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A Tremorus Family Occasion

With the gathering of Tremorus' elite, there is always room for a party or two. Precious Maharet and the Praefecta have decided now is as good a time as any. The people could use a celebration right now and the opportunity to get together, speak on matters of state, and have some fun while doing it. Although this is a 'family' affair, the fealty of Pravus is - as always - welcome to this soiree. Should time be found, the upcoming Festival of the Hare Moon will also be discussed.


Nov. 20, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Ezmeralda Maharet


Remus Nina Andromeda Calla Graziella Giorgio Monique Adrienne Sabriel


Leporidae Pravus


Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Tremorus Manor - Sun Court

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Comments and Log

Having arrived early, Remus sat at the end of the primary table, a scattered sheaf of papers splayed across its surface in front of him. A near-forgotten goblet of wine flanked the assortment of logistical reports and maps that lay before him. The tall man wore a military uniform that was crisp to the point of almost being severe, his tightly cut hair the colour of a sunset just beginning.

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Nina has not yet been inside the new Tremorus Manor, so she's a bit like a tourist as she walks in, looking around with her eyes to the sky and her head spinning. She is wearing a loose gown of honeysilk in golden and black colors, her skirt swaying a bit as she steps into the room. Her eyes flicker about, falling on the sigil, the table, and the exquisite couches. And once she believes that this is, in fact, the spot, she goes about looking for wine. "This manor is so big! I haven't seen the whole of it yet! I'd love to go on a proper tour!"

The afternoon sun shines through the glass dome of the Sun Court, making it clear why the room has its name. Servants of the House are wandering with trays of drinks, and a long table has been prepared with various dishes common to the Saffron - there is a fair amount of sea food, albeit some of the fish have been replaced with equivalents more common to Arvum and Arx. Spring Fruit and preserves left over from Winter and Autumn are on display as well, and a few people have gathered here and there in preparation of the fesitivites.

Andromeda enters as a companion to the Precious Maharet, with the Sword of Tremorus standing tall and proud. While her Darksteel blade is carried at her side, she's foregone her typical armour in favour of a simple, loose-fitting gown, sleeveless and with low shoulders, cinched at the waist with golden rope, and wearing her sword-belt along with it. With the weather of Arx finally turning warmer, she's also wearing sandals alongside, rather than boots, and the leather straps go all the way up to her knees.

"Guests of Leporidae!" She calls out. "I present to you: The Precious Maharet, Voice of Tremorus."

She dressed simply, in comparison to the ladies of Arx, in a sleek and gauzy gown, a parasol resting over a shoulder even indoors, resting towards the nearest windows. The paleness of her skin, the rich crimson of her curls, suggests it is not mere affection, and the gold of her eyes gleams even in the shadows as the Precious Maharet steps within, tulle shadowing the movement of her legs without obscuring, one arm resting in Andromeda's elbow, a warm smile on her face. A nod to Remus, and her voice lifts "To my ladies, my lords, I am proud to welcome you to our home. To our family; meet those here, make yourself known to our guests. And to those who stand in the shadow of the Sword of Tremorus" Maharet strokes Andromeda's elbow gently, with one finger "Know she stands to guard you while you stand with us. I am Maharet. Welcome."

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Calla follows shortly after Nina wearing one of her Eurusi inspired dress no less, practically a walking ad for the designer. Her mane of saffron hair is as ever a wild tumble of waves over her shoulders, matched quite nicely with the reds and purples of her gown. Oddly, she's barefooted, but that could just be attributed to the fact that the Vaevici esetate is practically next door. Pausing just inside the door, she looks around at the Sun court and giggles softly at Nina's remark, "It's quite the thing isn't it? The first time I was here, I said my estate looks like a shack in comparison." When a server is spotted with a tray of drinks, she deftly snatches one up before her attention gets taken up by their hosts speaking.

Princess Graziella Pravus this afternoon wearing a unique dress with a life sized electrum python woven into the design; thousands of small metal scales shift in subtle ways with her every movement so that the snake never looks out of place. The tail of the snake trails with the hemline all the way to the floor and drags behind her creating the slithering sound of metal against stone in her wake. Her hair is piled atop her head neatly enough but small flyaways still float freely around her face and she makes no effort to secure them or even notice them. The Princess looks around as she goes, taking her time near the entrance to get her bearings and speak with Calla and Nina, "You have a lovely estate Baroness, besides, its how your decorate it. Not how big it is..." She furrows her brows absently and continues on her way into the event, commenting to herself under her breath, "Something of that nature?" Shaking her head and turning to listen to the hosts, she smiles politely and waits for her chance to make the rounds and introduce herself to everyone.

Nina sees drinks going around, so she grabs herself some pink-tinted wine. Then she walks over to nod to the party host, giving Maharet a bit of a small curtsey. "Hello. I'm Nina, of the Suspires. Happy to be here and take advantage of your hospitality." She looks up, then, at Andromeda, and gives her a wide smile. "I know we'll be in safe hands with you watching us then!" As Graziella approaches, Nina looks over... and looks astonished. "My! What a fascinating dress!"

Later to arrive than he would have liked, Giorgio Pontelaeus makes his way in with a carefree stride and friendly smile playing upon his features. He is outfit for a party in fine silks, though certainly nothing to warrant too much attention. The merchant is entering in on the heels of Calla and Graziella, and it is them who he greets first. "Good evening, Baroness," he says to Calla with a friendly tone of voice. "I am not certain if you will remember me or not, but we met on my first day in the city..."

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Later to arrive than he would have liked, Giorgio Pontelaeus makes his way in with a carefree stride and friendly smile playing upon his features. He is outfit for a party in fine silks, though certainly nothing to warrant too much attention. The merchant is entering in on the heels of Calla and Graziella, and it is them who he greets first. "Good evening, Baroness," he says to Calla with a friendly tone of voice. "I am not certain if you will remember me or not, but we met on my first day in the city..."

"You're very kind to say," Calla responds with a grin in Graziella's direction, "We don't really do decorations though, but I am thinking I might balk on tradition a bit there now that I've got a taste of all the wonderfully beautiful things that are available here." Looking over the Pravus Princess, she open admires her dress with a low whistle, "Wow! Like that. Never in a million years would I see something like that back in Sangris." Giorgio's approach is met with a flash of recognition in amber eyes. "Of course I remember you, Giorgio, wasn't it? I hope you are settling in well here. I keep meaning to send a messenger about setting up a meeting to talk trade, but I'm being kept quite busy at the moment."

Maharet smiles to Nina, lifting a hand to gesture after the woman curtsies "Thank you, but direct your courtesy to the Sword Andromeda, not to myself" And she takes Nina's hand in her own, holding it a moment "It is a delight to meet you, Nina of the Suspires."

Andromeda stays close to Precious Maharet, and gives a nod of greeting over to the table and her brother, Remus. "I'm glad we got good weather for this," She opines, quietly, to Maharet. "And it looks like the dishes were prepared well. Can I get you anything, Precious Maharet?" Still, before she gets the chance, there's a tumble of guests, and she inclines a small bow to Calla and Nina and Graziella - and the arriving Giorgio as well.

"Your highness. Baroness. Suspire. Good to see you, and as Precious Maharet said, be welcome. Those are stunning gowns, and that one quite unique." There's a hint of a smile at the edges of her lips as she takes in Graziella's dress. "I like the theme."

She adjusts her sword belt, and at Maharet's words there's a small shake of her head. "You are as deserving of accolade as much as I am, Precious Maharet. Now... What can I get you?"

Shortly after the arrival of Calla and Nina, the Lady of Tremorus arrives with a silver platter balanced on the palm of her hand. Graciously she strides into the room, heels clicking softly on the stone, and settles it down upon the stone table near Remus to reveal three bottles of red from the Chains. The contents of which swirl with something blue that signifies it's been spiked. "Mistress Autumndale I would be delighted to give you a tour of the manor sometime if none of my cousins can manage it. As you can see, some of them just don't know how to stop working." Ezmeralda offers the Vice-General a bit of a playful pout before pouring him something to drink.

"I brought something special but be warned it's a bit of a trip and for those who are new or less adventurous, I promise not to be insulted if you decide not to partake." After she's managed to fill several glasses she seizes her own and walks to the hostess's side to plant a kiss on her cheek. "Precious Maharet you look darling tonight."

Remus inclined his head, taking a moment to gather up his papers and filing them away before stretching his arms out in from of him with a somewhat wry smile, "Not often a reason for complaint," He murmured softly in a rippling bass-timbred voice, "But fair enough."

"A glass of the delights our lady brought, I think" Maharet smiles to Andromeda, and returns the kiss to Esmeralda's cheek "My Marquessa." She says with the softest, fondest of smiles and the ever-so-slight bow of her shaded face, before she clasps the woman's free hand a moment, before releasing it

Offering a bow to Andromeda, Maharet, Ezmeralda, AND Remus, Giorgio finally straightens and looks to Calla with an understanding smile. "I can certainly understand that. It seems that this city has no shortage of things beating upon your door demanding your attention at any turn. If I have learned that myself, I can only imagine what it must be like for you," he says with a smile. Looking to Nina and Graziella, Giorgio says, "It is a pleasure to see you two again as well."

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants arrives, delivering a message to Giorgio before departing.

Nina walks over and sits on one of the luxurious couches. Normally the life of the party, she's getting the measure of people before she does anything too bold, just yet. "Are many people from Tremorus all so tall?" she asks Remus, looking over at him, and up - more so now that she is seated.

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Graziella looks down as if slightly confused or perhaps just naive, "Why does everyone keep calling it a theme?" She wonders softly but without any sort of disdain, adding in an aside to answer Nina, "Thank you, the idea came to me in a dream and I had several crafters come together to create it." Turning back to Ezmeralda and Maharet she inclines her head politely to the hosts with a rehearsed smile that dies in her reptilian gaze, wading through the pleastries with no lack of grace but a certain empty obligation all the same, "It was delightful of you to extend the invitation to our ward, everything here is perfectly to die for.. I can't wait to try the food, it smells sublime..." Her words trail off into airy sentences and her gaze tends to wander while she speaks as if too aloof or too absent minded for proper eye contact in casual settings.

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Remus chuckled richly, unwinding himself from the table with a stretch and stepping over to settle down on the couch comfortably, "It is indeed so, it helps when one falls over the edge of a ship, means we have at least a reasonable chance of touching the bottom." He bantered dryly.

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Andromeda gives a bow to the Praefecta as she arrives, and another, smaller bow to Maharet as she declares her taste in drink. Stepping over to the stone table, she gathers glasses and hands a few out - One for Remus, because he happens to be nearby. One for Maharet, as per her desire. One for Giorgio, because who can deny the Pontolaeus anything? She even has a glass for herself, and maintains a half-way distance to the table so she might be able to help any guests curious about the drinks. As for the Princess Graziella's accidental theme, the Sword stays quiet, instead giving an incline of her head to Baroness and Suspire, to Nina and Calla. "As the Praefecta says, we shall be glad to show you the splendour of our home and the grace of Tremorus."

"I like the way you put that." Calla replies with a thoughtful smile in Giorgio's direction. "That is a very apt description of this city." She then offers a curtsey to the all the hosts, each in turn, smiling brightly in Ezmeralda's direction. "Indeed, so pleased to have an excuse to return to your gorgeous home, Marquessa. I'd be delighted to partake in whatever you are offering. I'm certainly the adventurous sort, well when it comes to drinks. Just ask Princess Graziella. She had a drink at her party that turned one's tongue black, and I tried that."

"Oh! The bottom of the ocean!" Nina says, smiling at what was clearly a joke on Remus's part, but acting as if she believes it. She looks to Andromeda with appreciation. "It sounds splendid! When do we leave? Honestly..." She takes a long drink. "I'd like a chance to get out of the city this summer. See somewhere new so I can write about it." She nods to Calla, discussing drink. "I like drink but I need to build a stronger tolerance. Too many flavors not to miss out on!"

Noting that Maharet was playing the hostess well enough she slipped from her side to let her breathe. Giorgio is given a polite nod of the head as well, dipped much more reverently than usual - after all nobody disregards the money. "Merchant Prince Giorgio I've been meaning to offer you my thanks, I've been following your progress with our economic development and it's been prodigious." Ezmeralda offers him a raised glass before looking to Andromeda and giving the pair of women she spoke to with a reassuring nod. Navigating her way to the table she retrieves a glass of the 'spiked wine' to bring to Calla. "Here you are Baroness. Tell me what you think."

Not long after receiving an invitation, the Lady Monique Greenmarch is making her way down and through the Pravus ward, having to stop only a few times for directions to the impressive Tremorus Manor. She trails one of the House staff towards the entrance to the Sun Court, her lavender silk skirts whispering across the ground after her as she approaches. Her hair is a fiery beacon to mark her, and her ruby lips curl upwards as she soaks in the grandeur with an envious breath, emerald eyes seeking something, or someone.

Graziella glances back over when she hears her name, "Hm? Oh, yes, Nostalgia." She nods to Baroness Calla when she mentions the liquor that turned everyone's tongues black, "I only had a single cask made for the occasion but it was a curious brew, meant to be savored and remembered... rather than something to over indulge in. It was quite sweet with a bitter after taste, prominent flavors were licorice and sea salt taffy but it was also laced with 32 herbs and spices." Graziella looks on curiously as Ezmeralda gives Calla something new to try, "What do you call this one?"

Remus chuckled, "Something like that yes. You never know when some atoll will save you from a tight spot." He rose up briefly to retrieve one of the drinks that Ezmeralda had brought before returning to the comfort of the couch.

Having been hovering near the entrance of the Sun Court, Giorgio is readily available when the house staff shows Monique in to where the night's festivities are set to take place. Offering a nod of thanks to the servant before they depart, Giorgio greets Monique warmly. "Ahhh, you did make it after all. Please come in and meet everyone," he says.

Turning his eyes toward the hosts of the evening, Giorgio indicates one after the other, "Our hosts for this beautiful night. Marquessa Ezmeralda Leporidae, Lady Andromeda Leporidae, Sword of Tremorus. Blessed Maharet, Voice of Tremorus, and Lord Remus Leporidae. Err... if you have not already met them all."

At Ezmeralda's compliment to the merchant, Giorgio only offers a respectful bow of his own head and lift of his glass in return, speaking a humble, "For the glory of Tremorus, of course."

"Nostalgia!" Calla exclaims as Graziella speaks up, "That's right. I loved your reasoning behind that. The taste was like nothing I've ever tasted, so unique." The Baroness takes the glass offered to her with a smile of thanks, looking it over. "Well I do love a red wine, so I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this." She tips the glass to her lips for a long sip, her brows knitting thoughtfully together. "Interesting... sweet, but not unpleasantly so... I definitely approve." And then she's taking another heartier sip before heading over to those sumptuous counches to see if they are as comfy as they look.

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"Welcome, umm Lady Monique right? You're spoken of quite frequently in the circle of gossips. All interesting things I can assure you." Ezme takes a step her direction as if she was going to engage with her about this bit of gossip but then Graziella poses a question which needs answering. "Oh. Well I suppose we often call it Euphoria, but it's specially prepared by a guild of alchemists where we come from and only they could actually tell you where it's from. They're quite small, few in numbers these days but respected greatly for their art." Now she can slip away from the women to go and meet Giorgio's guest properly. "Hello, hello."

"Well met, Lady Monique," Andromeda offers in greeting as Giorgio makes introductions. "And welcome." She pauses. "I believe I have heard your name before, in association with Sungreet. I am told you turned the tide of battle with your silver tongue. Well done." She concludes. There's a hesitant glance to Calla and Graziella, an uncertain hint of a smile at the discussion of the drink once had, and she takes a small sip of her own glass, looking to the couches where her brother has settled, before looking back to the group and glancing from Ezme to Calla, to see how she likes the drink. Is there a sigh of relief? There might be a sigh of relief. The tall woman is holding a certain amount of tension in her shoulders, but given her role and the recent attacks, who can blame her?

"Hello, Lady Monique!" Nina says, rather casually, from her spot on the comfortable couch. She's halfway through her first glass of wine, but definitely going to pick up more. "So good to see you again!"

"I try to live my life surrounded by unique tastes..." Graziella agrees with a simple smile when Calla comments on the choice of her last birthday brew. She follows a few of the others over to the sofas and takes a seat, keeping her presence seen but often quiet and making sure to thoughtfully sip her own glass of Euphoria for a while before she comments on it, "Perfectly splendid, this is certainly unique." She looks down at her glass with an appraising awe and nods once before taking another sip, "I would definitely pay good silver for this, its marketable."

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"I've not had the honor," Monique informs Giorgio, stepping lightly towards the merchant. Her eyes slide to each introduction in turn, according a deep, practiced curtsey for all. "But now that I've had it, I consider my world more enriched for the experience. Marquessa Ezmeralda, Lady Andromeda, Blessed Maharet, and Lord Remus, I'm grateful for the invitation via Master Giorgio, and don't believe quite everything you hear," she cautions with a twist of her ruby lips upwards. "I think I'd have to be straight from Elysia or straight from the Abyss, given some of the tales I've heard of myself. I promise, I'm neither. Ah, Mistress Nina! Looking as lovely as ever." There's a low bow of her head as she spies Graziella. "Your Highness." Her eyes swing around to the room. "This is /incredible/. Who designed it, if I might ask?"

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Remus took a deep sip of the alchemically enhanced beverage, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back deeper into the couch with arms crooked up over the back of the piece of furniture. The man's sky blue eyes flit from person to person, observing with a native curiosity.

Nina is wearing honeysilk that has a shimmer between black and gold. She's apparently kept just a bit of the fabric from all of her recent sales, and has matched it with a pair of golden sandals. The main draw of the dress is sparkles, and it looks altogether quite comfortable. Seeing Remus looking around, she looks back at him, with a squint of her eyes. "So, your role in the house.... You are a book keeper? A scholar?"

Gesturing toward Monique as Ezmeralda comes over to join the two of them. "Lady Monique and I have joined together in a bit of a business venture. It will be quite interesting to see how it develops," he offers conversationally. As Andromeda mentions Monique's involvement with Sungreet, Giorgio looks toward the Greenmarch Lady with a lifted brow, curiosity evident before he allows it to slip away for later.

"That's a good way to live your life," Calla responds to Graziella as she very carefully takes a seat on the couches, making sure the daring design of her dress keeps everything to a PG rating. sitting up straight rather than slouching back, she picks out the only unfamiliar face in the group and smiles in Remus' direction. "Hello, I don't think we were properly introduced. I'm Calla Vaevici, Baroness of Sangris, also in the Saffron chain."

Andromeda takes a small sip of her Euphoria once more, giving Monique another nod. Raising a small brow at Giorgo's mention of a business venture. She exhales, softly, and looks to Maharet. "Can I get you anything else, Precious Maharet?" She inquires - glancing to Remus, quirking the edge of her lips as her brother draws the attention of Suspire and Baroness alike.

Remus inclined his head politely with an amiable smile, "Remus Leporidae, Vice-General of the Grand Tribunal. And very recently arrived to Arx, it's a pleasure to meet you Lady Vaevici, and I hope that you are enjoying our hospitality. I'm glad that the rest of my family excels in hosting, for I do not."

Princesses don't need to be punctual. With a servant as her escort - and three glum-faced guards flanking her - Adrienne arrives fashionably late to the Tremorus banquet. Pale eyes flickering gold in the torchlight, Adrienne takes in the room, the searingly high windows with focused interest. Gaze lighting on the trio of Ezmeralda, Monique, and Giorgio, she approaches slowly, steelsilk whispering with each step. "Marquessa? Don't let me interrupt. Your home is beautiful. I could not resist the invitation." She offers a hand to the hostess while inclining her head respectfully to those nearest, too many to name.

Adrienne's left shoulder is covered in dark silk, a poor mask for the bandages beneath.

"Business you say?" Ezme's liveliness comes alive as she looks inquisitively between the Greenmarch Lady and the Merchant Prince. Her eyes narrow in a playfully suspicious manner before she pries. "Oh do tell. Unless, of course, now is not the time. That is something I can respect." Remus is given a look, as if she is making sure he is staying out of trouble, and then she looks over to the rest of the guests but Lady Monique asked a question and it'd be rude not to look at her - so she does. "The manor's original design was done by one, Lord Marconius of the Crassus. He's quite gifted, the architecture is done in his styling but he did consult with me here and there. The Crystal Baths are all my ingenuity, if you get the chance I recommend sneaking off and taking a dip." The arrival of another princess of Pravus makes Ezme smile even wider. "Thank you for your compliments Princess Adrienne, and for coming. Would you like me to get you a drink?"

Maharet shakes her head gently to Andromeda "No. Attend on the Praefecta" She smiles, moving to a seat. There, she arranges herself and rests, her back to the wall and a thoughtful look to the room, as she listens and considers

Nina looks at Adrienne with a smile, then... slightly tilts her head when she sees the Princess is bandaged. But she brightens up a second later, since she appears to be moving around fine. "You look lovely as always, Princess Adrienne!" Nina takes a drink... and, the glass drained, passes it off for a refresh without getting up. "I have some minor news about a project. I'm working on adding a room of fountain baths to the Butterfly Lounge. The centerpiece is nearly complete, and it will be open soon for people who want to come by and relax in cool pools this summer."

Offering a dip of his head in a bow toward Adrienne, Giorgio +rs

Monique gives Giorgio an innocent smile. "It wasn't me alone, I assure you. There were a group of very brave individuals who made it possible. And it's how I ended up betrothed to Prince Damik," she elaborates before her bright eyes slide away. "But The Dream is my focus for now. And your skill on its behalf is beyond valuable. I can only imagine how much the House values you here. My gratitude," she adds, "for allowing me to borrow them. I hope you'll come to visit The Dream when it's ready?" she invites of the Tremorus, dipping a nod of greeting to Adrienne before turning to listen to Ezmerelda's reply. "Crystal baths? That sounds more than enticing, Your Highness."

Graziella raises her glass to Adrienne when she sees the other Princess enter, calling out a demure, "Good to see you cousin." She leans back in her seat and the scales on the snake around her dress clink like delicate platemail. She is listening more than she is speaking and her eyes retain a large moonish quality that somehow causes her to look eternally confused or perhaps just a touch concerned... as if the expression were difficult to read on purpose.

Offering a dip of his head in a bow toward Adrienne, Giorgio says, "Princess Adrienne. It is a pleasure to see you. Welcome to the Tremorus Manor." Looking to Ezmeralda then as she mentions an interest in his and Monique's business venture, the Merchant Prince of Tremorus chuckles and says, "It is quite an interesting endeavor, I will admit. I wasn't too hard to sell on it. Perhaps we might be able to discuss it more in depth another evening. I do not wish to ruin the evening with boring business details. Not that it is boring to me, but... well.." Giorgio gestures with a hand toward the other guests of Leporidae who likely do find business quite boring.

"Leporidae is lucky to have so many of you willing to come to Arx." Calla replies with a sigh. "I'm pretty much on my own here. But I'm hoping that a trip I'm taking home soon will help to entice some other Sangris nobles back with me." She takes another long sip of her spiked drink.

"If you will let me toast to your health, of course," Adrienne concedes to Ezmeralda with the faintest of smiles. Nina's greeting has her head turning, laughter in the silent shake of her shoulders. "Thank you, bardess. You're wearing one of your own creations?" Nina's news earns a mirroring tilt of her head, avian-like. "What a lovely idea. Perhaps next you'll add an arena. It'd be most convenient." The pale gaze flicks to Graziella, inspects the wickely ornate gown with a brief crease of her brow, before a smile flits across her eyes in welcome for her cousin-by-marriage. Considering Ezmeralda again, Adrienne adds after Monique, "You were quite brave yourself. I did not have the opportunity to thank you for you did at the docks. It was a wonder to behold..." She trails off to say to Giorgio, "Adrienne Pravus. I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

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Andromeda murmurs something to Maharet, but for now remains by her side. Though she does cast a glance over at the Praefecta and her conversation with Monique and Giorgio, quirking her lips. She brightens a little further, brows raising, as Adrienne joins them. "Princess Adrienne. Welcome back. Perhaps we can get a chance to finish your tour, mm?" She offers. "Once you've said your greetings, perhaps you'd like to come meet the Precious Maharet?"

"An ARENA," Nina says, her eyes going a bit wide at the suggestion. "You mean as if for combat? I know that's not my speciality, but..." She nods a couple times. "I'd like to build a grand instrument room, though I think I will do it at the Pravus estate, as there is more room there for my vision." She smiles thinly, drinking... "Since I have finished what I set out to do with fashion for now, I must move to another persuit. If I don't have some interesting project I sometimes feel as if I will turn into smoke." Her head tilts over. "Is the tour of the grounds? I'd follow along for that."

"Maybe you will stick around after the party to have a soak with us? I'm honestly surprised Giorgio hasn't taken you there yet." Ezme casts an accusatory glance at him that is all gentle teasing. She even throws in a bit of tutting for good measure. "I can't wait to visit The Dream, Lady Monique-" Before she comments further on that she is heading to the stone table to grab a glass of spiked wine for the Princess. She never specified, right? "Here you are your Highness, sip it slowly. Wouldn't want you to pass out on me now." The brooding young knight in golden armor that had been attending the Marquessa steps forward as she snaps her fingers and gestures between him and Adrienne. It's pretty clear he would stand by her side in case she did swoon or anything. Can't have that! "The docks? Oh right. Yes. Well...someone had to do it. Am I right?"

Monique casts the same accusatory glance to Giorgio, and it holds all the same lighthearted ease. "Yes, Director, how come you haven't taken me there yet?" she echoes, humor tripping her tongue. "Though to be fair, we have been busy. But I'll look forward to the experience." Her eyes slide to Nina then. "Are you healed up, Mistress Nina? I ought to have asked the other night before dragging you onto that couch."

"I'm all right. Actually..." Nina stands up from the couch where she's sitting, and turns around. With one hand, she lifts her red hair up. As she's wearing a backless dress... it's possible to see a bit of a healing scar there, right between her shoulder blades, where something clearly pierced her.. "...The arrow wasn't too deep. I had that ironwool cloak on and that covered my back just enough. A Crownlands invention, as Prince Niklas was sure to remind me. It.... had a good deal of blood on it. And you know, I busied myself patching it up while I had nothing else much to do for a few days."

"Duty calls," murmurs Adrienne apologeticaly as she accepts the glass in both hands from Ezmeralda, dawnstone shining on her left hand. "To your health, Marquessa Ezmeralda. Doing something and succeeding at it can be as far apart as a chasm. Gloria clearly favors you already." The Oathlander sips her drink with a steady countenance - she did just recently return from Setarco and practice makes perfect - and while the morose knight is perhaps a little perplexing, she already has a brood following her like unhappy hens. Another is no object. It's also wise.

Her duty done, Adrienne joins Andromeda to continue introductions. On the way, she calls aside to Nina, "Yes, an Arena. A pool is a comforting thing after a battle, I think." A smile, rare and brilliant, lights her features at Nina's next suggestion. "Please do. I'd move the heavens for a proper conservatory in the Estate." With that, however, Adrienne refocuses on Andromeda. "You are kind to remember." Her gaze travles to Maharet. "Andromeda speaks so highly of you, you do not feel like a stranger. It is my pleasure to meet you.

It seems as though it is possible to get Sabriel dressed up nice. The former pirate-turned-Vice-Admiral is wearing a simple but well cut silk gown in elegant scarlet with a plunging neckline, with her hair tied back into a simple ponytail. It is not extravagant by any means but it's clear to anybody that has known her for any stretch of time that Sabriel has put some considerable effort into her appearance and even left her sword in her room. "Are you already preparing to move on for a soak in the tubs after the party? Well I wouldn't say no to a bit of a nightcap. Sorry I'm late, I was trying to finish up some business and it took a bit longer than I wanted, had to get cleaned up, couldn't show up here looking like I just arrived to port!" she smiles over at Ezmeralda and moves to scoop up a glass of wine, sipping casually and giving a nod to her with a lift of her glass in a small sort of salute

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Lifting his brows at something that was murmured to him from Monique, Giorgio laughs before he says, "Forgive my manners. Drinks, yes..." Giorgio moves over toward the table bearing the alcohol, though he does not reach for the wine and instead opts for whiskey. Pouring up two glasses, he returns over to where the group has congregated and offers one of them to Monique. "As for the baths, I was intending on getting there eventually. But we have been quite busy. All of the rennovations at the Dream, combined with my duties in the markets. This city has kept me running." He grins toward Ezmeralda and Monique, clearly intending on it being plain to see that /they/ are the ones keeping him busy.

Andromeda looks to Remus and Nina, offering the Suspire a small smile. "I apologise, Suspire Nina. I am certain we can go look whenever you feel like." She notes. "And I as someone not... Acquainted with Arvani fashion, I admit I am curious to hear of your achievements. I have heard tell that you are quite the accomplished seamstress and hostess." She inclines her head - and glances to Adrienne as she arrives, giving a small bow. "There is only praise to be had for Precious Maharet, it is true." She agrees, wtih a small grin. "I hope your wounds are not bothering you too much, Princess." She mumurs, giving those bandages a measuring look - before tossing an upnod to Sabriel, and glancing curiously over to Monique, Giorgio and Ezmeralda again, before she glances back to Remus.

Maharet stirs from her musings on the glass of wine in one hand, and focuses on Adrienne. Her smile brightens, and she rises, dipping her head "It is always a delight to find my name has been offered to others." She considers, nodding as she follows Andromeda's comments "Indeed. Thank you for your presence; knowing you must be pained makes your attending all the greater blessing you've offered to us"

Remus crooked an eyebrow at his sister, the faintest of smiles curling the corners of his lips as he drained the rest of his drink and returned to lounging at the couch.

Monique sucks in a sharp breath at Nina's scar, her fingertips rising automatically to brush against it unless the talented woman steps away. "Gods and spirits, that's bad. It could have been worse, but that doesn't negate how it was. I'm doubly glad you're all right." The whiskey is accepted with a happy sigh, the aroma inhaled with pure pleasure, punctuated by a curious look to Sabriel's arrival. "Thank you, Director. I'm curious to know what is next for Tremorus, for Leporidae?"

When Sabriel makes her appearance the Lady of Tremorus is quite stunned and has to do a double take. "We're all very glad you took all the time you needed if -this- is how you're showing up. My, my. You look beautiful as I'd imag- I mean, beautiful as ever." Ezmeralda hastily takes a few sips of her drink before returning to her conversation with Giorgio and Monique. "You love being busy making us all very rich." With a gesture she points at the couches where Remus sits,"Let's take a seat shall we? Remus hasn't been harassed enough and I want to mingle with him a bit before I make the announcement of the upcoming festival. Which will be in Tremorus, of course." Ezmeralda smooths the dress she wears after taking a seat next to Remus, crossing her legs and leaning against his side. "Remus. How have you been settling in?"

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Ezmeralda looks at Nina's back and nods her head. "That is going to leave a lovely scar! Many will appreciate it Mistress Nina."

Jaw tensing, Adrienne takes a demure sip of the - is this spiked? - wine. "Your concern speaks well of you both, but I promise my pride was hurt worse than my shoulder. Will you remind me how you serve House Leporidae? Your Sword offered a tour of the estate last winter. I've enjoyed learning of the culture of your home." Ezmeralda's comment catches her ear and she looks over to the couches briefly. "You are hosting a festival?"

Adrienne checks stamina at normal. Adrienne fails.

"No need to apologize!" Nina doesn't seem at all troubled when she replies to Andromeda. "I have lately been incorporating Eurusi style patterns in all my work. I had a lovely set of gowns that I made from seasilk, but I sold them all to the last. And the Umbra too!" She looks at Monique for a second. "So now I must replenish my stock, but honestly, my fingers need a bit of a rest." She turns around and furrows her brow just slightly again, dropping her hair back down as she looks at Monique. She was wearing a coat the other night when she saw Monique which clearly hid this from view. "It's really nothing," she says... and then to Ezmeralda, she can't help but laugh. "Oh, is it such a fine scar, one I got running away from danger? But I suppose there is a story behind it."

Offers a nod toward Ezmeralda and gestures toward the couches for Monique to feel free to lead the way. "As for business with Tremorus, I cannot say. The Marquessa instructs and I do my best to make her wishes become reality. At least as far as I can with coin," he says thoughtfully. "Immediately, however, I intend on hosting a boat race in the near future, in the name of Leporidae. And by immediately, I would imagine in the next month or so. I have a few things that I wish to align perfectly before I host it." Once they arrive at the couches, Giorgio offers a nod of greeting toward Remus.

Remus smiled earnestly as Ezmeralda approached, placing his now-empty glass down on the table in front of him before leaning back into her, "Not so bad. The amount of paperwork and inspection have filled the hours at very least. In that way it's not so big of a departure from where I came from after all... Colder though." He noted dryly, the ghost of a smile upon his lips.

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"I am privileged to assist the Praefecta in her work with her house" Maharet tells Adrienne, her golden eyes unblinking "I was fortunate enough to be well regarded among the people of my home, and so I was blessed with the opportunity to relay her will where it was needed" She nods, her lips turning down in a thoughtful expression "The city is a delight to visit, and to see the variety of folk here"

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Sabriel takes a sip of her wine, making another adjustment to the front of her dress with a bit of a frown and a wiggle. "Yeah, I thought that I should try to at least look a bit presentable... dresses aren't a problem though this one feels like it's trying to squeeze my tits together," she grimaces, momentarily forgetting a bit of the expected decorum but she moves swiftly past it and her gaze shifts over to Nina and she nods towards her. "A wound? Every scar tells a story, so be proud. I have a bit of a collection myself, could tell you about each of them sometime," she smiles and shoots a wink over the rim of her glass. "Sabriel Stormborn, good to meetcha. I'm Marquessa Ezmeralda's Vice-Admiral, finally trying to bump some elbows with the important people of the city!"

Monique does lead the way towards the couches, though the Minx of the Marches slows her step to allow Giorgio to keep a leisurely pace alongside her. "A boat race?" Both brows loft in surprise in Giorgio's direction, and there's a moment of silence before she recovers. "I shall happily cheer your endeavors from the safety of the shore, Director." She takes up space on the couch, the pool of lavender silk draping around her in haphazard elegance. "Lord Remus," she greets with an easy smile. "Do you share the love of ships and sailing?"

Andromeda being one of the people who can appreciate a good scar, casting a glance to Nina and inclining her head to her. "You have bled for Pravus," She offers, with an approving tone. "Now you know the pain of principle. Good. Very good." Listening to her speak of her work, and she clicks her tongue. "Well. If you wish to be inspired by Tremorus and the southern Saffron, let me know. I could do to have a dress in my wardrobe." There's a glance to Ezmeralda, as she sips of her Euphoria. Just a small one - the towering woman having several reasons to want to take it slow, and Princess Adrienne's reaction to the drink is but one of them.

She nods in agreement with her Praefecta, as she looks over Sabriel a little closer when the woman draws near. "You do pretty up well." She notes. "Can you still fight in that get-up?" She muses. Looking to Maharet and grinning. "She is also the perfect liaison between the House and the people of Leporidae," She adds to Adrienne. "We are blessed to have Precious Maharet and Minister Giorgio to aid in our efforts."

"I'd LOVE that," Nina says, looking at Andromeda. "I'd like to learn more about Tremorus fashion next. You clearly have a lovely sense of interior decoration, at least." Now standing, she takes another sip of wine. "Let's sit down and look at fabrics some time until I have captured your aesthetic."

Remus chuckled richly, "Vice-Admiral. Of course I do, there's little more flawlessly artistic than the turning of a bow into the waves, or the subtle curve of a good keel." Somehow he managed to maintain a straight face, through a twinkle in the man's eyes would lend evidence to the playful sincerity of his words, "You look lovely tonight, and I would mention that a ship surrendering to sea has it's own beauty to it, there's something very satisfying to the feeling of sinking ships."

"Why yes, Princess Adrienne, we are hosting a festival. I might as well make that announcement now hm." Ezme pats Remus on the thigh as she stands up,"It is cold as hell up here isn't it? I thought for sure I was the only one who slept with like, ten blankets and the fireplace roaring through the night." As she stands up, she walks lightly taps her glass. In high society this signals an impending announcement. "Thank you all for coming tonight, I've been so fortunate to have so many family members coming from Tremorus to settle in the city. Not to mention the warm welcome we've had from the Pravus, despite our history, and the Compact's people in general, despite us having -no- history at all." Ezmeralda's smile is saccharine as she quirks a brow to the attendees.

"Which is why it is my pleasure to invite you all to the island for the Festival of the Hare Moon. One of our annual celebrations in honor of nature's beauty and the Moon Rabbit Junction, when all the isle is flooded with bunnies of all colors and sizes that are said to come down from the heavens and join us for three wonderful nights of great fun."

"And what efforts would those be?" Adrienne asks first of Andromeda. Her attention, direct and borderline invasive, diverts abruptly to take in the rest of the gathering. Sabriel in her tits-squishing gown earns a knit brow. Nina's scar, a tight press of her lips. Inhaling, she refocuses on Maharet. "Arx does live up to its reputation." For good and ill. "What have you most enjoyed? For my part, Nina Autumndale's winter was the best I've heard in the city, no small accomplishment."

Pale eyes narrow with good humor at Ezmeralda. Her head tips, baffled, at the description of said festival however. After a silent and considered pause, she asks of Andromeda, "These are not crocodile-sized rabbits, I trust."

"The same as our words," Andromeda offers with an incline of her head to Adrienne. "Multiply. Divide. Conquer." She sips her drink again, glancing to Maharet, and offering a smile - about to offer her own opinion when Ezmeralda explains the festival and invites them along. The Sword raising her voice in cheer. "MULTIPLY! DIVIDE! CONQUER!" She repeats, now for everyone to hear. And, at Adrienne's question, she gives a shake of her head. "They are sacred in their way, but I've yet to find one that large."

"Oh the dress moves quite well, though I'd be a bit worried about my tits escaping if I moved too fast so I'd be able to fight as long as I didn't lose focus," Sabriel says with a smirk towards Andromeda. "So I guess whoever I'm fighting gets a show before I kill them, let it not be said that I cannot be kind," she chuckles as she takes a sip of the wine, and she gives a little dip of her head to Remus. "Oh it is nothing, I live on the sea, it is where I feel the most at home. Commanding a crew is as natural to me as breathing and it is why I was able to escape from my previous life to offer it up to Leporidae. I've never once had cause to regret it either. The true joy comes from outmaneuvering my enemies and watching as the storm waves overtake them." she grins. "Good to see you, we've hardly had a chance to spend time together since you arrived in Arx, have you been settling in all right?"

"I'm afraid I tend not to visit too many of the grand displays of wealth of the city" Maharet smiles to Adrienne, blinking slowly and studying the princess carefully "Though they speak much of the generosity of those who proffer them" She brushes a hand over her own gown, and considers "I suppose I should be more visible. I daresay it is expected - I am not used to a city such as this, where I am unknown" A relatively carefree statement

Nina sits again... and nods, listening in. But it's hard for her to entirely hide her enthusiasm. "Oh! Bunnies!" She clears her throat. "I'd... like that a lot! One of them is on your necklace I see!" She looks at Sabriel, and laughs at her continued lack of ... any sort of filter. It makes her take a second look at the other woman's dress.

"This might be a sacriligious question to ask, but is there a land route to this festival?" Monique asks, a wry smile touching the corners of her ruby lips. "A bridge or if someone has a dragon I might borrow?" She adds with a low, throaty chuckle that's almost but not quite kidding.

"As I was mentioning to the Marquessa, honestly it's been more or less what I am used to since I've been here. Paperwork, drilling and inspections." Remus waved a hand with a smile, "It's good to see you too. And I am glad to see that the city hasn't softened you any, we still see eye-to-eye when it comes to a tactical outstripping of enemies. Alas I'm sure it's much more enjoyable to do on a boat if only because it means much less marching over arduous terrain." A glance is passed towards the discarded drink, "Hm. The Marquessa wasn't kidding about these drinks.." He murmured softly.

There is a snort of amusement from Giorgio as he glances aside toward Monique. "Oh come now, for /this/? You can surely brave the waters. The Festival of the Hare Moon is not one that you want to miss," Giorgio says toward the Greenmarch. He is smiling, certainly amused, but his enthusiasm for the festival seems quite genuine.

Stifling a yawn into her fist with veiled annoyance, Adrienne nods slightly to Andromeda. Normal sized bunnies. This will be fine. Pale eyes sharpen momentarily on Maharet, regard for regard, before she probes gently, "I did not ask what you don't enjoy, but what you do. Will you share your opinions of the the city? You have my word that you will not give offense." She clears her throat quietly, definitely not yawning again. "Or bore me." Talk of dragons must draw the Valardin's attention, mouth twisting wryly as she pieces together Monique's request.

"We will see that Arx and Arvum comes to know and love you as we do, Precious Maharet," Andromeda assures the smaller woman. Glancing to Nina, now. "Perhaps the Precious Maharet and myself can come visit you, Suspire Nina, and see if we can inspire you with tales of our land?" She suggests, with a small smile. She looks to Remus, clicking her tongue. "One day, we'll be back to back again, sword and spear." She notes to him. She rolls her shoulders, and looks to Monique. "...I'm sure we can find a gentle vessel to carry you across the waves. We have misplaced our dragons, I'm afraid." She taps two fingers on the hilt of her sword. "...Maybe a manticore? But those are usually for shorter distances, if legends are to be believed." She looks over to Adrienne again, and chuckles. "Perhaps it is more easily shown than told, mm?"

"What I do enjoy? My pardon, your highness" Maharet considers, genuinely surprised, before she spreads her free hands in a gentle motion "The variety. The many layers. Like a gown, I suppose." As she builds the metaphor, her words coalescing, and her fingers winding in the air "The differences here of the variety of people form patterns, which are delightful in themselves. But it is the contrasts between them - where one falls short, another may continue. The differences compliment one another, and lend fullness and body to the experience of meeting. Yes, it is true, the strange habits may nip and bind" As her hand moves to gesture at Adrienne's corset with just the faintest of amusements "But it is not in an unpleasant fashion, not at all. I'm sure you follow my meaning."

A nervous bit of laughter spills from the Marquessa Tremorus. "Yes. Yes. We have misplaced our dragons." The wine in her glass is half empty but now she finishes it with a sigh, looking at everyone with half lidded eyes. She's definitely feeling it by now. "Today has been such a long day, has anyone else noticed this? By the Gods, old and new." She covers a yawn then, standing up afterwards and shaking her head a little bit to clear the fuzziness but then she heads right back to the table to pour some more. With everyone engaged in conversation and mingling she smiles, quite pleased, and begins to slip away -- making like a bandit in the night for the doors that lead to the aquatic gardens and beyond. No doubt lost in a haze to wander for the evening until she passes out. If anyone is listening though they can hear half-muttered goodbyes interspersed with 'so lovely' and 'how perfectly splendid' following her.

"I'd take a manticore over a ship any day," Monique replies to Andromeda with a low laugh. "So if you've got time to track down a legend with me, I'd do it." Her regard slips back to Giorgio, nose wrinkling. "It's very easy to say, but you should have seen me the last time I was forced to take a ship. It was to Setarco and back, and I spent the majority of my time holed up in the cabin, fearing every shiver of the boards, every clap of loud noise, thinking it might be a storm." But her eyes fix on Ezmerelda's nervous laughter next, keenly, taking note. Something to follow up on.

"Yes! I'd like that very much!" Nina says, grinning at both Andromeda, and Maharet. "I'm sure I could develop something just for you. But I'd also like to know about your stories... and your music. I think seeing the rabbit festival would be a great start!"

"Oh t'hell with the paperwork, I just make my first mate do all of that," Sabriel says simply, sipping a bit of the wine again, frowning a bit and asking. "What did the marquessa say about the drinks?" she wonders, looking to the rest of the gathered crowd with a curious glance. "But I'm looking forward to the festival, if what I've heard is to be believed it should prove an entertaining evening." she smiles before she gives Ezmeralda a dip of her head before she gives her own farewell to the Marquessa.

"Ah, well. I was called here without my entourage, so it's my wrist suffering until I find someone to promote with at very least enough skill to wield a pen competently." Remus drummed his fingers absently along the side of the couch, "Oh, she had them altered with some sort of alchemical agent it would seem. Euphoric and relaxing or some such, it would seem." The tall general looked over towards Andromeda with a smile, "I look forward to it, sister. It has already been far, far too long."

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Listening to Maharet, Adrienne murmurs aside to Andromeda with gentle reproach, "Your Precious Maharet has a lovely gift for words. They are worth hearing. Yes, I understand your meaning, Maharet." Pleasure warms the cultured voice accented with the Oathlands far from here. "I've long championed diversity as strength. It is easy and safe to stay in Sanctum - or in Tremorus. It /is/ uncomfortable, and I admire not only that you braved the unfamiliar but that you also appreciate it." So says the Valardin who married a Lycene. "If you - either of you, of course - would ever wish to be a guest of mine, I'd welcome the company and the conversation."

Perhaps she may have said more, but her gaze snaps to Sabriel and Remus, calculating the latter's insights into the wine. Exhaling in a long and slow stream, Adrienne caaaaaaaaaaarefully sets the wine glass down on a side table. "The drink was strong for me, and I've had a complicated day. Will you allow me to take my leave?"

"It would be an excellent start, Suspire Nina," Andromeda agrees, about the festival. "And I for one will be thrilled to visit you - and learn of Pravosi and Arvani traditions in turn." She muses. "I've heard many things about the House of Suspire." She mumurs. Another small sip of the Euphoria, the red and blue mingling as she raises her glass. But very very careful. Sabriel gets a little grin - as does Remus. "Maybe we'll meet in the sparring grounds," She concludes. Looking between Adrienne and Maharet with a smile, and a nod of agreement. "She is the treasure of the mountain for a reason, your highness," She assers, before bowing to the leaving Praefecta and looking over Monique. "I should like to hunt legends with you, my lady."

"If you hunt legends... I'd like to at least watch from afar so I can write a song about it," Nina says, raising a finger, but then having less else to add. She give Adrienne a wave of farewell.

Giorgio lifts his brows as he looks across toward Andromeda, seeming to have just remembered something. "Ahhhh, Lady Andromeda. I have just remembered. While I was at the Cathedral... event... the other evening, I ran into a Lord Drake. He wishes to challenged you to a duel. Nothing official, of course. Not with an audience, but all the same."

Maharet nods gently "I would be delighted. I look forward, your highness, to visiting. And to learning, and constraining myself, to your own codes" She notes, glancing at Adrienne's dress again with the faintest of grins. And then nods to Andromeda, resting her hand in the crook of the Sword's elbow once more in silent signal "I thank you, and look forward to our further meeting"

"Then hunt we shall," Monique assures Andromeda with a ready grin. "Crags and fens, ones far from mortal eyes, I've heard. But the last one I have heard whisper of is the one that killed a good friend of Weohstan Redrain. It is told he sacrificed the memory to the Kindly Voices, but perhaps we might find someone else who has heard of it?" Her eyes skip to Nina, a touch of worry to them. "We shall find you a bodyguard, or perhaps ten, and then I would be grateful for your company, Mistress Nina."

"Oh I don't go anywhere without my first mate, it's important to have people close to you that you can trust after all. Okay I guess I make her stay behind on the ship but fuck it, someone needs to keep them in line while I'm not there." she shrugs simply before she gives a nod to the departing Adrienne, her attention settling back onto Andromeda, giving her a wide grin and a nod. "Oh I am certain we will once we find the time, though not in this dress," she laughs.

Pointing to her gown, a mix of Oathlands and Lycene style, Adrienne says simply to Maharet, "Juliana Igniseri. My husband's sister." Turning to leave, Adrienne pauses when Giorgio speaks, the corner of her mouth quirking. "Lord Drake did? You should have an audience for that. It would be a battle to see." To the family and allies and friends gathered here, Adrienne adds genially, "A good evening - and good hunting."

Andromeda regards Giorgio, raising a brow. "...Oh, now that would be interesting. I have wanted to test myself against fellow Swords and Champions. To see the mettle of the Arvani." She nods. "Thank you, Minister. I shall write him, and see what he sees." Offering her arm to Maharet, when the Precious reaches out for it, and gives a nod and a small wave to Adrienne. "We shall finish our tour, I wager. Soon enough. And yes," She agrees with Monique. "I should be delighted to go hunting. It would be a suitable steed."

"It could be a means of increasing difficulty. I have to assume that between you and my sister, we'd quickly get to the point where there's nothing suitably dangerous to hunt within a several month radius of the city." Remus noted idly, picking up another glass of wine from a passing server.

Nina was honestly just pretending she knew what a Manticore was, but she's sure she will figure it out later. Monique's comment gives her a bit of context she appreciates. "I do have one bodyguard. Well. I mean. Flute player." He isn't here today apparently, but... of course.

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"My skills lie more with my voice than with blades, not that I'm any stranger to combat, but the best soldiers in Arvum are more than a match for me, it must be confessed. I hope I'm able to improve my skill by practicing with you, Lady Andromeda, my battle prowess is plenty against most but the commanders and generals that rise through the ranks? Absolutely not," Sabriel sips the wine, spiked or not she doesn't seem phased. "Are we planning to go hunting?" she wonders. "It has been a while since a good hunt or two. An interesting quarry... though I don't know how much help I could be."

Nina sits up a bit straighter at Sabriel's comment. "...your voice? Are you also a singer?"

Giorgio nods toward Andromeda before he says, "It would indeed be interesting to see. He seemed quite eager. Though, I guess that is not so uncommon. He was interested to test himself against another House Sword as well." As the prospect of legend hunting is played about, Giorgio listens to the information discussed, though he doesn't immediately signal that he himself would be found hunting such things.

"I shall retire" Maharet tells the Sword "But be free to continue discussing" And she turns to the others "My thanks" She offers "For attending, for your presence and the grace you have brought to our halls. In time, I hope to know you all better; but for now, I will simply ask you enjoy" Her head bows, she shoulders her parasol, and makes her way for the doors

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