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The Frozen Gauntlet

House Telmar is hosting their Gauntlet for the colder months. Given the weather it will be fun to see how people navigate the course.

OOC: This is the make up event for the Autumn Gauntlet since a hornet tried to murder me and I'm still typing one handed. Those who have rolled can keep rolls or roll anew!


Aug. 3, 2022, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Alis Kritr Raven Dominique Edris Gaspard Eshra Tove



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Dominique gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

Kritr gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

Raven gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven have been dismissed.

It's a cold day for an obstacle run, but the Gauntlet was made to test peoples stamina and mettle, so those that wanted to run it can. Thankfully it isn't snowing right now, giving a reprieve for those that are going to be moving amongst the wooden structure. There has been snow cleared and the paths to the obstacle course and seating are all cleared out to host runners and guests alike.

The crimson of Telmar's banners stand out in stark contrast to the vividly white snow that is covering the grounds of the Tower today. The cold my be a test of the audience's endurance as well! Hopefully they've bundled up to watch.

Tesha is dressed to match the colors of the snow and the Telmar crimson in aeterna and velvet. The woman is greeting runners and those who have come to watch as well, "Welcome, we have a full roster of those wanting to run so it will prove to be a fun time." she grins to that.

Alis is a watcher today, not a participant. So she is happily bundled in a nice warm cloak as she makes her way to the stands after offering the Hostess her greetings. Gloved hands are curved around a flask, though the steam rising from it suggests it's probably not just full of liquor. Those who know her will no doubt guess it's some combination of coffee and/or hot cocoa though. Looking curiously out at the course to see who is there to participate will be the next most important thing she does, while claiming a seat with an unobstructed view.

Kritr is here to compete, wearing full armor already, but with his visor up. There is a sparkle in his eyes, probably inspired by his love of winter.

Raven has arrived as a participant, she's bundled up in warm winter hat, scarf, and thick winter coat. Only her verdant gaze peers out from between her hat and her scard. So. So cold.

Newly arrived to the city, Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard is here to support the Telmarch Gauntlet, and participate. She is wearing her leather armor, and she is accompanied by several retainers. When she reaches the obstacle course, she surveys it for a moment, blue eyes scanning around, before she unbuckles her sword belt, and hands it off to one of her guards to hold onto. The cloak goes too, as an afterthought, so that it doesn't impede her in any way. She notices the Highlord Alis is present, and gives her a respectful dip of the head in greeting. Tesha also receives a similar nod, before before the Marquessa moves over to a space at the edge of the course to begin stretching and warming up. The only sign so far that the cold affects her is that her cheeks are a bit rosy, and her breath can be seen in the air.

Alis raises her hand in a cheerful wave to Dominique when the Marquessa heads towards the field to begin her stretching. She too seems at least mildly oblivious to the cold, though she does look with varying degrees of sympathy to any of those who seem especially frigid. "Bring a flask for yourself, filled with a hot drink. It helps."

Kritr checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Kritr checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kritr checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 68 higher.

Kritr checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Kritr checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Kritr checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Kritr checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Tesha gives a smile as she sees people entering and there is already a crowd in the wings. This was a good turn out. She gives a bow to Alis, "Your Excellency." she greets the High Lady. Then there is a dip of her head to others, "Welcome, I hope everyone stays warm today." she smiles to them. "Runners can get to their positions and we'll begin in just a few moments. I don't want to keep everyone out here in this cold and a chill is caught." she announces. Caspian, Felicia and a number of others are on hand to run. They can be seen in the line at the obstacle course that is forming.

Kritr greets Felicia and Caspian by name. He doesn't know everyone else, but he has worked with both of them in the past.

Raven trots over to join the line, not bothering to divest of any of her layers. Apparently she will run the obstacle course in full winter wear and only her eyes unencumbered. Kritr and Edris are given respectful nods.

Once she's stretched and warmed up, Dominique makes her way over to where the runners are lining up, and gives a nod to the others there. She turns her attention ahead to the obstacle course then, and bends forward slightly, resting her hands on one knee. A determined focus enters her blue eyes as she gets ready to run!

Edris is amongst the competitors, wearing fur-lined leathers and a fur lined greatcloak to stay warm before things get under way. He limbers up, though his solemn expressions flickers to a smile when he sees both Kritr and Raven, offering a courteous bow to the Clearlake lord, and a bow of his head in greeting to the Blackheart. "Defending the title this year, my lord?" he asks Kritr. Raven's bundled up appearance sparks a little amusement, but it's not of the mocking kind. "Now I wish I had bundled up a bit more, in case I fall," he admits. He glances towards the stands as well, squinting his eyes just a touch as if to make out who is attendance.

Desiree too is given a courteous bow by the Elwood knight. "It is good to see you here, my lady." he offers with another smile, before he gives his cloak to his waiting squire, and takes his place at the starting line.

Kritr says, "It would be dishonorable not to my Lord ..." He pauses. "Sorry. I am Krit. I don't recall your name."

Tesha gives a smile to those that are heading out, she never tells anyone good luck though. Something the woman rarely talks about is luck. She gives a look to those that are here and then there is a look back to the line that has formed. "RUNNERS READY!" the woman calls out. She commanded armies, so she wasn't shy about raising her voice when it was needed. "First runner, go!" she calls out to the line.

Now that she's settled in with her drink and her cloak and her vantage point, Alis leans against the rail that separates the stands from the arena, arms folded and slung over the sides casually while she holds the flask. She's watching, with the occasional wave to people she knows. Annnnd, they're off. "Woooo!" She's very encouraging.

Raven has joined the line.

Dominique has joined the line.

Edris has joined the line.

Kritr has joined the line.

Raven siiighs an removes her scarf, "Let's not tempt that getting hung." She shoves it her her satchel and hands it to one of the front row bystanders to hold onto for her. She turns and gets ready for her turn. Perhaps fueled by the promise of reclaiming her scarf and something warm she takes off at a sprint. She grabs the bar but she didn't bother to take her gloves off so almost immediately there's a flail and a meaty THUD! as she lands on her back on the frozen ground. It looks painful and there's an audible 'oof' of breath being knocked out of her but she springs up immediately and yanks her gloves off, stuffing them in pockets and gets a good running start to spring over the low hurdles-yes she's short but she's got powerful legs and they serve her well. She then goes into a full-tilt spint, using momentum to help her scale the wall and then grabs it by the tip of her fingers. There's girlish grunting and a moment of flailing before she swings a leg up and manages to climb over the wall, dropping nimbly on the other side. The double bars she springs up and hauls herself up, kicks out a foot and then swings herself up over the second higher bar and again drops easily on two feet. The V long takes some time and manuvering but she manages to do so reasonably quickly. The high hurdles force her to the limits of her short stature but she manages just barely to swiftly bound throught without face planting. The rope she ascends with a lot more wiggle than necessary. She shucked her coat for this one and it reveals that her left arm is atrophied and clearly quiet weak so she inch-worms herself gracelessly up the rope-it's not graceful and it looks like she's tworking her way up the rope-but she manages before descending the rope and grabbing her coat to bundle back up.

Broad shoulders and hair snow-bitten, the giant of a man enters the military grounds with a very dominant and calculating presence, evident in his posture, demeanor and easy shift of those smoky-grey eyes. They assess each and every living thing, no exception to this in any stretch. His broad, near ham-sized hands are clasped behind his back with ease, lips pursed.

Dominique gives a nod to Edris as he joins the competitors. "My lord," the Marquessa greets him. "It is good to see you," she says with a slight quirk of her lips, the first smile she has cracked since she arrived. She turns her attention forward then, back to the obstacle course ahead. She waits for the first runner, who happens to be Raven, and she watches how the other woman approaches the different obstacles, seeing if she can learn anything from what Raven does.

When it's her turn to go, Dominique starts out at a steady jog, not rushing, but pacing herself. She passes the single bar without any issues, her leather gauntlets sticky enough to give her some traction on the bar. After this, she takes off at a sprint for those hurdles, leaping over them in quick succession, her strong legs showing signs of wiry strength beneath the leather. She shakes strands of damp black hair out of her eyes as she reaches the wall, and she leaps up onto it, and grunts and claws her way up it, until she is able to heave herself over the top, and down the other side. She takes off at a run again then, and leaps for the double bars, her gauntleted hands grasping, grasping, grasping, her body dangling before she lands in a crouch in front of the V-logs. She assess them a second, then she pushes her way through that obstacle as well, unscathed.

So far, so good, she keeps a steady pace, though by now she is breathing hard, her breath puffing vapor in the air as she pushes herself harder still. No spring chicken, the Marquessa isn't as young as she used to be, and she might be a teeny bit out of shape. Maybe from all that chocolate they have in Blancbier? Maybe that. It starts to show a little more, as she drags a bit with the high hurdles. She runs at them, and can't quite spring high enough even on the first one, and she ends up crashing into it instead, and knocking over the next one too as she goes sprawling into the slushy snow.

Giving her head a shake, and cursing softly to herself, she scrambles to her feet, and runs toward the rope. Still a bit wounded in pride from the ridiculous crash into the high hurdles, she grasps hold of the rope, and inch-worms her way up it with considerable effort. Still, she does manage to ring the gong at the top, and then she slides down it, landing in a crouch. Breathing hard, she pushes herself back to her feet, and dusts herself off, before waving her hands around part in frustration, part in relief, and walking off the course to one of her servants, who is waiting with a flask of brandy.

Tesha is watching those that are running. She doesn't have any favorites as she watches, judges were to remain neutral in these things. The woman gives a look from the line of folks that have started to do the obstacle course to more incoming people, catching sight of Gaspard's large form she offers the Blackram Lord a smile and a wave before she returns to her watching of those that are running.

Caspian and Felicia both have exceptional runs, as do Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, Master Dino and Lord Teague Charon.

Raven nurses her flask and watches Dominique with interest, eyebrows lofting as she watches the other woman. When Dominique clears it Raven hoists her flask up and calls, "Well run, my lady!"

Edris watches Raven and Dominique's runs (or at least the beginnings of them, with great interest, though he doesn't remain still, keeping his muscles warmed up. When Tesha gives him the nod to go, Edris will offer a courteous bow, and a softly spoken "Thank you, my lady," but then he is off at a sprint towards the course.

The loping through the cleared area and any residual slipperiness on frozen earth doesn't give him trouble--if anything, it seems to build both power and confidence as he quickly finds his footing. The first obstacle is met easily enough, with an efficient swing up and over that first bar. Edris then drops to the other side and starts his long-legged run again. In this case, his stride and height is definitely an advantage, because the Elwood knight makes clearing one low hurdle after the other look like child's play without even once needing to slow his pace. That's an advantage as he tictacs onto the wall with speed, able to use that momentum to find a handhold at the top to swing over. He loses some speed, but not a terrible amount.

Though his movements on the double bars also are done with an easy grace, it's not quite as effortless looking at as the hurdles. The v-logs slow him down a little more--but he doesn't fall or slip. At this point on the course he's sweating, steam rising from him in the frigid air. He makes up a little more time on the high hurdles, though even his rangey legs don't give much of an advantage there--he's got to push it as hard as he can. There's a burst of last final energy as he runs for the rope, starting to climb hand over hand. But that /is/ burning up his energy reserves, especially in the cold.

He's almost to the top, and looking towards the rest of the course and the stands when his grip slips and he slides (probably painfully from his gritted teeth and audible grunt) down several knots, putting a serious ding in his momentum and requiring him to get his bearing and right himself on the rope. His descent is decidedly less controlled, and he lands hard on his feet, trying to catch his breath.

He seems relatively pleased with his run, though, despite the slipping and sliding and near full fall on the rope. He moves off the course with long strides, still cooling down, before he makes his way to the waiting squire holding his cloak.

Unsurprisingly for a man of his size, the hurdles, requiring more lift and dexterity than he has cause to do on the regular. He demonstrates a fitness and competency that shouldn't be surprising from a man that won the last challenge here. A modest showing, until he gets to the Wall. He doesn't just go over it, he ascends with a strength and quickness more commonly associated with apes. Those long arms come in handy. The effort diminishes from there until he hits the high hurdles knocking at least two of the five down.

At least he finishes strong, climbing the rope to the top with grunts of determination. He might not have been the fastest, but he isn't disappointed in the result, nodding and dusting off his gauntlets once his feet are back on terra firma.

Gaspard's lips break into the rarest of a dimpled smile in return to Tesha, saying nothing as he further embarks into the military grounds. To any that match his gaze, he offers a silent nod in return and turning to watch the ongoing runs with evident interest written over his masculine features.

Oh no, another tall person! Alis looks over when another figure - hi Gaspard- appears near the stands somewhere and raises a hand in greeting. But, then she is back to cheering on the participants. For each, she has applause. And for every slip, slide, fall, or injury she winces a little in sympathy. At least there are no broken limbs... yet?

Raven sucks in a sharp breath and winces in sympathy as Edris looses his purchase on the rope and apparently gives himself ropeburn.

Gaspard gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

As Raven calls out to her, Dominique gives her a wave, lifting her flask in turn, and wanders over toward the other woman. "And you... I think you fared better than I," she says with a nod respect for the other woman, turning to watch Edris now as he runs the course. She winces too at the rope burn, and takes another drink from the flask. She crouches there on the edge of the course, resting her elbows on her knees as she watches the other competitors. "I really am out of practice," she says once she fully catches her breath. "Well done, my lord!" she shouts to Edris when he finishes, raising her flask to him.

The line has been dismissed by Tesha.

Unsurprisingly for a man of his size, the hurdles, requiring more lift and dexterity than he has cause to do on the regular. He demonstrates a fitness and competency that shouldn't be surprising from a man that won the last challenge here. A modest showing, until he gets to the Wall. He doesn't just go over it, he ascends with a strength and quickness more commonly associated with apes. Those long arms come in handy. The effort diminishes from there until he hits the high hurdles knocking at least two of the five down.

At least he finishes strong, climbing the rope to the top with grunts of determination. He might not have been the fastest, but he isn't disappointed in the result, nodding and dusting off his gauntlets once his feet are back on terra firma.

Gaspard pauses entirely in his silent, long-legged stride to pay his respects to Alis with a bit of respect tied to the brief bowing of his head. "Princess Alis." He continues oh so slowly to near a pale dragon chest and pauses once again when he notes Raven who gets a small nod of respect her way before continuing on and sliding a large hand into the chest to claim a challenge coin. Flicking it idly between his fingers with a dextrous hand he finds himself at the edge of the stands, and the beginnings of the course with the others that have yet to go, starting to focus intently on the course itself and studying it. "Hrm..." He comments to himself.

Tesha gives a bit of a look back over to Gaspard as he moves to where there is seating, "It's good to see you, Lord Blackram." she tells him. Then her dark gaze is back to the runners. The judges of course are keeping careful track of things. There are a good number of runners, but the runs do end at some point.

"Runners, take a rest while we tally up the scores and announce winners and give out prizes momentarily!" she calls to all.

2 Rivenshari Clansman, Timbo, agile and cheeky rivenshari youth, Apria, Starling of the jeweled wings, 2 Rivenshari Elite Guards arrive, following Eshra.

Kritr stomps and clanks across the frozen ground to the stands he inclines his upper body to Tesha. He nods to Edris. "That rope climb at the end is a challenge when one is winded."

Dominique gives a cheer for Kritr too, once he completes the course, and she takes another drink of the warming brandy in her flask. She turns toward Gaspard as he makes his way around the course, and nods to him in passing. She rises to her feet then, and screws the cap back on the flask, and tucks it into a pocket inside her cloak, which she now promptly puts back on around her shoulders, fastening the copper-plated star iron pin and pulling up the hood against the chill. She buckles her sword belt back on as well, and by now she has caught her breath, her features once again composed.

Raven bows her head, "Aye, it was a pain and a half to get up and down the damned thing without breaking one's neck, you did pretty good for a big fella-you and Lord Edris both."

Alis inclines her head politely in return at Gaspard, after she's taken a drink from her flask. And seems a bit amused by something she's seen out on the field. But, his interest in the course is noted. "You should try it, my lord. I've run the Gauntlet before and it's a good test of endurance, strength, and overall athleticism."

There is a soft ringing of bells travels ahead announcing the approach of a Rivenshari, though probably not the one those that are in attendence may expect to see. Shortly after the first soft chime, Lady Eshra steps into view, cloak pulled tightly around her shoulders, white flakes glistening amoung the bells braided into her curls. Pausing to take stalk in where they are at their contest, her hands lifting and cupping around her lips to allow steamy breath to warm them, if only for a second.

Edris seems a little distracted after his run, still catching his breath and looking around at the audience as well as other course runners. He shrugs on his cloak, and his half-smile brightens into a full one for a few moments, before his attention is drawn to those nearby. He offers a bow to Dominique and Krit, and smiles at Raven. He doesn't have a flask to raise back in salute, but he offers a "Thank you, Blackheart. You did well also--especially given the formidable extra challenge of the season. I hope you're proud of it, even if it inspires you to train more in these conditions." He nods to the Clearlake lord. "Aye. Though it's an excellent way to test yourself. One doesn't always have the benefit of full rest before you have to scale something that high." His tone is pleasant and full of camraderie--apparently for Edris an athletic competition generates the mild buzz that a ball or salon engagement might in others. "Did you have fun, Lady Dominique?" is asked politely.

"Lady Eshra, hello." Alis offers a warm greeting towards the Rivenshari woman when the sound of bells is heard and she turns her head to see with of the clan it is that's arrived. "You missed a few good attempts at the course. I'm not certain who else will be competing, but everyone has done fairly well so far. I think. Honestly, anyone who attempts this thing I consider to have done well. It's rather diabolical in design." That's totally a compliment, of course.

Raven inclines her head, "Lord Edris, you know that I do-reminds me-

Raven inclines her head, "Lord Edris, you know that I do-reminds me-I still require your assistance as time permits for the wilderness survival practice." Her expression pinches making it clear it's not something she's necessarily looking forward to.

Tove Looked around for anyone she might recognize. Seeing raven she waves enthusiastically before quickly folding her hands behind her and just observes from where she was.

310It takes a few minutes for the judges and Tesha to give a look over things. She doesn't give looks up to anyone during this process, not wanting to give anything away. She does however straighten when things are finished and she straightens her cloak around her when she stands back up from her seat.

"We have our top three runners. So if they'd like to come up when their name is called and collect their prize, we'll get everyone out of the cold soon enough. I am doing something a little different this year as well so our top six scorers will go home with a prize." she smiles.

"This is a first for the Gauntlet, but I hope it is well received." she states. "Our sixth place goes to Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard. The prize is fifteen thousand silver." she states. "Our fifth and fourth places with matching scores go to Lord Kritr Clearlake and Dame Felicia Harrow and they are awarded twenty thousand silver a piece." she motions for them to come and collect the slips for the bank. It would be hard to carry that much silver right now!

It takes a few minutes for the judges and Tesha to give a look over things. She doesn't give looks up to anyone during this process, not wanting to give anything away. She does however straighten when things are finished and she straightens her cloak around her when she stands back up from her seat.

"We have our top three runners. So if they'd like to come up when their name is called and collect their prize, we'll get everyone out of the cold soon enough. I am doing something a little different this year as well so our top six scorers will go home with a prize." she smiles.

"This is a first for the Gauntlet, but I hope it is well received." she states. "Our sixth place goes to Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard. The prize is fifteen thousand silver." she states. "Our fifth and fourth places with matching scores go to Lord Kritr Clearlake and Dame Felicia Harrow and they are awarded twenty thousand silver a piece." she motions for them to come and collect the slips for the bank. It would be hard to carry that much silver right now!

Kritr applauds loudly. "Well done Dame Harrow. Well matched." No shame in turning out as well as his superior in the Iron Guard.

Raven applauds as well! "Well done Dame Felicia and Lord Kritr!" She doesn't know the Marquessa but she does applaud the Marquessa's placing.

While totals are tallied, Dominique seems content to mingle with the others as they chat about the gauntlet results, and she nods to Edris. "I suppose you could say I had fun," she says with a slight quirk of the lips. "Win or lose, this was a good test of where I stand physically," she says idly. She dips her head politely to Eshra as she arrives, and then she pulls out the flask again for another warming sip of brandy. She actually blinks a little when she actually wins a prize, and after a moment, a grin slowly etches its way onto her features. "Well, I'll be," she says. She tucks her flask beneath her arm, and applauds heartily for the other winners. She'll send one of her men to go collect the bank slip and bring it back to her.

Edris applauds for both Desiree, Krit, and Felicia, his voice carrying merrily. "Marvelous, Lady Dominique, Lord Krit," he says to those nearest him. "A fine showing!"

Gaspard eyes a challenge coin in his hand, peering then up into the judges stands and looses a small sigh of defeat. Dissapointment washes over him, but it lingers for a few moments before dissipating into a calm, serious expression once more. First applauding politely for the victors, quietly now he's really looking at the course, patiently so as he idly toys with the challenge coin. Where most of the runners would be dispersing by now, he sticks around.

Eshra's gaze settles on Alis as she is called to, her head bowing a little in acknowledgement. "Princess Alis, it is good to see you. I remember my one and only try. I can say that I have the uttmost respect for any that may attempt and those that get through, my admiration." there is a small smirk that pulls her lips. "I however have had 5 children since my last attempt and as such doubt I would do better than the first time." pausing as Tesha starts calling winners, she falls silent to not interupt, clapping for those that are called, her gaze finding Edris with a slight arch to her brows and a silent, or as silent as one bedecked with music can be, nod.

Tove Joins in on the clapping. Not knowing really who she was all clapping for. But smiling and clapping all the same.

"Children do take their toll, don't they? It took me awhile to get back in fighting form after each of my own. But I'm exceptionally stubborn, had no social life, and was quite determined to avoid as much paperwork as possible. So..." Alis voice trails off, before a smile appears, as she joins in the cheering for those who have won prizes thus far.

Raven spots Tove and offers a smile and a wave.

Tesha gives a smile to all that are entering, giving a nod to Eshra, Tove and others, "Welcome in." she greets them. Then she is looking back to the scoring cards. "Alright. The moment that all have been waiting for!" she smiles to that. "Our third place runner is Mistress Raven, receiving twenty five thousand silver.." she points out the Blackheart. "Our second place runner is Lord Edris Elwood, who receives fifty thousand silver." she gives a motion to the Elwood lord. "And finally, our winner." she states. There's a look around and a bit of a chuckle, "Who appears to have already had to run, Master Caspian Wild who will be receiving one hundred thousand silver." she announces.

"If you'd like to take a challenge coin from the dragon chest I've had them made for remembering the event today. There are plenty, so please feel free to take one." she states to that.

Edris offers Raven a quiet smile, and an approving nod. "Yes. I believe I've come up with a plan. We could add some running and climbing to it as well, if you'd like," he offers, his expression serious as usual, but there's just enough of a teasing tone to his voice to indicate that perhaps it wouldn't be strictly necessary. But then Raven's name is called, and he cheers her with a loud battlefield whistle, and then Caspian as well. Clearly he's delighted to be in such company with the top three. He offers a deep bow to Lady Tesha, and then to the crowd.

Raven's eyebrows lift in mild surprise as her name is called. She trots up and accepts the slip and bows to Tesha, then then crowd, and then trots over towards Tove. The then offers enthuastic cheers for Edris and Caspian.

Raven lifts her chin to Edris and flashes a grin, "Bring your best, My lord."

Kritr applauds again, saluting Caspian. "The Champion is a hard act to follow. Skilled in many ways." He nods to Raven. "You're improving it seems."

Alis whistles, along with her cheering, for the top three as they claim their prizes of silver. "Well hosted, Lady Tesha." is offered politely.

Raven gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

As Tesha prepares to announce the top three winners, Dominique turns her attention back to the Voice of Telmar, and when Raven's name is called, the Marquessa tucks her flask away, and claps loudly with her leather gauntlets. "Well done!" she calls. As Edris is announced next, she beams at him, and claps all the harder. "You did very well!" she calls to him. She applauds for Capsian as well as he is announced the top winner. "Very well done, everyone," she says.

Alis is overheard praising Tesha.

Tove Claps excitedly as Raven's name was called. Bouncing on the balls of her feet with excitement. She waves eagerly to her and then quiets herself offering a smile and dip of her head to the others.

Dominique is overheard praising Tesha.

Gaspard is overheard praising Tesha.

Gaspard is overheard praising Leonaess.

Raven bows her head to Kritr, "Aye, my lord, thanks to the Archscholar, Lady Eirene, and others each day brings slight improvement. I am blessed to have such competent care."

Raven is overheard praising Tesha.

After collecting the slip, Edris offers one last bow to Tesha, offering her a more personal, "Thank you again, for this year's opportunity, my lady. I appreciate it. And look forward to the next one." There's even a brief smile for the Telmar lady, before he turns to finally make his way towards the stands and towards Alis and Eshra. He of course bows respectfully low. "Your Grace, Lady Eshra. It's a pleasant suprise to see you, Lady Eshra. I hope that you are well. And that you enjoyed yourself, Your Grace."

Tesha gives a round of applause, "I'll have the newest scores posted to the Gauntlet book for this Winter. Everyone did exceptionally well this season and hopefully Spring will boast numbers that top these." she states. "It is House Telmar's pleasure to host the Gauntlet and we hope that everyone will return with the weather warms and the flowers are starting to bloom." she states.

With that, she gives a bow to everyone and then steps back to let people mingle amongst themselves. She does give a smile to Alis, "Thank you, your highness. I hope that next time is just as fun for all." she tells her.

"Lord Edris. Congratulations on your placement." Alis tips her head politely towards the woodsman. "It was well run, especially considering the season. But I expect that made it all the more appealing to you, didn't it?" is wondered, her attention turning towards Eshra then to see what she has to say. And, a cheerful "You're very welcome, Lady Tesha! I am sure it will be."

Eshra claps again as names are called... grinning even at Edris' name before nodding to both Dominique and Tesha in return. Her gaze sliding back to Alis. "See, Athaur won't allow me to not do paperwork.. he hides from it as if to be caught is worse than being keelhauled." shakes her head. "In truth I had thought I would find Mattheu here." but stops as Edris makes his way over, nodding up at him. "I am as well as I can be under the circumstances we find ourselves in Lord Edris. Congratulations. I was just telling the Princess that the one and only time I attempted this.. I found myself very humbled."

Edris takes Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

Raven looks to Tove, "You missed me eating dirt right out of the first obstacle. I saw stars. Do you have any remedies for wounded eagos, Lady Tove?"

Kritr expresses gratitude to the hosts. "Thank you for letting me exhibit here. I hope to be invited back next time you hold a contest."

Tove gets Telmar Challenge Coins from a pale dragon chest.

The Marquessa of Wyrmguard lifts a hand to wave to Eshra in acknowledgment, and dips her head toward Alis, Tesha and Edric in turn, before quietly taking her leave of the event. She's not much of one for fanfares, either coming or going, and so she just leaves with her winnings and her retainers.

Metzger, a great grey shrike, Jok, the muscley muscle knight, Maximus, the drooly Highhill Mastiff, 2 Veteran White Dragons of Sanctum, 2 House Wyrmguard Trained Guards leave, following Dominique.

Tove Stays off to the side watching the others converse. As raven spoke to her she couldn't help but snort a laugh, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. "I believe that would simply be a drink hmm? You are not hurt though" she walks over to join her, looking her over, her expression one of concern, brow furrowed.

Raven chortles softly to Tove, "Life is punishment, Lady Tove, It takes a lot to hurt me enough that I notice anymore." She looks around for Gaspard, "Lord Gaspard Blackram was just here a moment ago-do you happen to know him?"

Alis might sport a vaguely impish expression when Eshra explains that Athaur has the same tendencies towards paperwork that she does. "Leaving the city for several days might mean he has to do some of it. I would say I'm positive that's the reason Duke Laurent leaves the city on occasion, though he claims he has actual work at his own holdings to tend to." She might try and sound as if she doesn't believe that excuse, but the laughter in her eyes says she knows full well he has his own things to tend to.

Edris is plenty warm, probably still basking in the afterglow of running the course. But he does keep an eye on those he's speaking to, as if to gauge their comfort at the temperature, especially as things seem to be winding down. "Thank you," he says to Alis and Eshra. "Last year I placed third, so though I almost went ass over teakettle on the ropes, and there's room for improvement, I am pleased as well." He stays mum on the topic of paperwork. Maybe that's how HE disappears from it. Nothing to see here.

"I could stand a drink or three." Kritr agrees. "I should change first though. This is too noisy to wear into a tavern."

Standing at the course, as people start to leave and such and the grounds grow emptier, Gaspard appears to be what looks like as approaching the single bar.

Tove looked over to Kritr and grins. "Noisy? I hadn't noticed" she smirks and shakes her head at Raven "Yes yes I know you believe that... I don't. So I will continue to worry that people are alright" she waved her hand about dismissively.

Eshra snorts, rolling her eyes. "I went away for three months, My lady.. to have my boys and to wait for them to be old enough for the travel back. I found three months of paperwork on my bed... it had to be cleared away before I could sleep." her gaze shifting to Edris. "Then I would say next year you are due to win, my friend."

Raven looks around, "Would anyone care to join me for a drink? Maybe at The Spirits over in the Redrain ward?" she glances around, making the invitation to warmth and drinks open to all who that and her company might appeal to.

Alis has to laugh, at that. "I'd suggest just burning it all at that point, Lady Eshra. If it's that important, someone will send it again with an angry missive attached." she decides, no doubt revealing what she might do in such a situation.

Gaspard stares down the course for a while before turning his attention away. His name being spoken apparently seized whatever intention he had and grinded it into dust, "Mm?" He inquires, now looking around more alertly than before. He steps away from the course and begins to approach no one really, but generally closer to the stands and groups of people.

Tesha breathes in the cold air for the moment and gives a look over those that are still remaining. Though she seems to realize that Gaspard has wandered off towards the obstacle course and she turns her attention there for a moment. Her leaving for the Mourning Isles could wait. She wanted to see what the large Blackram Lord was up to. Though she does listen to conversations about children and things with a bit of a far off look in her eyes.

Tove raises her hand to Raven's offering. "I could always do for a drink. I will follow you when ever you are ready" she tightens the cloak around her shoulders and smiles. Merely watching those still meander about.

Raven smiles to Gaspard, "I was going to head to The Spirits, a cozy tavern in the Redrain ward. Would you care to come? Drinks are on me." She looks around, "Free drinks for anyone who'd like to join us, last call!"

Considering this, Gaspard says in a deep baritone - "I may arrive a little late, if that's alright. While I may have missed the competition, now I have an opportunity to challenge myself at this gauntlet here. It shouldn't take too long."

"We shall see. Both Caspian Wild and the Blackheart are formidable competitors, as will be many of the others when it is mud and rain that is the guest obstacle rather than ice and cold," Edris replies to Eshra. "Though I thank you for your confidence." He smiles at Raven's shouted offer, lifting a hand. "I must return early to the manor tonight, Blackheart, but thank you. Some other time, we'll have to drink to celebrate!" And he offers a bow towards the group that appears to be moving off.

Raven chortles, "By all means, my lord. I am staying and watching. Let's see what you've got, Lord Blackram." She flashes a crooked grin to Tove, "you care to try your hand as well, Lady Tove?" She turns her head and oohs, "Now that is a promise I shall come to collect, my lord! It is always a pleasure. Well done on the course, Lord Edris."

"Speaking of returning early to a Manor..." Alis nods at Edris, as if thanking him for the reminder. "I've a few things to tend to before I can turn in for the evening, so I should take my leave now. But it was lovely to see all of you." Gracefully disengaging from discussion, the princess smile brightens a little before she is on her way out and back to her home estate.

Eshra isn't exactly warm even if Edris is.. but she has spent many a night steering a ship through winter storms to not look as if she is going to perish from the cold now. That said, no matter how much she refuses to show it, it doesn't mean she Likes being cold. There is a snort that comes from her at Alis' comment. "It seems that you and Lord Maru come from the same house of thought my lady. He was a less nice than the hearth though.. twins make a good deal of soiled small clothes after all." Dark eyes move to Edris then before she actually closes the space between them to offer the lord a hug as he is about to leave. "It is not blind confidence however Edris, but that which experience has taught that you are one to be counted on always and never under estimated."

Alis has left the East Spectator Seating.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

"Only suitable that you have an audience." Kritr agrees, crossing his arms over his chest.

Tove follows Raven to watch, looking at her with a quirked brow. 'I don't think that would be a good idea!" she laughed awkwardly

Beginning to backtrack, Gaspard casts a lingering glance Teshas way. "It is in fact, alright if I take my go at it, Lady Telmar?" All the while making his way back towards the starting point with long-legged, carefully placed steps.

Edris accepts Eshra's hug with warm familiarity, even touching a chaste kiss to her cheek unless she avoids it. "Will you be staying for a time, then, my lady?" he inquires gently. "If there's elswhere in the city you would care to travel to, I would be happy to escort you there before I return." But he smiles genuinely at her words. "I know that you would not speak any words in flattery, Lady Eshra, and that means a great deal to me."

Laurene, a military adjutant arrives, delivering a message to Edris before departing.

Tesha watches after the others and then looks back to Gaspard as he's speaking to her. There is a soft smile that graces her features as she looks to the Blackram Lord, "You are free to take a go at it anytime, Lord Blackram. Just don't hurt yourself out there. Though, we have medics if you do." she tells him. "Go, have fun." she states. Then she looks to Cora as she brings her a missive and she gives a nod, "We'll leave shortly. I promise." she tells her guard.

Gaspard checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Reaching the starting point, Gaspard wastes no time in approaching the single bar, using his bare, large and heavily calloused hands to devise a firm grip for him to support his considerable weight, rocking himself forwards without much difficulty at all.

Gaspard checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

There is an extra squeeze to Edris' middle before Eshra steps back again and shakes her head. "No, I have no intention in staying. I can handle the cold but the need to be in it for just being in it... not exactly my preference. If you would like to walk back to the Expanse with me though, I would not decline. I had thought to find my brother here.. there is something that your cousin and I spoke about last night that has me thinking that Mattheu may be perfect for what is needed."

Building momentum, Gaspard reaches a breakneck speed before suddenly stomping his foot forward in a powerful undertaking of launching himself up and over the low hurdle, sailing overhead.

Raven offers Kritr her flask and explains, "It's rum." She oh's, "I was about to make introductions like Lady Tove DIDN'T tell me you two met earlier today." She calls out then, "That's the way to do it, Lord gaspard!"

Gaspard checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Gaspard lands on surprisingly nimble feet for such a large man, his balance grounded as he darts towards the wall, keeping the momentum and speed going for a leap up into the air gaining as many feet high he can to tack on his advantage. His seasilk outfit tightens under the stress of scaling the wall, hauling himself up and over before dropping onto his feet, padding onwards.

Tove Laughs "I was about to say, hey I did tell you! I only misheard..." she laughs lightly watching Lord Gaspard as he sailed down the course clapping excitedly. Sad she had missed the other competitors.

Kritr turns down the flask. "I don't indulge in hard liquors." He glances from RAven to Tove. "You were going to introduce me, Krit Clearlake, to Tove Clearlake? We may not be related by blood, but we are acquainted."

Gaspard checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Edris holds out his arm to the Rivenshari lady, chivalrously. And if she permits, he will settle her so that his greatcloak can be draped partially over her as an additional layer to the cold; a protective and familial gesture. "I will see you safely home then. It surprises me that Lord Mattheu is not here as well, but perhaps wherever his wanderings have taken him, he'll be back there shortly?" But with that if she's ready he will move to depart. "Good evening, Lady Tesha, Blackheart, Lord Krit, my lady," he calls out politely to those remaining. He doesn't call out and potentially distract Gaspard, but at seeing the lord try his hand at the obstacle course, there is a quiet smile of approval.

One, two hurdles - it makes no difference to Gaspard and those long legs of his, leaping over each back to back, foot to foot. Each leap covers as much ground as he needs it to within human limits of course, shooting past it like a breeze.

Raven watches the warm and familiar attentiveness of the Lady and Lord. She offers a warm smile to both and bows, "Fare thee both well, Lord Edris, My Lady."

Raven nods to Kritr, "Aye, Lady Tove mentioned it earlier over drinks. And what is your drink of preference, Lord Kritr?"

Gaspard checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Cora, who is dressed in her armor and Telmarcher sash looks like she's about to cart Tesha off physically, but she doesn't when she realizes that the woman is actually interested in watching something. "Be well Lady Eshra and Lord Edris." she tells them as they move to leave. She quiets as she listens to the others speak and there is a smile to them.

"A beer is enough for me." Kritr says. "I am not a man of distinguished taste."

Gaspard Huff and puffing through with controlled breathes, Gaspard chugs on past the V-logs without much difficulty.

Huff and puffing through with controlled breathes, Gaspard chugs on past the V-logs without much difficulty.

Gaspard checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Building up momentum and speed again, Gaspard doesn't wait to catch his breath - he never lost it, and much like before in his prior hurdles, he sails over each one, landing firmly and leaping skillfully.

Gaspard checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher. Gaspard rolled a critical!

"Lord Kritr! I have a couple more questions I forgot to ask you earlier. When we have a moment, it is of no rush. I am enjoying watching Lord Gaspard here" she gestures to the course.

"Lady Tesha, it was good to see you. Have a lovely evening." Eshra now tucked in beside Edris allows the lord to turne them towards the door and back to the Expanse, already speaking to him in low soft tones as they move out of sight.

2 Rivenshari Clansman, Timbo, agile and cheeky rivenshari youth, Apria, Starling of the jeweled wings, 2 Rivenshari Elite Guards leave, following Eshra.

"You do have a lot of questions." Kritr accuses, though his expression is too stoic to come across as offended.

With the momentum and speed from before - thank the heavens nothing is there to be hit by the moving battering ram, Gaspard leaps up onto the rope, catching it with a firm, near ham-sized hand and quickly roping his other about it. One by one by sheer upper-body strength he hauls himself up, no break, no hesitation, no faltering before slamming the bell in a mighty slap and lowering himself back down.

Raven says, "Ain't nothing wrong with being inquisitive." She calls out, "Way to go, Lord Gaspard! Well done! Impressing showing!""

Smirked. "well, I could always just... assume everything and make a disaster out of everything!" she jested with a bright smile. "I am sure you will come to appreciate my questions." she gives a firm nod. "Thank you Raven" she claps again and offers a whistle to Lord Gaspard for encouragement.

Kritr raises an eyebrow at Raven. "Did she ask your favorite color too?" He deadpans.

Raven inclines her head, "Aye. Did you ask any questions of your own?"

Gaspard lands nimbly, a light sheen of sweat causing a faint glisten over his slightly pale skin wherever visible. Deep breaths cause plumes of 'smoke' to escape his lips, smoky-grey eyes swooping across the grounds to note any and all that may have witnessed his attempt. He offers a mute nod Ravens way, saying nothing just yet. A curious glance is sent towards Tesha, lingering for a moment as he catches his breath. "Well." He says then finally, to nobody in particular. "That was fun indeed."

"Two." Kritr says, talking over Tove's head with Raven.

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