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The Third Feast of the Senses

Come join Archduchess Regent Jaenelle for a feast of the senses, a sensual and intimate dining experience. All couples will be blindfolded and fed by the other a selection of dishes crafted by the Velenosa chefs. Poison testers will be on hand for those who are concerned.

(OOC: This is a public event though each person will be paired up. To make it fair and to make sure Jaenelle doesn't feel bad if someone is left out, please RSVP with your intention of attending and if you have someone you wish to bring or if you want to be paired blindly).


Sept. 5, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Strozza Porter Drake Quenia Korka Valda Apollo Calla Lora Braith Lexir Khanne Theron Hamish Orelia Dante Arik



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Someone wearing a navy silken sash arrives, following Someone wearing a jade silken sash.

Someone wearing a turquoise silken sash has joined the intimate collection of turquoise and pewter pillows.

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash has joined the intimate collection of apricot and crimson pillows.

Soot, a stately runt of a raven have been dismissed.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash has joined the intimate collection of gold and silver pillows.

Someone wearing a jade silken sash has joined the intimate collection of jade and navy pillows.

As servants position themselves to retrieve the blindfolded guests as they arrive to the Velenosa estate, Jaenelle who is not blindfolded waits till people are settled within their little nest of brightly colored pillow and gossamer silken walls before she speaks. "Welcome to the Third feast of the senses. It has been some time since I have hosted one of these, and they always amused me so. I promise that everything you will be given is edible, I have personally tasted the menu prepared, and nothing has been poisoned. The tasters are all very much alive. I have been informed. We will wait a few more moments, before I begin pairing people with other people who have had rude partners."

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash frowns somewhat at the comment on poison testers still being alive. "Fortunate..." resisting the urge to call his own aid but remaining otherwise still.

Someone wearing an emerald silken sash is lead in by a servant, whom he mostly trusts to not lead him to his untimely demise. The blindfold held over his eyes is occasionally tugged at, as if he can't really get comfortable with the thing on his face. His temporary guardian leads him to the pillows and he settles down, not exactly graceful and folds his long legs under him.

Someone wearing a violet silken sash is lead to a seat, careful not to stumble. Once the attendant puts him in the spot, he sits, folds his legs, and gets comfortable. He looks relaxed, but he's also trying, it seems, to smell the food on offer. Or at least, in a blindfolded state, get some sense of how many people are in the room, and if there is one across from him, or not.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash has left the intimate collection of lavender and bronze pillows.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash has joined the intimate collection of gold and silver pillows.

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash had arrived early, so as to be seated early, so she's well settled in and waiting for any partners to arrive. If drinks were allowed to be requested early on, she may have a glass of wine nearby for her to sip at. As she hears someone approaching her pillows, a warm smile spreads across her lips, which easily turns into a flush as she quietly speaks to the other person across from her.

Someone wearing an amber silken sash doesn't seem to trust the person that's leading her through the room, Jaenelle being the only one of to be able to see the grimace on her face. As a result when she is lead to her cozy cushions she jerks away a bit, kicking her partner in the emerald silken sash in the knee and would have fallen completely over if the Velenosa servants weren't expecting this sort of thing. Then firmly, but gently apply pressure to her shoulder to get her to sit, "Good thing you have two knees. Probably. If you're missing a leg, this is getting even more awkward."

Jaenelle has joined the intimate collection of turquoise and pewter pillows.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash arrives quietly, led by a servant to a seated position among the gold and silver cushions. An amused little smirk accompanies the host's words. "Well, it certainly would have been exciting if they were..."

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash moves in, offering the servant leading a quiet murmur of appreciation. Attentive to the commentary of the Archduchess, there's not a peep from the bronze and lavender cushions - until the redirect comes to sit at the gold and silver pillows instead.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash thanks the servant who showed her to the cushions she sinks onto with a bit of a squeak before settling herself to her comfort. "What a fantastic idea this whole thing is," she says softly, mostly to herself.

Someone wearing a jade silken sash is led to her own pile of cushions, along with her companion in the navy-blue blindfold. This is itself a matter of some trust, the blind leading the blind, mercifully being led by someone who can see where they're going. "I'll have to remember this," she murmurs, without any specifics given about which bits of it she's going to file away.

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash shifts unsteadily a few times, a light laugh escaping her as she relies heavily upon the guard. "Do not lose my partner. He is not as sure footed as I am," she teases to the one who arrived with her once letting him go. She reaches her free hand out to feel around her as they walk towards the cushions. "Rude? No of course not..we are fun!" The delighte voice says before she carefully lowers with the help of the guards. Movinv skirts, shifting pillows until she finally can feel the table and find comfort as she leans over towards her partner, searching for him as they speak together. "They didn't lose you, good."

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash relaxes in his seats, cross-legged with hands behind him, leaning back. His head turns until he's got a general sense of the direction of his partner bound in magenta, judging by voice - then he lofts her an agreeing, "Isn't it? I expected nothing less from the esteemed Princess."

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash waited patiently for her turn to be escorted to a seat, letting out a small breath in a sigh. It seems she is feeling a bit nervous, hands held before her at her waist, fingers twining, before someone appears at her elbow. "Right this way." "Oh!" she lets out a small chuckle and nods, walking carefully and putting her trust in the servant that leads her to a set of apricot and crimson pillows where she gently and slowly lowers herself into a seat. "Um, hello," she says. "I'm not sure if someone is here or not. I could be talking to myself, but I feel rude just reaching out to see if my hand bumps into a leg. So, if you're here, hello. If you are not, well, so be it. Wouldn't be the first time I was found talking to myself."

Someone wearing a moss silken sash chuckles softly as his partner teases him about sure-footedness. "Ah, but I know how to get out of the way of things." Yet he sounds uncertain, being led around as he is. A brief chuckle of fond amusement. "Well darling, you're putting me at ease. I just need follow around your giggling and wit." He does stumble a little bit and pauses to straighten himself, clearly hoping his partner missed that misstep. Once he too is seated he leans into the Ivory sashed one, with a smartass grin only the servants can see, but likely folks can hear. "Shhh, we must be careful. My wife is a jealous one."

Someone wearing a crimson silken sash shoots a look to whoever is behind him when he comes in, "It's _fine_." Then he turns and heads into the ballroom. After taking a moment to look around the place he comes the conclusion that, nope, he can't see a damn thing. An attendant then guides him over toward the crimson and apricot pillows. He pats his hand around at usual table height, then lower, then lower and finally sets his hand on it. "Gods, really?" After a bit of delay he finally settles himself down onto a pillow. "I'm here," says the man to his partner. "Not used to sitting about on pillows. Trying to figure out where to put my feet."

Someone wearing a scarlet silken sash arrives on the arm of a man wearing a cerulean sash over her eyes. They move slowly together as a servant leads them to their seats, and while their voices are low the woman's excitement is palpable.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash startles slightly when her partner speeaks, "Oh! I didn't hear you sit down. Hello." She says with a soft giggle, "I haven't actually met the Princess yet, but I heard of this event and it was simply too intrigued not to come. I hope I am an adequate dining companion for the evening."

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash tsks her partner in the moss hued sash. She tilts her head and kisses his cheek, or slightly does but catches his jaw. "You do not know who I am so...I think we are safe. These eyes coverings are genius," she says and reaches out to adjust the cloth around his eyes. Her stomach rumbles and she laughs. "Food. I can not wait."

Each servant assigned to the tables are wearing bells, to helpfully announce their presence to those at the table they are waiting on. "The first taste" can be heard softly at every table as the servant begins to explain. "Is an Amuse-bouche. Rosemary pear seafoam with cracked pink peppercorns." Each are a single spoon portion, made to comfortably extend to feed the person across from them. Jaenelle says, "it is like eating a sweet and spicy cloud. Light and fluffy with thin slivers of pears atop it."

Someone wearing a navy silken sash has joined the intimate collection of jade and navy pillows.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash can't help but grin a little to her new partner, musing, "I said it'd be exciting. That doesn't mean it would be particularly fun." Her attention turns to the bells of an arriving servant, reaching to accept the spoon, "Well... this should be exciting, too." She then reaches to feed it, a bit awkwardly, to the partner.

Someone wearing a seafoam silken sash arrives, following Someone wearing a cinnamon silken sash.

Someone wearing a seafoam silken sash has joined the intimate collection of cinnamon and seafoam pillows.

Someone wearing a cinnamon silken sash has joined the intimate collection of cinnamon and seafoam pillows.

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash says, "Well, depending on your clothing, you could either stretch them out before you, sit cross-legged if you find that comfortable, or, as some gowns demand, sit somewhat off-kilter and tuck both legs sort of beneath but to the side of you. Usually," she adds, "I would opt for the cross-legged position myself, but alas, tonight, it is the latter for me." She smiles, though her partner can't see it, then tilts her chin up to listen to the servant. Smiling again, this time perhaps the man in the crimson sash can hear it in her voice, she says, "I should apologize in advance if I make an entire mess of us both." The servant slips one of the spoons into her hand, directing her to feed it to her companion, and she holds it out in the direction of the voice, asking, "ready?"

Someone wearing an amber silken sash might appear to be trying to stab her counterpart with a spoon in the face. Good thing no one else can see this disaster.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash also tries to give his partner a quick kiss, but catches the corner of the eye. A soft chuckle as she catches his jaw at a new angle. "Maybe we should add mini-bells for safety." His hand awkwardly reaches out where he can rub at his partners back gently, once he gets shoulder he can achieve his goal of back rub. He speaks softly, but not a whisper. "I have some reservations at being at our Archduchess' mercies, mostly because if I was hosting such. I would not be able to resist from mischief." Blindly he glances towards where the regal voice had come frome. "Still, I am glad I could sneak out with you for this." When the dishes are announced he blinks behind the sash. "Oh my, that does sound different. Oh right you need me to... sorry, I should not have tried to sniff without warning." He ends up with a little foam on his nose, and then manages to get fed without further mishap to taste in thoughtful consideration.

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash cants her head just so to the side to listen to the server explain the dish. "Oh. Sweet and savory," she muses to her partner. "With a bit of pepper spice. That ought to be interesting." She reaches out her hand to the server for the spoon, looking for all the world a bit awkward to those that are still left sighted. Once it is handed over to her she pauses a moment and lowers her voice once more.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash leans a bit forward to keep her own voice low, "Ah, then that explains it." She replies as the bells announce the first course. "How does one eat foam?" she wonders before giggling softly at her partner's comment. "Very carefully?" she jokes. "I supposed there's going to have to be some touching involved, if that's alright with you..." She trails off as her fingers find the edge of the plate and then the amuse-bouche in the middle of it.

Someone wearing a violet silken sash takes what is offered. There is a perhaps awkward moment when he has to do this blindly, leaning into his partner in the pillow area in order to more properly offer the taste.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash laughs, and holds back his spoon. "Yes, you first, please," he agrees with his silver-sashed companion. "I might gather some sort of method from you." The bite does end up in his mouth... somehow. Perhaps mostly. He laughs again, and mms. "Here - why don't you take my hand - I'll move a little closer. You can help guide me, and you won't wind up wearing it instead of tasting."

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash gives a chuckle as their servings are brought to them the man in Cerulean sash lets himself be guided to the spoon, head tilting and listening before he reaches to offer the morsel to his own partner in her scarlet sash. "Reminds me of being back out on the sea and eating island food, if I am to be honest." the spoon lifted, "Ready when you are?"

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash employs both her hands when given the spoon, one to hold the spoon further down and then the other to feel for his face. The mention of sniffing causes her to pause before finishing with feeding him. "Did you smell it? Inhale it." Her hand once done finding his chin wanders up his face and smears the bit on his nose just further along. Pretty sure its likely good for the skin too. She sets the spoon down and then waits for him. "I am ready..feed me." She laughs at her choice of words.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash replies to his partner with a gentle tease: "Rarely unacceptable, almost always welcome. I imagine one eats foam... a little like soup!" He presses his hand against the floor and slides it close and closer to a woman blindfolded in magenta until he finds the plate, and soon thereafter, her hand. "My hand," he bids cordially. "You can find the rest of me from that."

"Okay, let's try this!" The woman wearing a scarlet silken sash lifts up her own spoon with one hand, and reaches out toward her partner with the other. Is this cheating? "Just, go slow so we don't make a mess. This is literally the only gown I own at the moment."

Someone wearing a silver silken sash smirks faintly, unseen, "That is a very wise idea" She reaches, venturing to the side of caution by aiming lower and catching her partner's elbow, then following up the arm to find the hand. Catching conversation elsewhere, she takes a moment to inhale the food before. "It is a feast of senses, yes? Though I've never given much thought to the smell of food before eating. Unless it's cooking." Then, she takes her taste, "Hmm."

Someone wearing an emerald silken sash drops a spoon on the floor. "Ooops..." he can be heard saying before laughing and continuing his conversation.

"That's fine. I apologize beforehand if I trod on your foot or poke you with a spoon," says the man in the crimson mask as the aforementioned spoon is placed in his hand. "Ah, there we go." As for his feet, they're sticking out to the side, so here's hoping the servers are paying close attention.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash agrees. "Though if it were only meant to be about smell and taste, I think we would be feeding ourselves. Wouldn't be properly Lycene if it weren't at least a bit about touch, would it." There's a sound of a smile in his voice. "Did you like that?"

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash hrms softly as she can feel his hand on hers, "Yes, that will be most helpful, thank you." And as she picks up the spoon, she lightly runs her hand up the man's arm, over his shoulder and finally finding his cheek. "Ah there you are!" Her free hand grips the spoon and carefully brings it up to where she is pretty sure his mouth is, although she does leave a touch of foam on the tip of his nose when her first guess isn't quite precise, but finally the spoon seems to be in the right spot.

"For the next taste," Jaenelle announces even as the bells once more indicate that the servants are swiftly moving to drop off the next bite sized portion and to refill any glasses which need it. Are those extra napkins? Definitely. "Slices of quail in a rose petal sauce, garnished with pomegranate arils." The spoons are handed out helpfully, always spoons, no need for fork stabbings.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash he lets the servant guide him to the long handled spoon. "Please ensure I do not poke my partner in the blindfolded eyes?" He hefts up the spoon, and extends his hand palm out under it. Using his fingers out like this, and guided by her voice he is able to find her chin with her fingers. It is now just a matter of..." He has to turn his head to sneeze hard, effects of pink peppercorns to the tip of his nose. "I think. All right, just the one?" He advances upon his date with his spoon full of goodies to feed her properly. One hopes.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash lets out another quiet 'hmm,' "Hard to say. It's very different from anything I've had before. I don't hate it." Spoons are traded, and she holds out her hand to let her partner find it, "Your turn, I think."

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash laughs but tries to withhold from doing so again when he gets close enough. Keeping her lips parted, she keeps her other hand upon his face still so she can find him when the next spoon is brought in. She accepts the food and sighs, "Ohhh thats good," she says around the food.

She tilts her head and at the call for the next she is quickly eating through the last to take the spoon and carefully guide then quail towards his lips. "Open up..I think.." she thinks she is there. Maybe.

A laugh, "I'll be careful, never you fear. The man in a cerulean silken sash comments, leaning to be fed while offering to feed his partner. "Perhaps we should do this in the vineyard sometime, no?"

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash already has some idea where a hand might be, some intuition about the shape and movement of bodies guiding his hand first to a knee, forearm, hand. "I love quail," he says. "Always hungry when I've had it though. Never had with pomegranate. Smells nice, though. This should be treat. Ready?" He does seem rather deft - that intuition extending more broadly, such that unless her mouth is closed, the bite of quail should wind up on target.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash lets out a low laugh, husky and rich, and licks his lips and then his nose (he tries, anyways). "Spicy, hints of pepper, nice touch with the pears," he muses thoughtfully. The next course arrives soon afterwards as he's reaching for the foam himself, it's description giving him some pause. "Let me feed you something a little more substantial than air," he says with an invisible grin, as he gropes around for the new plate, for new spoons. Finding one, he slides an hand smoothly down his partner's arm, using the touch of his calloused fingers against skin and silk(?) to find his way to her mouth.

Someone wearing a violet silken sash is still working on getting the first course, when the second is coming around. A tap on his shoulder alerts him to the next spoon, and he reaches for it. The reach is good; apparently even blind he at least has a good enough sense of hearing to get the spoon from the server properly... with... minimal fumbling.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash nods in agreement, and sighs at himself as he remembs that cannot be seen. "Yes, not something I would have thought of, the peppercorns were not as overpowering as I imagined." He sets the spoon aside, and prepares for the next dish presentation. "Now that sounds fascinating. All right, my darling. I'll go first this time, do not move that pretty head of yours." He pauses. "I think it is pretty at least, I am not sure, blindfolded and all." There is no mistaking his amusement, and once again he has the spoon. The tactic of using his palm up against the bottom of the spoon hand fingers out to guide once again is used. He pauses. This time she was poked in the lips. "Well. Right place, wrong instrument." He shifts to feed the Ivory Silken Sashed one.

Someone wearing an emerald silken sash starts to laugh. Somewhat loudly.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash is overheard praising Donella: For an amazingly imaginative menu!

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash lets out a small noise of triumph when she manages to feed her partner, "Sounds delicious. But that's fine. Did they say rose sauce? Roses as an ingredient is something new to me." He'll only find skin up her shoulder, though his fingers may graze something woolen knit. When he finally reaches her mouth, she takes the bite with a soft hum. "Oh wow. Those are some ingredients I never thought you go together, but they do! You wanna try?" she asks, using her own spoon to get a bite for the man before guiding it back to his mouth, her hand still on his arm just as a reference, maybe a little more on target this time.

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash seems vaguely amused at the small ritual of touch they need to perform in order to feed one another. "I'd almost say this feast is a wind up for other things," she remarks lightly, the amusement touching her voice. "I am ever so glad to have an understanding partner," she adds as she feed her partner in the violet sash the next course.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash has left the intimate collection of gold and silver pillows.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash lets out a little laugh. "Tastes exactly like you imagine it would doesn't it? And yes, please." He opens his mouth obliging, stay still. Maybe the spoon nicks him a little maybe it doesn't, but whatever the case, it's with a purr of satisfaction when he finally gets the delicious little morsel in his mouth. "So very flavorful, quail is. And yes, roses can be used in more than just perfumes and as decoration, though I've mostly seen it used in desserts. A rosewater sorbet is a treat on a hot day. Expensive, too."

Someone wearing a silver silken sash has joined the intimate collection of gold and silver pillows.

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash can not help but laugh, the melodic sound carrying as she waits for her turn. The spoon catches on her lip but luckily she parts her mouth quickly so she can taste the quail. A smile grows and she mmmmms as her lips draw together. She huffs out a breath and scoots closre to her partner, trying to navigate the cushions means she slams into his shoulder a moment befores he coughs and swallows the food. "Here this will be easier." she says and hip moves to rest at his hip so that they can share the same space together.

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash laughs at something from where he sits, shaking his head to his partner and casually flicking a little seafoam at where he assumes her nose is. Maybe it'll hit chin, or cheek. Just as good!

For the soup course, each table is provided with two cocktail glasses and warned of what is in them. "A roasted walnut puree with a swirl of creme fraiche. It is warm, not overly hot to burn anyone too badly. Please" Jaenelle beseeches.

Someone wearing an amber silken sash has an expression on her face like this was a bad, bad idea when the next course is announced.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash laughs softly in response, "I don't think I had any idea of what it would taste like, but that far exceeded any expectation I might have had." She licks the remaining sauce from her lips and smiles as the bells ring to announce the servers once more. "Hmm soup," she says as she feels around for the cocktail glass, "Well this should be interesting..." she trails off as she lifts the glass to what she thinks is the approximate location of his lips, feeling around his face to make certain this time because of the possibility for a huge mess should this go awry. "Careful," she warns as she very slightly tips the glass against his lips.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash appreciates his bit of quail - perhaps a bit too long, actually, as the soup is arriving. "I could eat the sauce that was on that on almost anything," he decides. "Bit sweet, isn't it. Oh, walnuts - that should be nice. You first, this time." He drops his voice a little to offer some words just for his dinner partner.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash gently reaches out a hand to hold his partner back for a moment. "A second, if you would please," he pleads, before sending his free hand out searching, gliding it across the table until he finds a similar glass. The hand still on her shoulder as a guide, he carefully eases the soup glass up and over to her lips, mirroring their positions: only then does he give his consent. "Let's enjoy it together," he says, as he takes a sip from the soup.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash grins again at the sound of his partners laugh. He waits patiently for her to taste, and sets aside the spoon gently. He nearly topples over at her unexpected scooching and collision. It is his turn to laugh, and then gently reach out to touch the Ivory Silken One. "As you wish." He does not move and sits put happily enough, awaiting his own turn. "I like how subtle the pomegranate was, and now I want one in general. But that quail, very tender. Do we try to steal the recipe?" He reaches out to be guided to the glass of soup. Plucking it up gingerly, he leans forwards to kiss at his partner. He is not sure where he actually did kiss, but presents her with her cocktail glass of puree to sample.

The pair at their pillows having adjusted to sit closer to guide their feeding one another with warmed soup, the man in a cerulean silken sash smiles as he sips at his from his partner's aid. "I think we should make sure have our schedules opened when these come around again, no?"

"Absolutely!" replies a scarlet silken sash. "Everything about this is incredible."

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash pauses, her brows lifing with curiosity under her sash, holding the position as she waits eagerly to 'see' what he has in mind. But it's not long till she feels the glass at her own lips and her smile brightens, unseen. "Excellent idea!" she exclaims before taking a sip of her own soup as she tips the glass just a little for him. "Oh wow. Walnuts and cream? That's delicious!" She presses her lips again to the glass for another long sip if she can manage.

"We are returning to safe territory once more, I do appreciate your adventurous spirit. I also never thought I would call soup adventurous. I suppose it is a time of first!" Jaenelle announces, and they can clearly hear her amusement when the bells jingle once more. "Here we have a savory egg custard. It was supposed to be served in it's own shell but I thought better of that, and would hate for everyone to eat a mouthful of shell. The custard has been brushed with a silver leaf and topped with seabass roe. Enjoy!"

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash helpfully obliges, slowly tipping the glass a little more and a little more as it empties. How does he know how much it empties? He doesn't! "Nutty," is his own somewhat laconic assessment, a touch of playfulness in his tone. He idly continues to sip from his own glass as Jaenelle announces the next dish - "Aha! Safe she says, but I know plenty who'd balk if you told them what roe was."

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash squeaks when the soup begins to run down her chin, "Thanks, that's good." She is blinking softly under the sash when the next course is announced and she doesn't recognize all the ingredients. Seems her partner knows what is though, so she leans in sharply once she's put the glass she was holding down again, and nearly whispers, "What is roe?" she asks.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash laughs softly, then whispers the answer right back. In a louder voice, with a grin that you can practically / hear/, he tells her, "Don't want to spoil it for anyone else." Then he's trying to find the stuff.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash clearly enjoys the soup, was tasting it slowly from his partner in Ivory. When Jaenelle announces the next course, he has a facial expression on not being sure about the roe. In the meantime, quiet words are exhanged with his partner. Slow gentle tasting, between the two. He is still trying to work over the combination of the roe with the custard. "It's lighter than I thought, not so salty with the roe after all."

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash raises a brow behind his sash, fish rowe... Lips closing somewhat but still offering to his partner, "I think I shall pass one fish eggs, but how about you?" head tilting, listening while lifting a morsel, for help guiding in the bite.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash gasps softly when her partner whispers something to her. "Oh right. Ok then. I haven't come this far just to let that stop me." Her own hands feel around for the plate of this particular dish.

Someone wearing a scarlet silken sash smiles and leans in. "I'm up for anything. I'll try it!" She helps guid the spoon to her mouth.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash finds the custard, finds the spoon, then takes a bit of the former out with the latter before reaching out once more, hands groping for his partner. "It's not so bad," he assures, confidence in his tone. There is slightly less confidence in his hand, as he directs his spoon in the vague direction of where he assumes her mouth is.

"It is just eggs on eggs, the lack of imagination you all have!" Jaenelle teases those who decline the custard. She knows everything. She can see when the servants bring back untouched spoons to the kitchen. "I wonder if it is the roe or you just have a lack of a taste for seafood. We shall see! Our next offering from the kitchens is a seared scallop served chilled with an olive oil and grapefruit gastrique."

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash seems to tense slightly at something said at her set of pillows, something that may be noticed by Jaenelle, the servers, and maybe her partner. And, maybe for a moment she might pale a bit. That pose is held and then a breath of relieved air is let loose from her lungs.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash gets poked in the cheek with a spoon, leaving behind a small dollop of custard, laughing it off lightly. "Almost, here, let me help." And she'll use her hand to guide his with the spoon to her mouth for a bite. "Oh! Is that the roe? those little things that pop when you bite them?" she asks, before considering the bite for a moment. "Not bad at all." When the next dish is announced, she asks, "Do you want to try the custard or just go for the scallop?"

"After decades at sea and having had my fill of various forms of sealife - I've had my fill of fish eggs, you're grace. I am sure the custard would have been fine without." the man in a cerulean silken sash chuckles and shrugs.

Someone wearing a violet silken sash sits waiting for a moment as he must have perhaps made some off-color joke at his current set of pillows. But then he takes the course smoothly, and waits for his partner at the pillows to relax before feeding the next.

Someone wearing a scarlet silken sash asks, "What about the scallop though?" She holds up the spoon somewhere near Cerulean's face. "If you don't, I will."

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash lets out a sheepishly laugh and gracefully accepts his partner's aid, pleased to be helped. Her subsequent question prompts him to hum thoughtfully for a second before giving up his reply. "Let me sink my teeth into those scallops," he says. "They sound delicious!"

Someone wearing a navy silken sash declares, "Such a shame. The roe on custard was tasty. However, this scallop with olive oil and grapefruit sounds more promising." When the spoon is placed into his hand, he focuses upon his victim.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash shakes his head, lifts his voice. "The custard was lovely, it's all been delicious." Then he returns to sharing and speaking with his dinner-mate.

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash:grins and seems much more relaxed, even blindfolded, in her partner's company than before, even if not by sight, by the sound of her voice and the way she interacts with him. "At least it is not live octopus," she comments, taking the bite of custard, humming as she enjoys the smooth texture with the pleasant pops of roe, thinking of her answer to his next question. Again licking her lips, perhaps there is a bit of silver stuck there that she will find later, she then says, "traveled, yes. A great bit, really. I don't often get to very many large cities though, come to think of it. Ostria, when I saw it, was lovely. Maelstrom," she nods, despite him not being able to see it. "Was a sight to behold. I recall the cliffs and some very beautiful murals. At least, I think that was Maelstrom proper." Her voice trails off as she tries to recall precisely. "Pretty sure it was. That was a whirlwind trip though. And you? What do you find most beautiful?" next spoon is directed to her hand and she offers it to him, fingertips of her free hand brushing against his cheek. "Scallop?"

Someone wearing a moss silken sash there is a chuckling at Jaenelle's announcement, they did not send their spoons back empty. But the Ivory sash'd one and he did have a clear delay in the tasting. Definitely the roe, at least for him. He makes a soft sound of pleasure, hearing the next dish. "Scallops, it has been a little long for me." He is careful in his feeding of the Ivory one, for himself. He definitely savors it, as grapefruit and scallops were not an every day imagining of preparing scallops. "That tang with the scallops, not terrible at all, just different. Another recipe we should abscond with, my dear." He leans into his partner gently as he suggests it.

Someone wearing a jade silken sash is very careful with her spoons, leaning forward so that she can share tastes of it with her partner, things murmured that might be thanks to whatever servant is so very patiently making sure neither of them make a particular mess, but are clearly more intended for her partner. "I don't know if they sound delicious, but they certainly smell quite decadent."

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash takes his scallop while offering the Scarlet Sash her own, nodding to himself, "It's all been very interesting, tell truth." chewing slowly as he considers, "When next we go to Ostria perhaps we should arrange to have a few of the local recipes brought back for the next of these?"

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash leans in and steals a kiss after the exclamation over the scallops from her partner. "I am enjoying this menu...and this is a lovely shade on you." She teases of course as she can not see the sash about his eyes, she does dust her fingers over it before she tilts her head and listens to the others a moment. She waits for the scallop spoonful to be given to her so she can slowly feed him. "Here it comes, mouth open." Yes that is her finger there pushing his mouth open slightly so she can make certain she does not drop it and ruin the very thing that has excited him. She chuckles. "I can see this resulting in a food fight in the right setting."

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash giggles softly, "Just make sure it's the scallop you're sinking your teeth into and not me." She teases as she feels around once more for the spoon with the food on it, this time being extra careful in feeling out where the spoon is aimed at. But she can't see, so it could really go anywhere.

As the dinner progresses, the conversation around the ballroom becomes softer as people take advantage of the more intimate seating arrangements, the various voices mingle with the music to create a soothing setting. Jaenelle certainly looks pleased even if no one can see it. "I am not certain if people will like the next course, but here we are, and here it is" she states just as more bells come from the kitchen. "Neat's tongue, slow roasted with a Saikland woodear mushroom and rice pilaf."

Someone wearing a seafoam silken sash can be heard at the appropriate cinnamon-y and seafoam decorated table, "Finally some real food."

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash playfully snaps at air a couple of times before settling still to let his partner guide the spoon towards himself. A coy murmur gets shared while he waits - a little chuckle of amusement sounds when the spoon and it's delicious smelling payload brushes against his nose, and he quickly adjusts to snap the contents of the utensil into his mouth, to savor and enjoy with pleasure. "You /must/ try this," he insists, as he reaches to offer the same to his companion.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash listens to the introduction of the next item, collects the spoon offered, and says, a little helplessly: "I'm not entirely sure what this even is. But it can't be awful if it's got mushroom in. Are you ready? Need a bit of wine first?"

"Tongue?" The woman in a scarlet silken sash asks. "Does that mana it can taste us back?" She grins.

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash reaches to lightly boop the approximate location of Scarlet's nose, "It'll chew like thick sponge, but typically absorbs the spices and seasonings well."

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash clears her throat at something else said at the pillows, her cheeks going a deep crimson. "Er. Well. I. Er. Imnotreallysure!" she says back to her partner in Violet. It might be an interesting conversation the two are having!

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash laughs at a something whispered as brings the spoon back down after her partner's bite. "Oh yes please!" she replies and takes her bite from him once she can feel it against her lips. "Oh wow! that is amazing. I might give the tongue a pass though..."

Someone wearing a moss silken sash there is confused hesitation. "Do you mean my sash, or the fact you can no longer see me?" His tone is dramatically wounded. "How painful and economical your thrust is, Oh Ivory One." Noone can see it, but he puts the back of his hand to his forehead. "Woe." Then she is feeding him, likely to silence his offense and hijinx! He enjoys the tasting though and nods at the recipe. Then he pauses all motion. "So. Miss intentionally?"
Yes, when the next dish is introduced there is clear visible hesitation. He reaches for the drink to clear his palate and considers. "All right, darling. If you are brave I will be brave." He plicks up the neat's tongue and lets the aroma catch him. "I don't smell it being overcooked. Always an issue, makes it so rubbery." He's reaching for Ivory's face so he doesn't shove the new tasting up her nose.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash smiles knowingly, the expression practically instinctual as precious few can see it - certainly not the person it might've been intended for. "Then I'll eat your portion for you," he says with a grin. "Though, I think I'm a little more interested in the mushrooms than the tongue, as tender as it may be..."

Someone wearing a violet silken sash replies with, "I understand it's a little on the chewy side, unless it's done properly." He'll reach for the next spoon, getting increasingly used to this format of having food passed. It seems to be in the same spot every time, after all.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash replies, "How kind of you! I can think of much better uses for tongues than eating them..." she can't help her own brazeness, emboldened by the lack of seeing anything at the moment. So she loads a spoon with what she hopes is a fine helping of tongue and mushrooms, before she takes her hand to his cheek to make sure she's aiming properly so he doesn't miss it.

"See?" the woman in the amber silken sash says to her partner.

"To cleanse the palate before the dessert course, I would like to introduce a selection of port glazed fig leaf-wrapped cheeses. Some are mild, some are stinky, I won't tell you which cheeses they are" Jaenelle offers the challenge to those gathered as a platter of various bite sized wrapped cheeses are placed on the table before the pairs.

Someone wearing an emerald silken sash had already been laughing, but is now laughing more.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash laughs. "Oh no you don't. I'm trying everything." And he eats the bite of tongue, though... he seems undecided about it.

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash wrinkles her nose at the mention of the next dish. "No..I oof you really know how to milk a moment," she replies to Moss. Giving his cheek a pinch for his over dramatic efforts. She does however realize she's going first this time and parts her lips, preparing for the taste that is to come. When it hits her pallet she expects rubbery because that is the first word he uttered in regards to the food. She eyes squints and chews. "mmmmmmm" But then desert is being annoucned she is quick to make pleased sounds.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash leans into the hand against his cheek a little bit, just to ensure his partner has a secure and good grip on him. His mouth opens wide, and he chomps on the medley of savory meat, mushrooms, and rice when it comes, purring in unabashed pleasure. "Now that was something I could get behind, if I was out on the road. A meal like that could stick to your bones and keep you full for the rest of the day." As for tongues and their uses, he remains coyly silent on the matter.

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash turns slowly to commentary about tongue, "Ah. Now it's a Lycene party." grinning and lifting a bit of leaf and cheese and holding it slowly closer towards Scarlet sash's lips, "Do go on! No shy ears here I suspect!"

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash blushes hotly as she spoke a little too loud about tongues and her comment was seemingly overheard, good thing there's no one to see it, or identify where the comment came from. Phew. "Glad you enjoyed it. Do you want mine, or shall we move onto the cheese? I don't particularly care for strong cheese, so I hope I get the milder one."

Someone wearing a moss silken sash starts rubbing his hands together. Cheese is serious business he was once told. He needs to select the perfect one for his partner. He does pause to murmur something to his partner. Then he has to give a sniff test. His grin, a warning sign invisible to his partner, springs forth full of mischevious glee. He selects the stinky cheese. "Such fortunate timing of mentioning milk, my fair Ivory Maiden. Dessert soon, but first." He just shoves the stinky cheese at her, likely smearing it into her nose a little in the process. "Oh. Oops, I am so very sorry..." His snickering indicates this is truly a lie.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash considers this for a moment. "Let's move on," he suggests. "I don't know how many more courses there are, and if I could, I'd eat myself full off of that last dish." He's already searching out the plate of cheeses before he's finished speaking, and promptly brings it in close after he's know to give each one an experimental sniff. Anything that doesn't prompt an immediate, visceral reaction? Well, he takes that by the fingers and offers the slightly sticky treat for his partner to enjoy.

Someone wearing a navy silken sash ensures the spoon ends up in his fingers, then waves it around and brings it forward before Jade sash's mouth with caution, hopfully not smearing any of the stinky cheese along her lips or chin or cheeks. "Open up, it's so very stinky which means it has to taste great, right?"

Someone wearing an ivory silken sash feels the cheese and then SMELLS it as she desperately tries to tilt her head back to try to get the cheese into her mouth instead of up her nose. But then its there and she's breathing it in, and tasting it and she's overwhelmed by the sharpness that she nearly coughs. "HEY!" She declares sharply and reaches her hand up to lightly grasp at Moss' wrist to pull his hand away. "Thats my nose...and you are not sorry at all." She murmurs, reaching out to find the sofest cheese and 'offer' it to his /lips/. Smooshing it against his face and smearing it just a bit she manages to get -most- of it into his mouth while she tries to wipe out her nose with the napkins she has to pat around for.

"Before the dessert is served, I wished to thank you all for coming. I have enjoyed this evening and watching you all a great deal. For those who have been to the ones before, thank you for coming again and I hope it was as enjoyable as the last. For those who have never been to one of these before, thank you for taking the chance to experience something new and different and placing your trust in me. I hope that those who I partnered you with provided meaningful conversation, and those that brought your own dates this evening I will certainly be willing to partner you with someone else next time if they turned out boring" she teases. The bells, a final time, "for dessert, an Apple mille-feuille with a cinnamon chantilly cream sauce."

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash meets his partner's fingers with his own and pops it into his mouth - "Ah, you've given me one of the stinkier ones, I see," he notes with a laugh, though he chews and swallows all the same. "That would be good with some wine," he muses. "A spicy Setarcan red, maybe with some toasted crisps. But ah, what's that I smell? Something decadently sweet, I think."

Someone wearing a silver silken sash takes a small break from quiet conversation to trade desserts with her partner, "Oh, now this is very good..." She shifts her seating on the cushions, wondering thoughtfully, "I wonder if we'll get to meet our partners at the end..."

Someone wearing a moss silken sash mutters, "She had a point ... ... ... of ... ... she not?"

Someone wearing a cinnamon silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash chews his cheese casually while desert is announced and he gives a pleased sound, turning to the bells and lifting a portion for Scarlet to enjoy first, leaning against her slightly to better guide himself in the process.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash cannot help his snickering at his partners protests and calling him out on sorry. He does -not- expect retaliation so soon and splutters while snickering maniacally. "No. I'm not." He tells Ivory without a hint of regret for his own cheese-smeared face. He does make a brief face at the choose, bu once he's beyond the funk, it is rather good. He's much better behaved about the normal cheese at least. His sounds of amusement are not fading any time soon though. "All right, I'll let you start the dessert first, you wouldn't waste something so amazing, would you?"

Someone wearing a cerulean silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: Delicious. Also the food was exquisite.

Someone wearing a moss silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: For the amazing masks and assigned seating, perfect!

Someone wearing a crimson silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a jade silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a scarlet silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing an emerald silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a bronze silken sash mms around his mouthful of apples. When it's gone, he says, "I don't suppose they'd stop us if we left at the same time. Though I imagine some would like to keep their secrets."

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: A beautiful hostess for a lovely evening! At least, I am fairly certain she looks beautiful, I can't see, what with this blindfold.

Someone wearing an apricot silken sash is overheard praising Donella.

Someone wearing a scarlet silken sash is overheard praising Donella.

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash grins, "Oooops, was that not alright?" she asks as the dessert is placed on the table with another tinkle of bells. "Mmmmm.... that smells so good." She agrees before she finds the last spoon and carefully tries to get a good portion of dessert for her partner. "After the stinky cheese, hopefully this will help get the taste out of your mouth." And once again, it's grope and gruide until she can get the spoon to his mouth.

Someone wearing a violet silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a silver silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing a navy silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: A most gracious and enigmatic hostess!

Someone wearing a turquoise silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Someone wearing an obsidian silken sash eagerly helps get the dessert into his mouth - it really is sweeter and better after your palette's being assaulted by something foul, and he savors it like nothing else he's had thus far. He almost forgets to return the favor, taking advantage of her hand on him to direct a spoon to her lips. "Now we just need some wine, to toast our host with."

Someone wearing an amber silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: Good food and not one handjob to be seen. Of course, we were all wearing blindfolds...

Someone wearing a pearl silken sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: For holding the feast of senses. It was awesome!

Someone wearing a magenta silken sash mmmmmms softly as she gets a bite of dessert in turn, "Oh wow! That is beyond decadent. Good thing the portions are small, because I could eat way more than would be good for me of that one. I think this whole event was fantastic, and I am certainly coming to the next one. I hope to be able to thank the host once I can see again. And thank you for being such a wonderful dining partner." She sits back a bit then, hands returning to her own person now that feeding was done.

With all the courses now served, the servants go around asking if glasses need to be refilled or if the guests wish to try more of a previous offering if they are still hungry and want more than whatever was left on the spoon after tragic accidents happened on the way to one's mouth. "With the conclusion of dinner, you are more than free to linger and continue your conversations. Keep your blindfolds on, or remove them should you wish, the choice is yours going forward. Again, thank you" Jaenelle announces even as she eats one of the desserts.

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