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A Saikland Wine Release - For Seafarers

The Saikland vintners are releasing a wine inspired by the sailors of the Lyceum, those spirited individuals with saltwater in their blood. Lady Medeia encourages attendees to bring their most daring high-seas stories to share.


Oct. 26, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Jan Lucita Kanean Darren



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - The Black Fox

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Comments and Log

The Black Fox has been spiffed up and arranged for a wine party. The tables have been draped with green tablecloths and moved somewhat to allow for a central area that people can speak from. Medeia is standing away from the entrance, avoiding the cold air that comes in each time someone arrives. "Hello and welcome! We will be sharing stories and wine."

Jan arrives and smiles "Stories and drink! Sounds like a fantastic idea, Careful most seamen I know like to spin a long yarn."

"I am not opposed to a long yarn, General," Medeia replies with a bright smile to Jan. "I know that you are usually one to drink whiskey, but I hope you might enjoy this latest wine from Saikland." She holds up a bottle with a green silk wrap. "It is aged in rum barrels, imparting some of that rum flavor."

Lucita is examining a bottle of the new wine and glances up at Medeia and Jan. "Oh, this looks lovely and with it being favored of sailors, perhaps it will become one of the popular wines. Are there plans for other flavors or perhaps some of the whiskey?

Jan pauses like someone who had exactly intended to grab a whiskey on the sly and but then is reminded how very rude that'd be. There is a brief vacant stare at Medeia as if her brain is buffering and then she summons a smile and accepts the wines "Oh yes, of course. Pasquale does love his wine, I am looking for something to bring him." She turns and smiles "Ahh! Baroness! How are you this fine evening?" only someone from someplaced named Stormward would call tonight fine.

Cuddles, a jumpy and cuddly puppy, 1 Rivenshari Clansman arrive, following Kanean.

Medeia gives Lucita a nod. "The distillers have been working on a new whiskey, but the last few samples have not been to my standards. I do hope that it will be ready come spring." She pauses to greet others that have filtered in before adding, "But the barrels for this were limited in supply, so we may not be able to get many uses out of them. We are considering other ideas!" Then Medeia gives Jan a wink, knowing all too well what the Kennex woman was considering. "Please, drink what you like, I can send a bottle to Pasquale."

Lucita replies to Jan first. "Cold. Naturally winter is not my most favorite season though it does look a lot prettier than it feels, at least till it starts to melt into slush and muddy patches." She grins a little and takes a sip of the wine as she listens to Medeia. "You have a finer palate for wine than I do, am glad you have been helping oversee the productions. Last one I tried to oversee turned into red wine vinegar for which the cooks were most grateful but barely broke even in the production.

Jan has approached Medeia to greet the hostess and now she and Medeia are chatting. Jan grins at Medeia "Ahh, that'd be good. He wanted to come but was unavoidably detained. " Her gaze shifts to Lucita "At least you broke even, proof of what a canny, enterprising soul you are."

The door of the fox opens and then closes a man dressed in dark leathers with a bow on his back walks in, a hood pulled over his face and the soft sound of chimes can be heard from the figure. Looking out from his hood, his gloved hands move up to let his hood drop. Black hair comes down to about shoulder length with a goatee and a bow on his back, his grey eyes look about as he moves in further to the bar.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward arrive, following Darren.

"Winter is /fine/," Medeia offers her not-hot take with all the enthusiasm of a... well, of a Lycene facing winter. "It seems the best season to try to distract people. With new wine." There is a laugh when Lucita tells of the vinegar. "We must always be resourceful! And vinegar makes a decent export." She winks at the baroness before giving Jan a nod. But she is quickly distracted by the bells on the new arrival. "Oh! A Rivenshari!" Her hand comes up in a wave. "Hello, welcome! I bet you have some stories from sailing to share!"

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 88 higher.

Lucita nods agreeably to Kanean as he arrives though moves a little closer to the fire as each arrival lets in a puff of cold air. There is a smile on her lips. "I always enjoy stories. They are fun to hear in all their variations." There is a pause for a moment and the adds. "Glad you were able to get here. I expect many are at home tucked up to a fire or cuddling and not even a wonderful new wine could tempt them out."

Did someone mention winter? Well, here comes Darren Redrain, like a bird hearing the call of its mate. His guards, having presumably been talked to about how this is an event and not a day at the bar, are better behaved on coming in than they usually are, no boisterous talk or borderline roughhousing, but Darren is as he always is, reserved, with a pleasant expression, and Bear walking at his heel.

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