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Fashions of Arx Fashion Show

The Whisper House will be hosting a Fashion Show to pay homage to Jayus and the many clothiers of the city. The fashion show will be featuring the last two confirmed gowns of renown seamstress Myrinda Grayhope.


Jan. 25, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Felix Cecilia Aureth Torian Mirari Dominique Fortunato Desiree Aurora Costas(RIP) Sylvie Eirene Dafne Ford(RIP) Leta Lyiana Joscelin Simone Calandra



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Comments and Log


I created a lovely seasilk gown and matching slippers for this events. I was pleased with how they turned out, and even more so that they were enjoyed by others. Anything to continue to keep my name out there.

After parting ways with Mirari, Costas lopes round the long runway to take up a seat beside Eirene, settling in comfortably and draping one palm casually on the pommel of his blade.

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Lyiana sits alone, seemingly, at a bench, her eyes trained on the runway.

Dominique ventures in, arm and arm with her beloved younger sister, Desiree. She looks around, her eyes get round at all the color. "Wow.." She looks enthralled. She pats her sister's arm gently. "Ready to have some fun?"

Felix walks into the shrine soon after Joscelin and takes a seat next to her. He is...not fashionable. Unless you count the hairpins he sells at his shop and some of his more ornate blades, he's certainly no fashion sort. Smiling sidelong to the woman, he gives and excited smile before sitting back to watch.

     Simone strides into the Shrine, casting a vivacious forest-green gaze about the room in clear admiration of the brightly arranged diplays of light and color. She finds a place to set herself, relaxed, and crosses her legs. What she lacks in fashion she replaces with all of the presence she is capable of.

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Desiree steps inside with Dominique and looks around eagerly. She nods to her sister. "Of course. I love how everything looks already."

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Sylvie.

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Lyiana says, "s yeah, she wants support or at least something, maybe niamh can hear about it somehow and make her smile. I know you're busy so I'll quit bugging. :d"

Calandra is behind the scenes getting ready for the show at the moment.

Eirene nudges Costas with her elbow as she sniggers. "If they showcase Lycene dresses, we can play 'where do you tug to make it fall off.'

Torian pokes his head in curiously, just to see what the hubub is all about..or maybe he's just looking for someone. He's got a couple of lads with him, and they're all laden down with a number of parcels that look like hides of various kinds. Torian is, of course, not carrying anything as he looks around curiously.

Mirari gets a pair of silver earrings set with sky-blue topazes from summer colors bag.

Ford moves towards the benches and finds himself a seat.

Lyiana's gaze falls on all the fashionably dressed people around her, and the short tailor plucks at her own red gown, probably out of fashion. She is still sitting quietly, however, her teeth set into her lower lip as she worries it.

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Ugarte arrives, following Aureth.

Eirene produces her flask of fine brandy and offers to Joscelin - ladies first. The common men they sit with get second offering. "So lets see how much armor an Oathlander can wear in impractical ways."

Dominique finds a place that her and her sister can sit together. "Where would you like to be?" She asks her sister nicely. She fluffs her blouse to make sure she looks apropo. She smiles. "How are you doing lately?"

Cecilia arrives in her slinky blue dress and white slipper ensemble, which -she- considers fashionable but clearly not ostentatious enough to draw much attention. She doesn't sit right away, momentarily standing in awe at the walkway itself. "Ooo, how creative. And rustic." Perhaps she's impressed that it -isn't- pristine marble bedecked in jewels. She then moves towards the benches.

Aureth slips quietly in at the back at dawdles there for a moment, scanning the room with an unusual tension hardening his jaw.

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Tap tap tap goes the tailors long fingers, and Lyiana continues to worry her lower lip as she turns her head slightly to glance around the shrine. Still saying nothing, not even when conversation begins around her, the woman leans back on the bench, teeth still worrying her lower lip.

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Sylvie gets a choker emulating silver smoke with dark amethysts from smokey bag.

Larissa Begins!

Thank you all for coming tonight, I am honored by your attendance and hope to offer you a show that not only celebrates the uninhibited joy Jayus inspires within us, but also showcases our talented aray of seamstresses and clothiers. Arx is known most of all for our unparalleled grandeur, we are a people who celebrate beauty and artistry in all we do. Tonight we have among us the finest selection our city has to offer and I would like to take a moment to thank each of them for their contributions. Guildmaster Joscelin was gracious enough to make a piece of jewelry to accompany every gown, and the gowns themselves were contributed be Mistress Lyiana, Mistress Aurora, Mistress Alarie and a very special contribution by Mistress Myrinda Grayhope. Please sit back, relax and enjoy.

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Dafne.

Larissa stands to the side of the runway so she can speak loud enough to be heard by the audience while still watching the models as they make their grand entrances.

Eirene isn't sure how to react so she claps slowly, wondering if that's the right reaction.

Lyiana raises her hands to clap gently, her eyes now turning from the people around her to the models which are walking down the runway.

Larissa gives Eirene a thumbs up

Our first seamstress is Lyiana Averdeen. She has provided us with two lovely gowns of soft muslin. Each is handcrafted with the utmost care to the many meticulous details she has added from beadwork to embroidery. Both of these gowns will be available at next weeks auction. Thank you Mistress Liyana Averdeen

Meandre, an albino python arrives, following Aurora.

Leta walks in her best silk and brocade, purple and saffron in rich fresh dyes, and elaborate floral themes. The sword sheathed at her side counts as an accessory, silk-clad fingers resting lightly on its hilt. Thus garbed, she struts and swaggers and so on over to a bench, where she takes a careful seat, glancing down its length at the remaining occupants with a friendly smile and a handful of nods.

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At the mention of the tailor's name and what she's done, the woman possitively blushes as red as her hair and pushes her fingers into her cheeks. Lyiana is seemingly blushing do to the praise, but since she's so young, it could be to a number of other things too, nervousness being one of them. She smiles though, sitting on the bench.

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Mirari steps out from behind the staging area, dressed in a gown of beautiful summer colors with a three-tiered skirt. With every hip-swaying step down the runway the colors of the dress seem to shift beneath and a shimmery sheer-white layer on the skirt. When she makes her way to the very end, a flick of her midnight hair is given over her shoulder, and her hands are held briefly behind her back. And then an utterly perfect pirouette is done on her toes, and she starts back down the run way again.

Calandra's dark locks have been brushed to a silky sheen that reaches to the curve of her tiny waist. The songbird is adorned in a lovely rose pink dress that clings to her graceful figure. Beautiful jewels accent the outfit, including a matching earring and ring set. She walks down the walkway with slow and yet still elegant steps. Her delicate chin is lifted just a bit. Calandra knows many in the audience, so she tries not to give them smiles, her lips curving in just a shadow of a greeting.

Joscelin applauds and grins at Mirari and the beautiful gown and how well the earrings go with the outfit, beaming with pride for LYIANA as well as herself.

Larissa gets a soft peach seasilk gown adorned with twisted clusters of captured iridescent pearls from a dark blue messenger bag with silver buttons.

Larissa gets a heeled pair of peach seasilk slippers tied around the leg with pearl dusted ribbons from a dark blue messenger bag with silver buttons.

The grizzled "former" pirate has certainly never been to a fashion show and has no idea what the correct decorum might be, but would he care if he did? Costas raises his long, rough hands and applauds loudly before shoving two fingers past his lips and whistling lustily at the pretty little thing up on the catwalk.

By this time, you could probably fry an egg on the tailor's face, her smile a beam that reaches her sparkling emerald green eyes. Lyiana turns to her guild master though, nodding in greeting, though her cheeks are as red if not moreso than her auburn curls, which are as always loose and flowing to her waist.

Felix applauds Mirari as she appears and does her pirouette, smiling broadly and familiarly at the woman. He adds in a little wave for good measure.

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Mirari puts a beautifully sewn muslin gown of summer colors in summer colors bag.

Eirene keens her head as Mirari turns and flounces gracefully. "I never understood laces on the back of a gown," The noblewoman says with a frown. "I mean, it means you got money to afford a maid or dresser to tie it down, but I'd hate to be dependant on someone to get my clothes on or off." She sniggers at the last and adds, "well, the off depends..."

Mirari puts a pair of silver earrings set with sky-blue topazes in summer colors bag.

Calandra puts a sparkly summer gown in the color of rose pink in rose-pink bag.

Calandra puts a gold three-stone pendant set with Gemecittan quartz in a variety of pinks in rose-pink bag.

Aureth applauds politely for Mirari's little turn on the catwalk. He says mildly, "Actually, in my experience, making somebody undress you can be pretty fun." He's helping.

Joscelin applauds Calandra and wows at the beautiful effect of the ensemble.

Calandra puts a pair of gold two-stone earrings set with Gemecittan quartz in a variety of pinks in rose-pink bag.

Mirari gets a gold five-petal rose set with a pink topaz from peachsilk bag.

Lyiana hears the laces bit, but sits quietly all the same, seemingly just watching the models.

Ford pops open his ledger and notebook and start jotting down just how much silk is being used. Gotta get ahead of the market.

There's a chuckle from down the bench from Aureth, "Oh aye, the unwrappin' o' the present is a part o' the fun one shouldn't miss out on," he agrees cheerfully.

Joscelin chides Eirene gently, "The crafters that make the gowns are artisans -and- commoners, who answer the call of Jayus as we can. And who needs a maid, when you have friends?" She winks.

All of our jewelry tonight was created by Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius. She is a prominent figure in the city and a favored jeweler to common born and nobles alike. Through her spark, creativity and endless compassion we are all inspired by the artwork she creates, for every piece that passes from her hands is something to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation. Thank you Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius.

Leta studies the dresses and the jewelry with eager interest, and claps her approval with enthusiasm, but it's a measured enthusiasm, compared to the bright smile on the loudly dressed sellsword's face. If she doesn't clap too hard, her gloves will last longer.

Aurora might have entered the event late. With a snake. But you know, these things happen. She looks around, eyes sweeping for perhaps en empty seat to hide in.

Joscelin snaps her mouth shut and turns bright red. But she bows her head to Larissa, gold eyes warm with gratitude.

Our second designer of the evening is Mistress Alarie Harall from the Saffron Chain of the Mourning Isles. She has provided us with a beautiful seasilk gown that I am certain will be coveted by every Lady in Arx. One of the things I've enjoyed most about putting this show together was meeting all the many seamstresses I've not yet had a chance to work with personally. I am absolutely thrilled to have Mistress Alarie working with us this evening. She is an artist to her calling. Thank you Mistress Alarie Harall.

Duchess Sylvie Zaffria steps onto the runway with all the confidence that a noble ruling in their own right should possess. Against lush curves, an austere seasilk gown of shimmering silver and smoky grey covers most of her sunkissed skin in modest, Thraxian lines and the lace of silver ribbons across the front in a corseted pattern, layers moving to reveal silver beneath grey with her long strides. Around her neck wraps a choker emulating silver smoke with dark amethysts that also shifts with her movements, catching the light almost as much as the black diamond that she has left on her ring finger. She pauses at the end of the runway, turning, and then strides back down the runway.

    "The artistry of the gowns and the jewelry is exceptional," Simone compliments, with an airy little sigh.

Larissa gets a gown woven of brilliant sunlight from a dark blue messenger bag with silver buttons.

The Wyrmguard sisters like fashion. Dominique is grinning ear to ear. She glances over to Ford watching him jot things down with curiousity. She perks up at jewelry. She likes nice things, but doesn't tend to buy them. She whispers to her sister to see what she likes.

Lyiana smiles and clapps as the next model comes out, peering at the seasilk with a tailor's eye.

Beaming at Sylvie, Joscelin claps, delighted to see her work on her friend. She elbows Felix. Like, 'look! Look at that!'

Cecilia intently studies the pretty Joscelin-crafted baubles, but the models and how they move as well. She keeps ooo-ing and ahh-ing to a minimum, but it is clear she is rapt.

Ford sets his pen down after making more notes and claps for Sylvie.

Felix nods excitedly to Joscelin when she elbows him and smiles to the woman. Again he applauds, his large calloused hands seeming to be in a volume competition with everything.

Dafne lurks at the back, kitten in her arms, but applauds as her cousin appears. The kitten, also, looks approving. Everyone knows cats have the best taste.

Our third Mistress of the cloth is none other than Mistresss Auora Thornburn. She is utterly charming in every facet and not only does she honor Jayus in her craft of clothing, but she is also a famed member of the Blackrose Mummers. Her dress for us this evening is a beautiful seasilk gown with a matching pair of slippers. I am so pleased to have had the chance to work with her and I look forward to working with her again. Thank you Mistress Aurora Thornburn.

Sylvie puts an austere seasilk gown of shimmering silver and smoky grey in smokey bag.

Larissa gets a gown woven of gossamer moonlight from a dark blue messenger bag with silver buttons.

Sylvie puts a choker emulating silver smoke with dark amethysts in smokey bag.

Dressed now in a dress of the softest peach colors Mirari makes her way back down the runway. Swirling pink colors shift in shade as she makes her way down the catwalk, almost dancing under the lights. Her hips sway provokatively and at the end, she places one hand on her hip, and the other toys with a strand of black hair. A smokey look is given to the crowd, before she turns and begins down the walkway again. The strappy slippers that match the dress glimmering beautifully.

Sylvie gets a pair of silver earrings set with rich amethysts from twilight gossamer bag.

Joscelin admires the gown on Mirari, clapping, loving the way the necklace brings out the colors of the gown.

Lyiana clapps politely, watching with interest as the different gowns are brought out.

Aurora dips her head from her small out of the way resting place towards Larissa as her gown is brought out on Miri, though the charming is met with an amused, confused look.

Felix applauds for Mirari once again, smiling at the woman brightly.

Costas lets loose another raucous round of applause, following up with a spirited catcall as Mirari sweeps that sultry gaze over the crowd.

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Mirari shoots Costas a particularly sultry look, it's true.

Mirari puts a soft peach seasilk gown adorned with twisted clusters of captured iridescent pearls in peachsilk bag.

Mirari puts a heeled pair of peach seasilk slippers tied around the leg with pearl dusted ribbons in peachsilk bag.

Mirari puts a gold five-petal rose set with a pink topaz in peachsilk bag.

Calandra drops brilliant sunlight bag.

Larissa picks up brilliant sunlight bag.

Larissa gets a gold five-petal rose set with a blue topaz from brilliant sunlight bag.

The next and last dresses of our show are legacy pieces. I am so honored and so humbled to present the last two gowns by Mistress Myrinda Grayhope. Myrinda was a woman of remarkable substance and lead down her path by Jayus himself with a devout passion to the artistry of dressmaking. She was fearless in the face of adversity, she was ferocious of those she loved and she was unafraid to make her own path, and to make it beautiful. With one look at someone she could design an outfit around them that would flatter them in every light and from every angle. She was a true Maestro of her craft and our industry suffers a great loss in her absence. Myrinda Grayhope lived her life unapologetically and with her own rules and gave no quarter and accepted no excuses. May we all live with the fearless grace, the passion for beauty and the devotion to Jayus. To Myrinda Grayhope.

When next Sylvie moves down the runway, it is in a gown woven of gossamer moonlight with a deep cut neckline against sunkissed skin and a belt of silver and duskstones. At her ears, drip a pair of silver earrings set with rich amethysts, her wild curls pulled back to reveal them dangling against her long neck and the clasp of the silver collar of the neck. She pauses at the end of the runway, shifting so that she stands at an angle for Calandra to join her, offering a smile for the other woman before sweeping her grey gaze back to the crowd.

Aureth rests the fold of his hands loosely over his mouth and watches in remarkable stillness as Larissa introduces his mother's last work. His breath trickles past his nose. He's quiet.

Joscelin is silent, watching Sylvie, her eyes glittering with emotion. Her chin lifts and she smiles a little, approving of the model as well as the presentation.

Felix stands from the bench for this final dress and applauds loudly, smiling broadly at Sylvie as she makes her way down the runway. "Woo!" he cheers, his applause and demeanor nothing short of ecstatic.

Lyiana is silent, as she has been throughout this whole show, her eyes turning to rest on Sylvie, though not for long. Her eyes sweep over the noblewoman's attire, and she smiles gently, looking sad for an instant before the smile returns.

Calandra makes her way down the runway while adorned in a gossamer silk gown in warm yellow silk that clings just perfectly over her figure. The color is well matched to her olive skin, bringing warmth and brightness to the songbird. Along with the dress is a lovely matching necklace in gold and blue topaz. She moves gracefully down the runway. Upon reaching the end, the nightingale gives this soft smile that brings forth the shadow of her dimples. Calandra then pivots around heading back with elegant movements.

Lyiana shifts a little on the bench, adjusting her legs so that she sits easier. Hair falls over her shoulders and down her arms, yet the tailor's entire attention is focused now on the runway like a laserbeam.

Joscelin applauds Calandra as well, eyes definitely misty, proud and pleased.

Aureth sniffs and kind of scrubs his face on the back of his sleeve. EVERYTHING'S FINE AND EVERYTHING'S NORMAL.

Torian whistles approvingly as Calandra walks down the runway, his eyes following her and his expression prideful. He glances down the bench and mutters something quietly to Aureth, before his gaze turns back to watch Calandra's modeling of the dress.

Felix continues his applause as vibrantly as before, likely entirely too loud for an event like this. But there you have it. A standing, raucus applause from a big and loud smith.

    Simone offers her own applause to the last two models - perfectly elegant opposites of one another in their respective gowns.

Lords and Ladies, Masters and Mistresses this concludes our first fashion show of Arx. I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did creating it for you as this is just the first of many such shows that will be hosted by the Whisper House. Thank you all for offering up your time to take a moment to appreciate the extraordinary beauty that lives in our world - no matter what darkness looms over us. As a people we are inspired to works of magnificence, it is a gift that is ours alone and that unites us a people. I would like to remind you that all of the gowns and jewelry on display tonight will be on auction next week at the Jayus Gallery Art Auction, with one exception as per the last wishes of Mistress Grayhope. Thank you, so much and good evening to you all.

Sylvie puts a gown woven of gossamer moonlight in twilight gossamer bag.

Sylvie puts a pair of silver earrings set with rich amethysts in twilight gossamer bag.

Ford finishes up his notes and closes his book and claps for all those involved.

Leta leans forward, paying even more attention to the last set, her hands folding across her knees as the brawny woman takes in the dresses with rapt attention, angling her head, eyes narrowing slightly as she fixes her attention on the smallest details. At the end, then, she straightens up and applauds, hands raised, and rather louder in spite of the gloves.

Lyiana has to smile slightly as she hears the loud applause, seemingly drawn from the models to the loudly applauding smith. Her smile widens as she sees him stand, and she raises a fist.

Dominique stands and gives applause from her place. She whistles. "Brava! Brava!"

Desiree claps as she joins her sister in standing.

Lyiana moves to her feet with fluid grace, clapping along with everyone else.

Cecilia smiles and happily applauds. It's not nearly as raucous as some of the other noises she hears coming from the benches, but it seems like she enjoyed herself.

Joscelin checked composure against difficulty 20, resulting in 11, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Joscelin bursts into tears at something Aureth mumbles at her. Full on ugly-crying but much quieter. "-...I'm so proud to have given her that, e-even after-" and quiet sobbing.

Costas purloins the brandy flask from out of Eirene's hands, then leans across the bench to silently offer Aureth a pull. No better time to filch a noble's liquor.

Lyiana presses her hands to her face, back to her lip chewing as she shifts back on the bench. Her eyes are closed just so, so her lashes sweep down over her gaze.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Larissa moves from her spot and stands on the runway as Mirari, Calandra and Sylvie join her. "Our models tonight are all Whispers of the Whisper House. Mistress Mirari Whisper, Mistress Calandra Whisper and Lady Sylvie Zaffria. We are the scions of the city, your humble servants, your happy hostesses and so much more. We look forward to continue to serve the city in any manner in which we are called. Ladies, let's take a bow" she speaks and hands clasped one in the other, the four women take a bow together. "Thank you!"

Joscelin applauds as loudly as she can, maybe even stamping her feet.

Joscelin is overheard praising Larissa for: A great way to showcase beauty in its many forms.

Calandra, while still adorned in the brilliant gown of sunlight dips down into a graceful curtsy at Larissa's words. She looks over to Aureth giving him a gentle smile, maybe because she wears the masterpiece by his late mother.

Fortunato slides in late, too late, finding Aureth and shadowing behind him.

Joscelin takes a moment to hug Fortunato, coming in slow and careful with ample warning.

Aureth is sitting on this ornate bench with some people, working very hard to regain/retain his general composure.

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Fortunato takes a deep breath and allows a measured hug, if he breaks it off fairly quickly to sit.

Torian looks up as he spots Fortunato enter, and slides off of the bench to make more room for the comforting of Aureth, or perhaps just to give a bit of privacy. Instead he walks over towards Calandra, "You done well lass," he says quietly to her, a smile and a proud look on his face.

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Mirari takes her bow with Calandra, Sylvie, and Larissa; a broad smile on her face. She then steps away from the runway to go and mingle with people. As she goes past she pauses by the orate bench, sending Aureth a gentle smile, and a little wave of her fingers. Then she's moving on again, seeking someone out.

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As all the people begin to move, Lyiana stays on the bench, perhaps not wanting to move yet and let the more important people go before her before departing. Her hands are loosend now in her lap, and she seems calmer as she has opened her eyes fully. Sitting now on the edge of the bench, the seamstress peers out over the shrine in its full gloreous detail.

Joscelin stands from the bench and takes a moment to wipe at her face, smiles at those she sits with and moves to stand by Lyiana.

Once the show is over Larissa steps down and begins to walk around and mingle. She passes Aureth and inclines her head in a nod, but doesn't want to say or do anything to set him off again, so no huggies. She does pass a broad grin to Joscelin though "Thank you again Mistress Joscelin. Everything was so beautiful and you just made it sparkle."

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At Joscelin's whisper, Lyiana turns to smile at her and raise a slim calloused hand. She shifts on the bench, her hair moving with her as she murmurs, "Thank you Mistress. I did my best." finally speaking for the first time today.

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