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Written By Aconite

Oct. 2, 2023, 11:52 a.m.(8/22/1020 AR)

I had given myself time, a few days, to try and organize my thoughts into something coherent. Something worth saying.

But I still have no words.

Written By Medeia

Oct. 2, 2023, 8:29 a.m.(8/22/1020 AR)

I am truly honored to have been the midwife to my dear, sweet friend, Marquessa Keely Keaton. It is special beyond measure to be the one trusted to welcome new souls and to be there to ease the mind and tend the body of a first-time mother - of any mother - is a sacred duty.

The Keatons are well and resting, taking some time to welcome their newest additions to their family. I am overjoyed at the opportunity to watch these boys grow and become exemplars of nobility. Further, I am smitten with those precious, tiny faces! And honored to serve as witness to Lord Symon.

I pray we all have miracles to celebrate.

Written By Jan

Oct. 1, 2023, 9:04 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

Relationship Note on Pasquale

No one finds my buttons or challenges me the way he does.

Written By Jan

Oct. 1, 2023, 8:54 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

IT seems so wrong that in this time when everything's going to turds, everyone else is carrying such heavy burdens. So much darkness and fear abounds but there's nothing I'd ask for myself. The power to aid those who carry those heavy burden, the ability to protect those I love but realistically-I find there's nothing I want for myself.

Written By Rosalind

Oct. 1, 2023, 8:44 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

I guess the question is....

What next

Written By Thea

Oct. 1, 2023, 8:38 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

Relationship Note on Ripley

I've been gone for so long, but I can say...I've been blessed with the most amazing protege. His work matches his unquiness, honest. If you've seen it, you'd understand. You should really go and look through his shop. I'm proud of what he's accomplished in his work and self...

Written By Thea

Oct. 1, 2023, 8:32 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

I've returned to the city, scholar. It feels like I never left and have been gone forever, all at the same time.

Written By Rosalind

Oct. 1, 2023, 8:25 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

Nightmares. It feels like it was all a nightmare....

Written By Rosalind

Oct. 1, 2023, 8 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

I came home at the worst time, scholar. HONEST!

Written By Jan

Oct. 1, 2023, 6:01 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

The more I see of the Prima, the more I admire her. Such a fierceness. I have no doubt she will achieve the ends she's set her sights on and anyone who's wise would do well to stand by her.

Written By Raymesin

Oct. 1, 2023, 5:52 p.m.(8/21/1020 AR)

So many souls gone to the Queen of Endings and Mother of Beginnings. From the up close and personal, Scholar, to the distant face among a multitude. The Sentinel surely weeps at the sight. I know I did.

Written By Cufre

Oct. 1, 2023, 1:45 p.m.(8/20/1020 AR)

My patron recently reminded me that the end of summer is near. I think I've spoken of it before, how summer is my favorite time of the year. Some dislike the heat; but when you live were the wet always comes with a mosaic of stink, drying heat and freezing cold are kindnesses.

There's more to it, though. It's always been a down time in the workshop. If the shelves are full enough, there's no reason for me to light the forge or fire the kiln. But now that I've help enough that I don't need to keep to the till day and night, summer gives me more time for Harlequin work outside the Shrine. Sitting at bedsides for a chat. Helping where I can. I don't ever write much about that part of it here. It's someone else's life for the telling.

Written By Desiree

Sept. 30, 2023, 9:16 p.m.(8/19/1020 AR)

The return to the city of Arx is always one that is met with enthusiasm and excitement. However, this time has been different. There is a lot of buzz and news that does not rest easy on the soul. Now is a time to get our affairs in order. It will not be the easy and carefree return I was anticipating. Then again, who am I kidding? It has never been easy or carefree.

Written By Jan

Sept. 30, 2023, 9:04 p.m.(8/19/1020 AR)

So today I proved I will absolutely walk knowingly into a potential trap against better judgement if the right people go. I think I might not be as smart as I assumed that I was. There's much to do in preparation but it's not my preparation to make which is maddening but no doubt as it should be to keep peace in the city.

Written By Medeia

Sept. 30, 2023, 9:46 a.m.(8/18/1020 AR)

I love having the opportunity to simply enjoy another person's company. Cool drinks on a picnic blanket in a peaceful garden make that so much easier. I know the heat saps the energy from my non-southern friends, but it cannot be denied that it provides the perfect excuse to rest. To take things a little slower. We can savor the warmth, the company, the sweet morsels of food - and gossip.

Do take the time to rest when you can.

Written By Mikani

Sept. 29, 2023, 11:28 a.m.(8/16/1020 AR)

Relationship Note on Kyler

What can I say about Lord Kyler.

The man has been ever helpful on my task to bring an indoor garden to Magnotta Manor. I didn't know that there was so much to learn about plants. While I have experience, it is nothing compared to the vast knowledge that Lord Kyler has.

His gardens are exquisite. They take my breath away. Also, the passion he has for every decision and choice makes me excited to just be in his presence.

I cannot wait to see how my indoor garden will pan out.

Written By Lucita

Sept. 28, 2023, 10:27 p.m.(8/15/1020 AR)

Relationship Note on Sen'azala

Sen'azala tells the most interesting stories.

Written By Lys

Sept. 28, 2023, 1:48 p.m.(8/14/1020 AR)

I dreamt of my king of stone again. Eyes of of faceted sapphire. Hair formed from stygian. I cursed. I pleaded. I kicked. I screamed. I wept before his marble feet. He remained unmoved. I woke with blood on my tongue.

Written By Elsbetta

Sept. 28, 2023, 1:45 p.m.(8/14/1020 AR)

A lovely afternoon was spent in the company of Lady Medeia Saik, and I say now that the lemonade she served was the most delicious I've had the good fortune to enjoy. Was it the judicious use of honey to balance the sharpness of the fruit that elevated it to perfection, or the delicate touch of lemon balm that lingered on the tongue.

I shall have to press her for the recipe so I might send it to Clover before the summer fades.

Written By Elsbetta

Sept. 28, 2023, 2:57 a.m.(8/14/1020 AR)

Summer is almost spent, and in the meadow where I like to sit and write the dandelion suns have turned into moons.

How might dandelion wine taste? Summer on the tongue, perhaps? Caught and bottled, sealed away for opening on a freezing winter's night when the snow falls from leaden skies and when the sun has been unseen for weeks.

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