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Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Celebration

Drake and Thea have gone through a lot together and are finally getting married! Celebrate the end of winter with drinks, dancing, and the now-traditional Wyvernheart wedding knife toss. A casual and fun reception in the refurbished Wyvernheart ballroom. Pets more than welcome.


April 10, 2021, 3 p.m.

Hosted By

Drake Thea


Eirene Calypso Lyra Medeia Santi Kiera Amanita Cirroch Orelia Martino Caprice Domonico Deva Kaia Alantir Dariel


Wyvernheart Malvici


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Wyvernheart Mansion - Mastiff Ballroom

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Cirroch takes Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

Amanita gets Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

Lyra gets Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

The ballroom has been newly refurbished, with a long table set with lots of treats and goodies. The centerpiece is an exquisite cake, and almost everything is infused with a little bit of booze.

Drake had to prepare for this event just slightly by having a shot of whiskey or two to calm him down. This will probably not help his knife throwing hand but fortunately it's not his contest to win. Thea wanted to be sure there was at least some military presence considering the merger of two military houses. Drake looks a little giddy, dressed in a very expensive shirt. He has a glove on just one hand for some reason - some know he was injured recently and it hasn't entirely healed, but he's been gentle about covering the bandages rather than have that be openly on display. It's a style choice, for sure.

The household dogs are happy and friendly despite their military training. But this is not going to be a terribly formal party... the presence of open blades and drooling mastiffs makes that quite impossible, not to mention all the different booze. Wyvernheart's own whiskey is prominent and given out in the gift bags along with chocolates sourced from Blancbier and infused with Southport flavors. It's all intended to emphasize the blending of two families of fighters.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker, Kaia arrive, following Martino.

Sunny, an Ostrian Cat have been dismissed.

Kiera takes Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

Kaia takes Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

It's a wedding, so of course Eirene wore something suitably Lycene. A gown of pebbled black leather, entirely backless, with elbow length gloves and a puddle train in the back. Her black and white hair has been swept into curls, with a comb holding up some of them and letting the rest cacade down that bare back. Two strands of shock white curls frame her face. She probably has a weapon, somewhere on her, but it's not visible.

Courtesy of what was probably also an IC loud alarm, possibly in the form of someone shouting at her through the door, Calypso is here, in a dress that can only metaphorically be called a dress, really. She moves with confidence in boots that push her height well above six feet, which is probably the result of long practice. She handles being an object of attention for the mastiffs with ease, not even nearly being knocked over. She's already got a drink in hand as she comes into the hall, gods know where she got it.

Lyra's come to offer her congratulations to the newly-wedded pair. It's the first time she's stepped out for a social engagement since winter turned to spring, and she's dressed appropriately for this after wedding reception. Her hair is braided and wrapped around the crown of her head and her smile is warm for any of her acquaintance that she happens to meet with. But first things first, she heads for the banquet table to collect a drink for herself.

With the ceremony concluded and drinks being made available, Medeia leads Haakon through the crowd of celebrants to get the man some whiskey. A double. Or a triple, as he's drinking for the both of them. Medeia leaves one hand tucked into the crook of Haakon's elbow once the drink is in his hand. There are nods and waves of greeting, an eyebrow raised and nod of appreciation sent in Eirene's direction.

Thea makes her way with Drake, dressed well. Completely in honesilk and lace. Very lycene. There's quite a bit of her bronze skin showing. the train however, shows to be spreading wings. A perfect way to combine fealties. At least Thea thought so. She smiles as everyone makes her way into her new home, a genuine glow upon her face. "Hey, thank you all for coming,"she greets. Thea may have had a drink or two already.

Also to be found there lingering along the edges of the reception Santi could be found, The man dispersing a bottle or two of Ouzo as he makes his way through the banquet hall looking around for familiar faces. His signature mug lifted every now and then for a deep sip to be taken by the Malvici Lord as he watches and tries to avoid starting any fights or wars.

Kiera enters into the room with an easy step and bright smile though one may well imagine the number of deep breaths taken outside the door as she unconsciously gives her red locks which are done neatly atop her head. her blue honeysilk gown sweeps the floor

A Whisper cousin enters the room sometime with the trickling guests, looking almost nervous for some reason. Her long, thick hair is done up in a style that could have only been worked on by Whisper apprentices or hairstylists employed by the Whisper House, fixed with hairpins that match the rest of her duskweave, gold, and amethyst outfit. Amanita glances at everyone in attendance and sidles up to Auntie Eirene.

Its bleeding warmer than it should be and it shows in the choice of clothing that Cirroch has worn, one glance over would come to find him barefoot leading up to his usual leather trousers with sanna sigil hanging from his extra wide belt, then a simple vest that is tied tight and a aeterna robe that flows as he strides through the hall. Wherever Calypso found her drink, Cirroch had followed along and is in the process of pouring the remainder of the bottle into the goats horn.

Is she on time? She's pretty sure she's on time. Orelia was moving quickly until she reached the entrance to the Mansion, where she stopped, brushed back some flyaway hairs, and continued at a more dignified pace. She walks alone, no escort, servant, or even pet at her side, and as she looks around the Great Steel Hall she seems ready to amend that. Leather boots paired with a silk gown give her that typical 'see, I dressed up for this' look. Finally she spots Thea and Drake, and without hesitation goes to greet the happy couple.

"Congratulations! How many drinks do I need to catch up with you two? Let's get this party started!"

Arriving into the after party from the wedding ceremony, the Lord Martino and Lady Kaia Malvici step into the Mastiff Ballroom in their latest finest on. She in her ivory moon dress while the Lord Martino is wrapped in brocades while his orante sabre taps against his side. Leaning to Kaia's ear, Martino murmurs lowly with his nose directing them to the food, "Shall we? Get something to eat to start." Wiggling his fingertips across to Drake and Thea, he greets both, "Congratulations from us both! Welcome to married life... where is the bottle of fizzles? I got a new sword to open it with."

Yes, the Lord Martino is very excited about this sabre.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards, Aspen, a pale seraphinite green snake arrive, following Deva.

Eirene says, "Nita!" She grins at the Whisper and holds out an arm to embrace her 'niece'. "You look beautiful, as expected." She does a little spin herself to show off her leather dress as Medeia gives her approval. "Borrowed, but it looks grand. Mihaly was quite pleased..." Hearing Martino talk about opening a sword with a bottle she grimaces. "Hoo boy, that promises to be interesting."

Drake is so incredibly happy to be standing next to Thea, and keeps looking at her, but it's his duty to say hello to people as they walk up into the receiving line. He gives a big hug to Orelia when she approaches. "Ah, so glad you made it to this! It's been quite a day. Honestly, I had really hoped for a spring wedding, so we had to wait just a little longer until the thaw. But worth it!" He smiles at Martino too, and points in the direction of the round table, where most of the booze seems to be gathered. "If you're sabering... I'd love to see that. Don't worry about making a mess, but if you drop any food, it belongs to the pups!"

Cirroch has joined the A long dining table with sturdy legs.

Caprice is here! And soon she has a drink in hand for proper toasting of the newlyweds. Quickly joining the queue for those meaning to give their well-wishes, she offers smiles and occasional waves to other spring color-clad revelers.

Calypso approaches Thea and Drake with an affectionate smile on her dark painted lips and no glitter coating her body, so no worries there. "Thanks for not making me freeze my tits off in the name of fashion. Congratulations, you two." It's a sort of drive-by congratulations, because she heads off right after, looking for a refill.

Not content to linger on the fringes and after refilling his mug with Ouzo the larger form of Santi Malvici begins to stroll through the hall, Moving towards the happy couple. As one of those rare grins of his forms along his lips where any could glimpse it and see that the man wasn't always so serious or gruff. His eyes glinting with a mixture of happiness and mischief as he heads for Thea and Drake clearly plotting something or preparing his own congratulations to the newly wed couple.

Kiera sidles up to Cirroch broad smile as she greets him "Hello Maquis. Thank you for coming. She grasps his free hand lightly

Thea sees Oriela and grins. "It's been awhile since I've seen you, Oriela. How are you? And you know--I started awhile ago, so you better just grab a bottle,"as she looks up to her now HUSBAND! Strange to think that now. Seeing her family now, she starts to go and greet them as well. "Auntie, Mushroom Nita,"she teases. "Martino, did you--what?" Thea asks when he mentions a new sword. "Don't hurt yourself,"she just says,"going to Kaia too. "Hey Kaia. Thank you for coming too. Are you turning my room into a nursery or filling it with flowers she teases. She eyes Santi and his drink, groaning a bit. "Hey Caly. I see you wore my favorite boots."

"Hello Lady Lyra,"Thea greets. "Deia. Told you I was fine,"winking at her friend. Taking a drink, she takes a deep breath. "Caprice! My favorite seamstress! And hello Lord Cirroch." Kiera too gets a smile, nodding her head. Knowing Thea, she probably missed people. So many people. "Hi Everyone,"she eventually greets with a lift of her glass.

Orelia gives Thea and Drake hugs in the receiving line, lingering on the groom just a moment while whispering something to him, then moves on so other guests can have their turn. She looks back at Martino. "Ten silver says you break the bottle instead of getting the cork out."

Calypso does a twirl, yes in THOSE BOOTS, for Thea on her way off to grab a drink.

Grinning, Caprice angles for a quick hug - from both Thea and Drake if she can manage it! - in the happy chaos of the greeting line. "About bloody time," she tells them cheerfully, "congratulations." Laughing at Calypso's remark, she raises her own glass and offers in toast, "To avoiding titsicles! And the generous couple who've granted the possibility."

Amanita hugs Eirene and smiles. "You look amazing, Auntie. That dress is something else! But I would expect nothing else." She snickers at Eirene's commentary. "Interesting indeed." Amanita furrows her brow. "Congratulations, Drake and Thea! I've got a little something." She puts down a gift with all the rest of the liquor, looking at the rest of her family and biting her lip.

Amanita drops a bottle of citrusy dandelion wine with a special label.

Medeia has joined the A long dining table with sturdy legs.

Crinkling his sharp greens across to Drake, Martino's laughing easily before turning on his toes and stepping from Kaia to the table of drinks. Wiggling his fingertips towards a bottle, the Malvici Lord glances to Orelia with a wry smile touching his lips, "Just ten silver? Surely Lady Orelia you are not /scared/ of losing are you." Fingertips wrapping around an oversized bottle of champagne, Martino is reaching his right hand down to his hip to pull out the ornate sabre. Turning it to place the blunt side of the blade against the glass bottle.

Caprice gets Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

Marcel, a terrible mime arrives, following Dariel.

Just about to take a sip of wine from her glass, Lyra spots the arrival of her cousin. "Orelia!" She lifts her voice just loud enough to be heard over the heads of those that separate them, and quickly hurries over to where the receiving line is forming. She slips in beside Orelia and slips her arm around her waist for a hug. "There you are! It's been far too long!" And then to Thea and Drake. "Congratulations on your nuptials. You're looking absolutely beautiful Lady Thea. Beautiful." The line's moving on quickly however, so she follows her cousin over in the direction of Martino and Kaia. "Well hello you both. I see you're making a stir with your fashion again, Lord Martino."

Cirroch smiles to Kiera, "Of course!" The bottle's contents fitting in the horn, has been discarded to the nearest server walking by, perhaps with a nod for another to be brought out. Taking a sip from the horn, looking around the room, raising the drink to Drake and Thea, "Congrats! May your alliance grow ever stronger!" then a couple of polite hellos to those around the room before taking a seat

Eirene steps -well- away from Martino as she sees blade by bottle. "Tino," she cautions, "I wouldn't... You'll spray on your fancy outfit," she says as an appeal to his well-known vanity. To the bride and groom she says, "I have a voucher for an item for yas, for your garden... a get-away tree-house for screwing outdoors."

Drake leans in as Orelia says something, and replies back, quietly. Then he looks up, laughing a bit at Calypso's comment about fashion. "I recognize the importance of fashion at an event like this, so you're welcome." Now he turns his eyes to the sabering, watching to see if Martino will succeed at this. "You know. Dominique always had a bet Richard would get married first, because I was the wild one."

Domonico has

With bouncy curls and a sleek dress, Deva arrives and waits only a beat or two for Alantir to accompany her by the door. His arm claimed, she then marches on and leads the way to briefly greet the married couple. "Congratulations Thea, Drake! I wish you long lives of throttling many monsters and exploring spooky snake filled caves together." Her smile is big and cheerful, and she reaches out a hand to give congratulatory arm squeezes.

When Santi arrives at the couple the man's brow lifts as he looks to Thea, "I saw that look cousin, You know well enough by now that celebrating means Ouzo." The man giving a quick wink to the woman before he is turning his focus to Drake. That large mug held in his hand brought out to be pushed towards Drake's hand, "Congratulations Drake, Now a fine old family secret to impart to you.. As you drain the mug." The man's words spoken as if this were a rather serious matter and truly a secret handed down from generation to generation. When he overhears Eirene's comment on the gift for Thea and Drake it has Santi giving a low rolling chuckle as he mutters, "Never needed a tea house to fuck outdoors before.."

Orelia takes a swig from some bottle she found, glasses be damned, and narrows her eyes at Martino. "Maybe I just rushed straight here from the docks and barely had time to change, much less hit the bank!" Then suddenly, a cousin! She returns Lyra's hug with one arm and gives her a squeeze. "Dear gods, Lyra, why didn't you tell me you were in the city? I'd have written you ages ago to warn you about this place," she says with a grin.

"Thea, Drake, congratulations both of you!" Medeia wishes the couple well, still leading Haakon through the crowd. "This is all lovely." But, she doesn't want to take up too much time, so she finds a way toward a table.

Calypso crows out a quick, sharp laugh at 'titsicles', and executes a remarkably stable curtsey to Caprice. She has a fresh drink in her hand, now, so she might not be stable for long. Then she takes herself far away from Martino and his upcoming party trick.

Kaia smiles at Thea and lets out a short chuckle. "Perhaps.~" she chimes, before adding. "Congratulations to you both. The Hall looks wonderful! You look amazing! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.~" Then, she's moving away to make space for the others. Her gaze follows Martino momentarily as he moves to grab some drinks. Lyra is greeted with a sweet smile. "Lady Lyra, lovely to see you again. I trust you have been well?"

Martino checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Martino fails.

Amanita makes a move for the wine after she hears what Eirene's gift is, her eyes widening - widening perhaps more as Santi comments on it. She doesn't do a spit take but the Whisper simply smiles in a very pleasant manner, taking a seat at a table and folding one of her hands into her lap demurely. This is all fine.

Thea is hugging EVERYONE, the best she can. Honest. The non hugger is hugging. Seeing the wine, she grins at Amanita and then Medeia. "Look. Dandelion wine!" There's a laugh at Calypso and titsicle, nodding her head. "Fuck marriage in the cold. No. That was for everyone benefit, I promise,"though she's focusing on Martino and his damn saber. Apparently she's distracted for a moment, not even hearing Santi offer up his drinking, supposed to be coffee mug.

However, Thea DOES cheer for Eirene's gift.

Eirene rolls her eyes at Santi. "Fucking outside is lovely, yeah, but up in a secret treehouse makes it... I dunno, kinkier. Especially if people are down enjoying the gardens below." Her eyerbrows wriggle. And there goes Martino...

Kiera smiles to cirroch "I suspect my brother may need my gift sooner rather than leter excuse me a moment and she goes to the receiving line to greet her brother and sister in law

"I've had my nose buried in paperwork since arriving," Lyra laughs to Orelia. "It's taken some pretty determined work on the part of my patron to get it back out of there." She quickly drains her glass in expectation of it being filled again, and narrows her eyes as Martino prepares to sabre off the top of the bottle. "Oh, I've been terribly well, Lady Kaia," she says, a little distracted by the imminent performance, watching carefully in case the cork accidentally gets pointed her way.

Chuckling at Eirene's words, Martino is extending out the bottle further from his torso and angling it towards the middle of the room, "Oh that is an - excellent - point Eirene! I have been practicing." Nodding firmly, Martino sharply juts down the bottle towards the stem of the wine as he's attempting to sabre it and pop the cork. Truly, rather than applying the pressure in the right place he smashes through barely above the neck of the champagne forcing a mess of champagne down. Really there's about a glass or two in the bottle at best remaining. Furrowing in his brow, Martino is glancing to Kaia to complain, "This worked back home. I tried many times. But..." Lifting up the shattered glass, Martino's offering to Thea and Drake, "Wedding Champagne? It comes with added glass."

It is a wedding. A celebration is taking place. Moods are elevated and the atmosphere is jovial. Alantir follows Deva without objection, formally and verbally extending his congratulations to the married couple shortly after the northerner offers her own. Words and tone are certainly sincere. The knight appears particularly rigid, though -- and this may have to do with the number of persons present.

"Oh no!" Deva gasps sadly, as champagne floods the floor. After greetings are shared with the newlywed couple, she gingerly guides Alantir around the puddle and off to a table to sit somewhere less crowded so they can mourn in peace.

Kiera checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 6 higher.

"Martino, no!" Amanita says, though it's more of a feeble protest as she puts her wine glass up to her lips and sips from it. "That is a perfectly good waste of champagne though."

Santi checks composure at normal. Santi is successful.

Drake checks composure at normal. Drake fails.

Drake has a mug pushed into his hand, and takes it... looking almost wary for a second, then looking up at Santi. "Am I going to regret this?" he asks, but then he's going to go for it, because he never saw a dare he wouldn't take. Then.... he watches, warily, as Martino starts the sabering...

Nah, Drake is already too drunk to take this with any measure of chill, apparently. He ducks down out of the way in anticipation of a disaster.

Kiera checks composure at normal. Kiera is successful.

It's at that exact moment, when her husband Martino looks her way, that Kaia pulls out a hand fan and brings it open with a swift motion. She begins to flutter it and pretends not to see and hear anything. The fan fluttering hiding the curve of her mouth, clearly, she's laughing behind it.

Domonico has been quiet for the most part, keeping to one side and dressed in his polished leather armour, hand on the pommel of Warspite. The Magnotta Count has the attitude more of a guard than that of a peer. He does wince at Martino's attempt with the sabre and takes a deep breath as he realises he'll have to instruct his older brother in how to handle it properly... to help with party tricks.

Calypso laughs, open, loud, and unabashed, as she dances away from champagne and broken glass that really comes nowhere near her.

Orelia takes another swig from her bottle. "We need to get you out to more parties," she tells Lyra. "Lady Kaia, good to see you!" She hears the r-word from Drake, stands up straighter, and points at him with her bottle hand. "No regrets! Drink up! It can only make the party better."

Finishing off what was left in the glass that was in hand, Thea winces as Martino starts wasting away perfectly good alcohol. "And there she blows,"she cries out! With a sigh, she shakes her head. "Thank you anyway. I'm afraid I need my throat for other things later, not to be ripped to shreds by glass. But thank you." Turning to Deva and Alantir, Thea instead smiles. "Thank you. Yeah. Did you know one of the first adventures we went on, he was too busy looking at my ass." There's a side eye at Drake and she notices the mug. Then there's the look to Santi, with a raised eyebrow. "I will stab you with my bouquet. Don't forget that." She half jokes. But then a delivery comes---and drops a large crate at her feet.

Thea takes A battered sea chest secured with belts from A heavy wooden crate.

As Drake takes teh mug and asks the question Santi gives a not so reassuring shrug of his shoulders before leaning in to mutter to the man and impart that important family secret that he was now free to know. When he spots though the movements of Martino the man quickly mutters the last bit watching Tino's attempted sword play. When he sees the aftermath he winces, The larger Malvici slipping away from the groom heading for his cousin. A small smile is given to Kaia before he gives Martino a more serious look, One hand motioning for the saber. "You can have it back later..when home."

Thea takes An oversized hatbox upholstered in satin from A battered sea chest secured with belts.

Thea takes A locked birdcage made of metal filigree from An oversized hatbox upholstered in satin.

Dariel steps in to the ballroom fashionably late. He hopes. He arrives to see Thea hugging people. What strangeness is this? Before she changes her mind he makes hie way over to give Thea a hug. "Congratulations, dear Thea, congratulations." He keeps well clear of swords and sabres as a matter of course. Especially when people are trying that trick on bottles.

Kaia says, "Good to see you as well, Lady Orelia!~ It's been far too long."

Santi mutters, "... ... ... family secret ... when ... ... and gets really talkative is Ouzo, ... ... and a bit of wadded ... cotton in the ear. ... wonders, just ... ... smile ... lift ... drink and ... never notices."

Drake looks embrarrassed as he ducked down a lot from that. "I think we'll actually put the treehouse in the back garden," he says to Eirene. "If you haven't been, we'll give you the tour later. I had a greenhouse for Thea's work as well, and that's off the library." He leans into listen to something Santi has to say... smirks, and nods. Then takes another long swig from that fateful mug.

Eirene covers her face with her hand, briefly. At least she wwas clear enough of the champaigne to not ruin the leather dress. She goes for a whiskey, grabbing the drink and watching Santi ply the groom with that lovely weapon-polish rotgut.

Thea checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Botch! Thea fails completely.

Kaia smiles back at Santi and offers a little wave, before continuing to fan herself. A dainty gloved hand reaching out for a drink that is definitely not glass infused champagne.

Thea is struggling with a damn birdcage. When she fails to pick it apart, she starts swearing. A lot. "Who knows how to pick a lot,"muttering something about Ian.

Turning his head towards his assistant, the poor and overworked Johannes, Martino's nodding to him with his brows furrowing, "Could you... check with the servants? Oh and, afterwards, I need a notice to go up that I require more sword lessons for this to work in the future." Puring his lips, the defeated Lord Martino is turning to the table and swapping shattered glass for already poured wine instead and stepping back to Kaia's side. "Fine but no breaking it. It was /very/ expensive." Martino's sheathing the sabre and releasing it to Santi before turning his chin to Orelia, "Was it ten silvers? I forget."

"It certainly has. Been in Ostria and just got back into town," Orelia tells Kaia before looking back Thea's way as she removes one box from another, one after another... "Oh man, the suspense is killing me. Oh, yes, ten silver, Lord Martino."

Amanita stares over at Santi, blinking at him a few times. "You know, I heard most of that, and I think I might punch you in the arm before the day is over," she says to him. She fingerwaves over at Kaia and then shakes her head.

Kiera maintains her smile as the glass shatters though does look around to make around to make sure no one is injured as she hands off the stein to her brother " you may need this though maybe not for the campage>" she presses something much smaller into thea's hand after she's finished with cages

Thea checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Thea fails.

Calypso comes eventually to the dining table where Cirroch and Medeia sit. She touches Cirroch's back as she leans over to whisper to him.

Eirene eyes Thea. "Pick a lock?" She eyes the birdcage and comes over to give it a shot, pulling a hairpin out of her curls to try to jiggle it. "Is this a new party game or some shit?"

Lyra gives a light swat of her hand to Orelia's arm. "Fine. Fine. It seems that enough people are declaring that I should, that perhaps I ought to take that advice. Wouldn't want to be seen as either dull or borin." A wry smile is the precursor to a laugh at all the spilt alcohol, and hitching the hem of her skirts, she steps around it to collect an non-Martino'd glass from the table. "That was /almost/ impressive," she tells him sympathetically, lips still quirked from her previous bout of laughter.

Thea hugs Dariel one-handedly, a smile to him. Her other hand is stuck with a birdcage. "I'm glad you pick this fucking thing!" Hearing Eirene, she huffs. "It's from IAN! I think he's paying me back and I really want to know what's in it. Though Zoey is already apologizing for what it is..You know how many boxes it took to get it!"

Thea takes Wyvernheart-Malvici Wedding Goodie Bag from Wedding Party Favors - Take one.

Kaia says, "Amanita!~" Kaia greets back with a brief wave of her own fingers. "It's so good to see you! I must steal you away at a later time. We must catch up.~" she notes."

Drake looks at Thea as she struggles with a lock. "... I don't think I've ever tried to pick a lock. I just hit them really hard, and that seems to work."

Hearing that comment from Amanita there is a little grin given by Santi, "You're more than welcome to, Or can take a gut punch if you'd rather. Though maybe if you go that it before I drink too much yeah?" The shirtless Malvici grins as he tells her that before he is turning his focus taking that saber from Martino and hooking it to the harness of leather worn across his chest in lieu of armor or any fabric. A murmur leaving Santi under his breath as he tells Tino, "I'll show you just don't go telling your brother what it's for." That offer made Santi is off moving to reclaim his mug from Drake to seek out a refill.

Eirene checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Eirene is successful.

"I can try breaking it for you if you want!" Orelia offers helpfully.

As Medeia and Haakon are settling at the table, a messenger comes and whispers something to both of them. With looks of concern, they quietly and apologetically make their exit.

Medeia has left the A long dining table with sturdy legs.

Haakon leaves, following Medeia.

Eirene is a jack of all trades and a master of many. With her face screwed up in concentration, she wriggles the hairpin into the lock just-so and manages to jiggle it loose. When she hears the CLICK she shoots her hand up into the air in triumph! "HA!" Deia and Haakon are given a wave as they leave, and she looks mildly concerned for their swift departure but nods.

Eirene gets A large jewelry box inlaid with Saik stained glass from A locked birdcage made of metal filigree.

"Ten silver." Tucking his right hand into his trousers, Martino is pulling out a few coins before reaching to place them into Orelia's palm. "Well here I am lucky then you did not say it was to be an early performance of Kaia and I's dance for Aconite's event in a good couple of weeks." Wryly glancing across to Kaia, he's murmuring hush to Santi afterwards, "Well that is truly appreciated. At least you will understand /why/ whereas if I ask a Knight they will sigh oh-so hard."

Calypso gives a slow smile at Cirroch, not moving to sit next to him yet, but seemingly in some kind of conversation. She's also keeping an eye on whatever the hell is happening over where Thea is.

Thea takes A giant pile of paper confetti with something nestled inside from A large jewelry box inlaid with Saik stained glass.

Thea drops A giant pile of paper confetti with something nestled inside.

Orelia pockets the silver without looking at it. "I heard there was some kind of festival. Maybe I'll still be in town when it comes around." Paper confetti flies around as the jewelry box is opened and she laughs.

Taking small sips of her drink, and still fanning her face, Kaia moves about the Hall quietly and eventually slips away to have a look at the courtyard gardens. It seems she may have been in need of some fresh air.

Thea accepts the jewelry box from Eirene. "Thank Gods you're you know--you,"and starts to peek inside. Expecting another box. But no. No. The box opens and confetti spits out at her. Burts out EVERYWHERE! "Damn it Ian,"Thea cries out, actually laughing!

Cirroch has managed to find a plate of food, which is mostly meats and the horn is delicately balanced between the plate and a palm as he uses the other to stuff bits of the meats into his face. Social etiquette is still something that the Marquis is working on, however, since a challenge has been made in throwing knives, he's trying to get the food in now before its solid drinking and playing with sharp objects time. There's a nod to Calypso and another to Medeia as she gets up to leave.

Drake takes the stein from Kiera, and looks at it, then at her. "But you already..." She gave him all those books she had written up, and now, there is another. He looks at her, fondly... and then gives his sister a warm, fairly enebriated hug. "Thank you. I'm so happy you're here for this. We made it this far!"

Lyra picks a few pieces of the confetti from her hair that have managed to settle on her head. "Amazing...." she laughs. Then fishes another two pieces from the wine in her glass.

Eirene had handed the box back to Thea before taking a step away. She knows Ian. Her laughter is loud and boisterous as she watches the paper fly. But some of it got into her drink, much like Lyra. "Oh godsdammit..."

Turning on his toes, Martino's glancing up as the box is opened from Eirene and up goes the paper, "Ah... well I prefer paper." Nodding firmly, he's sipping upon his wine before mutting hush to the others nearby, "I am expecting that evil glitter somewhere still. Thea likely has it build into the ceiling already."

Calypso moves her glass away, protecting it from the shower of confetti. She's starting to grin as Thea struggles, and lingers near Cirroch, plucking a bit of food off of his plate.

Santimoves with his now refilled mug to look into the wedding party games, The man narrowly avoiding the drink mishaps of others compliments of the Kennex Family.

"We're going to be mopping for hours, but it's fine," Drake says, watching the new game. As he finally gets a moment to duck out he - first, fills his new stein with ale, and, second, grabs a bit of beef on a roll and tries to take a minute to eat before another well-wisher slips his way. These things are always so chaotic, but in a good way.

Caprice has gotten a bit lost in her drink sampling and indiscreet clothes-eyeballing. The box-within-a-box bit goes entirely unnoticed but the flying bits of paper are a little harder to ignore. Ignore the sputtering and coughing over there by the table, just a clothier trying to dislodge colorful confetti from her throat.

Amanita watches Eirene get the box open, her mouth falling open after the confetti bursts out. She asks one of the servants for a refill of her wine before starting to laugh quietly. She looks over at Martino and chuckles. "Perhaps you should have been the one to open the box too, honestly... it would have made for a better day all around considering your attempt at the bottle."

Thea sputters, getting the stuff from her mouth. "Hey Drake, we should get the dagger throwing going, yeah? Before they get too drunk and the bleeding happens?" That said, she is already getting a refill.

"What's wrong with a little bleeding?" Orelia asks. "Not that I would say no to throwing sharp objects. Sounds like a good time to me!"

"Glitter?" Lyra asks. Her eyes turn ceiling-wards with Martino's murmurings, and she places the flat of her hand over the top of her glass. "It's lovely to see you my lord," she says quietly to him, bringing her focus back to rest on Thea as she struggles with her colourful present. "Whoever did that for your sister has a very creative mind."

Orelia looks over Thea's shoulder. "Hey, what's that in the glitter? Looks like another box."

"Ian Kennex," Eirene replies to Lyra. "One of my favorite persons in the world, for all that he's an asshole. Which is why I like it, probably."

Thea takes A giant pile of paper confetti with something nestled inside.

Drake was waiting to see how well Thea was doing at the puzzle, but... now that he has a sandwich, she makes a great point. He clears his throat. "Thea suggested we do knife throwing," Drake says. "Now. I know it's been done before," he adds with a wink at Eirene, "But this time, I'm not even eligible to win. Which is a good thing, since my, ah, wife, has given me a few lessons. I'm sure I'd be sober enough to win it." He would not be. "But just in case I'm not I'll let everyone else take a go."

A target is set up at the back, and, Drake hasn't even taken his boot knife off this whole time - there's something lately lucky about keeping it handy, really. But there's also a block with several well-balanced knives sitting aside, which will be moved back to the training yard after this event.

Thea gets A simple puzzle box from A giant pile of paper confetti with something nestled inside.

Calypso is casually plucking food off of Cirroch's plate while talking to him. When it becomes clear people are about to start throwing knives, she takes a moment to make sure she's out of the splash zone, as it were. The sharp and pointy splash zone.

Wryly flickering his smile afar towards Drake, Martino's commenting, "Oh Johannes will return eventually with something helpful. Unless he has got distracted in the city with his new... friend." Nodding at that, he turns his chin to Amanita to laugh low, "Well perhaps you and the Whispers can show me some sabre-skills? Or a new party trick that doesn't involve sharp objects." Taking a mouthful of his drink, Martino replies to Lyra, "Yes, tiny sharp stones. But it is good to see you as well, especially as I only just got back from Southport after a little Spring escape."

Cirroch has joined the line.

Orelia has joined the line.

Eirene has joined the line.

Lingering a while longer, Caprice does eventually leave, upright and probably still wearing confetti. Another round of congratulations for the couple, and some hello-goodbyes to familiar and new faces alike, and off she goes!

"Lady Zoey's husband?" Lyra queries, a smile pressing a dimple to one of her cheeks. "She was just telling me all about him a day or so ago. I hope to meet him at some point." A twist of her head towards Drake when a contest's announced. "I should probably not try my hand at that. But... it's a party..." She sets her glass down and joins the line.

Lyra has joined the line.

Thea squints at the puzzle. She's getting too drunk for this. "I'm going to be paying someone to get back at the Kennex. Or I'm dousing his house in glitter." Lifting her eyes to everyone, she then says,"Master Felix is working on a dagger as prize. It a combination of the lycene and oathlands, made of rubicund." Thea takes a drink, shamelessly admitting,"I wouldn't mind it for myself, but you know--I'm not participating."

Amanita looks at Martino and grins. "Probably a new party trick that does not involve sharp pointy things, my dearest cousin. But I am sure there are a few Whispers who have skills with sabres." She sips her wine and yawns, standing from her seat to look at everything better.

When Cirroch goes to join the line to throw knives, Calypso downs the last of her drink and makes off with his food.

Thea checks intellect and riddles at normal. Thea is successful.

Thea is sniffing the puzzle. Her features looking---well, they're not pretty.

Thea takes A knitted bag in eye watering colors that smells like dead fish from A simple puzzle box.

Cirroch is in between conversations with Kiera and Calypso. He's given up on guarding the plate of meats and is slowly heading towards a happy drunken state. Just a small buzz is going at the moment. His assistant comes over with a full bottle of the ouzo and the horn is refilled. When the talk of knife throwing starts his interest seems to perk up more from whatever discussions he's currently having for a moment. Then joining the line for the knife throwing. The horn still in his hand as he guzzles /Sanna Sips/ from it. "Right! Give me the knives. Now, which.. where's the target?"

Thea checks composure at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea holds her breath and dips her hand into the fishy, gross smelling Ian scarfy bag. Feeling it out, pulling out another THING!

Thea takes A bizarre wrapping made of ropes and knots from A knitted bag in eye watering colors that smells like dead fish.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: This room has been set up for the afterparty of a spring wedding. There are ribbons hung from the new tables, the round table set for the head couple and covered with drinks, while a feast is set out on the long table including chicken, roast beef, spring vegetables and of course the centerpiece vodka-infused cake. In the back, a targeting area has been set up for people who want to partake in some wedding games.

Knife Rules: Do oldcheck so we can count numbers. It'll be a total of 3 rolls at Difficulty 20. Can use Dex + small weapon or Dex + athletics. Winner gets a new dagger which is being crafted soon!

Cirroch checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher. Cirroch rolled a critical!

Cirroch checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Cirroch checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Thea checks dexterity and sailing at normal. Thea is successful.

As confetti flies everywhere kiera picks some up to put in cirroch's hair "for good luck" she says

Orelia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Orelia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Orelia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Santi checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Santi checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Santi checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Leaning slightly on his feet, Martino is murmuring hush to Amanita, "Oh I shall have to come across then. I haven't been to Whisper Palace since Evangline was there and... my. Here I hope she is well training the Whispers of the world." Swirling his glass, he is sipping upon his wine and nodding to encourage Lyra on, "Oh give it a try. I would but, as we have seen, I cannot use sharp objects."

Turn in line: Cirroch

Turn in line: Orelia

Eirene checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Eirene checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Eirene checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Thea leans against Drake, handing the stinky pouch off first. "Who do you think will win,"she asks. "Hey Deva! Martino! Mushroom cousin?! Are you going to try,"she calls out.

Lyra checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Lyra checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Lyra checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Turn in line: Eirene

Turn in line: Lyra

With the horn in hand and still sipping from it. Cirroch picks up the first knife and is a little showboaty with it. Tossing it the air first, catching at the tip of the blade between two fingers then a quick throw at the target. Putting down the drink he then looks at the target and shrugs. "Ha! Just a really small weapon then!" The then holds the horn by his side as picking up the next two knifes and throws them at the target. Turning with a little bow to Thea and Drake, "Thank you! Drinks, throwing stabby things! Good food! I needed this." The horn is raised again to both of them. "A happy union!" Then he's heading back to the table to see that the plate of meats are gone. pilfered. somone raided the plate...

Amanita looks at Thea. Then at Martino. Then back to Thea. She puts her hand on Martino's arm. "Come on! You're going to have a turn! Maybe you'll hit someone in the eye. Then it will be a real Malvici wedding, right? Not enough blood yet." She chuckles very lowly, patting Martino as she drags him to get in the line.

Calypso, the thief, is well away, watching the knife throwing contest from a safe distance, with Cirroch's plate of food in her hand.

Martino has joined the line.

Amanita has joined the line.

Bottle in one hand, blades in the other, Orelia steps up to the mark and throws her three daggers. The drink is just starting to take hold, as evidenced by her slight sway as she moves. All three sink into the target, though it appears her grouping is a bit off. "Ah, well. One can never have too many blades, but it's good to spread the love around!" she declares before moving out of the way for the next contestant.

Thea gets Yards and yards of cloth wrapped around something from A bizarre wrapping made of ropes and knots.

Eirene takes the dagger in hand and tests for weight. Her first throw is a bit off mark but still within target vicinity. Second, even closer. Third - she hits the mark with excellent accuracy and wears a shit eating grin. "Okay, this is fun. Not Brianna and Alexei spear through the air fun but actual fun."

Martino is being tugged by Amanita as he's laughing slightly, "Okay, okay. Kaia is still outside so won't stop me." Bringing his hands to his sleeves, the Malvici Lord is pushing them up slightly before approaching the board when it is his turn.

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Martino checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Calluna, Drake's dog, is of course sitting patiently beneath the meats, waiting for her turn to get any leftovers. At least he's trained her.

Knives go flying at the targets. Drake keeps a safe distance himself. So far, it looks like Eirene has hit the best throws overall, and Drake nods to her as she steps away from a good bullseye. "Lot of contenders here." Maybe not Martino's throws, though.

Cirroch goes to drink the remaining of the horn, about to hand off the horn to someone to refill and he's looking at the horn with the small amount of liquid that is in it. "What is that?" not at all muttered, then picking out glitter from the ouzo mix that is in the horn. He holds the horn up to see wheat else is in there. That's when the the glitter on his near close shaven locks fall in the horn. Looking around quickly to see who could have added the glitter to him, then eyeing Kiera at the table. Pointing at her, "Oh! I see!" His laughter fills the hall.

Santi himself waits much like Martino for his own turn, And when it arrives the Malvici looks tempted to swap those small knives for the confiscated saber or his kopis. In the end though he relents throwing one dagger after another before finally stepping back and far..far out of the way when he notices just what Tino is waiting for.

Thea watches the daggers being thrown. "Hey, this isn't going too badly..." She hasn't had to duck yet. There's a look at Cirroch, curious. "Missing food? Are you extra hungry?" Thea sees Kiera too, grinning,"Are you going to try too?"

"Oh, gods. Not more glitter." Now Calypso is DEFINITELY keeping her distance.

Thea takes A box wrapped in fancy paper from Yards and yards of cloth wrapped around something.

Thea takes A crumbling brick of unfired clay from A box wrapped in fancy paper.

Reaching down to gather an axe, Martino is angling it up to his shoulder and flinging it towards the target. I mean it is a fling, it is like you would throw something to the floor than use accuracy. One hits and the other two club down near the bottom of the base. Skidding across the floro. Raising up his palms, up over his shoulders, Martino is pursing his lips and stepping back, "Amanita. Your turn I think."

It'd be fair to say that Lyra has never thrown a knife before. She's thrown a couple of vases before now, as any proper young noblewoman has, but they do rather have a different balance in the palm of a hand to a knife. She tests that balance with the first of the knives that she's handed now, gingerly turning it around so she can grip the tip of the blade as she's seen done by the others. It arcs clumsily through the air and clatters to the floor far short of the target, quickly followed by the next, though this one skids off and under one of the tables. The third knife slips from her fingers as she draws back her hand. It narrowly misses her toes. She does squeak. A bit. "I need a drink..."

Orelia offers Lyra her bottle as she watches the never ending parade of boxes, bags, and other forms of containment.

Thea checks strength at normal. Thea marginally fails.

Turn in line: Amanita

Thea watches everyone throwing daggers, she has a--brick. "Well down, Lady Lyra,"she calls out, throwing the brick against a wall. Yep. She did that. But it doesn't really do anything. So she tries on the floor instead. Thea in all her honeysilk, lifting her train from the floor.

Thea checks strength at normal. Thea fails.

Amanita stands back, hands on her hips. She juts her head out all too far for being behind Martino and she furrows her brows seeing his handiwork, but then nods solemnly and does what she needs to do. "You tried!"

Lyra accepts the bottle and swigs a mouthful. She mutters something to Orelia as she joins those still watching Thea wrassle her present.

Dariel decides to make his exit in between bouts of knife throwing. This seems dangerous.

Amanita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Marcel, a terrible mime leaves, following Dariel.

Cirroch checks strength at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Lyra mutters, "I ... ... bloody slipper..."

Amanita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Amanita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Santi checks strength at normal. Santi marginally fails.

The line has been dismissed by Drake.

Kiera grins "I need to step outside a bit

Between the knives going everywhere, glitter making a reappearance, and whatever the hell Thea is doing, Calypso literally has a three ring circus to watch while she eats her pilfered food, and she's enjoying it immensely.

"You want a hand with that?" Orelia offers to Thea, since Lyra is currently bottle-sitting.

Santiseeing Thea fuss with the brick there throwing to bash it on the floor. The larger man looking curiously upon Thea a few moments and her efforts before he tries to bash the thing with a quick stomp. When that fails the man crouches down and begins to lift his mug.

Amanita picks up a throwing knife and kisses it, furrowing her brow again. She stares at the target /very/ hard and gathers up the other two knives with her free hand, launching the first knife feebly. It hits the floor. The second knife whizzes past the target and flies off into a corner somewhere. Hopefully the 'Ow' heard afterward is a mere coincidence. The third knife just clangs to the floor in front of Amanita. "This is why I am so stringent about my lessons. Whispers always need more practice with things! Practice does not truly make perfect all the time... Is anyone hurt?"

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff have been dismissed.

Cirroch has left the A long dining table with sturdy legs.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met have been dismissed.

2 Sanna House Guards have been dismissed.

Bear have been dismissed.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes have been dismissed.

a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido have been dismissed.

Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker have been dismissed.

2 Obsidian Brigade Guards have been dismissed.

"You want a hand with that?" Orelia offers to Thea, since Lyra is currently bottle-sitting.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 36 higher.

Thea gestures Oriela to Santi and the clay brick, snorting. "Apparently giant over there can't even break it with his mug." She starts to head over to the table, getting food. Might be a good idea, as she's about to drink from the bottle.

Cirroch has joined the A rounded guest table.

Calypso finishes her plate of food, and now that the only person left throwing knives is someone who she trusts not to miss, she swings over by the place where the alcohol is to pour herself another drink.

Cirroch checks strength at normal. Critical Success! Cirroch is spectacularly successful.

Calypso gets splattered with dried clay, so maybe she should have hung out at the back of the room a little longer.

Santi drops A crumbling brick of unfired clay.

Thea takes A crumbling brick of unfired clay.

Thea takes A drawstring linen bag from A crumbling brick of unfired clay.

Thea takes A slightly smaller drawstring linen bag from A drawstring linen bag.

Stepping back and away from the target once more, Martino's making a trade of glass empty for a glass full once more, he's leaning to Lyra once more to murmur lowly, "Apologies Lady Lyra but I should find Kaia and, likely, see us both home. Good to see you and catch once more." Afar to Thea and Drake, Martino's wiggling his fingertips before crinkling eyes to the family before turning on toes to leave.

Martino is overheard praising Thea.

Martino is overheard praising Drake.

Martino is overheard praising Wyvernheart.

Martino is overheard praising Malvici.

Thea is ducking from dried up clay, trying to wave to Martino. "Bye brother,"a sincere smile for her brother. "I will be by soon enough!"

Lyra nods at something Orelia says quietly to her, then squints at her feet. "Oh good." She has another mouthful of drink then hands the bottle back to Orelia before wrapping her arms around her middle in a small self-hug. "Ugh..." Clay dust mushrooms in the air and she quickly pulls a hand back from her waist and wafts it in front of her face. "You too, Lord Martino," she returns as he makes his excuses and leaves.

Thea takes An even smaller drawstring linen bag from A slightly smaller drawstring linen bag.

As a last contestant, Domonico has the throw that hits the target most dead on without any fail... but at this point, Drake is still interested in the saga of many days' Unwrapping, which Thea is taking part in. "...Did you find it yet?"

Domonico has been watching from the sidelines, grateful that Palania has gone home a while ago and avoided all the knives. He does however push off from the wall after observing everyone's throws and gives Calypso a nod as he moves forward, picking up the knives and feeling the weight before he casts them. One. Two. Three. THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. There is half a smile from Thea's far, far more physically adept brother (sorry Martino). He hmmms to himself before giving a small nod and headin back to his spot, pausing to say to Amanita. "Next time we are together I'll show you how to throw properly."

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker leave, following Martino.

"Damn it." Calypso brushes at her 'dress', now dusted with dried clay. She goes to pour that drink she wanted, and notices there's clay dust in the bottom of the glass, and sets it aside in favor of one that was stored upsidown.

Thea takes The Calling of the Sea: Salacious Adventures of a Kennex Man and Woman from An even smaller drawstring linen bag.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard have been dismissed.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

Cirroch hears that someone needs a brick of something broken, and heads over. With a drop of his fist it is broken. He smiles as the clay dust goes everywhere, including into the horn he's drinking from. "There. That is what you were seeking for?" He seems concerned that he might have broken it further than requested. Then looks back at the drinking horn and shrugs as he takes the rest of the ouzo down with glitter and now clay bits, handing it off to Petroc who is waiting nearby with a fresh horn, free of debris. A nod to the assisant, who only presses his hand to his temple with a small shake of his head. Cirroch catches a small bit of it, then turns to locate Calypso and the pilfered plate of food.

Orelia brushes off a little bit of clay, takes another drink, and watches Thea as she opens the last few bags to reveal the gift.

Thea is digging through chests, boxes, and bags. Scrambles really. But when she gets to the LAST bag, after smelling things just as bad but not worse than Ian's scaf, bird cages and--things. She finds a---a story?! Skimming it, she starts to read. And read. And bursts out laughing. "You're fucking kidding me!"

Thea drops The Calling of the Sea: Salacious Adventures of a Kennex Man and Woman.

"I need a drink,"Thea declares,"kicking away all the debris she left behind. Finding Drake again, she kissis his cheek.

Food's all gone, and Calypso has set the evidence (the plate) aside somewhere. Now she's just innocently sipping rum, and brushing clay dust off her clothing while swearing under her breath. She gives Cirroch an innocent smile that doesn't actually look remotely innocent.

Drake applauds Domonico's throwing, with his one covered hand. "I do think that makes you the new winner," he says. And then he bursts out laughing. "And I guess Thea's won her prize, too!" Calluna starts sniffing at all the bits of confetti on the ground, finally giving one a good snuff that sends some more of it flying.

Lyra dusts a bit more of the clay from her honeysilk and the thought that she should have worn aeterna probably isn't far from her thoughts. "I should be getting along," she says quietly to Orelia as people start gathering around to see what Thea's actual gift is. She glances over, wondering briefly about the book, but takes the opportune moment to slip quietly out before more knife games are suggested.

2 Obsidian Brigade Guards leaves, following Lyra.

"A book?" Orelia asks dubiously. She reads the cover. "Anything like those naughty baking books?" She turns to Lyra and wraps her in one last hug before she leaves.

Drake is overheard praising Ian: A devious gift!

Orelia is overheard praising Drake.

Orelia is overheard praising Thea.

Drake is overheard praising Domonico: Great knife throwing skills!

Calypso lingers quite close to Cirroch, laughing under her breath and talking with him. She's showing a little bit of interest in the book, but not enough to put her drink down and pick it up.

Drake is overheard praising Eirene: Great show at knife throwing!

Thea tells Orelia with amusement,"It will help fill the bookcase,"gathering it. Grabbing a bottle, she nods to Dom too. "Congratulations. Are you starting a dagger collection now?" She takes a drink, right from the bottle. It's clear nothing is changing about her. "So Santi's mug? Are we really going to try this?"

Cirroch is amused and laughing enough that if anyone is nearby they won't be able to make out what they are even thinking, unless possibly they are Deva. Echoes on echoes. It's a mountain laugh. The horn he's drinking from is passed off to the ever growing annoyed assistant who takes the horn and wanders off to find another that is not the Marquis.

Calypso finishes her drink, and with a last wave goodbye to Cirroch, starts for the door, her gait a lot more fluid now that all that rum is starting to kick in.

Drake walks over to Thea, and puts his left arm around her shoulder. He looks at the carnage of the most complicated gift box he has ever seen. "I suppose we let the staff clean all this up later, eh?"

"And plot your revenge," Orelia tells Thea and Drake with a wink. "

Deva is possibly trying to explain something to Alantir with broad gestures and the occasional laugh. She's a couple whiskeys in at this point, as one might expect her to be at a wedding. She looks around with the occasional smile and wave, particularly for Thea and then Cirroch.

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