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Written By Savio

July 29, 2021, 10:21 a.m.(12/4/1015 AR)

If it can be dismantled by the truth, it should be.

Written By Malcolm

July 29, 2021, 6:17 a.m.(12/4/1015 AR)

Some of the best people I have met -- were dogs. They work tirelessly, they give seflessly, and they show more humanity than people do. The Graypeak Mountain Dog is the sigil of House Shepherd, so, why wouldn't I want to honor that?

Written By Esme

July 28, 2021, 9:41 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

Faithful Travelers,

My most beloved out there that take a moment to read my whites, thank you. It is a lift of spirits that one would want to know the ramblings of my heart and mind. There has been much said today about proclamations. As a Knight of Devotions, I have many thoughts and many feelings to it. We are only one being set upon a path we choose. We step one at a time to find what decisions lie before us. It causes that path to twist in ways we never imagined, but it is so exciting that it does.

There was much love shown for a fallen friend that had four legs. Words were spoken to honor them, or perhaps in jest. We never know the intentions that lie in the hearts of another. Also, for all our thoughts and all our feelings, we have also erred in our words from time to time. For most the luck of that is that it was done with few witnesses. I ask only that we think of these things when we are to condemn words we see. Not that they should not be guided back to the path more fitting of the events, but that we remember the speaker is not always the words spoken. Limerance is a great many things, but love is still one of those concepts most aligned and I must ask if our words to each other display that love? When we seek to alter a perception or we hope to guide, are we doing it with love or with contempt? For the equal measure is displayed upon our paths in that decision we make.

On the titles of knights. There is such a duty to the honor that it takes up. We have feathered and furred friends that hold the names of Lady something of something or lord something of something. Bluebird, I could name Lady Bluebird of the Northern Skies. It does not give her title or possession of lands, for it is just a name. I am sure the grief of losing his four foot companion caused a shift of correct words to be spoken. I am equally sure that he has learned a lesson in the worst way possible, by way of making a mistake. -- Animals cannot hold title as they are unable to agree to the oaths that come with the honor of duty. They can hold whatever name is placed upon them, but I think we know the true Knights of the Realm and those striving for that honor are in a classification of their own.

It is such an honor to life up our oaths to Limerance. To feel the love fill our souls until only joy can spill out. It is duty to take up the mantles we do. Sometimes there is stress that causes slight cracks. I must confess, I have said a harsh word to a person I should not have in a moment of cracked code of conduct. Thus, because I am not without an error. I cannot condemn another man for his. I can, however, guide the path back to the understanding of society with love and respect. I ask only that others think of this and respond as well.

Of course, the path you walk and choices you make are your own. I do trust that you have reasons for them and are ready to take on the results, for there are always results from words and choices.

May Limerance light your paths with love, honor, and duty.

Written By Sydney

July 28, 2021, 8:47 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

How swiftly we forget the humanity of those who stand 'cross from us on battlefields real or imagined.

Those who revel in the count of bodies before them are not deserving of pity, they are deserving of an education. Only an infant would focus on the count, and not the toll.

Written By Lianne

July 28, 2021, 7:17 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

Unexpectedly, I've been reminded of something I hadn't even realized I'd lost.

I will never be a swordsman, but a fine instructor can render even the least interesting topics exceptionally compelling, particularly when they pay proper mind to how their student best learns. How long has it been since I took such pleasure in learning something new? I think I'll ask after another lesson.

If I retain nothing more than the capacity to hold a sword without embarrassing myself, that will be more than enough.

Written By Zakhar

July 28, 2021, 6:28 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

A moment upon a deck of a ship, then again in the waters below. Never quite on the deck completely, and there's no below deck nor hold to speak of. Simply rowers and a mast. I sit by the mast and look up watching the life be beaten out of a ratty sail that really needs a mend. The ship doesn't go anywhere, just sitting in the waves, being given a good rocking. Enough that its so easy to fall asleep to, a lulling sense of peace and quiet. All of the rowers might be chittering, or they could be pelicans. I don't know at this time if they are real or not.

Just the rocking of the waves and the sounds of that ratty sail beating away with a flap, flap, flap in the light wind that surrounds the ship.
It might be unfair to call this boat a ship, but we're out over the deepest of waters between two lands and an isle. It's a ship. And not the ship that goes baa. a proper wooden one.

Falling asleep, eyes are tired from the long restless days. There's very little to do. Could row, but where's the point? We're not going to get anywhere. Just stuck. Here.

A look over the side of edge and that's when the shadows are seen. Weaving themselves under us, as if they know why we're not going anywhere and are simply waiting out for whatever it is to rip us in half, sliding everyone aboard to the depths of the waters, for a meal that only they will know how to enjoy. I don't even have my pan. Just a fork and spoon. I really should go back and get the knife. Have two thirds of a set doesn't feel right. The bones ache, the wind keeps lulling me to sleep.

Or can one fall asleep? I thought that this was a dream...

Written By Raymesin

July 28, 2021, 6:16 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

And so we see what sort of esteem our noble leaders hold the best and greatest of the commonfolk in, the honourable and loyal warriors that the rest of us scum are supposed to look up to, nothing but the equivalent of a bunch of dogs. A mark of great deeds and selfless service, awarded to a puppy when it's born.

I'm glad I never wanted to be a knight.

I mean, if he'd bestowed noble titles on them, that'd have made more sense. You get born a silk, after all, if you've got the right parents - why shouldn't that carry over? A nice little Barony of Barking, that'd have made me smile at least. Goodness knows Tanith's dog is a lot better-behaved than some silks I've met, and he's even housetrained.

Written By Medeia

July 28, 2021, 2:06 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Malcolm

My dear tenth-cousin-by-choice by made the bold decision to knight all Graypeak mountain dogs in honor of the legacy of Boofus the Bold. When I told Butterpup that she was now Dame Butterpup, she smiled that wonderfully friendly smile of hers and devoured a chunk of pork roast. Though young, she has committed herself to the vigilant protection of myself and my children, especially against the scourge of mint plants which threaten to overtake my garden if not routed out with prejudice.

Am I condemning myself to some sort of social disgrace by finding a sliver of joy in this? Perhaps. The duke's aims are not malicious. There is no offense to knights, no lowering of regard for the sirs and dames of the land, meant in his decree. Well trained dogs will serve loyally, to the death even, protecting their people and people's property. They have souls, too. And so why shouldn't they be honored? Because they haven't words to speak an oath? If you have ever had a dog, you wouldn't need to hear it to know it is in their hearts. If we aren't to knight our dogs, then we should be equally dismayed at pets being given titles like lord or lady, duchess or princess. Are you not concerned about an animal being given presumed higher social rank than the baker who makes your bread?

Was the duke's choice silly? Frivolous? Of course. And yet people crowd the stands to watch a duel over the right to make puns about bees. Recent events have shown us that we don't know when the Queen will reclaim our souls. I don't intend to spend whatever remaining days or months or years I have snuffing out sparks of happiness.

Written By Reigna

July 28, 2021, 12:55 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

Cheapening the title hard-won by upstanding men and women of the Compact should be an obvious faux pas to any reared within the Nobility. ... Oh. Right. See, this is what happens when the unprepared are elevated above their station

Written By Romulius

July 28, 2021, 12:47 p.m.(12/3/1015 AR)

It is little surprise when the commons express such an exasperation for the Peerage that it can, on occasion, manifest as outright disrespect for those of noble birth. There has been a trend in recent years, one that I am certain did not exist in my youth, of treating beasts and vermin with such esteem that they are granted noble titles or the high honor of knighthood. It is my belief that every such instance of frivolity and foolishness weakens each and every noble line that exists in Arvum today.

What sort of respect is a serf meant to treat their liege with if they cannot be sure that the rat digging through rubbish a few yards away isn't that noble's social better?

Written By Ida

July 28, 2021, 10:55 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

My skills with armor are humble, to say the least. With the unrest in the city, though, I wonder about doing some sets of basic standard steel at reasonable prices, or simply at cost, in the shop. They would not be as protective as say high quality steel or rubicund, but certainly better than a cloth jerkin and pitchfork I guess. Perhaps I should take the time to better my skills, but armor has never been a love of mine so. Yeah.

Written By Lucita

July 28, 2021, 9:58 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

My name seems to be amid several others on an assassin's 'hit list'. That just confirms what I have suspected for some time now. It has not been unfounded paranoia, not excessive worry and brooding suspicion, there is a very real basis for my fears. Now my fears turn to my family. I think will leave Estie and Kyllan in Saikland after my next trip there, for their safety. If something happens to me, I don't want them hurt.

Written By Malcolm

July 28, 2021, 9:17 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cirroch

My regret: that we never became friends. You seemed like good folk.

Written By Malcolm

July 28, 2021, 8:17 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

It's quieter about the manor today.

I've taken to sleeping in the study, because at least the presence of the books and the smell of their dusty pages is kind of a comfort. The whiskey's a comfort too, despite Oz telling me it's not supposed to be a balm. It's a silly and sentimental thing to do, it is. It's a reminder of what happens when you don't act -- when you avoid the opportunity -- when you disregard those you value the most -- when you hide, you lose.

It's so quiet, and I'll likely send off a few more members of the household staff away, tell them to leave our quarters and the your tower room alone.

For a while. For as long as needs be.

You were here in the city when I wasn't. You were trying so hard for us when I lost hope. You did so much work and I see that for what it was.

Now, I guess it's my turn.

Written By Viviana

July 28, 2021, 7:46 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

For the few items left --

They were presented as gifts to the ideals of the gods. Red wine and sea water to Mangata. Steel for Gloria. Art for Jayus. The empty pack, well, that left me wondering.

To the First Choice.

The freedom of an empty pack means you can go anywhere.

Written By Viviana

July 28, 2021, 6:16 a.m.(12/2/1015 AR)

In my latest whirlwind of poor impulse control, I suddenly came into possession of a few massive chests filled with -- well, a hoard of - pretty - things. Paintings, weapons, silks, jewels. Everything was scattered across the decks and in my personal quarters aboard the Paramour. It was all put into order. It meant that it was time to share the excess. Eventually, this meant that I sent my darling one too may bottles of perfume. ( Is there such thing?

Poor darling-dame. Send her your sympathies. If she reads this -- I hope she is utterly scarlet with a blush. Scarlet in crimson and cambric. )

She smells lovely enough as it is. So perfectly edible.

So much better, now, skin kissed with apple blossom and warm baking spices.

I hope she understands --

Written By Ryhalt

July 27, 2021, 10:40 p.m.(12/1/1015 AR)

The expedition for the Explorer's test was the most fun I have in a long while. Especially the part where we climbed across a ledge under a waterfall and I stuck my hand into the rushing water.

Written By Ilira

July 27, 2021, 9:02 p.m.(12/1/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cirroch

But I have a couple words on the news about the Marquis.
I didn't know him. We sat together for about an hour in the Whisper gardens, discussing what he should look for in a protege. An hour was enough. He was so warm and kind to me, and genuine--wondrously genuine. He spoke of his wife with such love; he spoke of his people with such love. And he had this radiant smile. The kind that lights up bright rooms.
Something about his death, the stark suddenness of it, shook me to a very deep place. I did weep, though perhaps it wasn't my place given all the rest that knew him better. I am sad he will never have that protege. I am sad the world has lost a great man, and a beautiful soul.

I hope those lands shine as brilliantly as the legends say, Marquis Cirroch.

Written By Ilira

July 27, 2021, 8:49 p.m.(12/1/1015 AR)

In times such as these, we must appreciate the small wonders.
I have completed an outfit, months in the works and my richest yet. And last week, I received two priceless gifts for free: my own grounds, and a dragonweep.
Good men may be dead, my old home in ruins, but I refuse not to celebrate. Perhaps it's all we can do, before the world sets ablaze.

Written By Amari

July 27, 2021, 7:56 p.m.(12/1/1015 AR)

That was a very thoughtful birthday gift. I'm going to try it out on every door. Every single one.

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