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Grayson Spar Night

Knightly Sparring, Drinking and friendship renewal.


Jan. 6, 2021, midnight

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Brianna Mabelle Felicia Svana Sabella Raven Ivy Rowenova Decius Caprice



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, 1 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Raven.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrive, following Svana.

Mabelle has joined the bar.

Michael has had his 'display' set up. Which is basically just dueling leathers and regular walking around armor reaady to be swapped between them. The Golden Hart staff was made aware of the evening's festivities and have set up lights around the training arena sands. Those arriving get directed back here from the front as they arrive. Those looking to spar join Michael's vicinity.

Michael has joined the ring of valor.

Decius has joined the ringside table.

Brianna is here to kick Michael's ass and chew gum, and gum hasn't been invented yet.

Decius has left the ringside table.

Decius has joined the bar.

Mabelle is here to fix boobooes and drink rum. Preferably stick to the second. She's also here to be pretty. But who isnt?.

Sparring. Grayson sparring. Count Felicia in, apparently, the Harrow prowling in with Axelle in tow- the latter carrying a bag in case she needs to change armor. But of course, the /first/ stop has to be by the bar for a whiskey.

Felicia has joined the ring of valor.

Svana enters, wearing a leather carrier on her chest. In the front, tucked away inside the carrier are two new babies, four little legs dangling out of the carrier. She looks around for familiar faces and gravitates to the presence of Mabelle. "Yay! Felicia is here!" She cries out. "Lady Brianna!" She starts cheering for her favorite people - because why not?

Princess Sabella Grayson and her nine person entourage enter the arena, without her beloved Niklas. She looks around, hoping to spot Michael. "I was told Michael would be here. Ah, there he is." With purposeful steps, she waves her guards and ladies-in-waiting off to the stands while she goes to greet her old friend. "After our conversation the other night, I have decided to come to see if stabbing can be culture. If I sit through the whole of this event of yours, you will come to a play with me." It is said as if he has already accepted the deal, and her smile is bright and cheery as she informs him of the conditions of her presence. "Now, I will go have wine and watch you hit people."

Raven strides in. She is sans Moonsilver but her guards come to watch and perhaps place wagers amongst themselves. She continues on towards Michael while the guards make their way towards the bar.

Ivy is here. She's not dressed for fighting and doesn't look inclined towards it, but she does have soem bandages and linnament with her that suggests she's there in case of accident. Slinking in, as well as someone who is 6'2" can, she edges around until she can reach the bar, where she promptly orders a mug of mead and tries to look as inconspicuous as possible.

Already here, Nova must have a new pair of ribbons in her hair before those are covered up by the wolf pelt that she redons anew to look extra fierce. Then, the scout signs up to go up against another brawler or archer, or maybe a specialist of small weapons if there might be one here tonight.

Decimus is leading Lady Mabelle in and he has his priorities in the right place and it is to the bar he takes them. Something tells him an event like this is best enjoyed with much, much wine."

Mabelle quirks her lips at Svana, "Mistress Grayhope, I have not seen you in the longest of time. I pray you have been well?", she settles next to the bar already holding a drink with a tome that seems like its not going to get any attention next to her. Sabella who is sitted not far, is getting a smile, "Princess Sabella. I appreciate your help again, I hope your return to the city has been more colorful", she winks to her while wiggling fingers to other familiar faces like Ivy, Nova, Michael and Brianna.

Brianna is in the process of breaking in some new pieces of armor. Wont due to have them pinching and chafing on the field. She sidles up to Michael. "Thanks for the invite," she says, draping a friendly arm around him. "Want to dance?"

As Mabelle wiggles those fingers her way, Nova wiggles her own back in the gloves which are well worn that she always wears (with the white fur cuffs).

"Princess Sabella." Michael greets the encroaching and stomping Sabella as her approach ends. "I didn't" He'll lift a gauntlet upwards into the air and wave it about. "Fighters! Fighters over here!" Then one said fighter has him 'bout the shoulders. "Well, I think we're going to roll dice or something to see who gets who when. We'll be fighting to first to cause three falls."

"I was busy," Svana says, moving to take a seat at the bar. She takes the two newborns from her carrier and smiles at Mabelle. "I had a big commission to do, and I was, oh... having another set of twins. Fortuitous day since it seems that we get to watch Auntie Rowenova in a spar. The babies are having their first spar and they get to see Lady Brianna, Dame Felicia, and our Rowenova! And enjoy the company of you, Lady Mabelle."

Svana gets Eydis Grayhope from a sturdy leather carrier for twins.

Svana gets Ashani Grayhope from a sturdy leather carrier for twins.

Michael puts Diamond plate Helm Stylized as Roaring Lion in a simple velvet bag.

Michael puts Diamondplate Awesomeness in a simple velvet bag.

Michael puts Diamond Plated Lion Greaves in a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Cuirass, Emblazoned with a Lion from a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Greaves from a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Boots from a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Gauntlets from a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Pauldrons from a simple velvet bag.

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Helm from a simple velvet bag.

Michael puts Sturdy Leather Gauntlets in a simple velvet bag.

Hearing the name "Auntie Rowenova", Nova focuses upon Svana to whom she moves, closing the distance with a growing smile yet one which softens on the way, too. "Aww, they are adorable!"

Michael puts a honed alaricite longsword with lion handguard in a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Felicia has found a spot at one of the tables near the ring to lounge in while people sort themselves out. The sound of her name causing her to twist about to spot Svana and offer her a respectful bow from her spot with a raise of her glass their way.

Michael gets Evergreen, A Steel Blade from a simple velvet bag.

Decius holds up a wine glass and calls out in a rich voic, but oen which does not carry so well. It is more his presence and body language which gets any to notice him at all. "Drikers over here! There is silver to be won I think!>"

Svana has joined the bar.

Felicia wields frozen washes of the tempest seas handsome oathlands blade.

Mabelle mentions quietly to Svana, "Oh children. You must be overjoyed! Your apprentices have taken good care of me last time I was in your shop". As Decius calls for bets, Mabelle looks at him amused, "Saving for a horse?", winking to him after their last conversation.

Sabella was *not* stomping. "You did agree," she tells Michael in a sing-sing voice. "At least, you did when I imagined this conversation on my way here, which is enough of an agreement for me." She gives him a bright smiel before he ignores her - rude - and heads for the bar where she settles in to sip a glass of white wine. "Hello, Lady Mabelle! I am very excited to help and the time back has been colorful indeed."

Michael gets Sturdy Leather Gauntlets from a simple velvet bag.

Brianna makes her way over to Svana. "And these are the little friends I've been waiting to meet. I should hope you're done with babies for a while, with four in diapers for the foreseeable future."

Svana grins at Rowenova. "This little white-haired creature who looks like she did not come out of me is Eydis the Dragon, as named by Princess Damiana Valardin. And her sister, who looks some like me, is Ashani the Shadow, who was hidden." She looks at Mabelle and smiles widely. "I'm glad that the apprentices are doing well; Princess Katarina praised them too. Thank you for coming in and having them help while I've been at home recovering." She looks back to Rowenova. "Elanne hates them and keeps trying to put her foot in their faces, and Rowan is a good boy because I named him after you, and loves them. He likes snuggling them."

She gives a wiggle of her fingers to Felicia, which is all she can do with a handful of newborns, and then grins at Brianna. "I plan to be done for a while, yes. I'd like to have another boy... Gods willing. Sometime, far, far down the line. This is Lady Brianna, girls. She will take good care of you if you ever have need."

Decius gives a shake of his head. "No, not a horse. I do not trust horses. Why would you ever ride something which could decide on tis own not to go where you want it too? They also smell and bite, with wicked teeth, and are friends to angry husbands. No, I am not going to buy a horse."

Ivy offers a fleeting smile towards Mabelle and lifts her mug in the lady's direction. Glancing towards the ring, her features set briefly into grim lines before she starts to sidle around so she can approach the lady of Laurent, giving a nod towards her, "Lady Mabelle. I'm glad to see a familiar face."

Michael gets Autumn Breeze, An Etched Longsword from a simple velvet bag.

Nova slows to a stop near Svana's side and peeks around to Eydis the Dragon and Ashani the Shadow. "Beautiful names." says the scout, doing so very quietly. Then, she lifts her cobalt blues to look to Svana more directly before then half grinning about Rowan, "Hah! Sounds right! Exactly what I would want to do."

3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, 1 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Raven.

Mabelle mentions to Sabella, "That is good to hear, it is." Her eyes turn to Svana's children for a brief moment of winking to them before she assures the woman, "Of course, you know I like to support your work, do you know Lady Ivy Blackram?", she gestures the lady and asks Ivy, "You've been well, I hope? Gathering animals for the children?". Decius' comment makes her laugh, "Well, they are fast though"

Brianna makes her way over to Sabella. "Our young ward has been asking for honeysilk tunics. I believe you are to blame for his new obsession," she says with an amused grin.

Raven calls over one of the Reavers who'd come in with her and divests herself of much of the steelsilk she wears and trades her weaponsbelt for a far more modest one. She eyes the blade critrically before accepting it.

Brianna wields a steel battle axe engraved with the sigil of Gloria.

Raven wields curved scythe-like steel sword.

"You know, I didn't mean to have twins this time. I thought there was only one!" Svana protests to the air - for someone's benefit. She presses a kiss to Ashani's forehead. Grinning at Rowenova once more, she nods. "He is a little love. Elanne loves Anisha the very best, and prefers no one else above her. Little twit," she says playfully about her own daughter. Svana looks at Ivy, smiling happily at her. "Hello, Lady Ivy Blackram. I'm Svana Grayhope, at your service."

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"Did someone say 'bet'...? I'm willing to bet on myself." Felicia offers with a glittering smirk, planting her feet on an empty chair while she sips her whiskey and turns her attention towards Brianna and Raven.

Raven hands off her steelsilk and her weaponsbelt to a Black Fleet Reaver that she'd come in with then steps into the arena to meet Brianna, drawing the unfamiliar blade and testing it's weight as she watches the other woman.

After what Svana says, Nova lets out a little laugh. "You must have been dipping in The Grotto a bit much." says she. She reaches out a gloved hand and then gently pets the babes as if they were little kittens, on their noggins.

Michael departs the training sands as Brianna and Raven move to square up to each other. He is wearing training leathers with his own dulled training blade. A gleaming and perspiring glass of lemonade awaits him at a small table in too close of proximity to Sabella. He goes there now to lift it and sip from it.

Decius snorts. "Its unfair and unsporting." He then hears about honeysilk outfits and raises an eyebrow. "Why wear honey silk when there are other items to craft with, like a cupridium gown or tunic."

Mabelle grins at Brianna's comment about the honeysilk and then looks at Decius for a moment, "See? Why say that and lose all the credit you almost got yourself?", she jokes and admits, "I put cupridium on most my gowns. I wish I could make a whole gown of it".

A dip of Sabella's chin acknowledges Mabelle's response before perking up. "Children? Oh, you should bring them to the Butterfly Social." Brianna's accusation makes the princess' eyes sparkle with glee. "Mine? Oh. I shall have to send him one, then. Good luck!" She calls to Brianna as she steps forward to spar.

Caprice arrives alone, still stuffing the souvenir of a different get-together into her tote bag. She's certainly not dressed for sparring, but the drinking and friendship renewal bits of the night pair alright with a summery outfit. A glance cast to the ring of valor to take in who is currently sparring, the woman's light footsteps are carrying her towards the bar.

"He's /ten/," Brianna protests, the. She's then pulled down to the ring, where she starts her spar with Raven. She circles her, testing her defenses, and gets a good blow to her axe arm for her efforts. She dances back, reassessing.

Ivy turns to Svana, flickering a brief smile and dipping ehr head towards the mother with her twins, "Hello, its a pleasure to meet you. Ah, Mistress Grayhope... you are.. a tailor? I have been told by multiple people I should make your acquaintance." There's a brief sheepish look that crosses her face before she's looking back to Mabelle with a nod, "Oh yes. I've gathered up some very good animals, all very well-mannered and amenable to people. They are being crated and prepared for travel to their destination."

Svana looks at Rowenova, laughing. "Anisha's tubs and the sauna get the water directly from the same lines as the Grotto, so you're not wrong." She looks at Ivy, blushing, and bowing her head. "I am a tailor. I have just earned the right to call myself a Master Tailor, actually. That's just a fancy title. I dabble in a bit of everything. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Ivy." She tilts her head at the talk of animals, looking down as Rowenova pets the babies like kittens, and then notes Caprice, waving her over.

Raven circles, jade eyes attentive though she spares a glance to size up the weapon she borrowed, "I feel like I'm supposed to be out harvesting or something. Why are you carrying Farm tools, MAn?!" This is called to the reaver who's weapon she carries who just returns with a rude raspberry noise "Cuts well enough don't it?!" The Reaver replies. Her attention locked on Brianna once more she gives the other woman a wry grin and darts in, swinging wide and dipping to the side rather than parry with the unfamiliar weapon.

"There is no age for finery!", Mabelle protests toward Brianna as she makes to the ring and smiles to Ivy, "Oh that is lovely news. I shall have to stop myself from stealing some of them to be my personal pets, Oh Mistress Svana is one I commission with often, as well as Mistress Caprice", who has just joined them and Mabelle points out with her chin, "And Mistress Petal".

"And?" Sabella blinks, her usual cheer fading as Brianna calls back to her. "Ten is a perfectly good age to dress respectably!" There must be someone here who agrees with her. She hears Svana says how she's a master tailor. "Aha, is ten too young for a honeysilk tunic?"

Michael meanders towards Mabelle and Co now. "Lady Laurent, you're here to help keep Sabella from dragging me to a play of some sort, aren't you? More so than watching people try and beat me up." The man's voice meanders towards plaintive. "I think its because they'll grow out of them so quickly. The clothes, that is."

Caprice has joined the bar.

Nova waves a gloved finger at a slow pace and within easy reach before the adorable babes, to see if that might draw attention from either little one. "Hah!" she quietly mentions after having heard about the water lines then follows up with, "Good work on your new title!" All of that she says to Sv before looking to Ivy with a little smile, too.

Felicia drains her whiskey and rises to her feet in order to meander her way over to the gathering at the bar. A dip of her head offered towards Sabella with a smile and offered,"Your highness." and a wry lopsided smirk added with a,"Lord Michael." for acknowledgment his way.

Aha. Brianna uses that opening to get a good hit on Raven's leg. "Come on. Stop flirting and hit me," she taunts her.

Mabelle shrugs amusedly, "I made Kierlys, Shae's daughter, a honeysilk baby gown when she was born. All sparkly with gems, it was adorable. There is no such thing as waste". Her eyes land on Michael and she greets him, "Lord Bisland. Why would I save you from Sabella's attempt. If anything perhaps I will conspire with her against you and get you married", she winks to Sabella and watches to see how quicly Michael will run away.

Svana looks between Brianna and Sabella when Sabella asks about honeysilk tunics, biting her lower lip. "Well, I don't know. It depends on the child. When I was ten I still made mud pies and threw snakes at boys."

Svana's wave earns a tiny smile, which extends its reach to the others at the bar though Caprice dips in a curtsey as well, and contents herself with listening only for the time being though, indeed, the topics of performances and fashion have hooked her interest.

Raven rolls her eyes, "I would but you just won't sit STILL! Sooner or later one of us is bound to get dizzy!" She lunges is and is cut, making the match effectively even but she doesn't seem close to tiring, cheeks flush from the thrill of a challenge.

"Ohhh, I'm sure none of the Voices within my family are up for engaging in betrothal talks with the Crownlands being the way they are and our navy prepping to sail to fight the Eurusi." Michael lifts his glass towards Mabelle in a salute though. "/Felicia/. Darling." Darling exaggerated oh so much. "You'll be gentle won't you?"

"Ah, uhm, perhaps we could... sit down sometime and discuss... an outfit? I am told I must have a... an 'event' outfit." Ivy motions to her current outfit and back to Svana, "I am not one given towards... fancy things. Generally speaking. And I find myself well out of depth when it comes to fashion." She turns to Mabelle and offers, "I could provide you with one of our fainters, if that will help in growing your personal menagerie and save the others for the children?" There might be a smile lurking under that expression that wants to come out. Blinking as they're joined by even more people, Ivy starts to fidget a little, offering a nod towards Michael, "My lord. Ah, excellent.. fighting... event." Nova is given a quick nod and a brief smile, all while the very tall woman tries to slowly inch her way back from the growing crowd.

Brianna should be careful about what she wishes for. "Good hit!" she calls out.

Decius rubs at his jaw. "I would love to show you, but all I have are my sketches, and not much at that. When I am possessed by inspiration, it takes me. The Legate has the gown now, but I was informed by her hand how much she was in awe of it."

Raven grunts as she tries to press the advantage, only to get rebuffed or to find her mark already relocated, "I aim to oblige!"

"Gentle..." Felicia says, pronouncing the word exaggeratedly as if she she's never heard of it before,"...I'll try not to break anything too important?" she offers Michael sunnily,"But I expect you to put up at least a little bit of a challenge." she gives a small pinch of her fingers together,"I mean... who else is going to agree to a bet?"

Mabelle spies Felicia from afar, "I do not believe we've met and if you want to hurt Lord Bisland, we should. Lady Mabelle Laurent and I approve your demeanour", she winks to her and then peeks at Ivy, "Hm. See. If you give me a goat... I think it might make Duke Cristoph finally break and build me a room outside the mansion with a pan. So I will spare it for the children", she chuckles and then grins at Decius, "We will have to design one together then."

Svana looks over at Decius, really getting a good look at him before she turns back to Ivy and grins. "I would love to sit and speak with you, but I assure you that what you're wearing now is gorgeous on you. And you're so tall! You can pull it off well. Please, do let me know when you're available and we'll schedule something." She looks over at Caprice and rocks the newborns close, yawning before planting a kiss on a newborn's head.

A bit taken by the children, Nova seems to be missing the fight over yonder, quietly chatting to the little ones whilst hanging out beside Svana.

Felicia sketches a bow for Mabelle,"Dame Felicia Harrow, Lady Laurent. And Lord Michael is one of my superiors in the Iron Guard, so... I shouldn't break him /too/ much... the Lord Commander might get mad."

Sir Floppington looks up to Svana and the babes, wagging gently whilst his soulful eyes seem to appreciatively regard them.

Brianna checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Brianna is successful.

Brianna remains capable of fighting.

Mabelle mouths to Felicia, "But I would approve"

Brianna checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Brianna is marginally successful.

Brianna remains capable of fighting.

Brianna checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Brianna is successful.

Brianna remains capable of fighting.

Brianna checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Botch! Brianna catastrophically fails.

Brianna is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Decius shouts loudly from nearby, "Decius shouts as loud as he can t be heard over the sound of flesh connecting with flesh, and people discussing something as unappealing as marriage. "More wine! We need more wine!""

"Felicia and my interests lay in the same direction. Enough that she would want me mobile, Lady Mabelle." Michael is shaking his head towards the woman though as he looks back towards the fight. "Looks like we will be up shortly."

It's a long, hard fight. Eventually, Raven gets inside Brianna's guard, knocking her flat on her back. "I yield!" She calls out, catching her breath.

Felicia grins broadly at Mabelle, expression entirely too innocent as she sets her whiskey glass down on the bar and signals not to have a refill... for now, watching the bout on the sands with a relaxed kind of air,"Good. I'm out of whiskey." she asides to Michael.

Ivy blinks at Mabelle, "Oh, I wan't going to give you one of the goats for the children. I was going to give you your very own goat. I have one that's just about ready to wean from her mother that I think you might like. She's... something of a diva, but in the most adorable way. And her coat is quite silky, has a particular silvery gold sheen..." She lifts a shrug, however and looks to Svana with a grateful expression and a nod, "Of course, Mistress Grayhope. I can stop by your shop tomorrow if you like?"

"Lady Mabelle has far too many animals." Michael drains his glass of lemonade and moves away now towards the sands. "We could always get you another glass." But he is already snagging his training blade from where it was leaning against the railing. "Congratulations, Raven! Another of the Iron Guard's finest!"

Raven is seemingly tireless-at first. Eventually as more of Brianna's blows find their mark the look of effortlessness ebbs replaced by a feirce intent mein, keeping herself moving and pressing Brianna until the woman yields. Panting she offers the woman a hand up, "Well fought, Thank you for the challenge."

Svana's newborns start to fuss as Decius shouts, and she carefully rocks them. "Shh shhh. It's alright." She hones in a bit on Ivy's conversation with Mabelle, grinning. "I love animals. Goats are adorable. I have an estate that I keep... I've been wanting to get some animals for my little animals," she teases, gently snuggling in her newborns down in their carrier. She puts a finger up to the bartender, signalling she might need wine now too. "You can absolutely stop by my shop tomorrow if you'd like. Let me know what time."

Svana puts Eydis Grayhope in a sturdy leather carrier for twins.

Svana puts Ashani Grayhope in a sturdy leather carrier for twins.

Mabelle eyes Michael, "No pets, no opinion. There is no such thing as too many candies and besides, Felicia is out of Whiskey", she shooes him as she turns VERY curiously to Ivy, "She's a silky diva? I like her already. How are we going to call her and how do I make her look like a dog so Cristoph wont notice?"

Sir Flop peeks into the carrier as Nova sits herself down somewhere nearby.

Raven makes her way towards the bar to get herself something to drink. It should probably be water but she orders an Ale with a chaser of Rum. Fanning herself a bit she turns to see who else is next.

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Before she can respond to anything, Elizabetta comes and drops a piles of messages and a writing kit in front of Sabella. Quickly as she can, she reads each and responds to them, handing them all off to the lady-in-waiting to be delivered. "Did I hear something about marrying Michael off?" The princess looks around, having missed quite a bit apparently. "I am not sure any lady in the Compact deserves such punishment."

Felicia carries two blades on her sword belt, but only one, the more ornate looking of the two, is unsheathed as she prowls towards the ring with a grin tossed back at Mabelle. Wheelspinner remains in its sheathe as she heads to the sands. She waits patiently for Michael to get into position and offers him a respectful salute with her blade.

Michael winds his blade forward, pommel towards his hip as he settles onto the sands across from Felicia. "May thy blade chip and shatter." Which seems more a ritualistic thing than anything he actually wants to happen.

Mabelle grimly informs Sabella, "You know, I have to agree. Perhaps we should wait until we find a common enemy and fling him on them in disguise of a boon. He is handsome", she conspires jokingly with Sabella and then calls toward Felicia, "You can do it!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caprice before departing.

Decius turns his attention batch to Mabelle as she speaks of making someone look less attractive. This brings the glimmar and charm back to his eyes and smile as he raises the wine to his lips. "An how would you classify me, Lady Maebelle. Am I one needing to be made less attractive or not?"

Turning that flickering smile towards Svana again, Ivy nods, "I am happy to find one to suit you and your children as well. We have a veritable sea of golden fainters to pick from at the Fasthold." She gives Mabelle's question some thought and offers, "To the naming, I will let you choose her name since she will be yours. She's actually roughly the size of a retriever or spaniel, so size won't be an issue. This particular breed has small horns, so I think perhaps some leather booties to cover her hooves and she could easily pass for just another dog without closer inspection."

Sir Floppington hears the word 'dog' and glances up from the babes to Ivy.

Michael and Felicia meet blades again and again, for long enough that it could look like they aren't really trying. They are. But they're both really just relearning each other's steps since they don't spar very often. Michael finally isn't fast enough for something, or he gets tricked by the skeevy commoner!

Ivy smiles at the sight of Sir Floppington and reaches into a belt pouch to pull out a piece of something that smells meaty and delicious, offering it to him.

Mabelle perks at Ivy, "And a wig!", makes total sense. "Let me think about it and you keep that silky one for me until I think of a sweet that is silvery and gold". Mabelle's eyes then fall on Decius, "Well it depends, do the husband chase you because of their wives or for themselves?", she winks to him.

"Better not, I just got it replaced." Felicia snorts at Michael. Evenly matched, perhaps, at the beginning. The pair prowling around one another and testing their opposites defenses, in the Harrow's case with a saucy grin but evident respect for the danger he might pose. The balance of her stance shifting to something more aggressive once she feels ample time has been given to limber up,"C'mon Bisland! We should have made a bet over the gloves."

Whilst swishing his tail, Sir Flop carefully accepts that meaty bite from Ivy before gobbling it down. Nova reaches over and gives the good boy a few pats, bringing out that ripe watermelon sound around his ribs.

Sabella acts very shocked when Mabelle says something about a common enemy. "Lady Mabelle! That you or I could have *enemies* is absurd!" She winks at the Laurent, and goes back to drinking her wine.

Svana laughs, reaching down to pet Sir Flop. "Fainting goats? Oh, one would never exist with my little girl Elanne. She'd give them a heart attack. They'd never stop fainting. She's a truly Abyssal child, but she's mine." She grins and looks at Flop, petting his ears a bit. "You're such a good boy, Sir Floppington. Such a good boy!" Her wine comes and she has to sit back up, keeping in mind the carrier on her chest. "Come on, Felicia!"

"As if such a bet were to be made. My having them just means you have to drag me along on all of your adventures." Clink clank clash and sand. Sand billows up as Michael oofs onto his buttocks then rolls back to his feet with his head shaking. "You're trying to distract me!"

Raven drains her tankard of ale in a series of deep, thirsty gulps, some escapes down her chin but she manages to get most of the frothy drink down her ale. This accomplished she claims her rum and watches, eyebrows shooting up as Felicia manages to get an early advantage over Michael.

As Svana pets his ears, Sir Flop leans against her closest leg, gazing up whilst wagging more and letting his eyelids close about half the way!

To be fair, Decius had comsumed a bit more wine, and such always made his tongue looser, and prone to do unadvisable things, like believing there was no angry husband even though it was clearly stated in rule number two, there always was an angry husband. Thus it is with a wicked grin and a wink to Maebelle. "Yes."

Rowenova says, "He sure is a very good boy indeed!"

"As if I'd bring those things anywhere near the rest of Harren's mistakes... that's like waving bloody meat in front of a wolf." she snorts. When Michael hits the sand she doesn't pursue him but rather waits for him to regain his feet,"Lord Commander Rymarr would say that you need better focus if you can be distracted by your opponents chatter." the green eyed Harrow advises, raising her blade tip to signal her readiness once she's sure he's back on his feet again.

When Decius gives her a vague answer, she gives him one in return, "Sure" and then concurs with Sabella, "Unthinkable! Well I came here to work quietly and be unnoticed but since this isnt going to happen, I'll go find a study". She peck's Ivy's cheek and maybe a few other cheeks but not too many and wooshes away.

"I will do so, my lady," Ivy responds to Mabelle with a hint of a grin. Turning back towards Svana, she offers, "Its perfectly alright. Its what they do, its part of their breeding. It doesn't hurt them at all. But they're very functional goats as well, you can shear the hair for a very soft and breathable wool, and they produce an excellent quality of milk." With Sir Floppington, Ivy darts a glance towards Svana, then Rowenova, perhaps unsure of who he belongs to, then settling on ROwenova after the last comment. "May I?" She motions towards the hound.

Mabelle has left the bar.

2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, Fudge, A Highhill Mastiff Puppy leave, following Mabelle.

After Ivy makes her request, Nova looks to Sir Flop as if to get his opinion (which seems pawsitive) before nodding back to Ivy.

Not yet having eased herself into the conversation, Caprice's sole contribution is a murmured "Ah, please excuse me," as she slips away from the bar and, eventually, the arena.

Michael wields Evergreen, A Steel Blade.

Smiling, Ivy sits herself on the ground without hesitation and pats her lap for the hound. Should he approach, he will be met with a quiet stare into his eyes and gentle ear rubs.. at least for ten seconds. Then she will kiss him on the head and scritch along the scruff of his neck and feed him another meaty treat. "You are a very good boy." And that seems enough to allow Ivy to relax some from her nervous shifting and fidgeting.

Felicia checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Felicia is successful.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Caprice has left the bar.

After sipping her glass of wine, Svana looks at Ivy and nods softly. "That's good. Perhaps I'll consider it. I do like the idea of their coats and milk for myself. I was raised a farmgirl, at least part of the time. The rest, I was in the heart of the Bonespire." She finishes up her glass of wine and yawns softly, looking down at Sir Flop appreciatively, then to Nova. "You need to come over one of these days to visit THe Softest."

"No one let Michael hear me say this, he will never let me live it down," Sabella says in a conspiratorial tone, "But this *might* be culture. *Might*." Her reluctant smile is hidden quickly in her wine glass.

Decius smiles at Lady Ivy's actions and speaks to her next. "A lovely dog, I would introduce him to my Merele, but most people think Merele will eat their pets, and them too. Nothing of the sort but still.

Felicia checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Felicia is successful.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Michael checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Michael is marginally successful.

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Michael seems to remember how to fight and wield a blade, in a quick feint and turn the score of falls becomes even of One to One. He presses Felicia more thoroughly now, and the pair rapidly upend one then the other to even the score at two falls each!

Lap pats! Sir Flop steps closer and then slumps down into that lap which has been provided for him, rolling somewhat but not fully. Just enough to show the belly for pets if Ivy might give those. Since he lays on his side in her lap, when he wags it is in a vertical direction, tapping the floor below and doing so at a steady tempo whilst gazing fondly up at the Blackram woman.

Raven watches the fight with keen interest, eyebrows liiiiifting up to her hairline, "Can anyone figure out who in the name of all the gods in winning? They both look like they're loosing but that can't be right."

Felicia checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Felicia is marginally successful.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Nova cannot help but to smile. She looks to svana, "I do! That is on my list. Also, I need to figure out recompense. Do you know how much she charges?"

Felicia gives a delighted kind of laugh... one reckless move was almost her undoing, the crunch of steel on flesh meriting a grimace and more cautious approach from the redhead,"That's better." she grunts at Michael with a small nod,"If you can't beat me, Mutay'a'sib's hounds are going to eat you for lunch." the scarred knight insists.

Felicia checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Felicia is marginally successful.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

"I'm sure that she won't charge you a thing," Svana says. "But I'm sure I could look at her pricing list, though it would be for naught, Rowenova. She won't let you pay."

"I'm no hounds breakfast, ya Mistress of Harrow!" Michael and Felicia go back to bantering again once more!

Felicia checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Felicia fails.

Felicia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Nova awws softly. "That is very sweet of her." says the scout with a smile, a soft smile for the Softest of Whispers (who is not even here... but still)!

Decius flinches at the sight, then drains his wine. "A good thing I did not bet. I would have lost. It looked liek what they were doing down there was painful, very very painful. I am glad it was them and not me."

Felicia can't help it, 'Mistress of Harrow' has her burst out laughing. Concentration ruined, and really, that's all it takes for Michael to hammer her into the sands to the point where she raises a hand and manages between laughter,"Yield! I yield... gods... I've never heard someone use Mistress as an invective before."

Raven takes her rum with her and steps away from the bar. She salutes Michael wordlessly with the rum bottle and turns to amble out the way she came.

Belly rubs are absolutely provided on request. Ivy looks to Rowenova with a smile, "You're very forunate to have such a wonderful companion. I'm tempted to be jealous, but he's simply too sweet for any such negative thoughts." TUrning her head towards Decius, she nods, "I understand. Many think the same of the direhorns once they meet them."

"She is very sweet," Svana concludes. "We're going home to see her now, I think, and have a good nap. Best of luck to you, should you get to punch Lord Michael in the face." And with that, Svana departs the bar.

Svana has left the bar.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leave, following Svana.

"You haven't heard the crafters called Mistress?" Michael asks only AFTER he upends Felicia once more into the sands and he'll stand over her, waiting for her to lift a hand towards him to be pulled upright or to roll to her feet. That hand is snagged though and PULLED!

Sir Floppington fully closes his soulful eyes as he happily wags during those belly rubs from Ivy. Nova tells her, "Thank you, My Lady. I pet many strays, sometimes feed them, too. That is how we met, but he started to follow me. Then, one day there were these thugs with their hobo knives about to mug me, and he jumped out to protect me, and they ran. Since, he has never left me."

Felicia accepts the hand up, not that it's particularly needed, but, well, no need to reject help offered in friendship,"My sister is Mistress Harrow... I sort of skipped that one... it was 'Recruit Harrow', and 'Officer Harrow', and 'Dame Harrow'... but, well... yes." there's a small shrug of her shoulders,"Though eventually, it will be Baroness Harrow." she insists stubbornly.

When Felicia speaks about being a future Baroness, Nova looks up with a grin. Though, she does not say much, she does nod in an approving way a few times.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Ivy is perfectly happy, it seems, to sit on the ground and pet the Very Good Boy that is Sir Floppington. She smiles up at Rowenova and nods, "He picked you, saw through to a good heart and picked you. Animals are amazing, we really don't give them enough credit." Looking back towards the sands, she seems pleased that her healing services will NOT be required tonight.

Decius has left the bar.

"OH. Yes. Dame. Are you an officer yet? Officer Harrow? No...just a guard from what I remember of the roster. Yes. Baroness. Sometime soon, I'd take it." Michael's heels dig in as Felicia comes up then he turns to head back towards the railings of the arena with his blade lofted up over the top of a shoulder. "Seems as though the 'party' has drifted apart while we were busy whacking each other."

When Ivy says what she does, Nova awws softly. She stays silent otherwise, momentarily contemplating the recent compliment as though she were not sure, but then ultimately accepts it with a grateful smile. Then, she finally says, "Animals are." She reaches down and double pats his upturned flank whilst the good boy relaxes himself in Ivy's care, possibly dozing off in all the love.

"I /was/ an Officer, Bisland." Felicia snorts at Michael, putting her sword away,"And then, if you recall, I joined the King's Own. When I asked to rejoin the Guard, it was as a Guard again. Given my history I didn't feel it appropriate that I should go back to being an Officer." she scans the bar before giving an acknowledging grunt and shrug,"Probably the noise of all that metal on metal." she suggests with a wry smirk.

Ivy looks up from the bliss that is petting an animal to glance around. "Huh.. everyone -did- wander off..." She offers a smile towards Felicia, lifting a hand to her, "Hello again! You look so much better, I'm glad that you're doing alright!"

Brianna is overheard praising Michael.

Sir Floppington goes fully to sleep, ears draped over one of Ivy's legs whilst Nova also pets him. She looks up and all around, "Looks like. I guess it is probably best that I did not get all roughed up." Not too worried about the missed sparring, she happily takes to carrying on with doggo pets.

Felicia can't help but look at Ivy blankly, a small furrow of her brow before something in her expression flickers and falters,"Oh. You were at the House of Solace when we came from the embassy." she offers in a more muted tone,"Thank you... for your help that day. It was a rough one."

"Did you go and have more fun that I'm too 'important' to go out on? Stuck here, doing paperwork and arranging drills." Michael's blade is handed off to someone and he plucks up his glass of lemonade once more.

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