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Physicians War Briefing

Lady Eirene and Mercy Azova discuss the Mercy and Physicians plans for the Eurusi fleet actions, with open invitation to all who plan to field troops and ships to coordinate their efforts with the healers.


Nov. 12, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Azova Reigna


Preston Quenia Victus Mabelle Juliana Medeia Adrienne Drake Thea Kalani Kael


Mercy Physicians Templars


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Operating Theater

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Comments and Log

Having had the banners called in the Lyceum, Quenia is naturally curious about the discussion involving the safety of her citizens. She arrives just in time for the meeting to begin, making her way to an unobtrusive spot so she can listen in on the conversation.

Victus certainly doesn't look like he belongs. Bundled in armor, mixture of metal and leather that protects his entire form. He's suited for a battlefield, not an operating room. Nonetheless, he's here. Stepping inside and finding a quiet spot where he can sit down and rest for the proceedings.

Mabelle steps quietly into the theatre, sans any company but her human one. She finds a place to stand against one of the walls with a little parchement booklet in her hand, bowing her head in greeting to others who arrive or are already present.

Wit, the clever raccoon arrives, following Kalani.

Juliana stands near the back, hands folded in front of her as she waits for the meeting to commence. Bone tired after the night before, she is dressed in faded leathers, with her hair braided down her back. She leans against the wall as if maybe it's helping her stay on her feet.

Azova arrives shortly before the meeting starts, parting ways with Reve when they do so he can find a place to sit. And, she can find her way toward Reigna and Eirene. She is, this time, clad from shoulders to feet in almost all white armor that clearly marks her as a Mercy. Like a bright white beacon with flames, as it were. Or, standing out like a sore thumb in a crowd. But after recent happenings in the city, perhaps it's both necessary and wise to give oneself as much protection as possible.

Medeia, Thea, and Drake arrive together, the ladies supporting one another in their duties to the Physicians and the city and Drake as much additional protection for the pair as there for his own interests. Medeia has her arm around Thea, helping her injured friend into the operating theater, a grimly determined look upon her features as she seeks out a spot for them. She is armored, not fully, ubt more so than she might otherwise choose. It's honestly impressive she even made it tonight.

Princess Adrienne Pravus, steelsilk-clad and flanked by dour-faced guards, greets Eirene and Reigna with a respectful tilt of her chin. Her shoulder is covered by a layer of dark silk, ineffectually masking the bandages beneath. Pale gaze sweeping the room, she moves to Juliana's side with a look both wary and watchful and leans against the wall as well.

After the previous night's events, the hospital is a bit busier than it was expected to be. Patients have been triaged and sent to recovery rooms, so the operating theater is quiet at the moment. The floor has been cleared of gurneys and operating tables to host maps and lots of logistic looking papers. A trolley carries drinks and snacks instead of surgical tools, and a few nurses act as servers instead of medical assistants for a change.

Eirene wears a physician's robe over her own dark leathers as she strides into the room, taking her place at the central floor next to the maps. She looks grim and a bit red eyed, as if she's not slept much or has been crying. It's been a trying night for many. "Lords, ladies. Highlord," she says with a nod towards Victus. "We'll start in a few moments. Grab a drink because fuck-all knows we need it right now."

Drake follows with Medeia. He clearly wanted to aid in helping Thea as well, but he keeps respectful, watching over the ladies as a bodyguard might. He still has quite a bit of armor on, himself... after a big attack, he gets a little paranoid about continued problems and doesn't like to leave his weaponry at home. But given that he favors leathers, he doesn't seem uncomfortable, either.

Reigna arrives with Kael, the marquessa looking pale and a bit fragile. She's leaning on him, though she does not appear to be injured, just deeply unsettled. She pats Kael's hand before she departs his side to go stand with Eirene and Azova, "Ladies, thank you for putting this together." The words are softly spoken, a little thick.

Thea leans heavily against Drake and Medeia, looking quite pale still. She's not in any armor as she's wrapped tight with bandages, that are peeking somewhat out from the large shirt she's wearing. She still has a dagger at her hip however. Thea's eyes look tired but she smiles a bit at Eirene's speech, nodding,"A drink sounds great,"nudging Medeia and Drake.

"Thank fuck." Azova's posture relaxes a bit when Eirene suggests they all grab a drink. And, feeling free to look as tired as she feels now she immediately heads towards the refreshments to pour herself a nice hardy glass of rum. "Lady Eirene." She'll toast the other woman before knocking back some of it. And then, to Reigna with the warm but weary smile of one who's been up for more than a whole day at this point. "Marquessa. I'm so glad you could join us."

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Juliana gives a nod to Asdrienne as her sister by marriage settles beside her. Hands lifting to rub her face for a moment, instead of moving towards drinks the Igniseri just folds her arms, letting her head fall back against the wall as she waits for everyone else to settle in.

Luckily, the Highlord has come prepared. Victus returns Eirene nod of greeting, then fishes inside his snakeskin coat. Eventually pulling free a silver flask. No bigger than his hand, but it'll take the nerves off.

Arriving solo, and possibly one of the few who isn't wearing any visible armor, Kalani Seliki is in time to hear the greeting made by Eirene and the solemn expression on her face eases into a smile. Hearing the sentiment shared around the room, regarding the general attitude of 'thank-fuck-for-booze' that is shared around the room. She doesn't even slow her pace from arriving in the room to joining the queue where drinks are being dispensed.

Mabelle moves toward that cart to collect a drink not a moment before her gaze scans all the wounded physicians. Collecting one of the most filled up glasses of whatever, she returns to her self assigned corner.

Kael murmurs a few quiet words to Reigna before parting ways with her. Rather than actually moving for the drinks and snacks, he seems content to find a place to sit. That is not to say that Kael does not provide greetings, for of course familiar faces are greeted with a polite inclination of his head, even if he forsakes small talk at the moment. His focus is primarily on the healers.

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The Riven woman nods at Reigna and gives a weary smile. "Battle-planning is my thing. I'm just glad I can do this for the Guild." Seeing everyone settling in with alcohol, she figures it's time to start. Getting herself a whiskey, Eirene raises her glass. "First, to the Dominus. Orazio was an old friend, one who will be sorely missed. We drink to his memory. May the Queen welcome him with open arms. And may his killers rot in a prison cell for the rest of their lives; if they're so lucky." After downing her glass, Eirene clears her throat and speaks. Her voice is raspy and coarse, a whiskey contralto. "I don't know everyone here, so I should begin by introducing myself and my compatriot. My name is Lady Eirene Riven, formerly of Malvici. I am a battlefield medic, master physician, and a commander." She nods to Azova - Her turn.

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Drake walks to find a seat not too close to the front, making sure the ladies are both in front of him, and the injured Thea is settled. He grabs a whiskey from the passing tray... and raises his glass, at the toast, looking steel-eyed and serious at Eirene as she begins the introductions.

Azova will drink to that, lifting her glass when Eirene toasts to Dominus Orazio. Though her eyes well up when she does so, and covers her by knocking back the rest of her drink in a similar manner to the battlefield medic. "Thank you, Lady Eirene." Almost as raspy, she lets her glass settle back onto the table and clasps her hands in front of her. "My name is Lady Azova Darkwater, and I am both a Voice of Mercy and a Physician of the Physician's Guild. I am not combat trained, but I've learned to duck rather well. And, can wield a knife without hurting myself with it." is noted, perhaps dryly, before she turns her gaze to Reigna with a slight smile and a nod.

Finding a place to sit, and setting her drink beside her, Kalani takes a book out of her medicine bag, a charcoal pencil, and prepares to take notes.

A drink seems like a fine idea, and she seems to relax just a bit when she is able to get a glass of whatever-is-put-in-her-hand. She's not being picky, tonight. Nearly everyone gets a nod of greeting as she knows them. As Eirene toasts, she can't stop herself from saying, "He killed his killer. At least, the one who held the blade for the deed." Her normally velvety voice is hoarse from screaming and crying. And then introductions are being made, so she introduces herself. "Harlequin Medeia Saik," she takes a drink before continuing, "Almost-Physician, midwife, combat medic, reasonably obnoxious in a one-on-one fight."

Reigna's eyes close at the mention of Orazio, and the fatigue on her face becomes a pinched thing. Still, after Eirene and Azova introduce themselves, she opens her eyes again and takes a deep breath. "Hello and thank you all for coming. I believe I know most if not all of you, I am Marquessa Reigna Keaton, Guildmaster of the Physicians protem. I am also the assistant Crown Minister of Health." She looks to Medeia as she reveals that tidbit and swallows, nodding. "For Orazio." She takes a drink of her own and gulps down a surprising amount. "We are here to discuss the broadstrokes of our plans for the coming battles."

Eirene says, "Thank you all for coming. I wanted to share with you our plans to support the fleet and the Templars, so we can all plan and coordinate with your own house forces." She moves to the map and sets down a small ship model of a caravel. "This is the Lady's Jewels, on loan to the Mercy's and Guild from Lady Juliana Igniseri." The woman so named is given an appreciative nod before Eirene continues. "She's a caravel and going to be our hospital ship, so we can have a floating base of operations. I'm expecting a staff of 25 healers, a combined number of Mercys and Physicians. She will be used primarily for recovery and more in-depth surgery. It is my hope we can staff her with a squadron of soldiers for protection, either Knights of Solace or volunteers who can be spared. No one holds any illusions that these fuckers will grant a hospital ship mercy, so we'll need to have guards on hand for defense."

Thea takes a large drink at the mention of Orazio. There's a quiet murmur from her, barely audible,"For Orazio,"glancing to Medeia. When Eirene goes to speak, the younger Malvici shifts her attention in that direction. Paying close attention.

Juliana looks up. "I am sorry.. it seems there hasn't been an update on that. We have two caravels that we are letting the guild us. The Lady Jewels and The Desert Queen.."

Mabelle lowers her gaze to scan the maps, making her notes for the house and adding quietly, "I think if any house will spare one guard we'll be well covered for". She raises her drink to both Orazio's memory and Juliana's kind donation and goes on to listen to Eirene.

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Drake nods to Eirene's explanation about the guards. It seems sound, and... honest.

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Kalani lifts a hand, "Lady Kalani Seliki, house Seliki, and we'd like to contribute some soldiers to this effort, to protect the ship, ships that is, the crew and the wounded. I'll be coordinating the medical efforts on part of Seliki and hoping to liaise with any houses along the seacoast that may have need of assistance depending on where this all starts to unfold."

"And now we have to account for the injured Templars and Knights of Solace, so we may need to rely on more volunteers." Azova makes note of, with a voice of concern and worry for her injured friends. She will, however, defer the question of the second caravel to Eirene and Reigna.

Quenia continues to quietly listen to everything being said. She's snagged a glass of wine for herself and offered it up in toast with the others to Orazio. As she is only here to listen, for now, she doesn't offer any sort of introduction just yet, or perhaps she only understood such matters were for those running the meeting. Her eyes fall on Juliana as she is mentioned and a small smile graces her lips for the other Igniseri woman. Her gaze does not linger long as she looks back to those speaking, quietly sipping at her wine in the meantime as she listens in.

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Eirene bows her head apologetically to Julianna. "We discussed the offer of a second ship but we decided to focus on one to ensure it can be properly staffed and manned. Less logistics. I'm sorry you weren't notified." Kalani's offer of soldiers is met with a grin and she grabs one of her badly scribbled notes and adds that information to it. "It's our hope that the houses can, as Lady Mabelle says, spare a few guards each so that we're not relying entirely on the generosity of one house; if we're only looking for twenty or so we shouldn't put a dent into anyone's forces. We know they'll need their own soldiers. That leads me to our second point; staffing the other ships of the fleet."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Reigna looks to Lady Juliana and offers a deeply grateful smile, "Your generous nature is a testament to your honor, Lady Juliana. I think, however, that a single vessel will suffice for the hospital. Though we could certainly use it as a possible decoy ship?" Reigna looks thoughtful, between Eirene and Azova, the idea clearly just occurs to her.

Medeia raises a hand to speak. "I can ask House Eswynd if they could spare some of their sailors. Perhaps some 5 they would not notice, and they're used to ship combat." A messenger comes and when she reads the note, she folds it away and stands. "Let me know if I should ask. I need to go, however... I'll catch up soon."

Azova looks intrigued by that idea from Reigna, a smile appearing. "Get an experienced Captain to sail her, dress her up just like the actual hospital ship - I think that could work quite well." she agrees, and then pipes up to add to what Eirene says. "We are hoping to be able to place both Mercy and Physician on the fleet ships that are staffed. We want to ensure seamless care for any of our injured. Also, those who can speak Eurusi will be an asset. I've begun taking some lessons to try and prepare." A grateful nod is given Thea's way for that.

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Somewhere, in the midst of this planning, Kael slips up to move toward the refreshments and acquire a bit of something. A little this, a lot of that, and - ah, yes, a drink. His bounty acquired, he returns to his seat to listen with interest.

Juliana arches a brow and then nods. "Your choice of course. I had only thought it would be wise not to have all of ones eggs in a single basket. However since you will not be using the Desert Queen, she will be assigned as escort duty to help keep the hospital ship from being targetted. I am going to be on the Queen, so if there is need of any changes at the time of battle, as we know they don't tend to go how one thinks they will."

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"Interesting," Eirene says, considering it. She nods to Reigna and Azova. "Let's set that discussion for later, just the four of us," including Juliana in that number.

The commander continues, "It is our hope to be able to field two medics per ship of the fleet, one Mercy and one Physician, along with a dedicated protector; again, preferably from the forces of that vessel and fealty. One of those two doctors will be prepared to follow a boarding party or onto landfall while the other remains on ship. Battle-medics and those who are trained to defend themselves would be ideal for this. This will supplant any on-board physicians a ship may already have." Because no ship would dare go out to sea without their own dedicated doctor on board." Medeia's offer is also jotted down on her papers.

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Thea speaks up from her place in the back, nodding,"I may be able to spar some from fron the Phoenix Brigade,"her eyes toward Eirene. "Though that will have to be discussed with my Duchess." Thea leans back, a bit sorely. "After last night--,"her words just trail. "As far as the staff--I would happily volunteer myself as both medic and combat." When Azova points her out, Thea smiles briefly. "I can teach whomever would like a Eurusi lesson,"she adds.

Drake puts an arm around Thea, steadying her a bit. "...I might finally take you up on that," he adds. "At least enough to know our enemy would be vital."

Mabelle mentions to Eirene, Azova and Reigna, "I speak Eurusi and can offer to teach it to those in need. I am not a combat medic but I have been in my share of battles and can at least duck when needed, however I cannot swim". Her lips curve into a small smile. "I've already volunteered for the ship and will see if I can grab some Laurent soldiers. If not you may have my personal guards and I will offer some writs to train more. Hopefully the fundraiser will be helpful as well".

A messenger arrives and Medeia takes the note, reads it, and rises. "I should be able to gain you some skilled sailors for such a thing. I will ask and let you know. I need to go, however. Eirene... Thank you." She lightly touches Thea's shoulder before mkaing her way for the door.

Reigna looks to Mabelle and nods, "I too would like ot learn the language. Thank you, Lady Mabelle. I will talk to you later for lessons?" She looks to the rest of the room, offering a wave to Medeia as she departs.

Mabelle bows her head quietly to Reigna.

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"I'm a combat medic," Kalani makes note of this as she adds to her notes, "I'd be happy to lend a hand with any refresher courses, if there's interest in adding to our combined knowledge," she offers and looks toward Thea and Mabelle with interest. "I'd like to add some useful phrases to my skill set. Things like 'where does it hurt' and, say, 'are you thirsty' or maybe 'please hold still'?"

Thea offers Medeia a wave as she goes to depart. Looking over to Kalani, she nods faintly,"Of course. I can certainly teach you some simple pharases,"her eyes shifting to Drake as well. Including him in her words.

Eirene claps her hands together. "Right! So. That's the plan. And I'll note the Desert Queen will be alongside," she says to Juliana as she jots it down on her paper. "Talk to your respective forces," she says to the room, "see if you can spare soldiers, and once we get a better idea of what logistics are needed - depending on how many ships and how many medics we'll be staffing them with - I'll make sure people are made aware so they can help with the funding." She adds to Kalani, "I'm a Doctor is always a good one. Maybe we can host a basic language class?" She looks to Thea and Mabelle.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Mabelle inclines her head to Kalani and Eirene, "A lanaguge lesson. I can do that, of course, and privately to those who cannot show up. I'll have my girl make some pamphlets. I would appreciate some basic hand..combat training? And I'll bring my mistward labrador with me, she can swim and is literally a life saver".

Thea also nods her head,"I will happily teach those who want to learn." She looks over to Mabelle as well, dipping her chin,"I can show you some basics hand combat if you'd like. When I'm--able."

Eirene points a vicious finger at Thea. "You fuck up my hard work, I'll give you a reason to be bedridden," she says, semi-joking. Only semi. "I'll see what can be done about basic hand-to-hand. Or the ability to dodge an attacker's blows. That is probably more useful, I'd say... I'm not the best instructor but I can certainly give basics if we want to plan for that."

"I think all of us who aren't actual trained combatants could use a basic hand to hand combat training refresher," Kalani sounds very very serious about this topic. "I wonder if we could make this into a two day session or retreat of some sort? Combine all of our training, learning sessions into a focused workshop?"

"If Lord Ian has time, he's an excellent instructor in teaching dodge." Quenia finally quips from the sidelines, "He is who has been teaching me, and thank all the Gods around you that it is not winter time, for his snowballs are packed by kids and they are most foul!" An attempt, perhaps, to bring some levity to a grave situation. "That said, House Igniseri is more than willing to lend a few soliders to the task of protecting the hospital ship."

Drake sighs, then speaks out, "We have boats now, at least, at Highhill. Does it seem likely an attack concentrated from Eurus might also come from the west, or does their ire seem concentrated on the city and the Saffron Chain?"

Juliana levers herself off the wall. "Lord Ian was shot last night, Lady Zoey is badly injured, so I am unsure if he would be able to. I beleive Lord Michael also does however." Looking back to Eirene. "If you do not find enough guards, let me know. I have a company of men that are not assigned at this time and can give you what you need. If there is nothing else needed from me at the moment, I am going to go hug my children. Please everyone be safe."

Mabelle purses her lips consideringly, "Focused workshop. Well, if it is anything I can help, its going to be one weird fundraiser", she teases Kalani, "But if it is for another occasion", she includes Quenia and Thea in her musing, "I'll be happy to attend and help as well".

Eirene says, "I can see about arranging instructors for a class session. See who is able to devote some time to hosting and can give basic instructions." She looks at Thea again and asks, "Think your bro would be up for it?" Not Martino, obviously. "So that will be next on our agenda then, basics in hand to hand, avoiding getting smacked by a sword, and languages. I'll book this room sometime in the next week for that."

"As long as there's cake at the end, or along the way, then all will be well," Kalani points out with a grin shared with Mabelle. "Avoid getting smacked with a sword, yes, that's a skill I very much would like to have."

"I promise,"Thea declares to Eirene with a salute. She's still a lotta pale from all the blood loss. She too answers the following question,"I think so, yeah. I'm sure we can get Martino used too on what NOT to do,"a slight grin appearing. When Juliana goes to leave, Thea bows her head, bidding her,"Good night. Please be safe."

Azova has been intent on making notes all this time, and occasionally she nods her agreement and gets a brow furrowed look. But, eventually. "I'll make sure to tell the Mercies about any events so we're as prepared." is promised.

Mabelle offers a whole bow to Juliana, "I appreciate your contribution. Please keep safe". A wink toward Kalani and she promises Eirene, "Whatever you set. I'll do my best to be there".

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Eirene makes arrangements to get the tutors. "If there's no more issues, I'll adjourn so we can drink more and try to get some rest..."

Kalani closes up her notebook, tucks the charcoal pencil behind one ear as snags the drink glass from beside her and downs it. "More drink, more rest, and rounds of both to store up for days to come. And same, I'll be there. There's always so much to try to learn all at once in a short span of time."

Mabelle smiles easily to Eirene, Azova and Reigna, "Thank you for holding this. I will take notes to my Duke regarding guards and get on the other things". She excuses herself to the rest of the room, "Please stay safe, all of you", as she makes her way out.

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When the meeting looks to be adjourned, Kael is rising up to his full height and looking toward his wife. He waits patiently, not beckoning for her, but simply seeks to assess to see if she is waiting longer or ready to depart. Whichever way, he is content to remain where he is.

Quenia's eyes widen as Juliana mentions that both Ian and Zoey were injured in the previous evening's affairs. She starts to say something, then closes her lips, pressing them firmly together. Likely they'll be getting a visit later. She looks to Eirene. "If Lord Ian is injured, I am not. I'm a capable teacher and can at least grant the basics for those who need them. Count me amongst the tutors for those who need to learn how to dodge, but forewarn them that they're going to need to make quick work fo their feet as I'll be sure to be bringing tiny sandbags with me." Instead of snowballs!

Drake rises to his feet, slowly holding his hand out to offer it to Thea, if she needs the help walking out of here. "Yes, thank you all for this."

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Thea takes Drake's hand, carefully and painstakingly rises to her feet. "If I can't fight, I will let people beat on Drake here and offer instruction that way,"somewhat joking. Maybe. A wince appears on her face as she straightens fully. "I will be available when needed. For you know--the normal. Best to my ability."

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