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Lighting the Pyres

With dead numbering in the thousands, those which have been identified and prepared for their rights are moved to pyres prepared from the hacked up remains of siege towers and fallen beams. The Thrax district is pretty rough, but representatives of the Faith are invited to join mourners of all Compact affiliations to pay respects to those who died in our district.


May 9, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Donella Harald(RIP)


Titania Marian Ford(RIP) Octavia Darren Max(RIP) Mirari Tobias Sparte Monique Driskell(RIP) Shadow Freja(RIP) Rickard Carita Sameera(RIP) Reese Niccolo(RIP)



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Gray Forest Outskirts

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Opia, a fat unblinking cat arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Opia, a fat unblinking cat arrives, following Mirari.

Maximilian steps out of the middistance, to approach Carita from her left, to be on his right. "Lady Carita." he says simply enough, his eyes fixed on the pyres that will soon be lit.

Sparte is off out of the way by himself. He isn't here to participate in this, he isn't even part of the house. Just another in the masses here to pay respects to the fallen.

Darren enters the remains of the Thrall's Lament with slow, respectful steps. There is a glance around before he comes to stand off to the side, quiet for now as he settles his somber attention upon the pyres.

Carita remains standing to the right of Count Darkwater, posture poker-straight and expression seemingly carved from marble. Pale, distant, almost too refined.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon arrives, following Marian.

Niccolo arrives with his usual retinue of guards in tow. His guards stay some distance away from the archduke, giving him some space. Except for Romina, who follows the Velenosa man just a few steps behind. Seeing Darren also arriving, the Lycene High Lord steps over in his direction. "Your Grace," he greets quietly, with a dip of his head.

Sameera enters Thralls Lament from the general direction of Darkwater's estate. She does note her relatives being present, though, she does not move to join them. She just finds her own little spot where it is least likely that people will surround her.

Driskell steps in the back, the black robe fastened about him to provide a somber touch being here. His hands clasp behind his back as he waits silently amidst the destruction here.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Tobias.

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The yawning gap in the great rampart of Arx looms over the scene of devastation as night falls over the city. Those who have come to pay their respects have gathered amidst the piled stones, with several of the higher nobility of the Isles carrying torches. Outsiders might notice a curious absence of any dead bodies as the torchbearers mutely start to walk past the piled stones, toward the gap in the wall. As they pass, each with their trailing entourage pick up one of the piled stones, and begin a solemn procession out the gap, and toward the battlefield, beyond.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet arrive, following Monique.

Freja appears among those gathered, lingering towards the back and fringe as much as she may. The tall Shaman has come to pay respects in her own small way, dressed in the trappings of her faith.

Marian arrives at the event, a solemn expression on her face and gives nod to the other princes and princesses present. She is dressed in her Valardin colors but wears a band of black to represent the lost. She is a lone sentinel, choosing to keep her own company as she watches the procession pass.

Donella could not be more present in this place and at this time. Torch in her grasp, she stoops into the rubble. She and her guardsmen each pick up a stone, walking in the queue of mourners.

Mirari is by herself as she arrives; dressed in a black linen dress of unremarkable tailoring. Her short hair is done up in a half bun that holds her dagger shaped hairpins with mirrors on the handles. Her emerald eyes sweeps over the Thralls Lament once more. Seeing the destruction a second time doesn't seem to get easier. Mirari briefly presses a hand ot her mouth as she looks around. Her gaze alights briefly on the Thraxian Princess, and she follows suit-- a stone is picked up from somewhere and she shifts to find a place in the queue.

Darren offers Niccolo a faint smile as the man steps up beside him, inclining his head lightly. "Your Grace," he murmurs in quiet greeting, before he turns his attention to the procession that begins to pass by. He does not yet pick up a stone for himself, though he watches for the time being, murmuring something to Niccolo in a quieter voice.

Maximilian turns to Driskell, to accept from the other man a pair of torches. He pauses as they are lit, then passes one to Carita. "Thank you, Driskell." Says Maximilian, before moving into the procession.

Justice, an elegant hunting falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Baby Badger, Shadow arrive, following Reese.

Accepting a torch from Maximilian with a quietly murmured, "Thank you." Carita turns to follow a step behind to join the processional queue.

Monique's arrival is subdued by a dark cloak thrown over the flaming beacon of her hair, eyes watching the procession from within the deep, shadowy hood. There's a sort of tension about the ex-thief, a sense of something coiled in waiting as she people-watches.

Driskell gives a brief tilt of his body in a bow towards Max after giving the count a pair of torches. Slipping his mirrormask on, he moves towards the back of the Faith but does make sure that those who desire can have one of his remaining.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet leave, following Monique.

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Rolf, 5 Grimhall House Guards, Driskell, Monique, Maximilian leave, following Harald.

Tiny Tom leaves, following Sparte.

Reese arrives at the Pyres while adorned in her silvery steel plate. She removes her helmet as they draw near, revealing her pink ribbons, pretty face and flushed cheeks. Despite the gear, her gaze is somber. She is not far from Shadow who she seems to arrive with.

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Shadow moves along just to Reese's left side and a step behind, The man moving along slowly looking over the others present as he remains silent and tries to not linger behind too far. As he sees some with torches his brow lifts and he murmurs to the woman, "Have eaten for all those already?" Confusion and question showing in his tone.

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The killing fields of prior days has been cleared of fallen Shavs and broken war machines. In their place are dozens of large pyres, each bearing a dozen fallen warriors, arrayed as they fell, with coats of maile, and helms. Broken shields at their feet, spears at their sides. The great siege towers that had menaced the walls have been reduced by axe to serve as the heaps of tinder for the thousands of dead men on the field. The wheels of the towers have been kept intact, each to serve as a pyre for a fallen captain.

The Grimhall contingent, led by Duke Harald, follow Donella and her entourage, drawing up in a long line along the rows of prepared pyres.

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Niccolo inclines his head again to Darren, and replies to his quiet words just as quietly. His eyes are no the others, however, on everything going on. His expression is somber, serious with dark circles visible under his eyes.

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Henrik arrives, following Sameera.

Freja's lips move soundlessly, muttering her own prayers to herself as they move along.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Tobias.

After exchanging a few murmured words with the Velenosa Archduke, Darren fetches himself two rocks from the rubble. One is passed on to Niccolo, before he keeps the other, and starts walking along with the procession towards the pyres.

Darkwater follows behind Grimhall, torches held high. The few surviving soldiers of the Darkwater Marines follow behind, as a quiet honorguard. It's a stoic, silent procession.

Reese arrives at the pyres with Shadow. She is adorned in her silvery steel plate, but she often is. Her expression is somber.

Mirari finds herself a torch along the way. And her gaze shifts onto Monique. She slides in that direction, a torch available if one is needed. Her voice is soft as she says, "My lady." And she moves to follow the procession out to the pyres. Her expression somber.

Titania follows silently her hands are clasped in front of her as she walks along there is no expresson on her face at the moment her Ocean blue eyes looking around watching and listening.

Sameera ever quietly follows along for the pyre burnings, sticking to a spot at the back. Thus, this probably maks her more or less last each time.

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With the siege over, Tobias is back to his usual Crimson Blade tunic. With a semi-circle of bodyguards behind him, Tobias steps forward through the gap. Being the first time he's actually seen the gap, Tobias maintains a curious expression as he examines the gap, glancing to the torchbearers on occasion. After a moment, he glances toward Seawatch Gate.

When no answer comes Shadow shrugs and continues to move along to the side and just a step behind the young Grayson Princess, His eyes searching over the pyres searching the dead for signs of shavs amongst the dead waiting to be burned.

Marian chooses to take a place near Princess Reese, giving her and Shadow a nod as she approaches. She watches the others with quiet expression, somber like many of those present.

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Niccolo accepts the rock and walks along with the Redrain Prince, exchanging a few more quiet words. He slowly nods to whatever Darren has shared with him. He looks forward, his expression grim and the man exhales, his brow furrowing.

Reese seems a bit confused by Shadow's words. "I'm not sure, Shadow" She answers belatedly in a soft near whisper. She then looks over to Marian, giving the princess a respectful nod of greeting. Her attention strays to Monique a moment later and she has nod for her. She seems to know the woman at least a little bit. She has to greet her uncle-in-law and she nods to Niccolo. This event if too somber for smile and Reese is short on them for a change .

The torch is waved away, but Monique tips her head to Mirari, careful to keep her hood pulled up, her face in the shadows. "Thank you for the offer, but my mourning is best done in darkness." A stone doesn't seem to be out of the question, though, and she bends to select a large one out of the rubble, then moves to keep pace, if slightly behind, the other woman.

Mirari inclines her head toward Monique, murmuring quietly with her as she goes. Her voice is soft, low. "I understand, my lady." Her gaze flickers up to her own torch-- the second one passed off to a nearby person. "It's such a tragedy." Mirari says, quietly-- To Monique? To herself? She's uncertain. There's a wealth of sadness in her voice as she goes.

Shadow gives a small nod hearing the words from Reese, The man from the mountains murmuring softly to her. "Shadow explain later.. Now likely not time.." The man's eyes not looking to the Princess as he searches those waiting funeral pyres waiting to have fire set to them. The man finally lifting his gaze from the bodies as he shakes his head and gives a low growl. The growl lasting only a few seconds before he is shifting his focus to Marian. A flicker of recognition showing there as he dips his head to the Valardin. His eyes then turning to flit over the faces of other mourners. Briefly watchful of Monique and Mirari before he is looking off towards the water.

Harald turns to face those assembled, drawing a slow breath and raising his voice to intone, "Kith and kin, faces new and old, we gather this night to do honor to our victorious dead, to light them on their journey beyond the reflection, and commit their deeds to memory beneath the stones they died defending. We do not weep for they who fell in valor, whose deaths brought us victory. Let their bodies burn as bright as their glory."

"Probably not, Shadow." Reese murmurs still keeping her voice to a quiet near whisper. She sucks in a soft breath and looks over the area, seemingly troubled. Her attention settles upon Harald as the man speaks and she listens to his words with grave attention.

Seeing others picking up stones, Freja follows their lead and scoops up a smooth and flat one to fit in her palm. To Monique she lifts her hand in silent greeting, but allows the Greenmarch her space.

Darren flexes his fingers around the rock in his hand as he turns his attention onto Harald, listening attentively. He does dip his head after a moment, a light and remorseful sounding sigh escaping him.

Carita remains holding - clutching, really - the torch in her hand, held up and away from her. She stays still, mute, and resolute as she listens to Duke Grimhall while looking over the field of assembled pyres. Icy-eyed, until her eyes sting with tears and she needs to blink those away.

Niccolo returns Reese nod with a dip of his head. He turns the stone he holds in his hand, and glances up to Harald when the man speaks. His lips form a thin line, but the archduke remains silent and attentive.

Shadow gives a small subtle nod in response to Reese's words, The man falling silent once more as he stops beside the woman to watch. His gaze coming to settle upon Harald as the man begins to speak. Shadow seeming to find the answer in the nobles words to what he had been looking for amongst the dead stacked like grim cords of wood. As he looks from the isles noble his gaze finds Darren. A dip of his head given to the Redrain noble before he is lookin at the bodies. His gaze going distant as he focuses on the dead waiting to be burned and given their own form of rest.

Monique offers her agreement to Mirari in the form of a hooded nod, her canny eyes sweeping the torchlit crowd and landing unerringly, hawklike, on Marian. "Ah, family. The ties that bind. Will you excuse me a moment? This seems like the right occasion to embrace an older sister." She softly tosses the rock in her hand, weighing it, bouncing it up and down on her palm as she weaves through the crowd.

Reese turns to Shadow, even as she bites at the swell of lower lip. "It is harder to see the battlefield afterwards." She murmurs softly. She then looks over to Monique as she draws near. "Lady Monique." She says gently in her direction.

Mirari dips her chin toward Monique and says, "Of course, my lady." She then slips away from the other woman herself, to approach the gaggle of Darkwater. She gives a little dip and murmurs, "Count--" And then turns toward Cartia, reaching out with a hand to gently touch her arm near the elbow. "My lady. Please let me know if me or mine can be of assistance." Her gaze shifts briefly to the others-- the Duke and then onto Titania.

Sameera continues to keep to her little spot. She does not seem overly social. She never does.

Marian silently moves her mouth in prayer to wish those fallen a good journey to the afterlife. Her manner quiet, respectful as she looks to Duke Grimhall give his speech. She does notice her sister coming to her and gives her a welcoming look as she approaches her.

Rickard shows up next to Reese, and takes a knee, muttering quiet nondenominational prayers for the fallen. After several moments, he rises, and takes a look around.

Maximilian stands with Carita, his torch held high, a stone in his other hand, maintaining a bearing suited to the Count of Darkwater. Silent. Stoic. Not exactly a party atmosphere.

After a moment, Tobias looks back to the proceedings, before he coming up to the crowd. He walks up to Max, who gets a nod from him. "I've heard you lost many soldiers in the assault, My Lord. My condolences." Tobias speaks as he listens, quietly.

Carita offers Mirari a perfectly executed dip in response, wordless, but there is a hint of warmth that cracks through the crystalline blue to recognize the touch - the tone of voice. She lowers her chin in a nod, glancing aside to acknowledge. "Yes, Mistress Mirari. Thank you."

Reese turns her atention to Rickard, giving the man a gentle and somber smile of greeting. She murmurs something softly to him.

When Reese turns towards him and bites her lower lip Shadow is looking to her with concern showing over his features. The words from the young Princess have the large man from the mountains giving a small nod as he offers in a near whisper to the woman "Shadow agree.. is.. not good feel." His words spoken almost distantly. When she looks to Monique and addresses the noblewoman Shadow is stepping aside moving to be out of the way after briefly drawing in close to the Grayson Princess. His hetrochromatic eyes looking upon Monique studying her as she approaches. When Reese greets her the man's head dips though he doesn't offer his own greeting beyond that single gesture.

"We did not lose them." Says Maximilian to Tobias, his voice low. There's no punchline. "They are with us still - and their lives were not lost in vain. We all live on, for their sacrifice."

Maximilian then nods subtly to Mirari. A greeting, but unspoken.

Rickard nods, and offers an identical smile in return to Reese, murmuring a response as he surveys the area.

Mirari's eyes flick to the side in the vague direction of Max and Tobias. She murmurs quietly, "Tears in our wake, never at our wake?" There's a slight questioning lilt to it. She's no expert on Thraxian culture. She briefly-- if allowed --touches Carita's arm once more before turning to find a place to gently lay the rock she picked up, and lean down to murmur some quiet prayer. Her gaze briefly alights on her cousin, and she should catch his eye a nod of her head is given to Rickard, and then she returns to the Darkwater... mostly near Carita.

Monique steps in close to the gathering around her older sister, letting her hooded face be lost amidst the throng there. "Marian. Princess. Need a rock?" She hefts the large one so recently bouncing upon her palm, offering it out, her eyes skirting past the two women to assess the looming bulk of Shadow.

Maximilian nods once more to Mirari. "The Thraxian creed to be sure, Mistress Corsetina."

Harald recites on, as the torchbearers begin to step toward the pyres. "Let any with memory give their words to the dead, as the Gods receive their souls, and the four winds bear their ashes into Mangata's sky. All who will remember may speak."

Sparte stands in those watching, his helmet hanging on his belt with a Stoat using it as a saddle. He hasn't sought anyone out that he knows in the crowd. Instead he is focused on the destruction, his expression solemn. At the call for words for the fallen he looks over the pyres that have been prepared. Nothing to share it seems, or just not the right words for it.

Tobias doesn't reply to that, instead, Tobias looks back to the torchbearers, before he gives a small nod. "A healthy way to view it." A neutral statement, before he starts to examine each of the pyres in turn. His left hand idles on the scabbarded sword at his waist as he walks along. Spotting Monique, though, Tobias gives a raised brow to her, before heading over. "I haven't seen you for a while. How have you been?" Tobias inquires as comes within hearing range.

Max steps forward to the pyres draped with Darkwater banners. He lifts his torch. He pauses, remembering who is on this particular pyre. Then he speaks, and his voice resounds across the field.

"Sir Erron Carsi of Darkwater Watch."

"Sir Mateo longoar, of Cielos Encantadores."

"Castor Brightshore, of Arx and Kasim Brightshore, of Arx. Brothers in arms."

"Denali Williamson, of Ilsa Morte Negro."

"Sir Xoni Al-Fatari of the Wyld Isles."

Each name is carefully intoned, spoken with a rememberance and reverence, as Max lights the central pyre draped with Darkwater banners. Some 300 men of Darkwater died in the fight, and each is arranged here in honor. Maximilian steps back from the now blazing pyre as other surviving darkwater men light the other Darkwater pyres.

"Mercy is no Virtue. Daring is no Vice."

6 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Reese heard the words about no tears and so she tries not to spill them, but her golden lashes look dangerously damp. She peeks over Sparte, giving him a somber nod.

Shadow's eyes fall briefly on Rickard, His brow lifting briefly only to just as quickly fall back into place as he looks away from the man. His gaze settling briefly on Reese giving a small nod after what looks like some hesitation. The man's gaze drawing away from Reese, As he begins to try something anything to focus on than those waiting bodies the man catches that watchful gaze of Monique. The large man's brow lifting in question as he looks to the woman trying to place her, when that fails he does offer a brief sad little smile to the woman as he studies her. The words from Max and the sudden lighting of the fires quickly drawing his gaze away as he focuses on the fires being lit.

Titania stands there hands clasped quiet watching listening to whats being said, her eyes looking around at all that has gathered then fall on Max.

Rickard scoots over to Reese, and offers a shoulder, as well as a "c'mere" tilt of his head. Should she choose not to accept, he resumes his previous activities.

Nods, again, to the positive in regard to that quiet murmur. "Never at our wake." Her posture tenses as Duke Grimhall concludes and the torchbearers proceed, she pauses for a beat, waiting for the names to be spoken. She glances down, murmuring a soundless prayer beneath her breath for her brothers. Her breath catches on the inhale, steadies, and she follows toward one of the pyres to light it when the other Darkwaters do.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Reese stands close to Shadow, Rickard and Marian. She looks over to Rickard and then blinks a few times, trying to blink back her tears. She manages to get control of herself.

Niccolo listens to the words in silence, his head slightly bowed. There's a brief glance to the gathering and then his gaze falls on Max. There it remains until the count is done speaking.

There's a half turn of her head, a deft little movement revealing only snatches of coppery brightness beneath the hood. "Lord Tobias. I've been ill, but recovered now. How do you fare?" There's genuine concern in the question from Monique to Tobias, but pitched low as it is to surf beneath the reading of the names. There's also a skein of interest.

There are many torchbearers in the Grimhall and Thrax retinues, as they spread out, each setting fire to several pyres with words for the dead. They vary from one old captain reciting, "You were asses, but I was proud to know you all. We'll fight together again beyond the reflection," to more verbose memories from more eloquent men. The pyres all light swiftly and burn hot, the funeral timbers having been treated with oils and tar.

Feeding the torch to the pyre after it has been lit, Carita withdraws - stark and pale and looking utterly out of place in pastel silks when surrounded by so much death and memories that are all going up in licking, gouting flames. She retreats until she returns to Mirari's side, a ghost in the other courtesan's shadow as she tries not to cry. She fails that attempt and weeps in silence.

Rickard stands by, solemnly, watching as the pyres burn. He remains steadfast and confident, bowing his head in honor of the dead.

Marian waits for Duke Grimhall to finish speaking before she embraces her sister rather than take the rock from her hand. She gives her a firm squeeze and murmurs something in her ear before turning her solemn gaze back on the gathering. Once the members of House Thrax are done speaking, she does offer few quiet words, "When all is dark and the light has gone, help them find their passage. Let them know they are not alone, give them clear skies to navigate..." Her voice lowers and melds with other well wishers who hope the fallen find peace. She watches the pyres light and then her gaze lowers in respect for these soliders that are no longer with Arx.

Shadow looks to Reese after a moment and leans in to whisper softly to the young Princess, Concern showing over his features as he notices those tears she tries to hide and blink back. As he leans back the man from the mountains watches the young princess a few moments before he is turning his focus towards the fire once more. A soft murmur leaving him as he tries to focus on the fire but his gaze does drift off not wanting to focus too long on the sight given the other questions that came to mind with it.

Maximilian steps back to the crowd - passing his torch off to a soldier. His solid bulk comes to a stop on the other side of Carita, arms folding behind his back to spread his chest, almost puffing up as he shields Cartia from view so she can have her moment. His eyes remain fixed on the Pyres as they burn.

"I myself am well. We lost roughly a hundred fifty Crimson Blades in the siege though... and we're sitll recovering from that." Tobias informs Monique. "I'll be hosting a funeral for them eventually, but we're still dealing with the aftermath. We have mercenaries from all across the Compact... so notifying families takes more time than House soldiers do." Tobias looks over to the others as they do their speeches. "Also working on long term plans. I try to look forward in regards to these things; every one of our people know what they're signing up for, after all." He states softly.

Harald set his torch to one of the dead captains on a wheel, with the words, "Holger, you fought for me against the Tyde when you were a beardless boy, you charged against beasts out of legend in three battles, and go to your rest victorious. May your sons match your quality." Yet for most, there are only scant blessings given; there are thousands of fallen whose smoke and ashes rise on the wind with tall flames.

Freja closes her eyes and lowers her head, her own prayers offered as the pyres are kindled. She reaches up to remove her albino bear headdress, cradling it in the crook of her arm and leaving her chestnut curls an unruly mess. Her respect paid she lingers for a while, eyes fixated on the fallen before she begins to back up slowly.

Reese turns to Shadow and her lashes are damp still, but her tears are unfallen. She gives him a somber smile as if trying to reassure him. She then turns to Tobias. "I am so sorry, Commander Tobias. I didn't realize you lost so many, but I should have. I have see several fall. I am sorry for your lose and grateful for your service in helping to defend us all."

Sameera continues to stay silently in her corner. It's hard to say what she is thinking. Though, the little jeweler is even more tense than normal. The only person she lets semi-close is her new coompanion in the form of Henrik and even then he doesn't touch or do anything. He simply stands there and waits.

The embrace with her sister is a tight one and Monique listens to her quiet words for several heartbeats, nodding so roughly to her sister that the hood slides free briefly. Coppery hair shines in the torchlight like a beacon before it's extinguished by the hood of her cloak. She mutters something back to Marian, and then returns to Tobias, echoing Reese's sentiment in an understanding murmur.

Titania whispers her own prayers as the pyres are set on fore, she holds back what ever emotions maybe stirring in her at the moment. She does look over in Niccolo's direction silently nodding to the man then looking back to the fires.

The flames burn hot and swift, and in mete minutes, one of the pyres collapses in on itself as timbers are consumed, giving a huff and rush of sparks that wink out in moments. Others follow soon after, and the purpose of the stones now becomes plain: one by one, onlookers approach a fallen pyre, and set their stones around and atop the smoldering pyres. The first stones to compose what will become a hundred burial mounds, arrayed as if ships in formation.

Mirari shifts a little bit when Carita returns. She's a little bit shorter than the Thrax Courtesan, but she does her best to be a shield from view as well. Opposite of Max. Angling her body so that anyone looking from her direction will get a great big glimpse of themselves in the mirrored handles of her hairpin daggers. Gently she touches her fingers to Carita's help, as if to simply tell the lady she is there.

When Reese turns to him the man despite her attempts to try and reassure him tries to do much the same offering her a brief small smile, warmth showing there for only a few seconds to the young princess. As that warmth fades and the smile shifts across his lips bringing them into a more neutral if now sadened shape as he looks to Tobias. His head dipping respectfully to the man hearing the words on the loss of men, "Am sorry, Shadow know how is.." The man trying to offer his own words before he is focusing past the funeral pyres and on the waters just beyond them. His gaze going distant as he looks out upon the sea.

The archduke murmurs his own prayer, and catching Titania's look in his direction, Niccolo inclines his head in her direction. He looks then to the mourning flames.

Carita brushes her hands over her face, cool fingertips to her flushed cheeks. Steadying herself, she whispers very soft words of gratitude for both the Count and Mirari that stood in as her shield. She steps out from the rather protective angle that they created to resume watching the pyres as they are consumed and start to collapse.

Darren murmurs a quiet prayer under his breath, bowing his head solemnly. Though, after a moment, he turns to leave, being quiet about it as he steps away and back through the hole in the wall.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Brigid leave, following Darren.

Rickard continues to bow his head in respect, now murmuring quiet prayers for peace and serenity. After several moments more, he goes silent, and then looks up and around at those remaining in the room.

Maximilian steps to the side a half shift, his hands coming down from his back, relaxing his profile, when cartia steps forward on her own again.

Ford arrives and lingers towards the back, hands put infront of himself.

Niccolo watches as Darren leaves. With an incline of his head to those still gathered, the archduke steps away to follow the Redrain prince.

5 Velenosa House Guards, Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, Titania leave, following Niccolo.

Harald sets down his stone in turn and stands back, now facing the long rows of pyres. Taking his war axe in hand, the Grim lord raises it in salute, declaring aloud, "Pass among your ancestors proudly, hold your heads high and say, 'I fell against the greatest foe for a thousand years, and in my death was victory. I died with valor, and was hailed by Princes at my death'." A great breath drawn, he shouts, "Honor to the victorious dead!"

Maximilian murmurs to Carita.. "We will have rums and drinking on the beach in the next few days. Once the refugees are resettled. Honor and glory upon them all."

"I'll be sure to pass that along to my men." Tobias gives in reply to those who offer him comfort. "Rough a third of each Company assigned to the Gate." Tobias grunts, before he turns to the Pyres. "Our client clearly assigned us to the Lady Generals command at the time, so it is what it is."

Carita retreats a few steps once Duke Grimhall shouts, and she nods in the positive to Count Darkwater. She looks aside, dips slightly in a courteous way to acknowledge the Marquis Kennex.

Reese murmurs softly to Rickard and Shadow. The Grayson princess then quietly starts to leave.

Rickard offers a nod to the princess, and responds with his own whisper before she leaves.

Shadow's head dips and raises hearing that murmur from Reese, The man murmuring something in return before she turns to leave. After a few moments he is looking back towards her watching her move off. That concern still showing over his features. With the departure of the Grayson Princess the man looks to Rickard. A small dip of his head given before Shadow himself is turning tomove heading away from the funeral fires and the breach. The man wandering distantly in her wake giving one last glance to the fires and those who remain.

Marian hears Harald's cry to honor the dead and rather than quietly go into the knight after paying her respects the Sword of Sanctum unsheaths Oathbinder, her legendary sword and lets out a battle cry to let House Thrax's enemy's know that this warrior values their sacrifice. Her roar is deafening as she shouts to join Harald's cry.

Ashe, the studious Stormward paralegal, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Octavia.

Maximilian lets his voice boom out now, a sudden explosion of sound from his frame.. "HOnor! For the Glorious DEAD!"

Marian's shout is echoed with enthusiasm by many of the Islesmen, each with a sword or spear brandished in salute. Others of the Isles houses add their own distinct salutes, or echo the Duke's, before turning away from the field, with a few chuckles. It seems that with the grim business done, the wake can properly begin.

Reese peeks over to Max as the count calls out, giving him a smile. "Honor for the fallen." She echoes softly. The girl nods to Shadow, giving him a somber smile. "If you wish." She murmurs and then takes off.

Shadow leaves, following Reese.

Sparte inclines his head once more for the fallen, before turning to leave.

Tiny Tom leaves, following Sparte.

Mirari murmurs quietly a goodbye to Carita and Max, slipping out after paying her last respects to each. Lifting her voice to echo quietly, "Honor for the fallen." And then she's slipping away.

Maximilian takes a few moments then, to step away from the crowd. Each Darkwater Pyre is visited in turn, and at each, he speaks the names of the dead. He does not have them memorized, but rather, an aide provides a list of the names for him to read. It's a small thing, but recognition by the Ruling Count of the Watch is something the dead of Darkwater are due.

Harald turns a cold blue eye toward Marian as the Oathland Princess raises her sword and voice. The Grim Duke regards her for a long moment and slowly dips his head in approval.

Sameera continues to keep to her little spot. Her eyes slide to Harald briefly when it seems he's done. They even ever so briefly lift to his face, though, not quite his eyes. The jeweler is likely trying to read his expression. The her eyes side to Carita, Max, and Mirari before leaving them. With a tilt of her head to Henrik Sameera moves to likely go find her shop once more. She doesn't seem to think anyone is going to stop her.

"Hmm." Tobias gives quietly, before he heads out and starts back into Arx.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant leaves, following Tobias.

Octavia steps out through the gap in the wall to watch the pyres burn, silent and stonefaced. The judge says nothing, but perhaps there's nothing to say - warriors dying with sword in hand in service to their liege and their people... is there any injustice in that?

Scatter, drift. Carita takes this as her own opportunity to leave, slipping away without a backwards glance.

Henrik leaves, following Sameera.

Having observed the rituals in relative peace and paid homage to her older sister, Monique wends her way through the crowd and the bonfires, careful to keep her hood up over her signature head. She makes for the exit with a deft, easy step, cutting through the crowds like a hot knife through butter.

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