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Kennex Family Gathering

Times have been challenging for the Kennex family, so they gather to celebrate victories, mourn losses, and look hopefully toward the future.

And drink. A lot.


Jan. 29, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Sabella Niklas Ian Jan Wash Drake Ember Juliana Thea Catalana Domonico Quenia Lucita




Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Main Hall

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Zoey is a great hostess. She had the Kay filled with conversation and laughter, not to mention brimming with the next generation of little Kennex. I can't believe she is having -TWINS- next. With Catalana talking about matches, maybe I ought to get on board with this in my own way before it gets ahead of me. Maybe I'll see about taking care of Leif. He is about the age he could start training and the last thing my cousins want is one more kid to take care of.

Children run about excitedly as final dinner preparations are made and adults gather and socialize. Zoey greets guests at the door with a warm smile and sparkling eyes.

It is not without fanfare of a sort that the Grayson Brood arrive, The two oldest bounding in as the pair talk of who is going to be able to eat more dessert that eve. Following behind the two oldest of Nik and Sabella's kids are the parents themselves, Nik carrying on his shoulder one of the twins while the other is riding behind him on the shoulder of a less than happy Isabelle. The woman paying her pennance for an errant pie a few weeks before with twin duty.

As Nik enters with Sabella beside him he leans down and murmurs to the woman. "How long before you figure Duc finds their way to a tapestry or low sitting tray?" The man asking with a playful tone. Mingled into the groups little entourage of children and assistants a small goat can be seen looking curiously about while also avoiding shadows, dangerous things those shadows.

Ian hasn't been seen around much since a trip to somewhere or another from which he returned about a week ago. But he turns up for dinner, or at least for drinks. Like the eye of a storm of child and dog chaos, he sits at a table with a glass of whiskey.

Jan is looking kinda rough. What skin isn't covered in bandages is instead covered in tiny cuts. She walks a rhythmic pace, avoiding the children where she can. As she gets to the point where everyone else has made their show she raises both arms and does a little spin. The out of place corset sparkling in stark contrast to the salt stained leathers.

Wash is settled in at a couch drinking, because there are people to look after his kids, he can idle aweay the time with a glass of wine instead.

Drake has been busy with some travel recently, but finds himself returned to Arx just in time for the dinner, and an evening out. He walks in with a cloak on his shoulders against the fall weather, and Lady Thea on his arm. He seems in good spirits, walking in to the smell of food and the crowds of kids. Flanking behind Drake is one of the newer additions to his household - Calluna the Highhill puppy, though being that she is a mastiff and almost a year, she's already the size of a mid-sized dog.

Ember Redreef -- the Bloody Baroness -- is not a Kennex. She has no Kennex (Kennecian?) blood whatsoever. She's not even a direct vassal; she's a vassal of a vassal. Her relationship with the Kennex family is a mixed bag in general. And yet: she is here. Ember's long, dark hair is pulled back into a panoply of braids in some time-tested Islander style, and the woman is wearing her cloak indoors, making her seem like a fur-trimmed shadow from the neck down. She's standing there, watching children play with her pit bull, staring as though she's trying to bore a hole through the floor. The pit bull's tail is wagging. He's a happy, friendly dog, and he loves kids, so this is great!

Juliana is not in a dress, she is in leathers and slightly sunburned. Her dark hair braided down her back and a small dark haired boy holding one of her hands. He, Lucien, watches all the people with dark serious eyes. It's his siblings, Abbas, his twin, a little biggers, a little lighter coloring and a lot more... just more. And Bastian, Juliana's only daughter and eldest.. that run ahead of her, Tia wrapping herself around Zoey's legs rather the Lady Kennex is ready or not.

Thea walks with Drake, Finn trying to egg the puppy on. Because he's a giant puppy himself(not really). She--pauses for just a moment at all the children, eyebrow lifted. "Are we---did we take a turn to the nursery somewhere and I didn't notice?" She's half serious. Because there's a lot of kids! Thea sees Jan and grins,"Jan! How are you? Where have you been,"the Malvivi General is already asking. "Busy I assume. We should get a drink."

"Oh gods, please do control your goat," Zoey laughs to Niklas as she greets the Graysons at the door. "Maybe he can just play with the dogs or the children or something? It is good to see you both!" When Drake and Thea come in next Zoey greets them brightly and gives Thea air kisses towards her cheeks. "It has been too long! Come inside! So much to get caught up on." Ember gets a smile and a nod in greeting before Zoey reaches out to take her hands a moment, and no sooner than she has does the Igniseri party arrive, the younger lady nearly knocking her off her feet. "Tia! You go find Uriel. I think he is guarding his sister somewhere. Jules, I am glad the fall does nto deter you the way winter does!"

It should be noted that Zoey appears to be about half way through yet another pregnancy.

Sabella smiles brightly at Niklas and says quietly, through her teeth, "Beloved, if your goat eats anything it shouldn't, I will claim not to know you." She presses a quick kiss to his cheek before calling after the eldest children, "Relara, Gareth, no running!" Then she is seeking out Zoey for a hug and glass of... anything wine-like.

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1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large long-haired sighthound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

There is a chuckle in response to Sabella's words on their new goat, The man's head giving a little shake before leaning into that kiss to his cheek. His eyes seeking out their oldest two before he is moving off with Sabella in search of Zoey. "If my goat eats anything it shouldn't I am heading for the library to play a game of hide and go find Zoey's hidden stash." Niklas offering a bit of a grin to his wife as he tells her that.

Unfortunately for Jan their oldest two take little heed to the warning from their mother, instead focusing on the sole person who seemed to be avoiding children. And like two sharks or griffons on the hunt they move heading towards Jan. One heading to the left as the other heads to the left almost as if attempting to flank the woman.

A squeal of delight before the Thump! Thump! Thump! of a hoard of elephants gallop down the stairs, but in reality it's just a bunch more of noisy children. Catalana follows shortly behind and tries with a half-heartedness. "No running. Gentle with each other..." It falls on deaf ears when young Grayson thwaps Rayne over the head with a wooden sword and a small punch up occurs. Catalana gives a small sigh and directs the kids towarss Niklas. "Look. Uncle Niklas brought his goat. Go play with that." As soon as the crying and brawling stops, she gets herself a wine. A big one and sits down beside Jan. "Don't ever have kids."

Ember's hand emerges from her cloak to come up and rub at her nose, around her sinuses. Her eyes scrunch shut for a moment as she seems to be fighting off a migraine or something. Her hand is in the process of slowly lowering when Zoey takes it and squeezes it. Ember is caught completely unawares, somehow, and almost whips her body around to face Zoey -- but relaxes just in time. "--ah. Lady Zoey. It is wonderful to see you again." She breathes out, softly, as Zoey moves on to greet others, and then looks at her dog. The dog just looks up at Ember with a big stupid tongue-out grin and wags his tail in time to his panting breaths.

Drake lets out a little sigh, and laugh, at Thea's nursery comment. "It's a couple of big families," he says, but more just amused than correcting her joke. As Thea knows Jan better than he does, he nods to her. "Ah, good to meet you." He looks at the corset, which is pretty interesting. "I'm Drake Wyvernheart - if we met before it was probably at a mixed gathering like this, so I'll introduce myself before I drink, just to be safe." And now... to drink.

"Jan's kids would be considerably better behaved." Wash assures Catalana. "Glass of wine?"

Ian takes a sip of his drink and watches the various waves of children and pets crash into each other, getting adults caught up in their wake. He takes note of Jan and quirks an eyebrow at her. "The f -- What are you wearing?"

Thea winces at the herd then hears Catalana. There's a brief look to Drake and and she for a moment may agree. "Lady Catalana, hello,"greets the Thea. Is there a drink? Thea sees Sabella and Niklas too, a smile for them. "Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas. Nice to see you again,"as she gives a nod of her head to Ember as well,"Baroness." Finn then darts off to play with the chilren, tail wagging.

Tia lets go as soon as Zoey sends her off to find Uriel, grabbing her own brother's hand (Abbas), tears off in that direction. Anyone paying attention will hear her call him Admiral and stuff her stuffed Phoenix in his arms. Jules offers Zoey a smile. "Congratulations." before she hugs the other woman, Lucien letting go of her hand only to catch hold of her leg. "It doesn't matter the weather right now, I have work to do."

Domonico enters the Kay, looking as serious as always in his sculpted leather and fine fireweave, the Southport Admiral sweeping his gaze around the hall, his eyes lingering over areas that he had fought and spilled blood in defence of Kennex. He hmmms softly before straightening up in clear martial fashion, looking for those that he recognises.

"I don't keep it in the library, Nik, and I actually have more than one now," Zoey tells the prince with a wink. She nods to Juliana. "I hope you can tell us about it! Once we are seated, I was planning on using Sabella's dinner game to help us all get caught up." When Domonico arrives she smiles brightly to him. "Do come in! Your sister is in there among the mob of children and dogs. She may need you to rescue her."

Jan is preoccupied making a strategy to avoid the incoming pincer move. It's too late to withdraw so she goes with a focused attack to counter. "One second." She mumbles to Catalana before she hunches down at child level and charges the closer of the two. A feint left, then a calloused hand is splayed out on the floor, her other collecting the little Grayson up by the waist. She turns to face the comrad in arms, the one in her grasp being turned upside down. "Do you yield?"

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Catalana only takes in Jan's appearance when Ian comments on it. There is the usual cringe and sigh at the rust covered outerwear and the torn leathers of her sister before she notices the corset. Stunned, Catalana remarks too. "Where did you get such an elegant and beautiful piece?" She after nods to Wash in agreeance. "She did manage to subdue three thousand rowdy pirates if you believe the rumors." Thea too gets a smile and then a mischievous look. "Lady Thea

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Ember returns Thea's nod, returns Domonico's nod. As Ian and Catalana comment on Jan's outfit, the Baroness looks over and narrows her eyes slightly. "It looks good," she says, apparently with zero irony. Then, trailed by her pit bull, Ember walks to the table and sits down in a chair still warmed by another's butt. Technically, this is stealing a chair, but Ember seems to either not notice or not care.

Fashionably late, Quenia makes her way into the Kennex Kay's main hall. She's dressed for the season, wearing a warm cloak and some gloves, which she happily hands over to whomever takes them. Removing the cloak reveals that she has not come empty handed, carrying with her a bottle of divine quality Daylight, one of Igniseri's pinot grigio wines. Only the best for the Kennex! "Is there room for one more?" she queries as she enters within.

"I seem to recall we once talked about putting Jan in a dress. Here she is in something even better." Wash decides. "I suspect that I might detect some inspiration forming."

"Oh, of course, Marquessa!" Zoey replies as she greets Quenia by the door. "Please come in! I think we are about to round up the children and put them at their table so that we can sit and have something to eat."

After one last peek out the door for any stragglers, Zoey goes to a seat beside Ian, near the head of the table, and sits down.

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There is a wave given Thea's way from Niklas, "Good to see you as well, I trust the evening finds you well.." The man fully missing Catlana sending off the children to torment the golden fainter causing the goat to live up to its namesake as the first child to pop up and greet it has a soft bleet given before down goes the duc fainting and collapsing on the ground like a total social light weight. The words from Zoey have Nik laughing, "Well nothing else, I am sure my stash is still there, one of the three should be at least anyways I figure." A little shrug is given as he tells her that.

When Jan makes the faint and moves she manages to snatch up Gareth. The boy giving her a look of mischief mingled with defiance before he calls out, "Never.." Moments later he is reachnig out too young to know that tickling against a corset wearing foe is a fools errand.

Domonico smiles and gives Zoey a respectful nod. The same is given to Ember as well before he answers Zoey. "I'm not sure if I like my sister enough to risk death at the hands of the mob of children." A smile forms on his face at that before he moves further in, greeting Ian, Wash and Drake as well.

There's wine, at least, to start. Drake gets some, and casually hands a second glass to Thea, before he starts looking for substantial food too. As he returns with the wine, his eye is caught for a second by the crab scupture. He gives Thea a look before handing her the glass, and then looks back at the crab.

Thea murmurs to Drake after getting THE look from Catalana. "I feel like I need a double--of something,"as she goes to take a seat. "Congratulations by the way,"she tells Zoey. "Um--you and Lord Ian will have your own army and such soon." There's a squint at Jan's piece, a tilt of her head. "Huh. I'd wear that,"a definite nod following. "Hello Lady Juliana. Good to see you again,"a smile for her as well as she takes a big drink. "Marquess Quenia, hi,"Thea greets while hearing Domonico. "I heard that!"

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"It is rather a mob, isn't it? And the oldest is what, seven?" Wash shakes his head in dismay.

Drake seems to be having difficulty figuring out exactly where to sit and stand, given that there's kids and dogs around. Eventually, he figures out which table is the adults' table. The kids table is kind of tempting, but there'd be less alcohol, there. The puppy, however, goes bounding over to the kids table happily. She clearly understands that's where she belongs... that, or, just assumes kids will drop more scraps.

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"Hello Thea." Jules responds as she stops to press kisses to Catalana and Ian's cheeks. Wash doesn't get a kiss, though he does get Juliana pulling face at him before she moves on. Lucien, who is two, lets go of his mother to go climb onto Quenia if allowed, his siblings in the throng of children play.. Well Abbas is playing, Tia is sitting with Uriel, with whatever the Kennex boy is up to.

Quenia gives Zoey a warm smile. "Splendid," she tells the other woman and follows her toward the table. She finds a seat and settles down, setting Daylight on the table. "I hope you don't mind that I brought a bottle of Igniseri wine to share." Then Thea is greeting her and that warm smile goes to the other woman. "Lady Thea, a pleasure as always." She then grins at the other Kennex. "I've finally made it to one of these, for a change," for which she seems extremely proud.

Quenia drops Daylight Pinot Grigio, a light, crisp Granato white with citrus notes.

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Ian nods to Quenia when she comes in. This is a big crowd for him, especially with the kids added in, which might be why he's not terribly engaged. But he's here, at least. He doesn't shy away from the kiss on the cheek from Juliana, but doesn't especially react to it, either.

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Zoey laughs musically at Domonico's quip before replying to Thea. "Oh, indeed so." She gives Sabella a meaningful glance at that. "While everyone gets comfortable and starts loading up their plates, let us get caught up! It has been entirely too long since most of us got to speak to each other, so what we will do is take turns..." Sabella whispers something in her ear and Zoey nods, replying softly before continuing. "We will start with a volunteer to tell us what they have been up to recently, and then they will pick who goes next until all of the adults have shared. Who would like to go first?"

"Lady Thea!" Sabella gives the Malvici lady a cheerful grin. Zoey catches her attention. "Oh, my game?" She leans in to say something quietly before hearing a response and... grimacing. Her cerulean eyes scan the room for Ian.

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Catalana remarks to Thea casually, "I was sharing tips with Marquis Cadern and was sharing about how your gift to us had you blushing terribly. I believe he may be hatching a plan for you." The goat's bleeting and fainting hold no fun for the children anymore. Instead, Grayson is trying to mount Finn with Rayne holding him steady. Catalana just watches the chaos before turning her attention to Wash. "A gang may be more appropriate. Though, I keep telling myself we'll miss this when they go foster with the other houses." Quenia's arrival however gets the most delighted smile. "You finally made it over. Welcome!"

Jan dips a finger in the closest water to her and puts it in Gareth's ear. "I found it in my room, I needed everyone to see me wear it once." She replies to Ian, raising an appraising brow at it now as the boy struggles in her grip, "If I ever go to war with children it might actually hold up." With that she shoos the children off and sits down next to Catalana. "I dunno, if I could get one that is past all the baby stuff I think it would be okay."

Domonico passes Thea on his way to his seat and gives his sister a squeeze of her shoulder, "You were supposed to. You look well regardless." There is a moment when he gives Drake a momentary hard look before smiling, "Lord Drake. Well met again." He settles into a seat, nodding to those already sat.

Jan puts an umbra underbust corset with a sparkling jeweled night sky favor from Darkwater in an aged leather rucksack lined in canvas.

Setting one of the twins down Niklas leans down and whispers into her ear while pullng out a small bit of chocolate truffle handing it off. The child becoming a sticky little mess of chocolate before being angled towards Jan and sent off as a far shorter weaponized toddler. With that done Niklas moves to join the children's table fishin out from his cloak a satchel, the Grayson Prince quickly begining to dole out sweets to the kids.

Niklas drops a box of twelve Chocolate Truffles.

Niklas drops Candied Apple.

Niklas drops Caramel Apple.

"Kids are pretty good at breaking stuff," Ian points out to Jan.

Jan gets an umbra underbust corset with a sparkling jeweled night sky favor from Darkwater from an aged leather rucksack lined in canvas.

"Good to see you," Drake says to Domonico. "Feels as if it's been a while, but the conflicts here and there have us all coming and going lately." He pulls out a chair for Thea before sitting into his own.

Quenia glances down at Lucien, "Hello there little one." She definitely allows him to climb up on her once she gets settled onto a seat. She politely asks a servant to pour her some Daylight and anyone else that wants any, making sure the glass if away from tiny hands once it is poured. She raises a brow slightly at Zoey's update comment, looking curious, especially when Sabella calls it her game. She then nods quietly in Ian's direction, to affirm she's been noticed and grins at Catalana's delighted smile. "I did! I've managed to get caught up on most things at the house," she tells the Kennex woman. "Which is a feat, I must say! Hopefully this trend keeps up." Or so she hopes!

Wash responds to Juliana by sticking out his tongue. "I'm going to craft you a dress design that will make you want to wear it a second time." Wash assures Catalana. "And then I'm only going to give it to you if we go somewhere nicer than the front room."

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Catalana squints at Niklas and his candy. "Are all the children having a sleepover tonight with you? How delightful." Jan's bag gets a brief eyeing. "You realize, I am now going to have to start telling everyone about my beautiful and fashionable sister right?" She grins at Wash after. "Is that a promise or a threat?"

Ember looks at the food on the table in front of her -- she stole someone's seat, so their plate was already filled. She stares at the food as though she's entering some kind of psychic mind-meld state with the dish. Ember breathes in deeply through her nose, and then realizes her dog is sitting next to her chair, staring up at her. She swallows, and then picks up her plate of People Food and leans to set it down on the floor. The whole plate. Not just scraps. "Otherwise the /children/ will feed you," she mutters, and then turns back toward the conversation as it begins taking shape -- now with nothing in front of her at all except some silverware going to waste.

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Wash says, "Little of both. Possibly also some extortion. I'm multitasking."

Thea really watches Catalana. Curious. "I gave you a gift that -I- was embarrassed about? And wait--he's what?" Down goes that half that drink. "I dread the day I do get married you know,"her gold-flecked green eyes flicking toward the spider box and unseemly crab. Looking up to Drake, she thanks him and she goes to have a seat. Filling up her plate, Thea spies the candy, then looks over to Niklas, then to the children. And---Gods...."So--How is everyone." Yep. Deflection. Or something.

"Well, I'm doing well, but you know that." Drake is going to be happy, because he's getting steak. And he's overall pretty easy to please. "Had a few good trips back out to the Oathlands recently. Nothing too eventful."

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Domonico nods to Drake in agreement, "Very much so. There has been a lot going on recently. Storm clouds,are gathering again." He frowns as he notes that Ember has,just fed her entire meal to the dog and he hmms, "Was the food not to your liking Baroness Ember?" he asks.

"Perhaps I should start, actually," Zoey says, rising to her feet. "Well, as you can see, not only did the family survive, but our house is rebuilt and we are thriving." She smiles, gesturing to the wall before resting her hands on her belly. "I personally went on a mission to visit our cousins in Songsorrow to root out what turned out to be Skal'dajan agents trying to create a rift between them and the Compact, and if we play our cards right going forward we may have an ally in Count Lostsong going forward. Let's see... Marquessa Quenia, would you go next?"

Lucien settles on Quenia, playing with his puzzle box and keeping an eye on where his mother is. Juliana rolls her eyes at Wash, a squeeze given to Ian's shoulder as she leaves him be and finds a seat. The Igniseri Lady falling quiet as she watches the others move around and visit.

Catalana cheers Wash with the glass of wine. "I am going to have to up my game if you're multitasking." She hmms for a moment. "You know, I could rewear all those dresses if I had different jewlery." Thea gets another grin. "I would not worry about the marriage Lady Thea. The real concern is when you're with child. There's lots of isle traditions that helps bring about a strong and healthy baby."

Niklas checks charm and manipulation at normal. Niklas is successful.

Niklas glances up offering Catalana an almost innocent look hearing her question, "What? Oh no, Wash offered to host a sleepover for all the children tonight and keep them until the butterfly social. Really I am surprised he didn't mention it to you sooner. He must have forgotten, But I haven't." A warm smile brimming with that natural charm of the playwriting Kennex turned Grayson offered up to Catalana before Niklas turns back to resume his candy and sugary sweet giving duties. The man fallng silent as the game starts listening to Zoey's offered update closely as he looks to the woman.

The corset seems to be crudely worn right over her leathers. Jan removes it quickly and hands the expensive garment to the candy coated toddler. "Look how shiny!" She ruffles his hair and pats him on the back, covertly turning him slowly back around. "Go show daddy!"

Now Niklas is getting a warning glance. Jan needs a drink in front of her before she has to smile again.

Quenia reaches out to take up her glass with one hand while making sure Lucien stays balanced with the other, content to let him play with his box and watch Juliana. She's mid-sip when Zoey calls on her and she settles the glass down with a thoughtful look.

"I did." Wash confirms Niklas' statement glibly. "Though there were conditions. I've got noisemakers and paint all ready to go."

Quenia reaches out to take up her glass with one hand while making sure Lucien stays balanced with the other, content to let him play with his box and watch Juliana. She's mid-sip when Zoey calls on her and she settles the glass down with a thoughtful look about the room. She's mostly among friends, acquaintances at least. There are no strangers to her there. "I am being plagued by a Herald invading my dreams, and I've been researching to find out why he's been seeking me out," she says after a few moments of thought. "So far, I haven't really turned anything up to be useful, so the search continues." She looks around the rom again and her eyes fall on Thea. "Lady Thea, would you like to go next?"

Drake hears the words 'with child' coming from Catalana and starts drinking a little more aggressively. There's a lot of kids here. But still, he's curious. "What sorts of traditions?"

Catalana listens to Zoey before looking to Niklas bemused. "It is lucky Lord Wash owns his own caravel. I am sure the noise, candy and paint can be relocated to there." She takes another sip of wine. "Your children can swim, correct?" She gasps and reaches for the very pretty corset and the dirty sticky child. "No no. Look. There's more candy over there." whew! saved. Returning the corset to Jan, she answers Drake, "Well. Eating fish eyes every day helps the child develop strong eyesight. Eating octopus tentacles makes them expert climbers." She checks with Wash as she slides more drinks Drake's way, "What other stories did you hear when you were a young sailor?"

Domonico sips his drink while listening to the others.

Sabella makes her way to the table, pausing to pick up Lulu who had decided she was good to sit in the middle of the floor, and settles into a chair with her toddler on her lap. She looks around and notices Drake's increased rate of drinking, drawing a smirk. "Concerned, my lord?"

After a quiet exchange with Ember, while Zoey loads up her plate with food, a pair of little brown hands followed by curly black hair and electric blue eyes appears over the edge of the table between her and Ian. Little Uriel Kennex looks between his mother and his father before reaching for something on the table. Naamah stand behind him, the toddler's fist holding on to the back of her 4-year-old brother's tunic.

"She is not kidding," Zoey tells Thea. "I fear I ate too much octopus when I carried Uriel, and now there is no bookshelf, seat, or slow-moving adult safe in Kennex Kay."

"Fish eyes and ox-tongues." Wash confirms. "We feed them that, they'll grow up big and strong." Wash agrees. "I heard a story once about a sailor that was born upside down, with his legs where his arms are, and his hands where his feet are. "I could tell that story."

Ian absently moves his glass of whiskey out of Uriel's reach, and gives him an orange, instead.

Thea is about to help out Jan by tossing out jerky to one of the children is caught like a deer in headlights. By Quenia and Catalana both. Pausing to take a drink, she clears her throat. "I've been helping Marquessa Quenia with her research, but also---I recently went to the Saffron Chain. To save some unsmart Lycene woman from going on some adventure to a possible diamond mind. She got captured---they thought she was the the Archduchess,"blinking over at Zoey. There's a large drink, nudging Drake. "Lord Drake--your turn."

"Octopus tentacles, you say." Drake gives Thea a meaningful look at tha tone. But for now, he has steak, which he cuts into. Still, the matter of seafood is intriguing. "Do you grill them? I've heard some islanders say that eating eel is good for the constitution of the man. Not that I need the help, but is there any truth to that one?" He looks at Sabella, and smirks a bit. "Not... concerned, exactly." And then he's nudged for a story. "Well, I went with Thea on that one." He laughs. "And out toward Artshall, for a little walk in the woods, but there wasn't any kidnapping then."

Niklas grins when Wash confirms his statement, "Hey you and your wife are the ones watching them, you want to give them paint and noisemakers your welcome to." The words leaving Niklas playfully as he looks to Wash before turning his gaze to Quenia. His brow lifting hearing her mention of dreams and a herald invading them, the man giving the woman a look as if making some form of mental note or another. The words from Catalana has Niklas grinning, "Learned from Steve, and she is a fine swimmer."

"Oh no. Cat didn't promise, I did. I'm going to teach a masterclass on knife-juggling, face-painting and swearing like a sailor." Wash promises.

Uriel takes the orange and triumphantly shows it to his sister before tearing into the rind and getting juice all over his hands. He gives one section to his sister before taking one for himself, and soon both of them are sticky.

"Do not forget to choose who goes next," Zoey reminds Drake.

"You should be," Sabella says with a wink cast in Drake's direction.

Domonico thinks as he listens to Thea's explanation of her time in the Saffron Chain. "My party got ambushed by some Prodigals that took those bethrothed peers. I believe they are planning to exchange them with Skal'daja."

"Goodness. That's a long way to go to save someone," Quenia exclaims a bit as she glances between Thea and Drake. Mostly, other than Lucien who is in her lap, she's not paying the kids any mind, though she certainly seems to be enjoying the quips between the various folk about kids and such, her eyes filled with amusement. She turns her attention back to Thea and Drake for the moment. "I'm glad you both made it back okay," she adds.

Catalana scoffs at Drake. "You eat it raw and alive silly. What good is a dead octopus?" She grins back at Wash, "Oh yes. Don't forget the knives."

Thea glances at Domonico,"Well--we were able to save her. So---they won't be able to exchange anyone." She smirks in great amusement at Sabella as she teases Drake aside, nodding to Quenia. "Thank you. It was an interesting journey." Taking a bite from her plate, Thea mentions to Drake,"I've swallowed fish eyes, drank--ink. And a few other island things since I've been here and participated in island events..." She has, yep. "And now I have Pat. Though you can't eat Pat."

Drake takes another drink. "Ah, sorry!" He looks at Quenia, who spoke up, and nods to her for a second. But she went already, so he says, "Ah, Princess Sabella, would you like to speak next?"

The conversation has Jan pouring an extra full glass of vodka. It looks like she brought her own, and the pungent spice of the black pepper will soon be coming out of her pores. She grunts and mumbles some expletives. She may have been distracted but notices attention on her, "Ah yes, a toast!-", her glass raises, "To Kennex. May you live for as long as you want, and never want for as long as you live!" She doesn't know what is happening.

Domonico nods to Thea, "Excellent. I am concerned with this House Ulran getting involved with the Skal-" He is cut off by Jan's toast and raises his drink in agreement, "To Kennex."

A laugh bubbles up in Sabella's throat and she flashes a grin in Drake's direction. "I would love to!" She looks around the table, thinking. "Well, I have recently taken on one protege - Vashtalyn Andalashari. She designed and tailored this outfit for me and I adore it. She is a talented young woman. I highly recommend checking her shop: Wild Plains Bazaar. She is making an outfit for Count Duarte's event soon, and I am sponsoring the event. I will also be a model for it." She takes a sip of wine and levels her gaze at Ian. "And it seems my prayers have been answered, Lord Ian." The next words come out all in a rush: "ZoeyIsHavingTwins."

Thea mutters to Domonico, telling him,"Clearly they weren't the brightest to begin, going out with the current-,"but hears Sabella. Nearly choking. "What now?" her eyes near bulging from her head.

Quenia raises her wine glass in response to Jan's toast. "To House Kennex," she seems to agree with the sentiment. Her attention turns to Sabella next when Drake names her as the next person to go. Both brows raise when she mentions an event Count Duarte is holding, curiosity holding her attention a moment a moment. "What event is Count Duarte having?' she wonders.

Wash mutters something under his breath about too many.

Drake is taking a moment to admire Sabella's outfit, as she's boasting about it and all, but then she is out with the rest, and that makes him look at Zoey. He lets out a sigh. "Big family already. How do you manage?" He looks at Sabella for a moment. "...And how did you know."

Catalana shoots Wash a look and takes a good drink of her drink. Her focus then to Jan and her glass is lifted to her sister's toast.

Ian seems to take Sabella's statement about his future progeny as either her opinion, or wishful thinking on her part, or maybe some combination thereof. He cuts into the fish on his plate. "Half of Arx acts like if there's not two, it's not really a pregnancy," he remarks in a dry tone of voice.

As the toast is made Niklas helps guide the children along with it, switching out liquor and wine for sweets with the group before fishing out a flask lfting it high, "To Kennex" The man taking a sip before setting the flask back away tucking it back into hiding. When he hears his wife and then Ian he grins looking to the man, "One's a blessing, two's a test."

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Ember, a twin, asides to Ian dryly: "They're right."

Sabella sniffs. "Lady Mabelle checked." And then, "And Niklas, it is your turn."

"She was there when I found out," Zoey admits sheepishly. "I thought I was putting on weight too fast, faster than I did with either of those two." She nods to Naamah and Uriel, sitting on the floor enjoying their orange if not necessarily eating it. "Cousin Mabelle checked and heard three heartbeats." She looks up at Drake. "Nannies. Lots of nannies."

Lucita leaves her dogs at the entry and quietly makes her way into the area. There is a smile of apology on her lips. "Sorry am late. There was a slight problem. My schedule got mislaid and was not found till it made me delayed. I hope have not missed too much news and gossip!"

Ian straightens up suddenly, and looks over at Zoey. "Wait. Really? Since when? How's that a thing people know?"

Even with a fork and knife, the way Jan eats is a barbaric affair. She clutches her utensils in her fists and drinks wine in between each bite, taking breaks for vodka. A subtle 'Urp' into her armpit is also quite commonplace. She glances up to give a warning but it is probably too late, "Wtach out for the kids-"

Catalana is the exact opposite of Jan. Dainty sips of wine, napkin dabbing her lips and most certainly elbows off the table. "Which children?" She considers Jan for a moment. "You know, I think you're one of the few eligible Kennex members in the city."

"Lady Maybelle is a physician. She has tools for that," Zoey points out to Ian. "Right, Lady Juliana?" she looks to her friend for confirmation.

Meanwhile Uriel spreads the sticky sweet love and offers some of the orange to Tia.

Thea hears Catalana and gives Jan a sympathetic look. "Just take another drink. It eases the pain." Hearing Zoey, Thea nods. "There are tools, yep." Oh wait, she wasn't talking to her. Clearing her throat, she moves away from the babies talk and tosses jerky to Uriel and Tia. "Here you go. Finn really likes these. And will do tricks from them,"a grin appearing. Finn is already wagging his tail. "Hello Baroness,"Thea greets Lucita. "How are you?" Leaning over, Thea murmurs to Drake for a moment, her drink close.

Domonico hmms quietly at the announcement before he comments, "I am glad that I only have the one daughter Palania. My wife is expecting our second in a,few months time. I don't think we could survive twins however. I know that is what nannies are for though."

"Heartbeats I suspect." Wash muses in Ian's direction. "She's got three of them then."

When he is called upon by his wife to share his updates the man blinks a few times lifting his gaze, "Ah right. Yes, well then.. I have been working on a project that will benefit the crafters and artisans of our fair city and compact and am about to embark upon a new adventure in textiles. If you all enjoyed Ironwool..well let's just say, this new one will be far more pleasant against the skin and just as protective once finished." A brief pause is given as he glances around only to level hs gaze on Jan, "Lady Jan? Perhaps you can thrill us with a tale of your recent adventures."

Juliana looks up, she has Abbas in her lap feeding his greedy little fingers with fruit. While Tia shares with Uriel. "Hmm? Oh yes Mabelle is in the guild. Not sure what her speciality is."

"But how..." Ian looks like he's trying to wrap his head around not the reality of Zoey having twins, but rather how Mabelle could tell. "Does she look somehow?"

Quenia glances up when Lucita arrives, offering her cousin a warm smile. "Lucita!" she exclaims. "Look, I finally made it to a dinner!" she seems somewhat excited about this. She settles Lucien down from her lap so he can rejoin the other children and she can finally eat some dinner. "She listens, it sounds like?" Quenia offers to Ian. "But having never experienced a pregnancy or being a physician, I don't know how that really works."

The fork and knife clatter onto the table and Jan stops mid chew to shoot a look at Catalana. She speaks around the salmon, "Th-uh fu-uh-kc yu-uh shay?" Now she takes the time to chew and swallow, her gaze lingering on her pretty sister as she responds to Niklas. "Which story do you think is appropriate for the children? The Abandoned who wore a necklace made of-?" She motions to Drake's nether regions, "Men called him Captain Cranny Cutter, keel hauled until he looked like a peeled grape.." She chuckles darkly.

"Heartbeats," Sabella confirms.

Zoey smiles when she sees Lucita and wiggles her fingers in a wave. "Lovely to see such advances in the science of medicine, yes? Oh, and Lady Thea, once everyone has taken their turn, I am curious about how your flower cultivation is going."

Drake replies to Thea, but then he's distracted as Jan gestures to him. He lets out a little huff. He picks his glass up, having switched to whiskey now, and drains it. "I'll keep mine where it is, thank you." He puts the glass down. "Is keelhaul the one where they drag them under the boat?"

Ember still has no food in front of her. No drink, either. But this seems to be by choice. Next to her, her dog happily licks a fine Kennex plate that once contained a dinner intended for a human Baroness. She raises an eyebrow toward Jan: "They'll need to learn about it eventually," she says, betraying how the Bloody Baroness should not be allowed to decide what children learn and when.

Catalana delicately picks the pre-chewed salmon off her gown and ignores Jan's tale of Captain penis, clearly immune to her sister's vulgarity. "Just a thought." She nods at Drake. "It is. Yes."

Lucita says, "Did I hear twins? Goodness, they are... an ordeal. I remember how mine felt." She shudders in an exaggerated manner but does not supply details. She circles around others to offer hugs and cheek kisses to her friends before finding a seat." Twins and heartbeats and keelhauling... I'll catch up sooner or later to what is going on.""

Thea takes a bite, nodding to Drake in what looks to be relief. There's a look of---DO TELL, to Jan when Zoey asks her about her Sundraw. "Oh! I can tell you it's grown in the several places it's been planted. The next step is going to be seeing about getting it into medicine. I'm not sure yet--what kind just yet..." This is something Thea is obviously excited about.

The retort from Jan and the proposed story has Niklas giving a shrug, "Your choice Jan, just remember any nightmares and you are liable to have children dropped off at your room to handle through the night. So.." Hs words trailing before he gives a playful wink to the woman. Moments later he is looking around taking n the talks of those at the adult table while sneaking more sweets to the nearby army of children.

"I think a skilled midwife can also tell by touch?" Sabella takes another sip of wine, then looks down to see Lulu has fully passed out in undignified, mouth open stupor. "Oh, dear." She sets the wine down to adjust the small girl carefully and smiles with pure affection for the older of her twins. "If you are far enough along. You can tell, when they kick, too. Eight limbs pushing on your insides." For whatever absolutely absurd reason, the princess lights up. "I think we will have one more."

Ian looks unconvinced by this heartbeat counting nonsense, but everyone seems on the same page about the heartbeats thing, so he doesn't argue the point. Instead, he turns to Drake. "You're passed under the ship, yes. People think if it as mostly unpleasant, but depending on how long since the ship was last careened, it can be fatal, because of the barnacles. Ugly way to go."

Drake shakes his head a bit at that. At least he was right in his guess, but he's no sailor. "That's island justice, I suppose."

"Aty Loocey!" No sooner has Lucita set down and Abbas is wiggling out of Juliana's lap, half eatten orange lifted high in one hand, juice rolling down his arm as he toddles, runs to his aunt, lifting both arms. After all, Lucita will give him sweets, right? When mama only gives him oranges.

Zoey shudders a bit at this talk of keelhauling and pushes her plate a few inches toward the center of the table. "Yes, Lucita! Come get something to eat and tell us what you have been up to. Or at least join the game. Jan has to give her update, and then she chooses who is next." She looks at Drake then. "Not even the worst punishment they have devised," she says somberly.

Jan nods to Drake, "On the bottom of the ship there are lots of barnacles. You factor in a ship is damn heavy and you got sort of a cheese grater affect." She collects her utensils again, giving Catalana one more glance, "Now you can sort of just chuck em in front of the ship. Hope he goes in the right spot, but if you tie some rope to him, you can pull him back up and go again. You want to show some people it isn't alright to attack merchants and collect their cocks, you keel haul em." She seems to catch the end of what Zoey is saying. "Update?"

Quenia seems content to just sit and listen to everyone else chatting away, sipping at her wine. A bottle of divine quality Daylight was set on the table earlier, and passed around to share. She glances to Jan, "The game is to update everyone on the things you've been doing and then choose someone else to go next. I believe Prince Niklas chose you."

Catalana remarks flatly. "Flaying to me sounds the worst." At that point little Grayson crawls up onto her lap, exhausted and with his thumb in his mouth. Catalana cringes as Jan continues with her gruesome story. "Excuse me. I am going to go put this one to bed." As she stands, she smacks of Niklas's hand as he tries to hand off anymore sweets to the child.

"I hate barnacles." Wash says with distaste. "If I could invent a ship that didn't collect barnacles, that'd be the perfect invention. Short of sheathing the whole damn thing in alaricite I can't conceive it though."

Domonico looks to Wash and nods his head, "I second that. I wonder just how they get on our hulls when the damn banarcles don't even move!"

"I suppose we could come up with something to paint on that repelled them, but that probably would poison the water you sailed through." Juliana comments to Wash.

Thea is listening to Jan with the great interest. "We should go sailing one day. Sailing and drinking." Because everyone knows this will go well. At this point, all children are forgotten. But when Catalana goes to make her escap--er exit, Thea goes and waves,"Nice to see you!"

Wash says, "And you'd have to reapply the paint regularly, so... you still have to careen the ship. Which is the problem. I don't mind the work, I mind the loss of speed and time."

"Oh!" Quenia remembers something else. "I am also finally working on putting together the cleansing ritual. I've had several volunteers request to join in, so that should make it interesting." This she throws out there, then takes a sip of her wine.

Lucita accepts the child in her lap, cuddles and kisses come before sweets, which she does slip, just one to the little one. She tips her head as she listens attentively to the others then muses on just 'what' she can update to the others. "Just let me know when my turn."

"Oh right, well I guess my story sort of leads into my update." A napkin is roughly abused against her face. "I was sailing the Saffron to search for a few things while I kept the peace. Killed some pirates, drank with some Abandoned, oh, and keel hauled a couple," Jan smirks as she watches Catalana retreat. Teach her to talk about marriage and letting human being live in your body. "Stopped through Stormward to make sure things were in shape. Then I heard about F-" She hesitates and tries to recover, "Heard some news that I might be needed at the Kay. Ian tells me there is a war coming so it's a good time to be here with my family."

Catalana calls over her shoulder to Jan as she retreats. "Talk to Wash. He'll know some nice sailor types for you." She then escapes, leaving Wash to deal with her mess.

Drake nods to Thea, as he's picking up his glass, but he won't interrupt that. It sounds like girl time. Or sailor time, either-or.

Jan remembers to call the next one out and choses a person at random. Domonico falls under the weight of her pointed finger.

"Nice sailor types? I don't think I know any of those." Wash insists. "We're a sorry, disgusting lot, taken as a whole. Even those that rise above it still smell bad." He pretends to sniff his armpit.

Catalana taunts Wash one final time. "Lucky you're a prince under all that stink Lord Washburn."

Catalana has left the the grown up table.

Niklasis more than happy to visit amongst the children before finally excusing himself to move to the big /kids/ table sitting down beside Sabella. The man leaning in to kiss her cheek before reaching out to fix himself a drink pouring a glass full of vodka. Hearing the words from Wash he looks mortified and shocked albeit faux on both parts, "I will have you know I am a fine reformed sailor. But..I was always shit at sailing."

Quenia says, "Washburn', Quenia mouths at Wash, raising both brows when Catalana calls him that. Oh yeah, there are questions in her eyes. She's /never/ heard that name."

Lucita says, "My turn? I think you said when she" She glances at Jan and smiles. "...was through. I just sang most horridly, terribly at a poor count trying to convince him to leave justice in the hands of the Sentinel. That was at Redsea Hold. The count was on the verge of signing on with the Eurusi formally and breaking his fealty to the compact and his liege. Saw four of the Eurusi there and matters had progressed till he had pen in hand ready to sign. Luckily the Grimhalls and I managed to talk him out of it and to stick with the compact to seek justice for a scholar who had been killed in Arx." She quits babbling along for a moment then drops a musical score. "And befor that, Lord Ian and a group of us went to Saikland and explored some caves. Wrote this song about that.""

Lucita drops Caverns of Saikland Green, a song of the 10-7-1014 AR expedition.

Ian appends to Lucita's words: "That's where the glowing fish came from."

"Niklas I think, proves my point." Wash points out. "No longer a sailor, and his oldest says his farts smell like roses."

Ian points over to the fish tank with the glowing fish. Those fish. Right over there.

Sabella looks horrified at Wash before saying to Catalana, "Oh no no, we gave him up, he's all lord now. Smelly sailor lord." She gives Wash a fond smile before leaning in to the kiss from Niklas and adjusting Lulu again. "You would think she had a rough day or something."

Lucita gets Caverns of Saikland Green, a song of the 10-7-1014 AR expedition.

Domonico rubs his chin in thought, "Precious little of interest. A few trips to the Saffron Chain and the Cyrto Arch. Trying to work out the best way to use the cocoa trees that are all over. Also debating whether to get a pair of alaricite bracers made." He takes a sip before gesturing to Ember, "To the Bloody Baroness now."

Quenia curiously glances over the song that gets passed around. Then Ian is speaking about glowing fish. "Glowing fish?" she asks, then looks over at the fish tank to see the blue glowing fish swimming within. Both her brows go up then in a touch of wonder. "Oh! How delightful!" she exclaims, delight definitely touching her eyes. "I really should start exploring more of Igniseri's lands," she comments, glancing over at Lucita. "I'm sure you had a grand time exploring those caves." She looks to Juliana. "Do you think Luis would be interested in more exploration?" she wonders, before turning her attention back to Dominic.

"I believe the answers to those questions are 'sell the beans' and 'yes' respectively," Zoey tells Domonico with a smile before sipping her water. Her eyes go to the fish when Ian points. "Ah, cave life. So that is why they glow like that."

Drake has just about cleaned his plate, and, feeling satisfied with that, listens in a bit. "Exploring is fun. I'd probably end up with the explorer's society myself if I didn't have to already devote so much time to building up the House."

Ember checks composure and performance at normal. Ember fails.

Juliana arches her brow, then shrugs. "Hard to tell, Luis and I haven't had time to do more than kiss good night or good morning in months."

Ember is called upon. She still hasn't eaten anything, still hasn't drank a drop. She looks... well. The Bloody Baroness looks like someone who hasn't eaten or drank anything in a while. She seems tired and distracted. And hungry. "Mm? Oh. Yes. I killed a bunch of shav raiders in the Mourning Sea who were working with Helianthus. Lord Wash was there. We're still going through what information can be gleaned from them. Members of my family have successfully convinced one of the local shav tribes to bend the knee." Ember speaks in a distracted tone of voice, like she's focusing more on how hungry she is than the conversation. "I may be betrothed soon. I don't know. It's fucking terrifying. Lady Juliana, speak."

Lucita says, "Those caves I enjoyed. The first time really enjoyed them. Have not had good experiences in previous caves and mines and tunnels. It was the first time only a trap to deal with and not some creature or beast or ... something horrid."

Thea's eyes look over to the fish, a genuine smile appearing on her lips. "That's the trip Auntie Eirene was on too, yes?" She exhales, admitting,"Id love to exolore that much....of anything."

Juliana blinks. "I don't have a lot I can tell.. all my meetings for months have been need to know. But I guess I can say we have Isles ready.. I have ships going to Kennex for Ian's use.. others for Sebastian or the Phyisican's guilde... and I have been working on trying to create something that keeps the Avani fire from catching hold of our ships if the wind is turned."

"Well that would certainly be useful." Zoey glances around the table, taking note of early departures. "Well, I think that is everyone who is still here. Shall we cut into the cake then?"

Niklas checks composure at daunting. Niklas fails badly.

Niklas's head gives a nod hearing Sabella's words on Lulu, the man reaching out to touch the toddler held by his wife. "She has, I saw her and Duc squaring off earlier. Okay so she scared duc who passed out and used him as a pillow but still." His head giving a little shake chuckling softly before he looks to the others shfting his gaze from one person to another as he follows the discussion. When there is mention of cake Niklas is perhaps a bit quick and bit too excited as he actually half raises from hs chair and quickly calls out looking to Zoey, "" The man's eyes flitting around as if seeking out his greatest friend and most devious foe.

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Drake looks at Thea, and raises his brows. "How do you feel about uncharted forests? Because... we have a lot of those on our side of the world."

Sabella puts a hand on Niklas's shoulder. "My darling, light in the morning sky, best father our children could have... Please, please? Let everyone else get a piece of cake first."

Quenia listens to Juliana's update and hms softly. "House Velenosa has called the banners, so we're sending ships to the call. But there are also probably other ways House Igniseri can lend aid too." She looks to those present. "If anyone needs help with anything, do please let me know. Outside of my research into the Herald plaguing my dreams and my cleansing ritual, I seem to have very idle hands of late. Even my assistants are bugging me for things to do," this she says with a wry smirk. "Though it is lovely to be caught up on things, in general."

Servants come around offering everyone slices of the rich chocolate and cherry cake, along with a choice of either red wine or milk to drink with it. Except Ember. The politely pass her without comment.

"If you would like any help planning it, do let me know," Zoey offers to Quenia. "I know planning mine was a lot of work."

Thea glances to Drake and grins. "Perfectly fine. Need me, just yell,"she promises. Hearing Quenia, Thea agrees. "Velenosa did, yes. Malvici has been prepping ships and such. I think Calypso holed herself up in her office again." Not even a little surprised there. "You can hear swearing coming out from time to time, so we know she's alive..."

The hand on his shoulder seems to bring Niklas back to his senses, The man unashamed offering up a warm smile to Sabella as he nods moving to retake his seat. Niklas's focus moments later settling intently upon Quenia as she once more mentions the herald in her dreams. His gaze lingering in silent study upon the woman for several moments before finally he blinks and catches himself, The man offering moments later. "We should talk sometime soon..About this herald and your dreams. I may be of help.."

Domonico nods to Thea's comment, "Malvici has allocated an expeditionary force of ships to be lead by me." He nods to Lucita as well, "I will also be commanding the Saik and Magnotta fleets along with it."

Ember watches everyone else receive cake, and draws in a long, deep breath through her nostrils.

Jan perks up at Quenia's offer. Working with ex thralls and sellswords makes a lady a bit less shy. "I've got plenty to bend your ear on. Too much for dinner talk." A lop-sided grin reveals many flakes of salmon caught between her teeth. She lets her mess be taken away so she can create a new one. She uses the same fork on the cake as the fish, glancing sidelong to Ember and her empty setting. "Did you poison everything or something?"

Drake is all about cake, of course.

There is, however, the perilous moment of choice between wine and milk. Drake prides himself at times on being atypical for an Oathlander. But with something as rich as a chocolate cherry cake, it is hard to resist the allure of milk. There is a moment's hesitation, as he pauses, considering the value of reputation versus temptation. He finally goes for the milk.

Sabella glances at Ember. "Baroness?" Concern creases the corners of her eyes. "Is there anything you might need?" There is now a slice of cake in front of her, though she has no hands with which to eat it. She sips her wine instead. "Jan, we do not discuss poison at the dinner table. This is not the Lyceum." The half-Pravus princess has a faintly mischievous glint in her eye and a humored twist to her lips.

Quenia gives Thea a bit of an amused look. "Usually I'd assume that's what Lady Eirene would be doing. Has she settled into the Grayson ward well?" she wonders. Then Quenia realizes Niklas is directing his attention at her in an intense manner. She glances around the room to make sure its she he's looking at, and not someone behind her, and then gives him an ever curious look. At his comment, she raises her brow ever so slightly, then simply nods to his remark to acknowledge it without commenting on it. Jan captures her attention soon after. "I do believe, Lady Jan, that you are one of the very few Kennex that I have yet to get to know. So I'd be glad to talk to you and have you bend my ear any time. I'll supply whatever drink of choice you want," she promises.

"Yes," Ember replies, completely straight-faced and with no hint of humor. "...that was a joke," she clarifies, after too long of a pause, but still doesn't smile. "No. No, I am... I'm fasting."

Zoey takes milk with her cake as well, for reasons that are hopefully obvious. She looks a little pained at Jan's choice of cutlery, but says nothing about it this time. She just happily eats the confection and listens, though it is becoming clear from her expression that the hostess is growing tired.

Seeing Ember not taking a slice and hearing mention of fasting Niklas is quick to lean in kissing Sabella's cheek before he is raising up from his seat after a quick whisper to the woman. The man leaving, yes actually leaving his slice on the table before he is slipping away from the table heading oddly in the same direction that the servants had come from with the plates of cake.

Domonico has left the the grown up table.

"Fasting?" Sabella looks curiously at the baroness. "I have not done that in some time. Which god are you appealing to in your fast, my lady?" Niklas's departure to the kitchen brings a shake of her head and a small smile, releasing her wine glass just long enough to push her cake plate closer to his, taking just one bite for herself. "Zoey, dear, tell me, what is the most interesting thing you have read recently?"

Lucita prudently takes a large slice of cake, after all, she is sharing it bite for bite with Juliana and Luis's son sitting in her lap. And to go with the cake, milk of course, for the little one.

Thea takes a bite of her cake and closes her eyes in enjoyment. "Oh. Auntie inherited it honestly." Which leads her to answer about Eirene. "She's settling well. And so is the baby." Thea's gold-flecked green eyes look between milk and whiskey, whiskey and milk. Being NOT an Oathlander, she reaches for the vodka. Goes great with the cake!

"It is getting late. If you will all excuse me, I think I'll be skipping cake. Prince Niklas can have my slice," Quenia generously offers, since it seems the prince likes cake so much! She rises from her seat. "It was good to be able to sit down and just talk to folk about something other than work," she says with a bit of relief. "And I look forward to other parties, dinners, and such that I can potentially crash." This is said with an impish gleam to her eye.

Zoey stops with a bite of cake halfway between her plate and her mouth. She considers, then answers. "I have been reading over some... ah... interesting religious texts recently." When Quenia makes to depart she puts down the fork a moment. "Well, thank you for coming! It is always a joy to see you."

Ember looks to Sabella and answers: "Whichever of them deigns to notice," she says, and affects a tired, wry almost-a-smile that lifts one corner of her mouth (barely).

Lucita says, "I'm going to have to go soon, too, Cousin Quenia. I seem to be more tired than usual these days." She plants a kiss on the child's head and passes him back to Juliana before rising. "I think will walk back to the district with you." A smile is given all those remaining. "This was fun. Thank you.""

Quenia glances over at Lucita and nods. "Sure." She flashes a grin at Zoey. "You are quite welcome." With that, she heads for the door.

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When Niklas returns from the kitchen it is clear perhaps the slices being left at his place are not needed though no less appreciated as he slips out of the kitchens with a laugh and carrying a plate with a rather large slice of the cake. The man moving to retake his place shifting things around carefully before setting his new plate down. "There we go. Much better."

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Rocco, the rascally assistant have been dismissed.

"We should get together and discuss them," Sabella says of the religious texts Zoey mentions. She seems under the impression they may be of interest to her - but likely not, she enjoys a good novel more often than not. The faintest wrinkle of confusion marks her forehead as she looks to Ember, though a smile quickly replaces it with all the cheer and a slight chirp to her voice, "I am certain they will!" Ever the optimist, this disciple of Jayus. She says something quietly to Niklas before finishing her glass of wine - just the one - and carefully rising to take Lulu over to Maureen. She gives instructions to start cleaning and gathering the children.

Zoey laughs at Nik and picks up her fork once more. "Well, the Igniseris outlasted most of the Kennexes. That is certainly a first." She takes that waiting bite of cake. "I can tell you about what exactly I was reading later. It might not make the best dinner conversation," she tells Sabella.

Ember gives a nod to Sabella, as if in gratitude for the sentiment, and then looks down at her dog. "No cake for you, either."

Niklas nods hearing the whisper from Sabella, The man begining to put away the cake like only Niklas could. The man seeming to be a creature drawn from the abyss of the sea with the purpose of devouring cake and writing plays. A brief pause is given as he looks to Ember hearing her talk to the dog, the man gatherng the smallest cake plate before him only to lean over and set it on the ground. A low little whistle given innocently as he returns to the cake eating duties.

Jan pushes her plate back and pats her stomach. "I don't think I can eat another bite. People are going to think I'm carrying a bastard." A raunchy chuckle and then she looks back to Ember, "Why come to a feast? Is that part of it?" She begins to pour drinks for the real dessert- Kennex Cartugan, the rosewater vodka. "You can at least have some booze, I mean they call it spirits for a reason." This makes sense to the Kennex General.

Sabella stops the plate just in time. "Niklas, no." She didn't mean to scold him like a dog. A kiss is planted on top of his head. "We will respect the baroness' words. And also not kill her dog with chocolate." She glances across to Jan. "That seems like a dessert I can get behind." Her eyebrows lift hopefully, cerulean eyes imploring Jan to hand her a glass.

Ember nods to Sabella -- "Put it on the floor near the children's table. I'm sure they'll believe 'floor cake' is some Grayson tradition they've never heard of before." It's not clear whether or not Ember is actually joking or not. She looks to Jan: "To test myself," she says. "We'll drink soon, Lady Jan. But... not tonight."

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