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The Legacies of the Lyceum

A meeting to discuss plans to explore, discover, and create legacies which will outlive those who find them for future generations to enjoy. ((First meeting of the new Lyceum group project! Yay, look at us go!))


Nov. 18, 2023, noon

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Medeia Jan Sofia Pasquale Aconite Apollo



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hall of the Hundred Cities

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Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound, Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Tagalong arrive, following Apollo.

Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound, Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Tagalong leave, following Apollo.

Siri, an attentive apprentice arrives, following Apollo.

This is certainly a less intimidating meeting as Jaenelle sits in her chair at the center of the room, waiting for others to join and settle. There is wine of course, what Lycene meeting would be held without it, and before the Archduchess is a small table with things to write with. "Welcome," she greets warmly. "Thank you all for coming to the first meeting of the next Lycene project. We have done a lot of amazing things together, and this will be no different. With this idea I am looking towards the future, one that our children and their children will benefit from. So from you my houses in the Lycene, is ideas to see growth and potential. Would you like to do something with the infrastructure? Would you like to see if your people could create a new material or explore ruins and discover history. This is about us, yes, but more so those who come after."

Medeia glides in a few minutes early and busies herself with getting some wine and doing a small amount of mingling before finding a seat. She looks a touch distracted as she focuses on Jaenelle at the opening of the meeting. Her teeth pull at her lower lip as she considers and waits to see if anyone else speaks up first.

Jan files in and finds a seat. Her slate gaze roams the impressive halls with curiosity until Jaenelle begins speaking and then her gaze shifts to rest on the Archduchess,

Sofia steps inside and glides toward the front row of seating, her dawnstone heels echoing a gentle click-clack across the mirrored floor. She sweeps into her rightful place at the Lenosian benches, lifting her chin first to Jaenelle with a broad and radiant smile before sharing the same with her benchmates, her dark eyes sparkling. Folding her exquisitely manicured hands in her lap, she stills and quiets to listen.

Pasquale takes a seat besides Jan and takes one of those glasses of wine. The cup merely rests on his knee as he listens.

With a gesture from Sofia, her lady in waiting plucks a glass of wine off the table and brings it to the princess, who accepts it with her right hand and a warm curve of her lips.

Aco arrived with her everpresent shadow Alejandro. She's found herself a glass of wine and a comfortable place to recline regally. The Radiant, like Medeia, is silent for the moment while she swirls her wine. As the silence stretches on Aco smiles, "I'd welcome the chance to do for the Lyceum what I've been doing for House Fidante. Expanding on the Agricultural and focusing on specalizing more in each fealty. I'd be happy to work with the other Ministers of Agriculture or anyone else for that matter. It's a small thing but it's startted to put more padding around Tor's finances."

"Some examples I have personally for Lenosia are the creation of a specific cloth from a rare flower that grows there. I have thought of this often but never had the time to follow through. Another dream I have always had was finding the first original treaty of the Lyceum, and that is something I would be thrilled to discover again. We have a beautiful garden that was recently found with the Explorers help and another task would be to find something similar if it exists, as if one exists there could very well be similar things," Jaenelle says. "This meeting is not about getting decisions made but by planting seeds so each domain can come together and discuss something that is important to them." She offers a smile towards Aconite for her assistance and offer of help, "I am sure your talents would be needed for whatever projects the various domains might have, you are a woman whos reach is vast."

Apollo is not early, but nor is he especially late. He does wind up taking in the first of Jaenelle's words from the entry, before proceeding to find a seat with Pasquale and Jan, catching a glass of wine on his way. He seems thoughtful, considering both the Archduchess's opener and Aconite's suggestion. He lifts his chin when silence falls. "Thank you, your grace. And Radiant Aconite, I've no doubt we'll reach out in coming days to explore future agricultural developments." He takes a breath, then says, "When I think about legacy, I consider identity. House Malespero is a house of orphans, and we are so called." The Orphans. "I would like to see our house redefine the standard of care for those who have lost everything. Provide a place the children of disaster might find stability, tutelage, support that persists well past coming of age. A place they can always return to, somewhere to think of as home with fondness, even if the circumstances of their arrival will always be difficult. That is the legacy I would choose."

Pasquale looks to Apollo. "That is a fine idea. I would be happy to help." he looks to Jan then, listening to something she said, and gets a thoughtful look before answering.

Apollo has joined the Lenosian Benches.

Aconite has joined the Torean Benches.

Sofia sits forward, her dark, liquid eyes flashing. "A material out of flowers?" she practically purrs, "That sounds like an utter /delight/. I am nearly as fascinated by it as I am by that second one, finding our original treaty, a task I would lend myself happily to." She straightens her posture and raises her chin, addressing her circle at large. "At the moment, I lack a direction for myself personally--though I trust I will find one in the coming weeks--and thus I may assist anyone in need of my assistance. Radiant," she inclines her head to Aconite and offers her a warm smile, "As the minister of agriculture for my house, I will be glad to participate in any agricultural project you have in mind."

Medeia gives Aconite a warm smile when she sees her. All of Jaenelle's examples have her nodding, and when it is her turn to speak, she does so clearly and loud enough to carry to all who have joined. "There are two things currently front-of-mind for Saik that I can speak to. One is... Ambitious." She grins, not showing any sign that the thing might not be possible. "With the Crown issuing the truce with Abandoned, we have decided that it is time to properly reach out to those small groups that recede into the hills around us. I believe we will finally be able to negotiate a bending of knee that would push Saikland to achieve county status." She pauses, sips her wine, allows some murmurs to pass without comment. "I have also recently gotten approval from the Inquisition to do a thorough search of the castle they use within our domain. I am hoping we will find some evidence of what happened to Alessandra Saik after she became the first baroness. Perhaps even find her sword." When she is done speaking, she listens to the others, giving Apollo a smile and a nod, a look that shows her support.

Jaenelle dips her head towards Apollo as he speaks, eyes shifting towards Pasquale and back when the two share words, "that is an honorable wish and something I believe to be perfectly achievable. Whether you create a foundation for learning or a haven for refugees to arrive on the shores of Nilanza in the form of training and homes, or even a large orphanage that is known for taking in children and finding them a place in society where they never have to struggle at the start of life that many tend to. I expect amazing things." She turns towards Medeia as she speaks then, nodding as well to her ideas, "it has been said that once the treaty between the Crown and those tribes which are not within the compact ends, it opens the possibility for more personal and smaller treaties to begin. While I am not sure when the Crown's treaty will pause to allow for the others to start, it is something that I can see happening. The exploration of the castle is an important task that certainly is one that I am certain many would be happy to assist with. A House's weapon is something deeply personal, as are their stories, and every house deserves to tell their story."

Aconite says, "Indeed, there exist foundational elements," Aco acknowledges with a nod directed at Jaenelle, raising her glass in acknowledgment. "Yet, there's always room for expansion and growth, especially when people are willing to collaborate. Consider, for instance, the Torean breed of War Horse-an endeavor I could never have accomplished without the collaboration of Ostra and Southport," she explains, emphasizing the significance of cooperation towards a shared goal. Her gaze shifts to Sofia and Medeia, her expression thoughtful in response to the latter's words, briefly chewing the inside of her lip in contemplation. Aco's focus then turns to Apollo, her smile brightening as she nods affirmatively. "Count me in; I'd be delighted to lend a hand with that as well."

Belatedly, Sofia flashes Apollo a sunny smile. "A noblest pursuit if I have ever heard one. I will help you."

"I" Pasquale comments "Would like to improve the trading route running up the eastern coast to Arx. In the wake of Thrax's war we surely have the best opportunity we will have for quite some time to claim a portion of the trade Thrax dominated."

The gratitude Apollo wears for the support for his idea is palpable and heartfelt, nothing at all performative. And why not. The circumstances of his past have doubtless informed his wishes. "Thank you, your grace. Radiant, your highness." A dip of his head for each of them in turn, Jaenelle, Aconite, and Sofia. "We will sort out what we hope to craft, and reach out as it finds form." There's a beat, then: "We also value collaboration very highly. The arts. Craftsmanship. If there are projects other Lycene houses are at that House Malespero seems suited to assist with, we hope to hear from you."

As some more ideas are shared, Medeia nods along. "As always, I am happy to support the efforts of the Lyceum. Surely the Malesperos know that I will do what I can for them, but that extends to all. I speak both personally and in my role as Voice of Saik - whatever I can reasonably do? I will."

Jaenelle looks towards the gathered, "while not specific to this topic, I am having special sails made for each ducal house. These sails are similar to those the Nox'alfar use. It means that those ships which contain these sails should have the ability to sail longer distances easier and faster. At least that is my hope and goal. I just wished to let you know," she is speaking to those gathered here from those specific houses, "so that having such at your disposal may mean that whatever legacy you have planned now might go smoother with such an additional resource."

Jan's eyebrows loft upwards "Petrichor's untrimmed bush. Magic Sails. Ooooo. There's going to be sooooo much fucking envy." and then she realizes she said that aloud and slumps back with a polite cough behind a fist.

"Lady Medeia is indeed generous with her time and considerable skills," Apollo confirms. "And we are grateful." There's a pause, and he says, "I'm very intrigued by these sails," he says to Jaenelle. "I hope if we can contribute to that project, you'll let us know."

Aconite remains listening for now, the Whisper obviously interested but has nothing to add as the Houses of the Lyceum are addressed.

Medeia stares at Jan for a moment before Apollo grabs her attention with his compliment. She bows her head to him before turning back to Jaenelle. "Your fabric idea? I have experience with both fabric and leathers - the alchemical process and the coordination of bringing materials to market. I assisted with the rose leather, and led the efforts for Eswynd on windspun and peachskin, as well as worked with Blackram on their fabrics. I am no Tessere, but I am happy to provide whatever insight I can."

Sofia tips her head as Gracie approaches with a missive and a whisper. Clicking her tongue, the princess rises. "Please excuse me," she pardons herself with a regal bow of her head before sweeping from the room.

Jaenelle laughs as Jan speaks up for the first time, "what can I say? It was House Velenosa who created the first caravel, of course it is going to be House Velenosa who perfects it further. But such things are meant to benefit the whole rather than the individual." A nod is given towards Medeia as she speaks about the process and her experiences, "I am certain that a flower crafted silk is a bit easier than getting bit by the spiders we worked with for spidersilk, and should we decide on that route your expertise will be relied on. It is never an easy thing coming up with something that never was before and I am always so inspired when something new arrives."

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3 House Velenosa Guards, Gracie, an extremely patient lady's maid leave, following Sofia.

Apollo might shudder, just a moment, at the mention of the spiders involved in spidersilk. He's not even /really/ spider averse, okay? It's just... there were so /many/.

Jan gives Jaenelle a sheepish grin "It is most fitting." She glances at Apollo, then Pasquale and speaks lower to the pair.

Pasquale is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Aconite is overheard praising Jaenelle.

"I think I have said all that I needed to, to get the ball rolling on this. We will make great things, as we always do, and I can not wait to hear final plans so we may put everything into action," Jaenelle tells the group. "If you have any firther questions or requests, I am always available. So unless anything else needs to be said, the meeting is over, and thank you for all showing up."

"Thank you for hosting this meeting." Pasquale tells Jaenelle. He sets the glass of wine he picks up aside and then moves to his feet.

Pasquale sits down again after Jan speaks.

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