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Southport's Archery and Enlisting Rounds

It's that time again for the military oriented denizens of Southport to come together and improve themselves. The Archery unit of the army, now led by the Lady Commander Kaia Malvici, is once again hosting their customary archery enlisting event where both locals and visitors can gather to show off their skills and learn from one another. It's also the event in which the locals or those not sworn to a fealty can pledge their allegiance to the Malvici and enlist to join their military ranks.

ooc: 3 slots for archery training up to level 4 will be available, with a level 5 discount by Kaia. 2 slots for archery training up to level 3 will be available, with a level 4 discount by Piccola. If anyone has high level archery and teaching and wishes to assist do send me a mail.


Feb. 2, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Piccola Caprice Eirene Thea Merek Kastelon Jan Pasquale Ivy Amanita Michael Domonico




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center - Training Ring

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Comments and Log

The Training Ring has been set up for archery feats. There's a few tables all around the area, with various Southport officials tending them and dealing with the lines of both fresh and seasoned recruits. Most of them evidently Southportians. In the center stands Kaia clad in her crimson Malvici leathers and Heartpiercer in hand. She's commanding the fresh line of recruits with a clear roaring tone. One not often viewed by the people. She undoubtedly seems and sounds like a different person. "Ready. Nock. Release!" she would go on, marching from one side to the other behind the group of archers. "Again!" The viewing stands would already be full with both locals and visitors alike. Today, everyone wishing to see the Malvici archers in action or simply learn a bit about archery themselves are welcome and seem to be gathering about.

Caprice has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Kaia says, "I'll be looking forward to that, Eirene. Oh, did you hear? Thea's Citrus Vodka has made it into the Southport markets!"

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk arrive, following Ivy.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine, Ivy arrive, following Kastelon.

Caprice is in the benches, paper and drawing tools in hand. Thus far the charcoal stick rests idle between her fingers, the woman watching the initial volleys with muted interest - and this less common side of Kaia with a growing smile.

Eirene is putting the fear of... her into some of the new recruits. Oh yes, they've heard of her. "Let's see if these kids can hit the broadside of a damn barn," she says. Her two children, six year olds, follow at her heels. "Not you two, loves. The archers."

Thea strides in with Jan Kennex. Because new drinking buddy. And Thea may have chewed her out about proper wound care. "Kaia! Yoy can hear you hear you--ever"but pauses. "It did? That's great! We should celebrate after... ,"watching the archers. "How are they?" Thea then offers a brief wave and smile to those gathered too.

Merek takes a moment to strap his leathers onto his dark attire, while he adjusts the wrist cuffs. The man nods a bit while he draws back his hair into a spiky ponytail, then he picks up his diamondplate inlaid bow, taking the time to find a place to maneuver along into a stance. It looks like he will be testing himself against Southport's people.

The line has been dismissed by Kaia.

Kastelon comes wandering in with Ivy as if he's not quite perhaps sure where he's going - there's the small coterie too of animals that follow, between a dog, a direhorn, a waddling skunk and not counting the kite that's on his shoulder - but there is a brief look when there's a comment about archers, and his eyes look about keenly for where the competition signup might well be.

Jan arrives with Thea and a mess of fresh bandages. If one didn't know better it looks like maybe some used her for target practice. There is no trace of discomfort in her expression however, she has a look of amused vacancy. A bottle of private Kennex stock serving as nature's analgesic, she takes particular interest in the lines of archers and the woman ordering them. It's no secret from the fliers she puts up at her local watering holes, Jan is scouting for commanders and there is a spot in the Corsairs for an officer that can use a bow. She's simply observing however, keeping pace with Thea and picking at a bandage on her knuckle.

Pasquale soon approaches Thea and spends a few moments whispering to her, glancing once or twice at Jan, before he finally gives Jan a nod in greeting. "Are you both competing then?"

Merek has joined the line.

Pasquale has joined the line.

Eirene raises a hand to Thea and Jan. The twins mob Thea and the little boy asks, "Did you buy us presents for our birthday?l" Eirene smirks and beckons them back to her. "Hush monsters, don't bug aunt Thea..." she shrugs to the pair.

Ivy curls a hand through the thick, almost amoring, wool of the direhorn and ensures that it stays at her side while it clomps along. The skunk, of course, dogs her heels. She turns a faint smile up to Kastelon and murmurs, "I'll go scout out a good place to watch if you want to check with the Malvici on the shooting?" Looking back around, she offers a lifted hand towards Eirene as she notes the Master Physician.

To Pasquale, "Just observing, I'm not much good with a bow. Jan Kennex, General of the Corsairs." She looks for a place to settle in while Thea warms up for this. She finds a spot on a bench and pours herself some Filopi in a tin cup, (for the traveling alcoholic), the spicy vodka quickly reappearing when it exits her pores.

Thea smirks at something Pasquale says, swatting Jan's hand aside. "Ill tie you up." When Eirene's twins come and bombard her, Thea lets out a laugh. "Hey you two! Of coyrse I did! I'll get it to you later, kay;"hugging them briefly. "I'll steal you soon.." Thea then looks to Eirene and smioes,"Hey Aunt."

Amanita Whisper, formerly Malvici, strides into the training center in a dress that is certainly not made for anything besides sitting very still and making precise movements. She spots several members of her family and brightens, holding back a smile before surveying the others gathered. "Kaia!" She cries out before waving. "Auntie Eirene!"

Eirene offers a hand to Jan. "I don't think we met last night. Eirene Riven. Formerly Brigadier general of Malvici forces. " Seeing Ivy she offers a nod of recognition. But there's another 'niece' and she grins. "Ama, how nice to see you in Arx! It's been a while." The kids nod excitedly for Thea's promise and scramble to the stands to go play a hand-clapping game together while people get ready for shooting.

Turn in line: Merek

Kastelon nods after he's been thinking about this for a few moments, and there's the faint shadow of a smile given to Ivy at the mention of finding somewhere to sit. "That sounds like a plan," he muses, even as he's stroking Resolute's head briefly to encourage him to go to the seats with, with no such dismissal given to Dart, and he makes his way over towards the Malvici to see about the matter of the competition.

"Pasquale Malespero." Pasquale tells Jan. "General of Malespero." He pauses to give Thea the sort of withering sideways glance that few can actually pull off before adding. "Only one way to improve." and parting for Kaia's position. "Kaia. If you have a moment could you help with a technique i've been working on?"

Thea clears her throat, realizing. "No. Im not participating. Im just watching!" She hears Eirene's introduction and smiles briefly. "She left and handed me the brigade general title. Theyre big feet to step into." Seeing her cousin, Thea waves to her,"Amanita, hey,"though she squints at Pasquale. "You can be the archer for both of us. I'll still with blades."

Jan takes Eirene's hand in a calloused leather clad mitt after setting her bottle down, her grasp firm but gentle, "I didn't have much to say, but I did notice how you kept all that together. I should have guessed you had a military background." She raises the cup, "Would you like a drink?" She tips her head to Pasquale but has to circle back.

Turn in line: Pasquale

The line has been dismissed by Kaia.

Amanita looks at Eirene's twins and smiles briefly before making her way to Eirene. "It has been a while." She does not hug the woman, but she gives her a fond wave and moves to take a seat. "Thea! How are you?" Hearing the name Malespero, Amanita cranes her neck in Pasquale's direction with a raised brow. She straightens her dress underneath herself as she sits, watching introductions being made with some curiosity.

Still marching behind the line of recruits taking their shots at the targets, Kaia lifts a hand and waves at Thea when she hears her name. "Speak of the devils and they shall appear." she says teasingly. There's a nod given to Jan --whom she had seen a couple of times before while visiting Zoey but not exactly spoken to formally. "Welcome." she says, before shifting around and shouting her commands once more. "Again! Ready yourselves. Nock arrows. Release!" She keeps marching, nods at their performances, and claps. "That was good, but don't think it's enough. Again!" she tells them. She turns her step once more. This time catching sight of Amanita as she call out to her. "Amanita! Good to see you! Come here to support a friend I see? I doubt you'll be attempting to shoot a bow in that. Although, I must say, that's a gorgeous dress."

Eirene grins impishly at Jan. It sets off laugh-line wrinkles around her lips. "I'm always one for a drink, yeah. I still command, but my units in House Riven aren't the same as Malvici's. Someday I'll have those bastards whipped into shape." She chuckles a little. "So who's all down for a shooting match today? Suck at archery, myself, but I love a contest."

Hearing her name being called, by Pasquale, Kaia's wintery eyes catch the Malespero and she smiles warmly. "Oh, yes, of course." she glances back to those she was talking to. "Pardon me a moment." and then off she goes to walk with the Malespero. "Alright. Let's hear of this technique of yours..."

"The importance is enjoying the competition, no?" Kastelon's heard Eirene's call out about a shooting match, which has his head turning her way when he's looking clearly to see where he's supposed to be, but the sound of the archers displaying their skill has his head turning briefly. And then the soft answer, "I'm game for one, if a shooting match is to be had."

Ivy calls Resolute to join her as she heads towards the seating. Approaching the group of Malvici/Riven/Kennex, she offers a quick bow and murmurs, "Hello. Nice to see everyone." The children with Eirene get a warmer smile before she's looking back to the ladies, "Lady Eirene, if it pleases, I've already begun a collection from Oathlands Houses, supplies and silver donated to the Melaeris featly chain. The support coming in has been excellent."

"Later?" Pasquale answers to Jan's drink offer before turning his focus to Kaia and his crossbow. He explains the technique he's been trying, something to do with reloading more effectively, and then offers her both crossbow and bolt so she might show him her approach. He lifts his gaze from the weapon when Eirene suggests a contest. "I wouldn't mind."

Looking down at her dress, she grins briefly - blink and you'll miss it - at Kaia. "Indeed, I believe that trying to pull a bow back in this dress would give Auntie Eirene something to laugh about for ages to come, and I do not want to provide her with that fodder!" She purses her lips. "Thank you. It is so good to see you. You look well." She bows her head to Ivy when the other woman approaches.

Jan is happy to oblige, it is a little obvious she is enamored with women that have more experience in command then herself. "I hope you still got places you want to grow hair in. This is Filopi, private Kennex stock but it packs a punch." The spice of the pepper rises as the vodka swirls into another cup, the black flakes dancing a seductive rhythm. "You know I am always interested in joint training operations." Thea and Kaia are offered drinks as well.

Eirene claps her hands together at Ivy's commentary. "Excellent, thank you. I'm sure we'll need a lot to help those poor fuhhh- survivors," she says, dropping what she was going to say. "We should have those maps and projections within a week or so, gods willing." She pauses to try Jan's vodka and snorts a little. "Phew, punch it is," she agrees with a grin.

"So. Who's up for a friendly exhibition? Show off what you've learned here today from Lady Kaia's techniques."

Says Eirene. Loudly.

Observing is fine; but today it is not catching Amanita's attention. She stands back up from her seat and waves at her family before slipping out.

Kastelon turns his head for a moment towards Ivy when she's speaking of the efforts for the Melaeris fealty in light of what's recently happened, with a lingering look of thoughtfulness at the matter... and then his attention back to Eirene at the call for a competition. "I'm always game, even if perhaps I'd not come to benefit from learning something new." A polite nod to Kaia at the mention of the training. "I can offer up at least an Oathland example to shoot against, in said competition. As a friendly gesture."

"I can offer an example of what -not- to do," Caprice chimes in from the stands, looking up from her drawing to flash a grin towards those preparing the impromptu competition.

Kaia grins at Kastelon "Oh, please, go for it. I'm sure the men would appreciate it!" she says, before declining the drinks offered by Jan. "My thanks, General Kennex. But, I shall be sure to join you for drinks at a later time. I must keep my head clear while teaching them." she notes with a grin. "It's a good one, though. My sister, Zoey, gifted me a bottle a few years ago. An excellent choice."

The news of new Malvici babies reaches the twins of Eirene, and they jump up and rush to her side. "Can we see the babies," Iris asks. "I wanna see them and see if they match?" Eirene educates them with, " no kiddo, they'll be different like you and Idris. It yes, you can go. Carissa, take them inside? Provided Kaia doesn't mind, of course."

Jan perks up when Kaia speaks, "Zoey is your sister? Well shit, you are as good as family then, nice to meet you formally." She offers a warm smile, something that only genuinely appears on her face when she is dealing with family, "Wonder where she is. This is exactly her kind of thing."

Caprice puts a ribbon-tied catalogue of past commissions in a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Caprice gets a curated collection of artwork from a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Caprice gets 91 books from a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Michael made time to visit the Lyceum Ward of Arx and really just finds a pole or piece of furniture to lean against while observing the archery lessons and demonstrations. A quick grab of apple cider from a servant is enough to satiate him for the moment.

Eirene meanwhile has some of her former soldiers bring over archery targets and a stuffed dummy. "Okay. First heat. Who's all in? Take your places on the line."

Ivy nods to Eirene and smiles faintly, trying to keep back a chuckle at the sudden change in terminology. "Let me know if there's anything more I can do, please. I'll see if I can drum up some more support from some of the other Houses that I haven't had a chance to visit with yet." There's a glances towards Kastelon at his offer to show an Oathlands style of archery and she smiles briefly in his direction. But then there's news of babies and she's stepping back to let the families come together.

Pasquale has joined the line.

Kastelon has joined the line.

Caprice drops Southport Shade, a sketch in charcoal and ochre.

Caprice puts a copy of Southport Shade, a sketch in charcoal and ochre in a curated collection of artwork.

Caprice puts 89 books in a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Caprice puts a curated collection of artwork in a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Kaia has joined the line.

Jan is overheard praising Caprice: Nice drawing

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caprice before departing.

Although there is a momentary look of doubt, Pasquale takes his place on the line with the other archers.

Target 1 is the easy one. Closest to the line, nice big round colors. "Ready. Nock. Fire," Eirene calls out to the archers.

Pasquale checks dexterity and archery at easy. Pasquale is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at easy. Kastelon marginally fails.

Satisfied with her work, Caprice cleans her hands and begins storing her tools away, a few last glances between the canvas and those at practice. "This one's for you, archers!" she calls over cheerfully, rising to bring the sketch closer to those on break. "Get 'em right in their bull's eye," she bids them, grinning.

There's a slight wave given from afar to her cousin, Michael, as he makes his way over to observe. A grin and a nod given to Jan in response to her words. "Indeed! Oh, and, I'm sure she has plenty to deal with at the moment --with all that is happening by the Isles." she comments. Then, afer listening to Pasquale she takes a few moments to demostrate how to execute the technique properly. She takes a few shots, and urges him to try it himself a couple of times, before inviting him to join her on the friendly competition ran by Eirene. "Shall we give it a go against the Oathlander?"

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at easy. Kaia is successful.

Caprice has joined the line.

Caprice checks dexterity and archery at easy. Caprice marginally fails.

Jan watches at bows release and arrows fly, her focus drifting to the display before her rather then the conversation. "I-", she begins with something, but the look of childlike wonder replaces it. She raises a drink and cheers after each shot, starting to comment on contenders for the winning prize.

Thea has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Jan has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Pasquale nods at Kaia's suggestion. "The last time I did some serious shooting I was on the deck of a Caravel, in a storm, during a boarding action. By comparison this should be easy."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Kastelon does look for a moment to see where Ivy's settled with the animals, and then shifts to make sure that he's concentrating more on what he's supposed to be doing. It's smooth and steady, when he's drawn an arrow free from the quiver to be aiming at the target down the line, his eyes narrowing when he's nocked it and a breath released and...

And clearly, he's not as ready for this as he'd sounded when he lets the shot fly, and it runs errant somewhat from the target, missing the thing entirely. For one that's usually predisposed to being fairly inscrutable, his expression does briefly hold that hint that he's -not- happy with himself, even as he's composing himself for the next shot.

Thea has been here the whole time. Really. She's been busy writing messages. Watching the archers AND taking a sip from Jan's bottle.

Art done, now it's time for war. Caprice saunters out to join those in the friendly competition, hardly equipped for it but smiling all the same. "If I could just borrow..." she's murmuring, helping herself to a practice bow and a bag of arrows. Where it might appear to the trained eye that the woman does know, at the least, which way to point and how not to twang the everloving crap out of her forearm, she's not overburdened with muscle - or practice, evidently. Her arrow fails to do more than brush lovingly against the target's outer edge before dropping.

Kaia laughs at Pasquale's recount. "Well, last time I did some serious shooting the arrow hit them right on the head. Nasty sight. They deserved it, though." she comments with a wry smile. "Hey, Lord Keaton, you sure you don't wish for a few pointers?" Kaia calls out to the Oathlander in a playful and evidently teasing tone. "I jest. I shouldn't make too much noise, I might miss the next ones." she notes with a chuckle.

Ivy is indeed settled somewhere safe with the animals, offering Kastelon a small smile and wave when he looks to locate them. Then the first round of arrows fly and she winces for the missed shots. She gives Resolute a ruffle of his ears and makes sure that Treb is as settled as a 300 pound war ram will ever be, then calls out, "Good round! Good tries!"

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kaia is successful.

Eirene has the second target brought up, at a moderate distance. "Let's go again, next round, ready? Fire!"

Pasquale checks dexterity and archery at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Caprice checks dexterity and archery at normal. Caprice is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon is successful.

"No idea where the bolts actually went that time." Pasquale takes a moment to aim before firing at the new target marker. When the bolt once again buries itself in the target he offers his crossbow over to his retainer for re-cranking and comments to Kaia. "Those tips were helpful. Thank you."

The first round was just practice, right? Caprice lags a little behind, nocked arrow lowering slightly while the woman watches the others aim and fire. Suitably impressed when everyone else hits somewhere on their target, she lets out a happy laugh when she, too, thwocks one in on a colored ring.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

That the first shot went somewhat not as planned doesn't seem to throw Kastelon beyond the brief moment or two of breathing to just get himself gathered back into himself. The hazel eyes settle on his ever-wily foe, the target rings, as they mock him clearly from down the field. Again, an arrow is drawn forth, nocked and the string drawn back, as he's minding the slow take and release of his breath and, after several such passes, the arrow is let fly to punish the mocking concentric circles with a sharp stabbing.

More arrows fly, and both of Kaia's shots hit true. She seems quite proud of that, as she glances over to Pasquale. "Ah, well, I'm glad to hear so. Hopefully our men--" she gestures at the Southpor recruits also taking their shots "--will think so too!"

Jan is quietly watching and drinking. She freshens up her company's drinks when they drift too low, but otherwise for once the Kennex General keeps her mouth shut to appreciate the show.

As each of the contestants hits their mark, Ivy lets out a whoop and smiles, "Congratulations! Good shooting!" She's seated safely away from the archers with a small cadre of unusual animals; a Keaton hound, a Blackram direhorn, and a fat skunk.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kastelon is successful.

Domonico strides into the training ring, the Southport Admiral wearing his well polished leathers and his helm tucked under one arm as he looks around, noting the archery taking place and moves to a good spot to properly watch the shots being taken. His family all get a small nod and smile each, even Thea.

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kaia fails.

Pasquale checks dexterity and archery at hard. Pasquale is successful.

Caprice checks dexterity and archery at hard. Critical Success! Caprice is spectacularly successful.

Eirene is overseeing the archery contest. She offers Domonico a salute, casual but sincere. "Final round! Go!"

Pasquale's eyebrows lift a little when his shot hits the target. "I'm starting to think you might have just fixed a serious problem."

Pasquale checks dexterity and archery at hard. Pasquale is successful.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

All that praise from Pasquale surely got into her head and had her distracted, for the next shot was a shocking fail. The arrow went straight past the target and bounced off into the ground. "Ah, see, this is why I shouldn't have teased Lord Keaton. The goddess of luck has frowned on me." she says with a somewhat dramatic sigh and a chuckle. A little wave is given to Domonico as he moves past torwards the seating area.

The third arrow, Caprice chooses with care. It's not in the middle of battle, after all - why not enjoy the process? Meditative, appreciative as she inspects the shaft, the fletching, the arrowhead. She readies, aims, fires... curses. "Oh, f-" Eyes wide in surprise, she glances to either side of herself to see if anybody else saw that.

Jan is overheard praising Caprice: An artist and an archer! Impressive.

Eirene is overheard praising Caprice: Bullseye! Nice.

"The gods are often fickle and do as they will, to remind us that we're fallible." Kastelon's not one to smile, but it is sincerely meant and held and speaks to how he's felt about that first shot as well. But now he's definitely into a groove when he's nocking the third arrow, and it's more relaxed as he lets it loose, far less of a huff of satisfaction when it hits the target, as if the second had done enough in getting even for his tastes.

Perhaps it was tactics. Pasquale murmurs a "Bad luck." When Kaia misses her shot before offering some light applause for Caprice's success. "A fine showing Caprice."

Kaia is overheard praising Caprice: A bullseye! Wethere it was luck or skill, no doubt, that was impressive!

Merek is overheard praising Kaia.

Kaia is overheard praising Pasquale: He learns fast! Those shots were outstanding! His technique is much improved!

Eirene calls out the scores, with Kaia and Kastelon in third tied, Pasquale in second with nine, and Caprice's bullseye on the farthest target capturing the victory!

Kaia is overheard praising Kastelon: A formidable opponent. His Oathlander style archery has an elegance to it that is worth noting.

Jan is overheard praising Kaia: Seems to be doing her job as an instructor pretty well.

Domonico gives a few claps in applause at the fine shooting on display. "Well done all. Excellent marksmanship." He chuckles, "Now we need to find who's aim is true when they are on a moving ship and I will have found my next recruits for the navy!"

Jan is overheard praising Eirene: Wonderful hostess.

Jan is overheard praising Thea: Thanks for fixing me up. I was starting to smell.

"Improved by my company, my Lord," Caprice assures Pasquale, with a dip of her head to him and a smile of thanks for the acknowledgment from the others. She joins in with the applause, including not only her fellow competitors, but Eirene, and Kaia - and the Southport recruits. "Thank you for letting me join you all. You are, truly, inspiring." Says the Disciple of Jayus.

"Well, that was fun! Congratulations, Messere Caprice! That was impressive!" would say Kaia to the seamstress. Her wintery eyes then moving to Pasquale. "You performed outstandingly, Lord Malespero! It's evident your technique is much improved." Then, she finds Kastelon, and chuckles. "Tied, hmn? I guess we "seasoned" archers have still much to learn, eh? Nice job out there. Your style is very...elegant?" she seems to be struggling for the right word.

Eirene hands Caprice a small purse of coins, which was provided by her man Planchet. "Good shooting. Enjoy the prize." She grins at everyone and bows. "Good shooting, everyone. That was enjoyable. But..l I should go check on the twins and make sure they're being good."

Jan whoops and cheers, walking up to congratulate the woman. "You have a lot of finesse in those fingers. Can I pour you a drink?" She rolls the bottle around in her hand, liquid sloshing out of sync as she does.

An inclination of his head to Kaia, and then to Pasquale and Caprice in turn, the faintest hint of a smile on his lips as he echoes Caprice's words. "Indeed, thank you for allowing me to join in," he says with some suggestion of warmth, though Domonico does get a chuckle from him. "Careful. Those are the kinds of thoughts that get the gods thinking of new challenges for us."

His hazel eyes stray back to Ivy in the stands, with a faint expression that speaks to 'I tried' before he hears Kaia, and there's a bob of his head. "At that, indeed. A bit of practice now and again, and a bit of reminder we -need- such, isn't a bad thing. You have an exquisite skill yourself with the bow."

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