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Disciples Of Jayus

The Disciples of Jayus

Words: Dare to dream a better tomorrow.
Sigil: A lute crossed with a paintbrush.

In 1014 AR, Archlector Wylla formalized the Discipleship of Jayus to better distinguish active worship of the god from more secular interests within the Crafters Guild. It remains one of the most loosely organized discipleships, with the least oversight from the Faith; members vary wildly in backgrounds and personalities but they share a love of seeking and sharing inspiration through art in all its forms.

Authors, amateur artisans, patrons, poets, professional performers - and of course, plenty of Guild crafters - have all counted themselves amongst the Disciples' ranks. Where most official work still remains the purview of the Godsworn, Disciples still proudly represent Jayus through their art and involvement in creative projects across Arvum.


Name Rank Title Description
Wylla 1 Archlector Archlector of Jayus
Caprice 2 Voice
Rowley 3 Godsworn Disciple
Sabella 4 Senior Disciple
Hana 4 Senior Disciple
Baz 5 Disciple
Samira 5 Disciple
Vincenzo 5 Disciple
Cesare 5 Disciple
Tabitha 5 Disciple
Agric 5 Disciple
Sorrel 8 Devotee
Niklas(RIP) 10 Fondly Remembered The Playwright