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Godsworn Oathtaking

Aldwin inducts a new priest into the Faith.


April 30, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

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Aldwin Aureth


Armel(RIP) Reese Mira Dafne Lark Joscelin Magpie Rickard Gisele Halsim Fortunato Aleksei Luca(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Comments and Log

With all the trouble that has so recently happened at the Cathedral, it is a minor miracle that the Dominus has found Templars willing to stand guard here at all. Yet there are, indeed, Templars to be found at the Cathedral. They stand at the entrance, along the aisle, and form an honor guard that could guide one from the street to the altar. Each in shining armor, each with the stoicism of a Beefeater.

Standing at the distant end of the column of Templars is the white and gold clad figure of the Dominus himself. One hand curled around the rubicund staff that has become his icon, Aldwin stands at the altar with his warm smile in place.

Dafne, the Duchess Zaffria, arrives, a small figure clad in black. (And, for once, without her omnipresent kitten in a nod to respect the Cathedral. She settles in the Noble Pews by herself, folding her hands demurely in her lap but leaning forward a little in keen interest.

Rickard makes his way into the Cathedral, stopping briefly by the doors to observe the goings-on before making his way into the cathedral proper. He settles into one of the commoner pews, clasps his hands in his lap, and bows his head in contemplation.

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Gisele removes her hand from Fortunato's only just long enough to briefly clasp Magpie's. "Sister Gisele," she corrects via whisper, but her smile ensures no sting in it. Her gaze skims those assembled along the pew-- checking posture, no doubt!-- and then it's all eyes ahead, her focus fixed with the smallest, sweetest of smiles upon Aldwin.

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Into the Cathedral just barely in time not to be late stride the mismatched, but still blissful, newlyweds of Princess Ribbons and Prince Nimble Grayson. Also known as Reese Grayson and Luca nee' Velenosa. Luca dressed in his usual laid-back preference of calfskin pants and a flowy Lycene-style shirt undone to half-way down the chest. In this case, he's been talked at least into wearing a silk shirt of deep emerald that contrasts nicely to the abundant pink and cream silk of his blonde warrior wife on his arm. Both, of course, are bearing their usual weapons, in the Champion duelist's case a trio today, all peace-bound for the event seemingly, the two viper-pommeled ones at his hip, another with twined serpents at his back. He's pausing to let cinnamon eyes flit over the crowds, grinning a lopsided grin to quip aside as the High Lady of the Crownlands is coming up behind the pair with her guardsmen. "Glad they aren't letting the troubles stop things here. It's like a nice big fuck you to the Bringers that the Faithful won't be intimidated." And yes...Luca said that a little bit too loudly for the accoustics of the Cathedral and is darkening just faintly at the cheeks on realizing how it carried, then looking about quickly for a place for them all to go hide out.

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Mira swiftly sweeps into a seat, smoothing her red and black layered skirts under her as she arrives just in time (or maybe just a little late). A red top, a black corset, and her hair tied with black ribbons into a tail at her neck, the lawyer from Merchant Street folds her hands primly in her lap, not quite watching where she goes or who she sits next to. She just barely made it, after all!

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Aleksei does twist around in his pew at the overloud sound of Luca's voice, smirking at the prince for a moment from across that distance as the newly-minted Grayson takes his seat in the noble pews. Then he's looking back ahead at Aldwin, and then back towards the other end of the aisle where he clearly anticipates SOMEONE TO APPEAR.

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Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

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Halsim steps inside, his usual black robe worn hood down as he steps over to one side into the shadows, watching the proceedings from a distance. Seems the man isn't taking chances with other people, tonight. His hands fold at his waist as he watches, and waits... the dark skinned islander motionless.

Joscelin looks a little flush, like maybe she'd jogged over here, cheeks rosy and gold eyes searching. She slips in and takes a seat as quickly as she can in the Commoner pews.

Here, into the Cathedral, walks Aureth Grayhope. He is wearing his very best clothes, fine woollen trousers and a fine silken shirt, over which the tabard of the Faith falls in a neat length of cloth. It is a very usual tabard but for a single additional decoration in the form of a stylized bat in black satin that someone has attached to it. The real question is whether the bat is meant to be stylized or whether no one actually knows what bats look like because they are extinct. He is neatly trimmed and aggressively presentable. His long hair falls loose to his shoulders and looks as though he spent an excruciating amount of time and attention on its care and presentation today. Thus, here he is, all white and gold and formal, walking on carefully measured strides up towards the altar. He looks composed. His hands are twisted behind him in a clasp.

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"Aureth Grayhope has petitioned the Faith to join the ranks of the Godsworn," Aldwin says while Aureth approaches the altar. "To do so is to remove himself from the bonds of his previous fealty, his responsibilities to his house, and no longer to provide them succor or shelter save as the Faith might provide succor and shelter to any other." Looking around at the pews, Aldwin asks, "Who is here to speak for Grayhope?" The words come out clear and loud, and the measured pace of ritual provides the cadence.

Armel keeps his place at the pews near to Aleksei and the others, all shining, silver-edged plate, the Grandmaster not about to miss this happy event and keeping his eye glued to the Dominus and then to the door in turn. Poor guy has to work at it, one eye and all. He smiles as he sees Aureth appear and approach, even if the bat gets a strange look, clearly not at all familiar with what it's supposed to be. But then it's pay-attention time.

Fortunato stands, his hands placed on the back of the pew in front of him. He faces Aldwin and Aureth, his gaze steady. Well, mostly. "I am here to speak for Grayhope."

Gisele folds her hands in her lap again, Fortunato released to duty, and her own posture adjusted to allow her to turn and observe Aureth's walk. As she'd smiled for Aldwin, now she smiles for him-- with an extra sprinkling of reassurance.

     Lark was chewing the inside of her mouth trying her best not to guffaw with laughter like a horse in the middle of the Cathedral and wrestled that urge down so hard it made her eyes water. Serious High Lord is serious. "Yes." She squeaks out barely and clears her throat, beginning that again, "Yes. I can see that, and I appreciate it too. We mustn't dwell on the darkness, but look to the future." She follows him into the noble pews and takes a seat as graciously as possible. She spots Aureth, "There he is. He looks nervous, poor guy." She mumbles quietly to herself and begins to watch intently as they begin the ceremony, folding her hands in her lap and remaining quiet and respectful.

The Dominus, leaning on his staff with each step, closes the distance to Aureth and puts a hand on the petitioner's shoulder. He turns his pale blue eyes to Fortuanto, his smile growing just a little. "Fortunato Grayhope," Aldwin says, "do you release Aureth from his family? Do you release your kin to the Faith, acknowledging here before these witnesses," with the solemn question being asked, Aldwin looks out across the Cathedral, "that his responsibility to Grayhope has ended, and he may take up the yoke of the gods?"

Aureth rolls a glance along the length of the pews to look at Fortunato. His mouth hooks slightly to one side, his eyebrows ticking up along with the widening of his gaze. Perhaps he is expecting Fortunato to yell NO and run out of the Cathedral if he breaks eye contact.

Magpie sits quietly beside the standing Fortunato, exhaling a quiet sigh as Aldwin asks about Aureth being released from the Grayhope family. He makes a brief face at Aureth when he looks their direction, but behaves himself after that and grins.

Mira is pretty much here just by herself, and she watches the proceedings with interest. Producing a pencil from somewhere hidden on her person, the redheaded lawyer opens a small leather journal and jots down some notes. Occasionally, her gaze goes to the rafters and the vaulted ceiling, jotting down more obscure notes for arcane reasons. She seems to be taking as many notes about the ceremony as she is about the building itself. Now and then she adjusts the glasses low on her nose, or brushes her hair away from them.

Fortunato steps out from the pews and strides toward the altar, his eyes still fixed forward on Dominus and brother. His expression's schooled all careful blank, despite the smiles aimed at him. He draws up alongside the altar, and holds his hands loose at either side of himself. "I, Fortunato Grayhope," he says, "release Aureth from responsibility to family, that he may serve the Faith." His voice catches a moment. "Release him from our yoke to take up that of the gods. Before witnesses." His eyes drift briefly upward. Back down. He hesitates, and repeats, "Before witnesses." He focuses on Aureth directly now. "You're free," he says, almost sotto. "As you need to be."

Reese arrives while in the company of Luca. She is adorned in her pink spring silk dress that is adorned with an abundance of ribbons. She keeps a gentle hold of his arm and slips into the noble seating. A smile of greeting is given to Lark. She then peeks over to Aureth, smiling to him as well.

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The Dominus bows his head to Fortunato, a little quirk of suppressed grin had for the wording the Grayhope uses.

"Kneel," Aldwin says to Aureth, hand coming away from the man's shoulder. "For those entering the Faith, there are oaths to be taken. For Gild, do you, Aureth, swear to leave behind no wealth in your passing, save to the Faith itself? To support none as a spouse or daughter might, but only through works of charity? For Limerance, do you freely devote yourself to the gods and put these oaths you take tonight above all others? For the Sentinel do you swear to always seek the truth in the grace of the gods?"

For his part, Halsim doesn't move from his position off to the shadows near the walls. His eyes do move to Lark briefly for a moment, but he immediately looks to Fortunato, then back to Aldwin.

Aureth checked composure + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Magpie casts a quick glance of confusion towards Aleksei. There's some kind of miscommunication going on, but it's not important. He looks forward again. "Well I'm not going to cry, as much as I want to." He murmurs softly to the white-robed fellow beside him. He leans in, watching intently as Fortunato heads up front and things continue.

There's a moment's pause as Fortunato approaches the altar; Aureth touches, quickly, with the spread of his fingers sturdy against the younger man's arm. He nods to him once, slowly, and then takes a knee. Lifting his pale gaze again, he inhales, and then speaks clear and strong, like an orator or maybe like an actor in a two-man show, from his knees before the Dominus. "To Gild I promise in all things, no wealth shall be left. To Limerance, I promise my heart, and that none of mortal blood or flesh shall claim it otherwise." For some reason, his lips lift at the corners as he speaks those words, but he barely pauses before he continues, "To the Sentinel, I promise a clarity of mind and word, and that no pursuit shall be met of my own interests, but only that of the divine."

Aldwin continues after Aureth provides his oaths to the first Triad. "For Gloria, do you swear to act with honor in all your dealings as a priest of the Pantheon? For Jayus, do you vow to always seek the inspiration of the gods and let them color your life? In Vellichor's name, will you, above all other duties, take up the burden of safekeeping of knowledge and the tending of the Great Archive and its contents?"

Piece spoken, Fortunato meets Aldwin's and Aureth's eyes with a nod for each and withdraws from the front while remaining standing, near his pew previous.

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The pale eyes close for a beat as Aureth summons up the memorized words. The power of his voice continues, pitched to carry to all corners of the Cathedral. As his gaze opens again, there's something almost fierce as he swears to Gloria; he says: "To Gloria, I promise to behave as a living inspiration unto her in act and effort." For Jayus, the faint lift of his lips at the corners has resumed; he says: "To Jayus, I promise to open my eyes beyond the mundane that I may see the truth in all things." And his chin lifts as he finishes, "To Vellichor, I promise my life and spirit in protecting the knowledge of the ages." After a beat he adds, as if by way of emphasis: "All the knowledge of the ages."

"As Petrichor grants dominion, do you, Aureth, swear to uphold his ideals and enforce the traditions of Sanctuary to those granted it? To Mangata, do you pledge yourself to the waters, your ministry knowing no boundaries of land? And for Lagoma, do you swear to always be open to change?" Aldwin adds the next set, closing the noose around Aureth's neck.

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Aureth's voice lifts with power and confidence, like he'll make a great fire and brimstone preacher some day if the Faith happens to need one. He rings out: "To Petrichor, I promise to defend the tradition of Sanctuary with unending ferocity." The way he says it, it's not hard to imagine unending ferocity, either. "To Mangata, I promise my trust in carrying the ministry abroad no matter the destination, free upon her waters." But now he smiles again, all be it faintly. "To Lagoma, I promise an open mind and accepting heart." His gaze is a little overbright with intensity as he looks up into Aldwin's face.

"As First Choice fought for our ability to choose, do you choose of your own free will and without reservation, to serve the Pantheon now, and to make that choice again, each day, until your time of passing?" It seems the Lost Gods have officially found their way into the oaths. "As the Queen of Endings shelters souls in the realms beyond, do you swear to shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from their birth until their death? And in the name of the Dreamer, do you swear to serve the creations of Aion, and preserve the Dream Eternal?"

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Aureth's breath trickles out past his teeth in the white flash of a smile. For some reason, he laughs. It is a bright sound, overly warm, overly _young_ for a man of his years and dignity. He covers his face in his hands for a moment, a hint of a tremor rippling down his spine. He's not even a priest yet and he's already cracked. "To--." He breaks off, breathes in deeply, and starts again. "To-- the First Choice," he says. "I promise to defend every soul's freedom to choose their path." He bites down hard on the curve of his lower lip, and looks up now, all the way up to the ceiling, and its golden intersecting domes that echo the symbol of the Pantheon. He stares for a moment, and maybe he's just building dramatic tension, because he's fallen temporarily quiet.

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Fortunato drum-drums his fingers on the edge of the pew, watching Aureth with tilt-headed concern and maybe a /little/ hopeful speculation.

With only a slight squeeze of Aureth's shoulder to try to draw the man's attention, Aldwin repeats the vows left unsaid. ""As the Queen of Endings shelters souls in the realms beyond, do you swear to shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from their birth until their death? And in the name of the Dreamer, do you swear to serve the creations of Aion, and preserve the Dream Eternal?"

Armel holds his own breath, looking to be /willing/ Aureth to begin speaking, even going to far as to, if one looked close enough, be mouthing the words, not that Aureth is in his line of sight or could possibly understand him. He's just that worried, apparently.

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Aleksei leans forward in his pew, hissing out in a stage whisper, "You're still doing better than me!"

Luca can't help but bark out a laugh that again carries WAY too well in the cathedral's accoustics when Aleksei's not-whisper catches his ears. The Lazy Prince is biting his lip after though, trying to shut up firther mirth while casting Alek a mild not-quite-glare.

Aureth checked composure + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Aureth inhales deeply, looking up back into Aldwin's face with a curiously swimming glance, pale eyes shining silver with unspent tears. He shakes his head very slightly. His smile tugs up at his mouth, more on one side than the other, at one or another of the things he hears from the audience. He huffs, and then clears his throat, chasing away some threatened crack, and then his voice projects again, clear and strong: "To the Queen of Endings and Mother of Beginnings, Lady Death, the Wheel that Turns. I renew my oath that was made. I swear that it shall not break." He wets his lips, and then says, "And with that promise I add this, that I swear to protect the souls of all her children until they are returned to her care." For a moment's stillness, he looks down. Then he draws breath again, and finishes: "To Aion, I swear to ... preserve the Dream," he says. "In the face of any who would harm Creation." Close enough, right.

Mira places a hand to her chest, eyes a bit wide as she waits, breathlessly, to see what will happen. But when the vows are suddenly completely, she breathes out in a silent 'Whew.' Journal opening again, Mira jots notes.

"Tehom, the Reflection, requires of you a vow to channel your passions and not allow yourself to be ruled by them. Do you swear this as well?" Aldwin asks. The moment to stop the proceedings will have passed with this; the 13th vow.

"In determination," Aureth breathes, with his chin lifting again, "I swear this will be true."

Fortunato exhales deep and bows his head. With something like acceptance. His hand loosens relaxed on the edge of the pew.

One might wonder how much assistance the old man can really offer, but Aldwin holds a hand down to help Aureth up all the same. "This evening, the Faith welcomes Brother Aureth into our family as one of the Godsworn." Once Aureth is on his feet, he's ceremonoiously presented to all the assembled, as if being introduced to them for the first time.

The Templars in the Cathedral all snap a salute of respec to Aureth, their armored fists thumping against armored chests for a rather loud clanging of a greeting.

When Aldwin presents Aureth to the crowd, Aleksei is swiftly on his feet, clapping loudly and offering a distinctly undignified "Whoo!" of celebration.

Gisele curls her hand around her prayer beads and lifts them, pressed firm to her forehead. Closing her eyes helps turn focus inward for a prayer. Sadly she cannot do the same for her ears. A beat later she rises to applaud the newest Godsworn.

There's a little unsteadiness to Aureth as he pushes back to his feet, however much help Aldwin may or may not be offering him. He's blinking repeatedly, more or less regathering himself from whatever struck him in the middle there. He mutters something to Aldwin, and then huffs a breath past his teeth.

Armel rises from his seat, clapping his fist to his chest with a resounding clang of his own to welcome the new brother into the fold. His smile is surely all for Aureth's vows, of course, and nothing going on in the pews around him.

Fortunato strides on forward, back toward the front from the pew, dogged near to the point of aggression. He applauds as he goes, a distracted beat of his hands.

Magpie is a bit slower to stand, but he'll rise as the rest begin to, a smile on his face as he claps. Then his gaze slips to Fortunato. "Are we allowed up there, then?" He asks Aleksei quietly.

Luca lets loose a shrill joyful two-finger whistle from the noble pews that's utterly and completely inappropriate of station, but utterly genuine in celebration of his friend, as is t he ensuing cheering and clapping that he adds in after it. Oh, why does anyone let Luca come to these things?

Mira rises and beams a smile at Aureth, clapping earnestly along with the rest of the audience. Pausing after a few claps, she brings fingers to her lips and whistles sharply in cheer.

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Joscelin stands and she does clap, and while there's clearly something furious about the woman, her smile is impossible to repress, brighter the longer she applauds. She mouths a word at him; it's probably nothing to repeat.

Aureth was given away by his family, of course, and accepted into the fold of the Faith, but that does not really stop him from clapping both hands hard onto Fortunato's shoulders when he appears at the front, and hauling him in to squish him in a very obnoxiously public hug. Oh no, who will help Fortunato escape.

With everyone focused on the man of the hour, Aldwin begins to make his escape. It's a slow escape, and one done with the aid of a staff, but he does make it. He makes his way around the crowd and towards the exit.

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Reese brings her hands hands together, clapping and cheering for Aureth. She has a gentle smile of him, Aleksei and Aldwin.

     Lark also claps, chuckling at the hug Aureth and Fortunato.. share. Alright it was a one-sided share, but it was sweet and made her aww like they were kittens.

"Yeah, man, go give him a hug," Aleksei murmurs back to Magpie, nudging him. He pauses a moment, and then sets a hand on the sailor's shoulder, leaning in to murmur something to him in a quieter voice.

Reese is overheard praising Aureth for: Death priest! Yah, silence has no chance now!

Fortunato is caught, secured, but of course he reciprocates with all his strength, burying his head against Aureth's shoulder. "This is good," he murmurs, near conversational. "This is the good step."

Lark is overheard praising Aureth.

Lark is overheard praising Aldwin.

Aleksei is overheard praising Aureth for: You did way better than me!

Joscelin is overheard praising Aureth for: I love you! I'm going to murder you in your sleep!

Reese is overheard praising Aldwin for: Serving, tending and growing the faith

Luca is overheard praising Aureth for: Still totally did better than Aleksei!

Dafne is overheard praising Aureth for: The Queen has her priest!

Mira is overheard praising Aldwin.

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Mira ohs quietly at Joscelin's explanation, seeming to understand. Somehow. She nods a couple times and returns to cheering for Aureth! When a sharp whistle comes from the noble boxes, however, Mira shakes a fist at Luca. She nearly whistled first!

     Spying the old man trying to make a slick get away, she stands and bows to her company in the pews, "Excuse me," explains Lark, "I have an old man to grill." And she goes about following him with a smirk.

Magpie grins at Aleksei's encouragement, "Should I?" He echoes, some uncertainty in the question, but as the priest murmurs to him, he nods quietly. Then he'll slip out of the pew (without jumping over it this time) and wander up to where Aureth and Fortunato are hugging. "Congratulations." He offers.

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Aureth ruffles his hand through Fortunato's hair, thereby ruining all of the attempts he made to straighten it earlier. "Thanks, little brother," he says. He grins like an idiot as he pulls back, but only just enough to plant a smack of a kiss to Fortunato's forehead. Then he turns to glomp Magpie next, which he does by snagging him by the jacket and hauling him in for the close wrap of his arms. He mutters something to them both, not loud enough to carry.

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Joscelin moves to climb out of the pews but doesn't leave yet, watching the proceedings.

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Armel stands up and leaves the pews, but doesn't approach Aureth, mostly watching as Joscelin leaves the pews, as if waiting for her to /do/ something for some reason or other, otherwise seeming to be in an excellent mood, all considered.

Aleksei trails after Magpie a bit, a smile twitching on his lips, but he gives the Grayhopes their space to make their glomping embraces first.

Fortunato relinqueshes his brother enough to let him hug-round. Once Aureth's turned even partially away, he tears up, quiet, and does his best blinking it all away and evaporated before anyone can notice.

Dafne arises from the pews after the others have left, but hesitates for a long moment at the back of the cathedral. It is a thoughtful, uncertain hesitation.

Luca grins big down at Mira's fist-shake, even as he's moving out of the noble pews with his fingers laced in the pink beribboned Princess Reese's, apparently intent on dragging her along towards the altar area for congratulations. He'll pause outside the circles of people congratulating though, easing up to thump Aleksei on the back with his free hand, leaning in to quip something to the other new-ish priest who married him to Ribbons.

Magpie laughs when Aureth hauls him in for the hug, giving him a tight squeeze in return. "Best church ceremony I've ever been to." He says with a grin. Then the grin fades to a quieter smile at the quiet words exchanged. He responds softly, then draws away so others can have at the new Godsworn.

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"Hmmm." Halsim gives softly as he looks around from the side to everyone inside, before he starts to head to the exit.

Mira slips out of the pews and demurely starts to make her way for the exits, her red and black skirts swishing along the ground.

Aleksei snorts at whatever Luca whispers to him, smirking at the Grayson prince and then leaning in in turn to murmur something back.

Reese rises to her booted feet. She has on leather boots with her silk dress. The warrior princess follows along with Luca, heading toward the front of the church. A pink hue paints over cheeks as she listens to Luca's whispered words. The then gives Aleksei a sheepish smile. She murmurs something softly to the two men.

Aureth ruffles his hand through Magpie's hair, annoyingly, but permits his escape afterwards. Once his erstwhile fam is free of him, he drags his hand back through the long, loose fall of his hair, and raises his eyebrows with the hinted smile lingering at his mouth as he turns on his heel. "All right," he says. "I'm a priest now, guys." For no reason, he rubs his forearm across his eyes, blinking towards the accumulated friends etc. still in the hall.

Joscelin is only here so she can slap Aureth. Surely. She stands by the pews, hip leaning against the arm, fingers laced together. Hmph.

Aleksei murmurs a few more words to Luca and Reese before peeling away and making his way up to the man of the hour. "You're a priest!" he agrees, wrapping his arms around his friend and hugging him tight enough to lift him right off the ground.

Armel is just casually waiting at the back, as if relaxing and just enjoying the afterward of the ceremony, surely not there to watch Joscelin slap Aureth. Nah, he's here to watch the comraderie and all!

Where he stands near to Aleksei with hand in Reeses, Luca gives a profoundly audible snort of amusement and gives the Champion-turned-Priest a look that seems to say 'have you met me?!', after which some comment from Reese earns a laugh and the pink-ribboned woman drawn into a quick one-armed hug with some more words for Aleksei that seem genuine and thankful. Aureth's attentions then draw the Champion Prince of Grayson to look to him with a bright flash of white teeth and lopsided grin. "You were already a priest the moment She chose you, Hot Lips. Now it's just all official and proper like! But congratulations!" He effuses as he moves forward if no one else is to give Aureth a big one-armed hug and a quick quiet whisper.

"A priest," Fortunato repeats, like a quiet refrain, his voice a bit happier.

Joscelin looks to Armel and glowers at him too, but the expression softens; it's not his fault.

Magpie wraps an arm around Fortunato's shoulders, giving him a little squeeze. "He's a priest. This is going to make family dinners a lot more interesting." He jokes lightly, then asks, "Has the family ever had a priest before?"

A startled laugh escapes from Aureth as Aleksei lifts him up; he winds his arms tight and close around him. The cacklish breath escapes him with a 'whuff!' for the impact, and he mutters something close against Aleksei's ear as his feet hit the ground again. He leaves the weight of his arm warm against Aleksei's shoulders as Luca comes up to him for the side hug. "Thanks, gorgeous," he says with an easy flick of his glance up and down Luca, eyebrows swept high. His grin is quick and bright, shared between these friends as he lets his weight settle on his heels. "That was a hell of a thing."

Fortunato snorts lightly. His shoulders ease under Magpie's squeeze. "Not to my knowledge," he says. "If our particular subfamily of Grayhopes is probably more religious than is healthy."

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Aleksei laughs aloud at whatever Aureth whispers at him, and one of his hands lingers on the newly-minted Godsworn's back as Luca takes his turn next.

Luca's laughing a bit to something Aureth returns to his own one-armed fierce little hug, offering something back, then happily tugging Reese with his hand in hers so she can come give her own congratulations to Aureth ahead of the line of people. To the comment from him, he's laughing and saying. "You survived it. Anyways, Ribbon's turn!" With that, Luca's letting Reese do her thing, even while turning to quip wryly to Fortunato. "Does that include Cousin Miriam, Fort? Or just the local Grayhopes?"

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Reese is still near the front of the church in her ribboned dress and pink leather boots. She took a step back for a moment, allowing Aureth and Luca to have their moment. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are gentle. Reese is then tugged forward. "Congratulations Brother Aureth." She murmurs. Should she hug him. Reese doesn't seem to know. She starts to a bit tentatively.

Joscelin is speaking quietly with Armel and those rosy cheeks just get all the worse. She doesn't look him in the eye again as she moves to Aureth and the others, glowering up at him and still, STILL, trying so hard not to smile. And failing.

Aureth grins through a huff of breath at something Luca says to him, and then he shifts, lifting his chin to mutter to Aleksei before he turns slightly. "Your Highness," he says, "I'm honored." There's an awkward moment where it seems clear that he's not sure whether bows or hugs are happening before he kind of visibly shrugs and gives Reese a hug. This is totally normal.

Fortunato coughs sidelong at Luca, and inhales, "Oh. Miriam. Miriam's the special-- specialest of cases. Just the local Grayhopes, this time."

Armel is pretty easy to avoid looking in the eye, really. And he's still smirking like he's happy as a clam, murmuring something to Joscelin as she moves away before starting to move off for the exit, humming softly to himself.

Aleksei's brows arch with clear interest at whatever Aureth whispers to him, and his gaze slips over to Luca next, considering him for a moment. He smiles. And then he slips away to join Fortunato and Magpie. "You guys managing? Anyone crying yet?"

Armel has left the Commoner Pews.

Magpie will stand with Fortunato for now, perhaps offering any moral support the man might need now that his brother has become Godsworn. He'll keep his arm around the artist's shoulders for now. Aleksei gets a grin, joking, "Crying in joy, you mean? We don't have to listen to him practice his vows anymore."

Fortunato is generally just kinda lax, not distant exactly, but his forehead's acquired a crease that seems fixed, for the moment. "No tears. This's been inevitable quite some time. Aureth feels hard, moves fast when he needs to. This is just institutional confirmation." So formal, his conversation with Magpie and Aleksei.

"Uh huh. Most certainly seemed like the specialest." Luca wryly offers back to Fort, giving the man a sort of wicked smirk as if about to tease him further, but he's leaving off him when Aleksei goes to save him. He instead just adds the artists way. "Remind me one of these days after things are less crazy in the city that I want to commission your hand for a portrait of Ribbons and I, Fort." After which, he's turning back to catch the amusingly awkward hug between Aureth and his wife. Ruefully shaking head and waiting to the end of it, he leans in to murmur something to the princess while wrapping arms around her from behind and laying kiss to her neck.

"Portraits! Fortunato's favorite," Aleksei says with a smirk. He does reach to offer Fortunato's shoulder a light rub. "That /is/ good," he says to Magpie. "I was saying mine under my breath constantly before my vows. Same with the wedding ceremonies."

Luca is overheard praising Aldwin for: For doing such a great job supporting Aureth through the ceremony

Magpie is overheard praising Aleksei for: A steady source of moral support through everything.

Reese wraps her arms around Aureth returning the hug. She gives him a smile and then steps back so that others can greet the new priest. She listens to Luca's whispered words, nodding in response and then saying something softly back toward him.

Fortunato is overheard praising Aureth for: Well, you did it!

"What, Fortunato already made you a portrait sculpture," Aureth claims with a widening of his pale gaze in Luca's direction. "It was a portrait sculpture of your, like, you know." He gestures vaguely. All of that claimed eloquence reduced to /like you know/. He turns his gaze next, as Reese returns to her husband, to raise his eyebrows at Joscelin.

"Is there some kind of after-party or is it just a lot boring religious talk from here on out?" Magpie asks in a light-hearted tone, glancing around to see if most people are clearing out or staying. He gives Fortunato another study, perhaps trying to gauge how the man is doing, then looks back to Alek, "Aren't vows the sort of thing priests live for?"

Fortunato sighs deeply, sighs, but inclines his head toward Luca and Reese. "You will have your portrait! Slowly and sluggishly. One day if we all survive, if we do." The artist is doing his blank thing, but it's at least a relatively peaceful kind of blank. He doesn't look on the verge of collapse or anything. To Magpie, "Aureth can still drink and party, I'm quite sure, but I'm gonna confess I'm gonna have to hide under a bench or in an alcove soon."

"They're the sort of thing we live /by/," Aleksei answers Magpie with a shrug. "I didn't exactly enjoy the big production of declaring them, because it was nerve-wracking as all hell."

Joscelin is -still- glaring at Aureth but she moves to wrap her arms around him, kissing his cheek, the embrace affectionate and sincere. She murmurs something into his ear and then punches him lightly in the shoulder. "Ass. Congratulations."

Reese looks upon Fortunato as he draws close to them. "Portrait?" She says looking Luca with a questioning expression. She then then gives the artists a gentle smile. "It is nice to see you again, Master Artist."

Aureth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"Ow!" Aureth complains about the impact of the punch, and settles his weight back on his heels with a stern knit to his brow, his expression otherwise blank as he looks down at Joscelin. "What?"

Luca looks a touch taken aback at the implied teasing in Alek's words, brows furrowing as he frowns worriedly at Fortunato. "Oh, well, I mean I thought you enjoyed those. If you don't..." Then Aureth's commenting and he's adding. "And we _did_ adore the sculpture of the lazy serpent wound in ribbons. It was perfect for us. I just know you have a wonderful hand with figures too..." Why was there a slightly embarrassed glance aside to Aleksei at that comment? Coughing a touch, Luca adds for Reese's benefit aside. "I'd just talked of commissioning him once things settle down. I thought it'd be nice for us to have something commemorate us together. You know, dramatic, with alaericite blades raised and our feet on a pile of Bringer skulls." Awwww. How romantic!

Magpie lets his arm slip away finally, giving Fortunato a nod, "I'm about ready to get out of here. Want to head back with me? I'm sure he'll be at all of this," a wave of hand to the long line of well-wishers, "for a while."

Joscelin points a finger at Aureth, just under his nose. "I'm going to get you for this. Also, let me know if you need help with your duties as Priest to the Queen. My offers on aid still stand." Grumpy Guildmaster. She nods to the others, pauses to stand kiss Fortunato's cheek, and heads on out.

Fortunato brightens up. Noticeably. "If there are Bringer skulls included, it will be far less of a chore to paint. I'm happy to do it," the artist says with a small bow toward Luca and Reese both. "Good to see you both." With this, he inclines his head toward Magpie (just in time to receive a cheek kiss from Joscelin, who he glances after). "Yeah, I'll head out with you. He knows we're here for him."

"What the hell!" Aureth complains more, the very picture of aggrieved innocence. "If she doesn't want people to know she has rings in her nipples, she shouldn't bathe at the grotto!"

Magpie nods to Fortunato, starting to head for the exit, but Aureth's complaint catches his ear and he bursts out laughing, glancing back once before leaving.

Fortunato leaves, following Magpie.

Aleksei blinks at Aureth's sudden complaint. He watches Joscelin's exit. He looks -- curious.

"I should show you my trophy wall!" Luca beams at Fortunato's shared interest in the macabre before he's waving to him as he takes off. A look then to Reese that's full of mock-pouting and he's saying her way. "See Ribbons! Not everyone thinks my hobby's cree...!" He doesn't finish that 'creepy' comment though as he's pausing a little wide-eyed distracted to Aureth's outburst, looking between him and Joscelin now. And, admittedly, lower on Joscelin's body with curiosity.

"Oh" Reese says toward Luca and her blue eyes widen. "That would be something." She murmurs and her cheeks are pink, but she seems to like the idea of the statue. "We have fought bringers side-by-side quite a few times now." She murmurs. She does seem a bit concerned about the talk of the bringers skulls. "We will have to find out if it is safe to keep them or if being around bringer skulls too often causes issues. I wonder if we know any priests we can talk to about this..." She says, looking over to Aureth and Aleksei.

While everyone's attentions are elsewhere, Rickard quickly and quietly ducks out of the cathedral, not wanting to disturb things.

"It won't explode if you don't put holy water on it, probably," Aureth shares with reference to Bringer skulls, scrubbing his hand back through his hair with an expression of continuing baffle on his face. Since Joscelin has stormed off and presumably taken the nipple rings with her, he sidles closer to Aleksei. "I think she just gets mad at me recreationally at this point," he claims. "First because I own armor and now because Armel knows she has interestingly placed jewelry." He looks about the Cathedral and says, "We could probably go find some drinks somewhere. Someone gave me some flavored cigar things to smoke."

Reese looks over to Aureth and then to Luca. "See the skulls are dangerous!" She murmurs. She then adds a moment later. "I'm sorry, Luca I have a meeting to get to." She tries to kiss against his cheek.

"Well. Maybe you're just fun to get mad at," Aleksei suggests to Aureth, clasping his friend's shoulder. "Listen, I have to go take care of some things. I'll see you around, okay?" He turns into him, giving him another squeezing sort of hug. "Congratulations," he says in a quieter voice, his smile warm, and then he slips away.

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