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Written By Alessia

March 2, 2021, 2:02 a.m.(1/14/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Giulio

<A tear stained letter submitted to the archives>

If you are receiving this, then my agents believe me to be well and truly dead.

And so I say this, mourn not at my passing, but celebrate a life that has been well-lived,
remember the acts and deeds. Fear not at audacity, but, instead the mediocrity of a life
led in denial of itself.

I pray you find your faith, my dearest cousin, even though I cannot see the path before you.

Live well,
With my love and hope.


Written By Lou

March 1, 2021, 11:07 p.m.(1/14/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Sina

I am a bit late in doing this. I am writing down the speech that I gave a the Remembering Archscholar Sina event that I held within the Society of Explorers, with a minor edit or three.

I knew Archscholar Sina when she was just Sina, a young woman in the employ of my cousin, Princess Alarissa Thrax. She was young, bright, and full of zest and wonder of the world then. I knew that she had a keen sense of adventure, and took the Explorer's test, along with Alarissa, just for fun to see if she could pass it. She was both delighted and surprised that she passed the test and I invited her to join the Explorers. Since that time, she had become rather proficient in helping many an Explorer follow their dreams.

Then came the call from the King to research what happened to his father, for he had heard a rumor that Alaric III was still alive. He set all of the Grayson to work on this task. I reached out to Sina, who had risen in rank of Archscholar over the years, with the hopes that she could help me. Not only was she a wonderful resource to the research I completed, but it also turned out that she had a mystery of her own to solve that went along with my research. So, for many years, we worked together to unravel the mystery of Alaric III's disappearance, and with that, helping her to uncover the truth about the White Singer, who serves at the Dune Emperor - Alaric III's - side.

I will miss the long nights of research we spent together, and going over our various crazy theories. I will miss her caring and her compassion. I will miss her wit and determination. She was, I think, one of my very dearest of friends, and I am so, so very happy to see the impact she had on so many others' lives, as represented by your presence here this evening. I hope that she has inspired the same spirit in all of those disciples that follows after her, and that her spirit runs through the Scholars and everyone else she's inspired over the years. She was a very brave woman, who made a very brave, and difficult decision to try and make the world a better place and protect many people in the process.

To Archscholar Sina. May we always remember her.

Written By Jael

March 1, 2021, 11:03 p.m.(1/14/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Sedna

There are several functional differences between a curved blade and a straight one that more experienced fighters than I can describe.

But my personal favorite is that a curved blade is less likely to get inconveniently stuck in the body of your enemy.

Written By Tyche

March 1, 2021, 10:46 p.m.(1/14/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cristoph

I am continually impressed by his strength.

Written By Cambria

March 1, 2021, 9:32 p.m.(1/14/1015 AR)

Hierarchy is an essential part of the human condition, which means signaling status is a feature, not an aberration.

Written By Gwenna

March 1, 2021, 8:32 p.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Giulio

My heart breaks at the news of Count Giulio Corvini's death, and finding the right words to describe my feelings is proving difficult. He was not only a friend to Redrain, but to me as well. He never hesitated to steer me along paths he thought I might best pursue, or recommend people I should speak to - or they, with me. There was never a hesitation about sharing what he knew, and I think he knew more than anyone I have ever met. His ability to put pieces together was truly astounding, and he was exceptionally generous both with his friendship and his intellect. I count myself so very, very lucky and grateful to have known him. The world is dimmer, and it feels like a great tome has been closed by shadows.

Written By Viviana

March 1, 2021, 11:49 a.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Audgrim

Well, for the eyepatch you sent, I am SURE that there's a brilliant joke hidden there. I'll leave that to you.

Written By Jael

March 1, 2021, 11:23 a.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

I've joined the Templars as a Disciple. I had been considering it for some time, but the murders of my husband and sisters seemed like an appropriate catalyst. I sincerely hope that I serve them well, as the Templar order has been a firm ally of House Laurent for a long time.

Written By Claude

March 1, 2021, 10:10 a.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

I must admit, with great distress, that my work of late has been... uninspired. My hands moved over the wood mindlessly and without passion. However, after seeking the guidance of Jayus I feel renewed!

The tools sing within my hands, the mind is at ease as the pieces take shape almost of their own accord. Now, if only I could find some new patrons...

Written By Lore

March 1, 2021, 9:30 a.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Sedna

A straight blade is best for a quick, close-up thrust past an enemies weak point. A curved blade is harder to parry, has a bit more flash and flair.

Written By Preston

March 1, 2021, 9:02 a.m.(1/13/1015 AR)

I have waited and thought about this. The response one should make. The response one is expected to make.

Sina and I did not agree on matters of detailed theology - Sina was the embodiment of her God, to her knowledge was an absolute good. To be shared freely, whatever it was. That is not to say she did not keep secrets, but I know that each was uncomfortable for her. I have always known knowledge is a tool - it may be wielded for good or for evil, just as any tool. The intent behind decides this. Of course, where we agreed was that fear could never stop us from progressing. Fear could never hold us back. Yet, these are minor points of theology. There was a hundred times, a thousand times, more things that we agreed upon. And we worked together from time to time, perhaps not enough, to protect the Faith and her people.

And now she is dead. Gone. I do not yet have my first grey hair, I do not yet ache in my bones, or wake up sore in my bed, and yet I have seen so many taken, so many go. Some I hope to see again - and if somehow this gets to Dames Thena and Esoka, I hope they realise I will expect the finest of sticky sweet buns to make up for their absence - but others not. I wish I could curse and shout, rant and rave, that the ones that did this will come to justice, that I will raze the countryside to find them immediately. But Sina would not want this. Because she served the Faith, and knows our enemies are many and sadly some who would profane and claim to be our friends, our obedient beloved children even. The Faith must always be a strong beacon of the light. And perhaps her attackers are among those we now face and will end as our enemies, perhaps they are among others.

But they should find no succour in knowing that the Faith is willing to be patient. Because there is this thing about the Faith, it does not forget. It remembers each act because we see everything. We know everything. We are everywhere. And perhaps it will be in a day, perhaps a week, perhaps a month or even a year, but there will be a moment when you will hear that faint thud of an arrow piercing your clothing as you are found and taken for trial. And until then? Every snapping twig, every rustle of leaves, every suspicious merchant, every quiet tavern guest, every shadow you see? They will all be reminders that we come. And that another few sands have run through your hourglass, marking the inexorable march of the Sentinel to your door.

Written By Cristoph

March 1, 2021, 8:27 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Jaenelle

With a few notable exceptions, Oathlanders aren't typically known for their vast nautical knowledge. I personally have never seen a boat once in my entire life. I've never stepped foot on one. In fact, I don't know the difference between boat and ship.

I was very glad to see Archduchess Jaenelle at the most recent Valardin dinner. I left feeling much more educated on the subject. I can confidently say that I could probably launch an entire fleet of these boats she described.

Written By Ida

March 1, 2021, 6:16 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

I had purchased a bit of goldenwood some time ago with the thought in mind of using it on a bow of some sort. I don't do a lot of bows, truth be told, since one-handed weapons and hairpins seems to be more in demand. I think every weapon has its own elegance to it, but the curves often part of bows are some of my favorite to work and be inspired by.

In any case, I managed to get around to actually making the piece, taking a chance (no pun intended) on working it from diamondplate. I was very happy with the way the goldenwood paired with the metal, and the touch of stygian brought a nice balance I think. I was surprised that it sold as quickly as it did, but also pleased. Not for the silver, but in the hopes that it serves someone well and was deemed worthy of the price in someone's eyes.

Written By Audgrim

March 1, 2021, 5:08 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Viviana

That is a great joke.

I wish I'd had the wits to think of it!

Again, thank you, for giving me a Chance.

Written By Sedna

March 1, 2021, 1:10 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

I wonder what the benefits of having a curved blade instead of a straight one are, but worry the answer might be too disturbing. A pity the previous owner can’t be asked.

I should get this little knife polished and cared for. Or maybe just do away with it entirely. Not as if I'm going to use it.

Written By Titus

March 1, 2021, 12:55 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

Do you remember your first week at a city you’ve never been to, with a culture that wasn’t yours? My first week of Arx has now come and gone. How do I mark this week which will never happen again? Difficult adaptation and that includes this weather.

I thought perhaps I might not have a place in this desire for peace that's so prevalent until you look at just how vast the list is for enemies of the Compact.

I look forward to learning my new enemies and enjoying the harvest of their last moments.

Written By Santi

March 1, 2021, 12:30 a.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

I have arrived in the city, glad to be off that boat.
My first stop was at the black fox with Thea.
An impromptu celebration of her betrothal.
At least once I finally heard of it and met the
man who will take her as his wife.

A few new faces met, and a few drinks had
I quickly found myself heading for the manor
eager to clean off my travels and as Thea put
it my musk.

And now for bed, the day comes early and
so does a friendly spar with her husband to be.
And after, a search through the city for someone
to make me new armor.

Written By Jaenelle

Feb. 28, 2021, 10:07 p.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

As I prepare for another Feast of the Senses, I am reminded why I do all the work that leads up to the dinner itself. I have heard after the dinner how much enjoyment those who attended have, how intimate it is despite the ballroom full of people. Something new, exciting, and creates memories that are imaginative and about the moment rather than the usual social even where you wander around aimlessly and the greetings are strained until you find a tray of drinks and a shadowed corner to enjoy them. The Feast encourages conversation, it encourages imagination, and the food is amazing as well.

Written By Jaenelle

Feb. 28, 2021, 10:03 p.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

Nicknames are odd things. When people will begin to call you something based on a phrase or small personality trait, you often have no control over what someone decides you are that fits better than your name. Some of these nicknames come almost instant as if the person honoring you with such have known you for years rather than moments. Other names come over time and are not to be rushed. I have learned to embrace the nicknames I have either earned or those that were thrust upon me from those I never expected to do such.

It is also always amusing to learn the nicknames of others.

Written By Amanita

Feb. 28, 2021, 9:55 p.m.(1/12/1015 AR)

Winter is beautiful, but it is also a harsh mistress. Thanks to Lady Sunaia, I have a nice warm cloak that I can wear about town when I am forced to go outside of the Whisper House for engagements. Thank you, Sunny. I have had a few engagements this week that have taken my time which is very good for me -- it means I am not simply staring out the window at the snow and plying myself with hot drinks, working up the courage to get myself to go out of the House.

My cousin Thea is now engaged to Lord Drake Wyvernheart. I do not believe I have been introduced yet but at least I know he treats her well. He would have to, since she's Thea and all.

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