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A Rivenshari Celebration of Life

It's been a long winter, time to have a fire, curl up with food, friends, and let those that have falled to the winds to sing within bells, welcome those that are new upon the breath of song, and celebrate all the things. House Rivenshari opens doors to the Long house for all within the compact to come celebrate life with us. Bring a song or dance to share in celebration of joining of house Redrain and Rivenshari, Lady Ann and Lord Mattheu. There will be cookies and games.


Nov. 18, 2023, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Mattheu Ann


Pasquale Jan Margerie Petra Kanean Jaenelle Darren



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Longhouse

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Alberico, the Malespero aide, 1 Malespero Guard, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

Bells, the enchanting melodies of the Rivenshari, sing from every conceivable nook and cranny. They sway in the trees, dangle with whimsy upon yurts, adorn the longhouse itself, and tinkle softly on the attire of those who call this tribe their kin. The air is alive with the music of these bells, a symphony that tells stories of a people intimately connected to the ebb and flow of the river's current.

Within the longhouse, children dart between tables, their laughter blending with the gentle clatter of cutlery and the distant hum of celebration. The tables, laden with the bounties of the river, showcase a feast fit for those who embrace the journey of life itself. A riverine banquet unfolds fresh catches, delicately prepared, alongside drinks that mirror the flowing waters.

At the far end of the longhouse, the Counts table stands adorned in opulent splendor. Here, the immediate family of Rivenshari leaders gather, their presence a testament to the tribe's unity and resilience in the face of the ever changing winds. The longhouse itself is a testament to the vibrancy of life and the tales that dance upon the wind; a celebration of the journey that each member of the tribe carries in their hearts.

Braizers burn brightly throughout the longhouse, lifting a warmth and coziness mirroring the comaraderie taking place between all within. Stepping forwards, then climbing the few small steps leading towards Count's table is Mattheu Rivenshari. Turning to those in attendance with a bright and warming smile he cups hands to his mouth to call for all to listen a series of quick whistles known to those of the river.

"My Lords and Ladies, cherished friends, esteemed guests,thank you for gathering here today as we celebrate the lives that have touched ours so profoundly. We stand together not only to mourn the passing of two extraordinary souls, my cousin Count-Consort Vano Clearlake and dear friend Lord Cillian Blackwood, but also to honor the legacy they've left behind, one that intertwines with the threads of joy, love, and connection."

Mattheu turns to face Ann, holding his hand out to her to come stand next to him. Three children to stand next to them, Silain, and twins Illandere and Thuraya. Sil steps just before Mattheu and Ann, where Illan stays just behind her mother with Raya standing before their mother. A small wiggle and cooing of a new child comes from the soft pack which Mattheu wears. Leaning over to kiss the top of the young boy as he continues to speak.

"As we pay tribute to the departed, let us also celebrate the union that brings new life and joy to our midst. The joining of Rivershari with House Redrain through my marriage to Lady Ann signifies a new chapter, one that speaks of unity, shared dreams, and the promise of a future built on the foundations of love."

"Our family, once touched by sorrow, has expanded its embrace to welcome three radiant children: Sil, Ilan, and Raya, whose laughter and innocence have become a balm for our grieving hearts. Their adoption into the Rivershari folds is a testament to our commitment to nurture and provide a home where love knows no bounds."

Mattheu's smile widens as he pauses and lifts gently to the sleeping child with a head of dark curly hair, their hands balled up into fists, wearing a child's dressing gown which appears to be made of a torn strip of a bright red honeysilk dress. "And as the river of life flows ever forward, we find cause for celebration in the birth of a new generation, my son, Lord Danior Warowen Rivenshari." Giving the child another small nudge of his nose while holding him in craddle closer. Looking to Ann and the children before them. Raya has started to wiggle in want of running with cousins while Sil attempts to stand a little taller as he's named to those within the longhouse as being Rivenshari. Ilan ducking further behind Mama's skirts. Mattheu flashes a smile to each in nod, "Almost done my little minnows."

Turning back to thier guests, with a renewed breath. "In the face of loss, we choose to commemorate, celebrate, and look towards the future with open hearts. Let this gathering be a testament to the resilience of the Compact, the enduring power of love, and the strength we find in each other. As we remember Vano and Cillian, let their stories inspire us to cherish every moment, to embrace our shared journey, and to find solace in the bonds that connect us all. May their spirits live on in our hearts, their souls to journey upon the winds as she carries their laughter back to us within song captured by our bells." Mattheu looks to his assembled family for a moment, then back to guests. "Let us rejoice in all of life. To new beginnings and the songs which they will reward us with."

A chorus of bells sing out from tribe within the longhouse as Mattheu finishes. A rise of voices in cheer as the large bells above them are released, allowing for sway under winds their chimes to be carried throughout the ward and towards city center. Echoes of the Rivenshari upon the wind, invite all to come and join them in their celebrations.

13 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider arrive, following Jaenelle.

Cuddles, a jumpy and cuddly puppy, 1 Rivenshari Clansman arrive, following Kanean.

Pasquale lifts his glass when Mattheu speaks of Vano and Cillian the second time. "May they be remembered forever."

Jan lifts her glass "Remembered in name and need."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Bells, the enchanting melodies of the Rivenshari, sing from every conceivable nook and cranny. They sway in the trees, dangle with whimsy upon yurts, adorn the longhouse itself, and tinkle softly on the attire of those who call this tribe their kin. The air is alive with the music of these bells, a symphony that tells stories of a people intimately connected to the ebb and flow of the river's current.

Within the longhouse, children dart between tables, their laughter blending with the gentle clatter of cutlery and the distant hum of celebration. The tables, laden with the bounties of the river, showcase a feast fit for those who embrace the journey of life itself. A riverine banquet unfolds fresh catches, delicately prepared, alongside drinks that mirror the flowing waters.

(OOC) There are items in the Party Chest for gifts
Choices are:
take 1-scarf of the wind from party
take 1-herbed brandy
take 1-fig and strawberry from party
take 1-Blackcurrant and Apple from party
take 1-fig and pear from party
take 1-Ginger and Rhubarb from party
take 1-Pear Liqueur from party
take 1-winding cuffs from party

Petra takes Dancing dragon within winding cuffs from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Pasquale gets Rivenshari 'Pryania' Pear Liqueur from Rivenshari Party Favors Chest.

Ann isn't too far behind Matti. She does pause when he calls attention to those already surrounding them thus far. Already looking to him with adoration in her eyes. Was there any doubt she'd have that reaction? When he turns to look at her and extends his hand out to her she takes it gladly to finally be at his side looking to him and then to the group of friends and family that are here today with them in celebration and rememberance. Ilan is the shyest amongst all the children and Ann knows this and doesn't mind that one wanting to hide in her skirts. Cobalt eyes go towards the littlest one that resides in the soft pack that Mattheu has upon him. Her hand goes to Danior's ankle to hold as there is a bell there to. Even at this young age the Rivenshari children already wear bells. She smiles at Matti for his speech looking his way once again before she raises a free hand as if to toast the words and what others repeat thus far. Saying clearly, "Thank you all for coming. We are delighted you are here."

Margerie arrives and looks, to be honest, a little lost. The woman is dressed in a refined and simple outfit that speaks to both her age and station (somewhere around 50, baroness). She lifts a hand to give a gentle wave in Mattheu's direction before looking around for a spot where she can be both warm and out of the way of the family and closer friends.

Petra finds herself getting shooed away from the kitchens get again, and there is an unmistakable scent of ginger on her as she munches on one of the obviously multiple cookies she has on her person. There is a light jingle as she moves, deliberately crossing the paths of some of the loose children so that they smell the cookies on her, as she makes her way through the longhouse. She spots Margerie by the door, and casually heads that direction.

"So many children with so much energy," she comments to the Baroness. "Hard to keep up with sometimes. Care to join me for brandy by the fire instead?"

Kanean slips in to the long house, he was here! He was here the entire time and that's his story and he is sticking to it! He moves over to find a spot to sit near the other Rivenshari. Dressed in his best leathers, he nods to Mattheu and Ann with a smile picking up a cup, was that someone's Oops his now and raises it a smirk on his lips as he cheers for them.

Jaenelle smiles warmly towards both Mattheu and Ann as the former speaks, lifting up her glass at the appropriate time of toasting to both the fallen and the beginning of new life's journey. While she doesn't help herself to any food just yet, she sips her drink before moving to settle somewhere. "Well said Lord Mattheu, a fitting way to honor the Queen of Beginnings and Endings."

Ann remains where she is at with Matti but she's watching all that come in. Finger waving at those she knows in particular. At the nod from Kanean he gets one from her also. Once the little minnows are freed (Sil, Raya and Ilan) they go towards Petra. They have a good nose now and smell that ginger on her! "Auntie! Auntie!" Yes, their way for asking about the cookies unless its keep away time. Her smile warm when she hears Jaenelle's words, Pasquale's and Jan's.

Pasquale nods when Ann looks over to him before part turning to murmur some words to Jan. "It is good to see you Jaenelle."

Mattheu smiles to Ann as the children take to heading off to play with their cousins. Bells singing as the three slip away into the crowd. A nod to Pasquale and Jan as he speaks softly to Ann, a look towards Margerie as Petra swoops in to possibly save the auntie of the Oathlands. An eye to Kanean with grin as he spots the man finding his drink, then crossing towards Jaenelle as he holds Danior in his arms. Stepping into a bow as Danior lets out a small giggle in coo with bubbles blown. "Archduchess." He looks confused for a moment, "How should I address you now?" then a smile as he looks to Danior, "Would you like to meet Danior?"

Jan bobs her head and offers a polite smile "It is a good thought to honor those we're missing." She offers towards Ann and Mattheu. She bows her head "Your Grace." towards Jaenelle but then there's puzzlement at Mattheu's question. A curious glance is flicked towards Pasquale before she refocuses on the conversation.

Ann moves along herself and makes an effort to greet their guests once Matti did the opening speech. Her smile warm and welcoming for all. Stilling and looking amused when Matti first approaches Jaenelle. Looking over at Margerie as that might be the unfamiliar face to her in this group. Taking note to say hello later. When she sees Jan's puzzlement she explains, "Jaenelle is my niece. And now that Matti has married into the family he's related to most everyone it seems." Laughing softly. Yes. Amused at that idea.

"Ah ah ah! You know the rules! You get them from Auntie's pockets and you don't get caught," Petra reminds the young ones. "I hope you've been practicing."

She turns her attention back to Margerie and nods toward one of the fires in while the children plan their approach.

Margerie looks toward Petra gratefully. "Thank you, I would like that." She looks around at all the children and smiles, though. "This reminds me of visits to Artshall, all the nieces and nephews and their friends." She follows Petra and looks around some more.

Sil wears a smile much like the one that Flounder (Matti) wears when he has an idea when he hears Petra. He leans in to his sisters and all you can hear from that trio is a mix of Rivenshari and Northern words. A mix of their own language. Ilan heard to say, "I could try that goose idea again!" Raya shaking her head and poking at her sister. "No, no we have to come up with something new!"

"Jan, I wished to thank you for saving me," Jaenelle tells the woman, she doesn't go into details, Jan knows what she has done! any further information would be too much information. She turns towards Mattheu, "I certainly don't mind my name, I was Jaenelle long before I knew I was Princess and much longer than Archduchess. I am attached to it," she grins. When Ann explains further there is a nod, "I am related to everyone, whether through actual cousins or marriage." She gives the baby her finger and smiles warmly at the laughing baby, "it is nice to meet you." She is well aware the baby doesn't understand but she doesn't seem to care. Pasquale is given a little bump against his arm, "twice in one day, though hopefully I don't have to talk as much this time. You'll get tired of my voice."

Pasquale looks to the Rivenshari interacting up until the moment Jaenelle bumps his arm and gets his attention back. "Unlikely" He turns curious eyes onto Jan. "That sounds like a story."

Jan's eyebrows lift and those slate eyes rake across others gathered for a clue of what Jaenelle's talking about then gives Jaenelle a puzzled look but recites what she knows is expected of her. It took Catalana years to train Jan to react properly to just a few basic cues but Catalana's skill did manage that much "I am at your service, of course your grace." she gives Pasquale a sidelong look and shrug. She has no clue what Jaenelle's thanking her for. She ahhhs "Are you certain it was me, your grace?"

Petra swings by a refreshment table and pours two brandies, offering one to Margerie and pointedly ignoring the children while they devise some clever plan to acquire her ginger cookies. "There are few sounds that warm the heart like children's laughter," she says. "And it's one of those things you can never have too much of." Her eyes go to Ann, Mattheu, the little bundle her nephew us carrying. "Do you make it there often? To Atrshall?"

No, she has not bothered to introduce herself yet. Maybe she will get to it later.

There is a little bit of a fuss that's going on near the entrance of the long house, a young looking man dressed in ranger's leathers is fussing with something that maybe trying to stick its head inside, "No, now stay out." there is distinct Northern accent that can be heard. He turns looking over the gathering that is happening, he is dressed in colors that let anyone know he is from House Blackwood. His eyes search around and spotting Lord Mattheu and Lady Ann he starts in their direction, their is a large fur covered snout that peeks in the doorway.

After a moment, Margerie finally seems to remember that she needs to introduce herself - even if she is obviously a Clement. "Baroness-consort Margerie Clement, former countess of Keaton." Long story. "I was able to visit recently," She says of Artshall, "Now that Belle has gotten things back in order. But it has been several years. I've been... Convalescing at home."

Mattheu is left to turn a little while talking with Jaenelle eyeing the the trio as he overhears their attempts to get cookies off of Petra only to smile in his look back to Ann and shake of his head. "Auntie might remember her own measures to get the cookies. She's less forgiving that Amelia." A smile back to Jaenelle as Danior grips her finger with a cooing as if he's studying the ebony and ivory she wears. A gentle turn towards Margerie, "Baroness Margerie thank you for coming." A nod to his side where Ann is, "This is Ann," and a smile towards the conspiracy of the children near Petra, "And watch out for those three. Though Auntie should cover that."

Kanean moves to get something from under the table and then sits back with his cup sipping on it watching as the children run around and people come and go and talk. His eyes look back to the kitchen and he grins for some reason then looks back watching Mattheu move around with his son.

Jaenelle laughs at the confusion on Jan's face, doing her best to look heart broken, "now I wonder if you fill in and surprise dinners all the time. I thought I was special." To Pasquale, "you know I can't speak of the feasts and who attends. There are a few things I would die over before talking about and those are one of them."

"A story is always fun to hear if one is willing to share it." Ann says towards Pasquale and Jan. She doesn't push though. Her eyes now track to the entrance of the long house. Curious to see what is going on there a small frown seen when she sees familiar colors and is not at all certain what is going on. Looking to Matti to see if he has an idea? "Yes, can we help you?" Ann addresses the Blackwood guard. Distracted when Margerie is introducing herself and Matti calls out her name and Ann smiles to the motherly lady, "I am very glad to meet you and thank you for coming today."

"Ah, yes," Petra nods knowingly. "Lady Mabelle does know how to get things done, doesn't she?" She sips her brandy. "Petra Rivenshari." As though her accent, her bells, her everything did not make her affiliation obvious. "*Lady* Petra Rivenshari, but most of them here younger than me --" She makes an encompassing wave around the longhouse. "They just call me Auntie."

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"Ah." Pasquale says "She was your emergency feast partner." he glances to Jan and then back to Jaenelle. "I was sad to miss this last round." He looks towards the children and then back towards Ann. "Perhaps you should tell a story of Cillian and Vano?"

"Ah." Pasquale says "She was your emergency feast partner." he glances to Jan and then back to Jaenelle. "I was sad to miss this last round." He looks towards the children and then back towards Ann. "Perhaps you should tell a story of Cillian and Vano?"

Margerie dips her chin to both Mattheu and Ann. "Lady Ann, your Mattheu speaks highly of you. And your Danior is remarkably adorable."

Lord Danior and soft pack are handed over to Ann as he spots the young man entering the long house. "What is Akkar doing...?" Looking to the Blackwood guard with a soft smile. He waves his hand with a whistle quick towards Tregva and nod towards the doors where his assistant is quick to pop a few cookies to bag and head for the Caribou with a smile while heard from the outside in how to properly eat the cookies and not to devour them so fast. Mattheu looks back to Pasquale, "There are many stories to tell of both. And I've got a few to share, just a moment." His gaze slipping back to the guard before he starts.

Jan ahhhhs "Right, right." She smiles to Pasquale "That an activity is strange is no longer a valid excuse for me not to show up now that I've made up my mind."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mattheu before departing.

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Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward arrive, following Darren.

The Blackwood nods his head to Ann, about to say something when he looks behind him and he sighs, "I am sorry Lord Mattheu he would not stay at the estate he insisted he follow me here." he looks between the two, "I was asked to bring this and deliver it to you personally Lord Mattheu and Lady Ann." he holds a small box that's made from blackwood. The young scout was one of Cillian's men, he holds the box out. At closer inspection there are butterflies carved into the wood.

As Matti takes care of what is going on to the front of the long house Ann gives her attention back to Pasquale, "I did not get to know Vano but I have heard stories and well Cillian...." Her smile a little broken when she says that name, "That..." Shaking her head and saved when Matti says he has stories to share. She will let her husband do that duty. Flushing at the compliment from Margerie, "Thank you, for your kind words, Baroness." Taking Danior when Matti hands him over to her and she's making some kind of cooing sounds towards the baby. She might be a mother of four now but there is something to be said when a new baby is placed in arms you still act like as if its your first. "The feast was delightful, Jaenelle." Was she there? Possibly. Blinking back sudden tears when the box is presented as she makes her way to the guard and Matti. Her hands are full Matti can take the box.

Darren is already surrounded in laughter and revelry as he comes into the longhouse; for the occasion, his guards have completely abandoned all pretense of being anything other than drinking buddies who he brought with him from Farhaven, and a few of them have definitely gotten a head start on the drinking part. Even Bear, normally sedate, is bounding around the cluster of northmen. But as for Darren, his manner remains restrained; he's smiling as he talks with one of his friends, one arm around the man's shoulders, but is neither shouting, nor laughing, at least at the moment. He gives the other northman's shoulder a shake before releasing him. "Make sure we don't wind up having to carry Bardolph home," he says. His friend nods with a crooked grin, and trots after the other not-guards, leaving Darren alone to get Bear under enough control that he's not going to accidentally break anything.

Jan's gaze sleep curiously towards the unfamiliar baroness but she listens to the party banter and seems to get lost in it briefly.

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"I like to think even if someone wasn't at the feast it is enjoyed by everyone regardless. It ripples," she says with a grin. She moves to the couch beside the fire with her glass as greetings make way to broken off conversations between party goers. She is usually the host so it is wonderful to be able to sit and watch others.

A shake of his head while staring at the box with butterflies. Taking the box and giving it a quick open, followed with a laugh as he lets the box stay open allowing a few small butterflies to flutter out of the box as he is left to stare at what else is inside of it. Whispering softly, "Oh Clllian..." Mattheu smiles with a scrunch of his features as he returns his glance to the Blackwood guard and takes a sharp inhale and nod. "Please. Stay, have a drink, something to eat." His gaze going to the doors where the caribou is still eatting of the ginger cookies and in a laugh. "My brother will have a fit... We'll have a place for him next to Campanilla. He's welcome to be here just as much as everyone else is." Looking to those assembled as he brushes at his face with a scarf wrapped to arm, "Yes! Stories." A clasp of his hands together as he grabs a bottle of the Rivenshari 'Ghibariere' Ginger and Rhubarb Honey Liqueur and takes to hopping up onto a bench next to table. "Where to start? Vano... Not many know that Vano was both a dangerous man of the river, and a kind hearted soul that would seek to ensure you had a smile upon your face no matter what the situation." Letting out a laugh, "There was this one time... Several actually. Though this one in particular. We were sailing down the river just north of where Greenmarch is and the Oathladers were not too happy of the direction we were taking..." He glances to those around him with a blush and grin, "Granted this was all before we took knee mind you." A sip of his drink while he looks up to the rafter where the butterflies now flutter. "It was his idea to float the goods. To drag them behind us, so any foot to decks wouldn't find them. Only the ropes snagged and we were just sitting there middle of the river anchored. He's off trying to give this song and dance that we're still moving." Mattheu looks back to the butterflies then to Ann. "Maybe you had to be there..."

"It does." Pasquale agrees with Jaenelle. He near smiles at the butterflies but finally leans to murmur something to Jan before standing. "If you will all excuse me." Yep. He's leaving.

Jan smiles to Jaenelle, "It was an immersive lycene experience, I look forward to attending the next, your grace." She bows her head to Mattheu and Ann, "This is a lovely, thoughtful soiree." She turns to follow Pasquale.

Margerie seems perfectly content to simply observe the going-ons of this party, though she does give Darren a nod when she sees him. She seems happy enough sipping the brandy Petra gave her and being amused by the children.

Jan is overheard praising Ann.

Jan is overheard praising Ann.

Jan is overheard praising Mattheu.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, 1 Malespero Guard, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie leave, following Pasquale.

When Darren makes his way in with his boys so to speak Ann is waving to all and telling them, "Welcome! Welcome! Food. Drink. Gifts we have it all!" Trying to find the pep back in her voice even when Matti and Ann receive a gift unexpectedly. She stares at some of the butterflies that move outside of the box and there is a swallow. Grinning at Jaenelle when she says those words about the feast. She is now watching Matti as he tells of his story of a cousin she did not get to meet. Her eyes tracking Matti as he speaks as if to encourage him to continue. Grinning a bit at his last words of 'maybe you had to be there...' She does offer nods of good byes to both Jan and Pasquale when they look to be leaving and tells them both, "Thank you for coming. It met a lot!" The children still run around with their cousins the thought of chasing cookies leaving their mind because now they are chasing the butterflies that are suddenly there.

Kanean grins as he listens about Mattheu and Vano getting caught out in the middle of the rive, he chuckles as he can imagine Mattheu standing there. He laughs more now, "I can just see you standing there while he was off trying to figure it out." he take a deep drink of his cup and laughs. His grey eyes dart about, looking to the butterflies that are up in the rafters of the longhouse.

Darren looks up from bringing Bear to heel before he knocks someone over in time to give Margerie a quick smile. His smile widens when he finds Ann in the crowd. "Ann, you look wonderful." His slow amble into the space becomes a more self-certain stride as he makes his way over to her. "I /would/ find you surrounded by butterflies, wouldn't I?"

"Thank you Lord Mattheu." the Blackwood moves off to find a place to get a drink and some food, he sits to listen to the stories that are going to be told. His eyes do look out to make sure Akkar is not causing troubles for anyone.

Ann chuckles when she sees Darren approaching her. "It seems fitting doesn't it." She then puts Danior in front of her and tells Darren, "This is Danior." The month old or so baby can only do spit bubbles and raise fists in air as a greeting. "New relative for you." Yes, of course Ann is related to Darren to. Two high lords here? That is pretty special.

As conversation goes on, Petra finds a comfortable place to plant herself and keep an eye on the children who might seek to relieve her of her burden of ginger cookies. Her hands are wrapped around the glass of brandy she nurses, and to those giving only a passing glance she seems engrossed in the dance of the flame before her.

With a long pull at the bottle, wipe to his lips from cupped hand. "Now. Lord Cillian." Grinning ear to ear, "You need to understand, my understanding of those of the North are from what Vano was sent off to do. Vano goes off and marries into House Clearlake, he's supposed to keep the North. Well... North." Mattheu's eyes Ann with a grin and nod to her and a look to the butterflies which children are seeking to chase now. "I found Cillian in many places, though the one which was the most memorable are those of the butterflies above us now. There was a dance or party within the Butterfly Gardens at the Menagrie. He hid so much of himself from others. Always afraid that they would turn him away. Only to latch onto those that showed him that he was more than the scout or warrior to take knee. From butterflies, to dances through the fields of Petrichor. He loved life and all those around him deeply. Even if he took his time in showing it."

Mattheu takes Lord Danior Waronwen Rivenshari from a padded sea serpent leather soft pack with seasilk lining.

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "Then this one comes along and well now we've the North here as well."

Darren's expression softens when he's presented with a baby, and doesn't hesitate to take the infant into his arms. Darren's been a father several times over by this point, and it shows in the ease that he cradles the child. "He takes after you," he says to Ann. Then he grins. "I'm sure I've seen you make spit bubbles exactly like those."

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Petra says in Ravashari, "Are we collecting now, my boy?"

Ann shifts in her stance as Matti goes on to Cillian. Patting at Danior as she waits to see if Darren will take him. Her expression softening. She has many stories of her own about Cillian even if she doesn't say it out loud. He was of the north and that alone is affection there. Her smile widens when Matti looks in her direction. Come to the north we are enticing is the look she gives him. Yes, she is of the river now but ice still lives within her. When Darren takes the baby she smiles wide only to be embarrassed when Darren talks about her spitting bubbles when she was likely Danior's age. This is what she gets for having family here!

Ann says in Ravashari, "River and ice is not a bad combination to be. There are no complaints from me."

Kanean says in Ravashari, "When as he not ever been collecting?"

Kanean listens to the stories that are being told, he nods his head and moves to grab a plate of food, holding it up as some children run around him. He looks at Mattheu with a pleading look but then they are off again and he is able to move to sit back down to eat.

Mattheu checks charm and athletics at hard. Mattheu is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Mattheu is successful.

2 Clement trained guards, Pearl, a trusted Clement assistant leave, following Margerie.

Ann drops Lord Danior Waronwen Rivenshari.

Mattheu looks to the Rivenshari around him with a point and accusing finger while holding the bottle only to let out a laugh as he looks to Darren and Margerie in a step down from his perch of storytelling. "My family. The jokesters." He eyes Petra and Kanean before offering a smile to Ann. "What we should do is introduce his High lordship to how to get a cookie of their own." A grin upon his lips as he walks backwards towards where a platter of the ginger cookies sit. "See. It's an old tradition within the family. Where one should steal a cookie." He stares at Ann in his explanation of the game. Then slips around to face the platter of cookies as he bows to the old woman standing before the platter. "A dance my dear Amelia?" Giving her a quick spin, he steps back to dip the woman as his fingers slip to cookie tray. Pulling Amelia back to her feet with grin, and a bow. He turns back to the crowd. "Like that."

Ann takes Lord Danior Waronwen Rivenshari.

There was a stretch of time there where Darren had just about as much idea as the baby or his dog about that conversation that was going on around him, and he takes that time to look briefly over at his friends to make sure they're not getting into too much trouble. One of them, the person he was talking to when they came in, already has a cookie, so SOMEONE has somehow figured out the rules of this game, already. Darren, however, watches as Mattheu demonstrates. "I hope you're not asking me to dance with her while I'm holding your son," he laughs. "I'm not much of a dancer at the best of times."

Petra grins slowly. "I have plenty in my pockets still, if he wants to try," she says. "Stealing ginger cookies tests how stealthy one can be, how nimble of fingers. I was there when the game was born." A mischievous glint in her eye might suggest she was more than merely present.

Ann checks charm and diplomacy at hard. Ann is successful.

Ann checks perception and stealth at normal. Botch! Ann fails completely.

Kanean shakes his head, "If you are going to get his Grace to try, you better tell him what happens when he fails." he gives the Redrain highlord a look of horror. But he sits back and watches this unfold, he is not going back in the kitchen he has pressed his luck enough today.

Fine, fine, Ann is still new to this game. She steps forward to participate. Smiling sweetly towards Amelia. The one that Matti was dancing with. Her favorite cook. She says ever so sweetly, "May I please have a cookie, dear Amelia?" It has worked in her favor before. Only for Amelia to whip at her with a towel and there is a gasp heard from former princess to lady at that reaction. Trying to act as if she's heartbroken. "But...but...Amelia..." That must have worked because the older lady laughs at Ann and hands a cookie over. Ann tells Amelia, "You are the best ever. No matter what Matti says." Did Ann just throw Matti under the boat? Maybe? She smiles ever so sweetly at Matti as she takes a bite of the cookie she has won. The children see what is going on and they go back to speaking that made up language of theirs. Rivenshari and Northern. Sounds a lot like, 'no fair! what? how did that happen?!'

"It's not a terrible thing..." Mattheu starts as he looks to Darren, "Just don't get caught?" He looks to Amelia with a shake of his head, "What would..." Holding up a finger, "What would be the hypothetical to her holding you at ransom?" He's quick to add, "Not that she would!"

Darren shakes his head to Mattheu with a smile. "I wouldn't want to set a poor example for my nephew, here," he demurs. Technically, Danior's not his nephew, but who's counting?

2 Rivenshari Clansman have been dismissed.

Lila, the stoic apprentice have been dismissed.

1 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman have been dismissed.

Kanean laughs, "He is going to be taught anyways." Kanean tells Darren, he looks over to Ann eyeing her then looking to Mattheu. He shakes his head and sips his mug, "All the towel whips and she just gets one." he laughs.

There's a giggle heard from Ann when Darren calls Danior his nephew. So many relatives who really is counting? She likely calls his children the same manner and the same to Jaenelle's too. Family is family and Ann is a big on that. Apparently as one can see how the long house is full of family even if friends they are like family. It is the Rivenshari way. Grinning at Kanean as she tells him, "Are you too chicken to even try at this game? Should I set my pet chicken on you?" Yes, its true, Ann has a pet chicken. Just don't tell Capt'n Waddles she called him that. Her furry son that would be an otter is somewhere around here to.

Mattheu looks to Amelia as if its betrayal for her to simply hand a cookie to Ann. "Hold up..." As Amelia looks back with a thumb to Ann and smile, "She asks." The old woman grins to Kanean as she winds up the towel, "Come here lil one. We'll show you how many more we have. And you owe dish duty." She then looks to Darren with a nod, "His grace may ask for a cookie as well. Or he can come try to steal. He fails he is on dishes, same rules for everyone." There's a glint in her eye as she stares at the children as they stop and back up from their attempt to charge the table.

Mattheu looks to Darren about to speak, though Ann appears to take it from there and he's left to look to the children with a grin. One word from him to them, "Goose."

Darren gives Kanean a bland smile. "Oh, no. You misunderstand. The poor example I would be setting is trying, and then failing to steal the cookie. Not exactly the sort of behavior that I think he mother would want him looking up to." But when Ann insists, he offers the child back over to her.

Ann does take the child back as she munches on her won cookie. Grinning at Darren, "That is more like it. I want to see what our Northern High Lord has." Is she baiting him? Probably. Looking to Kanean, "You should play to. You know its fun."

Darren checks composure and diplomacy at hard. Darren is successful.

Kanean looks to Ann, "I already ow dishes, who do you think is cleaning when this is over." he smirks but he shrugs, "Alright, then whats more dishes." he looks to Mattheu with that look and then gets up and then Goose is mentioned and he covers his mouth as to try and not laugh.

Darren checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Darren fails.

Kanean checks charm and athletics at hard. Kanean fails.

Kanean checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Kanean marginally fails.

Jotun, An Oathlands War Horse, Krull arrive, following Gaspard.

Mattheu continues to nibble at his cookie, watching how Danior reacts to his 'uncle' while Amelia sets to explaining who might have kitchen duty coming up. "Your grace, Uncle Archduke Darren." Mattheu smiles with a shake of his head, "We'll sort that one out yet. Both watching those fail and others succeed is how we learn. And you'll just have to come back to get practice in."

After handing off the child, Darren doesn't actually show any indication that he's headed over towards Amelia. What he does do, however, is give a low whistle to get Bear's attention, and gesture subtly in her direction while he talks to Ann: "I'm afraid at this point I'm far enough remo --" Bear, in the meantime, has been fairly vibrating with excitement, restrained by his training. That subtle gesture by Darren has let his pet off the leash, as it were, and the big dog suddenly explodes into motion, bounding enthusiastically towards Amelia, barking a deep bark that sounds a whole lot more dangerous than it actually is. "Bear!" Darren hurries after Bear. "Bear, get..." He gets a grip on Bear's collar a moment before his dog just completely bowls poor Amelia over, and winds up wrestling with the animal a bit to get him under control, while at the same time smiling and apologizing to her: "I'm really sorry about thi -- Bear, really. Down, boy." But Bear hears the laughter in his tone more than his words, assumes this is playtime, and does not, in fact, sit down. "He really just thinks he's a big puppy, so..." The chaos is a wonderful ruse to get the opportunity to snag a cookie, but at the critical moment, Bear jerks Darren's arm, causing him to just about drop the cookie that he'd managed to filch. He laughs, caught, and offers it back over.

"You can have it, for a kiss," Amelia says, smiling. She holds out her hand and does, indeed, get a kiss. A big, slobbery dog kiss. All over her hand, wrist, and forearm.

Kanean tried to sneak into the kitchen to get a cookie and there is yelling that comes from inside, "No, no! Amelia no!" the sound of something getting knocked over and more shouting, "Ow! Amelia that hurt!" there is the sound of a towel crack and Kanean comes running out of the kitchen rubbing his backside. "Amelia one of these days someone is going to get hurt!" he waves his hands flailing!

"Doing dishes make you stronger and more muscles. Wouldn't you like to catch someone's attention Kanean?" She has a baby in her arms and looks to be finishing up a ginger cookie. There seems to be a game of steal the cookie going on. She doesn't acknowledge the word goose because this game playing is serious business! Well maybe. She tries to hide her smile as she puts a finger to her lips when the children start laughing when they hear Flounder mention goose. She busts out laughing at watching Darren and Kanean failing at their attempts. "Oh spirits this is glorious!"

There's an uproarious burst of laughter from Darren's friends; the one who apparently managed to successfully steal a cookie holds it up with a shit-eating grin to show his high lord. "How in blazes did you do that, Poins?" Darren demands, only to have Poins make a zipping motion over his mouth, and wink.

Mattheu watches in horror as the dog goes barreling for the woman that has kept the house running for all of these years. Muttering in his corner as he starts to move from his play with child, "Mother was right... Abysmal animals." Holding his arms out to try and calm Amelia, only to watch her take on Kanean. His turn in step is quickly set to retreating so he's not pulled into /that/.

Mattheu mutters, "We cannot ... proving my mother right, not tonight. ... ... ... fun and joy ... celebration of life around ... not for these Abysmal creatures ... ... to ... ... Amelia down over ... ... few cookies? Amelia, please be okay. ... ... won't let ... live this one ... I should just ... ... the ... now..."

Ann does not have the same attitude that Rivenshari may have about land animals. It dawns on her too late that this might turn into a bad situation when Bear goes to licking Amelia. "Wait...." Only to realize she's a little late in the warning as Amelia springs right back and is swatting Kanean instead for the want of steal. Ann calls out, "I think you need more practice. Even the children can do this better then you!" So maybe Kanean was right and he already knew he had kitchen duty double so now. Looking to Darren and his friend who did win a cookie and she's shaking her head as she moves about with the baby that is on her. "Oh cousin, you have a lot to learn. Do you remember any northern games that we can teach? Jog my memory?" And no drinking whiskey from birth does not count. Ann will get in the middle in case that's needed as she tries to change the game playing. "Or a story to share. Anyone and no not Matti he already told two."

Darren proves that he can get Bear under control if he's trying to do so with a single sharp whistle, and walks back to the others with his dog at his heels. He breaks the cookie in half, tossing half to his partner in crime. "I'm over a decade out of practice," he reminds Ann. He's still smiling, but there's something about that smile that shades towards the melancholy for a moment.

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