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Impromptu Come-As-You-Are

A simple gathering with no games, no favors, no prizes, just friends and acquaintances amusing themselves by showing up in whatever state of garb or preparedness in which they may be. (OOC Temp descriptions work well for this.)


Sept. 12, 2022, 1:15 p.m.

Hosted By

Lucita Desma


Pasquale Macario Alarissa Thea Denica Aedin Vitalis



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Gardens

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrive, following Denica.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie, Denica arrive, following Pasquale.

Lucita comes out of the Saik Tower and glances around the garden. "I should have known better than to schedule this so close to the children's dinner time. Just look at me! I have jelly smeared all ovr my armor and blouse. I think there is even a little in my hair. At least I had not just gotten in a bath and would have to come out nude." She lifts a hand to wave at people as they arrive.

1 Malespero Guard, Eumelia arrive, following Macario.

Desma glances over to Lucita as she speaks and gives a slight smirk at that. Her own her is a bit of a mess and she wrinkles her nose. "I couldn't manage to do my hair in the style you described Baroness Lucita so I gave up rather than be late."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Thea.

Pasquale steps into the gardens of Saik tower dressed head to toe in black velvets with Denica as his companion. He looks rather elegant but hasn't made a single obvious concession made to the theme of the day. Then again it is how he was when the call to party came. He offers a hint of a smile when Lucita turns up covered in jammy handprints. "This was a fine idea Baroness Lucita."

Naturally, everyone arrives at once. That's the way it is when you're not fully prepared for a party. Not that Macario would know. There's already a goblet of wine in his hand, from some other event he's likely arrived from. Judging by the sway of his hips and the length of his strides, he's already a few drinks in. The swagger is promptly met with a proper bow at the site of Lucita. "Baroness Lucita. I was just around the corner," he says, twirling his free hand vaguely in the air as though it might be a clue to the previous party. "Thank you so much for the invite." He turns to see Pasquale, "Oh. Brother. How nice."

Lucita says, "Well, that is the fun of such a thing. A quick gathering with no advance notice and surprise each other with what we look like in those 'in-between' times of when usually publicly presentable." She glances down again at jelly smears. "At least it is not summer where I would now be a major attraction for flies."

"Denica has many fine ideas." Comes Alarissa's voice, dressed down for the occasion but no less looking every square inch of who she is. A drape of matching teal velvet over the left shoulder hide that side of her arm from view or the lack thereof. She's not far behind Pasquale and Denica.

a blue and gold macaw, Renard arrive, following Vitalis.

Thea wasn't expecting any of this. Not even a little. So she comes bearing a baby on one hip a holding a child's hand with her free hand. Leaning down, she murmurs to her elder son. "Take Rocco and visit uncle Martino. He likes when you poke him with wooden swords,"the Countess promises with a smile. Then Thea is off, greeting others. "Alright, hello."

Desma chews her lip as she sees all these people arriving, trying her best not to make it look like she is nervous... which she is. She fiddles with her bracers as she shifts her weight from foot to foot.

It's spring and that is reflected in princess Denica's outfit. It's colourful and cheerful, it almost helps to mask the evidence of sleepless nights that subtly show in her vivid blue eyes. She was probably wearing this all along, there's evidence in the lovely streak of blue paint that's crossing the left-back side of her skirt, unbeknownst to her. Like she brushed up against a sculpture on her way out for the day. Chatting quietly with Pasquale as they arrive at the gardens, she is quick to turn her expression to Lucita and greet their hostess. "Baroness Lucita, if not for my gloves my hands would be as colourful as yours," she says with warm, then spinning around to see the sight of a familiar voice. Her smile brightens at the sight of Alarissa, "cousin, what a delight to see you here," she says warmly to her. Then she takes a looks around, glancing back at Pasquale, "I feel like we are on a garden crawl. Is that a thing? It should be a thing." Catching Thea's comment she adds, "he also loves messy hand prints on his fancy clothes," she winks at little Calo.

Lucita smiles warmly as people arrive and then gestures toward her jelly-smeared outfit. "I will be kind and not offer hugs today to friends. Would not like to share the mess with them. Come make yourselves at home and enjoy the gardens. As always there is an assortment of Saik wines and some teas from the Mercer Tea Shop, and finger foods. The pond is warm enough for a swim... barely.. if any should wish.

"I had a moment. Who am I to deny a summons from a good friend when I am finally up and hale." Said the previous down and skewered Princess Consort. "Somewhere, the twins are..." Alarissa goes up on toes to see if she can spot the two thraxian miniature princesses that seem to be in search of food and trouble. There's a dip of Alarissa's head to Pasquale. "Lord Maelspro" She offers the man. "A pleasure."

"Brother." Pasquale says to Macario. "I see you are enjoying the day." He offers Denica a hint of a smile then. "Touring all the gardens in the city sounds like a nice goal." and finally he turns his attention to Alarissa. "A pleasure to meet you as well Princess Alarissa."

"Your Highness and Your Highness," Macario offers, proper bow and all toward Denica and Alarissa. The goblet of wine, from the other event, is finished with a might swig and placed on a passing tray. Within moments he finds himself with another goblet of wine, an entirely different one from this party. "Princess Alarissa. My sympathies to the disturbance on your land, proper."

Thea flutters her fingers at Denica, amused. "That too." There's a wink at Alarissa too. "You can send them to Martino too. I'm sure he'd love it." Theas eyes appear a bit impish as she makes her way to her cousin. "Hey Desma,"she greets. "Pasquale. Macario. Hello."

Desma almost sighs with relief when Thea heads over to her and greets her. "Oh thank Gods you are here. I feel so out of place." She gives a brief smile, "What do you even talk about at such things?"

Aedin was apparently out and about and as such she is impeccably dressed. Wine is collected from where it's served, the woman's gloved fingers holding the glass delicately as she moves through the people gathered. Lucita and Desma are given deep curtseys in greeting, "thank you for opening your home for such a delightful and amusing gathering. It is lovely."

Vitalis arrives at a summons from Lucita, dark hair curling and damp, dressing gown and house shoes. He arrive ahorseback, on Rocker - a steed from Saikland, no less - and pads along, relighting the pipe he'd tucked into wide pockets. Somewhere overhead, his bright parrot, awking and squawking about, mugging for treats and if he doesn't get them, maybe just simple mugging. Vitalis looks about the tower environs, noting the familiar, the new, the whole of it as he nods greetings and courtesies on his way to find their host.

Lucita says, "We all stay so busy, it is hard to grab a moment just to relax and get to talk, catch up with each other. I'm glad to see every single one of you here. If you wish, children would be safe upstairs in the nursery. My assistants will keep them amused though no guarantees they will be returned as neat as they arrived, not with jelly filled pastries to be shared." After hearing Desma speak, she gives a soft laugh. "Oh, you can talk about whatever might be of interest to you, gossip, or ask silly questions to amuse.""

"Yes," Denica agrees readily with Thea. "Martino loves children, everyone should send theirs to him. Especially after they've had some sweets," she adds, a notably impish smile on her face. There's an agreeable nod to Pasquale at the idea of touring all the gardens in the city. "I think I will have to achieve that," the princess has never met a goal she didn't like. The formal bow from Macario is met with a polite nod. Then she catches sight of Vitalis and she smiles in greeting, "Lord Vitalis, always good to see you.," she adds as slender fingers lift a glass of wine off a passing tray. The princess doesn't quite drink from the glass, rather she holds it for now.

"Thrax thanks you for your sympathies during our time of great change. With Lagoma's blessings, we will make our way through the turmoil and battered we may be when we emerge, we will emerge and stronger for it Lord Maelspro." The -Other- Maelspro she presumes. She looks to Thea when she speaks, a smile that of late has been rare to see on her face. "Done." Enunciated clearly. "My sympathies will go with him." The twins are... well. Mischievous. She see's Vitalis as well and there's a dip of her head to the man.

Lucita lowers her voice a moment and speaks to Alarissa and with a little nod, turns toward a newcomer. "Welcome Lady Blackwood. A pleasure to have you here. Do you know everyone? We are being casual here so please, introduce yourself to any you do not know. I'm Baroness-regent Lucita Saik.

Desma's eyes glaze a bit at Lucita's words and her mouth twists. "I'm not sure people here will be interested in how good at fishing Splinter is or how well I am doing in sparring." She whispers these to Thea, although not as quietly as she could have.

Vitalis makes his way to Lucita, smiling at Denica as he goes, pausing to offer courtesies, "Highness. Likewise." He cinches the belt on his robe, not especially made for bowing and he pauses also to bow to Alarissa, his former patron, "Highness. I hope you've been well." Until he finally makes his way to Lucita - one more cinch, and a bow, "Baroness," a grin as he straightens, head tipped up to blow pipesmoke up and away, "To what do we owe the occasion?"

"Im not,"Thea assure Alarissa with a chuckle. "He needs to unwind." Because clearly this the way to do it. "Lord Vitalis, good to see you,"she greets, spying him amongst the crowd. Leaning toward Desma, Thea murmurs,"That counts. Plenty of people spar.. Whether with words or--in one matter, paint brushes." She chuckles atbthat before nodding to Aiden. "Hello. Welcome to the city.."

Aedin looks around the garden then offers a shake of her head towards Lucita, "fortunately I do not know many, though that is a wonderful thing. Most would find being in a room of those she does not know to be terrifying and overwhelming, but I am on task to meet everyone in the city and seeing those I have not met yet just means I am one step closer to my goal," Aedin's voice lowers in a mock whisper, "I have been informed my goal is impossible but I find that only those who lack imagination believe things to be unattainable." Thr Blackwood woman straightens with a grin before turning back towards the garden goers, and at least there is one familiar face, "Lord Macario, introduce me to a stranger. Hopefully the ones who have the best sweets."

Lucita says, "We owe this occasion to the lofty goal of relieving stress and seeing friendly faces. An occasion to talk about various things, reconnect with friends and meet new people." She gives a little grin and then gestures toward the bird with Desma. "How did Splinter get his name, Lady Desma?""

It is then that the princess samples the wine, taking a small sip and expecting it to be pleasant, she is not disappointed. "It's always nice to take a pause, and be amongst people. To enjoy the smiles and the bits of conversation. A moment to just be," she says to no one in particular, but then her attention drifts to their hosts in acknowledgement of their part in this. "It's easy to get caught up in everything, so many moving parts. Different shades and places and thoughts and ideas.," not one to shy away from poetics, though never one to claim to speak them, she takes another small sip of the wine.

"I am well now." Alarissa assures Vitalis, watching the man move off before turning her attention to look around to others present, a nod for Lucita's murmured words. Her right hand comes out to press against her lower arm. "I could only spare long enough to stop in and say hello dear friend. I apologize. There is much to do these days."

Desma makes a sound half way between a giggle and a snort at Thea's comment before her eyes flick wide at Lucita's words. "Oh um...Splinter? My osprey?" She licks her lips as she mentally forms the phrasing before speaking. "When he was a fedgling I found him out of his nest, with a piece of wood in his wing, just enough to hurt and stop him flying. I took it out and nursed him. Hence... Splinter."

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

Mar, the Magpie have been dismissed.

Lucita looks toward Alarissa and approaches her a moment. "I fully understand and am touched that you took time to come today. Thank you. Maybe, your time permitting, we can have an afternoon to talk. I've learned a few interesting things lately though not really essential to what is going on, they still are thought provoking. We can speak of those, or our children, or whatever might take our fancy.

Alarissa is overheard praising Denica.

Alarissa is overheard praising Victus.

Alarissa is overheard praising Lucita.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

Alarissa is overheard praising Lucita.

A flock of ladies-in-waiting, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Advocate Robert, a fastidious well dressed assistant, Coconut Custard, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Alarissa.

"Everyone," Macario says, arms gesturing to everyone as he calls out loud enough to be heard. "This is Lady Aedin of the famed Blackwood family of Redrain. She is learning of our customs here in the Lycene ward, so I expect we'll all be on our best behaviour." Which is utterly meaningless, as notes Lady Aedin at his side. "Oh and she also likes sweets!" With a proper nod, he beams that roguish grin to Aedin, "Your welcome Lady Aedin. Welcome!"

Thea snorts at Macario. "Then you bring her to the Oathlands,"she teases. There's a nod of her head however to the Aedin,"Countess Thea Wyvernheart." She gestures toward the sleeping bundle in her arms, a smile appearing,"This is Lina." Thea grins at Desma a moment. "That bird of yours is always trying to land on my head..."

Desma raises a hand to Aedin, "Desma Mag- Lady Desma Magnotta." She smiles as she looks at Lina in Thea's arms and then gigglesnorts quietly, "I may have told him there was a fish treat you would give him if he did."

Lucita gestures just past her co-host Desma toward the refreshment cart that bears beverages and an assortment of pastries.. both savory and sweet, cookies, cheeses and the like foods that work well in a casual outdoor setting. To Desma she nods. "Do the rest of you have pets or companions with special stories to be learned? I used to have a small bird but it did not suit the tower. Medeia and Neilda's wild cats were constantly trying to catch it and it suffered feather loss to them and the twins. So I gave my nightingale to the Bard's College." She gives a smile toward Lima and Thea and then jooks back up at the other guests.

Vitalis watches the wine go by and waves off an offered glass, but lifts his pipe in salute to Aedin, "Welcome to Arx and the Lycene Ward," he takes a long draw, "'ware your glass - it's likely to be filled without notice." Lady Thea introduces herself and Vitalis joins her, "Vitalis Clement." He waves smoke away from his head and leans in to make goofy faces at Lina. "Hello, Thea. It's been a while." Talk of birds and landing on heads has Vitalis take a quick turn, eyes up. "I just had this washed."

Taking another slow sip of her wine, the princess is easily distracted by all the delights in the garden. A flower. A leaf. The way a particular vine coils around. She delights in the details and find herself present in the moment. At the cants her head to the introduction of Aedin, "Lady Blackwood," she greets politely. "Princess Denica Thrax, ever on my best behaviour." Perhaps years of acting allows her to say that with an almost straight face. Only if she doesn't look at Thea. But when she does, her lips crack into a smile. At the mention of birds, she perks her brows upwards but it's the question of pets that has her responding. "I have a cat. Well no. That's not quite right. A cat has me. Her name is Lady Snow. She is the self-proclaimed ruler of everything she sees. I give her the world and she just...," the princess lets out a dramatic sigh. "Walks away from me." Cats. Typical. "She's white, obviously." I mean the name could in fact be misleading. It seems that the princess is ready to talk about her cat all day and she continues, "she especially likes birds." Um.

Thea cleara her throat. "I have far too many pets,"Thea admits. "But most everyone knows Finn. My brother Martino gifted him to me as an apology. He's sorta been with me for every up and down since I've been in the city." Hearing Denica, she meets her gaze and winks. Lowering her voice to Vitalis, Thea promises,"Splinter doesn't care,"casting her gaze to Desma and her bird. Grinning.

"Oh I well know how little birds regard garments, furniture, upholstery," Vitalis cards fingers through damp locks, "HAIR." He shakes his head, "Have you seen the 'Poop Apology' pillow in the Clement Chest of Pillows?"

Lucita says, "Splinter is very well behaved. As a passing thought.. See those statues on the platform where the main path branches then comes bck together the other side of it? We had two wards, orphans from a lower borough fire that Herbologist Valery, up in the Redrain Gardens, asked us to take in. They attended her school in agriculture and learned to make medicines and lotions, herbal remedies and they are the ones who arranged our garden here. When they got into mischief, she would put them to cleaning off the bird excreta from the statues as a punishment. " She shares that with a low laugh. "That made them behave very well for weeks at a time. So do the rest of you have pets? I know Rocker is almost like a pet.""

Desma wrinkles her nose and sets Splinter off to soar up above before she quirks a smile, "He doesn't usually crap on people. It only happened that -one- time." At Denica's admission of her servitude to a cat, she thinks before saying, "I like how quiet cats can be but there is something unsettling about them. I swear if regular cats were twice as big they would hunt us for food and sport "

Macario continues on with the conversation, but soon enough a messenger arrives. He finishes up the wine, says his polite goodbyes, and heads toward the doorway. He, of course, walks out with one of the goblets of wine from the Saik Tower party. Don't worry, he arrived with a goblet from another party, so the goblet count will be maintained even if a little mismatched.

1 Malespero Guard, Eumelia leave, following Macario.

Lifting her glass to Desma a small smile forms on her lips, "oh most certainly. My cat doesn't need to hunt. She is waited on hand and foot. Denied nothing and still, you should see the body count," she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "She plays with them first. The mice...the birds...," the princess realizes that she's in polite company and decides to stop talking about Lady Snow's murder sprees.

Lucita says, "Is she one of the infamous Claw's offspring? Claw was not afraid of man or beast and I remember... how the Archduke gained a title for that cat."

Lucita says, "Prince Victus that is. We should have asked after Claw when Princess Alarissa was here."

Most would find that being introduced to a room of strangers loudly and without notice to be a concern, but it just makes Aedin smile all the more warmly and offer each a polite nod in greeting. "And now I believe we have all formally met, how wonderful! I suppose I shall answer the question, unfortunately I do not have any pets, though I am open to suggestions. I am rather suggestable." Then at the comment about learning customs, "I study people for a living, I know the Lyceum customs well, though have spent no time within the Hundred Cities. It just so happens since my return I have met a considerable about of people from the south. You all are everywhere."

Desma wrinkles her nose again, "That's why I'm not fond of cats. The playing with their foot. Just... unseemly. Make the kill and be done with it but then I suppose they wouldn't be cats."

"Oh, Lady Snow's story is quite a long one, perhaps for another time," the princess says. At the mention of Claw she smiles, "I did a lovely painting of Claw, it's in the war room," she says off-handed.

Lucita can not help but grin. "You will find just the right pet sooner or later Lady Aedin. If you visit Blessed Roran at the shrine of Lagoma often enough, he is likely to give you a cat. Seems every stray cat in the city winds up around him sooner or later and he tries to find good homes for them."

"Highhill has perfect mastiffs,"Thea tells Aedin. "They're giants. We just had a litter not long ago and the grounds are overrun. with puppies." Looking over to Denica, Thea tells Desma,"Denica is the one that painted the Malvici mural in the Malvici hall." There's a look at Lucita at the mention of Neilda and Media's cats. She shudders at the memory. "I was patching the twins up constant from those cats. I think Nel's still hates her."

A messenger approaches Denica's messenger who in turn approaches the princess. Such formalities. As such, she is unfolding the note and glancing at the contents. "I'm afraid I must be off, but all my best to everyone," she says taking a quick sip to empty her wineglass before passing it off.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leave, following Denica.

Desma raises her eyebrows at Thea, "The one with all the children in?" she asks, taking an interest in her family.

Lucita gestures for one of the guards to send her three dogs into the area. "Golden came from Oakhaven. They raise nice dogs, too. That one can track a trail nicely, which has been useful in the past. She was a gift from Quenia, my cousin. Gunther was my first husband's dog and used to accompany him on Iron Guard patrols of the city. Gunther still wants to pull me along those guard routes. And Severa was left to me by Aiden when he got killed.

Lucita says, "They are all highly trained guards thanks to Duke Aiden and Dame Leola's work with them. I was given animal guards rather than human ones since at the time, Vellichor's reflection was making people do things they never would have... stealing, hurting others, destroying tomes... and never remembering it afterward, even when someone witnessed it. So I was given dogs instead of a person."

Desma seems to space out a moment, eyes glazing before she snaps back to focus on the others. "I had better get back to the Manor. Splinter is wanti- going to be wanting to be let in from the balcony." She smiles at everyone, "Thank you all. Thank you Lucita and you too Thea."

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey have been dismissed.

Lucita says, "You are most welcome, Lady Desma." She glances at all the others and murmurs softly. "Thank all of you for coming. It made quite a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Perhaps we can do this again sometime or something similar.""

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