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Open Explorer Hours

Lou Grayson will be holding open Explorer hours, where the curious are welcome to come ask questions of herself or other Explorers. All are welcome to attend. There will be strong drinks available to stave away any of the dark horrors that might be discussed.


July 8, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Ian Isabeau Evander Aella Jamie Raimon Ryhalt Aelgar Raven Rosalind Jace Jerrica Rowenova Tarik Poppy Vitalis



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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a blue and gold macaw arrives, following Vitalis.

Lou is settled down at one of the many tables in the room. There might be a handful of explorer journals settled in front of her. Each table has a smatter of all sort so liquor for those who might require something hefty to drink. Willen is nearby, chatting with some junior explorers about this and that. The room is set up simply, allowing folk to weave in and out of the tables and still traffic back to the map room if there's something they need from there. She greets folk as they arrive, motioning for them to make themselves comfortable.

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2 Farshaw trained guards, Suzette - a Westrock Aerie Page arrive, following Ryhalt.

Ian takes a moment to say hello to Lou after coming in, and then immediately retreats out of the way. He seems surprised to find Evander present. Which is to say Ian-surprise, which isn't actually all that much surprise. "Evander. Hey. Been a while."

Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal arrive, following Aella.

Isabeau steps in, looking very whimsical with the loose, wing-like sleeves of dusty pink that follow her arms and diamonds and pearls glittering across her garb. She may not be an explorer, perhaps, but naturally curious, she has come to listen and potentially learn. She offers Lou a sweet, seraphic smile and raises her hand to wiggle fingers in a little wave before looking about the attendees.

Evander says, "Hello Ian, Pleasure to see you as always."

Lou offers Ian a warm smile. "Ian," she greets simply. She quietly regards the others a few moments longer, waiting for any stragglers before beginning. "Tonight is meant to be an informal evening. I have no plans other than to entertain any questions some might have about the Explorers. So, should you have any questions, or even stories to share, do please speak up."

Ian changes course from 'leaning against a wall as far from the group of people as possible' to taking a seat at the same table as Evander. He eases into a seat and repositions his cane so there's no chance of anyone tripping over it.

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Aella walks in quietly and alone, staying back a bit. She does give Lou and Isabeau a nod of greeting as she sees them, looks for a spot to claim as hers, and sits without interruption.

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Jamie has a penchant for being late, just late enough to usually be among the last to file through the door before he finds a seat somewhere.

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Raimon, who had been in attendance and even quite early, nods once and makes his way over to Ian. Silently taking a seat nearby. Supportive but not intrusive. As a fellow Introvert, Rai know the -exact- boundary.

Ryhalt enters the Explorers' Charter Hall with a smile for all present. He takes an easy pose, standing near Lou. "I have a question. I'm needing an expedition to explore for a suitable port site out in Westrock, would the Explorers be available for such an endeavor?"

Ian uses his cane to nudge out a seat at the table for Raimon.

Lou's attention floats to Ryhalt when he mentions he has a question. She takes a moment to listen to his request. "We're available for whatever exploration needs you have. We've been assisting various houses over these last two years to map their lands. Simply let us know what you require and we'll make sure you have the people who might be able to best help your needs." She tells Ryhalt, before noting to the others. "One of the things we do here is make sure everyone is tested so we know how well they do thinking out of the box. Some people, in a crucial situation, tend to freeze. If someone in an exploration party do that, it puts everyone in a dangerous situation."

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Raimon listens to Ryhalt's query, as that is a familiar one. Raimon remembers well the after - dinner conversation at which the Duke had come up with the idea of broaching the topic here, as indicated by a thoughtful familiar nods Ryhalt's way, followed by a quick glance 'round the room. Rai's eyes settle on Lou and her explanation. Raimon nods. Indeed. Good sense there.

Aella looks up as Ryhalt mentions a port. "I'd help with that. On behalf of the Explorers. Or House Ravenseye. Or perhaps my patron..." She doesn't name who her patron is. "Have a similar project already underway, myself. Happy to support Farshaw in this." Then she quiets again, turning her attention to Jamie and Isabeau nearby.

Avalanche, a fluffy mountain pup, Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

Griz the huge wolfhound, Muninn the cocky raven arrive, following Aelgar.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask, 1 Templar Knight guards, 1 Knight of the Temple, Aelgar arrive, following Giada.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask, 1 Templar Knight guards, 1 Knight of the Temple leave, following Giada.

Lou beams a wide grin at Aella, noting to Ryhaly. "See? You already have volunteers!" she exclaims to him. "I'd be more than happy to lend my service as well, if there are no others that wish to go before me. After my trip to Brightshore, beyond the Saffron Chain in the Bright Sea, I've been giving others first opportunity to go on explorations. Allowing them to have the same stating opportunities I did," she explains. She pours herself a glass of whiskey. "Of course, these days, the Explorers are working on discovering more information about what the Metallic Traitor has planned, particularly when we learned that he is devouring Whitepeak, as he had intended to devour the Lodge of Petrichor all those many years ago, syphoning the primum from the old city of the Metallics."

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, Jace arrive, following Raven.

Ryhalt nods to Lou's reply. "Thank you, that will be a great help as we're short of hands." He listens with interest as Lou explains the qualifications of the members. "Two of my siblings are members, so we're fans, I suppose?" He chuckles. "Will there be one of your famed tests soon?"

As Ryhalt hears Aelle's offer to assist, he smiles warmly to her. "I'll happily accept your aid, thank you. Seems we may be having the same sort of challenges with rough coastlines?" As Lou continues on with what the current engagements for the explorers are he nods, smile dimming somewhat. "An important mission which I fully support. Is there any need for funding?"

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

Overhearing the comments, Aelgar raises his hand to some of the folks he has been in contact with and offers, "I will learn and pass the test as well..."

Raven arrives fashionably late and on her heels but not so close to suggest that they came together enters Jace. Raven pauses and surveys the room and available seating.

Ian catches Raven's eye when he notices that she's come in, and uses his cane to nudge out a chair for her.

Rosalind comes rushing in, mud and some spare branches clung to her leathers. She's late. There's a warm smile on her face though as she hurries in, waving to everyone present. "Hello! Hi! Sorry I'm not on time! I didn't realize how late it was and I was off on a hike,"she starts, grabbing a cooking before going to have a seat.

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"The northern Mourning Sea, where the waters meet the Frozen Sea, thereabouts, suppose you could call that rough coastline," Aella says to Ryhalt. She offers to speak with him at his leisure, letting others speak as more newcomers enter.

Jace had indeed showed up late. The Lord Redreef's good eye looks around as studies the scene.

Raimon, recognizing Jace from their meeting at the Ebb and Flow earlier, slides his own chair over a ways to make room should Jace wish to join a table.

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6 Grayson House Guards, Gioia, a clever actress from Gemecitta arrive, following Jerrica.

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Raven looks around and double-takes spotting a familiar face. Smiling and of course accepting the invitation she starts that way though she pauses to look over her shoulder when Raimon nudges out a chair for Jace. She bows her head politely and settles into the chair offered by Ian.

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Isabeau and her fellow sitters at the table engage in quiet conversation amongst them, though her gaze does go to Lou and about at the discussions, "Wasn't that the pickle," she remarks at the mention of the Lodge.

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Aelgar knows many of the people present from other associations or from his inquiries into The Explorers and some will even remember him, but he is a Scholar and maybe more used to smaller groups or those consisting of himself and books, so he is slower to mingle. Gravitating to the side, he takes in the clusters of people passively, seeming in little hurry to dive in.

Slowly rising to his feet as others are filing into the hall, "I also have a question, and a request for aid from the Society, if possible. The Academy of War is also looking into where the Traitor's forces are, and we are sending small groups of scouts into both the Oathlands and the Northlands to look for potential defensive positions, as well to scout out cave networks for future use by Compact forces, should any caves be present. I thought it might be advantageous for a member of the Society to accompany us, if any would be willing?"

Jace takes the offer seat with a nod of apperication. Though he doesn't speak up as people see to be asking questions and he doesn't wish to disrupt.

Ian lifts a hand. "I'm not with the Society until I pass their entrance test, but I'll help where I can."

Lou glances aside as Rosalind arrives, giving her a mildly amused look at her somewhat muddy state. "No worries, Rosalind," she tells her. She also spies Jace and Raven entering behind Rosalind, giving each a nod of greeting as they arrive. She grins and wiggles fingers at Jerrica. COUSIN! Her eyes seem to say, but it's Ryhalt's earlier question that draws her back to the group. "I will need to let you know with regards to funding," she tells him. "I know the Queen has asked for aid in some of the plans. The Metallic Traitor, it seems, intends to attempt to convince the Dream that he is a good, so it's more important than anything not to call him by his Horned whatever title. No sense in giving the Dream ammunition to recognize him as the thing he wants most to become." She furrows her brow. "I do have a project of my own I'm embarking on, to see tat we have additional aid when the time comes, and for that we definitely may need funding, if you are inclined then. But for now it's just in the fledgling planning stages," she says with a bit of a grimace.

Lou looks to Jamie as he rises to his feet and poses his own question asking for aid. "Likewise, the Explorers would be most willing to help with that. Though, we caution you to stay away from Whitepeak." Whether or not Jamie knows where Whitepeak is. "He has a sizable force of insects there aiding him in devouring the city." She glances carefully in Vitalis's direction a moment before looking back to Jamie, a note of concern for the man as she speaks of Whitepeak. "We did not know his forces where there when three separate groups came back from the city with their memories completely altered. It took one of our members completing a ritual to restore her group's memories, and not without great cost to herself."

An Explorers meeting isn't quite the place one would usually find Jerrica Grayson, but when she was making plans for the evening many people she knew were going. Always social, she has decided to make an appearance. She quietly enters the hall knowing she is late before sitting at a table with familiar faces.

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Aella gives Jerrica a wave of greeting as the group at her table grows. Jamie and Lou get her full attention, however, listening intently. "Another I'd volunteer myself - and Rosa - to. If it's the Northlands you search, Ravenseye will help route out any who side with the Traitor."

Raven lifts a hand, "I am aware of some who are monitoring the situation. It is possible I can verify if any amoung those who are might be able to provide more detailed information."

Rosalind gives Aella a confused look. "What are you signing me up for?" Not that she CARES. "I'll do it,"she says, raising her hand. Wait. Do you raise your hands for that stuff? There's a wave to Jerrica too, toasting her with the cookie she has in her other hand.

Jamie glances to Ian and nods, "Of course, my Lord. And I thank you." He turns back to Lou and nods, his voice a rough baritone, "Definitely. Right now my focus is on finding potential spots for development on Compact lands, while others may conduct scouting parties further out. Though, I can't say that I am fully aware of where Whitepeak is - it might help to scout potential routes from Whitepeak into where ever we believe their next target will be, and start setting up defensive fortifications there?" He glances to Aella and nods as well, "And thank you as well, Countess."

Ryhalt chuckles to Aella and nods to her. "Yes, that is challenging, in that there may be limits to what ships you may take in, which is our problem." Seeing Jerrica enter, he also offers her a warm smile. Listening to Lou once more, he nods about funding. "When it is time, I most certainly will be happy to send silver your way. We do not want him nor his master getting more power." He winces to hear how the Explorers discovered what was happening at Whitepeak.

Aelgar makes his way around the groups, listening to the confusing corsstalks and pausing beside Vitalis to greet him, "Lord. Good to see you again. I actually made it." Others will get a wave or a nod as will, hopefully including everyone he knows. Eventually. Along with anyone he does not know if he happens to cross gazes with them.

Evander's eyes glint with a spark of envy and fascination as he listens to the disccusions of far of lands and dangerous insects.

Jerrica returns Lou's wave and sends one Ryhalt's way as well while she quietly listens to the discussion. She won't be volunteering herself to go into caves just yet.

Lou gives Ian a broad grin, nodding in his direction at volunteer. "And that test is long over do, Ian Kennex!" she exclaims. "At this point, having been to Brightshore and back with me, you're an honorary member." She winks then looks back to the others. She gives another nod to Jamie. "Which are solid plans. I know that House Grayson will have a fair few things we'll need help with." Her brow creases as she thinks on some of those projects, and she lets out a long breath.

"Nor the Prophet of Sands or the Dune Emperor," Lou notes to Ryhalt, furrowing her brow. "The are, in part, part of this all too. We have not seen the last oF Eurus, by far. My understanding is a fair few have received dreams of the Taskmasters of Eurus looking to the Metallic Traitor to succeeded where they failed, and they were rather surprised we succeeded without Copper's aid." A pause, and then she adds, "I guess they didn't expect that Brass would actually help us. Or could." She places her hands on her knees and leans forward. "Are there any other questions?"

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Rowenova arrives, following Tarik.

Jamie offers Lou a bow, holding it for a moment. "I am at your service, both as a scout and as a soldier. Thank you, Highness." The title just slips out, and the big Greenmarcher looks perplexed for a moment, but habits die hard. He slides back into his seat without further comment.

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Sir Floppington leads as point through the door after it is opened before Rowenova and Tarik enter, hand in hand, after the good boy.

Ian has the good grace to look briefly chagrined over how long he's put off formally joining the Society. "Things have settled down with my House enough that I think I can commit the time," he explains.

Tarik heads towards one of the empty tables.

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Spying a familiar dog. And---Rosa is clearly starting to get excited. Cover you ears!

The princess who hates to be called princess does not actually flinch at the title for once. Instead, she plants an easy grin on her face and nods in Jamie's direction. "Of course. Thank you." She spies her protege entering, with his affianced following after, and waves in the direction of Tarik and Rowenova, giving them both a warm, welcoming smile.

Lou glances back to Ian and inclines her head. "Good. Good." She looks between he and Ryhalt. "If you are both interested in joining, I can certainly forward your names to the Explorers to be tested. I make certain that every explorer is empowered to give the tests so no one is waiting on me. Being a Voice of Grayson, my time is a bit strained sometimes," she explains with an apologetic look. "I do, however, plan on holding the non-committal gauntlet again sometime soon." The event she holds every so often to give folk a taste of what it is like to be an explorer, without actually taking the real tests.

Raven listens with interest to the questions and the answers, nursing her flask a bit and dividing her attention between her table and the room at large. Talk of tests and gauntlets haver her interest peaking a bit more.

With Tarik, Nova joins a table as Sir Floppington makes the rounds, wagging up to Rosalind and looking up to her with those soulful eyes. From where she seats herself, Nova gives a wave to Lou with a little grin enshrouded in the shadow of the wolf helm that Nova wears.

Ryhalt nods in agreement with Lou's statement that they haven't seen the end of Eurus. "I haven't heard that about the dreams... but it doesn't surprise me that that is their hope. He does have a strong hold in many parts of Avrum and only vigilance and much loss will keep that influence from growing. Given the way people are remembering more of the truth of the world now... I think we may be having more help than we even know." He glances to Ian with a grin before looking back to Lou with a nod. "I can't volunteer for the most dangerous expeditions, but I do miss adventuring more and more. No harm in giving the test a try, hmm?"

Poppy tries to sneak in as inconspicuously as possible. Of course she stumbles just a little before flopping down on a seat out of harms way.

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Lou grins at Ryhalt. "You join only those expeditions you have time for, or feel that you can attend," she notes to him. She glances to Willen, who has started taking notes, and he nods back to her. He's got this; Ian and Ryhalt's names are surely on a list somewhere now. "We don't always know which end up being surprisingly dangerous though," she notes, once more glancing in Vitalis's direction before looking back to Ryhalt. "Outside of one group accidentally disturbing the ghosts of Whitepeak, for instance, and having them activate the automated clockwork dogs that work as the security system, we never thought Whitepeak would have amounted to anything comparing to a dangerous trip. We were wrong." She grimaces. "But also, that's part and parcel of exploration. The best thing about being an explorer is getting confirmation that all your nagging fears about terrible horrors lurking in the world are completely justified."

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Raven purses her lips and wonders, "Are there skills, knowledge, or resources which are particularly in demand either by the Explorers or those who petition the Explorers for assistance?"

The look that Ian gives Lou regarding the 'best' part of being an explorer is decidedly skeptical.

Jamie raises his hand again, this time not rising from his seat. "I would also put forward my name as a potential explorer, if you've need of one more. Lord Jamie Greenmarch." His tone turns decidedly amused, "Though I admit I'm not overly fond of boats, and I imagine there's quite a bit of it in this line of work."

Lou glances to Raven. "Healers are always nice. Or those that can solve puzzles. Or folk with unusual skills." She furrows her brow trying to think of anything else. "You'd be surprised what a person can do with the skills they possess when they need to think out of the box, which is what the test is largely designed to show." She then grins at Raven. "The story I like to relate the most is that of Master Sparte. In a combat situation against abandoned, he led the group chasing after him around in circles as he /sang/ at them, keeping them distracted from the rest of us."

Lou glances over at Jamie and inclines her head. "Oh! You're related to Monique! She was very briefly an Explorer, but I think she got too busy." She seems delighted that Jamie would be interested, but then Lou is /all about being an explorer/ and folk rarely see her /anywhere/ but the Explorer's Hall publicly.

Ryhalt chuckles wryly at Lou and inclines his head to her point of danger not always being able to be determined beforehand. "Does take the fun out of exploring to need to be reasonably unharmed at the end of it." He chuckles at the story of Sparte, shaking his head. "Surprise comes in many forms."

Raven ahhhs and there's a moment of wry chagrine at the craftiness exploring apparently takes. She flashes a grin and a salute with her flask to Lou in silent thanks for the answer.

Talk of Whitepeak, Eurus, and danger means that Jerrica is still unsure about being an explorer, but there are cookies and conversation at her table. She happily munches as the others talk about more serious matters.

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Aella looks over at the other tables, feeling as though she has forgotten... "Oh! I... Didn't introduce myself since I got here, did I?" Classic. The countess gives Raimon a wave before saying, "Countess Aella Ravenseye, of Stormheart. Aye, related to that one," She pokes a thumb in Rosalind's direction.

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Isabeau looks aside at Aella and uses her influence and the pause to raise her hand in a wiggly fingered wave to the other tables, "Duchess Isabeau Telmar. I'm not an explorer."

Poppy wiggles her hand up too. "I'm not an explorer either. Lady Poppy Stahlben. But I was wondering. What if you're not great with the whole outdoors thing but like exploring. Can you join?"

Lou reaches out for her glass of whiskey and takes a hefty ship. She points to Poppy with her free hand. "You can!" she exclaims. "Because Exploring isn't always about being physical in things. There's researching, solving puzzles, delving into new languages - like the lost language of the Uanna, the people who ruled what is now known as the Southryn Wastes, which was destroyed by the Caridans in the Great Betrayal. And, also, why the Metallic Traitor is called the Metallic Traitor. He /used/ to be one of them. Until he got most of the killed during a peaceful meeting in Uanna."

Rosalind squints at Aella. "That one?! I'm your favorite sister!" Only sister. Hurring to her feet, Rosa realizes she has to go somewhere. "You should join, Poppy. It'll be fun!" Giving her table a wave, the shorter tall Ravenseye starts to dart out the door, waving. "You should all become Explorers! So much to do and discover!" And just like that, she runs out the door.

Lou adds. "If it helps. Master Oswyn is a Scholar and a Healer and he does well on our expeditions."

Aella just makes a motion after Rosalind as if to say, 'See? /That/ one.'

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Vitalis meanders in from the records room, head bent in discussion with his aide and stops when the room is ... not at all empty. Many voices, lots of hooting chairs and introductions. He blinks, mostly by habit, and nods at Lou's response. "An expedition is a crew." The Seeker smiles, silver-gray eyes hazed and sightless, "Each member brings different apptitudes. We are flush with experienced survivalists, your expeditions will not lack for that. Someone who knows rare species of plants, or an esoteric language, or is skilled at nearly anything at all is most welcome." He gestures at his face and its terrible scars, "And never fear, this was not won on Expedition."

Poppy clearly perks at Lou's word. "Oh! Master Oswyn. He's a genius and just well... wonderful!" She nods mostly to herself reassured. However, it's Rosa's encouragment that is looked with a moment of skeptism.

"If there are no other questions this evening, I think this is a good place to end the evening. Feel free to hang out and drink the booze," Lou remarks, grinning at those there. She nods in response to Vitalis's words, then looks back to Poppy. "That he is. Largely, we just need to know you won't get yourself killed, but all you really need is the heart and desire to explore things." She's rising from her chair as she says this, brushing off her pants a bit.

Ian looks up from commenting something at his table. "Lord Vitalis." His flat voice comes out less as a greeting and more as a matter-of-fact stating of Vitalis' name. "Doing better?"

Raimon returns Aella's wave, with a grin

Raven salutes, "Thank you for your time and this lovely opportunity to chat with you!"

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