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The Veiled Harbor

A rebellion on the island of Tresova has overthrown Blackshore rule, massacred the Seraph, his Templars, and many of the soldiers posted to the capital. The last Blackshore soldiers are holding out in Bloodstone Keep, where they cling to the last bastion of baronial power. Baron Aedric sends his armies and allies to their aid against the Leviathan honoring rebels of the 'Lord of Tresova and Defender of the Burning Mountain', Caius Carideo and his followers.

This is a SIGNIFICANT RISK combat scene, involving the effort to land at Tresova, and fight through the city to relieve the siege of Bloodstone. Coded @army units will be involved and may suffer casualties. Rolls begin at HARD difficulty.


July 1, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Aedric Jasher Martinique Orland Quinley Romulius Yuri Sorrel Vitalis Caspian Ian Temira Raven



Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Tresova - Tresova - Veiled Harbor

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Vitalis peers at the map, "Hey, Blackheart. That building is named after Moonsilver." Vitalis' great addition to the battle plan.

The massed strength of House Blackshore, bolstered by allies of Kennex, Redreef and the Order of the East Light had gathered for the voyage to the rebel island of Tresova. It was over a full day at sail south-east from New Hope before a lightless grey morning found them at the mist-shrouded shores of the volcanic island. As recently as two years before, these had been Abandoned waters. A mild wind stirs the mists from the west

Twenty-three ships had made the voyage. Under the Blackshore banner were a dromond, two galleys, five longships, and a pair of cogs, all carrying soldiers of the Black Vanguard, reinforced with footmen of the Order of East Light, and a powerful division of Kennex Corsairs which made up near half the expedition's soldiery. Behind these were thirteen ships from Redreef, no doubt sent in that holy number by the famously pious Countess Ember; a cog, two galleys, and ten longships, carrying the better part of a hundred soldiers and a pair of precious war machines.

In places along the broken coastline, the escape of volcanic gasses through underwater vents gave the ill-omened waters the eerie illusion of boiling. Above them, the looming bulk of Bloodstone bastion could be half-glimpsed atop sheer black cliffs, while at its base the treacherous waterway to the Veiled Harbor wove between four lighthouses that marked the safe course between jagged outcroppings of volcanic rock. It was a very good thing that the Black Vanguard had kept control of the keep and harbor, as the course ahead would be nightmarish if opposed by arrow and stone from the castle.

Quinley, as commanding admiral of the expedition, had chosen the safer approach of waiting for high tide and arranging the ships of the fleet in single file for their approach to the Veiled Harbor; it would be a delay, and not the swiftest method of putting vengeful boots on the ground, but it had been decided that the extra few hours to be saved were not worth the risk to the fleet. By now, the Black Vanguard survivors in Bloodstone had held out for a week, a further five hours was unlikely to make or break the siege.

Caspian checks perception and sailing at hard. Caspian is successful.

Romulius, having forgone most of his titles upon marriage into the Royal House of Thrax, is here in two roles: the Sword of New Hope, the living embodiment of the honor of House Blackshore, and as Knight Commander of the Order of East Light. No doubt there will be some conflict in these two roles, but the man who formerly commanded the entirety of the Black Vanguard seems perfectly at ease as ships make ready for landfall upon Tresova. Deferential to his cousin, it has been made readily apparent that he is here in an auxiliary role; none of House Thrax's ships are here, and even the Order's vessels have been kept at the Sunrise Stronghold with their knights riding the waves as passengers. Still, there's an unmistakable air of authority in the prince's presence; his command may not be official, but Romulius is not the sort to sit idly by when there is bloodshed to be had.

Caspian looks at the map and scratches behind his ear, "Gods.. i dont know much about siege warfare but trying to sail right past the Bastion into the harbor just seems like a really bad idea.." The armored man looked to the smarter folks.. so basically everyone.. "Is there not a better way to get the troops and supplies offloaded? one that doesn't involve us swimming like fish past a bear in the steam and hoping they all go cross eyed with their own weapons." he gave a small chuckle, "i dont really like those odss.."

Ian has brought with him Jan's mess of ex-mercenaries and other (very loyal) borderline undesirables, otherwise known as the Kennex Corsairs. Close to a thousand warriors of different stripes plucked from various places around the Compact, all of them stuffed onto ships where space could be spared. Ian himself is, as usual, showing himself to be a man of questionable sea legs (questionable legs in general, if Aindre is to be believed), balancing by keeping a hand on some kind of support at all times, currently a railing. "If you put us down first, I think we can hold the harbor while the rest of the ships unload." The comment is directed at Jasher, perhaps due to his taking a cue from Romulius.

Temira glances quickly at the map and concludes such things should be left to those who have the skills to do them. Not her as she enjoys reading maps when she travels to new places but not like this. Deciding that it was best to be prepared for what was likely to be a difficult battle, Temira grabs her long blonde hair and braids it, then wraps it in a low bun, using a piece of leather to tie it around.

Raven says not a word, eyeing the map and worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. At Ian's suggestion she gives an agreeing nod perhaps thinking the more realistic the goal-the better. Her weight shifts restlessly between booted feet.

"...but you have your primary objectives," the elder Blackshore mutters, in the process of concluding a last-minute briefing aboard the first fleet's flagship. He is surrounding primarily by senior officers of the Black Vanguard and appears to be following the order of battle prepared by his Minister of War. "Improvise if necessary. Otherwise, go as intended. You are dismissed." A silent chorus of nods is followed by heavy footfalls of heavy sabatons as the personnel depart and prepare for their respective landings. Aedric collects his helmet from the table and returns to the main deck. In short time, the operation would begin.

Yet again with the Order of East Light, Lord Orland Amadeo is putting in an appearance, recovered enough to respond to the call. He's found himself near to his Brothers of the Order, which ever ships they land on, he's probably shadowing them. He's decided to leave Amadeo's ships and crew at home, considering the affair on open water last time. It's a little too soon to ask his people to bleed again, so he's happy enough to show up as merely one of the Knights of the Order. His hands rest absently on the pommel of Tiderender, as his eyes are cast outward toward their objective. The few squires that he has watch over he keeps busy with minimal tasks, but ensures they're near by to be ready.

Vitalis has only himself and his armament pledged to this. A happenstance meeting only recently that presented a path to one who seldom turns away from the call of a horizon, whether that horizon is dark with the smoke of siege or not. He has made himself scarce while folk who know the landscape, the sea, sailing, and war better than he - probably anyone in sight. He is, however, keen-eyed and stands at the prow of the boat, eyes trained towards their destination, attention keen on leaden sea, sky, and land.

When at last it was time, the first ship in line raised anchor and rowed forward, followed closely by the other ships of the squadron. A distant horn sounds unseen from the island. Roughly half the fleet had entered the channel without incident, before the sounds begin.

Sieges by nature are simultaneously tense and terribly dull, with little of note taking place outside of the infrequent skirmish. Thus, when an unseen clamor of shouts and screams arises from the Veiled Harbor ahead, it is a very clear sign that something is amiss.

A second clear sign is had when the nearest of the four lighthouses shepherding the fleet through the treacherous channel goes abruptly dark. In short order, the light of two more beacons is lost, before the last and greatest lighthouse of Tresova, the Sovereign Star, ominously is extinguished.

The lead ship had just drawn past the third lighthouse, crossing the halfway point in traversing the channel, the rest of the fleet trailing behind in single file, now abruptly bereft of the sight of the safe course.

Clad in a veritable fortress of diamondplate, and marked by the fisted flame of the Order of East Light upon his pristine white tabard, Prince Jasher stands at attention upon one of a few ships hosting a modest number of knights. It happens to be the one his cousin and Knight-Commander is aboard; they stand within sight of one another, so he is able to hear any orders given. Ian's comment in his direction is returned with a wordless nod of understanding. Something about the shrouded landscape ahead gives him a sense of unease, evident in the pinch of skin between his brows.

Romulius checks command and sailing at hard. Romulius fails.

Jasher checks command and sailing at hard. Botch! Jasher fails completely.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Botch! Ian fails completely.

Vitalis checks command and sailing at hard. Critical Success! Vitalis is spectacularly successful.

Aedric checks command and sailing at hard. Aedric is successful.

Aedric checks luck at normal. Aedric is successful.

Overconfidence is something of a signature for Romulius Thrax; he has sailed these waters before, and he does not seem particularly concerned with the massive structure of the Sovereign Star having gone dark as Blackshore's fleets and their allies make ready for landfall. It proves a detriment, guiding the ship he rides towards the veiled landmass into a reef that threatens to end their landing before they reach the shore. Overconfidence, as it happens, is an insidious killer - the prince's longship, carrying a number of his knights, finds itself bound with another landing craft. With the lead ship stuck on the treacherous reefs of Tresova, it falls to the Order to see it pulled from its finds and back on a course towards the shore proper.

By the same token, being out of his element has Vitalis' senses sharp as the rocks and reefs - he calls out to Prince Jasher from the prow of Sea Drake, rock, reef, and wreck, each as he sees them.

Orland was not expecting IMPACT. He doesn't brace in time and goes wheeling forward and slams into another Knight and starts a little chain reaction of crash into the person in front of you. When everything is said and done, his hand goes up to his forehead - yes he took someone else's armor into his face. Was it Jasher? Yuri? Or some other Knight. It apparently doesn't matter, wiping away his hand to find a bit of blood there. "OW!"

Ian is taken off guard by the choice to go into a dark harbor, and has an established history of not doing especially well under the command of people who he's not related to, at least when it comes to sailing. He makes a flustered sound. "Are we really going..." He cuts himself off before entering into a full bicker, but enough of that energy is there that it winds up being a distraction. He loses his balance when the ship strikes a rock, and is forced to begin this campaign by picking himself up off the deck.

Without the lighthouses to guide them, the path toward the harbor has grown exceptionally dangerous. As soon as it extinguishes, Aedric -- acutely aware of the perils -- signals for the captain aboard his longship to ignite a series of torches with the hopes that they can function as temporary beacons and steer the vessels in tow away from treacherous volcanic outcroppings. The alternative, it would seem, was to do /nothing/ and leave their fates to chance.

It came as a surprise as the immediate jolt caused Yuri to jam forward into a few of the ranks of knights, sharing curt words and trying to roll in the ranks before he heard that grinding, rip and tear, sound upon his right. He could have sworn he heard Orland somewhere in the darkness, "Orl--" A sudden shift and grind caused Yuri to be tossing into his left, tossed into other knights.

Jasher follows Romulius' orders as soon as they are concisely delivered. After all, of those aboard the longship they've opted to sail in on, his commander has the most experience. The sword of Maelstrom himself has never laid eyes upon the treacherous seabed before, though he has observed something like these volcanic structures in the past, and steered clear of them when encountered. This time, it seems he's been tasked with attempting to sail /through/ them, and in the dark, through a thick layer of fog. Not great. When their ship collides with the other, he lurches forward, takes a second to gather his bearings, and then begins to assist with righting their longship so they can make another solid attempt to lead their ships to safety and landfall.

Caspian looks ahead, frowning as the lights begin to blink out. "well.. that can't be good." he looked around to the more experienced sailors, "Should we run out a longboat with a torch or---" his words were cut short as the impact sent him stumbling across the deck, completely unprepared for the sudden stop the ship experienced. he looked around, wide eyed, suddenly VERY thankful he wasn't the one at the helm.

"THAT's MY FOOT!" Orland crows into the deck of chaos as knights are falling into each other, onto each other... The person on his foot, Yuri--! Orland's arm helps to steady Yuri, "Did I ever tell anyone I hate sailing?!" He grips on Yuri's shoulder stoutly, before he looks around, "What in the abyss was that all about?" Nevermind they'll have to probably jump ship? Who even knows, it's CHAOS.

Though eventually it doesn't matter how many hazards he calls, because it just takes missing one for a ship to run aground. The sound is *gut wrenching* and Vitalis grimaces, moving off to find Prince Jasher and do as he'd said -- stand by.

Raven might be a seasoned sailor and Captain herself but none of these ships are hers so she continues to keep her mouth shut though her anxious and restless shifting on the deck increases when the lighthouse goes out she lets a single sharp, "Fuck." under her breath. Aboard whichever ship Caspian is on, presumably to help offload supplies or protect those doing such. She is making her way to the bow when she's knocked like everyone else on the ship is and is knocked face-first into a bit of rigging with a pained grunt followed with the 'thump' of her ass on the deck. There's a pained stream of cussing when she hears the now familiar splash of a Wild being back released into the wild.

Temira watches the lighthouse go out and can't see anything, but hears Aedric call to light torches for the others to navigate and begins to help with the endeavor. "Not off to a good start, are we?" She mutters under her breath as she hears the ships crash into one another. "Glad I listened to my gut on getting on the ship," Temira says aloud as she squints into darkness, wondering if she can see anything with the torches now lit.

The eerie mists that shroud Tresova seem all the thicker for that lost light, sound echoing from odd directions as another longship runs up alongside the stricken vessel to hastily take on passengers and whatever supplies can be quickly salvaged. Curses and cries from the foundered longship gradually give way to more shouts.. Ahead, screams, trumpets, and a new source of light illuminate a new and sudden danger: a cog is burning at anchor in the docks of the Veiled Harbor, and the rest of the Blackshore Second Fleet is fleeing for open water..

Directly at the Blackshore ships presently moving through the channel. The source of their sudden flight is revealed as a scattering of stones raises a large splash from the black waters: shore based grapeshot.

Temira checks dexterity and sailing at hard. Temira marginally fails.

Aedric checks luck at normal. Aedric is successful.

Ian picks himself back up and immediately goes to get an idea of what kind of damage they're looking at. He makes an irritated sound at the sight of the amount of water that's coming in, or maybe at the combination of the water and what he's hearing echoing out at him from the mist. The more immediate issue involves the orderly offloading of everyone on the ship he's currently on, however, so after grabbing his bag and clipping his looped scarf to his belt like the world's ugliest, smelliest whip, that's where he turns his attention.

Orland pats Yuri on the shoulder, "Get what we can! I'm going to check on the squires." He shifts back through the seething math of people getting off the ship, grabs one of the squires and issues, "Grab what you can but get over on that other ship, NOW!" He looks back for his second squire that he had been watching out for and finds him on the deck, probably trampled or stepped on in the dark, but hunkered down by one of the masts. Orland wades through the exodus to grab him up and heave his arm over his shoulder, "Come on lad, one, two, one, two, one, two, just like the drills!"

Vitalis makes himself useful, hauling and throwing, helping as he can, before hopping over the rail onto something more solid than the deck of a sinking ship. He crouches, peering through the mist.

Ultimately, the longship carrying many of the Order's knights is deemed lost - there is some confusion, certainly, but eventually its occupants are transferred onto another. With the indication that the Harbor is lost, the Knight-Commander orders the ship to instead land upon the beach. While it will demand a good deal more fighting to secure Tresova proper, Romulius is confident enough in his knights and the Vanguard to regain control of one of the landmass's only harbors to justify a shore landing.

Yuri shifted into Orland as they came up face to face, nodding furiously, "Every time! WE need to--" He jostled again to his right as he felt a roaring along the side of the ship they were upon, sifting through the throng of bodies of knights that were fighting to regain balance. His hand tapped Orland on the shoulder as he departed, "Heed your Knight-Commander!" he howled under the din of chaos on the deck, whilst assisting the flight from Romulius's longship.

Caspian struggles to his feat, looking around, "I think we hit something!" yes.. yes caspian was ever the clever one. he paused to consider the stupidity of his statement but didn't have long to think before another impact dropped him to his knees. he struggled to his feat as the mass evacuation off the ship began. he grabbed up what little things he had, strapping his helm on before rushing for the side of the ship. on one leap he launched himself off the deck toward the nearby ship and the safety it offered. he splashed into the waves, coming up and spitting a small stream out before cutting through the water toward the ship.

Jasher grapples and helps to move as much cargo and bodies into it as they can before theirs is lost to this graveyard which has claimed so many before them. The faint but assistive light granted by the unfortunate, flaming cog at anchor in the distance allows them to safely evacuate their doomed ship and lights the way toward the beach.

There is virtually no time to react. From the mist emerges the hull of another ship. They collide. Planks snap and wood splinters. Aedric tumbles forward and collides into one of the oarsmen. A junior officer shouts -- they are taking on water, and quickly. "Off, and quickly," the baron commands, gesturing toward one of the smaller craft secured to the vessel's side. The sailors and marines, to their credit, are trained and do not need to be told twice. He follows after them, helmet in hand, and takes his place at the helm of the last rowboat only after the bulk of the transport has been evacuated.

Aedric checks luck at normal. Aedric marginally fails.

Raven pushes herself up and squints in the dark, "That ain't the ship trying to whistle, champ, we're-...." And she watches him launch himself off, "For the love of..." *sigh*. She shoves her boots in her satchel and then she too leaps off the ship

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ember before departing.

Temira loses balance as the ship hits and lunhes forward. Lucly enough, with fast relexes, she catches herself on the railing. Coming from a family of reversals, she knows what this means and makes a break for the nearest escape boat.

Temira loses balance as the ship hits and lunges forward. Luckily enough, with fast reflexes, she catches herself on the railing. Coming from a family of reversals, she knows what this means and makes a break for the nearest escape boat.

Ember checks luck at normal. Ember is successful.

A goodly number of longships have managed to thread the needle of dangers and are rowing in various states of repair for the shore and docks. The larger warships- a dromond, four galleys, and a pair of cogs are stranded in the bay. A Blackshore galley tries to force through the treacherous channel, unwilling to wait while a battle begins. Alas, the rocks of Tresova claim another victim. Undeterred, a Redreef galley echoes the rash choice, rowing ahead boldly and getting lucky. It is the only big ship to join the remaining longships in putting warriors ashore. All along the waterfront and dock, Tresovan rebels stand ready to greet the invaders. Largely unarmored, carrying axes, harpoons, or a few woodsman's bows, they are strengthened in places by the presence of steel plate armored axemen distinguished by barbute helms with red plumes. A catapult is loaded for another shot.

Temira wields Bowzer.

Caspian wields Charm and Grace, alaricite chain knives.

Raven wields Blackheart Halfmoon Blade.

Vitalis wields Defiance, an Oakhide whip in glinting white.

Jasher wields Wake's Edge.

Romulius checks strength and athletics at hard. Critical Success! Romulius is spectacularly successful.

Caspian checks strength and athletics at hard. Caspian marginally fails.

Ian checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Ian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian marginally fails.

Orland checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Orland fails.

Jasher checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Jasher fails.

Yuri checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Yuri fails.

Jasher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jasher is successful.

Aedric checks command and war at hard. Aedric is successful.

Yuri checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Yuri is successful.

Orland checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Orland is successful.

Vitalis checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Jasher checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jasher is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Yuri checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Yuri fails.

Romulius checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Botch! Romulius fails completely.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at hard. Temira fails.

Orland wields Tiderender, a rubicund greatsword.

Raven checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Raven fails.

New Hope's Sword has been involved in far more than one hostile landing in his life; he is the first off the longship, alaricite flashing as it clears its sheathe. Unfortunately, the rebel forces assembled along the shore are hardly amateurs, and an overly-aggressive swing finds Bainteoir bound up in a deadlock. Perhaps Romulius will see it free in short enough order to deliver the blow he'd meant to, but for now, it's impossible for the prince to spill any blood upon Tresova's shore.

Ian and beaches really don't mix, this is clear from the point that he sets foot, struggling, on the sands. His cane isn't much help, His boots sink into the giving surface, and the braces don't give him enough mobility at the ankles to compensate. He staggers, gets his footing back, staggers again. But Ian's had a decade to practice being terrible at walking places, and he's only avoiding a hail of arrows and maybe some grapeshot. No big deal. He homes in on one of the armored people, but his halting advance gives the other man plenty of time to prepare for his attack, allowing for an effortless parry.

Vitalis crouches low and trudges over the sand, teeth bared as shot flies around them, he is single-minded in heading for cover.

The thing about storming a beach in the dead of night and fog?! There's toe jammers all over the place! From obstacles unseen in the shallows to the suddenly wet sand that sucks at armored boots, to a Squire that needs to be picked up, or maybe the Squire was picking up the Knight? Either way, Orland's beaching skills are sloppy at best and at least he survives it long enough to dodge the hell out of the way of in coming attacks. Finally, drawing out a weapon, he looks for Yuri to fight alongside, at least! "YURI," he hollars out, looking. Not subsequently after that he's grousing, "I'm wet, there's sand in my ass, I'm pretty sure... and I can barely see through my own BLOOD!" He proceeds to draw out Tiderender, "Now I'm pissed off."

Raven's eye is swelling up by the time she makes the beach, partially obscuring her view and in the chaos she's quick to have her sword out but busy looking for the any of the backs she came here to watch. Attacked before she's properly oriented she gives a irritable snarl and churns sand urgently as she looks for steadier footing and less vunerable position.

Temira does her usual thing of finding a high place to rain arrows down. For some reason, this takes longer than normal and by the time she finds a spot that does work. A tree with a good view in a place you are unfamiliar with is rather hard. As she perches she readies an arrow for the next time she has a good shot among the fighting.

Caspian gives a wolfish grin as finally he can get into the thick of it! he grabs his daggers hopping onto the railing and bellowing out, "Now would be a good time to run home to your mothers you bastards! The bards will be singing of your---" and then someone shoved him from behind, likely on accident.. but hey who knew. he waved his arms frantically as he tried to regain his balance, failed and went toppling into the water in a geyser of white sea foam. his head came upa nd he swung around wildly, blinded by the water. had it not be for romulius shoving him out of the way, an arrow would have found his chest. he staggered aside, coughing out water, before seeing the arrow and Romulius and then grinning. "i owe you a drink! onward!!" with that he charged toward the beach

The mass of knights of East Light crowding in on the boats to evacuate the longships was one endeavor. The next was the disembarking to the beach. Which was, again, chaos. Yuri was jostled between battle-hungry squires and knights looking to get their feet on some sort of solid ground. One such squire lurched forward that sent Yuri center of balance off from the manner in which the small group fled off a smaller ship. He barely had enough time regain his composure as the helm at his side was collapsing onto his head to be secure. He drew forth both of his blades, head turning as he heard his name roared out from Orland nearby, "Sink that blade into the first rebel you see; harness that rage!" Finally, at the flank of someone he can depend on. Yuri advanced on with Orland, narrowly dodging raining fire from on high.

Jasher manages to disembark his ship, though with a massive amount of effort. He misjudges his step and an untimely, powerful wave rushing the shoreline knocks him to his knees in the shallows. Thankfully, this also prevents him from being pinned in the forehead by a well-placed arrow, which instead flies over his head and plunks harmlessly into the water at a far distance. When the prince recovers from his lucky fall, his right hand draws Wake's Edge from its scabbard, and he rushes up the sandy bank to meet the enemy.

A curious call and answer battle cry is raised among the rebels. An armored axeman will shout, "The mountain stands!" to be answered by the common warriors around them, "The fire burns!" Another shouts, "Wake! Wake!" The initial melee is more of a pushing match than a bloodbath, as the invaders strike hard to win a foothold large enough to deploy a proper formation, while the rebels descend on them with fervor and high spirits, but little effect, thus far.

Orland checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Orland fails.

Romulius checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Romulius is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Yuri checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Yuri fails.

Aedric checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aedric is successful.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at hard. Temira is successful.

Orland checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Orland fails completely.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Vitalis checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Vitalis marginally fails.

Jasher checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jasher is successful.

Jasher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jasher is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Aedric checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aedric is successful.

Vitalis checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Vitalis fails.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Yuri checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Yuri is successful.

As soon as the rowboat reaches the shallows, Aedric disembarks, draws his longsword, and wades steadily toward the shoreline. Mid-trek, he pauses, bends down, and hoists a disoriented marine from the tide. "Cut down the archers," the baron commands, gesturing with his free gauntlet toward the line along the ridge overlooking the beachhead. The soldier, momentarily confused, nods once in recognition and hobbles toward the fray. For being in the midst of a siege, the elder Blackshore is strangely at ease, his cerulean gaze shifting between the knights supplied by East Light, the corsairs dispatched by House Kennex, and the crimson-clad loyalists pledged to the resurgent Carideo. In the midst of his contemplation, a rebel rushes forward and swings wildly. The mariner offers a swift and punitive riposte, cutting through the man's leather gambeson with ease.

Temira checks luck at easy. Temira is successful.

Romulius is unable to break his greatsword free of a mortal duel with one of Tresova's more equipped rebels, but a less equipped man seeks to intercede it - he's immediately met with a vambrace to his face, sending the would-be assailant staggering. Finally, the Sword of New Hope pulls his weapon from a bind that had seen him occupied since his landing. Freed of the restraint, he assumes an aggressive stance that makes it clear he expects to dispatch the man he's found himself engaged with in short order.

Orland checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Orland is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Orland does not take a permanent wound.

Orland checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Orland fails.

Orland is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Anyone who'd done many military engagements with Ian might be accustomed to a moment at the beginning of the fighting when he tries to talk whoever he's fighting with into running away or surrendering, anything to avoid having to kill him. That reluctance isn't in evidence today, however. He's silent, his expression slack and peaceful, as he closes with one of the defenders in the shallow water. His first hit, swung with his cane, is parried, but the alaricite sword comes out from within it as part of his second cut, with him holding the cane part of the cane sword in his left hand, like a parrying dagger. This he also sees parried, but at the same time, the difficult conditions favor his style of fencing, with no reliance whatsoever put on footwork, and so he has no problem turning aside the counterattack.

Raven is injured but in the Raven Scale it's a fleshwound so she keeps forward with an irritated snarl, moving quicker the second time though her foe eludes her attempt to dispatch or even land a blow on him as they splash through the water and up onto the sand.

Caspian shoves his way into the front, splashing great big swathes of water as he did. of course he looked for the biggest foe he could find, one of the elites with their fancy hats. he dove toward him, knives flashing as the slogged through the shallows. "Take the Beach! its ours they just dont know it! they are living a dream, lets wake them up!" then he was slipping past a poleaxe, to land a slicing blow across the enemies unarmored arm pit. "You know.. you lot really should have just stayed at home today.."

Temira, glad to not be fighting in the shallows, notches an arrow and lets it fly from her boat. Her aim is pretty good and she hits her target with accuracy. Looking towards the catapult, Temira stands still for a moment, ready to jump ship if it were to catapult something this way... They seemed not to be paying attention to her, so this let a sigh of momentary relief escape her. The moment is over as she grabs another arrow and aims straight at her next target.

The axeman opposite Caspian shouts, "We ARE home! Our home is our own, again!"

Vitalis sloshes through the swirling water, it's not the best footing for a fight and he looses a slash of Defiance unsuccessful trying to foul the strike of a poleaxe wielding rebel, the blade biting deep and salt water splash biting deeper. Salt cleans the wound, right? Totally clean, this water... A sheet of watery blood reddens his leathers and the Clement lords bares his teeth gathering himself to strike again.

Clear of all of the outpouring knights and squires, Yuri was able to flank in and assembled on Orland's left flank, inadvertently leading in a contingent of squires that had been following Orland off the escape ship. The knights in front of them were entangling with rebels, before they were cut down. It only caused the pair, Yuri and Orland, to strike forward harder. Orland managed to dig in a bit deeper, committed to a powerful swing of Tiderender before there was a lurch, and a fall. He had been flanked in from the opposing side, instantly pulling a response from Yuri. The knight shifted his full weight into Orland's fall, trying to shield his body from further harm as Yuri caught the poleaxe of the attacking armored rebel at his side. The response was a rapid series of hard and angry strikes into the collar of the axeman, drawing life out from him.

With Yuri at his side, Orland is doing the best he can to fend off the poleaxes and hatches, the odd arrow that slips through. He knocks aside blades, parries, and fights well enough with Yuri for a short while. But then there's an arrow that strikes his leg through his armor, which staggers him down to a knee. He lifts his sword up too slowly to turn aside the full of the polearm that comes in to jab him with such an opportunity. Tiderender's red blade catches on the polearm and is twisted out of his hand. In a furious attempt to evade from his present position, the guy with the polearm anticipates the only direction he can go and is there waiting to stab him into the shallows of the sand -- but Yuri is there to keep him from being thoroughly shish kebabed! The polearm retreats to parry with Yuri and Orland slumps, a wave of water rolling over him as he looks up at the beach, then sinks slowly into the wet...!

Jasher dodges an enemy's poleaxe as it is thrust at his chest, then cuts down with his longsword at the man's neck. It sinks so deeply into armor and flesh that blood practically explodes from the gaping wound. The water beneath the floating body blooms crimson as it is drawn by the rushing tide into the harbor's heart. "Yuri," he calls out above the din of battle between attacks, "We need to get him to a boat!" He rushes to their side to assist with sparing their fellow knight from drowning or being piled on by enemy Tresovans.

Aedric checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Aedric is spectacularly successful.

Romulius checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Romulius is successful.

Aedric checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aedric is successful.

Romulius checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Romulius is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Vitalis checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Raven is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is marginally successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at hard. Temira is successful.

Temira checks luck at easy. Temira is successful.

Raven draws attention to herself, "Oh *No!* I've dropped my sword! SOMEONE REMIND ME WHICH END i HOLD AGAIN?!" She calls in a foolish approximation of femanine distress doing her best to be distracting, obvious and loud as she draws attention away from those seeking safety and in a way no one who knows her is likely to be distracted by. When the expected arrows and charges come she leaves deep divets in the sand in her wake, "OOoooh, I LOVE to dance! more! Give me MORE!"

Yuri maintained a bastion around Orland's body, trailing him out of the shallows from letting water pool around his face where his helm may have been knocked off. He, at first, heaved the knight out of immediate drowning depth, at least without intervention. He then heard Jasher's call over the sound of fighting, shifting a helmed head his way before nodding. Some squires and knights didn't know what to do, at first. Some fought, some looked from Orland, to Yuri, to Jasher. "Out of line of sight!"

Still being left alone by the catapult, Temira fires another arrow toward a common soldier and sends him down. She watches the rest of the rebels retreat with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Caspian glances over as Raven begins to draw attention, smirking even as he dodged the man's blow. he had no idea of poor orland's fate or why Raven was doing such things.. but was sure she had a reason. "Look at that! she must have gone mad!" sure enough, raven's distraction was so good, even his foe gave a glance. a glance was all Caspian needed to end the man and let the corpse drop the sand. As the rebels began to break, he looked back, only then spying Orland being carried off the sand. "Shit! is he all right!?"

Vitalis clears his throat and tucks his chin, "Here my dewdrop, let me!" Vitalis thrashes in the water towards Raven, sending up a screen of water and a whirling screen of Oakhide whip, white as that foam where it's not tinged with blood.

With Bainteoir freed, Romulius lets the greatsword swing in a sweeping arc that once more finds the prince with the advantage of reach. It cleaves through steel links, blood spraying the beachhead though its victim stands yet to contest the Sword's aggressive assault. In the chaos of battle, the man who was once the heir assumed of Blackshore finds himself near its current baron, alaracite flashing in a veritable barrier of metal. Romulius, apparently, seems largely unconcerned with his uncle's presence even as Aedric drops a rebel dead in the surf below - or at least, he would, if Blackshore's blood was not such a powerful compulsion. "No quarter, Uncle." He is not a man of many words, when it is time to shed blood, but the Baron's cerulean must present an opportunity for the prince's hypocrisy.

While he's driven the man with the poleax back from the shallow water to the wet sand, Ian is having a hard time getting past the other man's much longer reach, especially with his footing so uncertain. A more aggressive attempt is as unsuccessful as the previous two, and leaves him dodging the counterattack by the skin of his teeth. Where here 'dodging' means that he deflects the full force of the strike with his alaricite-covered left forearm. He's surprised to hear the retreat sounded, but probably glad for the chance to get off the beach.

Jasher shouts at a number of confused knights, "Wake up, let's go. You're taking Orland back to safety." He to Yuri's side as he cradles the knight's lifeless body, held aloft and out of danger of drowning. "Into the boat, carefully," he says, nodding his head in the direction of an intact rowboat beached nearby. The sword is sheathed a moment so that he can lift his weighted legs and together carry him to the small vessel. "Get out of reach of the catapults, preferably to an ally ship with a physician aboard. We have to press on." The knights make ready to push off and do as they are told, understanding that they may have to improvise their escape to safety some.

Raven looks over her shoulder to check on Orland and co then eyes at Vitalis, "Dewdrop? Really? Well. IT's better than snookums, I suppose." She shakes her head and looks around to see how everyone else is, "We following them into the city or figuring out how else we're gonna get the fuck off this beach?"

Once it becomes clear that the Arvani will not be cast back into their ships, a horn is blown, and the rebels- both common and elite- turn to flee into the streets and winding alleys of their city. The catapult fires one last time, making kindling of the aft half of an unfortunate longship, before the crew flees, as well. The bloody shore and wrecked harbor are left to Blackshore and their allies.

The line advances from the shallows toward the sands. Aedric, in short time, discovers himself within arm's reach of his nephew. The prince is unmistakable: tall, broad-shouldered, covered head-to-toe in diamondplate, and wielding a distinct greatsword. But the silhouette is also familiar. This thought is interrupted, albeit briefly, by the approach of a Carideo holdout, armed with a poleaxe, who is swiftly parried and impaled. Concurrently, Romulius makes quick work of another rebel. The baron's quip, warm and sincere, comes easily, "Well-swung, Magnus!" Whether this is brought on by the family's rumored madness or a pleasant memory will likely forever remain uncertain. He offers a firm nod before joining the Black Vanguard in their push toward the city's perimeter.

Caspian looks to orland as he comes splashing up, concern clear on his face. however, he seems to be taken care of, and Caspian gives Jasher a nod of thanks. to the knights carrying orland he gives a smile, "Get him safely back ands you'll be drinking for free when this is all done." he looks back tot he beach, "Whats next?"

Aedric checks command and war at hard. Aedric is successful.

Romulius checks command and war at hard. Romulius is successful.

Vitalis checks command and war at hard. Vitalis marginally fails.

Ian checks intellect and leadership at hard. Ian is successful.

Jasher checks perception at normal. Jasher is successful.

Yuri checks perception at normal. Yuri fails.

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Temira checks perception at normal. Temira is successful.

Romulius checks perception at normal. Romulius is successful.

Raven checks perception at normal. Raven is successful.

As the Blackshore and OOEL troops take off for the city, Ian brings up the Corsairs short. "We're going to hold this beach. None of you want to see what happens if we get cut off on a blasted island." His excellent imitation of his older brother, the Duke Regent, is enough to get the eager soldiers re-directed to the less glamorous part of soldiering, and Ian is soon mired in some deep logistical shouting.

Caspian checks perception at normal. Caspian is successful.

Our most bloodthirsty heroes pursue a column of rebels into the market district of the city, between vacant stalls and shuttered windows. Any who have seen a peasant rabble in arms before can tell this is a highly orderly retreat, lacking panic, and sure enough: this appears to be one of many prepared routes where an ambush is prepared . Archers and civilians on the adjacent rooftops drop arrows and stones on the troops beneath, as the rebels turn about on a signal and charge back at their pursuers.

Jasher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jasher marginally fails.

Aedric checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aedric is successful.

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Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian fails.

Vitalis checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Vitalis checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Temira checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Temira marginally fails.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at hard. Temira fails.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is successful.

Yuri checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Yuri marginally fails.

Mention of his late uncle prompts Romulius to pause in his offensive upon his opponent. His head jerks towards Aedric, Magnus's name perhaps one of the only things that can draw the Sword from the flow of battle. It nearly costs him his life, though a timely deflection of a poleaxe and a summary thrust into the man's throat sees East Light's Knight Commander able to bellow out the orders to pursue their fleeing opponents. Half-measures are anathema, and never has the prince been accused of such a thing. "Let every drop of blood be repaid ten-fold -" Whatever might have followed is cut off by a rebel engaging the former Blackshore, his sword deflected as if second nature and a sweeping cut putting the assailant on the backfoot as alaricite is employed in a manner that suggests a complete lack of a survival instinct from its wielder. Confidence, it seems, is never far from Romulius Thrax.

Raven pauses and eyes Ian and his troops. There's some hesitation and inner debate but she rolls her shoulders and trots into the city, sword in hand. She notices the sey up, "My lady! My L-fuck!" She pivots sharply to avoid the first volley of arrows and to cut down one of those who spill out.

Temira makes her way towards the city and is caught off guard just like everyone else. Pulling an arrow out to slow she gets one caught in her arm. "Yeah, I don't think I will be much help here. I'll head back towards the ships" Temira says as she makes her retreat back

Caspian follows along as the order is given to charge into the city. fighting in the city.. ooh it was always messy. As he heads up toward the city, sure enough it was as bad as he thought. archers shooting from windows, rocks and spear from rooftops, ambushes from the alley. A hail of arrows bombards the street and its all he can do to dive for the nearest cover and hunker down. Still an arrow bites into his thigh. he grunts, snapping the shaft off near the tip and forcing himself up. "watch the roofs!"

Back on the beach, Ian has logistically shouted a decent defensive line into being, and is currently taking a report from someone about the process of putting out the fire on the cog, while someone else waits to report on the repairs of Aedric's leaking ship, and someone else has been dispatched to make sure there's a clear corridor to medical attention. It's all very heroic. He sends the exiting Temira off with the person heading for the medical ships.

Alongside Jasher, Yuri made his advance into the city alongside the main van guided by Aedric and Romulius's forces. The chaos from the beachhead had rattled him mildly, but that is all it took for him to miss the calls of awareness of the raining arrows that were seeking to pin them in the streets. It took his attentions off the advancing rebels into the vanguard, catching one such rebel's blade into his right chest; his head cocking back that caused a resounding 'ping' to rattle in his helm. Where was that ringing coming from?

Vitalis laughs, "Yes, 'Dewdrop.' Your damsel was everso convincing." He winces at the bite of the wound in his side and pauses as they regroup to stuff some wadded linen in there somewhere. He advances, eyes and ears sharp, as they head into the city, flashes of Ostria's streets in his mind it's just like he'd studied and ... yes... an ambush. He's too late to recognizing it to even call a warning, snagging the arm of whoever is closest to haul them with him to some kind of cover. He crouches near Caspian, grimacing at the arrow, then the man. "Most I think I can do for that is snap-" He winces as Caspian does exactly that, "Just so."

Though Jasher pre-emptively dodges the incoming wave of arrows and debris originating from the rooftops, he still manages to catch a fist-sized rock in the shoulder. His pauldron protects the bone and muscle beneath from being maimed entirely, but the bruising left behind certainly limits his ability to raise his left shoulder for the remainder of the battle.

By its nature, an ambush is not intended to give the enemy time to respond. Between this and the fatigue brought on by wading ashore, battling on the beachfront, and chasing after the rebel stragglers, the baron is unable to sidestep the arrows and rocks launched in their direction. He is struck, grunts, curses beneath his breath, but appears to remain capable of fighting. "Line!" he calls, bracing himself for Carideo's sympathizers to again throw themselves into the fray. One of the skirmishers, no doubt previously a loyal vassal, is promptly dispatched.

Romulius checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Romulius is successful.

Raven's head whips around and there's a flash or irritation realizing Caspian's been hit. Her nostrils flare ahd she takes a quick tally of friendlies and foes before continuing her forward momentum to try to dispatch more. To vitalis, "Stay behind me, Lord Vitalis."

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In a last bid to confound the attackers, a pair of Tresovan teenagers on the rooftop throw a fishing net down on the Arvani in the alley. It's a novel idea, but an ineffective weapon, and it presently no obstacle. The boys are shouted at to "Fall back!" as the defenders try to draw a bit more blood before running again...

Yuri checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Yuri is spectacularly successful.

Yuri remains capable of fighting.

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Despite the terrible damage, Caspian does not take a permanent wound.

Caspian checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Caspian is successful.

Caspian remains capable of fighting.

Raven ducks clear of the fishing net and charges past her peers and gives chase, bleeding from a gouge on one shoulder but more or less seeming fighting fit-and eager for blood, "C'mere you goat-fondling turdwhistles!"

"Dewdrop! Language!" Vitalis ducks around netting, squinting speculatively at the teens. It was a good thought. He offers Caspian a hand up, readying to charge deeper into the well-prepared maw of the city. Maybe there's a different route to take...

Blows are exchanged, and an order to retreat is shouted. But the square has not yet been captured, and the district would need to be secured prior to advancing further. Aedric, duty-bound to remain and defend his family's holdings, shows no sign of relenting -- despite the wounds he'd so far sustained.

Caspian looks to Vitalis and takes his hand, "Thanks.. next time i'll let you do it. lets hope there isnt a next time." he gives a laugh and shoves on down the path, limping slightly but still keeping up. he and the group round the ally and someone yells "FIRE!" The hail of arrows that rip toward them gives caspian enough time to groan slightly before an arrow catches him square in the shoulder. he slumps against the wall and slides down, a smear of blood left on the building as he grits his teeth, eyes shutting tight in pain. they had come this far.. they needed to end it.

Alongside his uncle, Romulius seems to find the idea of any sort of surrender of their momentum incomprehensible. New Hope's Sword remains in the fray, bellowing out orders to his knights and anybody else who might be within earshot, driving their offensive forward in an effort to retake the lands that his family has fought so hard to maintain.

Yuri was already staggered from the blow he took to his head, moving sluggish and unlike his normal, charging self. Where the grip may have loosened on his blades, the forward charge still from the van was enough of the adrenaline burst he needed to fall into line with the rest; pressing on despite that ringing reverberating in his helmet. He'd worry of it later, if he still could. Grip tightened on both blades, remaining within the distance to the others in the ranks that charge and keeping steady pace and rank next to Jasher.

On the beach, the fire is out, and Ian finds himself fielding competing plans for repairing Aedric's ship. With a look towards the city and an ominous compression of his mouth, he makes the executive decision to go with the quick and dirty method. "Get it done. I want us ready to go if Baron Aedric needs us to be." There's nobody pestering him with reports, now, and in a moment of stillness, he draws a token dedicated to Mangata out of his best pocket and sweeps his gaze over the dark water. He looks down at the compass set into the head of his cane.

Jasher parries a Tresovan's sword as it is swung out against him, then side-steps another blow intended to strike at his right flank. Had he not mis-stepped in the aftermath of that deft movement, he might have landed a return blow; alas, the swing misses its target and the pair are left to continue fighting until one of them falls.

Sounds of skirmish and shouts of the dying can be heard on adjacent streets, as everywhere the Arvani push, they are harassed and counterattacked. In most places, the Tresovans fall back yet again, choosing to minimize the amount of time spent going head to head with their better armed invaders. The waterfront is solidly in Arvani hands, the market district teeters on a knife's edge ..

Aedric checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aedric fails.

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Romulius checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Romulius marginally fails.

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Ian turns his gaze from the sea to the city as injured Arvani troops start to filter out. Runners with stretchers are ready, Ian having some basic, vague idea of what medical care entails (him having occasioned needing it quite often in the past), and the order on the beach will hopefully soften, to some degree, the chaos filtering out from the city.

Raven dispatches the last squatter within reach and then gives a sharp inhale and swiftly spins about and shoulder-checks Vitalis trying to knock him out of harm's way with a soft grunt, "That's for calling me Dewdrop, you deviant."

The mind was willing to keep up the charge with the rest of the van's forces, but Yuri could not keep his blade up any longer from the pounding in his head. Menace came in the wielding and brandishing of his blades as if he were going to swipe and plunge them into retreating rebels, but no contact was ever made. He was able to stay standing upon exhaustion was settling in, maintaining a lazy gait before finding purchase against a storefront wall.

Caspian forces himself back up to his feat spitting a wad of blood to the side as he growls. With the others he rushes down the alley toward the rebels, his knife slashing into several soldiers, his own blood mixing with the trail he left behind. as the fighting waned, he swayed a bit on his feat. the square taken, the rebels retreating...the amount of blood and corpses left around them was grizzly. he staggered toward a water trough, the water already crimson, splashed some on his face and then slumped down against it, his strength seeping away as the adrenaline slowed.

The blow that Jasher takes to the side of the head with the pommel of his enemy's blade dazes him so terribly that he stumbles backward. His vision blurs, his ears ring; every sound seems as though it is filtered through water. Somehow, he manages to raise his sword in time to knock the thrusted poleaxe aside. Instead of running him through, it glances off the metallic plate comprising his cuirass, tearing the gripped flame of his tabard in two in the process. He falls to his plated knees at that moment and presses a demi-gauntleted fist against the hard cobblestones to keep him upright. Blood begins to pour down his face as hideous crimson snakes, then forms a thick puddle. It is sheer luck that prevents the man Jasher's battling with from beheading him in that prone position; another ally combatant kills him just in time and gives the prince ample time to recover his senses.

For a time, it appears as if the rebels have gained the upper hand. The fighting is brutal. Aedric narrowly avoids a poniard to the cuirass and, in the process of side-stepping the lunge, is unable to connect his blade with the insurgent responsible. Amidst the dying, another order to retreat is called. Too many have fallen. Blackshore and its allies emerge victorious -- but some of the dead wear familiar banners, and the cost of the exchange is clearly much steeper than originally anticipated. He removes his helm, revealing sweat-soaked features and a bloody brow. Two officers, survivors of the engagement, approach immediately. "Barricade the streets," he bids to one, cerulean gaze subsequently shifting to the other, "and clear the houses. Assist Kennex in moving the wounded. Any who surrender are to be summarily executed. You have your orders." They nod their heads and depart, summoning nearby footmen to delegate new responsibilities. The baron shuffles to the center of the square, tilts his chin toward the sky, draws in a deep breath, and exhales slowly.

As one of the red plumed poleaxemen is cut down, the common Tresovans left in the alley promptly flee, leave Ng several more of their comrades on the dingy stones behind them. No doubt fleeing for some further ambush point, but this time there will be no pursuit. The momentum of the Arvani assault carried the waterfront and market district, a solid foothold is established, but under the weight of casualties and exhaustion, their force is spent. With multiple ships lost and many warriors dead or wounded, their objective was not yet met: the siege of Bloodstone Keep continued, and the battle for Tresova was far from over.

Vitalis lays about himself with Defiance cracking like thunder in a wicked blur around him, the display fearsome enough to drive the rebels into the blades of his compatriots. Or away from them. Harried, bloodied, both sides stinging from losses, Vitalis rallies with the others where he can seek treatment for his wounds after those more grievously wounded are treated.

Raven moves to go check on Caspian, "C'mon, champ, Let's get you somewhere to get patched up. We REALLY need to get you better armor."

The next morning, an exhausted Aedric is delivered a pair of letters from his sentries, which were dropped at their pickets overnight.

Within the scroll case:
Unto Baron Aedric Blackshore and his lieutenants, I report:

Upon my return to Bloodstone Keep, the situation had grown more dire. Traitors within the castle had poisoned two wells and set a fire within the storehouse. The only supplies remaining to us are those brought aboard my ship upon return.

In the aftermath of this and in keeping with my Lord's orders, all suspect natives within the keep were executed. Further, for security and scarcity of supply, we had expelled all native Tresovans from the castle, including wives, retainers, and servants. It is now estimated that we have sufficient supplies to endure a further fortnight, without resupply.

The rebels have fully occupied the city and made multiple sorties against the keep, striking often at night, in multiple places along the walls to keep our guards wide spread and deny us rest. The enemy is being ably directed, and we have since lost control of the ramparts and outer bailey. Alas, the castellan Sir Ealdred perished leading the defense of the outer ramparts, slain by the Pretender. Our defense endures within the inner bastion, but we will soon lose control of the rookery. For this reason, I advise my lord not trust any further missives borne by raven.

The enemy has concentrated attacks against the keep and spared the harbor, which our warships still control, Gods be praised. We shall hold out to the last, awaiting rescue.

May the blood of your enemy spill upon the shore.

So written on this, the Second day of the Twelfth month, 1017 A.R.

Captain Edric Spiehr
Ranking officer of the Black Vanguard
Bloodstone Keep, Tresova

The folded letter:
To my Good-brother Aedric, or whichever of his fine lieutenants reads this on his behalf:

We captured the enclosed missive on its way to one of your ships some days past. The eloquence of your soldiers speaks better to the desperate state of their defense than I ever could, so I thought it wise to see delivered. Do forgive the necessary delay.

I would add only that your Captain neglects to state that the garrison is already on quarter rations, with many wounded.

It is my intention, once their supplies are spent, to offer the castle surrender on terms: for every man or woman who offers themself for sacrifice, I will permit ten of their fellows to lay down arms and pass freely and without further harm to your camp. Having witnessed the selfless heroism of your excellent soldiers, I have no doubt that eleven of the worst wounded would accept in order to see their comrades spared. The alternative of course is capture by storm, without quarter.

Yours in trust,

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