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Valardin Fealty Paint Night

Family, friends, and allies of House Valardin are invited to Valardin Manor for a night dedicated to the celebration of Jayus! Have fun being creative! Paint and other stuff to be supplied.


March 25, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cristoph Alis Kael Zara


Norwood Drake Amari Piccola Katarina Deva Fiachra Ivy Nazmir Quenia Baelos Tyche



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Manor - Dining Room

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Comments and Log

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

As promised! This is paint night and the Valardin Dining Room is well prepared! At each table there's a wide variety of paints and brushes. And at each seat, a small easel with canvas provided! Additionally there's a variety of 'extras' on offer. Things to give the paintings texture! Like sand! And dried pasta! And really anything else a person could think of. It's totally here. There's also a buffet table of snack foods and the servants are coming around offering glasses of wine to those participating. Cristoph's job in these things is to float around the room making sure that people are settling in okay, while in theory, the guests are swarming Alis to say hello.

Maybe this is the one time it pays to be short. Nobody will be able to find and swarm her!!!!!! Alas, the iconic dragon tiara she wears always gives her away and Alis is also standing at the door to smile cheerfully and wave the guests in. "Did you wear aeterna or metal? We have napkin bibs just in case!" They're totally prepared for this. Nothing could possibly go wrong with people drinking and painting at the same time.

Let us face facts: Kael looks a little bit awkward entering the chamber. Normally he's at least striding forward a step or two and pausing to assess the situation. This time though he's a little meek on the entry. Without a doubt this is Marquis Keaton uncertain if this is something he actually wishes to engage in. Nevertheless, food. So after he bows low and deep and offers a, "Your Grace," to Alis (did his lips just twitch after that solemn greeting - what?!) and another bow, albeit brisker to Cristoph, Kael is making haste for refreshments.

Zara is toooootally dressed for paint night. It's aeterna at the very least so though she may not be able to manoeuvre a whole lot with it nor is it an outfit she'd enjoy getting messy. It's not permanent. "I'd contemplated wearing my beach wear for this." She says with a hint of amusement.

Norwood has worn something he absolutely DOES NOT CARE about getting paint on. In fact, he might have worn it with the express purpose of getting paint on it and then never ever having to wear it again. His wool skirt swishes as he walks and does all the proper bowing to the proper people. His knees are absolutely showing.

Drake doesn't really know how to paint, but he does have an enthusiastic dog who might be interested in it. He's not wearing aetnerna, but when Alis mentions it, he realizes that probably wouldn't be a bad idea. He is a bit skeptical when he sees there is pasta present.

Amari must like to live dangerously. She's wearing a lot of white on this occasion. Unlike Kael, there's no hesitation evident. She's here to paint. She brought a paintbrush, even, and has it in hand as she strolls into the room. Noting Alis there, she offers a graceful curtsey and 'your Grace' that's no less polite for being practically reflex politeness. That's about when she noticed Norwood's knees. Her mouth opens as if to comment, but after a moment she slowly shuts it tight and looks back to Alis again, one brow lofted. She saw that, right?

Alis leans over to whisper to Norwood as she greets him. "Your knees are showing." Her expression is utterly solemn and /very concerned/ as she does this, and then immediately brightens at Zara. "I should have too! It's completely Aeterna' Lord Drake, have you never made pasta art before? Ellara would be delighted to help you!" Meanwhile, Amari is obviously trying to ruin her utter solemnity at Norwood's knee baring. No, noooooo!

Cristoph is not wearing anything stain resistant. In fact, he's wearing one of his favorite outfits! RIP all of these clothes. As friends and family begin to wander in, Cristoph will greet them in passing. "Kael!" Moving along. "Lord Drake!" Keep going. "Norwood, Princess Deva needs riding lessons! Put your knees away before you do that." And a bit more. "Amari!" Eventually he ends up by the snack table and with a glass of wine.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

"Yes. They are." Much much bowing from the en-skirted Norwood. HE IS COMPOSED AND READY FOR THE JOKES. "I will write to her, though she has already agreed to come meet my Duskshire mustangs. I don't suppose you would like to join, provided I bring a Mercy along to see to any broken bones?"

"I honestly didn't know you could make art with pasta," Drake says, picking up a piece and considering it. "I ... think I will probably stick to the paint." He's honestly kind of clueless about drawing, but there's drinking, so that will go well enough. He gives Cristoph a nod. "Good to see you."

"My Liege," greets Kael amiably as he acquiring a finger sandwich and popping it into his mouth. That very important matter of his hunger acquired, he moves toward glasses of wine, hesitates, then goes for a glass. Because really, why not. An extra is snared so that he can quietly offer it to his cousin Amari. "What are you going to paint?" he asks her with no small amount of interest. "Baron Clement," he says once he notices the man's knees. "I do feel as though there is an early morning jog in our future."

"I don't think that I said it personally, but congratulations on your betrothal, Lord Drake," Cristoph relays as he moves through the dining room once again. But now he has a drink and a snack. Norwood's reply earns a squint and he gestures for Rupert to attend to him. A quick note is hastily scribbled out and the man leaves with it. "Okay, yes. I'll be there. I want to give the whole area good inspection before the joust. I'm having horses brought in too." And moving along, he finds a seat at one of the tables. Probably near to Kael. Once he stops eating a finger sandwich and sits down.

Alis taps a finger against her lips. "Since you are the Sword of Artshall, I wonder if that makes them 'The Bees Knees'." she speculates, winking over at Kael before she tries to keep her expression neutral again. Oh, yes! Cristoph reminds her... "Yes, congratulations my Lord. No doubt Princess Caelis will enjoy having family closer too. Malvici - an excellent family to have ties with."

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Fiachra.

"Thank you," Drake says, giving Cristoph a bow. He gets himself a paintbrush, and then a glass of whiskey, and then some paint, and then realizes he has to carefully hold every object to make this work. "Honestly, it was a long time coming but I suppose I'd rather wait until spring for the wedding, if no longer than that. Can't be too long until the weather breaks, right?"

Jenkins, an armed champion, Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane arrive, following Nazmir.

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine, Nazmir arrive, following Ivy.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

"Good. Thank you for the warning," his dry tone implies sarcasm here pointed at Cristoph, "about the animal that came calling." Norwood settles himself in a seat in front of paints despite having zero idea how to paint. IT's fine. "I'll fancy a run Marquis, though my nephew," blame the dress on Eddard, "Is at fault for the skirt. I doubt he would approve of exercise in it. Amari," so many names in such quick succession, "How do you do this?" Paint. HOW DO YOU PAINT.

Casually late comes the General, with the Princess Katarina.

To say that Piccola is dressed out of sorts is an understatement. Gone is her leather and cloak; instead, the Lycene woman wears an iridescent battlegown, to which she has belted her sword and dagger. There is a conspicuous bit of bling on her neck as well, and a hairpin somehow stuck into her short hair. She helps the Princess along by walking slowly, and holding the others' arm and hand against her own. At a slow pace, it will take some time before she can make it to a place to sit, but, when there, she helps Katarina first, before taking a seat next to her.

Polite; silent; and noble.

Katarina is the ideal accessory to be flaunted at parties, though she still walks with a limp that even the most floor-length and flowy gown can't hide. She has a cane with her -- just in case -- but as she walks she's leaning in to Piccola's side. The veiled young Princess is all nods and smiles (her smile is covered, but it's still obvious that she's smiling) to greet friends, acquaintances, family, those who owe her five silver from an ill-advised 'bee racing' gambling scheme, and so on.

Amari is not going to make any jokes or remarks. She flashes Alis one last quick smile and then drifts onward into the room. At Cristoph's greeting she bows her head respectfully, but is smiling when she turns her gaze up again. "My lord, Duke." A surprise glass of wine appears shortly after, with Kael offering it. She accepts with a slow shake of her head at his question, "I haven't a clue, Big Cousin. Perhaps, Baron Uncle Norwood's knees and your ankles. I could auction it off for charity. It would fetch a tidy sum, I'd guess."

But Norwood is in trouble already. Amari offers to help with a thoughtful 'mm' sound on the approach, and a swish in the air of her dry paintbrush. "I'll be glad to show you."

"I didn't think you needed a warning. You're an accomplished woodsman and it was just one small raccoon." It wasn't. It was possibly the biggest raccoon that has ever wandered into the city looking for things to eat. And Cristoph didn't tell Norwood it was trundling toward his home. "A spring wedding sounds lovely. Mine was in the winter and, well." He gestures around to the windows. It's snowing. "Made certain menu desires difficult for the reception." He's supposed to be paining, probably. But so far he's just talking. He also receives a few letters from Rupert that he scans, one is met with amusement and the other a furrow of his eyebrows.

Though he remains near his cousin DESPITE such commentary - and yes, Kael is snorting to her with that remark not to mention turning a slight shade of red - you better believe that Kael is ALSO keeping conversation distance to Cristoph. Duke Laurent's table choice just so happens to be his own. "Ah, yes, that is right," he says once Cris brings up Drake's betrothal. "Congratulations to you and yours. I heard the fine news from a trio of Wyrmguard blooded the other day." He lifts his glass to the other man before taking a sip. Alis definitely gets a little bit of side eye regarding the bees knees, and yes, Kael's lips twitch once more.

Deva even brought a little box of her own paints and is wearing leathers that could probably use a splash of color anyway. This is serious! "I'm here to paint horses or something because I've been notified I need riding lessons and I have NO IDEA why I would be accused of this." Ahem. She gestures with a dramatic swoosh of her arms, but she's careful to stick several feet behind Katarina and Piccola so she doesn't accidentally hit anyone. Then she smiles, half in greeting and half in apology for who knows what.

Now that she's told her terrible joke for the evening, Alis is quite content to find her seat and plunk herself down beside whoever is unluckiest to deal with her lack of painting skill. "Kat! Glad you could make it. General, you as well. I like that dress." Of course she would like a battle dress, and of course she is going to comment on it. She does cast a look Duke Laurent-wards as he start talking about raccooons; her lips part as if to say something and she just shakes her head.

"//AUCTION//?" Norwood says, eyeing AMARI. EYEING. "Alright, show, let's go." Norwood takes his paintbrush and dips it deeply into a pot of blue. There is no way this will go well. HELP AMARI.

Drake raises his glass toward Kael's raise, and then takes another drink. He looks at Piccola with a small quirk of his head. "All right, I'll be the one to ask. You're dressed pretty fine for paint night."

Deva also scoffs and shoves Jasper -back- toward Rupert and Cristoph and the poor guy just looks like he needs a drink, honestly. Even though he laughs. "Hi," she loudly 'whispers' at Alis as she looks for a seat to set up at.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Piccola turns her attention towards Alis, first.

"Your Grace, thank you for allowing my poor self to grace these halls." And then, she turns her attention to Drake. "I felt the need to project a certain image, Lord Wyvernheart. Perhaps it is that I am a fool; perhaps it is that I am confident that it will survive unscathed." Beat. "Or, perhaps, it is that I care to look my best when I walk into the hall of friends, no matter the occasion. I fear paint as much as I fear blood may stain this dress. If it happens, so be it; I shall not quaver."

The General looks to the Princess next to her, and asks, "Can I get you some tea?"

Amari looks entirely innocent, but she knew what she was doing. She threatens no more embarrassing paintings and instead moves to join Norwood as he prepares to go full blue. "Well, to begin, have an idea of what you wish to paint. Then you start with that which is furthest away, if you're painting a landscape, which, I suppose you could. It's easier to work from a model, who looks interesting and is staying relatively still?" Who indeed?

"It is because her cat clawed small little holes in all of her finest tunics and doublets from climbing upon her," Katarina says, with wry humor glinting in her eyes. "And if we are dressed too finely to paint, General, perhaps the lot of such as us is to model." Katarina sneaks a little hug to Alis in there, somewhere.

"I will paint a raccoon." Norwood declares loud enough for both Deva and Cristoph to hear him. "AS A GIFT." Why he needs blue for a raccoon is anyone's guess and he stares down at his paintbrush full of blue. "I need a different color."

Although not really one for "fine" clothes on most days, Fiachra is dressed down more than usual in clothing likely aged a few years. Suitable for painting, in case things get out of hand. He's missed Alis' terrible joke for the evening, but he still walks in her direction once spotted. Along the way, he's got an easy smile for the others gathered here for painting. "Auction?" he asks curiously, having likely missed what prompted the outburst.

Ivy and Nazmir arrive a touch late but they arrive! Ivy offers a smile towards Alis, Katarina, Piccola. Kael, Cristoph, Norwood and Amari all get a bob of her head and a brief flash of a grin. "Apologies for running late. Entirely my fault. I swear I spend more time at the hospital now than I do at home." She moves forward to where the painting is to take place, looking towards the paints as if already determining what might be created. She flashes a grin towards Drake, "And congratulations on your upcoming marriage!" Plucking up a brush, she pauses, then offers it out to Norwood, "I'll trade you a clean paintbrush for your blue?"

Alis is having her glass filled as Deva joins them all, and tilts to glass in a greeting toast. "Deva; it's always nice to see you." Though she does seem to take a moment to double glance and make sure it is Deva she's talking to there. "Are we whispering." she also fake whispers. "I'm pretty sh..." Wait, Norwood is here. "... not good at the whispering." she clarifies, glancing next at Piccola with a crinkled up nose. "Allowing your poor self? What? You're here as Kat's guest. Which means my sister's guest. Which means if anyone give you a hard time or makes you feel unwelcome I throw a shoe at them. Have some fun this evening. I know." is added quickly, hand held up. "It is difficult to have fun when one must be as serious as military leaders often are. But I'm making the effort too, darnit." She belies most of that talk of difficult to have fun when Fiachra arrives though and her expression lights up as always. "Come save the rest of the table and sit near me to catch the paint splatters." she jokes, waving then at Ivy and Nazmir.

"Oh, look, Rupert. It's Jasper!" Cristoph takes a long look at Jasper though because wasn't he just here five minutes ago. He's back already? Realization dawns and he swings his attention around the room until he spots Deva with her own paints. "We provided paints! Where is the mop I sent you!" How is this connected? Then finally, after drinking a health swallow of his wine. He picks up his paint brush and dips it into one of the little pots. It begins.

Cristoph checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Cristoph is successful.

Zara checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Zara fails.

Drake considers Piccola's comment, then, puts his glass down, and taps his chin as Amari also makes a good point. "Now that is a thought. I have heard that some artists work from models in the nude, if we have any volunteers." He's engaged but it's still Drake. He busies himself figuring out the easel.

Arriving late to the party, with Ivy on his arm, Nazmir is taking a look around the room, smile dancing to his lips as he echos, "Totally her fault. And by spending time at the hospital, she means spending time on her hair." A glance to Ivy, a quick grin and then he's lifting a hand to give a little wave in the direction of Alis and then Katarina. The others get a nod, smile still on his lips as he moves to follow Ivy off towards an empty space, only to then chuckle, "Already stealing people's brushes?"

Alis checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Alis is successful.

A polite, amiable smile is offered in response to Ivy and her companion from Kael. That being said, he seems quite content to pilfer a passing tray of finger sandwiches so that he can place it on his table vaguely where his artwork should exists. His participation is with the peering back and forth at everyone's creations.

Crouching with paint brush in hand, Zara gets ready to show the world her skill! Or lack thereof. She is off to a bad start with a wince as the shade of green she's chosen is not to her liking. It's fine, she presses on. She attempts to be trying to draw a tree? It's hard to tell, and it probably doesn't help that her aide says. "Oh it looks like that dragon painting in your room."

"If my paintings turn out, I was considering auctioning them off for charity." Amari explains to Fiachra, without mentioning the part about them being of Norwood's knees and Kael's ankles for some reason. As she is glancing up at that point, she has a quick look about the room to observe who's also arrived. Ivy is offered a smile, and Drake's comment a seriously thoughtful frown, "There's a thought..."

Thankfully, Norwood is already committed to painting a racoon as A GIFT. She tries to explain how to do that. "A raccoon shouldn't be too difficult, if you can get the proportions right from memory. Start with the background, a wash of color will do."

Drake checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Drake fails.

Sorry Ivy, Norwood's eyes are FIXEDon the canvas before him, so all she gets back is a distracted nod. "Ah, well, then." Norwood is going to proceed to paint his entire canvas blue. A racoon on a blue background, totally normal. All raccoons fly. Or swim.

"Not tonight, Lord Drake," Katarina replies, on the subject of modeling nude. "I simply couldn't do such a thing until I'd dieted and exercised to be in pointedly better shape than my sister."

Drake can't figure out the canvas and easel much at all, but he never claimed to be any good at this. He's got the spirit at least. Having a bit of difficulty juggling a paintbrush and a palette and a glass all at once, he drops the brush. This wouldn't be too bad if Calluna didn't immediately decide to try to pick it up in her mouth and wander off with it like a fetching stick.

"That's a great idea, Baron! I think you should portray it being very victorious," Deva beams at Norwood. "With a bee in its mouth." She slides a very pointed look between Norwood and Cristoph. "I'm not good at whispering either," she finally just loudly blabbers at Alis across the table, waving brightly with her paint set. "Hi Cristoph. I wanted to use mine! I don't want to soak up very valuable Valardin resources. Diplomacy or something," she flicks her wrist and starts to eye her color selection. "I'm still working on the design for what I want to do with the mop," she adds mysteriously.

Norwood shoots a glare at Deva.

Drake for a second doesn't know where the brush even went, and turns his head to look at Katarina instead. "Ah, winter can do that, but you look terrific to me as always."

Deva perches her chin in the palm of her hand and smiles at Norwood.

"I have no problem modeling nude," states Piccola plainly. Lookingher shoulder to Deva for a moment, the General then looks back to Drake. Shrug. "Another way to avoid paint upon my dress, I suppose." Does she know this would needle Norwood? Probably. Does she care?

C'mon, Lycene representin', dawg.

Alis looks appropriate concerned at the idea of Deva doing something involving design with a mop.

Completing his trek to the table, Fiachra's smile brightens at her request and he does indeed take a seat next to her. "Aye, I wore some old clothes for the occasion." He plucks at the front of his shirt to present the faded and slightly moth-eaten fabric. "You should," he tells Amari with a reassuring nod of his head. "Myself, on the other hand, will not. At my talent level, I'd be worried about discrediting the charity." He winks at her and then settles himself into his seat with a brief wiggle of his hips. Turning more fully to Alis then, he looks over to see if she's started on something herself. "How's it coming along?'

With. Ever. Single. stroke of the brush, Cristoph leeeeans over and stares at Norwood very intently. Occasionally he says things like, "Yes, very good. Perfect." And then at one point, he calls over, "Norwood, can you turn your head just so to the left? Let the light from the chandelier really catch your hair." Yes. He is painting you. No, you can't stop him. "Can you show us a bit more of your knees?" When Deva announces she didn't want to use up all of their paints, he stares at her and then drinks from his wine. "Princess Zara! Is it a violation of etiquette to bring your own paint to a painting party where paint is to be provided!" Because Zara surely wants to be brought into this.

"Why is someone modeling nude? Hold on. What?" Deva looks up and around, blinking in confusion. SHe smiles curiously at Piccola and leans back in her chair. "I am NOT volunteering for that," she is quick to explain. Unfortunately, there are no explanations for Alis, just a cheeky grin that probably only raises further concern. "We JUST got done with one duel, Duke. Do we really have to do another one already?" she sighs in exaggerated exasperation at Cristoph. She does, however, watch Norwood very closely and tries not to break a smile. She fails. It's hard.

Norwood is very grateful everyone is wearing clothing tyvm. He startles when Cristoph starts giving him directions. His voice goes up an octave, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Cristoph checks composure at normal. Cristoph is successful.

Snow. Snow. More Snow. It's snowing. And there's a considerably grumpy look on Quenia's face as she enters the dining room of the manor and sheds her cloak. That is, at least, until she manages to see everyone who is present and sees many a people whom she knows. A slow smile spreads across her features then. She accepts whatever refreshment is available and then starts to mingle while she tries to figure out what this event is all about, and just who might be making the art.

Katarina modeling nude would drive amateur artists insane anyway, trying to capture her back tattoo and make it distinguishable from her shoulder freckles. She squeezes Piccola's hand indulgently. "Something I will take you up on later. Perhaps I will even create artwork from your modeling." She bounces her eyebrows to make it clear she's teasing.

Alis is now terrified of course, so she leans over and /stares/ at Cristoph. Like 'what are you two up to???', before leaning back and then pretending everything is JUST FINE, for Fia. Especially when Cris starts asking etiquette questions. "It's surely almost good enough to be shown alongside Percephon's masterpiece in the main hall." Now /she/ has the cheeky smile, as she tilts the canvas towards him so he can see. Honestly, who knows what she's trying to paint there. Her children have no doubt already surpassed her own talent.

Amari looks between Deva and Norwood. She does not comprehend what is going on there, so dips her head in greeting to the Princess and doesn't interject. Fiachra's reply is smiled faintly over, and an admission is made, "I'm actually not very practiced, but I've read Scholar Emma's treatise on color and form, almost all the way through, once, when I was twelve." That makes her an expert, clearly, enough that she nods approvingly over Norwood's blue canvas. "Very nice. Broad strokes, but do try to hold somewhat still for Cristoph."

Nazmir settles into a seat and then looks over in the direction of Deva, "COUSIN! Are you breaking the rules of etiquette already!?" There's a grin flashed in her direction as he scoops up a paintbrush and a little bit of paint, only to then try and make something appear on the canvas before him. The mention of people posing nude, though, draws a laugh from his lips and he's following that up with, "Didn't realize it was going to be that type of painting party."

"I'm painting you fighting the raccoon, in your current dress. You're going to look very gallant when I'm done," Cristoph tells Norwood with a completely straight face. He hovers dramatically with the paint brush just above the easel as if he's about to make the definitive stroke of the brush. He flashes Deva an easy smile, "That just means that it's time for another one."

Nazmir checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Nazmir fails.

Drake laughs as Deva mentions a duel, "I was almost about to say that, so I'm glad you did." He looks back at Piccola. "Your choice of course. Not that Drake would actually be able to make something too realistic. But he goes to find another brush and try again with the whole painting thing. He may not actually get very far.

Zara seems completely taken by surprise by Cristoph's question, though her features relax swiftly and she says VERY SERIOUSLY. "It depends on whether the hosts have a varied selection to offer the aspiring artists."

Ivy glances sidelong to Nazmir and shake her head, "No stripping. This is an Oathlands party, you have to stay clothed. I'm pretty sure that's a rule." She flashes him a brief smile before turning to her own canvas. And frowning. What is she going to paint?

Quenia takes a bit of time to listen to conversations as she walks around the room, her smile only seeming to grow with each joke or rib she hears, as well as threats of what one might paint about the other. She finally makes her way over to Alis, offering a curtsey. "Your Grace," she tells her. "I do hope that I am not intruding. Do we just pick up a brush anywhere and start to paint?" she asks, still trying to get a bit of the lay of the land here.

Ivy checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Botch! Ivy fails completely.

Deva tries to look so innocent as she sits there but's very hard for one of her nature to look anything but a troublemaker. So she rubs at the back of her neck and releases a long-suffering sigh. "Hey," she also smiles aside at Amar, shrugging in a fashion that only sort of protests her lack of guilt. "I'm probably halfway there, Naz," she tells her cousin with a wobble of her palm toward the table. As Cristoph gets to the fine details of his painting, she narrows her eyes and then makes a very silly face. Then she watches Zara and thoughtfully taps her own chin with a (as of now) clean paintbrush.

"No - no, no no no." Norwood does some hurried whispering at Amari. His painting goes on PAUSE as she shoves back his chair and goes hurrying over towards Cristoph.

"Good read?" Fiachra asks Amari, lifting one brow as he grabs for a brush and canvas on which to paint. He tilts his head at Alis then and looks over towards he seems to be painting Norwood. The question of etiquette makes the Prince-Consort tilt his head and visibly give that a moment's consideration. "What's it hurting if someone brings their owns paints?" he asks with a shrug.

With a shrug, the General murmurs to Katarina quietly in response.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, to pose nude." Piccola settles into her seat next to Katarina. "Not that I would be considered a suitable model for anything but a bloodied soldier over the body of her enemies." It does not look like she's going to participate in the painting. And apparently, no one //really// wants her to pose, so she's comfortable where she is, waiting for the tea to arrive. Did she order any? Probably, by now.

Her life is about tea.

Zara gives her answer and Cristoph's eyebrows lift, "Thank you, Princess Zara. What an illuminating point you make on the paint selection." Then he's leaning forward to look at Deva intently when he asks, "Your highness, is our paint selection not adequate?" He sounds so serious but then she's making a ridiculous face at him from across the table and the facade crumbles. He starts laughing, putting his hand to his mouth to maintain his composure even as Norwood is now hovering over his shoulder to look at himself painted as a cartoonish character fighting a gigantic raccoon.

Alis was so intent on her stunning lack of skill that she didn't even notice new entrants! Or because she's short and it's hard to see over people's heads. So when Quenia arrives close enough to be spotted and offers her greetings, a warm welcome is provided. "Welcome! Oh yes, just pick up a brush. There are still blank canvasses. Have some wine, too!" she encourages, if people are brave enough to try Oathlands wine. It's Fiachra's question that makes her laugh though, and she leans over to murmur quietly.

Yeah, like Norwood is just going to SIT THERE and let another piece of artwork with his face on it in Laurents hallways. He grabs for the canvas.

When the tea arrives, Katarina says to the servant who brings it: "Fetch me some paints and an easel, please." She looks to Piccola: "You, General. Remain where you are. A General and her tea must be immortalized."

"Oh. Right!" That's laughter there in those words as Nazmir answers Ivy and when he looks back over in the direction of Deva, it's so that he can then offer, "Good enough, Deva! Carry on, then!" A grin is flashed in her direction and the painting that he's working on begins to look like nothing more then a random splotch of colors.

Drake probably wouldn't complain about anyone posing but now he's sincerely trying to figure out the brushes. He has two now, then Calluna returns the one she stole. He looks down at her. "Well. Let's try this again."

Katarina checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Katarina is successful.

Eventually, the Redrain princess cools her absurd tongue-sticking out face at Cristoph. "Your paints are AMAZING." Deva promptly snaps her own little paint box shut and makes a big show of passing it off to Jasper, who is hovering in the back with a drink in his hand and a roll of his eyes. "In fact, I've never seen any shades so GREEN in my life. It's like the grass is right in my face. I can smell it, as if I just fell off a horse and onto the ground. And my face is on the ground, and all I can see is the blade of grass in my nose." There's another look toward Norwood, then Cristoph, then Zara. "Better, right?"

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet arrives, following Baelos.

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet have been dismissed.

Quenia lifts up the glass of wine she'd already accepted. She's brave! Oh so brave! Especially when the wine is known not to be poisoned in other parts of the land. "I've already a glass," she informs Alis. She nods in Piccola's direct and offers Katarina a warm smile, before she heads off to one of the canvases. She squints at the blank rectangle before her, frowning. Maybe considering what she's going to paint.

Quenia checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Quenia is successful.

"From what I remember of it, yes? She had a penchant for verbosity. I can relate." Amari says of the treatise to Fiachra, but she doesn't sound entirely confident in her endorsement. Then off goes Norwood, and she just looks on, not really surprised, per se, but something. "Uncle Norwood! You should really consider it flattery." She gently admonishes before looking down at her blank canvas which depicts neither ankles nor knees, as yet. Maybe a sip of wine first.

Depending on how you define it, Baelos could loosely be described as a family, friend, or ally of Valardin? Or at least he clearly had that impression from the invitation, as the Redrain prince saunters into the dining room. His understanding of proper attire may not be up to Oathlands standards, nor perhaps his level of sobriety. A more generous way to think about it would be that the Prince is truly at ease!

Tsk, saved - or thwarted? - by a messenger. Vern, Kael assistant is on the move toward the man with a look of regret. Kael clucks his tongue and acquires that missive with a brief glance over. "My apologies," he says to Cristoph in a low murmur, rising thereafter to pivot and bow to the High Lord, her husband, and Princess Zara. Exit one Marquis Kael Keaton at a clipped pace.

With her tea in hand, Piccola dutifully poses for the Princess next to her.

Calm. Poised. Hands holding a saucer and a cup. Sword, just so, hanging next to her dagger. Her dress is tailored well for her relatively-curveless figure. Her mouth, just a little curved. And her expression one of patient contentment. She takes a sip from her tea, and then resumes to her previous position.

Eyes on Katarina.

What is it that Ivy has created? Its certainly not art! Even she looks horrified by what she's managed to put down on canvas. Immediately throwing a cloth over the hideous 'painting', she puts her brush down and moves quickly to find a drink. Much safer.

"Thank you!" Cristoph calls across the table to Deva as he reaches for his glass of wine. "I found these /personally/ inside of the storage room that I raided several hours before the event started." So proud of himself. He's still leaning out of the way so that Norwood can examining what he's doing. "I'm going to put this up in gallery wall in the main hall of the manse," he tells the baron.

Katarina paints. It's entirely possible that the life of a young Princess in Eurus who never left her Palace's grounds involved education in painting. It's just as possible that Katarina took it up for a summer in Sanctum and then dropped it without fanfare, like so many other hobbies. She focuses, though, and keeps returning her eyes from the canvas to Piccola. When Katarina finishes, she turns the easel toward the General. It's a faithful rendition, mostly. Katarina seems to have made the General's hair more dramatic. And the lips are slightly too big. And the teacup has a cat in it.

After a bit of time, Quenia slowly starts to paint a thing, adding little touches here and there. The painting shouldn't surprise anyone, with the bright vibrant reds, yellows, and whites that are all blended in with a measured manner of luck for someone who isn't at all an artist of any sorts. A phoenix caught in flight, majestically soaring through the air with a fiery trail behind them. She steps back from the painting and seems quite pleased with the outcome. "Not bad. It could be better. Perhaps Prince Sebastian will have some suggestions to give," she says aloud to no one in particularly.

Nazmir's picture isn't much better then Ivy's, but he casts a grin in her direction, "We're going to need to frame that and hang it in the townhouse, Ivy." A wink is given and then he's setting his own brush down, only to stand and make his way over towards where Deva is painting, "What are you painting over here, Cousin."

Norwood checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Norwood is successful.

Alis finds herself peeking over at the artwork of others. "Wow, Marquessa. That's a lovely piece you're painting there. Please don't look at mine." is noted, the canvas tilted /away/ from the much more artistic woman and towards her poor husband. The things he has to deal with.

"You are not if I take it now." Which is what Norwood is going to do as Cristoph leans out of the way.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant, 4 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Tyche.

*** Cristoph has called for an opposing check with Norwood. ***
Cristoph checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Cristoph marginally fails.
Norwood checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Norwood marginally fails.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

*** Cristoph has called for an opposing check with Norwood. ***
Cristoph checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Cristoph is successful.
Norwood checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Norwood is successful.
*** Cristoph is the winner. ***

There is a brief struggle over the painting that Cristoph is working on. VERY BRIEF. Also, possibly the most polite tugging match that has ever existed. At first it's very evenly matched, but eventually the duke gives it a very firm pull and he sets the painting down on the easel again. "Baron Norwood. This is no way to treat /art/."

And the General's reaction is slightly flushed.

Piccola's mouth curves a little more, but she says nothing about what Katarina has painted. Instead, she just drinks from her teacup and looks about. Kittens, tea, and widened eyes might be her weakness. Fie on anyone who uses it on her! With her drink finished, she watches Cristoph and Norwood tug gently on the painting between them, one eyebrow slightly curled in question.

She then sets the saucer and cup on the table nearby.

Deva is just busy painting the beginnings of a horse. She looks up and waves with a paintbrush at Baelos. "You're welcome!" she yells at Cristoph. "This paint is SO FRESH." As Nazmir comes to look, she turns to whisper something to him.

"Duke Cristoph," so polite. SO POLITE. "My face is not //art//. And don't you have enough paintings of my face in that house of yours? Eadric even mentioned it." And if EADRIC has noticed....

Drake has no secret talent for painting, but, in spite of his earlier aspirations toward portraitry, he's painting something closer to a simple scene with a mountain. Kind of. It's likely he'll mostly half-finish this and get distracted by drinking but he doesn't seem too attached to it. The struggling catches his attention for a second. Then he ... sort of gives up on painting, gets a refill of his drink, and walks over to flop lazily onto a chair.

Since Cristoph and Norwood are having a tug of war which could well turn into a slap fight over the painting, Amari is distracted from her own work. She hasn't even wet her paintbrush. Distractions abound. Better paintings rank high, like Quenia's, who she gives a polite smile while she checks it out. Then there's Deva waving her brush at... oh, it's Baelos. "The mysterious traveler. I see not a single claw mark on you!"

Tyche is late, and it seems like she missed the climax of the evening by a fraction of a second, which is a pity, because she may very well have been cheering the tug o'war of painting. Whatever the reason for her delayed arrival, she's all smiles when she slips into the dining hall of the Valardin Estate, her gaze lifting above the people to the many, many coats of arms and sigils on the wall, a small reminder of another evening spent in here. Amusement claims her features at the memory, and she gives a little laugh, but then the settling of the small commotion draws her interest. She arches a brow, and slips around easels, paints, brushes, greeting people in turn. Hello Alis! Hi Kael! Deva! Wave, pass, move. She pauses behind Cristoph, if only she might spy the painting around him that was being tugged. "Is that... Baron Norwood?" she immediately pegs, perhaps because Norwood claims it is his face. Context clues. Not because Cristoph is a good painter, clearly.

...or if he's painted anything at all on it yet.

"If we get a sword we can just cut it in half, boys." Alis pipes up, smiling over at Cristoph and Norwood. "Fia, which sword do you think would cut through that canvas best? The steel practice sword? I can't use a flail on it." Don't make her ruin the artwork. "Marquessa Tyche! Hello, please help me out here and distract one of them so they stop bickering." Her paintbrush is pointed towards the two men in question.

"Yes! Yes, The highlord has the right of it." Norwood is 1000000% behind cutting the painting in half. Excellent solution to the problem.

Fiachra nods again to Amari, though his eyes drift down to the canvas once more in thought. "I think I'll give a flower a try," he decides out loud. After he dips his brush into entirely too much paint, he puts it to the canvas and banishes all doubt about him being a terrible artist. He pokes his tongue out to one corner of his lips. "Less. Paint. Right."

Quenia glances up at Alis and gives her a wide smile when the other woman praises her artwork. "Thank you," she tells her, though does draw a curious glanced the easel near to Alis. "I wasn't sure it was going to come out. Videl used to host art exchanges at Domus Igniseri," she tells her. "Perhaps that is a tradition I ought to bring back," she wonders largely to herself, but also to the room. She starts to say something more, but then she is distracted by Norwood and Cristoph start to tug a painting between each other. "My that's a popular piece!" she remarks, not knowing who might be the subject matter of that particular piece.

Quenia notices Amari approaching and nods back at the other woman's smile. "Hello. Have you decided on a painting yet?" she asks, noticing the not wet paintbrush in her hands. Her own painting is that of a phoenix in flight leaving a fiery trail behind it. "Also, I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri," she introduces herself, in case they've never met.

Katarina watches the tug of war, seated next to Piccola. A hand rests on Piccola's forearm. "I don't understand it, either," she murmurs. "It's as though the two of them enter a room together and some strange spell overtakes them both." Katarina purses her lips behind the veil, and then her eyes widen slightly in a moment of realization. "Ah. It's sad, I suppose. That they cannot actually marry, despite being so in love."

Alis looks startled at that. Norwood is /agreeing/ with her on something. "Oh gods, he's sick."

"Yet," Deva beams between Amari and Baelos, and waggles her paintbrush at Tyche. Hopefully she does not splash anyone with green paint.

"Absolutely not! No one is cutting this painting in half. The paint isn't even dry." Despite what /some/ people might think, this painting actually /does/ look like Norwood. A rather cartoonish version of Norwood, sure. But the resemblance is there. "Are you really bringing Eadric into this? He loves the paintings of you around the house. He says, 'look, it's pop-pop! And pop-pop again! And there's another!' and he says 'what happened to that one of him riding a bee into battle, it would sure be grand if we had that one again, such glorious and magnificent artwork'." Cristoph's five year old definitely didn't say that last part. And then there is Tyche near to him and he's tipping his head back to look up at her. "Hello, you made it." If Norwood is going to steal this painting, now is the time.

"I concur, your Highness; what would the children look like?"

Like an Arxian version of Statler and Waldorf, Piccola continues to idle banter and observation of the dueling men with feigned detachment. Clearly, Norwood and Cristoph are the center of attention. "Charmed as it might be, I wonder which would wear the veil at the ceremony." She looks at her teacup, and frowns at it for a moment. "I should go get some more."

But she's too damned settled to get up.

Ivy sidles over towards Alis, holding a glass of wine in one hand that seems to be mysteriously half-empty already. Leaning in, she murmurs something towards Alis and takes another healthy swallow.

"Still me," Katarina replies to Piccola regarding who would wear the veil at Cristoph and Norwood's wedding, and leans her head against the General's shoulder as a nefarious way of delaying her in getting up.

"You seem disappointed counselor? Because you prefer me maimed, or because my wrestling talent is so impressive?" Baelos retorts. He is, in fact, free of ckW

Tyche's laugh is rich and swift at Alis begging her help, and she gives her a knowing nod, "On it." And indeed, she is. She's already distracted Cristoph from the painting, because he turns to acknowledge her. "I did. I made it. Sorry I'm late." She risks stepping forward, having not changed into anything suitable for painting because she was LATE, and she peeks around him. "Are you tormenting the dear Baron? Didn't you make me do that enough already, mmm?" Her words are a soft stage-whisper, but still loud enough for Norwood to hear. He'd remember that torture, surely. She reaches out a hand, touching the Duke Laurent's arm. "Do you have like... cloth to put over dresses? So I can paint, too! Or did Samira actually show up...?"

"You seem disappointed counselor? Because you prefer me maimed, or because my wrestling talent is so impressive?" Baelos retorts. He is, in fact, free of claw marks and they would be abundantly obvious if they existed given his rather ridiculous habit of only half wearing his shirt. One could say he is appropriately dressed because he is, at least, dressed. He mulls about Deva (whom he greets with a wink) and Amari for a moment, but then spots a drink tray and is off in search of refreshment.

Nazmir's cheating. He's no longer painting on at all. Instead, he's winding around and peeking at the other paintings, before looping back to find himself a drink, only to then wind up making his way over in the direction of Ivy and, by proxy, Alis, to whom he's giving a little dip of his head to.

Norwood is going to be SO UPSET later when he realizes what kind of talk is going on around while he's obsessing about that painting. "His first question would be, Why is Pop-pop wearing a dress, can I have a dress? And then I'll have to find a skirt for the child." Oh and Cristoph is distracted, good. Norwood lunges for the painting.

"It will probably be a donkey in a verdant green idyll." Amari decides, as if that's her default choice. "Perhaps one in an apple orchard oft visited by bears who wrestle Redrain princes who disappear for months on end. Who somehow manage to escape unscathed." That actually seems directed at Baelos who she arches a brow lightly at. Belatedly, she dips her head to Quenia and returns the introduction, "Lady Amari Keaton. When we last met, my hair was shorter and I was in much more armor. Your painting is very well done, don't let me disturb you overly much. I'm just being curious."

Alis laughs quietly at whatever Ivy says to her, and gives a subtle nod of agreement. She doesn't say anything aloud. but obviously they are conniving together over something. And she is hoping that Tyche is dealing with Cristoph and by proxy Norwood. But then she sees the lunge.


Pinned to her chair by a Princess' head on her shoulder, the sparkling -- yes, the gown is sparkly -- General remains planted and unable to do much at all for herself, like a cuddled cat. Like a cuddled cat, it is hard to tell from her expression whether she's happy or upset or non-chalant about being so restrained. That she remains in her place without squirming, clawing, or biting is probably a good sign. But how can she get more tea from here?

She murmurs something to Katarina erstwhile.

From his of trying to salvage his painting, Fiachra snorts a laugh at Piccola's words. The painting seems to evolved from a flower into stick figures. When Norwood lunges for Cristoph's painting, he looks up and blinks a few times. "Hey now. Rough-housing in the dining room." His voice almost takes on the 'dad' quality, it's a phrase he's repeated so many times. He also points at him with his brush.

"Encouraging people to give Norwood heart palpitations is one one of my favorite past times," Cristoph admits as he drops the paint brush onto the table and looks his fingers behind his head to continue this conversation with Tyche that is happening somewhere up and over his shoulder. "Like take this thing with the raccoon for instance-" there is a story here but now he's looking back to the painting just in time to see Norwood LUNGING for it. He really has no right to look as surprised as he does in this exact moment. Then he's laughing.

Alis now also has to muffle laughter because Fia pulled out the Dad Voice. "Well now you've all gone and done it for sure." she quips.

Deva checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Deva marginally fails.

Excellent. The painting is HIS. "Thank you High Lord," Norwood calls out and then he and his visible knees are just going to scoot out of the room as if Cristoph can't just paint another. Byyyeeeeeeee~

Norwood is overheard praising Cristoph: He painted me, but it's okay, I got it back.

Satisfied with whatever plots have been hatched with Alis, Ivy straightens and sips from her wine, watching the fight over the painting happening between Cristoph and Norwood. She laughs lightly as Norwood makes off with it and looks back to Alis and Fiachra, "That reminds me." Dad Voice reminded her, apparently. "You should bring the children to the Fasthold sometime. I'd love to show them the goats, both breeds. And we have some excellent kites in the rookery."

Honestly, Deva's painting looks like a dragon fell on a horse. Which is sort of fitting, because the horse has fallen on a patch of grass, and there are mops around? It's very strange and mildly abstract and doesn't make any real sense. "Welp," she rises and dusts her hands off the front of her leathers, smearing paint in the process. "Wow, he's fast," she realizes as she watches Norwood's escape with wide eyes.

Katarina listens to Piccola's murmur, and then lifts a hand lazily, without even really looking. She's still not looking as she gestures in the direction of the summoned servant. "More tea for the General," she commands in a gentle tone, and then continues resting against Piccola in a thoroughly adorable way.

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff leaves, following Drake.

"Oh, you're not disturbing or distracting me," Quenia says to Amari, then flushes a bit when its pointed out she didn't remember. She dips her head a touch in Amari's direction at the description of when she last saw the other woman. "That would certainly account for it then," she agrees, though starts shaking her head as the antics between Cristoph and Norwood seem to get going again. "Well, it seems they are having fun at least," she points them out. "Is it always like this at these events?" she wonders.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Bumbling Bees from a Clement bee hive leave, following Norwood.

Whiskey procured, Baelos eyes the dust up over the painting with curiosity and then returns to Deva's side just as she stands. He turns his head at an angle as one does when appreciating art, eyeing her painting. "Not sure I get it, cousin." He admits as he takes a drink. Looking back to Amari, he grins: "Maybe if the bears spent less time eating apples and more time wrestling, they would improve their ability."

"No one understands me," Deva huffs at Baelos, shoulders rising and falling in an overly dramatic fashion. So she whirls off to find a drink now that the damage has been done to canvas.

Jenkins, an armed champion, Talidan, a crotchety old man who shakes his cane leave, following Nazmir.

"We should. I've love for them to see all of that. And speaking of - I believe it is time to say goodnight to the little ones, and make sure they're all sleeping instead of plotting our parental doom." Alis' tone is wry, there. "We'll be back. Or I will, I mean, if Fia would like to stay and continue his much better painting than mine." And now her voice raises. "It was lovely to see you all. There's a firepit going outside to burn your creations in offering to Jayus if you like." Sure, that's totally the reason for it.

Sigh. "Who would have thought our own Baron Norwood was actually a cunning art thief?" Fiachra questions as the painting is made off with. Turning to Alis then, he smiles in response to her words and leans over to try for a brief, chaste peck on the lips. "I'll just have to hunt him down for justice, I suppose." He looks then to Ivy and smiles at her now. "Oh, aye. I think they'd enjoy it. As it warms up, we'll be sure to bring them around."

"Is this a regular thing?" asks Piccola of Katarina.

"Dallying about doing art?" Beat. "I very much enjoy House Valardin's regular martial tournaments, but this seems -- " Shrug. " -- odd to me." Maybe she thinks that Valardins are nothing but fighting and honor and tea, all of which she //does// enjoy. But art? "I suppose the next event we shall witness the Duke and the Baron compose poetry to each other." She does her best to conceal a smile. "A lot of 'thees' and 'thous', I suppose, with just a hint of mincing."


"I'm sure that's where my painting has gone off to," Cristoph laments as Norwood departs at top speed with his finest creative work. "He'll probably burn it. Just like he's always threatening to burn all of those books..." Those fine, fine books. He's without a painting and his wine glass is empty. As Alis and Fiachra seem to be on their way out, he lifts a hand to wave them off.

When Norwood successfully makes off with the painting, Tyche cannot help but laugh apologetically, "Sorry?" she apologizes, but doesn't, to Cristoph as he stands there. "It really was lovely, your painting." She, too, waves to Alis and Fia, the lifting of her hand. The other antics happening are set aside for a moment for her to ask, "Set me up with an easel. Where do I go? I had the most perfect idea..." She seems almost giddy at the thought.

Katarina lifts her head slightly, and taps Piccola's forearm. "Shhh," she whispers. "One of them might /hear/ and get an /idea/."

"Excellent. We'll look forward to it at the Fasthold as well. Not enough children running around these days over there." Ivy flashes a bright smile towards both ALis and Fiachra before dipping a bow to ALis, "Your Grace. Its been a wonderful party, thank you for hosting." Even if she did create an abomination against Jayus in her painting. She turns towards Cristoph and chuckles, "You could always paint a dozen more and then display them around the city where he's sure to see."

"Shall I pose then, Marquessa? Or do you have it committed to memory?" Baelos calls over to Tyche as she moves to paint, before he frowns thoughtfully down at Deva's painting. "Perhaps we should burn it then." He comments, picking it up. "Fire pit."

In the meanwhile, Fiachra finishes his painting; a short picture story about a hunter killing twelve deer and giving them as dowry for the hand of a farmer's buxom daughter. "Ah, romance," he says, mocking a little sniffle. It's quite awful, with crooked lines, poorly-drawn characters, and paint dripping everywhere. Smiling up at Alis, he stands from his seat and nods. "Make sure Norwood doesn't sneak back in and steal my masterpiece," he adds onto Alis' words and then gives a deep bow to all present. "We'll be back," he says, returning the wave to Cristoph with a smile. He then turns to away with Alis.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 8 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Fiachra.

Quenia sets down her painting supplies, and passes her glass off to a servant, then prepares to leave the event without any fanfare, much like she came up. She gathers up her cloak and heads for the exit. Back into that damnable snow for the long walk back to the Lycene district.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira leave, following Quenia.

"Hmm..." Cristoph arches an eyebrow to Tyche as she apologizes (to someone) and remarks the painting was lovely. "To be sacrificed to Jayus, I'm sure." There are other things to focus on, which is that she's asking him about an easel and where to get started. "You can have mine," He suggests and stretches over to grab an empty canvas and set it up for her. A look is spared to Baelos across the way before he smiles crookedly and pushes some paints over to the Marquessa. "I look forward to seeing what your perfect idea is. Lets hope no one steals it." The duke straightens up again. "I /could/ do that. That might cause him to have a total conniption though," he remarks to Ivy, even as he chuckles.

Piccola remains where she is, confined and held in place.

Thankfully, tea arrives. She reaches out for her saucer and cup to hold both up to receive some more of the hot beverage. Nothing is added; nothing else is needed. Seizing the cup by the handle, she sips from the edge delicately, remaining a quiet witness and a convenient pillow in this particular scenario.

But she looks as content as a cat might be, which is to say, probably deceptively.

"Yup." Deva frowns, scoops up her weird horse-mop painting, and starts crumpling it in her hands. There's a stride for the door, one with purpose!

"Possibly. But it could be worse. I heard rumor of a painting of the Baron riding a giant bee. I'm sure THAT being displayed around town would be worse than a simple portrait of him." Ivy flashes a brief grin towards Cristoph before turning to watch as Deva takes her painting away. Chuckling, she murmurs, "At least I will take comfort from not being the only artistically challenged person here."

Katarina murmurs briefly with Piccola, and then after a tiny gasp from the Princess, suddenly Katarina is in a hurry to get to her feet. Still clutching Piccola's arm. "This has been utterly lovely and a wonderful opportunity and a strange display and all of these amazing things and good night please do not send for me too early in the morning and," Katarina doesn't even actually finish her sentence, she just drags Piccola away. As much as she can. While limping.

Amari returns to her empty canvas, regards it and its intimidating bareness for a while, and then simply reaches for her glass of wine and drinks. There's a glance after Baelos and Deva who are off to torch artwork too, but she's looking quietly glum about this whole endeavor. The donkey does not paint itself. There's no orchard and there's no bears who eat too many apples and lose their fighting edge either. "I should make a stick Jayusman instead." She decides in a murmur to herself. The 'good night' is a touch louder, offered as it is to Katarina and Piccola.

Tyche's gaze moves from Cristoph to Baelos, a quick laugh at his arrogance, "Please. Pose. Either my memory has failed me, or you're not nearly as charming as you believe." She turns back to Cristoph who has turned over his space to her, and she greedily steps forward. "I'll be careful not to get any paint on my dress," she tells him, the purple number not going well with the paints, surely. And then she begins. Whatever she's crafting there's... a cliff? Maybe. Some big structure. A stick figure at the top. Yes. A sword... Some blue waves at the bottom. Maybe, or just like a mistake of the brush. That's possible.

For a moment, Piccola's eyes widen.

She nearly drops her saucer and cup when Katarina hauls her to her feet. "Whoa, whoa!" The dress! Tea on the dress would be very bad indeed. With one arm seized, the other hastily puts the tea accessories on the table before there is substantial spillage and someone has to pay someone else to get a very nice thing cleaned up. Nonetheless, she hastily departs while calling back, "It was a wonderful even, thank you."

Thence, pulled away, for whatever reason.

Tyche checks charm and artwork at hard. Tyche fails.

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