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Written By Gwenna

May 20, 2023, 1:07 p.m.(11/5/1019 AR)

Between a thousand other things, I've been working on sketching a bit of something that will eventually be a gift. I'm actually quite happy with it thus far and hope one of the amazing artisans in the city might turn it into something tangible. It's an incredibly important thing and I'm not alone in thinking so.

Written By Mattheu

May 20, 2023, 7:33 a.m.(11/5/1019 AR)

The children were running around with colorful baskets and offering apples to all. It was fun to watch them take of both our values. I'm also pretty sure Amelia is playing a joke as the first 'cobbler' had fish and apples within a pie.

Written By Filshiar

May 19, 2023, 3:32 a.m.(11/2/1019 AR)

The Lodge saw a number of hands helping with this year's autumn harvest. Though the weather is still a bit warm for my tastes, I find the season to be a sentimental one. Certainly, it seemed like people enjoyed themselves, and there will be plenty of jams and pickled produce to last through the winter. I hope that's something I can say for years to come.

Written By Artur

May 18, 2023, 5:51 p.m.(11/2/1019 AR)

When everything feels like an uphill struggle just think of the view you'll have from the top!

Written By Savio

May 17, 2023, 2:59 p.m.(10/27/1019 AR)

It seemed to matter so much once
But now I find myself without
That desperate motivation
To learn what it's all about

I wanted to know everything
Every scrap and tome
And I thought that if I didn't
I would never feel at home

I'll leave the quest for secrets
To better minds than mine
If I don't have all the answers
Then for now that's fine

I understood things better
Once I began to look inside
And learned that what I wanted
Was something I provide.

Written By Mabelle

May 17, 2023, 1:34 p.m.(10/27/1019 AR)

Considering the bee related items in my wardrobe, which likely can only be rivaled by those of Duke Cristoph and Baron Norwood, I find it baffling how hard it is for me to design a bee costume for the Honey Festival.

Written By Amari

May 16, 2023, 11:47 a.m.(10/25/1019 AR)

I address this entry to an unnamed party. If you happen to read this:

A sorry won't suffice.

Written By Amari

May 16, 2023, 11:21 a.m.(10/25/1019 AR)

I find myself retiring more and more often to the Shadowood. Each stay stretches longer. First it was a few days to attend to pressing matters, then weeks to oversee certain reconstruction efforts, now months and months for no more reason save to be there and engaged with the daily goings on and travails of my people. A busy baroness rarely has nought to do, I've discovered to my great pleasure. This is, for example, one of the first opportunities I've had to write in... well, a very long time.

That's not to suggest that I loathe Arx or the majority of her inhabitants. It remains a singularly fantastical city and worthy to visit from time to time to conduct business and meet with others (of whom there are a few that I miss quite dearly), but it's not home - not really. Reveillon is that now. Even though it lacks in many ways in comparison, the charm of that little refuge can't be denied. I've learned that I can survive without the latest fashions, and the most current news from the capitol. Still, I do enjoy the occasional whisper of gossip that flits back across the continent to me, even if it lacks all the urgency that it once had. I'll admit that much.

So if there was any wonder as to what happened to me, this entry ought to dispel all strange rumors and speculations. No, I wasn't carried away by a swarm of bees, nor murdered by Abandoned cultists. I haven't yet married a Cardian or worse yet, a shav warlord, nor has a secret courtship with a prince been pursued. I'll leave that sort of embarrassingly crass striving to others, thank you very much. Why bother? Whatever the gods intend will be so, and I don't mind relative obscurity.

Besides, as a lawyer and amateur scholar, I can attest: the best notes are found in the margins.

Written By Titus

May 15, 2023, 4:20 p.m.(10/24/1019 AR)

I’m reminded: Be careful. They don’t always come with nightmares, fire and destruction. Sometimes they come wearing or gifting everything you’ve ever wanted or desired or needed.

Written By Mikani

May 15, 2023, 1:37 p.m.(10/23/1019 AR)

I finally did it. I started to clean out my closets. I had no idea I was such a sentimental fool nor a pack rat. It was good to get things out and to know that people will be wearing the items taken. Much better than being shoved into a place where no one will see them.

Written By Eirene

May 15, 2023, 11:18 a.m.(10/23/1019 AR)

Seeing a queen and a high lord frolicking (yes, I used that word) in a chocolate fountain is a memory I will carry for a while. Brain bleach for all the horrors I've lived through.

Kael and Keels are an adorable couple too. I wish them many health babies I won't be delivering.

Written By Lucita

May 14, 2023, 9:18 p.m.(10/22/1019 AR)

It has been a long time since I got a new dress. It was a pleasure to pick out a style and shoes to go with it but could not make up my mind about color! I finally just asked the tailor to look at me and pick out a color would be good on me. I can't wait to see what combination they pick for me.

Written By Tesha

May 14, 2023, 7:51 p.m.(10/22/1019 AR)

I have noticed that I need to get out more and probably NOT in situations where I can lose my only eye.

Written By Kenjay

May 14, 2023, 5:34 p.m.(10/22/1019 AR)

I have been asked to speak with knights of many traditions; the first I found was a Knight of the Oathlands. To her, knighthood and honour are a thing that resides within the self, and how we conduct ourselves is important. Integrity is what she holds close to her heart, and honour goes before tradition. It is a matter of dedication to morality and personal conduct, and of action in the face of fear. And to never act with malice in the heart.

Knighthood in the Oathlands, it seems, is the willingness to die with personal honour rather than succumb to doing something unjust.

Written By Denica

May 14, 2023, 3:03 p.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

Everything can change in a moment, but some things never do. The world is a beautiful place, even when it's not. We can make our own beauty.

Written By Medeia

May 14, 2023, 2:53 p.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

It was truly an honor to be able to attend the wedding reception of Marquis Kael Keaton and Marquessa-consort Keely Keaton nee Grayson. The marquis has been a kind acquaintance for several years, and I find it nearly impossible not to adore the former princess. I feel they are well matched in many ways! And I do look forward to seeing the wonderful things they will accomplish together. What a privilege to be able to celebrate this new chapter in their lives.

It was further a joy to be able to join forces with Lord Kastelon. We put ourselves to the thest of communication and collaboration, claiming victory in the game the marquis and marquessa set us to. I had to leave fairly soon after that due to an emergency at the hospital, which is a shame. I hear I missed quite the incident involving the chocolate fountain.

Written By Patrizio

May 14, 2023, 2:27 p.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

The seasons turn, and autumn has returned to Arx. I remember keenly still my first autumn here within the city (has it really been five years?), and... at least I am not the clueless one who knew not that there was to be a sharp winter to follow.

I suppose this is a cue for me to see about getting a warmer cloak - aside from that which I wear with my armour - and some good boots to see me through the snows to come.

Written By Ida

May 14, 2023, 12:40 p.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

I tried something a bit new for the shop. Not new-new - they're just hairpins - but the design and coloring is a little different than my usual, I guess. I'm not sure if I love them. Sometimes you just have to try something different and see how it goes despite that.

Written By Zyn

May 14, 2023, 11:30 a.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

That cheeky Silk is still nowhere to be seen. Lomme got away from me, tried as I might. That leaves us with one to talk, and talk he did. Now let's see if what he said was honest or not.

Written By Delia

May 14, 2023, 11:27 a.m.(10/21/1019 AR)

It would seem some additional expertise is required for the rebuilding of Artshall. The craftmen seem to know what they're doing, but those who manage the shipments and oversee the entire oppertation seem to be in a little over their heads. I'm certain the Laurents will get it taken care of. They always do.

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