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A Khati Storytime - Chained Hope

It's summer, the days are long and the evenings are just perfect for sharing food, drinks and of course, khati storytime.

Tonight, the house of Proscipi sponsor this storytime passed down with amazing interpretive dancing performed by Cassiopeia and Savio. Listen on the many endings that have threatened the Saffron Chains and the peoples who have called it home, and yet from every ending a new beginning has been built on hope which rises from the ashes. Enjoy Saffron food and drinks while sitting in the newly created Monopteros.

From the primordial oasis of a shattered Dawnhome, the fractured crown of a thousand rainbow jewels of the destroyed Empire of Serpents to the prodigal houses that have risen to embrace the light of the Compact and Faith. Learn how you can cooperate together today to save the many tomorrows worth saving.

As always, clue shared afterwards.

Hooks: Kal'kul'raja, Spirits, Saffron Chain, Reckoning, Empire of Serpents, Theology, Occult


June 26, 2022, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Titus Cassiopeia






Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Tremorus Estates - Monopteros

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