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Memorial Service - Damon Wyrmguard

Please join House Wyrmguard in mourning the passing of the beloved knight and young lord, Damon Wyrmguard. Refreshments and an observance period will follow the service. All family, friends and acquaintances of Lord Damon Wyrmguard are welcome no matter the caste.


Jan. 17, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

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Luca(RIP) Max(RIP) Khanne Desiree Ansel Tristram Merek Darrow(RIP) Eirene Halsim Mirari Bethany Torian Ferrando Fiachra(RIP) Sophie Larissa Angelo Valencia Juliet(RIP) Alis Calandra Monique Jeremiah Edain Dominique Costas(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Wyrmguard Estate - Gardens

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Comments and Log

Khanne walks into the gardens looking a little uneasy, taking a deep breath and looking around before an usher offers to take her to a seat, the Lady Halfshav barely giving the refreshments a glance. She is not dressed for mourning, but wears a single red rose in her hair in remembrance of her friend.

Merek settles in, and keeps quiet, looking to the others which arrive, but most his attention seems focused as it seems things are not far from beginning. He wears a somber expression, filled with emotion, hands clasped in his lap.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dominique before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bethany before departing.

Alis arrives alongside her brother, helping steer them though those gathered so that they can greet Dominique and Bianca first. With whom she speaks quietly, offering her condolences again. And, absolutely jewish mothering the Marquessa by telling her to eat something when the service is over. She'll send soup.

Desiree frowns at what Bianca says. "I've not even met him."

Khanne sits in her seat, quiet, letting the family be amongst family as she sits alone. She looks to the painting, to the sculpture and tears form in her misty-grey eyes. They merely dance upon her lashes, not slipping down her cheeks, the look of sorrow, of regret, etched clearly in her expression.

Lady Juliet arrives with quite the entourage; Bethany on her arm, with Fidelia a few paces behind, and a trio of Fidante Guardsmen a few paces behind her again. The Lady Fidante wearing her blushed pinks, with her hair in an ornate fall of curls, held in a rose-petal form by two rubicund hairpins coloured white, roses in pale peach woven against the metal. Curling ringlets framing her face and drawing attention to the amethysts in her ears. She pauses, regarding statue and paintings placed alike, and gives a small nod of approval. "I expect it will be a beautiful service," She murmurs to Bethany. "Come, let's go say hello. Offer our condolences."

And so, Juliet moves along towards Dominique and Bianca and Desiree Wyrmguard, giving a little wave to Eirene as she goes. Looking to the trio of Oathlanders, and bowing her head to each in turn. "Marquessa. My ladies. I am so sorry for your loss."

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Calandra.

3 Culler Lackeys, Calandra arrive, following Torian.

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3 Culler Lackeys have been dismissed.

Bianca inclined her head to the greeting of Alis, distant as per the norm this past week, but amicable none the less. Soon after attention flit to Juliet next, another bow of her head offered to her and then company as she quietly responded, "Thank you, Lady Fidante."

    Ansel moves along towards the small group of Oathlanders who've gone over to the Wyrmguards, joining them to offer his condolences. "The Duke regrets that he cannot attend, Marquessa, my ladies," he says, looking to the group, dipping his head quietly. "Please accept my family's condolences on his behalf," he adds, calmly.

Bethany lips purse, and she nods silently to Juliet - generally looking swallow and severe in black with her hair pinned so carefully out of the bright-eyed gaze, but the look is drastically softened by the company she keeps with the Lady Fidante. "Certainly, we ought."

Bethany dips a low, respectful curtsy to the Marquessa and the ladies. "My condolences."

Calandra arrives at the memorial service while in the company of her Uncle Torian. A pale linen dress is draped artfully over her graceful figure. Long dark locks reach to her waist tiny, having been brushed to a silky sheen. Her expression is somber.

Dominique is blessed by Alis, and her Jewish Mothering. She speaks softly to her. She dips her chin to Juliet. "Thank you for your condolences, Lady Fidante." Dominique's intense blue eyes can be seen under the veil. She repeats for each who offer their condolences. She holds her sister's hand while they reciever mourners.

Merek lifts up his hands, to pull his scarves around his lower face. It seems a reflexive action, and some idle quirk of his. He continues to watch on with that somber expression, looking to who enters, but not taking his gaze from the front. His hands return to their position in his lap.

Bianca's silvery gaze soon turned to Ansel along with another bow of her head, "Thank you, sir. Please extend our appreciation in return to your family."

Torian enters at the side of Calandra, having cleaned up a bit for the occassion..probably at her insistance. He's dressed simply, his clothing somber and unlikely to draw much attention, and he walks in at the young Whisper's side, one arm gently looped beneath hers as he walks with her.

Jeremiah's arrival has him stepping off to the side, just waiting nearby. He's not approaching the Wyrmguards himself, just soberly observing.

Desiree watches those that enter. If anyone says any condolences she just nods.

The Prince of Sanctum waits for a few of the mourners to take time to offer their condolences to the Wyrmguard Ladies, before he approaches them in the receiving line that has begun to form. There are no grand gestures, no loud proclamations when he reaches, Dominique, Desiree and Bianca. Just a simple sincere bow, and a sober tone, "Marquessa Dominique, Lady Desiree, Lady Bianca. I am so very sorry. Lord Damon was a fine knight. And more importantly he was a good friend. If there is anything you need. You have but to ask."

Khanne chews on her lip a moment, rising up from her seat to approach the only Wyrmguard she knows, Bianca. She waits until others have shared their condolences, then reaches for one of Bianca's hands, touching it very lightly. "I said, what I needed to say in my missive to you. I am very sorry for your family's loss. He was a good friend. A good friend to many...

Valencia arrives alone. Clad in elegant stormy silks that flatter slender waist and generous curves, she holds her head is held high, her dark almond shaped eyes are unreadable -- a fragile balance of compassion and softness and with a glint steel beneath the silk evoked in full force. She nods to faces familiar. Her eyes softening as they meet Bianca's, her cultured expression almost cracking but quickly restored. She does not approach the family, but takes a seat in the back.

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, following Maximilian.

Eirene makes her way to the ladies Wyrmguard, making a stiff curtesy in her black woolen gown. Clearly not one made for summer nor often used. "On behalf of House Malvici and my Duke, accept our condolences. Sir Damon was a drinking buddy and sparring partner, and had a very great ass," she says reassuringly. "In addition to being one. He'll be missed."

Alis adds Desiree to her list of greetings and condolences, once she is assured by Dominique that she is taking care of herself. And then she steps aside to find her way to a place to sit or hover. Or otherwise be unobtrusive as the memorial begins.

    Ansel is quick to move along, both to allow the family their space, and to allow others to speak with the family. He lingers a moment, pausing for the Valardins to speak with the Wyrmguards, then moves quietly alongside the pair, occupying a nearby seat, meaning to be seen and not heard during the memorial.

Drifting in the wake of Lady Eirene, Costas maintains a somber expression; easy enough for the reticent warrior, whose resting countenance is already so illegible. Though he wears no mourning finery, instead the usual simple leather jerkin and breeches beneath the cloak which marks him as a retainer of the Malvici, all are freshly cleaned and polished in respect to the ceremony and household. As his employer speaks with the grieving Wyrmguards he remains silent and watchful, only lingering his calm gaze on the Lady Bianca for a short moment before he dips his head in respect.

Dominique glances to her family and then to Edain. "Thank you Your Grace." Her voice is soft and a bit hoarse. She looks to Eirene, unfamiliar to her but at the drinking buddy comment she gives a slight smile. She tries not to laugh at the great ass comment. "He use to boast so." She comments softly.

Edain blinks at Eirene's comment, but his expression soften as he seems to realize that is perhaps speaking to how Lord Damon made such an impact on her, that she speaks so freely of him.

Also, Edain is not qualified to judge the merit's of Damon's ass, so he is inclined to accept Eirene's opinion of it.

Bianca's smile actually preened slightly at Eirene's condolences, though per usual in recent times it barely touched the sincerity of her gaze. A bow of her head was dipped to the woman and her escort, but as she felt Khanne's touch her hand caught woman's a bit more firmly before the she could withdraw. The moment the touch reached her in fact her attention entirely turned and she stepped forward, voice lowering. "Your words were very much appreciated."

Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

Merek blinks a bit at Eirene's words, when he overhears her. Then he just looks forward once more. Arx is a wondrous place it seems. Not at all like places on his travels. He folds one hand over the other, and watches on. His eyes seem to water, hearing all the eulogies, as if touched, continuing his silent vigil.

Maximilian moves into the gardens - a cloud of storms and thunder. Dark, portentous thunder.

Alis tries to cover her smile at Lady Eirene's tribute to Lord Damon. But, being that she is quite unable to, just ducks her head instead.

Bianca also totally missed Edain's condolence post! She would have graciously bowed. Yadda yadda.

Juliet, too, steps aside, and moves alongside Eirene, grinning. "You always have a way with words," She offers to the Malvici. "You remember Bethany Mercier, yes? I believe you questioned her writings at the Southport Training Ring." Gesturing to the woman walking alongside her. Spotting Valencia, giving her a nod of greeting and a small, encouraging smile.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

Larissa discreetly moves into the garden, an apologetic glance to Bianca, Dominique and Desiree for her tardiness and an apologetic glance to Eirene for missing her tribute. She was pretty sure it was awesome.

A mild, very subdued nod - as Juliet makes introduction. Bethany dips her head, offers the mildest smile: "Succinctly and sincerely said, Lady Malvici." With a slow nod of her head, she graciously steps away from Juliet, and quietly makes her way toward the side of the gathering - to find Jeremiah. Quietly, she stands beside him.

Eirene grins as her words have a positive effect and nods to the ladies. She moves along with Costas beside and hrrms at Juliet's comment. "Yes, we've met a few times now, thank you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

Calandra looks toward the Lady Juliet, giving her a warm smile that is tinged with sorrow. She then notices the Princes Valencia and drops into a curtsy that is directed to her. The curtsy is subtle, almost only a partial one, probably because of the current memorial that is happening. She then looks toward her Uncle, giving him a nod. Larissa is given a gentle and subtle smile, one that that has a seriousness to it. She then makes her toward Dominique and Damon's family. "I am so sorry for you loss. I only met your brother one time, but he was so kind to me and loved my song. He will be greatly missed." She says in a softly expressive voice.

Valencia blinks slowly as the mourners file in. She observes those in attendance. She nods back to Juliet, looking down a moment and then up again. There is a slight twitch of brow but there is a alien absence of emotion show on the little princess' face. Finally, with a little breath of air, she approaches the receiving line as is expected.

Bianca released Khanne, leaning a whisper to her cousins.

Khanne had turned her head away a bit to hide the emotion Bianca's words gave to her. "We'll talk soon, okay?" She nods softly, returning to her seat once her hand is released.

"Messere Costas. Good to see you again, despite the circumstances." Juliet offers, subdued, to Costas. Looking to Valencia again, and giving a small gesture for the Princess to come over.

Desiree sighs as she makes her way to the front with her head down. She doesn't have her usual confidence today.

The Lady Fidante glances after Beth, quirking her lips in a small smile as she sees where she ends up, and then looks back to Eirene. "I never really got to go drinking with Damon. But I did spar with him." She notes, to the Malvici. "Great ass is a good description." She adds, with a small wink.

Bianca granted a gracious nod in agreement to the departing Khanne, helping begin the process of getting her mourning cousins to their seat at the front.

Maximilian steps forward when there is a break in the line and a moments time. First, to Dominique. "Marquessa." He murmurs, bowing his head in a formal greeting. Then in the way of the Darkwater, he leans forward to offer her a quick embrace, then a kiss to each cheek. "I am honored to be here, in your time of rememberence." He steps back then moves to Bianca. The same ritual, the small hug, the kiss to each cheek, the words - honored to be here in your time of rememberence. Finally, he comes to Desiree and repeats one more time. SOmething of a small ritual, a formality. These things matter.

Then, the count takes his seat.

Costas follows alongside Eirene, making no comment of her tribute, which sounds like the sort of joke for nobles to laugh with and the rest to ignore. He dips his head in respect to the Lady Juliet as she addresses him, meeting her eyes for a short moment, "Lady Juliet, always welcome to behold."

Torian is, from appearances, in primarily a role as Calandra's guardian, the older man moving with her but standing back a short ways when she pays her respects to the bereaved. He speaks only quietly, his voice a surprisingly soft one even if the rich timbre suggests he might certainly be more at other times. "It is a cruel thing, for those of us left to remain, to have to stay behind and persevere after the loss of the best of us," he says quietly after Calandra.

Dominique takes a breath in, so many people. That made he feel better, vaguely. She tries to keep her features smooth, so she doesn't cry in public. Even semi hidden under the black lace veil she didn't feel hidden. She dips her head to people making well wishes and such. She looks to Bianca and nods. She ushers her younger sister with her to the front row to sit for the memorial to begin proper. She catches Max then, she nods quietly. She sits with her sister and she smooths out her dress at the knee. For a girl always wearing pants she cleans up good.

"Bee," Jeremiah subduedly, soberly greets Bethany, tipping a head in nod of recognition to her--warm, but...this is a memorial. There's reservation there, and recognition of loss, however small.

He offers the same sort of smile towards Juliet before he turns his regard towards the Wyrmguards and any that approach.

Shortly after they were settled and Max had found his seat, the Lady Bianca Wyrmguard withdrew from the side of her family. She stepped up the center aisle of arranged seating toward the display area. She was not wearing the colors of mourning, instead donning the colors and regalia of her house and namesake. A certain pride in the mere show of it.

A deep breath was taken before she turned to face those gathered. "If everyone could please take their seats, we will begin."

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Calandra takes her uncle arms, leading them toward a seat. She nods in response to his softly spoken words.

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Juliet gives a nod of greeting to Jeremiah - then goes to find herself a seat, shooting another smile to Eirene and Costas.

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The little princess waits until the others have hand a moment with the grieving family, and then approaches, offering a sincere nod of her head, her voice is sweet though sombre. "Marquessa Dominique, Lady Bianca, Lady Desiree. Please allow me to again offer my sorrow for your loss and bring condolences from the House of Redrain. Lord Damon was..." Valencia's voice breaks ever so slightly. She clears her throat and continues, her voice again smooth,"... he will be so greatly missed by so man. I cannot tell you how much my heart goes to you. As I have said, I am here should you have need. As ever. As always."

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Should there be water, Merek will find some, and have a drink, before he settles in once more, closer. He listens to all that is said, and seems to be in a private reverie, looking up at the skies, as though in deep thought, before it returns to the proceedings.

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Bianca's hands drew to fold behind her, head inclined to Valencia's words with gentle acceptance. She would wait a few more moments for the princess to take a seat before turning to the grouping.

"Archlector Wyrmguard was originally going to speak on the behalf of House Wyrmguard, but I received word that he will be detained shortly before the memorial was intended to begin." She took in another slow breath. "The task now falls to me and I must apologize as I am unprepared. I could speak hour upon hour as to the merits of my cousin. His strength, his determination, his passion..." Small smile touched her lips. "His humor.." She turned to glance toward the painting of the man in question mounted beside her.

"Jay -" Bethany returns in a soft syllable, calm. Remaining silent and observant.

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Jeremiah remains standing--too many places to have a seat. But he stands at the abck, at least, moving towards the back of the gazebo to wait and observe, hands behind his back.

Eirene nods slowly. "Looks just like him, only slightly less cocky."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

"Lord Damon was a fire that burned among us." Bianca continued to look toward the painting, a sort of resolute calm about her. "While he was not my brother by direct relation, he was in every other sense of the word. I..." She paused, turning back to the grouping with yet another slow breath. "Rather than ramble on, I'd like to open the floor to anyone else who may wish to say a few words." She turned in robotic stiffness, departing to the side of the display of sculpture and painting. Next!

Larissa laughs a little at Eirene, a quiet unassuming slip of sound.

When asking if anyone would like to say a few words, Edain rises from his seat, "I would like to say something of Lord Damon, if I might?"

Maximilian nods to Bianca - as if to Cue up behind Prince Edain.

Bianca nodded to Edain, gesturing him forward.

Khanne nods softly at Bianca's words, one arm wrapping over her torso to hug herself as the other hand reaches up to idly, nervously play with the petals of the rose in her hair. Her eyes then drift to Edain, and for some reason, she has to choke back a small-near-sob.

Dominique pats Bianca's hand when she comes ot sit with them again. She whispers to her. "That was very nice." She looks as Edain rises and she nods as well to give the go ahead.

Mirari slips in quietly while, moving to find herself a place to sit. Expression drawn and severe, eyes cast toward the statue.

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Angelo makes his way into the gardens with a quiet and solemn expression -- not unlike his usual reserved poise, only that stripped of a smile. He looks towards Dominique, should she gaze his way, and gives a faint nod, his lips moving wordlessly. The same courtesy is offered to Bianca from afar -- again, should she look his way.

Larissa looks to Edain and Max and takes her place behind the swarthy Thrax Captain

Edain steps up before those that were gathered at gazebo to remember the lost Lord and says, "When I think of Lord Damon, I think of one thing." Edain says, "A man that actually made me feel envy. Everything came so easily to him. He was a scholar, with a love and a thirst for knowledge, yet he was a knight to whom the ways of the sword came as easily to as breathing." Edain smiles, "I was so glad to have his service, but I will admit. I felt envy at how easily things came to him. But when I needed.. anything he answered the call. When I needed someone to decypher cryptic lore that made not a lick of sense to me. He was there. When I needed someone that could draw steel, he was there. When I need someone that could do both at once, he was not only there, I would have had to physical restrain him to stop him. He was the best of us."

Edain draws a deep breath, "And as he was there for my, so to will I be there for the Wyrmgaurd when the time comes that they need me, It is some small way I can repay the debt I owe Lord Damon." And that said he retreats back so other's might speak, eventually finding Dominique to murmur to her.

Bianca remained standing near her cousins, watching and listening. Her hand gave Dominique's shoulder a squeeze in return and glance drifted briefly as Edain spoke.

Desiree nods to Edain with a smile at his words as he stops by to speak with her sister.

Maximilian stands to speak, looking to DOminique and the rest of the family for permission to continue.

Bianca nodded to Max.

"I got words." Says Maximilian, before stopping for a moment. He removes his hat, holding it in his hands then, and starts to speak again, his voice is low, dark and brooding. It sounds not entirely unlike a pound of gravel in a silken sack, slowly rolled over itself. Deep and powerful, but not entirely lacking in smoothness. "Lord Damon Wyrmguard was my best friend. My first mainland friend and someone who showed me your shore-hemmed ways are not entirely unpalatable to me. He took the time to understand me, who I was and how I think." He pauses, to look out over the crowd.

"He was the one who had the idea for a shipping company, and he spurred me to make it real. I did, with his support, and now, by his measure, shipyards rise in Sanctum. Every ship of the Oathlands fleet will know his touch and his breath drives their sails. Battlements raise in Darkwater Watch to defend my people, and every arrow averted has his hand batting it away. Weapons and Material flow into the Crownlands and support the war there, and every axe in hand to fell the foe is guided by his wisdom."

"These things, and so much more, Damon Wyrmguard helped make real. His legacy is here, in this room. It is in each one of us. His creed was always to do good, to do better. He may not have been the politic man, and his heart may have been on his sleeve for all to see..."

"But he was pure. I do not think him dead however. I hold in my heart like I do a lost sailor. Someone who is not dead, for there is no body to grieve for, but as the honored Lost. And in Darkwater, we have words for those men. If it pleases the family, I would like to speak those words." With that, Maximilian of Darkwater Watch looks to Dominique of Blancbier for her approval to proceed.

Not far behind, the recently not-quite-as-feckless prince Luca is slipping in, dressed for once of late not in elaborate armor, but in simple tight black leggings, draping somber dark purple linen shirt, and a well-fit black leather vest. He's looking decidedly serious and even grim for the occasion, moving with hesitant step, cinnamon eyes sliding over the crowds seeking out recognizable faces, nodding solemnly to hostess or other Wyrmguard he might recognize, though he's never been terribly close to the family. He might in fact be considered a bit unusual to be in attendance at all, but one never knows who will feel the call to come pay respects. Silently, he'll move up amidst the crowd, first stopping beside Calandra to gently touch her shoulder and murmur something to her, careful to wait until after Edain's talk. He'll perhaps give a nod to Torian in passing if he's near to his niece in turn.

Angelo gives a faint reassuring smile to Dominique and then looks towards Juliet and Larissa, both of whom also get solemn nods. Once his bout of silent and discreet greetings are given, he moves to sit somewhere near the Whisper, lowering himself to place both hands atop his lap, fingers laced and interwined one with the other. He listens to the words of Edain with a sympathetic sigh. The words of Marx also draw a similar reaction, together with a schooled sigh.

Maximilian needs a manifesto.

Fiachra arrives, following Sophie.

A bit late, but nonetheless, he came. A man in a black robe and hood up steps into the Garden , giving those gathered an appraising glance as Halsim keeps his distance for a moment. Eventually, he pulls the hood down, revealing his dark brown skin and exotic islander features, before he steps a few feet away from behind the group, listening... his hands moving to his waist and folded in on themselves for now.

Calandra lifts her dark gaze to Max as he speaks, her expression solemn. When Luca touches her slender shoulder, she lifts her delicate chin looking in the Prince's direction. "I sang for him once. He was very kind to me. He wanted me to sing for him again, but it didn't happen." Calandra says in a soft voice that is infused with subtle sorrow.

Dominique nods her hed to Edain, it was beautifully spoken. She listens thoughtfully to Max speak. She nods at his words and allows him to continue, not sure what things will be said

Juliet offers a small nod to Angelo in turn, shooting him a wan smile while she keeps an arm around Valencia, gently stroking at her back. Max demands attention, so her gaze is quick to drift back to him.

    Ansel gives a nod, following Edain's words, glancing sidelong to Alis, murmuring something a moment before the Valardin highlord rejoins them at their seats.

Maximilian lifts his voice, almost in ritual song. But he's not a singer, and his voice, while birdlike, is more in time with a vulture.

"Now we raise our voices, for the Lost.
Those men of glory who battled the cold sea,
Men who toiled, and paid that final cost,
The sea called her In debts, paid that final fee.
Cry not for our men who have gone before,
And instead, raise your voice, declaring victory,
Such men will live in our stories and our lore,
And when darktide comes, shall return to thee."

The words are ancient, memorized, not his own, but resonating with the loss of many who will never have a proper burial or honor.

Max nods to the family, then moves to sit down.

Bianca offered another small nod for Max to continue.

Desiree listens to Max sing and gives him an appreciative nod when he finishes.

Dominique checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 20, resulting in 29, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Bianca moved to stand back at the front. "Is there anyone else who would like to speak?"

Edain slowly filters to the back as Max speaks about the fallen Lord. He grows silent and bows his head as Max sings his dirge, and when he is finished he murmurs quietly to to Alis and quickly he makes his way out.

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Larissa moves to stand as Max takes his seat, unabashedly wiping tears from her face "That was very, very touching Lord Darkwater" she warbles a little as she takes a moment to gather herself enough to speak. "I would like to share a memory, if I may.."

Bianca gestured Larissa forward, stepping to the side again.

Calandra looks upon Max as he sings, sucking in a soft breath.

Merek listens on to what is said, and dips his head, seeming to be thoughtful, while he inhales and exhales. The man looks around a bit, then back to the front, at these words, honoring the man for whom the service has been designated. He masks a tear or two with his damask scarf. He does look towards the robed man curiously, but it is soon back to where it was.

Alis bows her head when Max sings, and then gives a respectful nod towards him when he is done. Afterwards, she gives Ansel a quick nod and murmurs something quietly to him before she stands to follow her brother. Along her way out she reaches out to rest her hand briefly on the shoulder of each' the Wyrmguard women gathered if they allow her. Solemn and silent as her steps take her back out towards the city.

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Khanne tilts her head and listens to Max sing. It's not the beauty of his voice that moves her, no, but that of the words and their meaning. Her lips twist to the side as she tries to maintain her composure, nodding to the man when he moves to sit.

Dominique at hearing the song, she almost breaks. She bows her head but is able to keep it together. After all sepak she would like to speak a few words. She squeezes Alis hand on her way out.

    Ansel leans back to murmur a reply to the Valardin, before Alis stands to leave. He nods at her words, turning to glance at her departure, before returning his attention to the scene at hand.

Valencia rises from her chair, offering Juliet a little kiss on the cheek, and makes her way to to share her word as well. Waiting quietly, head lowered, as the others speak.

Luca gently pats Calandra's shoulder once more to that from her, sympathy showing. Max's words then draw eyes toward him. It's a bit of a surprise to see the man so moved, and the dirge then too. It's enough to leave the prince looking somehow a bit lost in thought, almost a touch relieved for the words and the way they move. A soft sigh and he gives a respectful nod his way, though given Max's tears, likely he will miss it. Another soft aside for Calandra then.

Desiree nods to those who wish to speak and lifts her hand to say she would also like to say something when it's time.

Mirari looks between each speaker and then the gathered Wyrmguard women. Her hands folded together in her lap. Drawn expression tightening briefly, her fingertips squeezing together, before a deep breath is taken adn held for a moment.

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Larissa moves towards the front of the Gazebo with weight to her gaze before her head dips into a nod and she turns to look at the painting of the Wyrmguard Lord. "Hmmm. Lady Eirene is right, he doesn't look quite as cocky... But I can imagine that look he'd get in his eyes well enough." she smiles and then turns quietly to the gathered group. "Wow. Lord Darkwater, that was "I don't think any of us are strangers to loss and sorrow and the cruel hand of fate that moves in ways that seem to work to devestate us. I'm certainly not. I don't know if he ever realized what he did for me, but Lord Wyrmguard saved my life once. I was so ready disolve myself in sorrow and loss, I had made my peace, and I was ready to stop.. stop everything. Stop living. And then walked in Damon. And he did have a nice ass.. but he had a nicer heart. He sat with me all night long. He didn't say much, he didn't do much... Truth be told he kind of pissed me off. But it was something to feel that wasn't sorrow, so I held on to it so maybe I could wake up the next day and be pissed off some more. And day by day, we took it until a friendship bloomed. I will never forget that night. I will never forget the smug smile on his face or the way that he would do anything for someone he cared about." and after a brief pause she turns to the Wyrmguard ladies and drops into a deep, elegent curtsy.

Valencia pauses a moment and then raises her head, every ounce of her frame a royal princess of Velenosa and Redrain. "I am not so very good at this, but what I say is from the heart."

"Lord Damon, was a spark that light many fires. His passion and brilliance was infectious He was kind, intelligent and beloved of so many. He was also on occasion to be horribly infuriating but so charming you could not help but forgive him. He cared for so many. His heart was good and...."

There is a brief wave of emotion as composure seems tested. Valencia pauses and looks down briefly. "And.... he was very dear to me as he was dear to so many of you." She pauses again. "He cared for so many and I hope we can take this to heart and honour him but doing the same ... Some fires burn all to brief and briliant, but looking at you all here today... it is good to know his spark will live on in so many hearts." The little princess looks down, saying very softly. "We never said goodbye properly. I miss you very much." Lifting her head again, she returns to her seat.

Khanne looks towards the Wyrmguard women and softly asks, "may I.. May I say something?"

Bianca inclined her head to both Larissa and Valencia in turn, a calm detachment about her. She gestured Desiree up next. Nod granted to Khanne shortly after as she leaned to whisper to the woman.

Calandra rests her delicate hands in her lap. She looks upon Larissa and then Valencia as they speak, her dark lashes damp. She then leans into Luca, listening to his soft words and nodding in response.

Although they are likewise late to the memorial service, Fiachra and Sophie manage to make their way to the gardens without interrupting. The Greenmarch lord seems to be escorting the Valardin Mercy, dressed in the robes appropriate to her station. They head towards the gazebo where the others seem to be gathered, and he looks to see that she gets a seat before he'll find a place not far away to watch the proceedings, quietly.

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Sophie takes in the sight of the garden and so many assembled, and she warmly smiles to see how many came to pay tribute to her beloved cousin. Summer sky eyes alight upon those she recognizes, offering a grateful nod, being seeking out Bianca, Desiree, and Dominique, after asiding a thank you to Fiachra.

Dominique bows her head listening but there is a lot of noise. She closes her eyes tries to quiet her soul. She had saved a spot for her cousin and pats it for her to join her.

Desiree steps in front of the crowd. She seems composed considering the occasion, but still she wipes at her eyes before speaking. "As few of you may know I'm Lady Desiree Wyrmguard, and Damon was my older brother. We only recently reunited here, and during that time he was the best brother I could have ever wanted. He liked to tease me at times, but no matter what he did even when we weren't together I always loved him. He used to call me his light, and I'll always try to remember the good times we shared."

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Luca continues to listen to the tales, a little bit of smile for Larissa's comment about the man's ass, a brief bit of levity amongst the grim. He maintains somber composure though, glancing to see Calandra's reaction then to Valencia's words, a hand easing out to comfortingly pat the Nightingale's back while another pulls free a monogrammed handkerchief that he offers up to her with quiet words. Looking further down the bench as his cousin Valencia returns to her seat, he gives her a sympathetic smile and mouths the words 'Well said.' to her with a nod.

Kit arrives, following Monique.

Bianca moved to offer her arm to Desiree as her cousin completed her words, guiding her back to her seat before doing the same in opposite order for Dominique.

Listening to various eulogies and memories - Bethany pauses, nods, and takes a step away from Jeremiah. Turning to unobtrusively make her exit.

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Ferrando unobtrusively troops in to find Larissa and do that guarding thing he gets paid the big bucks for. He's totally not bringing those handkerchiefs she wanted, either.

Luca, in time and a murmur to Calandra, slips back out from the gathering, with a solumn nod once more for the hostess. Leaving a space beside the nightingale for another arriving.

After Dominique sees Desiree is finished, she goes up after Bianca leading. She looks a bit lost. She looks up at everyone gathered and almost doesn't speak for a moment. "Sadly, since.. I am the oldest.. and my parents are no longer with us. I have known Damon the longest. I even remember the first moment I heard him cry through the door when he was born. My mother use to fondly say, I begged for a sister. And we were known to be at odds as siblings do. Even though I can contest he was horribly infuriating since his first day of life, he was loving and-" She pauses to compose herself. Her voice goes hoarse and she is happy the veil is covering her face. "I am glad we mended things. He'll always be my sweet goofy little brother..." She sniffles like she has more. "Excuse me." She leaves the front and goes passed her seat just goes into the hedge maze to compose herself.

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Bianca looked after the departure of Dominique, a slow breath exhaled in order to maintain her own composure. Attention then turned to gesture Khanne up front.

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When Dominique has finished and walks off into the maze, Khanne rises up from where she sits, clearing her throat to attract attention away from Dominique to make an attempt to let her have some peace. She turns to look at those gathered, though, she does not move towards the front, speaking to an assembly of people is not her strongsuit. She seems a bit fidgety, which is not a common state for her, a physical representation of her inner turmoil. "I do not have much to say.. but I did want to share something. Damon was one of my very first friends when I arrived. Prince Edain introduced us in the Hall of Heroes. He was charming, but more than anything, he was kind, and understanding." She pauses a moment, her grey eyes like a rain cloud looking over the gardens. "I received a missive from him a few days before his disappearance. It was short, as many of his were, but it is one I will treasure. It said simply, that he missed me." At this, Khanne sucks in a breath, her expression and body freezing until she feels the wave of emotion pass. "He missed me, and I, caught up in my life, forgot to respond...." She looks around then and says, "so what I want to say tonight is not only, I miss him too, and I, like Max, will hold out hope... but also..." She tries to meet the gaze of any who look at her. "Don't take people who care for you for granted. Don't answer their kindnesses in silence. This is what lesson I have learned." A couple tears chase each other down her cheek and she turns to wipe them away as she sits down. Apparently she had more to say than she thought. Those near her can hear her whisper, "I miss you too, Damon."

Slipping in late, and for once not making a scene with her entrance, Monique creeps along until she spots a familiar face. Arrowing in on Ansel, she sneaks in to join him, offering him a warm look before facing forward to listen to the speaker.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calandra before departing.

Sophie is barely settled in her seat when Dominique is departing. Murmuring an, "Excuse me," to those nearby as she rises and follows her Marquessa cousin.

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Calandra quietly rises to her feet and slips out of the gathering as discreetly as possible. She gives her Uncle a brief kiss on the cheek.

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Desiree decides to also follow after Dominique.

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Bianca's brow knit as Khanne completed her sentiments, lips pressing to a thin line and deep bow of her head granted. She moved to the center of the staging area. "Would anyone else like to speak?"

"If there are no further speakers, House Wyrmguard would like to thank you all for your attendance. Lord Damon Wyrmguard was a man beloved by many and that is only reinforced by this gathering here today. In honor of him, a variety of his favorite food and drinks have been arranged in the reception area." Another deep breath was inhaled and exhaled, features remaining mildly listless.

Bianca totes posed that.

Tristram arrives, sadly late.

Maximilian rises up without further word, then makes his way for the door. HE pauses, to kiss Bianca on the cheek, murmuring something to her.

Bianca's brow knit slightly and bowed her head, giving Max a kiss to the cheek in return but no words of response.

Fiachra has been quiet as he listened to others speak. Perhaps something in what Khanne says resonates with him, because he inclines his head to woman as she concludes. When it seems that there are no others who wish to pay their respects, however, he slips from the gathering as unobtrusively as possible.

Maximilian turns to stride out. Pariah leaps off the top of one of the buildings, gliding down to MAx's shoulder as he walks.

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Pariah, The StormCrow leaves, following Maximilian.

With the service concluded, Halsim quietly leaves, without having said a word, or attracting attention to himself.

    Glancing after a few of the others, Ansel, too, rises and makes his way unobtrusively for the exit.

Kit leaves, following Monique.

Off Jeremiah goes, unremarkably making his way out.

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Ravana the tawny eagle leaves, following Ansel.

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Charlemagne the Unicorn, Ferrando leave, following Larissa.

Khanne rises up and looks about at the others. She dips her head towards Bianca and quietly slops away.

Soon after Max's departure, Bianca took up quick pace through the gazebo headed for the table of wine and scotch. This time, the choice was scotch.

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Serenity leaves, following Khanne.

Mirari pushes herself upward from her chair. Pausing briefly to look toward Bianca, Dominique, and Desiree. Her teeth worry over her lower lip, and then she strides silently for the doors.

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3 Culler Lackeys leaves, following Torian.

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Darrow steps in as the small ceremony concludes, winding his way towards Bianca, lips pressed together in solemnity. He speaks quietly, in a low manner to her. "Lady Wyrmguard. Your cousin was a singular sort. I regret his passing, and pray the Sentinel watch his journey beyond." The grim knight does not seem much for the rest of the ceremony, though, nor keen for the reception.

Tristram steps up towards where Dominque and Desiree are gathered. To them he says: "Your brother was a good, good man and an example to Oathlanders and Arvumians in general. I regret his passing, and will remember him well."

Juliet rises, giving Valencia a final gentle pat to the shoulder. Moving along, quietly, she stays to sample the goods but, after exchanging a few more words with the hosts, soon slips away.

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Fidelia Fidante, A Lady-in-Waiting, 3 Fidante House Guards leave, following Juliet.

Dominique nods to Tristram. "Thank you." She nods, she is never going to remember everyone whose come to pay tribute.

Valencia kisses Juliet's cheek fiercely, her eyes dark

Valencia says, "I'm going to get very drunk and likely do something stupid. My heart to you, my sweetest of Juliets." She rises and starts for the exit"

Desiree looks to Tristram as she peeks out. "Thank you for coming. It's great you could show up. I'm sure Damon must have cared for you."

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One glass... and then another. Bianca's hand rested against the edge of the display table for balance as she began into her second helping of scotch. Attention twisted at Darrow's approach, "Oh, Lord Darkwater. Thank you for your sentiments." She murmured in return. "They are very much appreciated. Is there anything I can get you? Food? Wine...?" She gestured aside to the tables, clearly utilizing role of hostess as a redirection for the moment.

Tristram says, "We had plans, together. He was going to be part of something that, I hope, will change the future of the Compact for the better. Those efforts will continue, and I will keep him in mind with every victory we achieve."

Desiree nods as she listens to Tristram. "I'm sure whatever your plans were they will do that. I'm glad you can still help them come to pass."

Another head peeks out of the maze. Wyrmguard in blood by not name. "Cousin Tram," Sophie smiles at Tristram. "Thank you for coming."

Warmth from the bitterly cold Knight of Sorrow is a rare thing, and even found, it's a bare thing. He reaches a gloved hand out, and touches Bianca lightly on the shoulder, just a moment, just a hint of empathy. "I am in need of nothing. Take care of yourself, Bianca." He seems to eschew talking to anyone else, or seeking any other part of the ceremony or reception, stalking towards the door in his arch, uncompromising way.

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Tristram looks at Sophie and smiles back. "Cousin Sophie, I wouldn't've missed it; I just regret I couldn't get away until now. Time to have some scotch, I think. Man deserves a toast, in my mind; he was never one for being morose."

Bianca watched the dour Darrow depart over the rim of crystal glass, another breath inhaled before she turned to take in who remained.

Dominique leaves the hedge maze now more composed to join Bianca with Desiree. "Sorry." She apologizes to her cousin.

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