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The Iron Charity

The final battle of the siege has resulted in much upheaval throughout Arx, has displaced some families and resulted in many others losing their main breadwinner. In this time of rebuilding, the Iron Guard recognizes its duty to help the cause. In addition to its usual duties maintaining order across the city, the watchmen will also be down in the lower boroughs for support. First Officer Calaudrin Estardes will be hosting an event geared towards collecting food and clothing items for children in need. Though he won't turn down any silver people might want to throw towards the cause either. Rumor is there's going to be a potluck as well for everyone. So come on down, bring your cans of peas and pray you don't get food poisoning.


May 10, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Ann Sparte Aureth Merek Ainsley Larissa Esoka Estaban(RIP) Thena Alis Magpie Marian



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

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Comments and Log


I assisted with the Iron Charity a little bit. But I've just had too much on my mind with an unsolved case that no one can figure anything out about, in addition to other matters. You'd think after the siege, at least things would be a /little/ easier.


Gild is a goddess I've always honored, but in a distant way. My heart is with the forests and wilds of Petrichor more easily. But after the siege, and seeing how the city of Arx rose up in defense of all her quarters, I feel driven to Gild's guidance now in a way I never have before. There is beauty in the cities and roads and structure civilization and charity provide. There is much to rebuild. I hope I helped a little. All honors to the Iron Guard and everyone else lending a hand in the reclaiming of good order of life in this sprawling, strange, wonderful place I call home for a time now.

Late afternoon into evening brings about a different kind of gathering. It's not a lavish affair, the place isn't full of lanterns or decorations. There aren't servers walking around with fancy treats on dishes. There is however, a line of tall crates all pushed together. Someone has thrown a couple of table cloths over them and people are bringing in home cooked meals. There are some soups, a roast, snacks and really any other weird thing you can imagine someone would bring to a potluck. The dishes are about as nice too, mixed sets donated from everyone and anyone for the event. Some are better than others.

Around the square are stations set up to receive any goods that might be donated to the kids. Each one has a few guardsmen at it, dressed down in regular clothes instead of full on armor. They're helping with the sorting and answering of questions. As day transitions into night, a small bonfire is built up and serves as a central mingling point.

1 Champion, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

3 Grayson Guardsmen, Alejandra, a snowy white hound, Planchet, a young valet, 1 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Ainsley.

Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon arrives, following Marian.

Merek arrives at the Commons Square to assist with the charity, but for the most part he has found a quiet place to relax and keep his gaze upon the whole event. All-in-all he has put a little bit towards it, but he's mostly spent more than anything. A few old toys he did manage to put towards it though.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Magpie wanders into the Square, the man's arm all bound up in it's sling, but he's seeming in decent spirits despite still recovering from injury. The Grayhope is wearing a nice white shirt with a reasonably nice white hat. There's a smile for some of the locals he's familiar with as the man pauses to chit-chat with them about things.

Ugarte, Binky, an asshole crow arrive, following Aureth.

Ugarte, Binky, an asshole crow leave, following Aureth.

Ugarte, Binky, an asshole crow arrive, following Aureth.

The charity event has been kicking around for a few hours, at least passively with food and item collections. With all the food out people are really starting to stick. Calaudrin meanwhile is waiting by a crate, looking fantastically awkward as anyone tries to make small talk with him. One person says "Is the Iron Guard calling this anything?" After some coughing and throat clearing and a furtive look around (which clearly indicates, no he has not thought of a name), "Uh, the Iron Charity?" That same person replies, "That doesn't sound very charitable." This gets a frown and a response of, "Well. You can go name your own charity whatever you want when you start one."

Thena isn't particularly altruistic by nature and with her Lower Burroughs upbringing remains suspicious of charity even when it's her employers who are involved; thus she has contributed a perfectly edible herby mushroomy sort of casserole and retreated to the sidelines.

It is strange for Aureth to be here in this capacity. His tabard flutters slightly in the breeze, over clothing of muted hues. His hair is worn long and loose about his shoulders. There's something vaguely puzzled about his aspect as he considers, with a sweep of his pale eyes, the gathering assemblage of persons who are not usually to be found in the Commons. He has yet to flip shit to anybody. Except his crow, which is following him around. "Go away," he tells the bird. "None of this shit is for you."

Princess Marian Valardin, the Sword of Sanctum arrives at the event, bringing a few servants in tow with boxes of some items House Valardin gathered for the event. With her is the Voice of House Valardin, Princess Alis Valardin. The two powerhouse ladies descend on the poor unsuspecting Calaudrin. The smiling warrior greets, "Good evening. We brought some necessities." She motions to the servants with boxes, "Where would you like us to place them?"

Sparte is here to assist for the charity, an old farmer by the looks of it right next to him lending a hand. They've brought donations of their own of course, though their focus is on trying to help organize the donations of others. There is a small shape moving around in the clothes bin where they're taking donations, Sparte's Stoat hard at work making sure nothing donated is actually a dangerous or delicious animal.

Magpie turns when he hears a familiar voice, grin widening. "Heeey." He greets Aureth, approaching and reaching out his good hand to the crow. "Hey bird buddy? How are you doin?" He probably shouldn't be risking his only functional hand right now with the temperamental crow, but what can ya do? "Thanks for the donations, Aureth. I really like the hat. Tempted to keep it." He says with a gesture to the brimmed hat on his head.

Larissa arrives with a quiet flourish, a dark rustle of aubergine silk and Charlemagne dressed in all of his unicorn finery with ribbons woven throughout his mane and bows wrapped around the little horn tied to his head. She sneaks him sugar cubes as they walk around, admiring the items on display and pausing now and then to nod and smile at those she knows - So basically she smiled at Aureth, though she couldn't help the smirk pulling at her lips as she overhears Calaudrin speaking about the name of the event.

Merek takes a swig from the flask he has with him, full of cold water it seems. He wipes his mouth and then his brow, while he continues to observe folk. He does not seem too talkative, instead just thoughtful and observant.

Ainsley slips in quietly, dressed in his armor and carrying his rubicund blade. He moves to find Calaudrin. Murmuring low, "Can I do anything?" Otherwise he's here just for support.

Esoka strides into the square. Her heavy steel boots only enhancing the natural stompiness of her gait. She pauses on the outskirts of it, sharp blue eyes taking in the set-up of the charity. She approaches the first Iron Guards-person she sees. Which happens to be Sparte. "I brought a bit of silver. Who can accept it most securely?"

Alis looks over the boxes as the servants set them down, having to stand up on her tip toes to peek inside them and make sure nothing has spilled or broken. Satisfied, her gaze then scans the crowd until she spies familiar faces. Ainsley is given a brief nod, and Calaudrin, as she keeps pace just beside Marian.

Binky snaps his beak threateningly at Magpie, and then hop, hop, hops up onto his wrist like a tame bird, and fluffs up his feathers before beginning to preen them. Everything is fine, everything is normal.

"I mean, you could if you want. It's not as good as Audric's hat, but it served me well for a few years." Aureth claps Magpie lightly on the back. He is careful in the clapping of his hand, so that it becomes more of a gentle pat, as though he's afraid that he's going to aggravate his cousin's war wounds in their who-knows state of recovery if he uses his ordinary levels of affection. "I have some silver too, from Sister Gisele who couldn't be here today but wished to extend her help," he says.

Despite his good intentions, Calaudrin is hilariously ill-equipped to deal with hosting. "I swear I told Thena to stick around here so I don't have to talk to anyone..." He mutters as the unnamed nosy person from earlier moves on to harass someone else. That person is Sparte. They squeal when they catch sight of his pet. "Are you donating that animal?! So generous the children will love it!!!!" Meanwhile Calaudrin looks rightly startled when Marian and Alis basically materalize in front of him. "Oh, huh. I think right over there is a good spot." He gestures to a solid empty space where it can all fit. "Thank you very much." He's at least good at the thanking. "For all of this and coming down." Just as suddenly to him, Ainsley is there. "Put your hand over my mouth if I look like I'm going to say something really fucking stupid." He glances back to the two women and smiles. "Sort of like that."

Estaban comes walking in he is dressed in his Iron Guard armor he was on duty it seems and came straight here, looking around the young man has a bit of a swollen face and some brusing but its looking much better. He has a box in his hands and a bag slung over his shoulder, he looks over to find a table to put the box on and takes out the food that he has in it onto the table once done he brings the bag of both toys and clothing and puts them where they should be. Once done he moves back and to the side near Calaudrin.

The farmer next to Sparte takes off his oversized hat, offering it towards Esoka with a cheshire grin. Sparte elbows him, upnodding over towards where Merek is. "He is probably a good pick." Oh poor Merek, being voluntold like that. At the mention of the Stoat being a donation Sparte glances down into the garments for a few moments before shrugging. The Stoat is a free spirit. Probably leaving little samples of her spirit in there somewhere.

Because Thena is so charming, gracious and sociable. She fishes a cigarette case out of her pocket, taps one into her hand, lights it and lanks her way over towards Magpie and Aureth. "Cousin. It's good to see you." She's looking at Aureth when she says it, and she sees Magpie all the time so /that's/ no big deal.

Ainsley smirks a little bit at Calaudrin and says, "Okay. I'll do my best." A little salute is given. Alis is given a nod in return, and he settles somewhere at Calaudrin's side.

"Silver? For my shop?" Magpie asks with a grin, holding his hand steady so the crow isn't jostled. "Up on my shoulder, Binky." He says softly, then looks back to Aureth, "I'm assuming you meant for whatever this charity is. I think you need to talk to Estardes over there. Hey Thena."

Merek looks up when his spider senses go off, and he looks around, "I felt a sudden chill, as if someone were volunteering me to actually /do/ something this week," he states, with a small frown. He nudges Meeka, "Go handle whatever it is for me."

Marian gives a respectful nod to Ainsley and tells Calaudrin, "Well it's the least we could do after all the efforts the Lord Commander and guards such as yourself have done to help protect the city." She glances at the others, curious but keeping her eyes mainly on Caulaudrin since he seems to be in charge, "I do hope to see you at the Telmar Tower soon. I corresponded with Baron Silas and he assured me that he'd pass the message on." The message that offered the Iron Guard access to House Valardin's training center. She offers her hand to the man, "I would also like to shake your hand and personally thank you for your serve. As well as all the men here that serve on the guard and protect the citizens of Arx."

"Your boyfriend, right?" Aureth asks Magpie with an obnoxious flash of a grin that probably is not the most priestly thing he has ever done in his whole life. "I think if Gisele wants to give you crap for your shop, she can handle that her own self. Hey, Thena." He tips two fingers in a little wave.

Alis smiles a liiiitle too brightly at Calaudrin there; which doesn't bode well for whatever is about to come out of her mouth. "No, no. You're good so far. Something stupid would be like, 'That sword makes your ass look fat'." she supplies, helpfully. "Or, 'Do you have to stand on a chair to even hit someone?' .. /those/ would be stupid things." It's probably less reassuring then she intends. "Ohhhh, an invitation to the Gauntlet has been extended? Please do let me know which of you take advantage. I will gladly spar with anyone who wishes it, as well."

Larissa wanders up to the little group surrounding Aureth, overhearing the last of Magpies words and she asks "What is the charity for? The Iron Guard, or is it simply hosted by them?" she asks, fishing another sugar cube out of her pocket to feed to the quasi unicorn at her side.

Esoka's blue eyes lock on the farmer and //glare//. She is not giving his hat money. She grunts at him, too, just for emphasis. Then turns back to Sparte to nod. "Well enogh. Thank you." And then she turns to set her stride toward Merek. Though she's intercepted by Meeka, on the way there. "I have silver. Where do I put it?" She adds, "For the charity. If you have a hat, I will not put it there."

Thena lifts her cigarette in a little return salute to Aureth, then takes a drag and lets the smoke drift out of her nostrils, watching Binky silently.

Merek upnods to Esoka and Meeka, then Meeka pulls out a small coinpurse made with sturdy leather and silk embroidery, from an extra safe compartment on her belt, "In here will work, and I'll assure it's delivered to the right place," she assures. Meanwhile the Guard leans back and lets out a thoughtful sigh.

"Yeah, that's the one." Magpie replies to Aureth with a laugh. He looks to Larissa, "Some kind of thing for the Lowers, I guess? Not really sure. Follow me and we'll find out." He invites, heading in Calaudrin's direction, Binky theoretically coming with him. "Estardes! What all was this for exactly?" He calls as he closes the distance.

Calaudrin nods at Marian, listening intently. "Yes, he did. The Lord Commander did pass along the word. I will make it my priority to visit Telmar Tower at my first opportunity." He then tacks on a hasty and wry, "So that Princess Alis can beat me to death because I can handle a sword about as well as a donkey can ice skate." He laughs at her remarks and then somewhere in there, he returns Marian's handshake. It's firm but not overly aggressive or weird. "Thank you. We're just doing our jobs. If you two ladies will excuse me a moment." Oddly, he tips his head towards the crate he's standing next to. Which isn't strange at all out of context.

Ainsley dips his chin to Marian. A brief smile seen through his helmet's visor.

Esoka offers a short bow to Merek and Meeka, then deposits said silver with the latter for safe-keeping. "Thank you. Gild's honors to the work of you and yours here." The sigh gets a slight arch of her thick, dark brows. "Is something troubling you, Guardsman?"

Larissa watches Thena for a moment, or rather her cigarette case. Wasn't that a pretty little bauble... And why didn't Larissa have one of those? She made a note to commission one immediately, and so that she wouldn't look like such a creeper staring she flashed the woman a bright smile before pulling her attention to Magpie and nodding "Let's" she agrees, falling into an unhurried step behind him, a delighted smile stretching across her face as she realizes they are headed towards the utterly charming Calaudrin. "Who is that?" she asks Magpie, idely wondering who he was as well for that matter but... well.. it felt rude to ask just yet.

Marian turns to the other first officer she sees and then offers Ainsley her hand, "Prince Ainsley is good to see you." She gives him a warm smile, "And it is my pleasure to personally thank you for everything you have done for the city on behalf of House Valardin." She has trouble keeping it serious Alis is being too funny, "I do hope that you'll consider training with me some time."

With the crowd decently full it's around now that Calaudrin decides to climb up onto one of the storage crates. Someting that might comes across a bit abruptly to anyone near him. He cups his hands to his mouth. "/Attention please!/" It's okay, he'll wait while folks get settled. "Just for a moment. I'm shit at this, so I won't waste your time and take long." Ah hem. "This city has been through the wringer. Even if you're standing here tonight alive and well, that doesn't mean you haven't experienced some kind of profound pain or suffering. I'm sorry for that. So thanks for coming down and bringing what you can. It's for a good cause and very much appreciated. The kids receiving all of this are going to be... well, happy, probably. Eat what you want from the buffet table, try not to get too drunk off the ale and whiskey. Don't fall in the fire." And he's done, just like that. In one motion the wiry man hops down off of the crate and resumes standing there again.

"Now take your shirt off!" Did that shout come from Sparte? He is staring at the grinning old farmer next to him, so probably not.

Alis is going to be thinking about a donkey trying to ice skate for the rest of the day now, thanks Calaudrin. Obviously she will appear briefly impish at the idea of beating someone senseless in a spar. But otherwise she's definitely not trying to distract Marian from her serious business anymore.. until someone starts talking about stripping in public and then she looks predictably horrified. "What, no! No stripping."

Merek looks over to Esoka, and considers her for a moment, "No, just a busy week," he lies, as he shakes his head a bit. "How've you been, Dame Esoka?" he asks, as he offers a wan smile.

Magpie throws Larissa a grin, "That is Lieutenant Calaudrin Estardes, the Iron Guard Champion of the Lower Boroughs." He shares cheerfully. (It seems he hasn't heard about the officer's promotion just yet) As Calaudrin gives his brief not-quite-speech, the man leans over to Larissa again, "Children. Charity." Then he digs a pouch from his pocket and tosses it towards Estardes. It looks moderately heavy with silver. "House Grayhope's donation." He calls as it sails through the air. Hopefully the guard can catch.

Thena cocks an eyebrow at Larissa and tucks the case away in her breast pocket, then crosses her arms and leans back against a piece of stonework as Magpie and the woman make their way closer to the busy part of the event.

Esoka claps. Loudly. Unclear if it's for Calaudrin's speech or for the random interjection from Sparte/the farmer. It comes right after the latter. A grunt and nod of agreement to Merek. "Aye. And longer weeks ahead, I suspect. The rebuilding shall be as hard a toil as the battle, in its way. I've been well enough. I came through the battle in better shape than many, thanks be to the gods." Her nose twitches toward the potluck. "Ah! There's stew. And ale."

Merek nods to Esoka, then he stands up and lets out a sigh, "I should be on my way, but it was nice to see you," he tells Esoka. He motions to Meeka, "Deliver that stuff please, if you will." Then he gathers his guards, while Meeka makes sure the funds are handled properly.

Someone shouts for him to take his shirt off and he looks out into the crowd, quickly. He's suspicious! But clearly has no idea who shouted it. The bag of silver whacks Calaudrin solidly in the chest in the meanwhile. He oofs comically with surprise and frowns. "I thought someone said you were dying?" He cuts to Magpie with his mouth pursing into a line. But he picks the bag up off the ground and tosses it to one of the guardsmen hanging around. "Add it to the pot, please." He tells the man. Somewhere in the case of all the people milling around, he'll spot Esoka. Whether she manages to see it or not, he'll raise a hand towards her.

"He served Death well, and didn't die." Aureth fluffs a hand through Magpie's hair and then strides closer to Calaudrin. He holds up two pouches, one slightly fatter than the other. "One of these is from Sister Gisele and the other is from me," he says. "I know money isn't as fun for kids as toys, but I had money and I gave Magpie all my toys."

Alis leans over to murmur something to Marian, and gives those she knows a cheerful wave before bolting! (( Exhausted. Must sleep soon! <3 ))

Larissa catches Thena's cocked brow and passes over a reckless kind of grin just before Calaudrin stands to make his speech. She watches carefully, listening as he speaks and nods in understanding when it's explained - though when Magpie sums it up for her she gives him a dimpled grin "Thank heavens you were here to get it sorted. "Lieutenant Estardes, that sounds delightfully imposing doesn't it? And who might you be then?" she asks "I am Larissa Whisper, certainly delighted to make your acquaintance. I'm afraid I've been away for a while and it feels as though I've returned to a completely different city." she murmurs quietly while she reaches down to remove her own coin purse and holds it out to Calaudrin "Does this go to you then?" she asks

Ann shuffle-walks her way to the gathering, carrying a large satchel and wobbling along. She wears a gown of Redrain red and it has seen better days, cleaner days, as has the woman herself. She smells vaguely of sweat and earth, but the smile she wears is crooked and bright as she joins the fray.

Ainsley shifts a moment looking a little uncomfortable. "thank you." He sgufts from one foot to another, and gives a soft sigh. "Yes, I'm hosting an event in a couple of weeks. It's open to everyone."

Thena pushes herself off of her bit of stonework and slides through the crowd towards the food and potables while everyone's busy throwing money at Calaudrin. She does pause on her way past Magpie and Larissa to murmur, "He's a First Officer." Then she's going to introduce herself to the buffet table.

"I was." Magpie responds to Calaudrin, a rather satisfied smirk on his face as the bag hits the man in the chest. "But yeah, like Aureth said, I didn't." He turns to Larissa then, smiling again, "I'm Magpie Grayhope. Pleasure to meet you." He says, then lifts his brows to Thena, "First Officer? Damn."

Estaban gets a message opening it up he frowns and looks to Calaudrin, "I will return I must go handle something." he heads off wiht out another word. What ever it is has him frowning slightly.

Esoka does spot Calaudrin. She shoots him a smile. It's broad and flashes a lot of teeth. Hello. She heads straight for the buffet, where she eyes the selection narrowly. "Which is good?" she asks a random person also at the table. Who happens to be Thena.

1 Champion, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Marian gives a gentle nod to Ainsley, doing her best not to make him uncomfortable, "Then I shall try to attend. Take care." She pauses as Calaudrin says something that makes her smile and then she's off to the next Iron Guard, Sparte, who's now in her sights. Her sure strides takes her to the guard and suddenly she's in front of him, offering her hand in friendship, "Hello...I am Princess Marian Valardin, the Sword of Sanctum. Oh behalf of House Valardin, I would like to thank you for your service to the Iron Guard and the efforts you've made to protect the city."

Calaudrin's eyebrows lift when Aureth approaches. "Brother Aureth, I've only ever seen you from a distance. Not that I'm following you or anything. Thank you for your donation and I think Sister Gisele as well." It only comes off semi-awkward in all the turmoil of people coming and going. Larissa garners his attention next, "Ah, I suppose so." Though after he accepts it, he hands it off to the same trusted person as before. "Thank you for your donation." At Thena's correction of his rank, he just sort of shrugs. "Promotions. These things happen if you just keep hanging around long enough."

"The Boroughs have always been close to my heart," Aureth says gravely, his eyebrows ticked up, "if, unfortunately, also my nose." His mouth ticks up at one corner, then. "You're welcome to follow me if you want," he adds. "It's not that entertaining, lately. I spend a lot of time in shrines." At least he's no longer hanging out with the walking dead in the Pit, though, right? He tucks his thumbs against his belt, over the fall of his tabard, and scuffs backward over the ground of the commons.

Sparte blinks several times at Marian, straightening bit by bit as the title grows longer. "Oh, uh, y-you're welcome?"

The Farmer next to Sparte laughs, reaching out to take Marian's hand instead with a twinkle in his good eye. When he speaks there is no doubt his voice was the one calling for the shirt removal earlier. "Oh he is mighty keen to have yer thanks Princess miss, fancy folk just make him nervous. Never you mind it."

Sparte's ears redden as he glances between the farmer and Marian. "I'm, that's, uh." Sparte is doing such a good job interjecting there.

Thena turns to look at Esoka, a birdlike motion that is almost but not quite startled. After a wide-eyed gaze that goes on almost long enough to get awkward, she replies with, "I made that-" with a gesture to a comfort-food-looking casserole, "-so I can almost guarantee it won't kill you, but for actual enjoyment you might try the little savory pies there. I know what shop they came from and they almost always use fresh meat."

Ainsley shuffles away somewhere, possibly behind Calaudrin.

Ann pauses a moment, leaning to one side, asking an onlooker, "I beg your pardon, but will you point me out to the host of this wonderful event? I've brought a donation and by Vellichor's Wisdom, I've entirely lost mine. No damn clue where I ought to be leaving it."

Esoka gives Thena one of those toothy smiles. It's a big, fierce expression that might not come off as reassuring, though her eyes are friendly enough. She nods firmly, and slathers some of the casserole on her plate. It's mixed with a slice of one of the mince meat pies. "Excellent! I was off meat or a good portion of the siege, when there was a want to conserve resources. I could eat an entire pig with my bare hands, I daresay!" She does get utensils, at least.

Charlemagne has abandoned her. Out of the corner of her eye she can see him standing at the buffet, his tail switching back and forth as he plants himself in front of a dish of fruit of some sort. He knows better than to take something not given to him - but good luck getting past him without giving him a bite. The Courtesan twists her lips wistfully "At this rate I'll never be able to release him back to the wild" she muses of her ridiculously costumed pet. - Then her attention is on Calaudrin and Magpie as she offers them each one of those smiles of hers "Congratulations on the promotion. Time or not, you must have impressed someone with your skills. No reason to be humble about it, a place earned is a place to be proud of." she steps back then and clicks her tongue at the little horse. "Thank you for the introductions" she winks to Magpie "I'll owe you one" she promises before wandering over to pull her horse away from the buffet

Marian shakes the Farmer's hand, not minding at all that his friend is accepting the hand shake for Sparte. She does make a point of telling him, "I do hope you come by Telmar Tower and run the Gauntlet with me." She then gives the Farmer a nod and heads off to the next unsuspecting Iron Guard. Her eyes move to Thena. She starts to make her way over to where she's talking to Esoka. She overhears the girl talking about her casserole and tells her, "I look forward to giving your casserole a taste." Before Thena can react or move, she offers her hand to the guard, "Princess Marian Valardin, the Sword of Sanctum. Oh behalf of House Valardin, I would like to thank you for protecting the city and seeing to the best interests of Arx."

Being asked to provide culinary advice startles Thena; ferocious smiles apparently do not, though hers in return to Esoka is, while genuine, just a quick little upward tilt at the corners of her mouth. "I'm afraid no one brought a pig, though I will keep it in mind for next time. You know, if you dig a pit for it and roast, ah..." because suddenly there's Marian, and the black-clad guard returns the handshake firmly though she doesn't maintain contact for long if she can help it, "Thena Grayhope. You're..welcome."

Magpie just gives Larissa a smile, and throws Calaudrin a smirk, "Nice party you've put together here." He says, then moseys off in the direction of the food spread, looking for something he can snag.

"I'll keep it in mind if I ever find myself especially bored. Though I do try to keep busy." He looks happily relived when no one else tries to give him money and breathes freely again. At the man's exit, Calaudrin smiles in spite of himself and snorts with laughter. "That's what people keep telling me." He remarks to Larissa next and gives her a friendly wave when she moves off. It now seems that it's just... Calaudrin! This would disappoint some people, but he seems pleased. He breaks away from his crate finally and heads towards the food, Esoka and Thena.

Esoka sighs, in mock-sadness, at the lack of pig corpses she can rip into. "Next time, perhaps. Dame Esoka Greenblood." She gives her name to both the guardswoman and Marian. "Sword of Sanctum?" She looks Marian up and down, thoughtfully. "Valardin's reputation is a fierce on. I heard the fighting in that quarter of fierce, though I didn't see it myself. I was in the defense of the Seawatch Gate, with the Grayson and Lycene forces." Calaudrin's approach gets a smile. A less toothy one. This, just a curve of her red-painted lips. "Calaudrin. Hello."

Now at the buffet of food, Larissa begins trying to shove the miniature horse out of the way while looking like she wasn't shoving a horse out of the way. It was all about the smile, and the sharp toe of her boots... "What was it you said you made?" she asks to Thena, gathering a few little tidbits - mostly fruit for Charlemagne but she would make a point to take anything that any claims to have made.

Marian moves away from Thena and turns her attention to Esoka who's more receptive, "Thank you. I fought by Prince Edain's side during the battle. We were fortunate enough to be able to hold the gate we were protecting." She grabs a plate and starts sampling the local fare. The princess seems at ease, no matter who she talks to, "Really, it was a group effort to protect the city. Everyone that came to Arx defense deserves to be honored." She gives a smile as Calaudrin joins them.

Aureth moseys over to the buffet to investigate the take. He looks a little skeptically at some of the foods, and nibbles thoughtfully on the cuticle of one of his thumbs. Something he overhears makes him smile in a particularly sardonic way, but he doesn't actually comment. Yet.

"At the Seawatch Gate. On the ramparts. With a bow." In the drawing room. With the lead pipe. Thena rattles off her meager Siege credentials and glances around at the small crush gathering around her. To Larissa, "The casserole. There." She indicates with a little flip of her hand. "The mushrooms are fresh, I picked them myself."

Calaudrin looks around the buffet table, but eventually settles for drawing up a glass of ale instead of grabbing anything to eat. He passes into the current knot of people, his hand drifting across Esoka's back before he withdraws it and uses both hands to wrap around the glass. "Hello." Then he takes a solid drink. "I hear people have really been enjoying that casserole. When the Lord Commander holds his next barracks party, you should bring it."

At somepoint Ainsley's valet slipped a piece of paper in his hands. He stares down at it, and then he starts laughing.

Magpie gathers up a couple of portable snacks, passing one to the crow if he's still hanging around and munching on the other. Then the man wanders back towards the direction he came from. "Aureth, I'm going for a walk with Binky..." He calls to the man as he goes.

Marian nods as Thena tells her where she served. She glances in Ainsley's direction when she hears the man laughs and then gives a quick goodbye, "Excuse me..." And then walks back over to Ainsley, plate in hand to see what has given the quiet solider such exhuberance.

"If he eats your eyeballs, I'm not responsible," Aureth calls back to Magpie.

"The casserole is not poisonous!" Esoka says in endorsement, after several bites of it. An approving nod to Thena. She seems to be enjoying it, at least. She gets herself a mug of ale to chase it with. "Everyone did their bit in holding the line. Thank all gods, and the warriors who did it, that Tolemar Brand was slain when he did." Ainsley is noted, his laughter given an arch of those thick brows. Before her attention drifts back to those in her immediate vicinity. Calaudrin gets the slightest of approving smiles as he, briefly, touches her back. A nod to Marian. "Indeed. I came to Arx because my count was called to add his sword to the siege. Though it seems we shall stay longer, now that it's ended. I have never seen so many Compact swords united for a cause. It was like nothing I've beheld in my life."

Ainsley tilts his head toward Marian and says, "Your highness." Esoka's arch of eyebrows is noticed and he manages to cast in her direction, "My lady Riven has chastised me for being rude to Gloria, for having a moment of insecurity." He motions to the paper. "She's the only one I know who could give me confidence through scalding me."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Thena jams her hands in her pockets, having ditched the cigarette on the way to the buffet table because not everyone likes eating tobacco smoke. She cuts a brief sidelong glance from Esoka to Calaudrin and back, then scrunches her shoulders up. "Oh good. I'm maintaining my current record for not killing people."

Larissa nods her head in agreement to Calaudrin "Well done, it's delicious.." she insists to the Grayhope. "I don't feel faint or ill at all" she nods her agreement to Esoka with a little grin as she stands around and takes a few more nibbles, watching the foreign crowd move around her until eventually she clucks for Charlie. "Well done on the charity. I hope it exceeds all of your expectations. It was very well done." she offers to Calaudrin before she too turns and wanders off.

Marian was about to sit down and have a meal with everyone but then a missive arrives. She opens it and unlike Ainsley, she's not laughing. She frowns, shakes her head and then carefully puts it away. She then offers her plate, which hasn't been touched to another, "I'm sorry...I was looking forward to spending more time here, but duty calls. Then she goes about gathering things and heads out quickly to attend to Valardin business. She gives a quick compliment to Calaudrin as she heads out, "It was a lovely event...thank you for having me." And then she's gone.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon leaves, following Marian.

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