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Meeting of the Watch

The Iron Guard meets to discuss recent political developments in the Oathlands and Crownlads, city patrols, plans for bolstering the capital's defenses, and other military matters. All commoners and peers are welcome to attend.


Sept. 13, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Compact - Iron Plaza

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Near the top of the hour, Alantir Valardin enters the courtyard via the keep's commons. In typical fashion, the prince is adorned head-to-toe in platemail. Nestled between his left elbow and hip is a diamondplate armet. Opposite, secured within the fingers of his left gauntlet, is a leather ledger. He approaches the table, sets his belongings atop its surface, finds an empty seat, and then raises a hand into the air. The officers sat amongst the stands promptly fall silent.

"Good evening. It is the 17th of May in the year 1018, and I now call this assembly to order. Prior to our regular orders of business, I wish to take a moment to honor the late Dame Felicia Harrow, my predecessor, and a decorated lieutenant of the Iron Guard. For those of you unaware, Dame Harrow sacrificed herself to protect villagers kidnapped by the Enemy near a settlement bordering Graypeak. The courage and determination she displayed in the face of such impossible odds spoke volumes to her character, and her selflessness is something toward which all duty-bound servants of the Crown should aspire to," the Oathlander asserts, tone flat but words no less sincere.

"I will begin with a report on the general status of the city watch. As of this morning's count, we number just over six thousand bannermen. The bulk of our forces, general infantry, you have no doubt seen patrolling the streets or protecting the Crown's institutions - the Courts, or outside the Assembly," the prince continues, pausing briefly after providing these two examples. "But so too do our archers constantly man the city's walls. Likewise, our rangers and cavalry patrol the roads leading into the Crownlands and Gray Forest. The nature and mission of the Iron Guard is fluid. While our primary responsibility is the security of the capital, we are concurrently tasked with waging war against the King's enemies, should a formal declaration or order ever be given."

"Crime, in any metropolis, is an inevitability. Our guards, commanded by patrol sergeants, respond to reports of thievery, assault, harassment, and disruptions of the king's peace on a daily basis. In most circumstances, judgments on these matters are summarily enforced by the senior officer present. When we are unable to determine motive, an interrogation is necessary, or a case is particularly complex - forgery, for example - we refer our findings to our sister organization, the Inquisition, for a formal investigation. In the unlikely event that a suspected criminal requests to be seen by a magistrate, they are detained and escorted to the courts to await legal review."

"On the matter of jurisdiction, I wish to emphasize the importance of liaisons - specifically from the Great Houses," Alantir continues, gaze surveying the faces of those present. "Presently, Prince Jasher Thrax, Princess Alis Valardin, Princess Ailys Grayson serve this function for their families. I await word and nominations from House Velenosa, House Pravus, and House Redrain. The authority of the Iron Guard ends where fealty wards begin. Criminals who seek to escape the Crown's judgment can, simply by passing into your districts, indefinitely delay punishment. To prevent this brash circumvention of justice, we rely entirely upon the good will of the High Lords, their voices, or those appointed by leadership to handle such affairs. Thus, cooperation between these two factions is essential."

"Before we proceed further, are there any questions or comments pertaining to the status of the watch, the jurisdiction of its reach, or the roles of its liaisons?"

2 Redwood Initiates, Birdie, a yellow eyed ginger cat arrive, following Leonaess.

Princess Katarina Valardin, newly minted advisor to the Iron Guard -- probably something to do with her status as House Valardin's Minister of War -- is seated when Alantir arrives. It's likely she arrived early to avoid any eyes upon her if she entered when a crowd already gathered. After all, one sleeve of her coat hangs empty, and her tunic underneath is stretched by the way one of her arms is bandaged into immobility. Her expression is calm, and she listens to Alantir's words without comment. No questions from the Eurusi-born Princess, it seems.

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Raven dips her head respectfully in the moment of silence for Dame Harrow, her expression briefly knitting. Her head lifts then and her gaze affixes to Alantir to listen attentively. At the mentions of house Liasons and those who've NOT nominated representatives her expression pinches briefly and a deep breath is drawn. She scans the crowd and her eyebrows loft on mild surprise at the turn out.

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Lou seems to have arrived somewhere in the middle of Alantir's report, but the part that she caught doesn't seem to illicit any questions from her. She waves to her cousin Ailys and moves to take a seat among the iron stands, setting her pack at her feet, but keeping a protective hand upon it all the same.

The quiet tap, tap, taping of Briseis' fingers on her chair cease as soon as the Prince enters, her gilded brown gaze following his form with great attention. She is quiet and observant, posing no questions or comments, straightening and fidgeting just slightly.

Having been there from the start, Gaspard is seated at a random stance, lips pursed. His expression is somber and serious, posture relaxed. He says nothing, merely observing.

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Not here in any official capacity, princess Denica Thrax is dressed in full svelte dark armour and looking a little tense when a list of crimes is read off in the background. Slipping into a seat, she gives a glance over to a few familiar faces. A sketchbook is tucked under one arm she manages an almost neutral expression, save for the natural sparkle in her eyes. Ever curious, she finds a place to sit and her attention drifts around the area. Lowering her head slightly when Dame Felicia is honoured, she has no questions, rather she opens the portfolio up and finds a blank page. Another hand is fishing around for something, eventually she pulls out a little broken piece of charcoal.

Ann claimed a seat next to Briseis and smiles to the younger but she too is also quiet when the Prince enters and has no questions but her eyes do track everyone here for this meeting.

Thea came early. Because that's her usual time. When the speech stats, she listen though she has no particular questions or anything at the moment. Instead she sits for now, a bow of her head to those nearby.

Certainly not incognito but casually dressed for a Grayson noble, Ailys quietly takes a seat as the proceedings begin. She lifts her hand and flickers a smile to Lou before settling into a sober, attentive demeanor.

Realizing she is late, Leonaess slips quietly into the plaza and proceeds to quietly read the room before finding a place in which to settle. Fingers are not idle, a basket rests at her feet, digits begin to skim and pluck at various plants for bundling. Lambent eyes find rest on Alantir having caught his loud enough call for questions, glancing briefly around to see if anyone has anything to add.

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3 Armed Confessors, 3 House Velenosa Guards, Thomas the Faithful, the Silver Honey Badger arrive, following Alistair.

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Tesha is seated quietly in the stands and is keeping mostly to herself like the auburn haired woman usually does. The weather is too nice to be wearing a veil so she's opted to keep her missing eye covered with her eye patch. She doesn't have the dogs with her, just her guards today.


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Hearing no questions, the Valardin continues.

"In light of recent developments in the Crownlands and Oathlands, but most notably the sacking of Bastion and Artshall, I have deemed it prudent to implement a new general strategy to ensure the continued security and stability of the capital's denizens and institutions," the prince announces, opening his ledger to reference something inscribed upon one of its pages. "First, the recruitment and training of new sentinels shall be made a priority of the Iron Guard's officer corps. Candidates should be of adult age, hale in mind and body, and prepared to pledge oaths of service to the Crown and Lord Commander. No discrimination shall be made based upon social rank or status."

"Second, the construction of additional fortifications to the capital's walls. To accomplish this objective, communication with the Great House liaisons will be critical, not only because renovations will take place within their respective wards, but also because the expertise of their engineers and tradesmen may be called upon to ensure the project's timely completion." A pause. Third, the deployment of additional armed companies to complete patrols well beyond Arx's perimeter. Frequently traveled roads into the Crownlands and Gray Forest shall be regularly monitored and policed by mounted cavalry."

"Finally, the establishment of military checkpoints at all city entrances and major thoroughfares. At these stations, guards shall be permitted to randomly stop, inspect, and frisk persons and their goods for dangerous contraband and suspicious paraphernalia. To assist in this endeavor, the High Inquisitor, Prince Alistair Velenosa, has agreed to embed several of his inquisitors amongst our footmen. Their expertise, especially in regards to the identification of occult items and symbols, will no doubt prove to be a boon to the operation's effectiveness. For their aid, we are in the Inquisition's debt." The sincerity of tone, despite the flatness of the Oathlander's affect, persists. He pulls his attention away from the notebook splayed across the table's surface and nods, perhaps to physically affirm the nature of their newfound cooperation.

"Please convey to your houses and organizations the Iron Guard's intentions. Any who seek to collaborate may reach out to myself or one of the watch's lieutenants. As always, we serve at the behest of the Crown and the capital's constituents. Your continued safety is our chief priority and responsibility." The ledger is closed.

"I yield the remainder of my designated time to those present. Should you have questions, recommendations, or information you believe would be useful to the completion of our objectives, please approach now and share it."

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When Alantir declares that all potential recruits should be hale of body, Katarina looks down at her own empty sleeve and then back up, bouncing her eyebrows once in a silent 'welp.'

3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Jasher.

Ann gives a side long glance to Briseis when it is mentioned that the inquisitors will be among the footmen and there's a whisper to her.

Raven's eyebrows liiiiiiift up nearly to her hairline at the mention of military check points. Her gaze sweep to look towards the gathered peeragen gauging their response to this.

Lou listens thoroughly to the information being provided and with a thought she rises from her position at the first rank of the benches. "Sometime in the coming months, with the permission of Whisper House, I will be taking a group beneath the city to search for some vital information which either will or will not help against the Traitor. I just wish the Iron Guard to be informed, so they are not surprised should they find random people coming from beneath the city. Sir Corban Telmar of the King's Own was also made aware." With that she settles back down, without elaborating any further.

Briseis exchanges some words softly amongst the seats, before she leans gently closer to Ann, whispering even more faintly.

To Lou, Alantir offers a polite dip of his chin. "Thank you, your highness. Without context, the abrupt discovery of peers prowling the bowels of the city would, indeed, be quite unsettling. So too does this information permit us an opportunity to sufficiently dispel rumors and concerns from the public."

At the talk of check-points and searches thick Islander brows lift upwards on Denica's face. There's a silent and contemplative look on her face, "I have a question," the princess says. "Can you elaborate on these random checks? Will they be conducted when there is reason someone seems suspicious or will they in fact be done just at random?," she asks out loud, pausing her sketch just long enough to ask the question before she returns back to it.

Ann looks on with interest when Lou speaks up and what her plans are for the next few months. Blue eyes scan the area again as a whole. Lady Ann Crovane is very observant of her surroundings and peers after all.

Raven shoots Lou an alarmed look followed by a pained look as if fighting a bout of indigestion."

Thea curiously tilts her head at Lou's words, but she stays silent on the matter. "Sometimes I find the least suspicious are the ones you need to the most suspicious of."

Though Briseis is still quietly speaking with Ann, her golden brown gaze seems alight and attentive at the ongoings of the meeting, flitting from one speaker to the next. It is an occupational habit, no doubt, to always be drinking in the surroundings. A nod is given towards Thea, no doubt agreeing with her statement, and a gaze lingers, curiously, upon Lou.

Lou is keeping her facial features well composed, not giving anything additional away. She does glance in Denica's direction when the question is posed, turning her own curious look back to Alantir to see what he might answer with.

Gaspard remains resolutely silent. His smoky grey eyes do wander, taking stock of faces and individuals, never once moving from his seat.

Alantir shifts his attention to Denica. "The purpose of the checkpoints is, superficially, to catch criminals. Seize contraband and dangerous weapons. Identify suspicious persons, especially those who might have affiliations with unseemly masters and organizations. That I have opted to share this information with the Great Houses, and members of the public, is simply a common courtesy," the prince explains, folding arms across breastplate. "The Iron Guard, in the past, has primarily been reactive. I intend to bring about a change of pace."

Briseis nods in agreement as she listens to Alantir's answer, her attention moving curiously to observe the subsequent reactions from the crowd.

Alistair has arrived, but he remains in the back of the gathering. Never one for grand entrances or taking the spot light, even if he has been named and it seems he shall be taking a central role in what is to happen in the future. The man stands dour as ever, hands clasped behind his back as he watches those present speak back and forth. The man takes particular note of those of the Inquisitorial Order who are present, giving the occasional nod of recognition and peering of judgment.

As was previously declared, Prince Jasher's primary objective at this meeting is to liaise between the Iron Guard and House Thrax, and so attends armed and armored and bearing the countenance of a man that is all business and no pleasure. Which is to say he is his usual self today. Thus, when he finally foregoes his prior reticence, stands, and addresses Alantir directly, speaks plainly and without affectation. "I have conveyed the Iron Guard's intentions and specific request for access to the walls accessible by way of the Ward of House Thrax to His Grace, Prince Victus, and his voices. Our answer will come as soon as they have concluded deliberations." With that said, he resumes his seat and falls still and silent as stone once more.

Ann tips her head towards Alistair having seen him when she was taking another glance of the crowd.

Tesha is taking careful notes so that she can report things back to the Duke and Duchess so that they aren't left out of the loop on things. The one eyed woman is also trying to make sure she doesn't miss anyone trying to get her attention given the umm...missing eye.

Raven wonders, "Is there a reason for the checks? Is there information obtained about a threat against the city? What is known about recent attacks on the city over the last couple of years make it clear those who were responsible did not enter nor leave through the gates or any thoroughfare pedestran traffic takes in and out of the city or between the wards. How do you intend to be proactive? how exactly does one prevent a crime before it occurs?"

Raja lurks among the crowds, simply listening, her dark gaze silently flickerin between those present.

Canting her head to the side, the princess looks across from her spot in the bleaches at Alantir when he answers her question. Lips twist a little and one thick dark brow perks upwards. There are no doubt a collection of thoughts running through her head, but she doesn't against verbalizing them. Rather, she flashes a bright smile, "thank you. That's very informative, your highness. I've no doubt." Then she turns to look across the way at Jasher after he speaks in some subtle manner. As soon as she catches her cousins attention, she diverts back to her sketching.

When Jasher stands, Alantir's gaze finds him. "Thank you, your highness. The cooperation of House Thrax is much appreciated. In the however likely or unlikely event the Highlord declines our offer, please convey my gratitude for his consideration."

The Oathlander then turns his head to Raven. "Is there a reason for walls during periods of peace? Armed guards when the public so loves the King? Are we absolved of our responsibility to protect the public because of our past failures?" His tone, at least momentarily, grows cold. "How do you calculate the cost of inaction?"

Ann listens attentively at the exchange between Alantir and Raven. Her hands stay in her lap folded as her eyes go back and forth as if she's watching a volly match.

Jasher slowly swivels his gaze and rests it intently upon Raven as she asks her series of questions. The expression legible on his face reveals uncertainty, which persists even after he has returned his attention to Alantir and inclines his head respectfully.

Katarina speaks up, in her thickly Eurusi-accented voice. "Perhaps, Prince Alantir, it would soothe any nerves that might be such as to begin to fray, if we approached the topic from a different angle. By what metrics will you deem these checkpoints a success or a failure? Certainly, to say 'no attacks happening' would not be credited solely to the checkpoints, any more than it could be credited to me choosing what color gown to wear. What can be /done/ with the information gathered, so that this exercise does not appear to be superstitious, or a /reaction/ to our own fear?"

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Severa, the Guard Shepherd, Micana, an efficient assistant, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Briseis straightens her posture, a look nothing short of determination upon her expression - as though she is vicariously riled up due to the line of questioning. She does not, however, interject, and does nothing more than observe and listen. Watch. When Alister catches her eyes, she bows her head in a respectful fashion.

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Raja had remained silent in the back for a a good portion of the conversation. But, she too has a question. She rises up and lifts a hand, "As a Councilwoman on the Commoner's Council, I have a question. A few years back, the lowers was plagued by corrupt guards. I am sure many of you well remember one named Lyseander Craw. They harassed our people. They took their belongings claiming it was stolen property. They murdered the destitute and tossed their bodies in the garbage. It took the delivery of the bodies to the barracks here before the guard took action to look at their own. What reassurances do the people have that these atrocities will not happen again?"

Raven says, "No doubt there are many answers to that question, your highness." She demurs respectfully, "Though some might wonder how we came to this action, specifically. Certainly none here would challenge it, your highness-only to understand it what it means."

Lucita is all but dragged into the Iron Guard area by Gunther, the dog who for a few years walked Iron Guard patrols with Estaban. She moves toward a spot in the stands and stays quiet, listening till she catches up with what is happening.

"This, Princess Katarina, is precisely why we have opted to incorporate inquisitors into our ranks. The metric by which I would evaluate the success of this operation, independent of deterring prospective criminals from pursuing unbecoming activity, is by the confiscation of contraband," Alantir replies, neutrality returning.

Then, Raja commands his attention. "Perhaps you would be interested in functioning as a liaison to the Iron Guard, Madame Culler -- and, by doing so, you could proactively work to maintain the integrity of those guards under our command?" The offer is sincere, though the Oathlander's features may be difficult for the stranger to decipher.

Katarina certainly seems satisfied enough with Alantir's answer, giving her adoptive cousin a thoughtful nod, but speaking no further.

Alistair's gaze falls upon Katarina, peering at the Eurusi born woman for a brief moment before his gaze slides over to Raja and her comment regarding previous... indiscretions. The High Inquisitor does not seem to be in a rush to offer apologies or assurances, especially as Alantir controls the moment.

Raven speaks no futher, easing back into her seat and watching Raja curiously.

For a moment it looks like Lady Ann Crovane wants to step out of the stand that she shares with one Raven and is just staring at her now and her lip is set.

Raja folds her hands in front of herself, "Baron Silas did help us in defeating Craw and his treachery. So, I am not blind to the good that is found in the Guard. However, there are still those that grieve in the Lowers. The installment of check points will raise ire and fear within the people who still bear somewhat fresh wounds and memories of the atrocities this man placed upon us. Please, do not think that I blame you. I understand the need to protect the city. I am for it, but should militarized check points be placed, the commoners will likely feel harassed and heckled, perhaps even fearful. A liason with the guard is an interesting concept and if you would like to discuss it further, I would be honored to do so, Your Highness."

Raven is giving Ann a confused glance, looking positively baffled. After a moment She leans over and mutters something to Gaspard, eyebrows lifted in apparent askance.

Alistair whispers quietly with a Confessor, his eyes still on Raja for a moment. Not the most comfortable of glances. Is he checking on warrants? Or is he perhaps getting the dirt on the woman who represents the Lowers. The conversation with his underling ends and he slowly steps forward into the middle of the meeting area to stand near Alantir.

Tesha gives a look to a messenger that arrives for her and then gives a bit of an apologetic look to her guards before she is rising, a small bow given to Alantir as she does. She then proceeds out of the plaza without fanfare.

Ann attention is drawn when Alistair steps near Alantir. Her attention going there now.

Jasher exhales and rises to his feet once more. It is clear he is not eager to speak but nor is he content to remain utterly silent on this topic, either. The latter wins, in the end. "You can neither predict nor punish a crime before it occurs." This is spoken with a measure of dryness, that seems to suggest he should not have to say it. "However, the mere presence of heightened security may act as a deterrent, they can delay criminals or /other/ unsavory entities, they can allow the guard time enough to investigate or act in a way that might save additional lives. But I would state for those present that my primary focus is on the protection of civilians from external threats, not those from within. Strategically stationed guards and heightened fortifications may grant a few more precious seconds to evacuate civilians to safety in the event of a large scale assault. This is not solely about punishing petty crime. Cities across The Compact are being razed to the ground." As he says this, his eyes sweep all those presently gathered. And then he sits.

Although Briseis seems to be conversing softly with Lady Ann, and glancing towards Raven, she is excessively attentive to those who speak. Her golden brown eyes shift from one individual to the next. There is a steel-like resolution within her posture, a clenching of her jaw from things unspoken, from point not made. The best way to listen is with silence. That stalwart gaze focuses on the High Inquisitor.

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tilts his head, listening to a messenger seek him out, murmuring into his ear and handing over a letter.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gaspard before departing.

"I understand, Madame Culler. Some wounds never heal. What I pledge to you now, before my peers, is that careful scrutiny shall be placed upon the actions of those charged with the implementation of this policy. I have constructed this strategy, and the blame of its successes -- or failures -- will fall solely upon my shoulders. As you say, though -- I would be privileged to discuss these matters in more detail a different time, and in a more personal medium."

As Jasher stands, Alistair approaches and mentions something discreetly. The prince nods, suggesting that he agrees with whatever the High Inquisitor had whispered.

And then the Oathlander's attention returns to Jasher. "A fair assessment, your highness. The security of the capital remains one of our paramount priorities, especially in light of the destruction wrought upon Artshall and Bastion."

Raven listens attentively and ahhhs, her expression clearing a bit as Jasher speaks, clarifying a point of confusion on something for the Blackheart apparently. She bows her head Gratefully towards Jasher for his offering on the topic before her gaze returns to rest on Alantir.

Keg, a warhorse, Peanut, an ugly pomeranian leave, following Kritr.

Alistair checks composure and etiquette at hard. Alistair fails.

Gaspard idly reads the letter, an eyebrow raising. He folds it back up, handing it off to the messenger and silently wording 'thank you'.

Raja turns her gaze to Jasher and offers a nod, "This is true. You cannot predict or punish a crime before it happens. I have no doubt that your intentions are to protect the citizens." She pauses as if considering her next words, "I suppose what the people will want to know is what to do should some of your men get a bit too.. agressive." Then back to Alistair, she gives him a respectful dip of her head. "Thank you. I look forward to our conversation in the future." Then she reclaims her seat.

Keg, a warhorse, Peanut, an ugly pomeranian arrive, following Kritr.

Are people expecting Alistair to speak? So much attention on the High Inquisitor. Nope. No public words. He just stares out across the crowd, occassionally his gaze lingering uncomfortably on one or two individuals as if he is looking for people who he can hall off to the House of Questions.

Quiet, careful steps take the Spirit Walker more central in order to be heard, gilded features lifting to dip head respectfully to Alantir before addressing those around with a tender smile, "I am assisting the Iron Guard with trying to find viable solutions to face sensitive threats that we as a people face. If anyone has information about the elfblight orchid, Thornweave vines, or just mysterious plants in general, I ask that you reach out to me as I would be most happy with the assistance."

A nod of head is given and it looks as if Leonaess is about to make her way back to sit down before she stops and turns back around, "Apologies, two more questions! What sort of equipment and supplies are provided to new volunteers?" A pause, "And is it possible for crafters to contract with the Iron Guard to keep you all hale as you previously stated." That smile returns, lithe fingers knitting together to keep from fidgeting and rested against skirted thigh.

Briefly glancing up from her sketchpad, the princess says, "when it comes to evacuations, some general public education could help, too. We might think we will be calm and rational in a crisis, but it's amazing how things can quickly shift depending on the scope and scale of the event. Despite planning. If folks know what to do, have a sense ahead of time what to take and who to contact, it can help them mobilize quicker," she says and then draws something across her page.

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Thea has remained pretty comfortable where she is. But when she gets a message, she nods her head. Excusing herself quietly, Thea silently slips out.

Raven winces when Altanir mentions Bastion and other places. Her gaze briefly seeks skywards in silent prayer and she draws in a deep breath before her gaze fixes forward again.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Raven before departing.

Alistair's gaze focuses on somewhere or someone in the thick of the crowd for a brief moment, the man remaining silent as Alantir continues to lead the discussion. Perhaps his standing there is simply a performative act, representing the cooperation between the Iron Guard and Inquisition on this matter.

Gaspard rises up to his full, 6'6 height, cracking his neck. He silently begins to depart.

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Kritr is present wearing the badge of the Iron Guard, from his frown though, it is clear that today's announcements are news to him.

"Whether volunteers or enlisted, the Iron Guard is indeed capable of outfitting those that seek to provide the Crown assistance. Contracting to artisans is a certainly a recognized precedent, but my knowledge of this matter is fairly limited. I would advise you to seek out a clerk, Madame Valeux," the prince tells Leonaess, offering both the herbalist and Raja a respectful dip of chin.

"In the absence of additional business, I will call this Meeting of the Watch formally adjourned. To all that have attended, you have my sincerest thanks. Please do not hesitate to reach out with additional inquiries in person or via written correspondence."

Amongst the stands, the senior officers begin to rise to their feet and depart. Sentinels near the courtyard's perimeter usher commoners and bystanders steadily toward the plaza's exits.

Leonaess is overheard praising Alantir.

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