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Sanna's Family Dinner III

Another installment of Cake Wars... erm... We mean the Sanna Family Dinner is coming up. Sanna House members are of course welcome, as are any allies.

As always Cakes and Tea will be available, might want to wear something comfortable, that you don't mind a mess upon. The children will be fed early in order to diffuse their pre-attacks.


Jan. 9, 2021, 11 p.m.

Hosted By

Cirroch Sasha


Kalani Kiera Mabelle Kritr Alarissa Angelica Sabella Niklas



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Sanna Manor - Giant Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Sasha giggles softly as she hears Alarissa outside, "Seems my cousin is just outside." She fondly looks to Atoli as she murmurs, "And what are you doing away from Windi hmm? Did you and Entreri trick her again?" She then looks to Cirroch as she comments, "We need to really possibly hire another, I think she and Kuhn are getting overwhelmed now." She giggles in delight.

Alarissa shouts from the Out <O>, "NO THE CAT CANNOT FOLLOW ME! GODS! MAXENE SEND IT BACK!"

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, Fudge, A Highhill Mastiff Puppy arrive, following Mabelle.

Kritr arrives nicely made up, dressed appropriately for the dinner. Which means no armor, just a deerskin vest and breaches.

The Marquis is currently sitting in a lazy pose upon his head chair at the end of the hall, being bopped in the head with a plushie by Atoli his heir to Sanna. The toddler then scampers off around the back of the Marquessa's chair and heads directly to hide behind her mother. "Mama! Save me!"

Cirroch straightens up upon the chair for a moment as Sasha heads to the door, then standing as Alarissa enters.

Cirroch shouts from nearby, "Welcome!"

Sasha giggles fondly as Atoli scurries off, easily moving after Atoli as she comments, "You are fine my little love." Her hands gentle stroking her daughter's hair, "Why not get your siblings and then come sit at the table for dinner? And be nice to Windi. Please."

Rarely does the Princess consort come anywhere less than perfect but today, she comes with cat hair scattered across her person, And there's cats in tow. Two of them at least that have evaded being grabbed by the retinue or maybe the retinue is just too terrified of the sharp claws to pick them up. But the bellow preceeds the Princess Consort who looks annoyed at the felines but continues to move in.

Angelica arrives quietly, unsmiling but not in poor spirits. She smiles a little at the sight of the children, making her way to the main table. She nods to Cirroch and Sasha. "Good evening, kinsmen," she says quietly, and goes about looking for a seat amidst the minimal family chaos.

Angelica also pauses to eye Kritr. "Nice beard," she greets him.

Mabelle was here on time! She slips into the manor with two of her little dogs on her heels, for the sake of the children. Greeting the hosts first, Mabelle smiles to Cirroch and Sasha, "Thank you for inviting me to your lovely home". A respectful bow of her head to Alarissa and then she notices Kritr, "Well. You certainly look nice", she grins at her protege and heads in his direction.

As he's on the opposite side of the Giant Hall, he's yelling across the hall for introductions. "Angelica, this is Krit of Clearlake. Princess Alarissa Thrax, Sasha's cousin. And Lady Mabelle Laurent, a firm believer in the delicacy of cakes." He smiles broadly in the introductions for each, then pulls out the plushie from behind his back to offer to Atoli as she runs by to gather her siblings for dinner.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrive, following Niklas.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas arrive, following Sabella.

Kritr looks Angelica up and down and returns her compliment with a nod. "Thank you." He has enough manners to take a compliment well. He is about to reply, the gears slowly turning in his head, but then he is distracted by Mabelle. "I am aware that these things require a certain appearance. That much I learned the hard way."

Sasha looks at the cats with curiosity as she inquires Alarissa, "I see you adopted more cats Cousin?" She sounds unsure, clearly. But doesn't seem upset they follow her inside. As Angelica arrives, she offers a warm smile, "Good evening! How are you settling in?" She shifts to Mabelle as she greets, "Thank you for coming. I don't have all of my collections out tonight but I could bring the other two I bring out for public viewing if you all would like?"

Cirroch has left the House Seats of the Marquis and Marquessa.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards leave, following Cirroch.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Cirroch.

Cirroch drops Toddler Entreri.

Cirroch drops Baby Rikkon.

Cirroch drops Toddler Atoli.

"Hardly. His Majesty saw fit to gift us with a clowder or three, all with names of the grayson styling and..." She looks behind her to the two cats and wrinkles her nose. "House Thrax is grateful for his majesty's benevolent gesture to ensure that our hearth and our ships are devoid of rodents." Alarissa smiles at Sasha and dips her head when introduced. "Cousins through my marriage to Valardin." She notes before looking for a place to sit and get off her feet.

Cirroch drops Toddler Jacqueline.

Mabelle murmurs to Kritr curiously, "The hard way? I'm sensing a story" and while she waits on that, Mabelle grins at Cirroch, "Now that's a title I'm willing to embroider a sash with and wear it. Hello Angelica, its a pleasure to meet you". Darting toward Sasha, Mabelle wonders, "Collections.. of.. cake?", she assumes. And hopes. When Alarissa mentions her marriage to Valardin, Mabelle mentions to her, "You know I've just recently learned that you were married to Valardin. How have you been, Princess? It has b een a while".

Angelica nods to everyone as she's introduced, taking her seat at last. She listens and observes the chatter with polite interest, rubbing one wrist idly. To Sasha, her smile returns and she dips her head. "I'm doing quite well, thank you. I've made a few excursions into the city, though nothing of note. Arx is quite large."

"Well, it has been an awful long time since I have seen Sasha," Sabella can be heard saying in her cheerful tone, "So I thought we should come." The princess has a toddler half asleep in her arms, the twin of which is carried by Elizabetta. The older two children walk along slowly, herded by Lily. Niklas is at her side, presumably who she was talking to. As they make their way in, she smiles wife seeing who is present. "Sasha, Alarissa! Lady Mabelle."

Kritr chooses a seat, sensing that there are no assigned seats. "It is very large." Kritr agrees. "I am told a million people, here and near the city. A million. I did not even know that was a NUMBER!" He boasts of his ignorance.

"To Prince Vance, heir to Sanctum." Alarissa notes to Mabella. "I spent nearly five years after his passing, before I agreed to marry his Grace Prince Victus." Alarissa leans closer just a fraction. "I was the most tolerable choice." This brings a small smile to his face. "eight years soon enough I think." But here's another cousin, this one by blood and Alarissa - with cat hair - looks to Sabella. "Princess Sabella" A warm smile on her face.

Moving along with Sabella the woman's husband Niklas gives a small nod, "Of course, And I am sure it will do the children good to be able to enjoy some time with other kids. I can' you know if they are about the same age do you think?" The man asking as he enters the hall with her before lifting his gaze, A warm smile offered as he speaks up, "Ah Lady Mabelle, Lovely to see you again."

Atoli comes marching back into the great hall with Entreri and Jacqueline following. All three give a hearty push to the doors of the East Wing to open them with only Entreri landing on his belly and looking around to see if anyone saw. When no one is rushing over to check on him, he gets up with a small giggle. Windi follows with Rikkon swaddled and asleep. The toddlers find their seats and Jacqueline climbs into the chair with Atoli. Who starts to make a commontion about her younger sister, "No! You sit there!" Atoli points to the opposing seat for her sister. Jacqueline looks over to their mother, "Mama?"

Cirroch heads over to the seat and looks at both of the toddlers, picking up Jacqueline, "Come with me little one, we can share a seat." Atoli looks happy to have her own seat again, eyeing Jacqueline.

Mabelle smiles to Angelica and concurs, "Large but not unwelcoming. Though I did manage to never meet you. A pleasure to change that". Niklas and Sabella's army of children makes her widen her eyes before she realizes she needs to greet people. Greet, Mabelle, greet. "What a lovely surprise. You truly can play 2 connections in this city, you do not even have to reach five", she chuckles and opts to settle next to Kritr. "I did not mean to bring back pained memories, Princess", she apologizes to Alarissa, "But I am pleased you are happy".

Sasha offers a nod, "I see he is still up to his old joke again. But rodent free ships are indeed a welcomed thing." She nods in agreement with Angelica, "Indeed the city is very large. I have gotten rather use to it now though." She looks to Mabelle as she responds, "Oh yes! I have /such/ a penchant for sweets. Most of my cakes are from Lottie's. I adore her baking skills." She offers a shrug as she comments, "Marriage or not, I still call you a cousin and will for all time." She smiles happily as she sees Sabella and Niklas, "It is lovely to see you both! I feel as if it has been ages. Please, do come and sit!" Her hands gestures to the two cabinets and one wine rack as she mentions, "Please let my staff know what of my collections you wish to partake from with your meal tonight." She then is distracted by Atoli and then Jacqueline as she states, "Atoli, let Jacqueline set where she wants to. Don't play tyrant little lady." She moves to gently pat on Jacqueline's head as she says, "Go ahead and sit where you want to muffin. But I would sit with Papa." A wink given to her youngest daughter.

Angelica gestures vaguely to Mabelle. "I've only just arrived to the city, from Farshaw," she explains. To Kritr, she smiles at his exuberence. "It is a very large number," she agrees.

"Why do you come to the city?" Kritr asks Angelica. "Is it to train with that weapon?" He gestures to her sword. His own longaxe goes everywhere with him, but is left alone at dinner, naturally. "It suits you."

Relara - the eldest girl at 5, Gareth - the only boy at 4, and Lulu (in pink) and Clara (in purple) - twins age 3, their birthday just recently passed, all make attempts at proper greetings and get settled in seats or on laps of Sabella's ladies-in-waiting. "That sounds so very Thrax, cousin," she says to Alarissa with a playful smile, having just caught the woman's statement as she entered. "It is so good to see you all! For those if you who do not know, I am Princess Sabella Grayson, the People's Princess, and this is my amazing and talented famous playwright, and the best husband, Prince Niklas, and our children."

When those greetings are given Niklas offers a brilliant smile in return, "A lovely feast you have provided Marquessa Sanna, And a lovely home." The man's head briefly dipping to the woman before he leans in to press a kiss to Sabella's cheek, "I'm gonna see about this collection my love." The man stepping away almost as if reluctant to slip away from the Princesses side making his way over to look over the collection. The man motioning Isabelle to help with the two older children.

Mabelle mentions to Sasha in approval, "She's my favorite baker. I sent Maurice to intern with her before we opened the Bee lounge." Turning to the server, she tells him vaguely, "Cake. I want cake. All the cake". Not picky, it seems. Curious about Angelica, Mabelle wonders, "From Farshaw's lands, Westrock Reach or is there a city in the north called Farshaw?" Upon realizing she did not introduce herself, she smiles to the girl, "Lady Mabelle Laurent of Artshall", sparing the rest of the information that does not involve cake. Cupcake however, makes a terrible mistake and hands ALL THE CHILDREN little cookie baskets. Before dinner.

Cirroch smiles over to Niklas and Sabella. "Ah more children!" He then proceeds to introduce his, "Atoli is our heir, then this is Jaqueline the second youngest." He looks around for a moment, "Entreri is over there, second oldest. And Rikkon is with Windi, our current youngest." He glances over to Sasha as he says curent youngest. "And, I would bow, though Jacqs doesn't like it as much as Entreri, though Welcome to our home. Please have a seat. Our chef has been working on a roast pig all day."

Angelica twists to look at the hilt of the sword Kritr refers to, the pommel proud above her shoulder. She smiles again, small, and shakes her head. "While it's good to keep up with your training, it never really stops does it?" She gives him a wink, then looks over the table, looking for something to drink. "Nah, that's not why I'm hre." To Mabelle, Angelica shakes her head too. "The mountains of Farshaw, to the south of Giant's reach. There's a village there, that's where I'm from, but I geared up at the Reach, sent Lord Cirroch here a message telling him he'd have outlying kin on the way." She pokes herself in the sternum with her thumb. "Me."

Niklas gets A fat rolled cigar that emits a blue haze when lit from Fine tailored codpiece of the Mysterious Prince.

Niklas puts A fat rolled cigar that emits a blue haze when lit in Fine tailored codpiece of the Mysterious Prince.

Mabelle listens fascinatedly to Angelica, "I had no idea such place existed. I really should travel more. And not just back and forth from Artshall", she does seem a bit exhausted. Mabelle spies Cupcake's actions and since she already risked a high sugar tantrum in a dinner filled with cake, she advises her to treat the adults as well or there shall be an uprising. "How are you fairing, Krit? We have not caught up in a while", Mabelle nudges Kritr. Niklas' codpiece makes her eyes twitch but instead she asks Sabella, "Did you dodge the outfit disaster? You look absolutely lovely and that is an exquisite gown", she shoots another compliment toward Sasha, the host.

"I don't know what outlying kin means." Kritr says plainly, pained by his ignorance this time. "But I am a friend to the family. So I hope we will be friends too." He tells Angelica.

"I have been touring the North. Looking at orphanages." He tells Mabelle. "I hope to go to Giant's reach soon."

Lily, bless her, collects the cookie baskets from the Grayson children with the promise they will be returned after their meal, after a look and a nod from Sabella. "Welcome to the city, outlying kin of the marquis." The princess gives Angelica a brilliant smile, not seeming to miss a beat at not knowing the woman's name. "Why did you come, then?" Before she gets the answer, she turns to Mabelle. "I am still in the process of having my wardrobe replaced, but I am very happy this outfit survived! And, speaking of orphanages, how have the ones in the Oathlands fared? Will you be wanting our assistance with northern ones?"

Niklas takes a few moments to look over the collection of booze before he is moving to rejoin Sabella finding his way back over to her side only to spy the cookie basket. The man moving to gather up a few cookies only to swoop in for the best dad reward by attempting to sneak the children a pre dinner cookie as he looks off to Mabelle, "Yes, how are things going with all of that? If you need any help with donations do let me know."

Mabelle teases Kritr, "Why, did you misplace a child?", she teases him and then flashes him a warm smile, "Or did I inspire you?". Scanning Sabella's gown, Mabelle beams amusedly, "A miracle. It is a lovely gown. The Orphanages in the Oathlands have started the remodel. And certainly if Krit wants us to address the Northern ones next, we shall definately do that. With the plans already laid out. They might not want to call it Honey Havens though", she laughs and suggest's to Kritr, "How about Bear Hugs?". Teasing Niklas, Mabelle notes, "I might just reach out when I get the final bill".

Sasha begins to attempt to gather up the cookie baskets, giving that stern mom look to have those baskets released and then places upon the nibbles cart for later consumption. "Dinner first my lovelies." She then smiles as she mentions, "I like the name Bear Hugs. Very sweet."

Cirroch waits for all to sit before he sits down. Jacqueline is hiding her face in his neck for a moment. He looks over to Kritr about the orphanges, "We would love to have you come visit. What we have in Giant's Reach is significantly different from what I have heard about in the other areas of the compact." Cirroch is then watching Sasha take the cookie baskets. Atoli seems to be okay with the basket disappering, and this has Cirroch watching her more closely.

"But Mooooooom!" Entreri starts in, its always Entreri that will be the loudest over something simple. Cirroch shifts his gaze away from Atoli to look at Entreri who near immediately quiets up. "Ittsa okies mum."

"I don't have any children that I know of." Kritr harumphs proudly. "Bear hugs. I don't think that you should have bears in an orphanage. The children would be a bad influence." And that was a Kritr joke, delivered with a deadpan as he reaches for a drink.

Sasha laughs softly at Kritr's joke, though she gives a look to Entreri though when Cirroch's look aid in, she seems pleased. She moves to her seat, slowly lowering into it and fondly looking over all who are present at the dinner.

Mabelle snickers at Kritr, " I wish I could tell you honey havens does not mean they will have honey in there either, but that would be a lie". Mabelle casts an apologetic look to Sasha and Sabella about the cookie incident and a little less nice look to Cupcake.

Angelica is dressed rather simply, in a cloth tunic cool enough for summer, and trews that fit well but loose, great for running around in, and worn boots that are old but well made. Her bracelets look a little out of place with her casual garments, but she looks comfortable in every way that matters. To Sabella, not certain of her name either, Angelica gives a nod. "I'm looking for something," is all she says.

"Niklas..." Sabella's voice is chirpy and amused as she catches him with the cookies, but she doesn't attempt to stop him from indulging the children. Mabelle's apologetic look earns a forgiving half-shrug. "He is worse than the little," The princess adds with a wink. Relara and Gareth both eat the cookies they were snuck by their father quickly, while the twins appear to be trading theirs every other bite for reasons that only make sense to toddler or twins or toddler twins. Sabella watches them for a moment, mystified, before looking at Angelica when the woman answers. "Well! The city is full of somethings! You are bound to find one if you look hard enough."

"A nice beard?" Kritr asks Angelica hopefully.

A large bald man, (Chef Oliver) with an even larger meat clever hanging from their belt comes out of the kitchen along with a young man of about nineteen, (Ansgar) they are carrying a large platter that has near a full roasted pig upon it surrounded by apples, apricots, figs, and onions. The platter is set to the side of the table on a cart. Chef Oliver, offers to the table, "Tonights meal is roasted pork with assorted fruits with onions." He then nods to Ansgar as the young man begins to carve the pig up to be served out to the guests. Cirroch is served last.

The Marquis nods to Chef Oliver, there's an unspoken word through the look. He then turns to Ansgar and gives the man a small pat on his back, another grin, quick look to the ceiling. To which Ansgar tries not to laugh to loudly. Cirroch looks to the table, holding Jacqueline, "Thank you all for joining us tonight. I hope that you all enjoy the meal." He then takes his seat and props the toddler up on his knee.

When he is called out for sneaking he cookies he just offers a small smile to Sabella, "Yes my love?" A moment later he is motioning between the twins of toddler doom as they exchange their cookies between bites. "I mean look at those faces, Could you really tell them no with that?" The man motioning between the two before moving to find their seats.

Oh no. This is real food. A risk to Mabelle's reputation as a strict cake either. She raises her fork to the plate and pokes an apricot, complimenting the chef for the delicacy.

Angelica is quite pleased with the food offered, hesitating over that first bite with Kritr's hopeful question. Whiskey-colored eyes glimmer with humor, and instead of answering she takes a bite of food. Approval is written all over her face, nodding. Good food.

Sasha sniffs the pork in through her nose and happily sighs, "Chef Oliver has outdone himself yet again. He always manages to reimpress me every meal and I can explain my cravings to him and he knows /just/ what to make me when I am having my cravings. Truly, the man is a blessing." She begins to effortlessly cut into that tender meat and feeds herself very small bites. Currently lost in the delicious food and not realizing her three oldest children are sneaking off to the nibbles cart to grab their baskets and then sneaking into the kitchen while the food is being plated out.

Kritr fills his face with food. His manners need work. The wild beard is tamed eventually by the greasy pork he eats. He gives Mabelle a knowing look.

Mabelle eventually digs into the meat with her fork, sneaking a bite when she thinks no one is looking and her expression says it all, bliss. She eyes Kritr aside and promises him, "I'll understand" and then flashes a smile to Sasha and Cirroch, "This is delicous, thank you for inviting me"

Leaning over to cut up the food on Gareth's plate into appropriate sized pieces for the boy. She then takes a few dainty bites, expression pleased. "I second Lady Mabelle, though I came uninvited." She nods to both Cirroch and Sasha before looking between Angelica and Kritr. Her cerulean gaze assesses the latter, his beard being the subject of her scrutiny as a small smile sets on her lips. "There are many nice beards in the city, among the somethings."

There is a quick nod of agreement from Niklas as he gathers up one of the Toddlers onto his lap sharing his plate with the young girl. The man looking between Sasha and Cirroch as he tells the pair. "Yes a lovely dinner, I hope you don't mind our intrusion. Sabella here was commenting when we were nearby how she had meant to visit the Marquessa and how it had been too long." The man moments later looking to Sabella asking, "Should I grow one? I mean winter will be here soon enough, what do you think?"

Angelica looks at Sabella, then smiles, pausing to drink and lean back in her seat. "Certainly true, I'm sure, my lady. But I'm not here for beards, even the nice ones." She raises her cup to Kritr, then looks down the table to snag something else to go with the roast pork.

Cirroch smiles across the table to Mabelle and Kritr. His lap free of Jacqueline who had slipped off somewhere shortly after being let go of. Directed across the table to Sabella, "We welcome most through our doors. And family is always welcome! There's plenty of food available. And perhaps the children will love to play together."
Then Cirroch is noting how Quiet It Is, and is looking around the hall.

The doors to the kitchen are lightly swinging, which prompts him to nod to Ansgar with a little point in their direction. As Ansgar is pulling the doors open, the three toddlers are on the otherside of the doors, nearly upon the doors trying to carry the cake out. Atoli is the first to announce that it must be time for a cake, "Momma! You forgotteded! Cakes!" Ansgar tries to step out of the way of the toddlers.

"You should!" Kritr insists, responding to Niklas. "And then you should enter the contest! There is a BEARD contest. A Grayson has never one. Have they? I am sure that is true." He is the opposite of quiet.

Mabelle glances at Kritr, "Oh the beard contest, I need to make a new one. I won third or second place last time, I do not remember". As the children calls for cake, Mabelle supports them, "Yes, your forgotterededed"

Sasha drops a tempting caramel and chocolate spice cake.

Sasha looks surprised and laughs softly as the children begin to bring out the cake of the night! Though it seems Jacqueline decided to become brave for a moment and grabs a scoop of the cake and smooshing it against Atoli's cheek and up into her hair before running off squealing to hide behind Cirroch's chair, as if he will protect her from her eldest sibling's potential wrath! Sasha watches in utter shock then and takes a moment to replay what just occured. She is about to speak before Entreri is grabbing a handful and throwing it up into the air as he shouts out "Cake fight!" while bouncing up and down with glee. Clearly, the children at /all/ of their cookies.

"Kennex and Grayson men are not exactly famed for their beard growing, beloved," Sabella murmurs to Niklas, though at Kritr's note that no Grayson has won, she laughs. "I believe that! Hm. Darling, you might have a chance, being Kennex blood." While her tone stays cheerful, there is a hint of disapproval in her eyes. No full beard on her husband, please. It's Mabelle who sparks her confusion, however. "Did you say /you/ won?"

Angelica checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Angelica is successful.

Mabelle calls toward Sabella, "They accepted fake beards! I made a wool one and kept picking things out of it, they thought it was funny". The reason she yells, is because she is crouching behind Kritr's chair. Honeysilk and cake.. no no no.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Mabelle fails.

Sabella checks perception and dodge at easy. Sabella is marginally successful.

Niklas checks perception and dodge at normal. Niklas is marginally successful.

Cirroch checks composure and etiquette at normal. Cirroch is marginally successful.

"Is this a tradition around here?" Kritr asks, stabbing a slide of ham with a fork. He makes no attempt to get away from the cake.

Sasha checks perception and dodge at normal. Sasha is successful.

Cirroch watches Jacqueline rub the cake into Atoli's hair and tries not to start laughing. Then Rikkon is pushing the cake up and tossing bits of it at the table and guests. Atoli has stopped. She's standing there holding what's left of the cake fuming about there being cake in her hair. "Moooooooooooooooooooooooom!"

Cirroch grabs some of the cake that is flying through the air and diverts it towards Sasha.

Angelica watches her kinsmen pick up food and begin to fling it about. Arching an eyebrow, she takes another bite of her dinner, careful to avoid any collateral cake.

Mabelle huffs at Kritr behind his chair, "Protect me!"

Sabella laughs at Mabelle's explanation, saying, "That makes much more sense!" It is about that time the dawning realization of what is happening with the cake comes to her and she slips from her chair to the floor, fully blocked by the table. Her hands reach up to pull Gareth down beside her, hoping Lily and Elizabetta can handle the other children. And maybe Niklas.

*** Niklas has called for an opposing check with Angelica. ***
Niklas checks composure and etiquette at easy. Niklas is successful.
Angelica checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Angelica is successful.
*** Angelica is the winner. ***

Sasha manages to slide back just in time for the cake to not get on herself, thankfully she is wearing all aeterna but still! She laughs softly as she looks to Cirroch and the behind his chair. She then slips over towards Atoli as she points out, "This is why you shouldn't boss your siblings around or be mean. Action creates reaction my darling." And Sasha slips out of the way of more cake that comes flying at her.

It is Sabella's hope that Lily and Elizabetta are able to handle the twins and him and their oldest daughter, But with one of the twins in his lap and Niklas already grabbing up a bit of cake only to sling it across the table at the larger and more warrior like Angelica there is that hope being lost. The act maybe making some question if Sabella didn't have five kids already as the Grayson Prince isn't above following the traditions of the house he is in.

Angelica is eating her food, twisting casually to dodge cake as it's lobbed at her. She's very calm. Too calm. Also this pork is -really- good.

Someone got cake on Mabelle's shoe. Someone. Not sure who. Those silk shoes are not ruined. She takes a deep breath and comments quite aloud, "This is a waste of perfectly good cake!" She's probably giggling from behind that chair.

Kritr waves a big mitt in the air. "Throw cakes at me, not at Lady Laurent!" He shouts. "I'm protecting her." He does not rise from his chair, though he does adjust his cloak so that he isn't sitting on it and she can hide under it.

Niklas drops a willow woven basket lined with green wool.

Niklas gets a willow woven basket lined with green wool.

*** Cirroch has called for an opposing check with Angelica. ***
Cirroch checks dexterity and etiquette at easy. Cirroch is successful.
Angelica checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Angelica is successful.
*** Angelica is the winner. ***

Cant stay Toffee isnt resourceful. She ate all the cake from Belle's shoes.

With Sasha dodging his attempts in the play, for once not wearing the cake himself, yet, Cirroch takes a piece of cake and flings it generally in Angelica's direction, utterly missing. He looks over to Kritr, "There's typically some level of me wearing cakes as of late, so this is a bit of a change." Cirroch is laughing as Jacqueline is climbing under the table to /share/ cake with Gareth.

Atoli looks up to Sasha, "Oh." She says very quietly before running her hand through her hair and tagging Sasha's leg with the cake. Only to pick up more cake and run towards her sister, who is in the process of climbing under the table.

Angelica continues to dodge cakes, finishing her meal. Looking her cousin Cirroch in the face, she leans to avoid his lobbed bit of dessert in her direction, and calmly says, "This was quite good, kinsman. I commend your chef." She takes a sip of her drink. Apparently Angelica isn't bothered by the cake flying but she's not engaging. At least not for the moment.

Kritr says, "I think furs are for wearing and cakes are for eating." Kritr rumbles."

*** Niklas has called for an opposing check with Angelica. ***
Niklas checks composure and etiquette at easy. Niklas is marginally successful.
Angelica checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Angelica is successful.
*** Angelica is the winner. ***

Sabella sits under the table with Gareth in her lap, only able to see legs and cake as it falls. Perhaps if she stays very quiet and very out of the way, she won't get cake in her hair.

Niklas undetered by the quick moves of Angelica as she enjoys her dinner takes up another bit of cake, The man also seeming to be unaware of his assistant and minder Isabelle not far off grabbing up some cake. The woman angling and throwing the cake at the Prince only to miss completely hitting the eldest of the Grayson children. The man himself releasing his own bit of cake yet again missing the woman to set off a string of words in another language as he mutters to himself looking around as if making sure everyone else saw it.

Angelica dodges cake -again- from Niklas, arching an eyebrow at him over the rim of her cup.

Mabelle murmurs to Kritr from under his cloak of protection, "I agree". Pausing she asks, "Wait do people eat fur?"

Relara cries out when the cake hits her. "Sweetie?" Sabella's concerned voice calls from under the table. She pokes her head out and sees frosting smeared in her eldest's hair. "WHO THREW CAKE AT MY CHILD?!"

Kritr gets a bit of cake on his vest and puts it in his mouth. He has no problem combining meat and sweets.

Sabella checks composure and etiquette at easy. Sabella is successful.

Isabelle is quick to swoop in seeing and then hearing Relara cry out, the woman lifting the same hand that had tossed the cake up to begin helping pick out bits of cake from her failed attempt at some form of vengance for all the shit she put up with from Niklas. Meanwhile the Grayson Prince looks on surprised and as Sabella pops her head out his hands lift, "Wasn't me love, I was aiming at her." The man motionin to Angelica.

Angelica is still un-caked.

Jacqueline sits down in front of Sabella and Gareth, offering a handful of cake to the boy. "Cakes?"

Atoli gets to just under the table when Cirroch picks her up and gets a facefull of the cake that is in her hand. "No! Papa! Was for Jacqs!" She screams as her aresnal ends up on her father versus her sister.

Entreri has taken to sitting next to the cake and stuffing his face.

Sabella checks perception and empathy at easy. Sabella is successful.

Mabelle runs coordination point between her guards, dogs and her Cupcake. "Thank you for dinner!!!", she calls from under the cloak and the darts toward the door in a well strategized escape route.

2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, Fudge, A Highhill Mastiff Puppy leave, following Mabelle.

Gareth is all too happy to accept cake as Sabella's attention is elsewhere. She watches Isabelle and picks up on the guilt in the woman's actions. She pulls herself out from under the table, grabs a handful of cake, and lobs it directly in the woman's face. "Niklas, fire her, she is terrible." The princess sniffs hautily, then locks frosting from her fingers. "Oh, it is good. What a shame."

Angelica finishes her drink and moves to stand. "Cousin, I'm to bed. Kin-" She dodges an errant wad of cake. "Have a good evening. This was quite pleasant." At least, she seems to mean it.

Kritr rises when Angelica leaves. "You'll find me at the training center Angelica. At sunrise and sunset. The summer is too hot for practice midday."

Hearing that from Sabella has Niklas blinking befoer he leans in to whisper to the woman, His words spoken in those hushed tones for a few moments before he leans back looking into his wife's eyes a moment before looking to Isabelle as she tries to help their eldest. "We will talk about that later Isabelle." The man though attempting to have a stern voice still sounding friendly enough as warmth can't help but find its way into hsi tone. When Angelica and Mabelle take their leave he murmurs, "Should we be going as well love is this another part of the tradition?" Moments later he is looking down to Cirroch, "A lovely dinner and most interestnig use for sweets."

Angelica smiles at Kritr and nods. "I'll keep that in mind," she tells the man with the very nice beard. She gives Sabella a wink and Niklas a smirk, waves to her kinsmen and heads back to her room.

Sabella nods to Niklas's suggestion, turning to wave off Angelica. "The children will need baths before bed, and that may take a while." A clean napkin is found and used to wipe off her hand before she ducks down to lure out Gareth from his (very messy, now) hiding spot with Jacqueline. "Come, my little prince, there are cookies awaiting you after your bath." The boy puts his hands on either side of the girl's face, smearing cake on her - though not maliciously - before crawling out to his mother. "Cookie?" Sabella smiles and cleans off his hands. "After your bath." Relara looks traumatized and the twins are giggling. "Sasha, it was good to see you. We'll have to have the children get together more often."

With a face full of cake and an arm full of screaming toddler, Cirroch simply smiles to Niklas, "It was good to be able to have some of a meal with you both."

Jacqueline can be heard from under the table calling after Gareth as he is wisked away from their sharing of cake.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum leave, following Niklas.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas leave, following Sabella.

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