "unfortunate" encounter with a sword, at the Nilanzan town. It was only a couple of weeks ago. Ian's tough, but even he doesn't heal that fast. He is, however, healed enough that it's not immediately obvious, under all of his armor, that he's injured, and that amounts to the same thing, right? RIGHT? He studies the map with a practiced eye. "Any idea what kind of resistance we can expect from the populace? Street to street fighting can be slow, if we're dealing with civilians shooting at us from high windows."

Terese Terese just listens to the orders with a silent nod given at the words, she readies her sword and seems to prepare for battle as she takes deep breathes to steady herself for the upcoming battle

Caspian looks to the keep, on the map, narrowing his eyes. he offers a grin then, "one! might it make more sense to send a few others the walls on the far side of the city while the siege takes place? a few cloaked people with scaling gear in the night while a sortee attacks could sneak in, maybe get to the queen's home while the main force are fighting at the gates. if we can remove her, might make the following fighting much easier"

Raven makes a face as if that hadn't occurred to her, "And the Queen's guard?"

The old man looks much better than he did many episodes back, having a whole ass tower fall on you can take the wind out of one's sails. Less bandages, all except for one wrapped around his right hand, however this one might have something sharp hidden under it. He studies the map that has been put in front of them. A note from a /certain medic/ still hangs from side of his arm, something about keeping the old man in bedrest. Something that has certainly not been followed. A longer look at the map, then a look to the others before looking to the Malespero. "Where's their cooking oil kept?"

The Butcher's Daughter is in her element as she checks her armor for looseness and tightens the strap of her sword. "Whatever we agree on I want to be where the most action is." She gives a dark grin and rolls her shoulders to work out any kinks.

Raven gives Gabriella a slight side eye.

Sunaia rubs at the healing spot near her shoulder where the arrowhead was pulled out. Her questions seem to be covered on the aspects of getting height advantages, and how best to dig in deep towards the Queen's home- and all her assumed guards. So she finds herself listening and nodding to the discussion and answers.

Lord Stefanos tells Ian "It's hard to say what it will be like inside the city. Bloodoar rules through terror and hard laws. The people might welcome you. They might not." he steps around the table as he talks, full of nervous energy. "We're on their territory so I doubt they will surrender just because the Queen goes down Caspian but it can't hurt. As for going over the walls in stealth. I'll leave that decision up to you. I have a small group of soldiers you can take with you if you wish but they aren't stealth specialists. They won't be able to go with you if you choose that method. Still..." he looks to the model for a few moments. "It might be preferable. If you all think you can do it." He gives Raven a quick and rather fierce looking grin when she speaks. "The Queen's Guard are why i'm sending you." Zakhar gets an amused shake of the head which has the pleasant side effect of leeching away some of Stefanos' nervous energy. "Quartermaster's in the blue pavilion."

"Have you been able to see what the rhythm of life is in the city right now?" Ian asks Lord Stefanos. "We might not need to use stealth if we can get over without being seen. Cloaks to hide our armor would probably let us blend in with the populace and get where we're going without fighting our way there. But only if they don't have the place locked down under curfew."

Raven suggests, "They're likely to be busy with folks trying to breach the wall and breaching where they have the queen will probably be easier if they don't see a mob is heading that way yet. Maybe going our own way is the option?"

"Not really." Stefanos tells Ian. "We've been focused on military positions."

Caspian points to ian, "Fair point. if they haven't sealed the city completely we might be able to slip in with the people fleeing to the city? go in as merchants, or hide in a grain wagon"

"I have no skills being stealthy what so ever, I see this plan going terribly unless you have some sort of distractions planned," Terese replies. The Princess definately stands out in her blueish colored dragon themed steel armor. A Cloak would hardly cover it all...

Gabriella frowns at the idea, adding, "If we sneak in we won't have as many soldiers with us. So if we are spotted things could take a turn for the worse."

"Look. Stealth isn't the only way into a city." Zakhar grins as the quartermasters' tent is point out. "We might be able to wander right in, the people of city are rarely going to give three fucks, less we've killed their father recently? It's only going to be the soldiers that need to be worried about. Wander into an alley way, make some noise for a moment, then disappear to the quartermasters. We find their food supply and add a few things, doesn't matter. Just wait it out, they'll all have the runs."

Lord Stefanos seems to consider Zakhar's suggestion before telling him "Normally yes but we've had them under siege for a while now."

Stefanos nods after it becomes clear the group is going to go around the city a ways and try to sneak in. "I recommend you try here then." he points at an area along the walls. "As it should have the fewest defenders on the wall." he picks up his sword, nods to them all, and then heads out to let loose the siege ladders "Good luck to you."

Zakhar checks perception and stealth at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Sunaia is successful.

Caspian checks strength and athletics at normal. Caspian is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Raven is successful.

Terese checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Terese is successful.

Ian checks stamina and athletics at normal. Ian is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Gabriella is successful.

You circle the city to the spot Stefanos suggested, using the siege lines for easier transit and cover. From here, on the ground, it looks just like any other bit of city wall but it is obviously quieter than the spot across from where the Malespero force was gathered to attack. That attack started not long after you left and you can hear the sound of battle and fighting from here. It should prove good distraction.

Sunaia and Zakhar get nominated to act as the scouts and they climb up onto the wall first to make sure it is clear of witnesses and pick the perfect moments for the others to follow.

Thankfully climbing walls is no trouble for Terese so once she is given the signal from Zakhar and Sunaia she scales the wall effortlessly even in all her armor. She is waiting with the others before she moves any further though onces she has overcome the first obsticale

Sunaia climbs up the first wall like someone fairly comfortable in doing such things. Trees weren't the only things Ashfords were accustomed to ascending. She occasionally looked around for chances she and Zakhar might be seen, but her climbing parter likely had a better perspective as they stood over the first wall.

Raven has come prepared. She brings a rope and sends Caspian up with it so THIS TIME she does not take another unfortunate tumble and forcefully eat dirt. With this bit of aide she's able to climb the wall with only one functional arm but she does so quickly and pulls the rope down with her as she comes down over the other side.

Keeping low to the ground, Ian scans the wall while he takes off the articulated alaricite glove that covered his left hand and hooks it to his belt, thus removing the only shiny thing, and one of the only things that isn't black, from his person, while leaving his hands clad in fitted, supple black gloves that look like they'll be perfect for climbing. Spotting the signal from the scouts, he moves to the place on the wall that he chose for himself, and, sliding his cane into a loop in his belt, starts to climb. He's careful, having chosen a place that, while it keeps him well concealed, can't be climbed quickly, especially by someone using almost entirely upper body strength to do so. His endurance serves him well, putting him silently on the ground at the other side, where he can put that metal 'glove' back on. He keeps it shielded in his coat for the time being.

"This was a better plan than I thought," Gabriella admits as she watches Sunaia and Zakhar scale the wall. Once they receive the signal she clambers up the wall rather effortlessly considering all the armor weighing her down. Once her boots slam down on the other side of the wall she does her best to stay low, cursing silently as her armor clinks.

The climb to the wall was assisted by a few of the Crimson Blades, the younger mercs were able to make it to top of the wall with ease and head to the next leg, hanging close to the wall while tossing down ropes to help others find their way up and over for the first act of looking into the city. Zakhar follows along after the others to take up a small seat of nearly laying upon the wall as he looks to the city below, only poking his head up long enough to shift his head covering to keep the wild snow-white hair tucked away. A few hand signs to the mercs and a look to the others as he sits in silence.

Caspian hoists the rope given to him by raven and moves toward the wall. He clambers up the wall, moving skillfully up and hugging tight to avoid being seen. once he reaches the top, he looks around, making sure no one was nearby to see what ws occuring. he fastened the rope to the crenellation and cast the rope down for any of the others to use.

From the top of the wall you can see that most of the defenders are focused on the western wall. That section of the wall is now thick with soldiers and warriors fighting in a chaotic mess of invaders and defenders. There are a few roadblocks on the routes most likely to be taken by the invaders once they get into the city but none of them seem to be on the path you need to take. You can see your target from here. It's a wall compound a little off the city center with a high well defended wall and a central keep. A tall woman who could well be Queen Rynne herself seems to be up on that wall with a small group of officers.

But before you can get there you are going to have to pass through part of a shav city under siege..

Sunaia checks luck and stealth at normal. Sunaia is successful.

Caspian checks luck and stealth at normal. Caspian is successful.

Zakhar checks luck and stealth at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Gabriella checks luck and stealth at normal. Gabriella is successful.

Raven checks luck and stealth at normal. Raven is successful.

Ian checks luck and stealth at normal. Ian is successful.

Terese checks luck and stealth at normal. Terese marginally fails.

Sunaia wields Sliver, a diamondplate bow with an forestal green leather grip.

Raven wields Blackheart Halfmoon Blade.

Gabriella wields Gluttony, the Sword of Tiberio Pravus.

Ian is remarkably comfortable making his way through the streets and tangled back alleys of the city, almost like he's been hanging out in tangled back alleys a lot these days. A lot of his attention is on rooftops and upper windows, maybe anticipating the possibility of attacks from above, while the rest is on the ground under his feet, as he does his best not to trip on the uneven cobbles. This leaves precious little attention for keeping track of the people he's with.

Raven doesn't tip toe but rather rests her arm on the pommel of her sword and strides along as if she has ever right to be here, hiding in plain sight. Just a crass commoner going about her hum-drum life, nothing to see here! She makes her way towards the building she and the others saw the Queen anbd her guards.

Back upon the ground, the mercs slip to stay close to the wall climbed. Holding the position in case a quick exit is sought, while Zakhar watches the flow of the streets and heads into the throng of the city without much of a care. His head covering slipped to sit upon his neck, snow white hair is very visible now a small limp added to his gait while carefully paying attention to where his cane lands in his walk. A small mutter to those nearby, just another old man seeking the kitchen...

Zakhar mutters, "... amazing thing about soup ... ... ... ... siege, even ... the enemy is upon the ... even ... ... ... meat ... ... ... gone, a little ... and some ... Can ... a ... ... and no one can ... the ... ... what was ... into it."

Everyone else might pass throught the city with no difficulty everyone minus Terese whom locks eyes with an old woman who proceeds to thwack her with her walking stick for passing through the Ladies garden while cursing. Murmering under her breathe Terese is appologizing to the Lady and trying to bow to her respectfully and leave quickly before drawing any more attention to herself. Of course she does not harm a poor elderly lady even if now Terese sports a small welt on her face where the walking stick hit, an angry red welt on her left cheek is a reminder old woman are not to be messed with nor their gardens

Gabriella draws Gluttony from its sheathe with a wicked gleam in her eye as she stalks through the city like a shadow. There is a tightness in her steps, almost resembling a feline preparing to pounce. She does her best to stay with the others in the group in case someone spots them which she would attempt to deal with swiftly.

Caspian hikes his cloak up and over his head, giving a grin to the others as they begin to weave their way through the city. an application of mud and grime and he looks as beaten and dirty as every other commoner in the besieged city. he doesnt move particularly stealthily, not looking to be sneak. instead he simply is.. forgettable. people glance at him but no one thinks twice and they keep on about their business. For once the Champion does all he can to be entirely .. normal.

Sunaia keeps quiet and low as she and Zakhar move closer. They avoid the large groups of defenders and roadblocks. Her mind remains alert and she keeps her bow and an arrow ready to surprise a soldier, if needed. Whatever the soup-mage was muttering to himself was often quite lost to her but if he looked over her a sense of approval, the pale woman would smile and nod. So far, the tower-toppling man was quite genius.

A lot of the buildings you pass have been tightly sealed up by occupants frightened about the coming invasion. You pass a shrine where healers move amongst makeshift beds and a inn with a hanged man for a sign. Shortly after the inn you discover the reason that such a name was chosen for the place - an execution square. Every city has them but few have such cruel methods of execution. The handful of people who were lurking around the square scatter at the sight of you until there is only the executioner stood up on his platform staring at you. Behind him a half dozen men and women have been roped up and heavily flogged. The gates of the Queen's quarters are on the other side of the square.

Raven has an objective and flicks a dispassionate glance towards the prisoners clearly about to be executed. She passes through it and flicks a glance towards Gabriella, "Highness, don't go starting this party prematurely, they'll be plenty to go around, I promise." She purses her lips and wonders to Caspian, "Maybe we pretend to be messengers from the gates? They'll have to open up to receive us, no?"

Ian definitely noticed what was going on in the square, but doesn't pay it any particular amount of attention. It's not like capital punishment doesn't happen in Arvum, and it's pretty damned common in the Isles. Flogging's a regular occurrence on ships. He's not going to stand around where the executioner can keep staring at him and maybe start to have questions about who he is and why he's here. Instead, he looks over the architecture of the building they've got to get into. "These walls don't look like they're going to be as easy to climb without being seen," he says softly.

Caspian seems to be eyeing the man up, though doing his best to not LOOK like he was eyeing the man. he apparently settled on the same conclusion Raven did. "Aye.. better to wait till we are inside to start the noise and festivities." he grinned at Raven then, "i like this idea! foolhardy, a bit insane.. with just a small chance it will work! im rubbing off on you." unless someone stopped him he was seeming to prepare to do just as Raven suggested

Gabriella stops in her tracks as her eyes land on the prisoners, and she grips Gluttony tighter and begins to walk forward before Raven snaps her out of it. She hums thoughtfully before saying to the group, "I could make a big scene fighting the executioner. Perhaps soldiers will arrive from the compound and you all could slip inside."

"Can't we just free a few of the prisoners," Terese questions quietly, eyeing the executioner then of course whom she assumes are poor helpless victims to cruelty..."Seven armored messengers," she asks Raven with a clear look of really written on her face. The welt still visable on her cheek

Raven says, "No one's going to leave the Queen to come protect an executioner. No-that ain't what we're here for. People suffer, then they die, it's life. We're here to do a job or else more'll meet the same fate." She hrrrms and looks for a way in, a doorway, a gate, a sewer trough."

Zakhar stops for a moment while staring at the prisoners then the executioner. "OY! You've done that wrong, they aren't bleeding enough!"

Ian sighs and rubs his forehead with Zakhar starts shouting. What he doesn't do is look remotely surprised. "Alright. This is probably going to happen. We need to get to the other side of that wall, kill whoever's guarding the gate, and open it." It's not really a plan. It's maybe 30% of a plan.

The executioner seems to dismiss you all as being mostly irrelevant and goes back to his work on the next prisoner in the line. This one is soon going to have fewer hands. Whilst the guards up on the walls don't seem to have noticed you yet they are clearly paying attention and at least a few of them are armed with crossbows.

Terese checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Terese marginally fails.

Ian checks luck and athletics at hard. Ian fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and stealth at hard. Caspian is successful.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Zakhar scoffs at the executioner, "I'm just going to assume your deaf as fuck, too many years of your masters beating the living shit out of you to make you see the means of chopping fingers off eh?" He pulls out the small knife called lucky and waves it gently towards the Executioner. "I tell ya, this thing. Sharp little blade. It'll do a nice slice, and the receiver. Won't ever expect it either. Enough nicks and can bleed them out fer days. What do you say? Let an old man have some fun?"

Sunaia checks dexterity and stealth at hard. Sunaia fails.

Ian checks luck and athletics at hard. Ian is successful.

Terese is too worried about hitting the prisoner the executioner is moving on to she mainly offers a distraction by trying to step between him and the prisoners and clearly stating. "That is quite enough!" she is now face to face with the man, trying to back him away from the prisoners

Raven checks luck and athletics at hard. Raven is successful.

Sunaia checks luck and athletics at hard. Sunaia is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Sunaia marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ian is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar fails.

When Ian and Sunaia get to the top of the wall and the guards spot them they immediately shoot off crossbow bolts. Sunaia gets grazed by one but Ian avoids his. Nobody shoots at caspian/raven (yet).

Once the fighting starts, Ian just... goes for the wall. No sneaking from shadow to shadow. No pretense at stealth. He's going to get shot, and he seems to have accepted that fact. He intends a lot worse than getting shot for the people who're probably going to shoot at him, so it's fair. And yup, he gets shot at, and aptly deflects the bolt away from himself with his metal-covered left hand, using his palm as an improvised buckler. If someone below him (preferably an enemy) is available to break his fall, he will absolutely attempt to use them for that purpose, dropping straight down. If not, it's going to have to be a more controlled descent.

Caspian takes the opportunity to capitalize on the distraction made by zakhar and the others to dash across the courtyard. he vaults onto some barrels before hoisting himself up onto a small overhang and then scrabbling upt o the top of the wall. the guards seemed to not notice him yet, and a quick look over the wall showed a large hedge. nothing for it.. he leapt into the hedge, vanishing out of sight as the greenery poked and scratched him, but did swallow him whole. when he clawed his way out, there were twigs and leaves sticking from his armor.

Raven manages to scale the wall, gracelessly, inch-worming up the wall, it's crass, and lewd like she's dry-humping the wall. Good thing no one sees. She flings one foot over the wall and flings herself over befpre crouching down low and covering anyone else that comes after.

Pasquale has called for a check of luck at normal.
Critical Success! Terese is spectacularly successful.
Sunaia is successful.
TIE: Caspian is successful. Zakhar is successful.
TIE: Ian is successful. Raven is successful.
Gabriella marginally fails.

"I call it Lucky. Really stupid name, I know." Zakhar slips the knife back to show it a little better, a small spin of the blade and it should have slid ever so nicely into the man's gut. Instead the little knife slips from Zakhar's hand and he's left chasing after the knife only to be caught bent over and staring up at the executioner, a small silly grin slips over Zakhar's lips as he looks up to the Executioner. "Well, you gotta admit. It was worth the shot."

Gabriella strides up to the executioner with her blade raised and a challenge in her voice. "It's easy to beat those so weak, such actions are not honorable. Cross blades with us instead so we may show you what a true battle is." She nods to Zakhar and Terese before lunging at the man as Zakhar misses in attempt to cover him. She grins as she feels a slight resistance, even if it wasn't much any damage is better than none. She dances back while eyeing him, prepared for any sudden opening.

Raven peeks over the wall to check out Gabriella, "Fuck, Fuck, fuck. I shouldn't have left her alone..." she fretts in sudden uncharacteristic anxiety.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella fails.

Terese checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Terese is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Ian is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Sunaia fails.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Up on the wall three guards and an officer move to attack Ian and Sunaia. The officer picks on Ian, supported by a colleague, whilst the other two attempt to circle Sunaia. Professionals to a man they make sure to prevent Sunaia and Ian from moving down into the courtyard.

Down inside the compound Raven and Caspian are prevented from reaching the gate by another four guards but thanks to their stealthy approach the guards have no time to shoot their crossbows are the two heroes.

Outside, in the judgement plaza, Gabriella, Terese and Zakhar begin a serious fight with the big dour and apparantly mute axeman. So far he seems rather talented but with such odds as he's facing he'll surely go down eventually. The only question is how much damage will he do first.

Sunaia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Sunaia is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Caspian is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ian is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Gabriella is spectacularly successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Terese is mainly focused on guarding and protecting as many of the prisoners she can. Her stance is guarded and defensive as she seeks an opening to strike at the mute axeman. Finding an opening and striking when she can

Raven manages to startle her foe-but not wound him-though she does manage to avoid injury, leaping back when the guard she confronts swipes at her, flinging her arm wide briefly to bing extra momentum before her sword comes back up.

It would be her luck that Sunaia catch another arrow- or bolt- in her flesh. She would really hope to go this battle without such a wound but it might not be so. The shot she took towards the guards that spot her goes off with no real effect. She will have to quickly switch from bow to blade.

Caspian barrels into the guards with a laugh, his chain blades flashing out in a brilliant arc. the whirlwind of blades that follow drive the men back as Caspian deftly slips past their guards to land blow after blow against the surprised men.

Gabriella lets out a frustrated hiss as her next attack misses, quick to twist out of the way of the counterattack before backing away once more. She's careful to keep out of her two allies way as she wouldn't want to accidentally hit them. "Terese, try to get behind him if you can," she murmurs as she passes by. She circles to his side and tries to draw his attention away from the others with a jeer.

Ian is goal-oriented, and that goal, right now, is shutting up everyone who could shout a warning about the people coming over the gate, and getting the gate open. As the guards close in on him, he draws the alaricite sword from within his cane and parries the attack from the officer in the middle of the draw, while smacking the solider upside the head hard with the cane part of the cane sword hard enough to snap his head around. His unexpected parry is angled to elegantly deflect the officer's strike, leaving him open when Ian reverses his momentum, pivoting on the exceptional balance of his blade, and cuts through the hole he opened in the man's guard. His usual attempts to elicit a surrender are missing here; surrendering people can't be easily kept from raising an alarm.

With the blade finding itself upon the ground and Zakhar staring back up to the Executioner in mid bend he's at the right level for anyone to step in and take a swing without him standing in the way. A scramble for the blade and he's diving further to the ground to take a stab at the man's foot before seeking to pull another weapon from his belt to take a full swing with some iron, while he turns a little from his position upon the ground. "You know another one that people don't expect?"

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is successful.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella marginally fails.

Sunaia wields Moonflower, an alaricite shotel with wolf and lily motif.

Terese checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Terese fails completely.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Sunaia is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Ian is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar marginally fails.

The combat is definitely going in your favor for now. Up on the wall Ian manages to wound both of his opponents and whilst Sunaia's blows are parried she manages to parry their attacks in turn. Inside the courtyard, where Raven and Caspian just need to get through their foes to reach the gates, they both manage to avoid harm whilst Caspian actually manages to harm one of his foes. Everyone who's inside the walls, or up on top, can see the woman identified as maybe Rynne before vanish into the tower along with several guards before barring the door. Outside in the judgement plaza Terese, Gabriella and Zakhar continue to whittle down the defenses of the big axman who's started to grunt with exertion or pain everytime he swings his axe. When Zakhar speaks he looks at the man with his bright blue eyes and grunts "More Dirty tricks old man?" Not mute then.

Sunaia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Sunaia marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven fails.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Another hit from the cane part of Ian's sword sends the soldier tumbling off the wall, only to land with his neck at an angle that the mercies would describe as 'incompatible with life', freeing all of his attention for the officer. And he needs it, because the officer has nobody else to divide HIS attention, and clearly knows what he's doing. Ian chooses the angle of his parry wrong, the other man's sword slides up the length of his, bypasses the miniscule amount of hand protection that a cane can provide, and slices his right forearm. His steelsilk coat keeps the wound from being deep, but it's probably still at least a really nasty bruise, and it might have also broken the skin.

Terese hears what Gabriella says but at that same moment somehow Terese seems to loose grip of her sword shortly after landing her last blow and she is now scrambling to collect it, not really able to move behind the axeman nor effectively make any attack, hopefully she can still dodge any attack though

Gabriella seems taken aback as the silent man finally speaks and that may have something to do with her next attack missing. She growls before jumping back again though she knows it would only be a matter of time before the executioner falls to the three of them. She readjusts her grip on her blade and changes her stance. "Don't falter, this battle is ours to win," she offers to the others in hopes to keep their spirits high.

Raven presses forward, managing to cut one of her foes and presses onward, trying to drive him back against a wall and doing so with single-minded determination. Forgetting she no longer has steelsilk to protect her she suffers a wound that causes her to sneer and sharply bark out a string of cussing but she does not give ground, an ill tempered sneer twisting her expression.

Caspian is in FINE form! the man moves with the deadly grace of a predator. his daggers were a blur, parrying and flashing as he wove his way through the guards. he laughed then, "Raven.. you need any help over there? these two washer women should be dealt with soon!" he slips past one of the guards strike, and drives his foot into the mans chest. the guard stumbles back and with a flick, caspian's dagger whistles through the air and imbeds itself into his throat. with a yank of the chain, the blade is ripped free and caspian rounds on the other one.

Zakhar grins for a moment, going to pull out another weapon and instead getting a handful of haze. Then looking up to the Executioner, "Tricks? No..." He looks at the handful of not a weapon, "Um. Smoke?" Then shifts to roll out of the way.

The executioners axe thunks into the wood mere inches from Zakhar's foot. Even so he's going to need to visit a cobbler later. As the fight continues, despite the spot of blood trickling down his arm, the man is moving even smoother. He's on the older side to be a warrior but it doesn't show.

The soldier fighting Ian screams as he goes plummeting off the wall before stopping abruptly as his neck snaps. Despite this the officer fighting Ian doesn't even flinch. His lips pull back into a derisive sneer and he promises "You'll pay for that" just before making that skillfull effort to lop off Ian's arm. Luckily the steelsilk, and Ian's skills, prevent it. "Guard the Gates!" Yells one of the men who's currently fighting Raven. At the same time one of the men fighting Caspian makes an effort to kick him in the knee. Sadly for him this is the exact same time that Caspian chooses to kick him in the chest. Caspian wins.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Sunaia marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is marginally successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Caspian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Caspian fails badly.

Terese checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Terese is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Sunaia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Sunaia is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gabriella is successful.

"Look. I'm literally trying to show you that if you put some pizazz into your work, you'll be happier in what you're working on with it." Zakhar grins as he slips his hand behind his back and pulls out the frying pan. "Now. This might hurt." And proceeds to slam the pan as hard ans possible over the Executioner's side of his skull.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Raven snarls, "Godsdamnitall! Taint-sniffing Chicken-humping ratfink!" in frustration as she's made to bleed AND manages to shout a warning. She flicks a snarl towards Caspian and Ian "yeah-make me pay for it later." not even contesting who's fuckup this is. She channels her frustration into redoubling the attack but having to keep an eye out for new foes rather divides her attention.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Caspian checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Caspian is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Caspian does not take a permanent wound.

Terese avoids the axe if it comes at her, bent down to grab her sword all the while, blonking as she stands up. "You really where attacking an unarmed foe," she asks, tsking lightly as she wields her sword once more and faces off against the axe man. "Really, we have not manage to teach you any manners," she scolds lightly. Clearly Terese has made up her mind he is to be dealt with firmly.

Caspian gives a laugh, "Dont worry i'll be right over!" he dodges past the next attack and decides that he can lend raven a hand. he hurls his dagger toward one of her foes, though the man knocks it flying and caspian is forced to duck as the dagger rochet's back toward him! he straightens up just as the guard he had stopped paying attention to drove his mace into caspian's stomach. All the wind left Caspian as he was lifted off his feat by the force of the blow and sent through the air into a horse trough. with a splash the man crashed into it, the whole thing tipping over and depositing the gasping man, drenched on the ground as the guard barreled down on him to finish the job.

Gabriella flashes forward and draws her sword across the executioner's back as his blade thunks down in the dirt. She twirls away out of reach with a fierce laugh as the blood drips from Gluttony. "Don't worry, we will return the pain he was inflicting tenfold. The grounds here will bathe in his blood." Her golden hair dances around her face as studies the man's injuries with a hungry look in her eyes.

Sunaia engages with the guard and she's slightly more distracted than she should be. Her swings are not as effective, but she manages to keep moving and on her feet. There was no chance she would back down from a tenacious charge through this enemy and the next as she continues to clear combatants off the wall near Ian.

The problem with showing off in combat is that sooner or later someone spots you mid chest kick and decides to take advantage. The guard sends Caspian sprawling and would probably have skewered him in a far more permanent way if Caspian hadn't been quick enough to get out the trough. Even so he takes a nasty wound to his leg and the confidence of all three gate guards is revived. "Dip the oars!" shouts the soldier in a warcry before returning to the fight.

The executioner was well on his way to murdering all three of the knights and warriors fighting in the justice square with a savage swing of his axe when Zakhar's pan smash caught him a little off guard. It doesn't seem to do a lot of damage but for a moment there the executioner was unbalanced enough that it effected his swing. And still the fighting doesn't relent..

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Caspian is successful.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Botch! Gabriella fails completely.

Terese checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Terese is successful.

If Ian's aware of what's going on below the gate (and let's be honest, he probably is), be doesn't let on. The officer he's fighting has proven himself requiring of Ian's full attention, and by all appearances, he has it; all of the intensity of Ian's electric blue eyes is fixed on his opponent while his features remain slack, even peaceful, as he parries the attack that accompanies the threat with a casual flick of his blade, a motion that lends itself well to the riposite and counterattack that follows. Another slash. "In the Isles, we try not to make threats we can't follow up on." His voice has a mix of condescension and distain that's a mix of dismissal and instruction.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Caspian is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Zakhar marginally fails.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven fails.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Ian is spectacularly successful.

Gabriella hits the dirt hard as she slips in a puddle of blood, grunting as she crashes down. Her attention is of course on the executioner as he bears down on her and she rolls away from him while grabbing her sword from the ground. She frowns at her own stupidity as she attempts to rise from the ground.

Terese manages to see an opening while the executioner is stunned to cut off his head with her very fine diamondplated dragon themed sword in an almost symbolic motion stating, "Off with your head," before making sure to keep the other two from daring to attack the prisoners. "Well we should probably go help the others, you two go ahead and once I see to these prisoners I will join you," she tells Zakhar and Gabriella

Ian crosses blades again with the officer in the wake of his subtle taunt; this time it's his attack that gets parried. Ian himself proves to be more difficult to hit, however. It's possible that it's being on the narrow wall that's helping him, here; he's used to fighting without being able to move around freely, with only his sword to stand between him and whoever is trying to kill him. His opponent almost certainly is not, and Ian is using that fact, such that a controlled sidestep and a flick of his blade is enough to turn aside what really ought to have been a perfectly aimed strike.

Raven has done thqat thing she does when she's sincerely pissed off where all finesse is abandoned and she powers forward hammering impetuously at her foes guard. Perhaps it's no secret why the Blackheart of Pravus is ALWAYS fucking injured.

Zakhar steps to the side in small wobble and nods to Terese, as he picks up the knife he dropped earlier and proceeds to spin it in his hand. Shaking his head, he looks over to the head of the Executioner pointing at it with his thumb. "You going to want that? I know of a few that would think it funny to have on a shelf."

Caspian rolls out of the way of the guards follow up strike, struggling to his feet and clutching his hip. as the soldier rant toward him, Caspian spat a stream of water out, straight into the man's eyes, and then with a twist and a stab, the guard stumbled by, blood gushing from under his arm as his heart slowly failed. "Dip your fucking oars in that you bastard..that was one of ym favorite hops!"

Although the officers blade fails to make any sort of contact with Ian's skin he still manages to neatly parry Ian's blade. For a moment the blades are almost caught. Just a moment though. As he steps out of the brief sword lock and Ian's words hit him he frowns. "You're a fine warrior. Tell you what" his next word is one of those shav dialect words and when he realises that Ian didn't understand he offers. "Surrender and I'll put in a good word with the Queen. She might even keep you."

For the moment Terese, Zakhar and Gabriella are trapped outside the walled area in which all the fighting is taking place. Luckily Caspian's second foe collapses unconscious, dying, dead or faking, and the champion realises he has a choice to make. Help Raven or attempt to open the Gate?

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Caspian checks strength and athletics at hard. Caspian is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

"No thanks," Terese says, if her expression is at all readable under her helm it looks perhaps horrified and disgusted at the idea. Who keeps someone's head...She is busy seeing the Prisoners to whatever kind of safety and care she can before turning her attention to the gate.

Zakhar says in Crownlands shav, "surrender this buddy""

Gabriella gives Terese an approving nod and a pat on the shoulder before giving the body a rough kick. "Serves him right. Good work Terese, that was a fine kill." She then makes her way in the direction of the gate in attempt to join up with the others.

Raven makes another emphatic cuss as she's wounded again and continues to irately clang and bang against the maqn's guard, "Just!" Bash! "Fucking!" Crash! "DIE!!" She bellows impatiently, taking another wound but still hammering away artlessly at the guard's guard.

Zakhar checks dexterity and archery at hard. Zakhar fails.

"I'm afraid the best I can offer you is a good word with a different Queen," Ian replies, while enlightening the officer as to how to strike WITHOUT leaving yourself at risk of a riposte, by doing so himself. The best way to learn is by watching, right? "I have a job to do, tonight."

Caspian looks at Raven with her warrior, and nods. She had this. This is the Blackheart! of course she had this!. he rushed toward the gate, slipping under the gross beam and bracing it on his shoulders. muscles straining he heaved up, supporting the beam on his shoulders and stepping forward. "Come on in and join the fun!" Raven was STILL fighting the man..this caused him to furrow his brow slightly and he took a few steps toward them, still holding the cross beam...

The officer Ian is fighting hisses in pain as he takes yet another injury. He's probably extremely grateful for his armor right now. It's nice armor too albeit nothing like the quality of Ian's. "A Queen?" he seems a little confused about that. The sound of the gates opening results in a flicker of his gaze across towards it before he refocuses entirely on Ian. "What is she like?"

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is successful.

Terese checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Terese is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Zakhar goes to pick up the head of the Executioner, playing with the slack jaw before rigor mortis sets in. He nearly starts talking for the Executioner's head as he looks over towards Raven. "Oh this won't do. What was your name?" A shrug, "I'm going to call you Horace. Now." Another look towards Raven and her opponents, "Hey! Horace wants a chat!" And with that Zakhar throws the Executioner's decapitated head at the guards Raven is fighting

Caspian checks strength and archery at normal. Caspian is successful.

Gabriella checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gabriella fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian fails.

Raven gives am irritated snarl and finally finds a way through the armor and drives her sword between gaps in his armor with a sharp grunt, "Finally! Fucking hell!" using her left shoulder and twisting to shove the guard's body away off her blade, panting raggedly.

Caspian gives a grunt and then hurls the crossbeam toward the man, a wooden projectile of desperation. "Raven DUCK!" he carries on going, ripping his knives out just in case he missed..

"I'm given to understand that she can be merciful," Ian remarks to the officer, his voice still level and conversational. Nothing in his expression gives away the sight of Gabriella coming up behind the guard, because he would have to be doing facial expressions at all for one to give anything away. He times his attack to coincide with Gabriella's kick, but the added support also might have thrown him off his rhythm, as the officer, thrown unexpectedly forward, finally gets a strike clear past his ability to parry.

Once the Prisoners are taken care of and the gates open she spies Raven and her foe and of course she heads that direction first, swinging her sword to stike at the guard while trying not to be hit by the cross beam Caspian throws and the decapitated head Zakhar throws as well. "Can you both stop throwing things..." she calls out

Gabriella makes her way to the sound of battle until she finds Ian engaging the officer. She strikes out from behind him and manages to get a good hit in but not before her armor gives her away and the officer swings his blade around to clip her. Her only response is to take a step back and hiss in pain as she is used to far more serious injuries. The battlefield is a dangerous place after all.

With the opening of the gates the tide quickly turns in favor of the attackers. You now control this miniature fort inside the walled city with the exception of the Keep itself, a badly hurt officer, and a couple of soldiers fighting Sunaia. Well they were fighting Sunaia. For some strange reason they just decided that pleading for mercy would be a better life choice. The officer somehow managed to turn Gabriella's arrival into a beautiful pair of ripostes but the way his eyes are moving suggests that he's almost done and he knows it. He takes a half step back in a way that suggests he's thinking about some last ditch assault but rather than carrying it out he drops down onto his knees and tosses his sword at Ian's feet.

The Queen's Compound is yours. Now you just have to work out how to get the Queen out of the Keep.. But you don't have to go after her right now. There is time to catch your breath, take a drink, bind your wounds first, and think about leaving that job to Malespero's soldiers.

Using the tip of his sword, Ian knocks his opponent's weapon off the wall. "Looks like appeals to the Queen of Endings and Beginnings will have to wait until House Malespero decides what to do with you." He touches the cut along the line of his jaw idly and looks at the blood left on his fingers. "Aethan's going to be unhappy about this. He's getting soft in his old age."

Raven gasps in alarm as she sees an struck in the perphery of of her vision, "Lord Ian!" pivoting to try to offer backup as if she is any use to anyone presently. She exhales in relief and then turns to check on Gabriella, Zakhar, and Caspian, finally letting herself check herself over.

Terese is checking everyone over with a small sigh of relief. "Okay, well we are in," she says, looking around. "Now we just need to figure out how to get into the keep," she states, frowning slightly

The officer looks both relieved and surprised when Ian merely knocks his weapon off the wall. His shoulders slump and he leans against the nearby crenulations. "I think." he murmurs. "On a better day. I could have won."

Caspian hoists his arm as the man is clobbered by the beam! sure he was dead already but now he was dead and clobbered.. how embarrassing! he then bothered to remember that he was bleeding and winced, hobbling toward the keep. "Everyone alright?! we need to get in THERE still.. "

Ian uses his sleeve to wipe the worst of the blood off of his sword and sheathe it into his cane. "I agree. On a better day, you could have. But today, the gods were with me."

"Horace?" Zakhar calls out after the head and stops only to stare at Terese, "It worked did it not?!" Then goes back to stare at Raven for a moment, "You're on the feet. good. Now. Did you see horace as he found flight?"

Gabriella sheathes her sword as the officer surrenders before Ian, heaving a sigh of relief for a job well done. She offers Ian a nod of support before checking on the health of the others.

Raven says, "I'm not normally pro cursed weapons but I am starting to understand why sunderfall is a thing." She eyes Ian, "They know what's good for them they ought to be. Ain't many that move the lines of battle like you, my lord. Please avoid getting more fucked up than me unless it's on whiskey.""

Raven blinks, "Wait. Horace. Was that the head that went sailing over my shoulder?"

Raven says, "You know how fucked up it is that *I'm* the civilized one in this conversation, right?>"

Terese is shaking her head as Zakhar looks for the head he has decided to name Horace. "Yeah...I be-headed the executioner..." she murmers...

Caspian plops down on the water trough dripping wet and bleeding. "ehh.. he seemed like a right cheery fellow. awfully stressed though. im glad you were able to take a little weight off his shoulders."

Ian nods his thanks to Gabriella. The officer being his prisoner, he takes the time to make sure there are no other weapons hiding about his person. "You fought well. What's your name?" There's no adrenaline of battle of thrill of victory in his bearing, but there is a subtle warmth in his voice for this man who was such a formidable opponent.

Zakhar mutters, "Civilized? What's this insane word that they ... ... Horace. ... There you are! Look ... a spot ... ... in your eye ... ... ... to ... ... up. ... ... skull out of ... way as well."

The officer groans in discomfort as Ian starts checking him over for other weapons but makes no effort to protect any of his many, many, weapons. Six daggers later and a pair of knitting needles and you believe you have everything.

The knitting needles DO give Ian pause. He looks at the officer like a man who thought he had a handle on the situation, and now has so, so many questions.

As for the name question. The officer's answer is "Horsca. Horsca Bloodoar." He just gives a vaguely embarassed shrug when Ian looks at him like that. "Can never have enough socks."

Raven watches Zakhar with amusement and affection. She flashes Gabriella a grin, "I'm mad I was too busy to see you in action, highness."

Ian \shrugs, because yeah, valid point about the socks. "Lord Ian Kennex. Come on, I'll try and find someone to have a look at your wounds, if you promise not to give them a hard time. I know I put a strike between your ribs at least once." While the Malespero soldiers are mopping up and getting their acts together, Ian will try and find someone to keep his new prisoner/maybe kinda friend from dying before Malespero justice is done with him.

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