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Wedding Reception for Magnotta

The awaited wedding reception for the marriage of Count Artorius and Countess Mikani Magnotta. The invites are for the reception in Caer Morien at Cyrto Arch Castle on the Southern Terrace. Rooms can be found at Caer Morien below the castle or some extra rooms can be found in the Castle for special visitors. The couple are excited to invite one and all. Ships will leave from Arx a week before the reception to bring guests.


Aug. 19, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Mikani Artorius

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Noelle Zoey Medeia Caspian Patrizio Jan Mattheu Jaenelle Vitalis Cillian Desma Ann Akamos Kia


Crovane Magnotta Malvici Saik


Outside Arx - Lyceum near Caer Morien - Cyrto Arch Castle - South Terrace

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Comments and Log

After a journey to Caer Morien, one would have had to stop at Fort Magnotta. It is the port at the base of the mountain. From there one would have taken a cart or carriage up the tallest mountain to Caer Morien itself. Cyrto Castle is on the southern edge of the mountain top and has the most beautiful view of the ocean. It is also awash with the push and pull of old verses new. Magnotta may be a new family but parts of Cyrto Castle are from before the reckoning. The day before the reception guests would have been access to all the amenities that Magnotta has to offer. A good breakfast before the reception to follow at noon the next day and expected to go into the night.

As the reception opens music can be heard. Children are running about and servants are insuring that the guests have everything they need. Artorius and Mikani join to greet guests. Mikani for her part looks radient. She is in gold, which is a whole different color palate for her. One though can still see her visible woad markings and her tattoos.

Artorius is in gold, but this is not a color he is unused to wearing, as they are part of the house colors. His garb is just a bit more ornamental than usual, for the most special of occasions, like these. He has an arm out for Mikani to hold as they enter and his free hand lifts for a wave to accompany his smile of greeting, for those who have come to join their celebration.

Medeia had joined the voyage, attending the wedding both as a friend of the bride and as a representative of House Saik - one of Magnotta's fellows among the Malvici vassals. Prior to the ceremony, the lady - wearing purple and so many flowers - can be seen quietly giving some of the running children some instruction in decorum for the event. Once satisfied (or resigned) with the outcome, she moves to claim her spot among the crowd. When Mikani and Artorius enter, her attention is captured by the pair.

Zoey is no stranger to Caer Morien, having helped reclaim the island with its previous Count, her late Protege. She is even comfortable enough with coming here that she brought all five of her children with her. Three-year-old Diannica holds on to Zoey's skirt when not being held herself, but the older children run and play with the rest while the adults enjoy the reception.

"My dear Mika, you look lovely!" Zoey says, opening her arms to receive the bride when it is her turn to greet and be greeted.

Caspian comes walking into the reception, eyes still puffy from tears of joy that were shed earlier. The edge of a damp handkerchief can be spotted sticking out of pocket, though there is nothing on the man's face but pride and a bright smile. He takes in the hall, the servants, the decorations... but none of that matters! his eyes fall to the new couple, his lips breaking into such a smile that it threatened to jump off his face. "MIKANI!!!" He part ran and part bounced over toward the woman, his excitement more than his body could contain. "You are married!!" Without waiting for decorum, Caspian rushed forward and threw his arms around the Woman in a familial hug. Cousin's rights after all! Not a complete savage though, the hug was brief and he quickly help smooth the dress from any ruffling he caused. His smile was no less though, and he beamed at the pair. "Gods above im so happy for you both!"

Not as perhaps as often seen in the depths of the Lyceum in recent years, but amongst the number attending the event is Patrizio Pravus himself. Resplendent in more 'steel' than blue for a change, though all of it silk rather than armour for a change as he's joining the throng who are there to greet the bride and bridegroom as they make their entrance. An approving nod for each, and appropriate applause as he's adding his congratulations to that of the others.

Jan follows the cues of the crowd, clapping and smiling. The bellow of a familiar voice causes her head to swivel and there's a broad grin when she spies Caspian. For the moment she watches the crowd and loiters as the who's who make their way to greet the couple.

Desma gets City of Swords black opal Oathlands steel hairpins from a leather utility belt featuring gold hued pouches.

Desma gets sparkling arrowhead pendant on silver chain from a leather utility belt featuring gold hued pouches.

Mikani is hugging Zoey tightly and kisses Zoey on the cheek. "It is so good to see you." She says warmly before greeting the three year old. Not one to force a hug or anything else she just sinks to waves. "Hello Little One. I'm so glad you are here." Is all that is said before she rises and almost gets mowed over by Caspian. Grinning she hugs her cousin tightly. "Cousin!" She kisses Caspian's cheek. "I'm so happy you are here."

Bells sing out as Mattheu and Ann find their way into the halls. The Rivenshari lord a burst of color favoring to a morning sunrise upon the darkened ocean waters. The Rivenshari lord still has a *look* about the carriage ride up the side of mountain as they enter the decorated halls of Cyrto Castle. One that says he might just find measure to walk back down the mountain side instead of taking another carriage along dangerous cliffs. A small pat to Ann's hand as he steps to side to allow her first to Artorius and Mikani. Then to sweep into bow with loud chorus of jingling bells. "Count Artorius. It has been far too long. You look well." Turning to Mikani with a wide smile, "And Countess Mikani." A small pause as he offers her an additional half bow, the pause accompanied by tug at his billowing pants by the twins both have flower crowns upon their heads. The girls offer a small bow to Mikania and Artorius, with greetings as Thuraya (the older twin) "Countess. Count." Then looking back to Mattheu. "Flounder. You said." And proceeds to tap her foot while her (younger twin) Ilandere bows as flourished as she can to match Mattheu's bow, then proceeds to hide behind Ann's skirts. Their brother Silain spots Caspian and proceeds to walk right up to the Champion.

Offering the couple a soft smile when she approaches once the pair is free, Jaenelle dips her head in greeting before telling both Artorius and Mikani, "it is always important to have someone trusted beside you when leading, whether in times of good where you can enjoy the fruits of hard work or in times of difficulty when you are able to lean on someone for assistance and reasurance. Having that person is important, and I am so glad that you have found someone you can share all things with, and the Lyceum is gaining someone with vast experience in all walks of life which can only benefit your House as well as the Hundred Cities. Welcome Countess Mikani." After the greeting she steps aside to allow others to give theirs, going to speak with other guests for the time being.

Medeia steps forward not long after Zoey, offering Mikani a pair of cheek kisses. "Welcome to the Lyceum, Mika!" She squeezes her friend's hand before turning and bowing her head respectfully to Artorius. "Congratulations, Count Magnotta. Baroness Lucita and the rest of House Saik send their regards and regrets for not being here personally to celebrate with you both." Then she's stepping back to get out of the way of others.

Vitalis, despite being a Mirrorguard, likewise hasn't ventured into the Lyceum in many years. This is... indeed further into the Lyceum than he has ever ventured! He has been *rapt* absorbing the details of the castle and its grounds, a treasure trove itself worth the trip - but it is the happy occasion of a marriage alliance they are celebrating, the North and the South, Crovane and Magnotta. He smiles at the presentation of Mattheu's young throng and grins at Lord Rivenshari before offering his own, "Congratulations Count and Countess Magnotta!" He bows low and straightens, offering cheek kisses thrice to the both of them, Lycene courtesies that he has not forgotten.

Cillian is here he made it! he has a slight limp and his arm is in a sling but he is dressed in his leather and silks. No bow, but his sword is at his hip, he looks around when his eyes spot all that are here. He walks in the direction of Mikani and Artorius. He waits his turn to greet the two.

Desma is here and not late for any reasons at all and definitely dressed for the event and by no means still dressing as she comes out onto the terrace, her hair *just* about fixed and her clothes *just* about smoothed down. A flush to her face you say? Of course not, you must be imagining it. Luckily no one noticed any of this right and she was able to sneak in without being spotted. Now with a wine in her hand she mingles, watching the people congratulating her cousin Artorius and her friend Mikani.

Artorius' smile turns into a good-natured little grin. "Nice to see you here." He offers, when greeted. "I'm so glad you all could make it to celebrate with us." He offers, his blue gaze traveling and finding Matheu as he steps forward, offering a bow of his head. "I hope you're doing well, Lord Mattheu." He says. Jaenelle's words cause him to smile pleasantly to her. "Thank you for your words and the intent behind them." Then the Count of Caer Morien, being a tall fellow, leans down to accept Medeia's cheek-kiss greetings. "Very much appreceated." He offers pleasantly.

Diannica blinks big brown eyes up at Mikani, having not yet grasped proper manners yet. Zoey gives Mikani a hug almost too much for a formal event and a kiss on each cheek before releasing her to the other guests, starting with Medeia.

Ann takes Matti's hand when he pats it. She is dressed in a summer sunset dress that falls to the floor. How she is not tripping over the length must have been testament to all the classes she took when she was young on courtly manners and the like. A smile for the bride and groom, "Congratulations to you both." Her words sincere as she gives them small nods in greetings and congratulations. When Ilan goes to hide behind her a hand comes out as if to give it to the little girl to let her know that her Mama was there. She looks to see where Sil went and when she sees the direction that one went to there's a hand lifted in greeting to Caspian. All others that she knows get head bowed and small waves to not disrupt but to show she's not trying to ignore anyone here at the reception.

Zoey is overheard praising Mikani.

Zoey is overheard praising Artorius.

Akamos wields Tsunami, a Huge Diamondplate Trident.

Ann is overheard praising Mikani.

Ann is overheard praising Artorius.

"Count, countess, congratulations, and may the gods continue to smile upon you and yours." Patrizio does take his moments to step forward, perhaps not as effusive as some of the others, directing those moments to Artorius and Mikani when he's not interrupting others. The smile remains, even as he's also noticing others who are familiar, though there is a look of concern for Cillian in his state, shifting to make sure the Blackwood lord has his opportunity to come forward as well.

Mikani greets everyone warmly. Hugs. Kisses. Mikani is grining as she looks to all her friends, family and friend yet to be made. Jaenelle's words make Mika tear up a bit. "You honor me." She says to Jaenelle. "Thank you for the warm welcome." She says to Medeia.

Meanwhile, Mikani's eldest are running around happily to be with their Kennex friends. They even seem to pull in Ruslano and Aahania into their game of sneak the food. "Please go get food and drink. Lady Desma has something planned and I think it will be better on a full stomach." Mikani assures her guests as things start to get going. "Princess Ann and Lord Mattheu ... I'm so glad you could make it." She says before greeting Cillian. "Oh dear. Did you get ambushed on your way here?" She hugs the man softly. "I'm so glad you made it."

Jan brings up the rear and smiles "Congratulations and best wishes to both of you, Count and countess. Lord Pasquale was unable to attend but he sends his well wishes to both of you. This is a truly amazing reception."

As more socializing happens, Medeia gives Patrizio and Vitalis both a warm smile and nod, and then a wave to Mattheu and Ann, before she's slipping next to Zoey and smiling down at Diannica. "I should have brought the children," she murmurs with a touch of regret. Her eyes seek out the Kennex pair she's saltmother to, and then she's back to looking over all the guests.

Caspian doesn't linger to long, not wanting to disrupt the flow of guests and all. Still, even as he moves away he is looking back at the pair and smiling. Finally, he pulls his gaze from the two and looks to the other guests, seeing a plethora of friendly and familiar faces! Waves and smiles abound as he tries to catch the eyes of many of the guests. Matti and Ann, Jan, Patrizio, zoey, cillian.. more and more friends he saw. For a few moments the man looked comical, waving and flagging attention of guest after guest before finally, moving and plopping down in a chair and watching the entrance and the newly weds!

Akamos has followed on behind the Count and Countess Magnotta by a certain distance, bedecked in his Magnotta coloured armour and holding the huge House Trident, Tsunami upright. He has the expression of someone who is intensely scrutinising everyone at the party, searching for any threat to any of the Magnotta Household. This is a task made tricker because all the children are all over the place too.

As Ann moves to make way for the others she turns in Jan's direction and pats the other woman's arm in greeting and there is a touch of concern for Cillian in seeing the shape he is in. A smile for Patrizio when she spies him. A wave for Medeia and one for Vitals. So many people she knows. It is a nice feeling. Another wave for Caspian as Sil moves out of the way. He heard food was happening and just like Mattheu he does like to eat. Trying to get his sisters to follow the other children to find their own entertainment after eating.

"I would have certainly suggested as much, had I known," Zoey says to Medeia. "The Countess and I have looked after each other's children for as long as we have been friends. They are practically cousins." She pauses to wave back to Caspian. "How are your little ones, by the way? Back home at last?"

Cillian smiles, "Congratulations, Count, Countess." he steps in to hugs Mikani with his good arm, "No, no I did not." he says softly to her. "I will be fine, I just weaved when I should have ducked." he chuckles. "I am very happy for you both." he steps back watching her. Then he spots Patrizio nodding to him in greeting. "I hope to speak to you later Countess." he smiles then steps put of the way for other to greet them. Turning he spots others and waves to them, he spots Vitalis and smiles heading over to him.

With introductions and hellos, Mattheu nods to the others, all familiar faces and then finally to the impatiently waiting foot tapping arms crossed Raya. A playful sigh as he hold out his hands to the child with a smile, "I promised you a dance for bravely helping us within the carriage to get to top of the mountain. Would you care for that dance now? Or do you seek to play with the others and have some food?" He spies Sil's direction for Caspian, offering a wave for the Champion while still holding his hand out so Raya can take it and follow along while he checks on Sil.

"All parents need a break now and again, as my cousins remind me when they're given to do such things. Think of the nights of entertainment for them, telling them of the trip," Patrizio says to Medeia, as if consolingly. There's a warm smile and a dip of his head to Ann at her smile. For Caspian, there's a chuckle, and the shake of his head. "Messere Wild. It's been quite a while since we've crossed paths, and hopefully it augers good that it's at a wedding feast that we meet once more." Though his eyes /do/ briefly shift to track all of those often-mentioned children, a playful smile finding him as he just shakes his head at their play.

Jaenelle squints upon seeing Cillian in all his injured glory before her brows raise in a silent question. Then upon seeing Ann, she gives the woman a warm smile, "Aunt. I have recently heard of your good news as well," her eyes look towards Mattheu and back, "I wish you nothing but the happiness you deserve times ten." She finds someone with wine and collect a glass for herself before looking towards those who've entered after her. She wiggles her fingers towards Vitalis before doing the same towards where Zoey and Medeia have gathered.

"They are well," Medeia replies to Zoey softly, her gaze moving slowly over the celebration. She turns a grateful smile toward Patrizio for his kind words. "Ypu always manage to make me f

"They are well," Medeia replies to Zoey softly, her gaze moving slowly over the celebration. She turns a grateful smile toward Patrizio for his kind words. "You always manage to make me feel more positively about things, Your Highness. What a lovely way to think about it." Jaenelle's wave gets a polite curtsy in return.

Murmuring something to Akamos, Mikani pats Artorius on the arm. "Lady Desma you had something to share?"

Raya tells Flounder that would be Mattheu, "Dance first, then food!" She's the bossy one of the trio. Watch out world when she grows up! Raya takes Matti's hand and starts swinging it. Sil meets Matti with Ilan as they move about because Ann is distracted when Jaenelle greets her and offers congratulations. "Dear Niece, I do hope you and that Noah will come and celebrate with us when it is time. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me and to the Lord." Because that lord just got swarmed with the twins and Sil.

Zoey offers a bright smile and finger wiggle wave back toward Jaenelle, as well as a brief gesture of invitation, should she like to join them.

"Indeed. I know I would never get a moment to myself if it were not for our nannies, between parenting and duties to the house," says the Kennex Lady. She gives Patrizio a nod of her head before he moves on as well. A passing servant finds their tray one wine glass lighter before they can get far.

Cillian nods his head to Ann and Mattheu, "Lord Mattheu, Princess Ann." he nods his head to them in greeting. Spotting Zoey he smiles, "Lady Zoey, it has been a while." he looks over to Caspian smiling and giving him a wave. Then he spots Jaenelle nodding his head to her, "Archduchess." he greets her then he is greeting Vitalis, "Lord Vitalis, it has been a while."

Somewhere in the bright throng are a gaggle of Clement children, definitely not inventing a scavenger hunt that will get them into trouble. It's an island, at least there's a limit to how far they can go, right? RIGHT? Right.

Vitalis, for his part, is enjoying the gathering, flush with wine and pleasant revels and surrounded by friends and family. He bows and inclines his head to each greeting and wave. "Archduchess Jaenelle," she gets a particular greeting, his boss in a manner of speaking, and all. Medeia, likewise, a smile and a bow. A smile and a quiet murmur to Ann and Mattheu, before he rounds to say hello to- Vitalis stops and blinks at Cillian. He clears his throat, "I think the 'in sickness and health' bit of the oaths was for Artorius and Mikani, Lord Blackwood."

Jan steps out of the way to let the happy couple greet and mingle with well wishes and offers a smile and finger waves to Caspian, Ann, and others she spies greeting her.

Patrizio, too, procures for himself a glass of wine, drawn to his lips for him to take a sip as he's turning those jade eyes about the room once more. Zoey's nod gets a warm smile, and the lift of the glass in hand in salute. It's equally easy, though, for the Pravusi prince to ease into the background for some moments, to soak up the atmosphere while he's watching those mingling about, the keen listening to the flow of the conversation.

Cillian grins at Vitalis and chuckles, "Well Lord Clement, sometimes it can't be helped." he pats the man on his shoulder with his good hand. He looks to Patrizio as well, "Your highness, how are you? I hope you are well?" he smiles at the prince.

Caspian grins impishly at Jan and motions to the seat next to him invitingly! hee stand sup top steal two drinks of.. something.. from a nearby servant. He has no idea what it is but isnt that the best kind of drink!

Mattheu checks charm and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Jan makes her way over towards Caspian and claims a seat beside him, leaning in to greet the Champion.

Mattheu grins to something said by Ann as he nods in return to Jaenelle, his hands becoming full all too quickly. Barely able to keep up with Sil and Ilan, both of who have found the Clement children and are offering their help for treasure hunting. Raya still looks to Flounder (Mattheu) now a little sated with holding his hand and swinging at his arm. "Okay. A dance for the Princess." He offers Raya a bow, then his other hand where she looks prepared to stand on his toes if need be only to state simply. "UP. I want the bouncing dance Flounder." Another laugh within sigh as Mattheu complies and picks the near ten year old up to settle her upon his hip and takes to a hopping dance around in circles where their bells sing out in each hop and spin.

At a set time and not at all behind schedule because of Desma's tardiness, a small troop of archers all in Magnotta House colours march in, bows in hand. Desma meets them and does a quick count. Twelve... and herself makes Thirteen (she has a bow too see). She leads them to fan out into a small formation, each preparing an arrow weighted down by a wrapping.

"PLEASED DON'T BE ALARMED!" Desma calls out in a loud voice, "This is all part of the reception!" A gaggle of servants come out, each with a flaming torch and go from archer to archer, lighting the wrappings around the arrows swiftly and stepping back out the way. "Right... Just like we practiced before... well... the time it worked." She clears her throat and calls out. "For Count Artorius and Countess Mikani Magnotta! Draw! Ready! LOOSE!"

With that all Thirteen archers launch the flaming arrows OVER the party, each one aiming for a large braizer oil filled around the perimeter of the event. Suddenly the entire reception gets a lot brighter as all of them burst into flame and there is a loud cheer in the distance from the rest of the city of Caer Morien as the signal the party has begun!

Caspian beams as jan moves over and he leans over to speak to her, the noise of the reception hall making any normal conversation a bit more challenging. He offers the glass he held to her and was about to speak when the flaming archers unleashed their volley! He looked up, his eyes dancing with delight as the flames burst forth. he raised his glass and cheered. "HUZZAH!!!"

Medeia, too, finds a glass of wine and falls into a restful spot of watching the others. There are quieter spots of conversation here and there, but the Saik lady seems at least content to observe. Until Desma enters with a bunch of flaming arrows. She swallows her wine quickly at the sight, watching carefully.

Caspian mutters, ""Gods it ... been a while. Sorry.. ... ... to ... ... into ... void. ... doing a lot of preparation and ... ... ... seems ... have lost my ... of sociability these days. How have you been?""

"I'm quite well, my lord. May you recover quickly, from whatever has brought you to this state." Patrizio does, despite the manner of Cillian's person at the moment, grin as he declares such a thing. It's Desma's shout, though, that gets him to still his words, to watch for a moment and... that twist of a playful smile as he takes a sip, watching how the flames dance and gleam. "I'm going to have to remember that for some event in the future. Quite the effect there."

Ann's eyes go wide when she sees the flaming arrows and her blue eyes go to track where Ilan and Sil are and looking relieved when they are safe because she knows where Raya is she's doing the jumping dance with Matti. She moves closer to them and her mouth opens wide. Sure she's seen archers and things like this but it is still amazing and she is applauding. "That is fantastic."

Akamos cheers as well, lifting Tsunami and banging it's base to the stones as he calls out. "THREE CHEERS FOR THE COUNT AND COUNTESS MAGNOTTA! HUZZAH! HUZZAH HUZZAH!"

Vitalis puts his fingers to his lips and whistles for the effect of the archers firing flaming arrows over their heads. He claps and then turns and adds his voice to the cheering chorus, "HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!"

Desma lets her voice join the chorus along with her archers, "HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!"

Jan says, "Huzzah!"

Mattheu says, "The winds have blessed you"

Seating has been arranged for everyone, especially Artorius and Mikani, and they will easily find seats, when not roaming and greeting and mingling, of course, but they stay together for quite a bit of it all. As the presentation begins, the count smiles brightly and he applauds the show, reaching out to give Mikani's hand a squeeze when they are cheered.

"Thank you all! For my beautiful wife!" Says Count Artorius, gesturing to Mikani. "Huzzah!"

Cillian chuckles as he stands next to Vitalis and the whistles he joins in, "HUZZAH! HUZZZAH!" he calls out and nods his head to Patrizio. "In a few days the sling can come off."

Zoey watches the archers with a critical eye, and politely applauds when not a single one misses their mark. Fire always has a way or raising the stakes. She also raises her glass with a Huzzah for the Countess.

Kia, herself busy with helping servants keeping pace around the celebration, does manage to peek out from 'backstage' to catch the flames and the cheers, and with a smile she retreats again.

Desma fist pumps in delight and dismisses the archers, telling them to go celebrate before she moves to mingle. "Lord Cillian! Have you recovered from the pirates yet?"

Mikani squeezes Artorius' hand warmly and smiles at him. The fire was amazing. "Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!" Mikani cheers with the rest of the crowd. She has a glass of Redreef Rum in her hand as she raises it. The red liquid glows with the additional firelight. "To my husband and to the prosperity of Magnotta. May Mangata bless us. She is the goddess of spirits." Mikani nods to the glass in her hand referring to the alcoholic kind of spirits. "She is the goddess from which we gather our name. May her blessings pass to all of you this evening and for as long as you stay within our walls." She grins at those around her. So many she loves so much. "To Magnotta!"

Caspian looks to mikani and smiles, raising his own glass. "To Magnotta!" He downs the rest of the cup, then sputters slightly but smiles.

"To Magnotta!" The prince of Pravus, too, joins in with the toast when it's offered forth by the new countess, a fresh glass lifted aloft for the purpose before a sip's taken and savoured from it, and then... an arched brow when he's overhearing Desma's words to Cillian.

Ann takes a glass from one of the moving trays and lifts it up with the others and their cheers before she takes her own drink.

Cillian looks to Desma, "Lady Desma, I should be fully healed in a few days. I am lucky non of the arrows hit anything major." he takes his glass and holds it up. "To Magnotta!!"

Akamos scoops a cup of wine off a servant with a thanks before downing the entire drink in one after joining the, "To Magnotta!" toast. The big Cyrto'ani then makes a slow circuit of the event, making himself look very visible as he does so (and drinking another two cups during his walk). He walks slow enough that any who wish to talk to the House Trident can get him.

Jan lifts her glass and echoes the toast before returning to chatting with Caspian and waving to familiar faces as they pass.

Desma nods to Cillian. "Yes you are. All I managed to get was a tiny bruise where I used my helmet to block a sword." She gives him a toast, "You fought well though My Lord. Good shooting with the bow."

Medeia glances around at the impressive and fiery display. While everyone is caught up in the cheering and the display, the lady takes the opportunity to unobtrusively entrust a small gift with a member of Magnotta house staff before making her ay back to the castle proper with a quick step.

Murmuring back and forth with Artorius the two of them walk to the dance floor. There is a clinking of glasses to get everyone's attention. "Akamos, please come forth and kneel." Mikani announces. As she allows time for the Trident to come forward Mikani holds Artorius' hand. "I am honored that my husband has allowed me. Allowed us to give recognition to our House Trident. Akamos was one of the first of the Mountain Pol to bend knee to Magnotta. He has protected the family and embraced what it means to be part of a Compact." She smiles at Akamos. "When we were in marriage negotiations, he along with Lady Desma and Kia made me feel like I was already one of the family. Yet there is something more we ask of him." She pauses again for dramatic affect. "Will you, Akamos take the vow and become the First Knight of Caer Morien?" Her dark eyes searching the face of Akamos as she speaks.

Caspian nods his head at something Jan says, a sympathic look clearly flashing over his features. he looks around the others and was about to continue speaking when Mikani speaks up. He sits up straighter, eyes going wide and a smile spreading broadly over his face. He waited anxiously on the man's response, eyes darting between mikani, artorius and akamos.

Ann is next to Mattheu now having taken sips of her drink she had grabbed. A hand resting lightly on the Lord's arm as she watches what is happening next. A light smile on her features as she waits to see what it is that Akamos will say. This is exciting to watch!

Desma holds her breath as she turns to watch this happen, biting her lip as she does so, clearly thrilled.

Jan's eyebrows lift and she smiles broadly and turns her attention to the knighting of Akamos.

Kia makes her way out to the celebration again when the announcement begins, her eyes watching Akamos. Now moving to stand beside Desma.

Zoey sets her wine aside to give her full attention to the knighting going on. Such ceremonies deserve nothing less than full attention.

Cillian nods his head to Desma about to say something but he waits looking over waiting to see what is said.

Patrizio's brows rise as he's listening to Mikani's words for Akamos, looking suitably impressed as he, like the others, holds his tongue and watches, wineglass in hand.

With fires lit and children off to play, now Mattheu offers his hand to Ann for a dance. There's no need for music when you've bells upon your every bit of clothing to sing in each and every motion made.

Akamos was in the process of downing another wine when he was called and hurriedly moves towards Mikani as summoned, without any stagger or sway to his step. He stops and drops to his knee before Artorius and Mikani, the House Weapon Tsunami before him. He takes a deep breath and nods after Mikani finishes speaking before he thinks for a moment, lips working as he remembers the words. He clears his throat and speaks clearly, but with a slight tremble in his voice.

"On bended knee, I swear to protect my liege and freehold, to serve the good of both, though it may cost me my life. I shall serve faithfully and with honor, until thr Mother and Queen call me back to the Wheel. I give my oath, by this symbol of my standing in the Court of Magnotta, to hold to this Oath, lest the Queen claim me."

Desma gives Kia a squeeze on her shoulder and murmurs, "He remembered the lines." A broad smile on on her face as she speaks.

Vitalis straightens from study of a sconce, "This is lovely," he announces to absolutely no one. And realizes it. He catches that there's a knighting happening and moves with all solemnity to witness the oaths. He draws up next to Jan, back straight, beret jaunty. When Akamos finishes speaking he bows his head, "We gathered bear witness."

Given a trident, Mikani lifts it and with Artorius they tap both shoulders Akamos' shoulders. "In the name of Gild, we charge you to defend the innocent. In the name of Gloria, we charge you to be brave. In the name of Magnata, we charge you to be the calm in the middle of a storm. Until the Mother and Queen call you back to the wheel. Arise Ser Akamos Cyrto'ani, /First/ knight of Caer Morien." The couple states in unison. They practiced. Mikani smiles at Akamos. "Congratulations. You earned it."

Ann would wait until Akamos recited his words and the like and until there was a go ahead of dancing to be allowed before fully joining Matti on the floor. Taking his hand in hers and she smiles at him. Murmuring to him as they move along. She does say towards Vitalis in one of her spins, "Hear, hear!"

Caspian bursts into applause, letting our a very undignified cheer and a whoop. "Well done! huzzah for the First Knight! And huzzah for Count and Countess Magnotta!" he settles back down, another drink finding its way into his hands.

Jan says, "Huzzah!"

Akamos rises to his feet, openingly and unashamedly letting tears fall down his cheeks before blinking them away and he gives a solemn bow to the Count and Countess before turning to the crowd and raising Tsunami again in salute. He looks thoroughly overwhelmed.

Desma moves in to give Akamos a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Congratulations *Sir* Akamos! You have got to be respectable now!" She smirks and slaps his shoulder, "Well done." Her eyes slide to Artorius and Mikani, "Congratulations to the both of you. Welcome to the family Countess."

"Congratulations indeed, First Knight, Count, Countess." Patrizio echoes Desma's words from where he's standing, and briefly hoists his glass once more, to salute Artorius, Mikani, and Akamos, before finishing the wine therein. "Alas, the night grows long, and I must away for now. Thank you for having me." There's a smile for Zoey, Cillian, Caspian, Vitalias, and Jan, and a nod for Jaenelle, as he eases back into the throng, making his way back towards his accommodations.

Jan chatters with those around her and flashes smiles here and there.

When it looks like the Pravus Prince is to take his leave Ann sees the movement and there's another wave and smile for Patrizio. A fond look for him. She will have to catch up with him later.

Zoey is overheard praising Akamos: Congratulations, Sir Akamos!

Ann is overheard praising Akamos.

Mikani is overheard praising Akamos: Our First Knight

Cillian cheers for Akamos! he clap if he could but well, he gives a whistle for congratz. He looks over spotting Zoey and moving slowly over to her, "Care to dance, Lady Zoey?"

There is a crash somewhere out of sight and a sense of dread blooms in Vitalis' belly. Confirmed when the face of Glorielle, nanny to his five children, appears at the margins of the gathering, expression carefully neutral. So carefully. Uh oh. "Count, Countess, please send me the bill for any damages. And congratulations." He bows deeply. He likewise inclines his head to Akamos, "Sir Akamos. First Knight of Caer Morien. Serve well." He spins away, off to do some damage control, "Don't bust a stitch, Cillian!"

"Lord Cillian! I certainly would! Just a moment." She bends down and whispers something to the toddler tethered to her, and the little girl trots away in the direction of her eldest brother. Only after watching her go does she offer Cillian her hand and allow him to lead her to the dance floor.

Mikani is overheard praising Desma: 13 Arrow Salute was amazing

Cillian looks over to Vitalis, "I won't, promise." he calls back to the Clement lord, he takes Zoeys hand and leads her out onto the floor, not the first time he has danced why he was injured. He brings her in close and starts to lead her around in a dance.

Mikani is overheard praising Artorius: Amazing husband. Such kind words.

Mattheu nods to a few quiet words with Ann, looking towards Mikani, Artorius, and their new knight. A cheer for the knight. As he steps to settle with Ann somewhere a little quieter for conversation.

Ann gives a small bow towards Mikani, Artorius and Akamos but she is seen following Matti and their conversation to be had. Holding her hand in his as she moves along with him.

Zoey checks charm and performance at normal. Zoey marginally fails.

Kia moves to give Akamos a quick hug, and then laughs, "Lets hope your ego stays managable." She teases.

Zoey trips a little bit as she follow Cillian in the first few moves of a dance, only barely catching herself before falling completely. She straightens herself up as quickly as she can though and continues as though nobody saw that.

Mattheu checks charm and athletics at hard. Mattheu is successful.

Akamos gives hugs to both Akamos and then Kia, the latter being scooped up in the air. "I need more titles now! Anyway I can't have an ego now. I need to remain humble and modest, which is hard when I am so great."

Cillian smiles at Zoey acting as if nothing happened, he helps her around leaning in once in a while to speak with her softly.

Kissing Artorius' cheek she slips away from her husband say hello to Zoey and Cillian. She smiles as she gets nearer. "Zoey! Cillian! Can I dance with you?" Her eyes watch Nakoa and Naamah conspiring as Emma is talking to Uriel about something in large gestures. Dia is her silent self but that doesn't stop her from joining Naamah in siding against Nakoa.

Caspian gives jan a massive smile and jumps up. "hah! Excellent! now then, there is dancing going on, and we are sitting here chattering away! We cant have that!"

Jan laughs and rises "Fair warning I am awful at dancing. Guard your toes!"

Cillian looks over and smiles, "Mikani! come, come! Its not every day a lord is lucky enough to dance with two amazing Ladies." he smiles at them both.

"Of course! Open up for the bride." Zoey releases one of her hands from Cillian and reaches out for Mikani to join them. "As if I would say no to you."

Caspian waves a hand dismissively, "bah! i dropped weapons on my toes so many times when i was trying to get my sea legs, that i lost all feeling in them ages ago!" he beams and then moves to join the other dancers. its wedding.. whats a wedding without dancing! He looks to mikani, cillian and zoey, "And after all, the more the merrier!"

Caspian checks charm and performance at hard. Caspian is successful.

Mikani checks dexterity and performance at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Mattheu checks charm and athletics at daunting. Mattheu marginally fails.

Jan eyes Caspian "Gods, I should worry about my toes, maybe." She laughs and flashes a grin and joins the other dancers.

Akamos checks dexterity and performance at normal. Akamos is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and performance at normal. Jan marginally fails.

Ann checks charm and athletics at normal. Ann is successful.

Cillian checks charm and performance at normal. Cillian marginally fails.

Caspian checks charm and performance at daunting. Caspian fails.

Small conversation, some wine and a quick bite to eat as Mattheu then takes to picking up Ann and nearly tossing her over his shoulder only to head towards the dance floor again. Seeking to fulfil the offer of a proper dance only to be unable to pass up a passing tray of snacks where Ann finds herself upon her feet quickly while the Rivenshari is left fumbling with tray of sweets and staring at Ann with a *what?* look mixed within his smile. It's as if there was a conversation and he's gone off to completely forgetting what that conversation was to be for and about. There is a whiff of ginger and rhubarb about him as the platter is put down and he nods to Ann again. A mouth nearly full of a chocolate cake. "Ah. Yes. Um..." Then looking around, "Perhaps this way?" He whisks Ann off towards a better view, only to stop to grab a bottle of wine on their way.

Caspian was watching Jan dance, and a very respectable job she was doin. but Caspian was drunk, or maybe tipsy. or maybe just dumb! all could be! so what did he do? tried to slip his own feet under hers, to help her dance right along with him. This is all very well and good with kids. it does NOT work very well for adults.. even less so when alchohol is involved. A moment after trying this brilliant idea, he quickly realized how utterly BAD it was as jan's foot came down on his. What followed was a short hopping dance more akin to someone walking on pins than anything else. Ah yes.. the ever graceful caspian,,

Akamos puts in a brief dance before he retreats back to his very serious role of protector, joining the House Guards in protecting the party goers and most importantly those of House Magnotta.

Jan gahs and steps on Caspian's foot and unlike many of the other women here Jan's no petite belle, but as tall as about any man here and packed with lean muscle which means she's closer to Caspian's weight than the other women dancing in the lady's line. So when she trips on Caspian's foot and instinctively latches onto his shoulder it could end in disaster.

Cillian moves around dancing with Zoey and Mikani a big ol grin on his face as he does so, "I am really happy for you Mikani."

Mikani joins Cillian and Zoey. There is hugging and the dancing doesn't look like dancing. But it is fun. "Thank you both for coming. I'm so happy you both are here." She hugs them more.

Caspian checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Caspian fails.

"Oh bollocks" DOWN goes caspian, the sudden weight of Jan completely throwing off his balance. He was a good dancer.. really. Anyone could tell as he tumbled to the ground in a jumble of legs and arms, threatening to take jan down right with him as he spaghettied his way down to the floor.

Desma doesn't dance but she does give Artorius and Mikani a hug in turn. "I better head off... there's someon- erm... something I need to see to."

"Happy to be here," Zoey replies as the trio dance together. How much have they had to drink at this celebration that nobody seems able to put their feet in the right place? Well, if the dance is slow and simple, they can manage just fine. "Congratulations, my dear."

Cillian looks over as Caspian goes down he tries not to laugh as he hugs Mikani and Zoey as they dance together. "You ok over their Wilds?" asks the Norther Lord.

Jan growls an expletive and goes down but once down bursts into helpless gales of laughter as she staggers to her feet and helps Caspian up "You were warned!"

Whispers a bit to Zoey as they dance. She helps Cillian dance with them. She continues to move around them.

Caspian clambers up to his feet and laughs merrily. "hahah! yes i was. but since when has that stopped me!" he rubs the back of his head, though nothing was more bruised than his ego. he looks to Cillian and beams. "Oh im alright! just.. finding my feat again!"

Jan shakes her head and laughs "I'm going back to finish my drink before I fall and show someone my goods." She declares to Caspian before Zoey is noticed and given another wave when she turns away.

Cillian grins at Caspian "Alright." as Zoey moves off he looks to Mikhani and starts to dance with her leaning in to whisper.

Mikani smiles and whispers back. "I would be around them. I never wore their colors. Never felt like I was welcome to."

Caspian takes a slow breath, "Maybe all that drink got to my head.. some fresh air would be good." A final bow and a warm smile given to mikani. "Congratulations you to both!!" he gives a laugh, a final wave to everyone and a smile shared with all before turning to get some air outside.

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