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Honoring Joscelin Arterius: A Bravura Exclusive

What is a Bravura Exclusive? It's a party thrown by someone in honor of someone else. It is held in the Bravura tradition of parties: everyone is invited, and so it is 'Exclusive' to those who attend!

The City of Arx will host its first ever such party in celebration of Joscelin Arterius. Her time here inspired many and elevated artistry to the fore of our brilliant society here and throughout Arvum. Which means this event is really an appreciation of our city's artists and their works. A tribute to Jayus.

We seek crafters who would like to participate in this grand affair. Their expenses will be covered, of course.

We seek sponsors from any houses or organizations that wish to have their name recognized (for a fee).

We seek models who wish to come and showcase the latest in Arx haute couture.

We seek brewers, drink makers and mixologists to lend their concoctions. We seek artists of all kinds to adorn the place with decoration - or even 'think pieces'.

Send all missives to Duarte for further details.

Catering by Lottie Parkins


Feb. 6, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Duarte Caprice



Fidante Amadeo Thrax Whisper Blackram Crafters Guild Eurusi


Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Crafters Gallery

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