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Redrain Victory Bonfire

In celebration of the defeat of the armies of Silence, Redrain invites one and all to celebrate. Drink, eat and be merry, to celebrate life and the end of Silence.


May 9, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Marian Sparte Aislin Signe Lydia Morrighan Freja(RIP) Samantha Ann Maeve Calaudrin Joslyn(RIP) Kieran Reese Calypso Ophelia Shadow Asger(RIP) Silas Niccolo(RIP) Khanne Aiden(RIP) Dafne Thena Ysbail



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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Lydia looks to be in good spirits as she floats into the grounds and hurries towards the benches where she sees Darren. "Congratulations, your grace! I was going to scold you, but that should probably wait until later!" She says with a broad beaming tease before settling down at a nearby chair.

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Darren stands between the bonfires which flank the path leading up to the Redrain Villa. There are many servants bustling around, providing food and drink to those that arrive. While there is a somber note to the evening, the mood is decidedly light - nearby, a small band in leathers and furs beat on drums and play the lute, the songs reminiscent of victory chants for the time being.

As people begin to gather, Darren steps over to one of the tables to hop up onto it, so that he stands heads and shoulders above the crowd. He clears his throat, and the music pauses for the moment, so that the High Lord can speak. "Welcome, welcome all," his voice rings deep and clear above the crowd, as he passes a glance over those who have arrived. "I'll keep it short up here - but while we will have our time for mourning, I thought it best to have a time for celebration as well. We fought a long, hard and difficult battle. Many passed .. but many more lived!" he pauses for a moment, before continuing on, "And so today, we celebrate that life, and our victory over the Silent Army. All of you can take my thanks, for the work you did to keep the Compact safe. So eat, drink, and have fun tonight on Redrain's behalf. But before we do all taht, I'll invite Lady Khanne to make a blessing."

And with that, Darren tips his head to Khanne and hops off the table, allowing the Shamaness to do her thing.

Aislin makes her way in to the gathering, but -- as is her wont at large gatherings -- settles in off to the side, out of the worst of the crowd, to listen to the inevitable speechmaking. Because there /will/ be inevitable speechmaking. And right on cue, Darren's... on a table?

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Niccolo has found a place to settle at, not completely out of the way, but also not in the thick of things. He watches in silence as Darren gives his speech and can't help the small lift of his brow in his direction. He dips his head at the words of the younger High Lord, though in what seems to pass for approval.

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Reese arrives while close to Shadow. She is wears a pink silk dress covered over with an abundance of ribbons, white thigh highs and white slippers. She glances over the area, trying to get a sense of who is gathered here. Warm smiles are given to all she knows, which is many. She looks curiously to Khanne, waiting to hear her words.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Maeve is one of the faithful servants of the house. Tonight, the apothecary moves throughout the crowds, pouring drinks to those with empty mugs and an unquenched thirst. She pads between the bonfires to ensure she can refill asmany cups as possible.

Ann limps her way to the event, favouring her right ankle heavily. It's slow going for the Redrain Scholar, but eventually she makes the gathering, just in time to hear the end of Darren's speech. "Have fun. Hah. Hmph. Whiskey... why didn't I bring my own whiskey?"

Shadow moves along staying close to Reese's left side, The man's pace matching hers as he stays just barely single pace behind her. As he hears Darren's words his gaze briefly focuses on the Redrain before mention of a blessing and Khanne has his eyes quickly seeking out the redhead to watch her intently.

Silas arrives on the grounds right when Darren is about to make his speech. He is clad in a crimson silk tunic, black trousers and leather boots -- and has Prince Aiden on his arm, evidently his escort for the night. The baron pauses briefly in his step to listen to the speech intently, then guides him and his companion to a small nook between the garden trellises. The oration wasn't over yet, however, so he still listens!

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Sparte falls in a short way behind Silas, looking a bit like he'd been running from elsewhere to catch up to this event. He has his helmet on a hook at his belt, with a Stoat riding inside as if it were their personal saddle.

Freja emerges from the Stone Grove in her glacial Shaman attire, Signe on her arm to whom she talks quietly to with a winsome grin curling her lips. With feigned dramatics of fluttering lashes and a ripple of laughter that follows something she says to the Nightgold, she coughs clearing her throat. "Well..should we find a seat?"

Calaudrin clearly needs to buy some other clothes, because he's absolutely still in uniform when he shows up to the party. Thus the life of the super duper probably forever bachelor. Minus that pesky wife thing. He shows up just after Sparte, fashionably late.

Aiden was wearing something subtle, a linen green short sleeved tunic with gold embriodery and a yellow silken shirt underneath, set with leather pants and a good set of boots to pair with. His face is drawn in a gentle and contented smile, that reaches his eyes, with a merriment toward the celebration aspect of the night. He points out Darren to Silas, though he need not to, for animation that might draw one's eye to them. He speaks in softer tones to the Baron, with amusement plain on his face for the antics of the other Prince. He'll listen to the speech and snag some whiskey along the route to the nook.

While there are many servants of Redrain meandering about, ensuring the guests of the Ward are seen to, Morrighan is not one of them. No, the redhead lounges at the garden grotto, drinking horn filled to the brim already, working away at quaffing down whatever liquor she's opted for this particular gathering. She observes Darren when he hops up onto that table to deliver a welcoming speech while comfortably propping her feet up, though her eyes eventually drift over in Khanne's direction, waiting for the shaman's blessing.

"Aaaah, that's a lot of fire," Signe says, clearly pleased by all that blazing warmth. She's just in plain clothing, as if she quite forgot what day it was, her knotted hair all bound up in green and blue cloth. "Yes. Huh. By the mud pit? The grotto? So many choices." She's speaking quieter, then.

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Freja glances to Khanne. "Ah, I see the blessing has already been seen to. We'll find a seat...with Morrighan? I think you'll find her amicable....the grotto it is."

Aislin is standing off to one side of the crowd as usual, but when two familiar faces exit the Stone Grove, she offers a warm nod of greeting to her friend and cousin both. "Freja. Signe." It is, after all, always nice to see firsthand evidence that people survived a massive battle.

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Asger finally makes his way to the bonfire and of course the Duke's first stop is to whereever the customary booze is being served to snag an entire bottle for himself. Drinking from his bottle he makes his way over to stand near Freja and watch the proceedings, offering the bottle over to her so that the princess might take a swig.

Reese moves toward one of the benches, taking a perching seat upon such. She smooths out the ribbons of her dress. A warm smile is given to Silas and Aiden. She then waves in Aislin's direction.

Signe settles herself in the shade of the grotto next to Freja, but not before smiling bright at Aislin. "Aislin! You're all right. I never expect you to be all right!"

Maeve retrieves a new bottle of whiskey and several mugs before moving to newcomers. Mugs are offered, then she fills those mugs with a generous portion of whiskey. She is full of smiles and there is a pep in her step.

Silas exchanges a lighthearted chuckle with Aiden, before he notices several of his guardsmen within the vicinity. He turns to offer Calaudrin, Sparte, and Reese casual waves from his place at Aiden's side. The baron does take note of the whiskey Aiden nabs. "You're getting used to it already, are you?" He winks.

Shadow moves along with Reese, the man settling in on the bench with the woman leaving some space between them as he leans forward to rest one of his hands on his knee. The man's gaze drawing over the festivities and the fires as he lets out a slow breath, the man almost seeming to relax with the new fires he sees.

Khanne rises up slowly from her bench. She starts to walk towards the table Darren was standing on. She does not climb up, however, but leans her rear against it wearily. For the first time since the siege began, she is wearing a dress... a silk dress, albeit with fur and leather. Bandages can be seen tightly wound around her torso with the cut of the garment. She carries with her an abalone shell and a fragrant smudge stick. Seeing Ysbail nearby, she bites her lip and looks sheepish a moment. "I'm resting... I swear.. Mostly..."

Khanne clears her throat and looks out to those in attendance. "As Darren said, today, we celebrate life, though many of us still have those on our mind who have gone. We will not forget them, nor the sacrifice they made, but we must not let grief overtake us, for they did so in order for us to live. They would want us to live." She looks up to the sky and says, "as a child, as some of you have heard, I believed the stars were the spirits of our ancestors, watching over us, shining bright. It was something of a comfort to a young girl who lost so many, and though I am older now, and know that our souls are meant for other things, I still take comfort in the stars, knowing that, even if they aren't our ancestors, they are the same stars our ancestors looked upon." She is quiet a moment then with her gaze upwards. Slowly, her face tilts back down to look at all those here. "We all worked hard in this siege. We all fought hard. Even if you never lifted a weapon, you fought. We fought with determination. We fought together to keep our supplies stocked, our morales up... We worked, side by side;Great Houses with other Great houses, Faith with Shaman. We were, as a city, as a Compact, united. It is my hope that in the days that follow, while we make repairs, and slowly build the foundations of our futures, that we will continue to do so."

Khanne grins and says, "I know, I am long winded, but I am supposed to be on bed rest and this is the most I have talked in days.... with that... Huzzah to us all! We stand victorious! To the Last!"

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"Hey, now!" Aislin waves in greeting to Reese, but moves to follow Signe. The Ashford voice is drawn as much by a desire to (half-jokingly) defend her good name and reputation as much as anything else, perhaps. "That's hardly fair, cousin. Have I failed to come back alive from an expedition even /once/ so far?"

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Khanne looks to Ysbail then and asks, "would you like to add anything?"

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Lydia gets distracted as she sees family members enter and she pushes up from her seat enough to wave an arm in their direction wildly. She appears about to call out to them, too, when her eyes catch Khanne again and she ruefully settles back down in her seat with the mask of sobriety that such a blessing calls for.

"To the last!" Darren echoes the end of Khanne's speech in a thunderous sort of way, and the men and women that make up the band and the servants also lift their voices in cheer. For his own part, Darren sets his feet in motion, heading straight for Silas and Aiden. The newly minted Baron gets a broad smile, and the High Lord tips his head to the Grayson prince. "Baron Silas," he says in deep tones, "Congratulations on your appointment." He offers smiles to Reese as well, dipping his head to her. "Princess Reese, good to see you."

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Aiden catches the smile from Reese and politely smiles in response, his eyes noting who is alongside her and that smile wears away. It would be Silas' words to Calaudrin and Sparte that has the Prince grinning toward them, "Heroes of Arx, hello again! I'm very glad to see you both have come through the trials of the siege, alive and well." He quiets only to listen, with a peppy shrug to Silas, "After all that I've seen, whiskey isn't half as terrible as it was." Eyes direct forward to listen to Khanne, at th eend of which he lifts his glass in toast to the cheer, "To the Last!" he repeats. Because, it's catchy.

Aiden is overheard praising Khanne for: To the Last!

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Thena is in her armor. Because it's black, and comfortable, and she likes it, and it makes it easier to sort of suddenly be somewhere without making an entrance. She takes one of those whiskey receptacles making their way around with a polite little smile and makes her way towards the fire.

Reese lifts her attention to Khanne as the woman speaks, giving her a gentle smile that is maybe a bit more somber than it should be. She turns her attention to to Darren. "To the last." She echoes with the memory of the battle so recently fought. "It is good to see you as well, Prince Darren. It was good to fight besides Redrain at the battle too." She murmurs.

Asger is overheard praising Darren for: Not a bad party for a /prince/ to throw.

Freja turns her gaze to Aislin and beams, "Aislin! About time. I have a great deal to catch up on you with. For now, we'll drink...if Morri here doesn't mind us joining her." Too late, as the other women have already invited themselves over. "Aislin, you know Morrighan, right? And...I hope you know your cousin."

Sparte gives a halting nod to Aiden, looking around a bit nervously. He doesn't join in on the conversation, inching a bit behind some of the other (shorter) guardsmen present in an attempt to screen himself from socializing.

Maeve turns as Khanne lifts her voice in speech. She listens intently as she idly pours another mug of whiskey. As cheers erupt, her small voice adds to the chorus. "To the last!" The mug is lifted in the air with a slight slosh before she decides to empty the mug for herself.

Shadow's eyes settle on Khanne as she gives her blessing, The man calling out from his seat beside Reese. "To the last!" A brief pause before he adds, "Now get your ass resting." The prodigal crafter not seeming to be one for manners or much etiquette before he is falling silent with the approach of Darren. The man from the mountain's head dipping slightly as the man approaches to speak with Reese.

Aiden glances to Darren, "Prince Darren, you've amusing antics but it worked to gain the crowd. I heard something about your actions in the siege. Congratulations for a battle well fought." He pauses then and adds to Darren, "Princess Lark thought I should speak with you and Lady Khanne, in a few days time, when we have less whiskey in our hands."

Ophelia makes her way to the victory bonfire and dismounts with a slide off the side, tying Castanea nearby before she double checks that whatever she hunted is secure in the two bags that hang on either side of her mare and that her weapons are tied down too on the saddle. Tugging her gloves off her hands, she slides them in the belt before she makes her way towards the party with a grin.

"To the last," Niccolo echoes the words, although he speaks more quietly than others. He's approached by Romina then, and she speaks quietly to the archduke. There's a light frown, and the Velenosa archduke starts walking the way he came when he arrived.

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Calaudrin claps at the end of the speech, not really much of a cheerer himself. He has a direct path and that path is the table with all of the food. What? The man's hungry. He misses Silas' wave but catches Aiden's voice. He turns towards it, squinting around the crowd until he spots him. "Good evening, Prince Aiden. Alive and well. Thank you. Glad to see the same for you."

His own smile brightens when Darren approaches and he gives the High Lord a respectful nod. "Thank you, Your Grace. I hope I serve Whitehawk well." Silas inclines his head slightly to the side. "And thank you for holding this bonfire. We all need a night to have fun and relax." He glances aside, to Aiden again, and nods to his words. "Very well fought."

Ysbail is indeed standing nearby, watching Khanne quite carefully with a mixture of pride and concern. Khanne's first comment earns her a brief grin and wink before she's falling still once more to let the shamaness do her thing. She wears a faint smile through the speech, watching her friend carefully, and at the end, rather than jump away to find some mischief to get into, she waits. When Khanne addresses her again, she turns and picks up a sack that she'd been standing in front of, carrying it forward and holding it up to note, "These are mementos, prayers, wishes, and offerings... collected by the living and with permission of family, from the dead. To be fed into the fires and given to the spirits as thanks."

"To the last!" The blessing ends with a bit of a toast which Lydia participates in with gusto. If only because it gives her an excuse to hop back up to her feet again, and follow Darren over to the visiting Graysons. "Hello there, Lord Aidin, yes? And Baron...I don't think I know your name, my apologies!"

Kieran slips out of the Villa to join the party, snagging a mug of whiskey and listening in in the speeches and conversations.

Aiden glances toward Sparte, catching him squeaking behind other taller guardsmen in his attempt to hide. He wiggles his fingers toward the man, though he doesn't go chasing yet, not with people to speak with before him. "I wouldn't be alive or well, if it hadn't been for Lord Estaban Saik. Now where is that man? He should be here, least of all the reason for my victory was working alongside his." He turns back to Calaudrin, "Where were you stationed for the battle? There was so much going on..." he trails off, allowing Calaudrin to fill in or not as he pleases, sipping on the whiskey. Who was he kidding? He still squints and barely manages not to cough and sputter in front of everyone else. He has to turn his face away and raise up a hand to his mouth, while the need to do so, passes.

Darren glances over his shoulder to Ysbail as the otehr shaman walks up to the fires, a warm smile on his lips before he looks back to Silas and chuckles a little. "Well, it'll be the first of many parties, I'm sure. I heard /you/ fought a giant and lived to tell about it," he flashes a broad grin as he says that last part to Aiden, "I was happy to do my part. And fight amongst some great soldiers and leaders," he nods over to Reese and smiles at her once more. But Aiden's statement brings a loft to his brow, and a questioning sort of look. "Is that so? What does Princess Lark wish to discuss with us?" Then, as Lydia comes over, he dips his head to her, putting his arm briefly about the Duchess to hug her. "Welcome, Lydia. This is Baron Silas," he motions to the man.

Khanne remains leaning against the table, smiling at Shadow. "I will, soon, I promise." She looks at her hands then and then to Aiden. "I am afraid, I do not have nearly enough whiskey in my hands." She watches Ysbail walk up, a smile of friendship and pride on her features as the woman speaks. She slowly, slowly, walks around, greeting the various people there. "Aislin! Good to see you. Lydia, how are you? Reese, Asger, Oh, Freja! Would you like to add something as well?" Turning to face others she says, "many of us wore the marks of Freja's Woading during the fight. I know I did. She is one who definitely boosted morale." She gives the tall shaman a smile.

Calaudrin is grabbing something off the table, a glass that he can fill with whiskey more than likely. He smiles politely at Aiden before replying, "On the ramparts with yourself. I assessed Lord Estaban Saik and had my men bring him down to the tent. You were a bit preoccupied at the time." The corners of his mouth in amusement before he takes a generous swallow of his own glass of whiskey.

Thena spies a knot of familiar people and pushes her way through the crowd, one hand covering her mug to keep the whiskey inside where it should be. Her slender 5'7" frame isn't enough to hide anyone, but now it's there with the rest of the Iron Guard.

Reese smiles over to Darren at his words and then she has a smile for Khanne that touches her blue eyes. "I should find us some whiskey." She murmurs softly to Shadow while rising to her slipper adorned feet.

Something seems to cause a shift in Shadow's demeanor. The man's brow furrowing as he looks to his hands watching them as he rubs his thumbs over his fingertips briefly. The man after a moment bringing his hands to rest on his knees as he leans in to murmur something to Reese. As he leans back an appologetic smile is given to her before he hears her mention of whiskey and he gives a nod settling in once again seeming to at least wait for now.

Silas scratches his cheek, sheepishly, at Darren's praise. "The giants were the huge ugly ones, right? Yeah I might have stabbed one or two. It was a group effort." Lydia's arrival is noted and Silas offers her another respectful nod. "Recently-appointed Baron Whitehawk, at your service, Lady Nightgold. I believe I was your grandfather's protege for some time. I deeply respected the man, and your sister. It's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance."

Reese leans into Shadow, listening to his whispered words and nodding in response. She bites softly upon the swell of her lower lip and then speaks softly to the large man. She has yet to get their whiskey, but maybe soon.

Aiden waves his hand away from his face, "I'm not sure getting nearly squished by a giant would be fighting it, Prince Darren, though if I had half the imagination some people in this city do, I might very well say I did!" His eyes turn toward Reese, as Darren's does. To correct to Darren, he offers, "Well, she put me to task in regards to doing the speaking. I'm not that well versed, though it is a better discussion to be had, where there aren't so many distractions! Though in short, we hope for your support. Nothing too demanding. I will send a missive later, to arrange a time to meet with you?" He looks to Khanne, urging his glass forward toward her, "Should you want mine, you have but to ask!" He looks as if he would willingly give it over too! He smiles over to Ysbail, "Oh hello." His eyes pivot back to Calaudrin, growing sheepish for the realization, "Oh... yes, uhm... I might have tried to forget I think..."

Lydia's bright smile widens into a beam at Silas's mention of her grandfather. "Well, if he felt the same for you, than I'm quite happy to meet you formally! I have found my grandfather's judgment in people to be impeccable." Then she adds wistfully, "I don't spend enough time with him."

Darren utters a low chuckle, nodding to both Silas and Aiden with a broad grin. "Very good. I'll reach out to you, Prince Aiden. It was nice to see you again, Baron Silas," he dips his head into a parting nod before he pivots and starts for Khanne and the group at the grotto, laying a hand lightly on Khanne's shoulder as he comes along. He murmurs something to the woman, smiling softly, before he looks out to the others. "Aislin, it's nice to see you. And Signe! Good to see you as well, I hope you and your dogs are feeling all right?"

Reese looks over to Aiden. "I am very glad that you survived the giant and you being on the wall probably greatly helped the morale of our archers. I am sorry that I couldn't stay with you at Seawatch, but I heard that Redrain needed help and so we went to help."

Khanne laughs and shakes her head at Aiden. "No, no thank you. I can get my own." She turns back to Freja, then looks to Morrighan. "Morrighan, you fought like a bad ass on that rampart. Darren was lucky to have you at his side."

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Shadow leans in close to the pink ribboned Princess as she whispers to him, The man giving a small nod as he sighs speaking once more with her. A glance given past the woman towards a few of the others nearby before he is murmuring again. A brief smile given to the woman.

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Calaudrin's smile deepens at Aiden's response, "It's fine. I pride myself on being as easily forgotten as possible. Easier to keep a low profile that way." He tosses back a bit more of his whiskey before spotting Thena's arrival by their little cluster of people. "Guardsman. Good to see you." He greets before stepping over a little and beginning to pick some food from the table and eating. "I missed lunch." He comments to anyone that might ask.

Freja is seated at the moment, so she doesn't tower over Khanne just yet until she rises to her feet. Adding to the mention of morale she notes, "You and Cybele acted as Shaman in that, I simply said the words my father did all those years ago. Seemed fitting; Anze and Fergus wanted it shared too." She looks to the bonfires and defers to the Halfshav, "I thank you, but I don't know what more I could add other than this; bare is the back of a brotherless man. We stand still because we stood together. We weave many paths in the north, winding and trickling as numerous as the rivulet's of snow's spring thaw, but still they all stem from the same source." She can wax poetic when she wants to and her piece said, Freja simply smiles and raises her drinking horn in a toast, beginning to sing the words of an antiquated Northern song. It is carried on by the entertainers and guards of the bonfire as a back drop, Freja dropping the syllables once it properly begins and reclaiming her seat. "Thank you, Khanne. And who is this?" She looks to Ysbail.

Kieran meanders over to the grotto and the familiar faces there. "Hello, cousin, Morrighan, Lady Signe.". He promptly claims a spot without invitation as he watches the activity around him.

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, Penelope, Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Dafne.

Aislin glances up from her conversation at the grotto, offering Darren a nod in greeting. "Your grace. I see you remembered /not/ to invite any Shards to this particular gathering." She says this wryly, as though it were something of a joke she expects the Redrain highlord to understand.

Shrugging, Ysbail takes the sack over to the nearest bonfire, offering a nod and smile of greeting towards Darren, then towards Aiden. She kneels down as close as she dares to get, setting the sack ont he ground and pulling out an item. A small wooden carving. Murmuring something softly, she feeds the item into the flames and reaches for the next. Each item withdrawn with respect, whispered over or read, then fed into the flames carefully. Sweats beads up quickly. It was already hotter in Arx than she's used to and the close proximity to a bonfire only makes it moreso. Sweat is armed away as she continues her task, pausing only to glance up towards Freja with a bright smile before turning back to the sack and its contents.

Aiden nods his head to Darren, "Thank you, Prince Darren. And for the celebration, and for the whiskey. And the food. Probably that too." He looks over to Silas, boasting a sheepish grin. Reese's words toward him have him consider her again, "I hope it helped. I can't say if it did or not. I'm... glad I did my part. You've no reason to apologize, Princess Reese. You were needed elsewhere. It is good that you made it." He then scoffs toward Calaudrin, "Easily forgotten? Hardly. I can't forget you, as well as the other men who helped me. I've never been in battle before. I was, overwhelmed. I think in shock at the point that I was dragged down the ramparts."

Silas seems to heartily agree with Lydia's assessment of Augustus, nodding firmly. "He was one of the smartest men I knew. I enjoyed working with him, even if his standards were quite high and exacting." His own smile fades in brightness momentarily. "I miss him, too. Hopefully he'll return to the city in due time. The city could use him." He nods back to Darren when the man leaves them for another group, not seeming to mind. "Be well, Your Grace." He turns to Aiden, overhearing his conversation with Calaudrin. A smirk plays on his lips. "I've promoted Master Calaudrin to First Officer for his quick thinking on the battlefield. Haven't been more confident in an appointment."

Khanne smiles at Freja. "That was beautiful. And so true." She looks towards Ysbail and asks, "You have not met Ysbail yet? Ysbail Blackwood, a vassal of the Crovane and fellow shaman." She looks at Ysbail and says, "this is Freja Redrain, voice to Darren in the Redrain family, scout, like, scary good one... and shaman."

Thena removes her hand from the rim of her whiskey mug to touch her fingers to her forehead in a little semi-salute when Calaudrin notices her, then takes a sip and glances around the circle of men talking about the recent battle.

Aiden looks between Silas and Calaudrin, "First Officer! Congratulations Master Calaudrin. Silas," he glances over at him, "How many others did you promote. You need to throw them a proper party." Nudge to the side.

"Well, you know, I thought about it. But I didn't want to make those poor Shards feel uncomfortable in the company. Too many swords, too many capable individuals," Darren remarks to Aislin, flourishing a hand about the crowd before uttering a low laugh. He looks over to Freja and offers her a warm smile as he comes to take a seat, looking to Aislin again. "I'm glad you're here, Aislin," he says that warmly, sincerely. "I'm glad all of you are here, honestly. There's much to be thankful of. I hope we have many more tomorrows to come."

Reese listens to Shadow's softly spoken words and she nods in response to them. The girl then rises to her slippered feet. She looks over to Aiden. "It did. It helped. We have to talk more privately sometime so I can know you better, later, if you wish, cousin." She then turns her focus to Calaudrin. "Congrats on your promotion." She says, giving him a gentle smile that touches her blue eyes. The girl is then off to get whiskey. "Prince Darren are we going to celebrate with wrestling?"

"Try being his grandchild!" Lydia responds with a laugh and then as the conversation moves on, she shifts to turn towards Reese and Aidin and Calaudrin, her face brigtening up again towards the the commoner, "Congratulations on that promotion! I'm sure it's well deserved!"

Maeve serves a few more people their drinks before she approaches Shadow, Reese, and whoever else is seated with them. A broad smile is offered as she wordlessly pours drinks for the lot of them.

Dafne arrives, kitten tucked under her arm, and scans the area for people she knows. The little Zaffria is not wearing black tonight. That said, she's only upgraded as far as sapphire blue, so it's not as if she's suddenly exploded into colour. Spotting Aislin, she turns toward her in the crowd, setting her steps purposefully toward her.

"Are you offering to start us off, Princess Reese?" Darren calls over his shoulder, eyes bright. "I'm betting you could take down a mountain in the pits. Maybe Shadow would be willing to jump in on behalf of Redrain?"

"I use it mostly to play pranks and sneak up on others. It amuses Cybele to no end. One day your arrows will find my right ass cheek when I'm trying to be -too- sneaky." Freja drawls with good humor to Khanne and Ysbail. "Ah, another one of us comes into the fold! A pleasure. We can use more, always."

Reese takes two glasses of whiskey from Maeve and has a gentle smile for her. "Thank you." She then hands one over to Shadow. "We better take two more." The girl adds. "Of course, I am offering. I would be honored to kick Shadow's butt. Graysons no greater!" She cries out, but the cry is a bit teasing.

Somehow the multiple rounds of congratulations manage to make Calaudrin uncomfortable. He attempts to hide behind his glass of whiskey, nodding his head along with them. The drinking gives him a second to gain some composure. "Thank you, thank you. Pretend I have some wise words to say. Also thank you, Lord Commander for your faith. I agree, we should have a party. Barracks party." Sure to be a lot of fun!

Aiden looks over toward Reese and hails her sentiment with a firm nod and a polite, "Sometime, yes, later. I have whiskey to drink and I'm not very good at it..." He laughs behind a lift of his glass. An opportunity to grow quiet, his arm tightened around the Baron's.

"The city came through that fight far better than I'd feared," Aislin admits to Darren. Whatever else she might say, though, is forgotten when Dafne approaches. "Duchess, hello," she offers, with a warm nod in greeting. "I didn't expect to see you here."

Khanne blinks at Darren and just rolls her eyes at him, then turns to Freja. "Well, that would be one hell of a scar to show off, huh?" She laughs and says, "excuse me... I need to sit down or my healer is gonna tell me off..."

Khanne has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Although, Aiden pipes up, "Barracks party! That sounds dangerously fun!"

Genuine laughter bubbles forth at Lydia's exclamation. "I can only imagine, m'lady." He will forever remember Augustus's lectures. And he knew the man for only a portion of the time! Silas grins more wryly when the flood of congratulations make Calaudrin squirm. "Once upon a time, not too long ago, a commoner First Officer was unheard of. You should be very proud." He looks back to Aiden. "I intend to throw a party for the Iron Guard, but I need to get the medals minted first. I'll let you know the details when I decide them. Though Calaudrin is running a charity event soon..."

Joslyn is perhaps a little late, but she arrives at the party, or celebration at least. Not a Redrain, sure, but she fought on their ramparts and there's a somber smile on her face as she enters, looking around at those that are gathered around.

Ryder the falcon arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Ysbail pauses once more, holding a small rag doll in her hands as she looks up towards Freja once more. Smiling, she bobs her head and offers a cheery, "Your Highness. The pleasure is mine. Do you have something to add to the pile?" She motions with the doll towards the rough-looking sack, then over to Khanne. "And *you*... if you will not lay down then at least sit! Rest and no pushing. You still have 12 hours before those stitches are cured properly!" Its admonished as Khanne moves to sit, naturally. Looking around, she catches Asger's eye and offers him a smile as well before returning to her task.

Shadow glances towards Darren hearing the suggestion of fighting Reese, The large man's cheeks darkening slightly as he gives a small grin like he might not mind such an idea. When the Princess returns and offers him up the mug Shadow reaches out for it taking it from her as he hears her little call back in answer to Darren. The man chuckling softly, "Will wrestle Pink Ribbon if she wants." His eyes looking to her before he is looking to Darren. "Shadow not have problem with.."

Freja calls after Khanne, "I have enough scars for now, but if I get the itch I'll send word." To Ysbail she pauses, quirking a brow. "...what pile? "

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Darren nods over to Aislin, his lips pursing into a thoughtful line. "It did, didn't it?" he remarks, and then shrugs his shoulders and hops to his feet. "Well, we'll have to talk again soon. Consider yourself as having an open invitation to the Villa for whiskey?" he says to Aislin, offering her a warms mile. "There's much to discuss. But not for here and not for today." He dips his head into a nod before he, too, goes to sit on a bench, chuckling warmly over to Shadow. "I'll put five thousand silver on you, Shadow. Make me proud."

Darren has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Calaudrin's shyness brings a delighted laugh to Lydia's lips. "Oh, don't be shy about it! It's very well deserved and you are now a man of position and power. Stand up straighter! Don't let them think they can get one over on you." It might almost sound like one of Augustus's speeches to Silas, except that it's delivered in a delighted, good humored tone making it hard to tell how much of it is serious.

Reese starts to down her whiskey, but she really needs it. She then removes her silk ribboned dress, her silk slippers and her slik thigh highs. She leaves them on the bench. The girl is left in white linen camisole and bloomers. She smiles over to Joslyn as she arrives. "Joslyn.." Reese says gently. "You are just in time to see me defeat Shadow." She smiles happily to Shadow and starts toward the wrestling pit.

"I'm letting people bring their own food." Calaudrin replies about the charity event. Which should be a nice whopping clue that the newest First Officer is not much of a party event hoster. "It's technically the Iron Guard's charity event. Which Thena is going to help me organize." She is? This might be the first Thena is hearing about it. Calaudrin smiles brightly on that note and his eyebrows raise at Lydia's enthusiasm. "Ah well, I'll keep that in mind. We wouldn't want that." He seems upbeat tonight. Also, time to drink more of the whiskey.

"It is not my sort of thing normally," Dafne replies to Aislin. "Too much smoke. Not nearly enough ghosts or poetry. But the Palazzo's staff has been overly solicitous of late, sighing sympathetically and murmuring about I need some relief from my sorrow, that I said I would go in hopes they'd return to normal and remember I am their duchess, and not Lady Cerese's poor little orphaned baby girl."

Joslyn grins over at Reese as she declares her intention to beat Shadow, and so she walks over to her, smiling slightly as she says. "Well, I haven't met this Shadow fellow, but my bet is on you. Where is he? I have yet to meet him in person," she explains, looking around as she bows her head towards Reese.

Maeve does pour two more drinks as the princess orders, sliding them to the Grayson. "Here you are, your highness." When the drinks are offered, she moves down the table and looks to Darren, "How about you, High Lord? Would you care for whiskey?" She is already pouring him a generous portion inside a mug.

"He is the giant." Reese says toward Joslyn and then points over to Shadow.

"Perhaps ghosts are hiding /in/ the smoke," Aislin points out to Dafne. "You never know. They're very sneaky, ghosts. Or so I'm told." But then a hint of one of her rare smiles touches her face. "Though I think servants who have known you since childhood /always/ will see you as a child, at least a little bit. Sometimes I think Cedric still sees a six-year-old girl tracking mud into the house whenever he looks at me."

"Oh, thank you, Maeve," Darren flashes a broad smile to the redhead as he takes the mug of whiskey from her, lofting it in silent salute. "Good to see you again. I heard you'd come back into the city. There's a lot for a good apothecary like you to do around here!" When he spies Dafne, he inclines his head to her. "Duchess Dafne, thank you for coming."

Joslyn looks over at Shadow and blink. "No offense, Reese, but my bet is on him," she says with a sheepish grin to the princess.

Aiden has become rather close with the Lord Commander, though he can be heard saying, "I'm not sure I can stomach seeing any more fighting..."

Sparte watches the others Iron Guardsmen drinking their whiskey with some uncertainly. When there is talk of brawling he looks doubly uncertain, edging even further into the background.

Shadow blinks and watches as Reese strips from the dress and thigh highs down to just the shift and bloomers. His cheeks darkening further as he mutters to himself in Northlands Shav before quickly downing the whiskey as if to steady his nerves or maybe just for the pain relief. The man drawing his tunic up and over his head tossing it beside her dress as he wanders closer to the pit and where she speaks with Joslyn. Bandaging showing wrapped around his torso and shoulder. The man's eyes drifting to Reese as he smiles warmly, "Will be fun Pink Ribbon." His gaze then shifting to Joslyn dipping his head to the woman. The comment on bets has Shadow chuckling, "Pink Ribbon have much strength. Is even."

Khanne looks up from her spot on the bench and asks to Ysbail, "these are offerings for those who past? Can I help honor them?"

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Silas grins at Lydia. "Add more disapproving frowning and you'd have it down pat." He seems to have caught on to the likeness between her lecture and an Augustus lecture. "I think he threatened to destroy me if I did anything to bring dishonor to the Grayson name, last time," he reveals with a casual shrug. He leans in to exchange a few words with Aiden, who was still on his arm, and plants a kiss to his temple. "Let me get some food first, then we'll retire." And on that note, he does leave the alcove to gather a plate of food -- mostly meat -- before returning to Aiden.

Kieran notes to Aiden, "Wrestling isn't fighting. It's horseplay. Anyways, I doubt Shadow and Her Highness will be aiming to harm each other."

Maeve beams a smile as she offers the mug to her High Lord. "I am glad to be back." She says in a cheerful tone. "I have already worked to donate some medicinal salves to the healers. Though, in the chaos, they may not have paid me much attention. I simply slipped salves into their stash." She smiles. A glance is offered to who Darren speaks to and a mug of whiskey is offered to Dafne, "Your Grace."

Reese smiles toward Shadow as he joins her in the pits. "I think it is even." She say sand then looks over to his bandages. "Are you still hurt? She says with concern, pausing in the fighting for a moment. Her attention turns to Aiden and she sucks in a soft breath, seemingly concerned. "I'm sorry Prince Aiden, we can hold off for now. But is true we won't truly harm each other. It is more like playing."

Lydia flashes a grin at Silas and Calaudrin again, and then she dips her head down. "You know my grandfather too well. I'll leave you to your food, I should be taking my own leave, I think." And with that, she turns and makes her way towards the exit.

"I'm glad to hear that, Maeve," Darren flashes her a proud smile. "I'm sure they'll be paying attention to you soon enough. But there's still work to be done, even though the war is over." He looks over as Shadow and Reese start getting into the pit, pndering something, before he shrugs and looks back to the group.

Joslyn chuckles, inclining her head towards Shadow. "She's a great fighter, I've never seen her wrestle, so this should be interesting," she offers with a smile, moving to the side of the pit to watch the match. Looking then between the pair as the fight is stopped short.

Aiden looks over toward Kieran who had heard him, "I've seen enough wrestling, up close and personal. My life depended on me winning that wrestling match..." He sighs as his hand comes up to the bridge of his nose and pinches, "This is just not something I find myself enjoying after the violence we all just faced." He looks toward Silas with a hopeful nod to retire, "Don't let me keep you from feeding yourself..." His smile not nearly as bright, more of a forced effort with tension around his eyes.

"Nightshade would tell me if there were ghosts," Dafne tells Aislin, poker-faced. "She talks to them." It's difficult to tell whether the duchess is being serious or not, especially in the flickering firelight, her pale face set and her large eyes solemn. "And perhaps. The servants who have been with the family forever are...almost more like family. Still, I swear Sylvie never had to deal with so much fussing." She glances over and dips her dark head in a small nod. "Prince Darren, thank you. And thank _you_," she adds to Maeve as she accepts the mug of whiskey with a smile. She takes a small dainty sip of the whiskey, nose wrinkling a moment at the burn of it but only laughs. "Ah, you can feel that one. It's not like Lycene wine that, much like us, tastes divine and sneaks up to clobber you with its strength later."

Reese peeks up to Joslyn. "Its okay, but if I win you have to fight me next, if we are still are fighting." She says and looks over to Aiden, the girl seemingly very conflicted. "I can't do this Shadow." She says toward the large man in the pits. "It is going to cause him pain." She is just standing there in her bloomers and camisole not fighting.

Thena sets her half-finished whiskey mug on a table and offers a vapid smile to those nearest her. "Lovely party." She ducks back into the crowd.

Silas waves to Lydia as she begins to stroll away. "Be well, Lady Lydia! Until we meet again." He lifts his arm back to Aiden, with his food being carried with his free hand. "Shall we go?"

Shadow's eyes lift to Aiden as Reese addresses him, The large man's brow furrowing. "Pink Ribbon right, Shadow not going to hurt. Is just for fun.. Test strength and movement." His shoulders shrugging as he glances towards Reese finally and smiles waving off the concern. "Shadow was seen to be ones with stitches. Is not real fight, And is not using forge so is good as rest." A wink given as he looks to the woman before he is turning to look up to Joslyn from his place in the pit. "Shadow know, Pink Ribbon good with much." A warmth showing in his tone before he is turning serious or as serious as the ginger mountain of a man could be. The words from Reese have Shadow leaning in and murmuring to the woman briefly before he gives her a reassuring smile.

Khanne looks over to Ysbail and calls out, "Ysbaaaaail....... Come sit with me." She smiles, taking the mug of whiskey from Darren when he offers it to her. She winks at him and after his gulp, she tilts it back and chugs it until all that remains is a sip, passing it back to him. "Thanks."

Reese looks over to Aiden and Silas. "Take care, I am sorry for the wrestling, I didn't realize it would cause you discomfort. I am sorry."

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Aiden nods quickly at Silas, "Yes..." He looks toward Reese and Shadow, "I haven't the stomach for seeing more. Excuse us..."

"You don't have to leave. I won't wrestle, if it will help." Reese says with soft concern.

With a grin, Asger slips into the crowd to grab Ysbail by the hand and tugs her to the refreshment table. Taking a bottle of the booze there he passes it to her before he takes another one for himself and winks "Care to come drinking with me, Ys?"

Silas smiles to Reese and dips his head towards her. "It's fine, Reese. Enjoy yourselves. That's what this is about." Nevertheless, he departs with the Grayson prince on his arm, just as he entered the grounds.

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As the group around him dissolves and disapepars into different directions, Calaudrin will collect another plate of food and disappear himself. With the entire plate.

"Don't say I've never given you anything," Darren remarks to Khanne before he accepts the mug back from her, and takes another long sip. It's passed back to the Halfshav after, so that she can have the last sip. "Duke Asger! Good to see you," he shouts over to Asger, motioning him over. "Come have a seat."

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Joslyn bites her lip and sighs for a moment as Aiden departs. "Well, I suppose we can still wrestle, though I warn you, I am terrible at non-stabby fighting," Joslyn says with a smile. "But I will take you on anytime," there's a glance to the discarded dress and Reese's camisole. "Though I don't wear anything under my dress, so that may complicate matters." She does smile towards Shadow still, inclining her head towards him. "I've fought beside her a few times now. Always a good one to have at your side in a fight." she says with a note of pride in her tone.

Reese sighs softly, seemingly deeply troubled for some reason another. Her cheeks are even pale. She looks up to Shadow, sucks in a soft breath and gives him a smile. "I guess there is no reason not to wrestle now, if you still wish Master Shadow?"

Kieran shakes his head to Joslyn. "This is the Redrain ward. Just wrap some cloth about your waist and you should be fine." He watches the crowd as people depart and arrive, shifting the interactions.

Sparte looks about a little longer, before deciding it is time to make his exit as well. Pulling out a little snack for the Stoat riding on his hip, he passes it to the creature as he makes his exit from the gathering.

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"A very useful cat," Aislin notes to Dafne. But then she spots the secretary of the Society of Explorers approaching her, and sighs. "I'm afraid I'd best get going shortly. But it was good to see you all again." A nod to the others at the grotto, and Dafne. "Hopefully things will be quieter now. At least for a little while."

Shadow looks to Reese and he seems concerned at first before mention of wrestling has him giving a small nod, The man stepping back allowing her a bit of room before he is crouching down slightly readying himself for the small Grayson Princess. "Shadow not want give up chance to wrestle Pink Ribbon. Not stupid.." A playful tone holding to his words.

Ysbail finishes her offerings, just in time to have Asger swing around and haul her off to nick a bottle of the whiskey. Laughing, she looks back to the gathering they've almost escaped from, then smiles back up at him. "Shortly. But first, I think we should go with Lady Khanne and Prince Darren before they think us both the savage shav that I still am." WWinking, she grips his hand and makes no bones about dragging the large man back across to the bower where Darrena nd Khanne sit.

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Shadow checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

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Asger places

Maeve is not bothered by anything in the world right now. The rather serene apothecary even hums along with the music that is playing. Booze! Booze! She is the bringer of the booze! Cups are filled and she dances barefooted between party goers.

"Be well, Aislin," Darren remarks to the woman with a warm smile, before he looks over to Ysbail and Asger. A low chuckle leaves him as he rolls his eyes a little bit. "I'd think him the savage before you, Ysbail, worry not."

Signe rises shortly after Aislin does, running her hand through the fall of her hair. "Good to-- good to be out and about with the Northerners again, but I think I'm done." With a little head-dip toward Freja, off she goes.

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Reese is in the wrestling pit, but she smiles over to Aislin. "Take care, Lady Ashford."

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Marian arrives late to the party, having lingered at the funeral pyres of House Thrax and then stopping to clean herself of ash before arriving at the event. Her red hair is damp, her clothes are changed for those of her that saw her earlier. She makes her way into the crush towards the cluster of Redrain nobles, looking to greet Darren. An opportunity she missed at the last event.

Joslyn looks over her shoulder towards the departing Aislin, offering a wave towards the Ashford lady. "Lady Aislin, I didn't see you. Be well!" she says, smiling warmly towards her.

Asger smiles as he walks along hand in hand with Ysbail to join Darren and Khanne at the benches "Friends, it is good to see you both again." bringing his bottle up, Asger takes a long draw from it "And Khanne you're still alive, Ysbail is quite talented in the healing arts isn't she?"

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Reese charges at Shadow, trying to hook her right bare foot around his calf while reaching her slender arms to hug about his waist. She attempts to knock the large man to the ground. She doesn't succeed and Shadow seems to be so far doing a little better than her.

Freja is rising soon after and giving Morrighan a one-armed hug and reaching over to mess up Kieran's hair. "I'll see y'round, y'two. I need to go sleep. Give him trouble." she instructs of Morrighan.

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Aislin offers nods to other familiar faces, as she moves to depart... including a nod to Calypso as she sees the general enter just as she's heading out. "Lady Calypso," she offers. "We should speak sometime soon." But for the moment, she slips off to attend to whatever Society business is calling her away.

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Darren glances between Ysbail and Asger, and leans to murmur something to Khanne with a laugh, before he rises upon seeing Princess Marian come near him. The woman earns herself a broad smile, as he tips his head to her. "Princess Marian, I'm glad you were able to make it. I saw you in the crowd at the pyre lighting, but it didn't seem appropriate to elbow my way through the mourners to say hello."

Khanne watches the comings and goings of people, mostly, unable to do much more than that, doped up on pain elixirs and under orders not to move. She holds her (Darren's) empty mug out when a servant walks by, asking for a refill. When Ysbail and Asger come over, she smiles and says, "about time! Sit! I'm not in trouble if I am with you and not in bed, am I? Wait.. that sounded weird..." She nods to Asger and says, "yeah, she saved my guts. It is good to see you again too."

Kieran watches as three of the ladies he was sitting with rise and depart. "Hmmm. I am beginning to think I must smell or something."

Morrighan lifts a drinking horn in salute to Freja before she departs from the festivities, giving her an impish smile. "You can count on it, Princess," she calls, then glancing askance to Kieran with much the same grin. "Runnin' scared eh?"

Khanne is overheard praising Darren for: To the Last! Thanks for the Bonfire!

Calypso grins as she watches so many familiar faces wander off just as she arrives. "Is it me?" She asks, likely in jest, before making her way over to the benches.

Calypso has joined the benches under the oak trees.

When Reese comes in towards him Shadow looks almost like a child that first time they are tasting a sweet cake. The man's smile growing as he watches those movements that guide the Grayson Princess closer. The large man simply standing his ground until he feels her foot moving to hook around his calf. The arms moving around his midsection has Shadow reaching out to just wrap his larger arms to wrap around the Grayson Princess as the man tries to draw her up against his chest.

"You don't smell, you look funny." Freja nods to Kieran with a small laugh as she slips back into the estate.

"Calypso!" Khanne smiles and waves to her as she comes near. "I didn't even see you in this crowd. Have you met Ysbail?" And then she elbows Darren in the side, almost, sort of (not really) lightly, grunting as she does though.

Maeve calls out to Freja. "He has a nose you know! Of course he can smell!"

Leave it to Maeve to be awkward.

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Reese checked stamina + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Dafne remains still for a moment after Aislin departs, mug of whiskey in one hand, staring into the flames, a solemn cast to her features. She stirs a moment later at some sound, and takes another sip of her whiskey before glancing over her shoulder. "Lady General," she calls out to Calypso, raising her mug.

A pensive 'hrm' escapes from Morrighan while she lightly tips her whiskey forward, gulping down a decent mouthful of the liquor while she gives Kieran a cursory glance. "Maybe you do look jus' a wee bit funny, I dunnae think you smell, though."

Marian shakes her head and smiles, "No...which is why I waited till now to come and greet you. My apologies for my lateness but I stayed behind and the time got away from me." She had a few drinks before arriving at the event, her mood lighter, "Prince Edain and Princess Alis are unable to attend this evening so I'm afraid you shall have to settle for my company."

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Ysbail flashes a grin towards Khanne and shakes her head. "No, I'm not really mad. Just be careful with those stitches and let me come by in the morning to check the wounds. And a full night's rest, my lady. By morning the stitches will be cured and you can move about more normally." Darren is given a bright grin as he's letting her be here, then she's looking to Asger and murmuring something to him before her head whips around at her name being called again? "I didn't do it!"

Calypso grins at Khanne when she hears her name. "Lady Khanne. Nice to see you." She looks to Ysbail and nods. "Nice to see you again Miss Ysbail. Its been a while sense I've been able to attend a Redrain Bonfire." She nclines her head to Dafne as she spots the Duchess in the group. "Duchess Dafne. Wonderful to see you too."

"Lady General!" Darren's face brightens as Calypso comes over, and he flashes her a happy grin. "You made it. I am very glad. Grab some whiskey," he offers to her, before he looks back to Marian, laughing a little. "Ah, well I will take your company most certainly, Princess Marian. Come and sit?" he motions to the benches as he retakes his beside Khanne.

Kieran calls out to Freja, "Being funny is my main appeal." He lifts his nug yo his lips and takes a long drink, as he watches the wrestling antics. To Morrighan, he grins and replies, "That is reassuring. Now to just work on my funny looks."

Calypso takes the whiskey offered, grinning back at Darren then. "Redrain always has the best parties, your Grace. Throwing the festivities."

Joslyn is watching the pair wrestling in the pit, cheering along as they go, but she does wince then as Shadow seems to have gotten his leg up on the match. "You got this, Reese!" she cheers her on.

Khanne nods to Ysbail and says, "I promise. Straight to bed from here... and of course you can come by. Please do." She smiles and winks. "we can have more to tease Rowan about."

Reese is gathered up into the Nothern's giant bear hug and it is not looking very good for her. She wiggles, pushes, struggles and tries to regain the upper hand, but it never comes, not even close. She is still standing at least this for this very moment, but Shadow has control and could probably easy get her pinned to the ground.

Lame Ann finally seems to have soaked enough whiskey to make her ankle hurt less. At least now when she limps around, she doesn't seem to care too much about it. There's a glass of whiskey in one hand and a book in the other--just in case. But for now, the wrestling that's sprung up has got her attention. "Anyone betting?"

Morrighan perks up when she hears Darren's voice ring out, identifying one woman within the crowd. Tempestuous sea-blue eyes travel over the various faces, soon to spy Calypso over where the Ruling Prince lingers. "Calypso!" she chirps in greeting, beaming a smile the Malvici woman's way and raises an arm, flailing it about in a cheery wave. That hand soon comes down atop Kieran's head, giving his red hair a severe ruffling. "I can help with th'funny."

Marian moves take take the seat that Darren offers, "Thank you...I will accept your kind offer." She looks to the lady general with interest, having limited experience with Redrain nobles, "And you'll have to introduce me. I'm afraid, I have not had the opportunity to spend much time with your people."

Marian has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Shadow lifts the young Princess in her bloomers and shift up against his muscular and bandaged chest, The man not seeming to mind the wounds beneath with the Princess in his grasp at least for the moment. His eyes looking to Reese's own as he lifts her from the ground to be eye to eye with him. The large man grinning as he says in a warm tone, "Pink Ribbon, See Shadow not so hurt can't wrestle." The man shaking her slightly in his grasp much like a bear might do in the wild if it had gotten hold of a person.

Calypso raises her whiskey in Morri's direction when she spots the fire-haired Redrain retainer. "Miss Morrighan. So good to see you. You really must come by Malvici Hall again soon for a drink."

Reese checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Shadow checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Maeve spins around and saunters her barefooted way back over to Kieran. She doesn't say anything, just smiles at him and refills his mug. Anyone else near the Prince also get refills of whiskey!

"My lady, the pleasure is mine, truly." Ysbail flashes a smile at Calypso and bobs her head towards the General. "I'm glad we could meet again!" She looks back to Khanne and winks with a short chuckle. "There will always be more fodder for that fire. The poor man is going to be bedeviled for years to come!" Shifting slightly, she smiles brightly towards Marian and bobs her head. "A pleasure, Your Highness!"

Kieran notes to Ann, "I am betting they both make out in the next few minutes." Then there is a hand ruffling his hair. The prince shoots Morrighan and narrowed gaze but he doesn't say anything, except grumbles under his breath.

Asger flashes Khanne a grin, "Sorry to disappoint you but I've already laid claim to the rest of Ysbail's evening, you'll just have to settle for seeing her tomorrow." reaching oer he claps Darren on the shoulder in a fraternal matter "Darren I keep saying it and it has failed to happen yet but we need to have a night where we simply drink and enjoy ourselves."

Khanne has left the benches under the oak trees.

Khanne has joined the benches under the oak trees.

"Of course, of course. So here we have the famous Lady General Calypso Malvici, who'll soon be married to my cousin, Anze," Darren introduces Calypso to Marian first, before he starts down the line, pointing out people as he comes along, "My favorite Shamaness and Voice to Halfshav, Lady Khanne. Our resident apothecary, Maeve. The Duke of Crovane, Asger," he takes a quick breath, before continuing on, "And then there's Ysbail, who's just come to the city." He grins to Marian afterward. "And everyone, this is Princess Marian Valardin." He chuckles over to Asger after, patting him on the shoulder as well. "Well, hopefully we'll get some time to just relax and enjoy ourselves now, eh?"

Khanne smiles and lifts a hand to wave to Marian. "Hello, it is nice to meet you."

Calypso inclines her head to Marian as Darren introduces her. "Your Highness. The Sword of Sanctum. I have been meaning to catch up with you. I didn't realize you were back in the city."

"Two hundred silver says they don't," Ann retorts to Kieran, flashing the man a crooked grin with her offer. She shuffles in his direction, drinking as she goes.

Kieran lifts his mug to Maeve when she approaches the grotto and eagerly lets her refill his tankard. "Thank you, Maeve! You know exactly how to improve a soured mood." He sticks his tongue out at Morrighan then.

"It's good tae see you as well, I asked about you a bit after th'battle, Anze ensured tha' you were in good health - I'm glad tae see tha' holds true. Any time you'd like a visit, jus' call for me, I'm happy tae make my way over," Morrighan replies to Calypso before giving Kieran a squinted look in reply to his narrowed one, crinkling her nose at him with a soft 'harrumph'.

Marian gives a warm smile to Ysbail, "We met Shadow's place of business." She then turns to Khanne, "It is nice to meet you too." At Calypso's mention of her returning to the city, "I've been by Prince Edain's side during the siege and then left briefly to Sanctum to witness Princess Alis marriage to my cousin, Fiachra." She gives an apologetic look to Darren, "We only had immediate family at the event because everyone is occupied with the recovery and we did not wish to distract from those efforts."

Calypso nods over to Morrighan. "I'll make sure to do so soon. I heard about the ferocity with which you fought in the siege. I'll have to see if I can't convince you to join me in the Training Center as well." She turns to Marian again. "Well, in a less busy evening, you and I should catch a drink together."

Samantha is not a Redrain, but her foster mother is, and she counts many of the Redrains amongst her friends. And so she is happy to be able to come to this bonfire, even though she seems to be walking a fine line between luminous and weary.

Asger dips his head to Marian, "It is a pleasure to meet you." the duke bringing up his bottle of whiskey to take a long drink from it.

"Ah, I was actually there to see it. Perhaps you didn't see me, I was trying to make myself disappear in the back so the Seraph didn't catch me on my fourth bottle of whiskey," Darren chuckles over to Marian with a broad grin, on the subject of Alis' wedding. When he sees Samantha arriving, he raises a hand to her and offers her a happy wave. "Marquessa, welcome!"

Maeve beams a smile to Kieran, "Everyone has the power to their own moods. I just find that being cheerfu and offering booze is like a key to help people unlock their own power." She winks at the prince. As Darren introduces her, she hears her name and she spins about on her heels. A slight hand is lifted and waved in Darren's general direction. She isn't sure who he is introducing, but she is at least trying to be polite.

Marian shakes her head and admits to Darren, "I was distracted that day...with assisting Princess Alis. I'm sure there are others I missed at the event." She smiles a greeting at others that arrive. And then takes a drink of whiskey because there is not enough drink in her.

Reese is gathered up into Shadow's arms while they are both in the wrestling pit, apparently fighting. It looks like she has completely lost. She might not be pinned to the ground yet, but Shadow is holding her lifted up and all her wiggling is doing no good. "You can wrestle while hurt, Shadow. I give up, you are a beast, I can't get free." She murmurs, squirming once again. This was not a very exciting match. It was only close for a moment.

Whisper the Snowy Owl arrives, following Killian.

Khanne smiles at the others as the talk goes on around her, lifting her mug for another drink. She leans towards Ysbail and says, "we need to plan something soon. I have so many ideas.... I am going to need help with, either before you leave, or when you return."

Samantha smiles broadly at Darren. "Your Highness! I am glad to see your face. And will be glad to see it tomorrow evening as well." He seems to be talking to Marian, and Samantha offers the woman a cheerful, polite nod.

Kieran laughs at what Maeve says. "Well if drink unlocks power, my strength is the ability to trip over myself and pass out. Truly I am a man of greatness." The prince then calls out, "Hello, Lady General Calypso! Tell Anze he is dull for me, would you please?"

Shadow's head leans back as he hears her words, The man smiling as he feels her squirm that one last time before he is relaxing that bear hug slowly easing her down to set her back on the ground. "If are sure Pink Ribbon, So.. Whiskey yes?" A chuckle leaving him after the suggestion as his brow lifts.

"And I'm Ann," Ann asides to Maeve, shooting Darren a look as he fails to introduce her. "A lowly Scholar and unworthy of mention." Hmph.

Joslyn gives an applause to Reese and Shadow as the match comes to a close. "Looks like I was right, but you're still my favorite fighter, Reese," Joslyn offers, grinning over at her, nodding her head to Shadow. "But you seem like you're really able to handle yourself. I'm Joslyn Manicelli, by the way," she offers, inclining her head to him.

Maeve turns to look to Shadow as he is victorious in his wrestling match. She applauds for him... and refills his mug with the -good- whiskey.

Calypso raises her glass towards Kieran. "Prince Kieran. I will be sure to pass on the terrible lies." She grins and then takes a drink, leaning in to murmur something to Asger.

"I was pleased to be invited to dinner. I've not seen Rymarr in.. months, it seems," Darren blinks at that realization, and it makes him frown. "But I suppose that is life and we'll rectify it tomorrow. Have you met Princess Marian, the Sword of Sanctum?" he motions to Marian, "Marian, this is Marquessa Samantha Deepwood." Then, to Ann, he rolls his eyes. "Princess Ann Redrain, or as I like to call her, Bookworm."

After leaning over to murmur something quietly to Kieran, Morrighan gives the Prince a light elbowing at his ribs before she scans the crowd to find Calypso again. "Ferocity is it? S'pose maybe a lil' bit, I was'nae goin' tae let anythin' touch Darren, I was doin' what I had tae tae ensure he did'nae get hurt," the redhead modestly explains, though gives Darren a broad grin afterward.

Kieran looks to Ann, "I an glad I didn't take your bet. Maeve, this is Princess Ann.". He does the introducing.

Reese is lowered down to her bare feet. The girl is still in her bloomers and her camisole. "I'm sure." She murmurs and then climbs from the pit. A smile is given over to Joslyn as she introduces herself. She then peeks down at Shadow's good whiskey. "Ohhh..I want to try some of yours."

"Marquessa Samantha Deepwood, Princess Ann is a pleasure to meet you both," Marian offers after she takes a sip of her whiskey, enjoying the burn as it slides down her throat, "I am with you there Lady Calypso...I am one of arms, not books and learning." She gives Ann the identified bookworm a look after that statement to let the woman know she didn't mean anything by it.

Giving a nod to the assembled parties, Ysbail turns a tired smile towards Khanne and nods, "We absolutely should. Perhaps tomorrow when I come by." She glances to Asger and smiles gratefully, "Thank you, my lord. That would be wonderful. Its been a taxing few days."

Calypso finally spots Ann in the crowd, raising her glass to the Princess! She nods to Marian then. "Precisely. I have been told on multiple occasions that you and I have much in common."

"I fear I have taken the warrior's portion of his time, but I promise that will be rectified, and certainly tomorrow." She turns her attention to Marian. "Your Highness, a pleasure." There's a grin to Ann. "I never discount bookworms. They know all the things."

Ann looks mollified, lifting her glass to Maeve, Marian and Calypso. "Speaking of, I was sent a wonderful new book while I recover from this sprained ankle. A gift from a Princess Ophelia Velenosa. Does anyone happen to know her? This book, Gregori & Reesha, is tragic!"

"I fear I have taken the warrior's portion of his time, but I promise that will be rectified, and certainly tomorrow." Samantha turns her attention to Marian. "Your Highness, a pleasure." There's a grin to Ann. "I never discount bookworms. They know all the things."

Dafne finishes her whiskey, and slips away quietly, returning her mug to the drinks table like a thoughtful guest.

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, Penelope, Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Dafne.

Shadow watches as Reese begins to climb out of the pit, The man moving to reach out helping to lift her up towards the edge of it easing her climb before he is moving up behind her. Mention of trying some of his whiskey has Shadow blinking, "Wha?" The man looking around somewhat confused before he is looking to Joslyn, "Now wish had bet on Shadow, would ask for cut." A playful tone holding to his words.

Reese looks over to Ann and her cheeks are pink. "I have that book. It is a very sad story." She murmurs she thens miles over to Joslyn once again. "It is good see you. I haven't since the battle." The girl is lifted up by Shadow and she allows such.

Kieran nods once to Calypso, "Thank you! He will get the joke." He downs some more of his whiskey and watches the groups mingle, before noting to Ann, "Oh, I need to return your book on ants. I finished it about a week ago."

"Good showing there, Shadow," Darren calls out as Shadow and Reese emerge from the pits, smirking a little. "Though I had no doubt that you'd win. Who are Gregori and Reesha? It sounds boring," he says that last part to Ann, before just staring at Kieran with a blink.

Whisper the Snowy Owl leaves, following Killian.

Asger waves to the others as he begins to depart with Ysbail

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