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Written By Acacia

July 17, 2016, 9:24 p.m.(1/19/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Ferrando

Ferrando and I met by chance alone, between rocks thrown and evasion tested, between business and banter, between Silks and the Sea. He stood out to me for more reasons than simply being imposing and impressive. He was skilled, fascinating, and had all the right qualities of someone that I look to. Caught up in a world that's quite far from me, should he get free time, I'd like to continue our short-kindled friendship, foolish as it is. He's Tay, after all.

Written By Nadia

July 17, 2016, 9:15 p.m.(1/19/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Everard

Nadia encountered this fine specimen of Valardin nobility during a social visit to the Spirits. He is the leader of the Iron Guard, and embodies all the traits one would expect of a Valardin vassal, but with plenty of charm, wit, and genuine love of fun to round him. It helps that he drowned her in compliments every other breath and handled his whiskey well. She hopes to have the pleasure of his company again in the near future.

Written By Acacia

July 17, 2016, 9:03 p.m.(1/19/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Freja

Princess Freja Redrain is a phenomenal woman. I wish that I had the opportunity to see her and Prince Fergus trade blows when I came upon them in the Training Center, but I certainly hope to at another time. She keeps her stately demeanor, while understanding how things work and her poise is one that commands both respect and interest. There's a sincerity about her that nearly startled me the first time I met her, but its all the more clear how she's led people after sharing words. I look forward to her gracious audience in the future, greatly.

Written By Talen

July 17, 2016, 8:34 p.m.(1/19/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Audric

A man of outward jovial attitude but with enough sense to cut a business deal where required, Audric leads the Valorous Few. The Sword of Lenosia has expressed an interest in keeping abreast with the company and indicates he would seek to employ the private military collective when the need arises. As sellswords, it should be made clear that some of the best customers are the most well paying and most frequent buyers. The Velenosa are most certainly wealthy enough and rarely are without need for martial backing. Sometimes, just sometimes, more stabbing are needed.

Written By Isolde

July 17, 2016, 7:15 p.m.(1/19/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Acacia

A decent sort, for someone Boroughs born and bred. She seems reasonable to do business with, though I can't imagine if I'd ever utilize her skills or connections. Perhaps in some information respect, but even then, who knows. There may be better options. But, she's nice enough, but time will tell.

Written By Ravna

July 17, 2016, 5:26 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Victus

LORD VICTORY! We drank, he lost, we won, we drank, and stories. O STORIES! How they were told, are told, will be told - He knows The Greybacks for what We are! He knows, and because he knows, The Stick, Rabbitsfoot and I would surely drink with him again. Over bodies, too! Preferably live bodies. Live bodies with tits. Not dead bodies. I abhor violence, you know. Unless it's the good kind where I win.

Written By Ravna

July 17, 2016, 5:24 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Gareth

Scarface. Bellhound. Shroudsinger and, he reminds me of a little boy I met, years ago, years and years and years ago. I met him in prison, you know. The little boy, not Gareth. Or was it Gareth? Was it prison? Oh right, the little boy: He sold his horse for some magic beans, instead of silver, and his whole family starved to death the winter thereafter. Lovely story, innit?

Written By Ravna

July 17, 2016, 5:22 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Morrighan

Red. Red like Blood, Red like Fire, Red like Wine and her voice is something to DIE FOR! Everyone looks, and sees a savage Prodigal servant to Redrain, and maybe they are right! Maybe. But I look, and I See, and...O Red, We shall roll the dice!

Written By Ravna

July 17, 2016, 5:20 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Acacia

The Interchanging Door, Down a Corridor of Screams; my most beautiful Cousin not-cousin! Cutter to the core, Cutter? Did I say Cutter? I meant - Culler. Culler, yes. She's a Culler. Not a Cutter. That'd be silly. Her words are like silver, her touch is like whiskey, and O! O, how her strength is like that of a rightly made road. A road, that goes right into the Lower Boroughs.

Written By Calista

July 17, 2016, 5:16 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Talen

Master Talen Artiglio, ward of House Velenosa and sword of Lenosia. Now this is an interesting man. For one, he's very skilled in the art of war and battle and yet he chose to cheat at a tournament. There was no real reason to do it other than to let others know he's capable of such. I'm led to believe this is precisely what he was setting out to do. He also enjoys sending philosophical messengers. I do wonder what else goes on in that head of his.

Written By Calista

July 17, 2016, 5:16 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Rohkir

Prince Rohkir of Redrain is an unexpected surprise. He's a beast of a man given his height and brawn but there is so much more than simply his physical prowess. The man exudes confidence and charm in a contrasting manner to Victus Thrax; Initially that is precisely what I expected from Rohkir. I enjoy the company of this gentleman.

Written By Calista

July 17, 2016, 5:16 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Jaenelle

I don't quite know Princess Jaenelle Velenosa as well as I'd like but I do know she is Valerius' sister. I promised the Thraxian Prince I would reach out to his sibling since she's a recent widow, though, from what I have heard, she's been friendly with Prince Rohkir of Redrain. She is lovely though. I can see us becoming fast friends.

Written By Calista

July 17, 2016, 5:16 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Valerius

Prince Valerius Thrax is quite unlike the rest of his family and there's something about him that draws me to him. He's flirtatious, adventurous, and naturally mischievous. I can never say I've had an unpleasant or boring time with him. One could say he's rather inspiring.

Written By Calista

July 17, 2016, 3:56 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Niccolo

The Velenosian Statesman is not only the current Duke of Lenosia, but he is also the father to Arch Duchess Esera and Princess Isolde Velenosa. He is a difficult man to read but one that truly piques my interest. As he is older, he is surely wiser and has certainly seen things in his day. I'm curious to learn more about the past from him.

Written By Ailith

July 17, 2016, 3:44 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

I do hope that I am backing the right person by supporting Prince Gareth's investigations into the fate of his Majesty. He seems to be the ideal person to discover what happened but his, to put it mildly, abrasive personality and tendency to launch into immediate threats is not ideal. On the other hand that probably ensures he is not seeking the throne for himself with any prospect of success.

Written By Ailith

July 17, 2016, 3:41 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

I do not even like birds very much, but certain nobles do seem to feel that the whims of their not even particularly close relatives are infinitely above the dignity of the gods. What a very odd subject to choose to try to press on and why do they feel as if the Faith can be treated like perhaps a wayward merchant family? Is the Tehom worshipping sect in the south that much in the pocket of the ducal houses?

Written By Ailith

July 17, 2016, 3:38 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Niccolo

Duke Niccolo seems utterly intent upon backing his niece's... Odd fixations, which surprises me, he does not seem stupid. Whilst I can understand wanting to maintain the prestige of one's house this does not normally extend to threatening and trying to browbeat figures in the church should they fail to actively pander the inanities of relatively distant relatives. What a thoroughly unpleasant man.

Written By Ailith

July 17, 2016, 3:33 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Ophelia

I have found myself writing about nobles who exemplify the qualities they should have, now I appear to have encountered one who wallows in negative stereotypes. Whilst I am sure she is quite adorable to the right person she also appears to be quite mad and utterly self absorbed, unable to comprehend a universe which does not revolve around herself.

Written By Talen

July 17, 2016, 3:15 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Arianwen

The Sword of Lenosia first met Mistress Arianwen at a dinner in the Velenosa Estate, the woman only having begun her metamorphosis from tavern wench to courtesan. Still in training, Talen has made it clear he thinks she is not yet ready. That said, during his observation of her progress he has bled advice in how she might improve. Perhaps in time.

Written By Kima

July 17, 2016, 3:06 p.m.(1/18/1004 AR)

Have you ever had a dream where, upon waking, you don't immediately realize you've returned to reality? Now I don't mean something fantastic. Or maybe I do, but we'll get to that. Anyway, I slept in today. Maybe you can't appreciate that, but as someone who's relationship with sleep has grown tenuous at best, let me tell you, it was a marvel. I slept in, and when I awoke I was so comfortable I didn't want to move a muscle. Then I remembered.

I remembered that the dream I had wasn't real. Couldn't be. Because Damaris is dead.

Have you ever seen someone die, scholar? Have you ever even seen a corpse? I don't begrudge you if you haven't. I've seen them, made them. You know this. Let me tell you about Damaris, and how she died.

All these soirees happening around Arx - she would have loved them. I dare say she'd take to them even better than I. Damaris was the type of woman who always had all the right words, and you never felt as if she was having you on. Sincere. She was the youngest daughter of the ruling family in Caith. Beautiful, with these dark thick curls of hair and equally dark eyes. A little smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose. Gods, how her mother hated that she chose the path of the sword.

I suppose the woman must hate me, but I couldn't tell you for sure. I've never reached out to her. Out of shame, you see. Are you surprised I know the word? Well, how can I not, when all their bodies lie unburied?

...I don't much feel like talking about the rest right now. Not even the prospect of scandalizing you with tales of morbidity has its allure. Another time, perhaps.

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