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Vassal of Pravus

Words: "Prey to none."
Sigil: Three blue sharks in a circle, surrounding Caina
Nickname: Sharks
Colors: Dark Purple

House Inverno: Historically, Inverno has had a strained relationship with its liege house Argento. As Argento got comfortable in Nilanza, many of the corsairs loyal to the family bristled at the softening that seemed to accompany their growing legitimacy, blades set down in favor of trade agreements. Whether the marquis meant to placate his rivals or inspire a revolt he was sure he could quell, he bestowed the arid, unforgiving island of Caina upon one of his more vocal opponents, Gregario Inverno. Most did not expect House Inverno to thrive upon the island so ill-favored by the tradewinds, the rocky terrain unsuitable for either growing or building, and yet the house has persisted through stubbornness and self-reliance.
Recent generations have worked to bridge the gap between vassal and liege, though most speculate that their bonding has been built upon illegal and illicit activities. House Inverno refutes the rumors that the county is rife with pirates, maintaining that they are loyal and law-abiding, that their people are fishermen and mercenaries, hard folks who know how to survive. Their fishing industry isn't strong enough to support the growth Caina's seen of late.

With the conquest of House Argento's Nilanza, Inverno bent the knee to Duchess Belladonna Pravus and Nilanza's new Marquessa, Lianne. The Countess Nicia was installed to oversee Caina but has since abdicated to marry into House Laurent, leaving the new Count Donato Inverno as ruler of Caina.

In 1012 AR, House Inverno followed Pravus when the latter was elevated to become a great house, joining them in their conquest of the Saffron Chain.


Name Rank Title Description
Tyche 1 Marquessa
Leonel 2 Voice
Oriana 3 Noble Family
Cassimir 3 Noble Family
Sabrina 3 Noble Family
Marena 3 Noble Family
Val 4 Trusted House Servants
Alexio 4 Trusted House Servants
Duarte 5 Noble Vassals
Orland 5 Noble Vassals
Savio 5 Noble Vassals
Sindri 7 Known Commoners
Belladonna 10 Valued Allies

Ruler: Tyche

Minister Category Title
Cassimir Income Minister of Coin
Mirella Upkeep Minister of Land
Saverio(RIP) Productivity None
Marena Warfare None
Aisha Population None

Land Holdings


Description: Most would deem the rocky, arid island of Caina uninhabitable. The island's inhabitants have determinedly defied those expectations generation after generation, building a sprawling city amid the cliffs. Caina is a maze of tangling avenues which open into hidden oases as frequently as thieves' dens, difficult for the non-native to navigate. For all that its people are rugged and rough around the edges, they are yet fiercely passionate, set on living life as suits them best, decidedly Lycene in their contempt convention.

Landmarks: The Great Work of Caina, a monument to Tehom made up of thirteen stone half-arches around a pool of water, each supporting angled mirror to catch and reflect the light of the Blood Moon during the Eclipse of Mirrors.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route. Caina was elevated to March at in the 1012 AR Assembly of Peers that elevated Pravus to Great House.