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Lycene Crisis Meeting 2.0

Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa hosts the second meeting regarding the crisis facing the Lyceum for those unable to make the first.


July 26, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Quenia Noah Theo Beatrix Keely Dacian Lucita Mailys Nina Titus Giorgio Vulpiano Cassiopeia Nazmir Luis



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hall of the Hundred Cities

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Comments and Log

Comedenti, the Calderan Bearded Vulture arrives, following Titus.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita has joined the Southport Benches.

Lycene Meeting take two. Jaenelle is where she was earlier in the day, the Archduchess covered in violet hued fireweave as she sips her tea in preperation for people to arrive and settle. Her assistant is once more off to the side to take the needed notes which frees up Jaenelle to focus on those within the room. "Welcome," she greets warmly, setting her cup off to the side, "this meeting is for those who may not have been able to make the first, it is quite important that any and all assist if they so choose to."

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Quenia has joined the Gemecittan Benches.

Only a little bit later than last time, Quenia settles into the benches once more, just as she did earlier in the day. She nearly arranges her furs around her for maximum warmth.

Noah strides into the room as if he owns it. Mainly, the normal Noah way of entering any room. He has that resting Grayson face as well. A glance around the area before he moves towards Jaenelle's side. A wink and smile is given to her as he drops to sit next to her. This leads him back to that solemn sort of look.

Theo walks in with Keely at his arm while his free hand is already tugging at the soft violet scarf around his neck. He sweeps his gaze over the immediate area, noting the Archduchess with a respectful nod and a few other familiar faces already present. Quiet footsteps take him toward Lenosian seating with the Grayson princess as his guest for the meeting. It takes a moment for them to shed from their coats before they both sit down beside one another, the prince leaning close to murmur something to his companion.

Theo has joined the Lenosian Benches.

The Corsetinas arrive, Beatrix beside Mailys clad in colorful silk and rich white fur, diamonds glinting from the lobes of her ears. It's all in a bit in artful contrast with a crown of smooth, silken dark hair and an underlay of dark, smooth form-fitting leather. There's a pleasant pink curve of a faint smile she wears today, she swaying back a step at the entry to dip in a slow bow toward Jaenelle and Noah before she continues in confident steps to the benches reserved for Tor.
She had needed to part from seating herself with her cousin Mailys to sit there, of course - but she does. The Bench of Flowers, perhaps, is one that so needed a White Thorn this early morn. Her legs cross primly at the knees and she looks on politely, folding her hands in her lap.

3 Arakkoan Free Guards arrives, following Giorgio.

Keely has a whole coat dress to remove, of course, a production with which Wyla assists as quietly as possible. She lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers in an informal, subtle little wave to Jaenelle and Noah just as her gloves are being tugged off, a broad and fond smile cast toward both. She eventually settles beside Theo, trying to do floof control on her full skirts a bit fruitlessly and smiling apologetically as she takes up twice the amount of space someone of her size should.

Dacian was taking a seat as people start filing in, removing his jaunty hat from his head and settling it upon his knee as his arms fold loosely across his chest. The man on a whole isn't wearing anything remarkable, compared to the diamonds glinting in the ear lobes of the Corsetinas, which his eyes do track upon their arrival.

Lucita walks into the room with reluctance. Snow speckles her cloak and she brushes it off and sets it aside as she takes her place on the Southport benches. While her expression is somber, a small smile directed toward friends and acquaintences shows briefly. She remains silent as she watches others arrive but focuses a part of her attention on Jaenelle and Noah.

Mailys arrives with her cousin Beatrix, insulated from the cold outside by their entourage. Each peel away from servants to take up seats apart. Mailys bows to Archduchess Jaenelle before she sits, and quietly greets others like Nina, Titus and- look at that- Prince Theo. She takes a seat generally to the side, enabling a decent view of those attending and speaking. A whisper perhaps towards Dacian as she sits near the man.

Nina walks in, a coat and skirts all swishing as she walks in against the blustery weather. She checks her coat at the door, showing off a velvet gown for the occasion. Even if it's simply an economic meeting, she likes to look sharp. She returns Mailys's quiet greeting before finding herself a good spot to settle in.

Titus steps in by himself, a tilted bow of his head to the various persons here before he takes a place near a wall to focus on listening to what troubles the Lyceum.

Giorgio Pontelaeus on the heels of Titus, the Saffron native taking a moment to peer about at those gathered before he steps further into the room and eventually finds himself alongside the Vaevici along the wall, turning his eyes out to watch those arriving after a murmured greeting to the lord.

Keely has joined the Lenosian Benches.

Jaenelle shift to watch her husband arrive, "you know this is a meeting, right?" Its a valid question, and she wants to make sure Noah did not get lost going somewhere else, though there is thinly veiled amusement on her features. She offers a dip of her head for each person who moves past towards one of the benches, stating, "please, sit whereever you wish with whomever you'd like. We are hear to find solutions and those can be spoken anywhere within the room. As some of you may be aware, while Malrico was alive he had habit of stealing from the Lyceum houses. Small amounts over centuries so none were the wiser, or he had assistance within the houses themselves and due to the ties formed between themselves and Malrico profitted handsomely. Malrico is gone, and now we must collect what was ours."

A sweep of grey and black, mixed with a showering of white speckles, sifts its way inside; Vulpiano Rossetti quietly taking stock of the audience making home in the chamber of the hall before he settles along at a solitary collection of benches toward the back. Slate grey eyes peer along from Jaenelle to Noah with a gentle lilt of his head before glancing back to the Archduchess.

Noah seems to consider the people that are assembled and then the fact that it's a meeting. He just looks at Jaenelle for a longer moment. "Fuck." Then a slight smirk on his lips before he too nods his head to those in attendance.

Titus has joined the General Benches.

Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane, Cassiopeia arrive, following Nazmir.

"We also have no idea if someone has taken his place yet, which is another concern as someone eventually will. We have no way of knowing if the new Herald will have ties to the Lyceum as well," Jaenelle continues as she looks around the room. "There are many ways we could go about this, for those within the fealty and our allies throughout the Compact. There are hidden places where Malrico has hidden the goods, dangerous places," she adds afterwards. "So if those houses wish to go that route, please be careful. There are bank records, and paper trails, and investigations happening to find further leads. The Silver Consortium has offered to assist with such things, for those who wish to lend a hand."

After she and Theo settle in, Keely listens intently to Jaenelle, her smooth ivory brow taking on a gentle furrow. Her head tilts to the side, and she shares a soft exchange with her escort, quiet enough not to carry or interrupt.

A little late and undoubtedly chilled, Cassiopeia is entering with the quiet whisper of a long velvet coat. She wears curiosity in her eyes and a gentle smile on red lips. This wasn't a place she was overall familiar with, and so there are glances given to the room proper, the details and the seating arrangements. In taking the sights of which, she sees many familiar and even some familial faces, in the mix. The smile brightens, and she quietly nudges Nazmir and points to a couple seats nearest to her cousin Giorgio. A discrete wiggle of glove covered fingers given to Mailys, Nina and Titus, seeming pleased to see them here. Then as she settles, careful not to rustle about, she turns her attention to Jaenelle, brows lifting upwards as she listens to the woman speak.

Cassiopeia has joined the General Benches.

Theo pats his waistcoat pockets as if looking for something and soon collects a small leather bound journal from one of them. A writing utensil is slipped from between its cover and spine so that he may scrawl a few notes for himself after the meeting begins but, for now, he keeps the small book closed. There's a glance toward Mailys and her cousin Beatrix across the way that merits a small smile before his attention returns to Jaenelle.

Giorgio has joined the General Benches.

Slipping into the hall alongside Cassiopeia, Nazmir is taking a moment to dust snow from the coat that he wears, only to look over in the direction of Giorgio when he's nudged in that direction. A quick smile is flashed around to those that he knows, along with a slight incline of his head before he's moving to settle into a seat so that he can listen to what's said.

Nazmir has joined the General Benches.

Mailys listens, looks around to spot Giorgio, listens some more, and looks again at reactions. After the audience seems to take in the directive, she politely lifts a hand that is followed by the sound of her bracelets falling together. "Asset recovery towards account reconciliation seems like a very logical course of action. The Corsetinas can offer our financial services as well, investigatory or otherwise. Personally, I wouldn't mind investigating these dangerous hoard locations but I don't have any leads to that theatre of excitement. So, I shall simply let if float through the Lyceum and hook where it may."

Noah judges everyone silently, because that's what Noahs do best. There is a cant of his head as he turns to look at Jaenelle as she speaks. Then he looks out at the others to watch their reactions.

Nina has joined the General Benches.

Nina gives a wave back to Cassiopeia, settling her skirts a bit on the bench. She then gets to removing her winter gloves.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dacian before departing.

"If it is dangerous places people want to look into, I have information on one of them that I shared at the earlier part of the meting." Quenia volunteers from the sidelines, "And by dangerous, I mean there will be agents of Abyss you may have to fight to get through the place and find things." She smoothes over her skirts and looks around the room. "I've yet to decide what it is House Igniseri will be pointed toward, it is something I hope to discuss with the family soon, unless they are involved in other enterprises." Which might be the case.

Arriving later than usual, is Luis Igniseri, the lord dressed in weather appropriate clothing for the function as he gives a small nod to those known to him and a slight bow to the host before joining with his family member on the Gemecittan bench, so that she does not have to sit alone any longer. He quietly side whispers to Quenia, "What'd I miss? Did they already start planning all the murdering?"

Luis has joined the Gemecittan Benches.

As there aren't any rushing to speak, the Warmonger lifts an arm and uncurls a set of long pale fingers to indicate he would like to ask a question or be recognised to speak. It might be informal, but Titus seems stuffily formal.

Lucita says, "I would like the information, Cousin Quenia, please, if you do not mind passing your notes about it. Not sure if would be able to do anything about it but would like to review your details before deciding."

"I have always found the Corsetinas to be dangerously imaginative, far too capable for their own good, and good at everything that matters so I would be most honored to reach out with solid plans to see if such would be in your wheel house and of interest in assisting. We thank you," Jaenelle tells Mailys with another dip of her head in that direction. "Lord Titus," she asks the man as he remains well, Titus, "you know I value your commentary and thoughts, please share as you wish." She then turns towards Quenia and offers her a nod, "if you wish to address the room with the information given this morning, I welcome it as I am sure others would too."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dacian before departing.

Noah makes a soft comment to Jaenelle. Probably about forgetting a drink. "I am interested in knowing what information you have." His low voice rumbles as he looks towards Quenia. A glance over before he looks at the others. "Are we going to find the lands and burn them to the ground?"

The Torean Corsetina listens with her same casual calm through the proceedings given by Jaenelle without giving reaction to much immediately. Her eyes go to one side when she feels eyes upon her, and exchanges some particular glance with Theo before her gaze sets instead on her cousin Mailys. There's a slight narrowing of those poisonously green eyes of hers while Beatrix listens, attentive, from one speaker to the next, then draws in a breath through her nose. She's wearing a small smile she speaks through confidently after Quenia, and her brows rise while she listens for reply, "House Corsetina would of course have interest in this information, Marquessa. I would be glad to assist my cousin personally in regards to exploring it if necessary, also." She seems to pause here and give a polite nod of recognition to Quenia then, just following.

Titus stands and says "I agree with Marquessa Igniseri about the dangers of exploring places where heralds have been. The Saffrons have similar places where khati have been taken and corrupted to such a point that the word danger doesn't sufficiently define what you'll encounter. But without great risk one can't hope to have great reward."

"The herald of Greed is dead showing that greed never pays but always does materialism have a high price in the end that might be more than one can pay. I would offer information regarding a great rival of the former Malrico if those here don't have that information."

Quenia lifts her head from a quiet conversation with Luis at the benches. She nods to Jaenelle and rises from her seat. "I had implored those who were at the morning meeting to please be on the lookout for the amber amulet, last seen just after the Reckoning after the norther warrior that went by Woehstan, the monster-slayer, traded it to the Merchant Prince; otherwise known as Malrico Pravus. The amulet has properties to protect one from all elements of the cold, and it may be needed for the battle to come with the Maw of the Blizzard in the north." There might be a slight shudder when she mentions the Maw by name in her report. "The place I was speaking to just moments ago was Halfblood's Woe. It first came to the Lyceum's attention when the Shadowspeakers were camping outside of Southport just after their bank had been robbed. It is known to be a place to hide things like magical treasure chests and such. I can only assume because the Shadowspeakers live in the Lyceum that the haven where the Woe is located may also be as well."

Dacian lifts up from his seat, "I'm Dacian Krosse, merchant and owner of Estroch Trading Company. While I may not have the reputation that the Corsetina's do, I would offer to aid in the location of this amulet. Rarities are a personal interest to me." He bows his head, then sits back down.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dacian before departing.

Nina looks quite interested in this part of the conversation, as fond as she is of old legends and tales. They always pique a bard's imagination. She already considers what sort of song she could write about a magic amulet.

Lucita nods thankfully to Quenia and quietly starts to peruse the notes given her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Vulpiano looks up rather slowly from the small leatherbound tome in his hand, eyes darting along from speaker to speaker as introductions are made and offers are spoken aloud. Those slate greys settle off on Jaenelle further before tearing back toward the contents of his volume.

Quenia adds from the sidelines. "While the amulet has no special meaning to me personally. I consider it important to find. But I'm just one voice. What I'm most interested in is how we can collaborate and help one another, and if anyone else has had any reports on what might be missing or activities we might follow up on? House Igniseri hasn't experienced the hardships some of the other houses have."

"The Shadowspeakers have moved since, and have a new First Speaker. I need to speak with them as some point, perhaps to see if they have any further information regarding these places," Jaenelle tells Quenia. "Any information is good to have, Lord Titus," she then directs towards the man. "It is a lack of information that allowed the skimming to happen in the first place, and I am certain that any that was an enemy of Malrico is bound to be one of whomever takes to role after him."

Mailys hearing of an amber amulet put the woman's hands to reaching out towards her servant Five for something to make a note upon. She had a passion for hunting down bits of art and named landmarks, so these were tangible targets to start fishing for. The mutual interest in rare items made her grin at Dacian seated nearby. "Any other locations mentioned earlier? Or things in particular that Malrico is known to have possessed? Not that I don't discount the idea that even one possible vault might have quite a bit of value stored within it. If we can locate one." Then, she turned to murmur something to Giorgio.

Noah leans in with a bit of interest. Untold fortune is a benefit for the former Grayson Prince. Noah hmms lightly as he listens to Quenia and then his blue-grey eyes move towards Titus to wait what he might know.

Titus says to Quenia, "There are multiple khati tales where the primordias, their daughters and their children have gifts to help such as the power of winter where it doesn't affect those gifted or with artifacts imbued with the power of the primordials. I'd be happy to share the song of the great north wind if you don't have it although I am no singer." To Jaenelle he says "There has been a long bet against Malrico by other demons, and that bet seems to have paid off handsomely against the former herald. This is his name." Reaching into a pouch, he has a small envelope that's sealed with wax which he breaks open and walking to a table, he places it for anyone to go and read what might be there.

Listening to the conversation at hand, Nazmir had murmured something to those around him, only to then draw a small notebook from his pocket so that he can begin to take a couple of notes as people are speaking.

Theo finishes writing a note in his journal before lifting his gaze toward Jaenelle after her last comment. He quietly clears his throat before speaking. "Are there any leads on who will or has already replaced Malrico?"

Quenia is going through a small notebook she brought with her to take notes. Something more catches her eye. "I didn't think of it at the time. Some time ago Lady Peri Seliki came to me asking for help with information on her mother, who was missing. Her mother was once a member of a vassal house of mine, House Paoletti. We did not get information on her mother, but someone else in House Paoletti, discussing prosperous trade that dried up once Lady Diane Paoletti fell in some sort of scandal. I hazard a bet that her trade had something to do with Malrico as well, and that's something someone could also dig into." She glances over at Titus, inclining her head, "I'd like to hear it sometime," she tells him.

Dacian inches forward to get a look at the paper that Titus has brought out, waiting his turn to read it respectfully.

Or, you know, Quenia goes to the table and looks the paper over for sure, unable to help that Igniseri curiosity.

Fingers lacing together, Cassiopeia has nothing in the way of a notebook or papers, or the like, rather she just listens taking everything in with a thoughtful expression. Her brows lift from time to time, canting her head to the side as she catches up on the details. Lips purse together, and she makes quiet commentary from time-to-time to those close by to her. The bulk of her attention however, is on those that speak up to the larger group. Much of what Quenia says has her gaze shifting her way, considering the details as she sorts through them in silence.

Beatrix seems content enough to let Mailys express the interests of Corsetina at the moment, though her eyes move still between the others speaking, dark lashes and slender brows relaxed just above. Prince Theo's inquiry in particular sees her gazing his way again. Beatrix's head tilts and her cheek turns, some curiosity piqued for which she then listens for an answer amidst the informality of others speaking freely through the proceedings.
Slowly, she uncrosses her legs and extends, moving to the envelope Titus had lain out and leaning to gaze over it with patience - either with or after Quenia, it happens.

Luis nods along and watches what is happening, but when Quenia rises to go to look at the table, or more importantly the paper there, he reaches out to stop her by holding her hand a moment, he then less than discretely hands her a couple pieces of blank parchment and a writing stick, then lets go, nodding enthusiastically.

"No, but the Lyceum has gone to investigate something that was found within one of the Baronies, and how the taxes did not seem to add up. We went to speak to the Baron, and it turns out that he was working with Malrico, causing chaos for him in return for a large sum of money monthly. With that dried up, so did his favor with his people as they suffered. We have plans to follow the trail to the next location which happened to lead us to Caith," Jaenelle tells Theo from her place in the center of the room. "I am sure it will lead to something, at least one of his hiding areas though no telling what we might find." Her attention falls to Lucita, "do you know what your house will do?"

"Or now, Lord Titus. Now would be good." Queina remarks. "The song you wished to sing that is." Because it might be relevant. Who knows? THere might be a slight impish gleam in her eyes.

Titus checks charm and performance at hard. Titus marginally fails.

Dacian quietly slips out of the room after saying a few departing words to those he met.

Dacian has left the General Benches.

Teeter the Black-footed Ferret leaves, following Dacian.

Keely listens on quietly, turning her head to gaze at Theo as he speaks, then listens closely to Jaenelle's reply. Her teeth worry over her lower lip gently, and then she lowers her focus to study a piece of parchment in her free hand.

Titus doesn't at all seem to be a singer, but as Quenia asks, he complies. The decayed voice sings in a rough and low tone, more like a funeral dirge than anything happy.

"The bite of Winter remembers,
to those who stand outside.
Of mighty and forgotten Galenna,
of dragons slain at her side."

Sword shatters axe on snowy plain,
And all who watch do see
As North Wind falls to Queen Redrain
But refuses to bend knee.

"You cannot cage the North Wind!" she cries,
"And so you cannot cage me!"

Defiant Galenna turns north again,
Defeated, unarmed, but free.
Faces demons coming for her lost kin,
Stands tall while others flee.

"You cannot kill the North Wind!" she shouts,
"And so you cannot kill me!"

And so the ancient song about Galenna ends and is shared to those who would listen to an uncomfortable tone and voice.

Vulpiano closes his tome quietly, lifting his eyes up gently from the pages as he rises with a wordless gesture; silently excusing himself as if he has heard what was necessary.

Noah winces a bit as Titus sings. He then watches the others start to leave as if he might long to do so as well. Then to the Archduchess, "Did you bring wine?"

Brow askew, Beatrix makes note of those lyrics, line by line, going over a couple more than once in a bit of a hurry to keep up. She tucks her tongue at one corner of her lips, more focused on writing than even listening in the moment.

Nina applauds after the performance, a genteel and polite clap that is not at all critical of the tone.

A warm expression forms on Cassiopeia's features as she listens to Titus sing, she gives her cousin an appreciative smile, listening to every word.

Luis listens, quietly discussing things with Quenia, but pauses as Titus sings and then he nods, gesturing to Quenia as she was the one that requested it.

Quenia inclines her head to Titus, her expression contemplative. "Thank you." She pauses, then finds another note in her notebook. "Oh. Duchess Sylvie also mentioned that Malrico Pravus was once engaged to a Duchess of Zaffria at some point. That would be in this morning's meeting notes. I believe she and Princess Berenice had a lively debate about the matter."

Mailys is a seasoned professional. She looks supportive and attentive the entire time Titus' dead voice rocks out to 'Cage the North Wind'. Not a wince in sight. Also fascinating- "A debate about the truth of it or the timing of the engagement?"

As Titus begins to sing, Nazmir is looking up from his notebook and over in that direction, a faint little cant of his head given as he takes in the words, only to follow it with a faint little, "Hmm."

Quenia glances over at Mailys, "Both. Since it was suggested Procella Pravus . . . uh. Might be among the living?" She looks real confused on that point though, like she's not sure about that part of history and current events.

Beatrix scribbles away in her notes, still leaned by the one Titus had left out even while she listens to singing and further discussion going through the hall. Her brow's furrowed, her slender features wearing a look of concentration.

Noah looks over at Quenia. "You mean the actual living or a ghost?" He says this as if it's a common question. Ghosts are everywhere or something like that.

"Living?" Noah is answered with a question. "If she was a mage, mages have relatively long lives I've determined. Very, very long lives. But, also, let's not forget that Malrico was a demon who was also the Herald of Greed and she could have made some kind of pact with him for an extended life too," Quenia answers the Velenosian Duke-Consort.

Jaenelle settles back into her chair, listening to the song as Titus sings it. "The Redrains have a way of breaking my heart," she says softly. "I think that we have ventured on topics that are not the point of the meeting, and no one has any further ideas on the economic nature of the issue, I would like to call the meeting to a close. Thank you all for coming, and thank you for all the information shared. When your houses decide what actions you will take, please let me know so I might assist as I can."

"Actual living," Luis confirms for Quenia, before nodding his head, "We've..." and here he looks around at those present, before starting again, "The Lyceum, as many know has always had its pacts with... the less 'shining' sort, Malrico made a lot of enemies the day Procella convinced him to turn against the legions shortly after they created the Lyceum. For over a thousand years they've managed to keep most of them away from too much infighting, but..." he trails off and looks to Jaenelle with a small nod.

"Indeed," Mailys agrees with Luis and changes the subject. "Please let me know if the Corsetinas can help any Family comb through ledgers or weed out leads towards finding more specific items that may be of use for other issues still ahead." She hands off her notes and gathers her fur coat, as the Archduchess is preparing to close the meeting.

With things drawing to a close, Nazmir is closing the notebook and depositing it back into his pocket, only to then button up his coat as he looks to Cassiopeia, murmuring something quietly before then murmuring to those at the benches.

Quenia inclines her head in Mailys's direction. "Thank you. There's a lot to digest."

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