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Ball of the Hawks

The Grand Hall of Malvici Hall opens its doors once more to the peerage of the realm and commoners alike to come enjoy a night of fine dancing, drinking and dining with the charming and fashionable Lady Kaia Malvici serving as the hostess. Everyone is encouraged to come and show off their fabulous garments while swaying, stepping and swirling in the dance floor. Assurances are made that taste testers will be present at ALL TIMES to ensure there's no poison incidents.


Feb. 20, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Lenard Gwenys Thea Martino Sunaia Zoey Keely Deva Giada Olivian Drake Narcissa Natasha Pasquale Romulius Liara Domonico Merek Lianne Venturo Alessia Gio




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malvici Hall - Grand Hall

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Comments and Log

As you enter the room, the hostess Lady Kaia greets you most graciously with a warm smile. "Welcome! Welcome!" She's clad in a gorgeous damask gown in a bright crimson shade. Then, as you walk in and gaze about the room, it's almost impossible for your eyes not to go wide at the decor. The usually militant room looks rather magnificent and regal with colorful drapes in shades of crimson, ash and gold. A huge candelabra hangs above the center of the fine ballroom, while a band plays, exquisitely, at one side of the dance floor. Southport knights, clad in their shiny armors flank the entrances as well as the stairs. There's a section of the room that has an enormous banquet table full of delicious platters of food: roasted pig, mouthwatering duck, richly spiced beef, a humongous seared fish, salads, and desserts! Just looking at it might make you want to rush for it. The drinks being provided in elegant trays by the servants are not bad at all. There's a wide assortment of wines. From the classic Southport Red, to the delicious blends courtesy of Saik. Oh, and, we cannot forget the most recent and popular drink going about, the new Southport Citrus Vodka!

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Thea drops Southport Citrus Vodka.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker arrive, following Martino.

Calluna, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Drake.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: As you enter the room, the hostess Lady Kaia greets you most graciously with a warm smile. "Welcome! Welcome!" She's clad in a gorgeous damask gown in a bright crimson shade. Then, as you walk in and gaze about the room, it's almost impossible for your eyes not to go wide at the decor. The usually militant room looks rather magnificent and regal with colorful drapes in shades of crimson, ash and gold. A huge candelabra hangs above the center of the fine ballroom, while a band plays, exquisitely, at one side of the dance floor. Southport knights, clad in their shiny armors flank the entrances as well as the stairs. There's a section of the room that has an enormous banquet table full of delicious platters of food: roasted pig, mouthwatering duck, richly spiced beef, a humongous seared fish, salads, and desserts! Just looking at it might make you want to rush for it. The drinks being provided in elegant trays by the servants are not bad at all. There's a wide assortment of wines. From the classic Southport Red, to the delicious blends courtesy of Saik. Oh, and, we cannot forget the most recent and popular drink going about, the new Southport Citrus Vodka!

Lenard is dressed in what can be described approximately as 'this was fashionable for a nobleman a few years ago.' It's well-made, in white with blue accents, but it's out of fashion by now. The prince's eyes go past the knights as he examines their posture idly, before moving on to the food, picking up some roasted pig before deciding to make his way to wallflower-o-clock.

Gwenys is seriously underdressed as she walks in with her blue corset vest on over a simple pair of black leather pants and matching boots. Her one accessory is the greatsword slung securely across her back, an odd choice, maybe, but she carries herself as if it's no big deal at all. White hair is brushed to a silky consitence and allowed to hang free to her shoulders. When she reaches the greeting hostess, she bows her head stiffly in Lady Kaia's direction. "My lady, nice party you've thrown together here. I'm Princess Gwenys Valardin, nice to meet you. Please excuse my attire, I just arrived to the city recently and I really have nothing fancy to wear." She confesses with a tilted grin.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Sunaia has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel arrives, following Deva.

Thea ventures down the stairs, calling down,"Kaia! The guards upstairs said you covered the place in flowers,"not realizing there are people here already. Clearly the youngest Malvici is dressed in well--nothing militaryish for the ball. No. Thea is dressed in a pretty low cut brodcade gown of purple. It definitely matches goes against the tan of skin and such. Realizing there's people already gathered when she reaches the bottom of the stairs, Thea smiles then, her gold-flecked green eyes lit with hidden impishness. "Hello. Good evening,"she greets those as she passes, watching Finn do his own mingling.

Thea has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Kaia smiles at Lenard and Gwenys. "Your highnesses. So good you could make it." Her wintery eyes focus on the female. "Oh, and, you are too kind, princess. Still, I'm glad you think so. Please, do not fret about such things, and do enjoy.~" she says with a welcoming gesure for them to go on.

As the Lady Kaia is greeting guests and being on hosting duties by the door, the Lord Martino Malvici is stepping backwards down the stairs while beckoning his palms to two Malvici servants. "Ah and down... down here it comes." With a /thud/ the cask of Spiced Southport Red is landing upon the floor before being wheeled to near the fire. Crinkling his sharp greens at the sight of the wine, Martino's turning on his toes as he's opening his hand out for the tap to open it, "Ah good to see you all... and who might be taking the first mug of the wine this evening?"

Martino drops a cask of Spiced Southport Red.

Sunaia greets Kaia with a smile, bright - even if close-mouthed - and without further pause, moves over to find a plate and assemble a careful composition of meat, followed by meat, and then -- guess what? Yes, more meat. She's dressed in what serves as her formal attire: aeterna and silk, as simple as possible. Once she has a plate, has a drink, she moves forward to claim a spot that's seems - socially acceptable, but still tucked away.

Zoey arrives at the Malvici residence with her aide and her guards, but dismisses them as she enters the party proper. Ruslana dips her head and departs, but the guards simply move to the outer edges of the mingling crowd to stay out of the way. Her steps as small in an effort to remain somewhat graceful, but the Kennex lady seems more concerned with whom she might see than who is looking her way. When she spots her sister she gives the hostess a wave.

Keely walks hesitantly into the hall, trying unsuccessfully to hide her nervousness as she looks around. The welcomes are met with a wan smile and an acknowledging tilt of her head. "Thank you for having me, Lady Malvici," she replies politely, before shuffling along to make room for the next entrant. Her dark eyes sweep the room, searching for any familiar faces, but finding none yet, she angles instead for the buffet, not so much out of hunger but to find some safe activity that will allow her to wallflower without drawing too much attention. The THUD of the cask makes her jump, belying her anxiousness.

For the first time in going on six years, Deva has finally dressed up. It looks like someone had to help her get ready, tending to loose red curls and subtle makeup and all the things she ignores on a day to day basis. Her stride is sure but slow, as if she's getting used to wearing a dress all over again. "This is beautiful," she gushes with wide, admiring eyes as she looks around and takes in the revelry. "Did I hear something about a new vodka?" she asks while approaching the hosts Kaia and Martino. Priorities. There is a quick step away and a laugh as the cask thuds, and she gives Keely a tilt of her head and an easy grin. "Startled me too. Bet it tastes amazing, though!"

3 Fidante House Guards, Nevermore, the sulking raven arrive, following Narcissa.

Olivian has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

"Thank you." Lenard offers Kaia. He recognizes the anxiousness that Keely has and takes a gamble. The Valardin prince approaches the Grayson princess and inclines his head. "Excuse me." He offers, "Would you perchance be interested in joining me for my habitual wallflowering?" He offers.

There's some things that you only see once in the rarest of blue moons. Like Giada wearing a rather revealing dress to a fancy function. Obsidian heels create an unusual click on the floors, and she pauses to snag a glass of wine from somewhere. Thus armed and fortified, she moves to join the greeting line.

Olivian has clearly taken advantage of a part literally downstairs from his bedroom and arrived early, the tall swordsman lounging comfortably on a nearby couch and people watching. He wore simple clothing by his standards, but immaculately made and completed with his Mirrored cape.

Drake didn't have to lead Thea here, since she lives here, but he did arrive to see her. He's... not precisely on time, but he did just get back from a trip. Entering the ballroom, he looks around for Thea, and finally sees where she's sitting on the couches. He seems to have worn purple, too... maybe they coordinated, or maybe he's just lucky. He grabs a drink on his way over, ready to try the vodka that people are talking about, before he flops right into the couch and makes himself comfortable.

Alberico, the Malespero aide arrives, following Pasquale.

Drake has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

Moving into the party, Gwenys snags a glass of the citrus vodka off a server with a tray and follows in the wake of her cousin, chuckling when she hears his comment to Keely. "Why come to a party if you're not going to enjoy yourself cousin?" She asks with a smirk in her tone before she takes a sip of her vodka, humming softly. "Mmm.. that's good. You should try this, Lenard." She says, holding her glass out to him.

Arriving a touch later than others, Narcissa appears towards the fringe of those attending using one of her guards in Fidante livery as escort and support. The Voice does look a little more delicate than her norm, moving more gingerly as she says her hellos to the hosts nad moves to claim a seat, wine glass in hand.

Narcissa has joined the a steel-edged table inlaid with an ebony Raptor.

Kaia continues to greet the guests by the door. There's a smile returned to Sunaia, as well as a little wave of the fingers as she passes by. Her blue-grey eyes find Zoey and she returns the wave along with a smile. Her eyes then move on to Keely and she nods. "Oh, of course your highness! You honor us with your lovely presence! Please, enjoy the evening.~"

Her gaze returns to the other guests. "I'm glad you think so.~" she says in response to Deva. "Oh, and, yes! All credit of Southport Citrus Vodka goes to the lady Thea. You can ask her all about it.~" she notes with a sage nod.

Keely gives a quiet laugh as Deva notices her jump. "I think my nerves need the drink more than the noise," she admits, looking over to where the cask now sits. Lenard's approach earns a shy smile, her cheeks flushing a bit. "Oh dear, is it that obvious?" she frets. "I really am trying to get better about it!" She'll never be a Woman of Renown if she can't get out of her shell more! "I will, I will, Keely promises Gwenys. "I think I just need to warm up a little..."

One can't be faulted for believing that the High Lord of Maelstrom's only sister and sibling might have developed a specific allergy towards social events with how rarely she ever attends them, ever content with her cases and mysteries, or whatever cogs of infinite machinations that keep spinning within a fealty in the brink of a civil war, but Natasha Thrax's presence in Malvici Hall is either a ringing endorsement or definitive testament to the idea that Martino Malvici can charm *any* woman no matter how austere her bearing or severe and inscrutable her features, however softened by femininity interjected within her blood by the more mysterious side of her parentage. While it might be *too* much to expect that she divest herself of her spartan threads entirely, she has promises to keep - her gown is more elaborate this evening, spun out of sea-touched wool that spills in a cascade of amethystine and silver threads, dotted occasionally by crystal snowflakes. Ostensibly *not* something that she would have picked out herself, but one that fits her very well and even keeps her preferences for long sleeves and high collars in mind, making the most out of her sleek and sharply elegant lines and the imperious high set of flawless, alabaster cheekbones.

Eyes as dark and lit like embers sweep across the hall in a hunt for familiar faces; she's never met the Lady Kaia, but there's a certain enthusiasm that marks brisk steps as she takes herself to the Malvicis' direction, a smile that is warmer than her usual wont playing on coral lips. She isn't unaccompanied, today - she hardly ever brings escorts or dates - but the even taller and broader shadow of the Sword of New Hope lingers adjacent to her as she greets host and hostess. "My lord Martino," she greets. "Here, as promised. I don't suppose I can prevail upon you to introduce me to your lovely wife?" She gestures to the man next to her. "I know you know his cousin, the Lady Rowynna, quite well, but have you met Lord Romulius Blackshore?"

After entering and doing the usual round of greetings Pasquale unsurprisingly ends up close to Sunaia.

When she reaches Kaia in the receiving line, Zoey greets her with cheek kisses and a warm hug. She whispers something to her sister before breaking away to find a place to sit a while.

Zoey has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Lenard smiles at his cousin, "Gwenys, I will enjoy myself. I promise." He shrugs and takes the glass, sniffs carefully, and hands it back, "I'll stick with wine, I think." Then his attention returns to Keely, "Forgive me my rudeness, I am Prince Lenard Valardin and this is my cousin Princess Gwenys Valardin. Do not feel pressured to do anything you're not comfortable doing, she'll get it out of her system by teasing me relentlessly." He offers. "If you prefer to dance, I'm also up for that, or for helping you find a dance partner, but don't feel like you have to." A pause, "And if you'd rather I leave you be, then that's fine too. I'd much rather not impose, but sometimes I can't tell when I am so please be honest if I am imposing."

Thea looks up at the mention of her name. "What did I do,"Thea is already asking. When new unfamiliar faces start showing up, she nods her head, already introducing herself,"General Thea Malvici, nice to meet you I'm sure." Gold-flecked green eyes look about, thanking the server who brings her her glass of vodka. Looking over to Deva, she admits,"I'm guilty for the vodka, yes. Something I came up with at home. With help..."

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"Oh Princess Deva, my it is truly good to see you." Turning away from the Princess for a moment, Martino's turning on his toes to push the tap into the wooden keg. Reaching for a goblet, Martino's overseeing the filling before raising it up to the first to gather some wine. Having it rival the Citrus Vodka at the party. "Oh Princess Natasha, truly, it is a delight to see you." Stepping away from the wine, Martino's narrowing distance to Romulius and Natasha, "Truly it is a delight to meet as well, Lord Romulius. Please... let me introduce you to her." Touching fingertips for a moment upon Natasha's forearms, Martino is leading the two to Kaia. "Darling Kaia, my dear. This is the Princess Natasha and Lord Romulius. The Princess being one who asks some of - the best - questions about."

"Drinking does help most of these things," Deva says agreeably, following Keely's gaze toward the cask. "I'm Deva. You've got this!" She grabs three glasses of vodka, with one tucked in the crook of her elbow. The first is offered to Keely with a reassuring smile. The second is offered to Olivian after she casually strolls his way and sinks to sit next to him on one of the couches. There's nothing formal about the way she holds the drink out to him, without even a word -- just a grin -- and she may in fact be difficult to recognize with how fashionably styled she is for the evening. "This is amazing!" she tells Thea enthusiastically after tossing back a gulp.

Deva has joined the a pair of red luxurious couches.

"You openly admit fault?" Narcissa asks of Thea, miming shock with a pale hand placed against her cheek. "Daring, to take the burden of many a sharp hangover and regretful morning."

Martino has joined the the dance floor.

"Oh, that was aimed at my cousin here, because I like to tease him." Gwenys confesses with grin as she tries to offer the Prince a friendly shoulder squeeze. "You're fine. Events like this used to intimidate me too." She says to Keely with a friendly wink. When Lenard introduces them, she bows her head politely in the woman's direction. "And he speaks truth. As long as he's around to tease, everyone else is quite safe from me." When Lenard offers up so many ways on how to help the nervous Keely, she looks highly amused, though keeps her mouth shut by sipping at her drink some more.

"Sister Giada, you look fabulous! Welcome! Please, I do hope you enjoy he evening." she says, before her eyes move on to the next. "Good to see you, Lord Drake." Kaia's words go out in a brief but polite greeting as the lord passes by. "Lady Narcissa, welcome.~" she goes on. "Princess Natasha, welcome! What a lovely surprise! I'm sure my husband will be most delighted to see you.~"

Olivian takes the drink with a smile from ear to ear as Deva plopped down, "Hullo Sunset. You're looking absolutely stunning." He took an exploratory sip of the vodka and nodded, "Not so bad, not so bad."

"Oh no, please don't leave me be," Keely is quick to reply to Lenard. "I appreciate the company. As for the offer to dance-" She takes a deep breath and then nods. "-after a drink, I will take you up on it." Deva's encouragement, and then Gwenys's, makes her smile more genuinely. "A pleasure to meet you all. I'm Princess Keely Grayson. And I really should be better at this by now." She gives a soft chuckle. "Well, I can't pretend not to know what teasing amongst cousins is like. I just feel silly, coming to a ball and then hiding away by the food!" she admits, shaking her head.

If nothing else, Romulius Blackshore's attire could be described as suitable for a lord of the Mourning Isles. It's not quite as dour as the plate armor that the Sword of New Hope can almost always be found in, but carries all of his usual taste for a monochromatic palette and practicality. A black overcoat serves to cover most of his broad frame, straps and buckles keeping its fit secure, high collar hiding the whole of his throat and lending to a rather severe appearance. Color comes only in the way of a silvered band about his wrist that occasionally flashes from beneath his garb's thick cuffs, a line of stones adorning it - half hued a near-perfect match for the striking cerulean gaze that serve as a mark of his lineage.

With his austere garb, it's little surprise that he enters the hall as escort for a princess of Thrax with a reputation for such regalia, strides shortened to keep pace with Natasha as she makes her route towards Martino. In stark contrast to his grim appearance, a warm smile colors his face as she makes to introduce him, a baritone voice colored by a distinctly Isles accent accompanying a dip of head in greeting, "My lord. A pleasure to meet you properly." Then, they're ferried over to Kaia, who receives the same smile and polite nod. "My lady, a pleasure. Your hospitality is something to be applauded." A glance around the grandiose hall before the warmth of his smile shifts into something closer to amusement at Martino's assessment of Natasha's inquisitive nature.

Liara Grayson shows up clad in plum toned velvet and with a fair bit of jewelry - diamonds abound - and warms with a smile as she gazes about the hall upon entering. She greets Kaia affably, "Lady Kaia, I am delighted to be here - you look magnificent, as does the hall. And I see my sister is here, too!" Whether she can be seen or not, Liara nonetheless waves daintily in Keely's direction.

Domonico enters the Grand Hall with a familiarity born from living here for several years. The Southport Admiral has foregone attempting to wear fine clothes for this event and instead has his usual sculpted leathers on, polished to a brilliant shine however and lookibg immaculate. He sweeps his gaze around the room, his serious face slowly breaking into a smile as he sees all his family and their guests before he greets Kaia with a precise bow before his brother gets a solid forearm grip.

"You have done quite the event it seems here and... is that Southport Spiced?"

Thea gasps at Narcissa,"Of course I do! If my vodka make you happily drunk and hung over the next day, I've done my job." But then she blinks. Hearing a very familiar voice. She spots Olivian. "Uncle Olive, is that you? I swear you dropped off somewhere,"she declares, waving to Natasha as well. "Hello your Highness. Nice to see you again. Thea too grins over at Deva,"I'm glad you like it. It's become my favorite. My birthday cake was infused with it as well..."

"Little known secret, but the food is the best part of any good ball." Lenard offers his opinion, letting his cousin squeeze his shoulder without complaint, and he picks up a glass of wine, "A pleasure to meet you, Princess Keely." His gaze goes across those present, falling upon some other familiar faces, like Zoey who gets a mild wave. And then there's the High Lady of the crown lands, Lenard doesn't know her but she knows what Liara looks like, and so he waves when the woman is looking their way.

Merek makes a way along into the place, while he adjusts the dark attire which he wears, beltcape about the waist while he has a hood drawn back and watches the people, finding something to drink.

Kaia after having hugged her sister, nods to her and whispers something in return before returning to greeting the guests.

"What's wrong with hanging out near the food?" Gwenys asks when Keely makes her comment. "That's what I'm here for, and the drink. " She holds up her glass, looking over at Deva with a smile. "Right?! Really refreshing, I like it." Looking over at the dance floor, she snorts, "You won't see me dancing, that's for sure."

Drake gives Kaia a wave. He's partaking of the vodka. "Good event," he says to the hostess. "At least, so far no complaints, and the food looks terrific."

With a single touch, Martino easily steers the Thraxian princess to Kaia's direction along with her childhood friend and escort, her good humor growing more visible on a countenance not prone at all to demonstrating emotion, much less affection, but the latter certainly lingers at the presence of a good friend. "A pleasure at last, my lady," Natasha tells Kaia. "I'm privileged to consider your husband as a fine partner in crime in the Inquisition, I don't think I would have managed to navigate such complicated waters without him, though I'm starting to suspect that most of his pleasure derives from answering all of my unceasing and relentless questions. He's a man of information after all." She seems about to introduce her own companion, but ever the efficient commander, Romulius does so himself - sharp eyes catch the strains of amusement toying over his sunbronzed countenance, a more angled smile directed his way. "I certainly don't intend to take up too much of your time, but I would be remiss if I didn't exchange a few words with you at last. The twins are well? I'm certain that my lord Martino has extended them already, but congratulations on your new additions. I hope they're not depriving the both of you too much of sleep."

Thea's greeting turns dark eyes and those occasional filaments of amber within at her direction. "My lady Thea, you look very well. I'm still looking forward to catching up. Have you met my lord Blackshore?" She gestures between the two. Liara's presence within the Malvici circle earns her a deferential dip of her head. "Your Grace."

Narcissa arches a solitary brow at Thea, "No need to call the witnesses, the culprit has thusly, verbally signed her confession." She clicks her tongue, chiding her in jest.

Deva taps a finger against her lips as she reaches back into distant memories. "I don't remember having it before. Definitely not lately. Now I'm determined to try some. That sounds delicious too," she tells Zoey with eager curiosity and a beaming smile. "I'm Deva by the way," she leans to extend a hand for polite shaking around the couches, with a grip that is more firm than probably socially acceptable. "There is NOTHING wrong with being by the food, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! That's the prime location to get it when it's nice and hot, and prime selection on of the best stuff!" She sounds -so- firm on this as she calls this out to Gwenys, her words accompanied by a big, dimpled grin.

Pasquale chuckles at something Sunaia murmurs to him.

Stepping closer to Kaia's left side, Martino is looping his arm into hers before chuckling lowly. "Oh I think you have done quite enough hosting, come onto the dance floor with the Lord Romulius and Princess Natasha... and then soon others." Leaning to her ear, Martino is murmuring low to Kaia before standing straight once more. Bowing his head lowly to Natasha and Romulius, the Malvici Lord is commenting wryly to them both, "Come, I do not think either of you are escaping at least a single dance."

There's a smile to Natasha, nodding her head. "Of course. Hello Lord Romulius, how are you? It's been months. How has your nose been holding up,"she jokes a bit. Seeing Pasquale and Sunaia smiles at them both as well,"I hear congratulations are in order for you both." Though Pasquale already got a message, so--mostly for Sunaia. Where's her drink again?

Liara gives an easy smile to Natasha and offers a, "Your highness - my, what delightfully colour headwear," in response.

Liara doesn't know Lenard either, but she gives a quick little wave all the same, and then strolls over towards the people there, offering a cheerful greeting, "Hello, hello! The hall is utterly splendid, is it not? And the food! I shall have to procure a plate before the dancing commences."

Thea claims the 2 above! ahem

Sunaia brushes absently as her skirts, diverting a mild glance at odds with a fierce grin that's aimed toward the plate balanced carefully in her lap. Between relentless fork-stabbings of the buffet's offerings - and stuffing her mouth full in concentrated effort to refrain from making any social faux pas that might involve the following: talking at length about a serious subject. Also -- dancing. She finally adds a little louder, "And the duck, my lord." She shows Pasquale, looking grave, and she sighs wistfully: "The skin's so crisp."

Keely's smile lights up as she spots Liara, and she returns the wave before making a sort of vague gesture to those she's speaking with. Look, I'm making friends! Returning her attention to the same, she has to laugh again as everyone reassures her she's doing just fine by the food. "Yes, but I didn't _really_ come to meet the food," she points out, still clearly grateful for the reassurance.

"I'll drink a whole glass of vodka if you dance a full song on the dance floor with someone you haven't met before today." Lenard offers Gwenys a deal, sounding like he's dubious that this is sufficient incentive. "Your grace." Lenard bows towards Liara when the woman approaches, "I am Prince Lenard Valardin, and this is my cousin, Princess Gwenys Valardin. A pleasure to meet you." He asides to Gwenys, "It probably doesn't need to be said, but in case it does, this is Princess Liara Grayson, Highlord of the Crownlands." He smiles back at Keely, "So, your highness, what drink would you prefer?"

Domonico fills up his goblet from the cask of Southport Spiced, sipping it happily before the stern Admiral spies his sister and heads over to her.

"Thea. You look well." A beat. "I was intending to wear the frockcoat but... " he coughs, "Palania managed to get into one of the kitchen storage cupboards and ate far, far too much chocolate. She then threw up over the frockcoat and so it needs to be cleaned. Hence might latest to the Ball."

"Not quite yet Thea." Pasquale tells Thea. "But in just about two months there will be." he smiles to Sunaia and then asks her. "It is that good is it? Perhaps I should eat."

That normally inscrutable porcelain veneer shifts in an almost comical fashion as Natasha responds eloquently to Martino's wry remark about dancing with an "Uh." Pause, beat. "By escape you mean escaping from dancing with you, or escaping from dancing with my lord Blackshore? In any event, I think the prospect may be courting some manner of danger considering..." She shifts a leg, to show the Malvicis the wicked heel underneath the hemline of her gown - unmistakably part of the thigh-high snakeskin boots that she is never without; no dainty slippers for this one. "...and especially when I'm sorely out of practice, but for you, I suppose I can try my feet at one round." Liara's remark on the seasonal gold circlet holding her hair in place prompts a subtly fond smile. "Thank you, Your Grace. It was a gift from your cousin, the Princess Consort. She regrettably can't attend the festivities today but I thought to bring some of her resplendence with me when I told her I was attending."

"Oh, Princess Liara!!" Kaia beams, evidently most delighted. "I'm so glad you could make it! Thank you, you are most kind. But, look a you! You look stunning as always. Welcome, welcome. I do hope you enjoy the evening.~" she says to her Grayson friend before her eyes move on back to Natasha and Romulius. "Oh, the pleasure is mine, your highness and my lord. How lovely to make both your acquaintances. You are so kind." she listens to Natasha's words and lets out a whimsical laugh. "Well, I'm so glad to hear it. He is a good partner to have." she aknowledges with a grin. A little squeeze given to Marino's arm. "Oh, and, yes. The twins are well and healthy. Thank you for the kind wishes." she chooses not to comment on the matter of sleep depravation. Her eyes momentarily shifting back to the arriving guests. "Count Domonico! Welcome.~" she greets. Then her eyes fall on Merek. "Welcome Messere Merek." she says in aknowledgement to her acquaintance from the Society of Explorers.

As though on cue, Sunaia pauses, cuts her silvery eyes aside - smiles thinly, amused - and she passes the plate onto Pasquale without another beat.

Thea's greeting to Romulius earns a flash of white teeth into a grin, shoulders rising into a half-shrug as he gives response, "General - too long, certainly. I think that I say that far too often, to far too many. It's been serving, as I've not seen your cousin in just as long to make her deft cuts at my vanity." Then, though, Martino is looking to drag the Blackshore and his companion towards the dance floor - if his face is any indication, he had in fact intended to escape without any such activities. "I would be glad to lend you her Highness for as many a dance as she might allow herself - I would need more than wine to ever consider embarrassing you in your own home, with my attempt at it."

Gwenys cosiders Lenard's words with a tilt of her head to the side before countering. "Two glasses. And you've got a deal." She retorts with a smirk, upping the ante before she downs the rest of her vodka from her glass before trading her empty glass for a couple of full ones, holding one out to Lenard expectantly. When he introduces them to Liara, she bows her head respectfully. "Your Grace. Such a pleasure to meet you."

Thea glances at Lenard. She tells him with an impish grin. "You should drink the vodka anywhere. I assure you it's delicious." Seeing Liara, she nods her head with a sincere smile,"Princess Liara, pleasure to see you." There's a squint at Domonico. As he tells his story, Thea tells him slowly,"Right. Well--Guess I'll buy her one too..."

Zane, a tall and silent servant, Vaeri, a Prismed Scarab Marine arrive, following Venturo.

Fajra, Venturo arrive, following Lianne.

Domonico gives Thea a steady look

"Oh you would be surprised what you can dance in, Princess Natasha." Martino is lifting up his goblet of spiced red at his statement, his sharp greens crinkling across to Natasha having been shown the heel of her boots. Turning his chin to Romulius with a wry curl of his lips, "Oh now... now. I would be shocked if you could embarrass but, next time." Offering out fingertips to Natasha, Martino is dipping his chin lowly, "Well then shall we start them all?"

Liara gives a quick smile and a little tip of her head in understanding to Natasha, answering, "She has always had the most impeccable sense of style - it is an excellent gift." And to Kaia, "I most certainly shall, my lady. I am very glad to be here."

Then, pausing nearby to the group she had set off for, Liara gives a little incline of her head to Lenard and Gwenys both, "A pleasure to meet you both. I see you have had the delight of meeting my sister already," - that in reference to Keely. Liara gives a quick smile back to Thea, "And you, my lady - I love your gown."

|40Just then, the tune of the music picks up and becomes more cheerful. It seems almost perfect for those thinking twice about if they should go show off or stomp on the dancefloor.

Just then, the tune of the music picks up and becomes more cheerful. It seems almost perfect for those thinking twice about if they should go show off or stomp on the dancefloor.

"I don't think vodka, but perhaps some of that which gave me the start earlier," Keely muses to Lenard, gesturing towards the cask of Spiced Southport Red. "Sister, hello," she greets happily as Liara comes nearer. "I'm glad you could make it." But she's also clearly a little proud not to have to cling to her this time.

"She does, Your Grace. I trust that were it not for her guidance, I'd be even more hopelessly unfashionable." There's nothing but good humor there, however, and a self-aware acknowledgement of her own foibles. And then her bluff is invariably called! Natasha's dark eyes fall on the (reformed??) Playboy Malvici's offered fingertips towards her, before flashing a look towards her childhood friend from under long lashes. It might actually look like the Arvani version of an S.O.S., beaming like smoldering beacons from the buried filaments of amber in those otherwise near-obsidian depths. All very brief, however, before she sets her fingers on Martino's palm, leaning towards Romulius in an attempt to meet his eyes in a closer proximity. "You're not getting away with this," she mock-threatens in a throaty murmur before she's led away.

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Domonico gives Thea a steady look at her squint before he smiles, "She might have been running around a lot before throwing up." He pauses as Liara mentions Thea'sgown and he takes the time to consider it before hmming softly, "Yes. I suppose it is a very nice gown." At the upbeat music he straightens up, almost to attention and watches those who to the dancefloor with a partner... perhaps with a touch of sadness to his features.

"I'm sure they haven't run out. Not yet anyway." Pasquale tells Sunaia after helping himself to a single item off her plate. He glances to the source of the food but instead of going over instead decides to sit down besides her.

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Just then a messenger arrives and finds Zoey where she is seated at the couch. As she reads over the note he hands her she lets out an exasperated sigh. She braces herself on the couch until she can rise to her feet, says her polite and sincere goodbyes, then heads out.

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"Fair, two glasses of vodka before the evening is out." Lenard answers in turn, taking the glass that's offered and taking a sip, before reaching out and getting Keely her glass of spiced red. He inclines his head once more to Liara, "It's always a delight to meet new people, your grace." A pause, "So long as they're not trying to kill me anyway. That happens distressingly often. I wonder if it's it's something about my face."

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There's a smile returned to Martino as he invites her to the dancefloor. Delicately, Kaia extends her hand out to him. "Why, of course, darling.~" There's a bit of bell-like giggling escaping her lips as he murmurs something to her ear. Then, she's moving along with him to wherever he might lead.

"That's good to hear, Romulius,"Thea says with a chuckle. "I hope you've been well. We'll have to catch up,"turning to Liara too. "THank you. It's one of my favorite." Thea peers at Domonico, smirking in amusement. "Sounds like someone else when they were younger. Good luck with that,"taking a drink. When the music starts, she leans back more against the couch. Yep...LEEAAANS.

Lianne arrives late. Terribly, dreadfully late, but not alone, at least. The marquessa has the arm of a rather handsome brewer, toward whom she's leaning, tilted toward Venturo that she might murmur something softly as they make their entrance. The hostess earns an easy smile, but it's the crowd more broadly that gets her attention. Certainly, she's somewhat underdressed for the occasion, but it suits her bearing, that simple umbra dress with its dramatic sleeves serving its purpose, framing a unique, delicate necklace with its low-plunging cut. The high arch of her brows at the last of her murmuring suggests a question posed to Venturo, its substance unknown but outward focused.

"Fine, but I'm not dancing until you've finished your second." Gwenys replies stubbornly as he hands over one of the glasses and starts sipping at the other. "I feel bad for whoever does end up taking me up on a dance though." She snickers under her breath a bit.

Thus excused from subjecting any of the Malvici's guests to whatever tragedy might occur were he to make a journey to the dance floor, Romulius lets a hand fall from between Natasha's shoulderblades as she's led away by Martino, a flash of brow given in response to the princess's threat of retribution as he escapes towards the closest arrangement of drinks. Perhaps he means to steel himself for a dance by means of a goblet of wine. Probably not, but perhaps - either way, long strides carry him towards a more sparsely populated corner of the hall to let his gaze flit about those assembled while he sets to work on the wine.

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With right hand with the Princess Natasha, and left with the Lady Kaia, the Lord Martino Malvici is stepping with both to the dance floor. The faint click of his shoe's heel upon the floor itself, "Oh my dear Kaia, it has not been since that dear Oathlander wedding that we had an extra dance partner to our steps." Bowing his head to Romulius, the Lord Martino is standing to position himself in front of Kaia with the shorter one between both he and Natasha behind. Lowering his voice for a moment, he's asking Natasha hush, "Box steps, to start. Works well with three."

Liara flashes a quick smile towards Natasha and then Thea in turn, and then enthuses to Keely, "And I am very glad to see you here." She turns to Lenard next, contemplating his predicament for a beat before suggesting, "I suppose one might take to wearing a mask, and if people continue to attempt violence, then you can eliminate that as the cause of it."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: As you enter the room, the servants greet you with formal politeness. Then, as you walk in and gaze about the room, it's almost impossible for your eyes not to go wide at the decor. The usually militant room looks rather magnificent and regal with colorful drapes in shades of crimson, ash and gold. A huge candelabra hangs above the center of the fine ballroom, while a band plays, exquisitely, at one side of the dance floor. The hostess is dancing along with her husband by the center. Southport knights, clad in their shiny armors flank the entrances as well as the stairs. There's a section of the room that has an enormous banquet table full of delicious, and by now half eaten, platters of food: roasted pig, mouthwatering duck, richly spiced beef, a humongous seared fish, salads, and desserts! The drinks being provided in elegant trays by the servants are not bad at all. There's a wide assortment of wines. From the classic Southport Red, to the delicious blends courtesy of Saik. Oh, and, we cannot forget the most recent and popular drink going about, the new Southport Citrus Vodka!

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With a flair for the dramatic as usual, the long leather frock of Venturo is a lovely compliment to Lianne's own outfit. Listening to that question that is posed, a deep breath is drawn in, and a hint of a smile curls to the corners of his mouth in pure delight at the scent that she wears. "Is that so?" The first words are one of pure delight at something in those words, but then his voice lowers to return a few thoughts, before he stands at attention, all to go further into the ballroom while letting the marquessa lead the way.

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"Thank you," Keely offers to Lenard as he grabs a glass for her, which she immediately sips -- but delicately. She wants to soothe her nerves but not become sloppy. "I can't imagine it would be your face," she observes, before blushing faintly. "I mean, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to kill someone over their face," she amends hastily, before quickly adding to Gwenys, "I'm sure whoever gets the honour would be delighted." Liara's suggestion of a mask makes her grin. "Or that is an idea too."

Her expression is absolutely indescribable; Natasha can't even remember the last time she was on the dance floor, much less with two partners. Obsidian daggers, albeit humored and well-meant, practically thrown at the departing Blackshore when he manages to *escape* aerobic shenanigans on the polished surface, there's both resignation and apology at the look she casts the fashionable host and hostess of the proceedings. "You're both going to have to forgive me if this ends up being slightly more farcical than I intend," she says, laughter implied rather than heard, assuming the standard position for a box step at Martino's helpful murmur. "Then again if there is a man alive who can dance with multiple women at once, it would be you," the last in a quiet, teasing jest towards her friend.

Natasha is overheard praising Kaia.

Natasha is overheard praising Martino.

"Cousin dearest. By the time I will have finished my second glass, there will be no-one left to dance with." Lenard objects to Gwenys, "Or do you really think I would try to weasel my way out of a promise?" When his suggestion that it might be his face is gone into, Lenard chuckles mildly. "In truth, I don't think it's my face. It's the fact that I'm a knight of the compact and they are shav raiders that typically does it." He offers a more genuine explanation.

Narcissa lifts her wine glass in greeting, half-toast, of Lianne and Venturo's arrival from across the way in her claimed perch on the red couches.

Pasquale looks at Sunaia when she asks him something, nods, and then moves to his feet. "Do you want to say goodbye first?"

"Well then you will just have to drink faster then, sweet cousin." Gwenys replies, her tone sickly sweet as she bats her lashes in Lenard's direction. Chucklign she looks over at Keely, "I'm no dancer, they'll be lucky if I don't managed to trod on their toes in the first five steps." She replies.

Domonico shifts to join those at the couches before raising his goblet in salute to the Sword of Southport, "Olivian. Good luck on the dance floor. Maybe try to outdo Martino?" There is a smile that accompanies the comment though before he notes Narcissa present as well and offers a polite nod.

"Yes." Sunaia's holding the plate close to herself as she rises - careful not to drop it, or worse - just take it with her only to have it returned later to the Malvici residence. She passes the plate (missing one more bite) over toward a server with an apologetic smile, mild, before she accepts Pasquale's offer of escort. "It's only polite, seeing as they're offering the gift of their hospitality to guests."

Olivian guided Deva to the dancefloor, humming all the way as they wound themselves through the amassed crowd. Finally he turned to face her and set hand upon hip, beginning to sketch out the beginning steps of a fairly common dance. Thankfully the agility needed for footwork and dancing are no so dissimilar and the Sword seems to be at very least competent at the activity, "That was leads the way to madness, Dom." He grinned before looking back to Deva, "Hi. It's nice to see you again." He bantered with a smile.

Lianne's gaze tracks those heading toward the dancefloor as she answers Venturo. At length. When her gaze moves on, her attention catches on Narcissa, that lifted glass earning a bright smile, another question of her protege before she starts off that direction. Comfortable couches are definitely the best place to hide at grand affairs like this, by a reclue's measure, at least.

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Narcissa extends another smile to Domonico accompanied with well-wishes and greeting as Deva and Olivian head outwards to dance. She extends after, "Of riddles I have plenty." but then busies herself with scooting over enough to make room for Lianne and Venturo to join her couch.

Pasquale offers Sunaia his elbow and then heads off in the direction of Kaia. "Kaia. Thank you for the invite. You've put together an excellent party." he looks over at where Lianne is and offers a brief little smile before returning his attention to Kaia. "But I fear I'm going to have to head off early."

It's the shoes that Deva is having the most difficulty with. She is graceful, yes, but there's running in boots and then there's wobbling around in heels. She manages not to make a fool of herself just yet, probably largely thanks to Olivian's assistance keeping her upright. One hand settles light on his shoulder as they dance, amusement in her eyes. "Hi. Fancy seeing you here," she replies in a comfortable, silly tone. "You look very dashing."

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Liara touches her fingertips to Keely's arm, mentioning, "I shall away to find some food or a dance shortly, though you seem to have an excellent candidate for a first dance right here." Does she mean Lenard or Gwenys? Who knows? She jokes to Lenard, "That is also a plausible explanation, although you could try out the mask just in case."

Thea nudges Domonico, huffing,"Go show up your old brother. Seriously, who are you?" Though nothing in her tone is serious. Seeing Lianne, Thea greets her with a brief smile. "Marquessa Lianne. Hello. See--I'm not tripping or fleeing this time,"though her room IS just up at the top of the stairs...

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"I'm not hurt... if you do want to get up and dance," Drake says, with a look to Thea. Of course he is also quite comfortable on the couch, too, slouched in his spot and drinking the vodka. He seems rather easygoing today, but that's how it is coming back to the city after being out of doors.

Onwards the pair of marquessa and showman go to the couch, and Venturo waits for Lianne to get comfortable and situated first before he glides down to join her. "Far too many riddles," The man quips to Narcissa, catching the very last of that conversation before he settles into place.

Olivian grins from ear to ear, "Let it not be said that I cannot make time to attend a party that barely required me to roll out of bed." Olivian nudges up the complexity just a little, throwing a little Lycene flair into his steps, "You're very kind, but I think that I will be well hidden from all eyes just from being near you."

Kaia chuckles and rolls her eyes as she's once more in the hilarious predicament of a dance of three. "It has indeed. Still, I'm sure we will all do just fine.~" They are perhaps about to start the dance, when Pasquale and Sunaia make their approach to say their goodbyes. "Oh, certainly, Lord Pasquale; and, darling Lady Sunaia. Thank you both for attending. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.~" she says warmly. A little wave and a blown kiss given to the pair before she returns her attention to the curious dance of three.

Lianne settles in beside Narcissa with a murmur of gratitude and a quiet chuckle for the banter about riddles. Once settled, there's a nod, a fond smile for Pasquale and Sunaia, but no particular bid for attention. The smile she turns toward Thea is decidedly delighted, but her words don't carry far.

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"Perhaps we need to find you someone with sturdy boots," Keely muses to Gwenys, casting a quick glance around at the footwear of anyone standing nearby. It should be a joke, but she speaks with earnestness. To her sister's gentle touch, she nods, smiling a tad shyly. "Yes, I think you will leave me in good company," she agrees.

Kaia checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kaia is successful.

She isn't embarrassing herself just yet, but box steps are simple and Martino and Kaia may very well be demonstrating some mercy towards their poor Thraxian guest. But with Pasquale and Sunaia approaching, Natasha pauses in her steps once partings are communicated. Dark eyes rest on Pasquale, recognizing his features...before they fall on her fellow Inquisitor. Something more unreadable suffuses her expression, though her subtle affability remains; there's certainly curiosity, but purpose also. "My lord Malespero, my lady Ashford. Congratulations on your betrothal."

Thea watches the dancers before she answers Drake,"You just got back. So I mean, you should rest for now, yes?" Sounds good to Thea. Really. There's a slight look at Domonico when she murmurs,"This one? I'm the best one..."

Natasha checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Natasha fails.

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Drake looks at Thea, and laughs. "It wouldn't hurt, either. I'm easy tonight. But I'm going to get you to dance again at one of these things." Maybe he did get a bit of a workout.

Chuckling low tones to Natasha in reply, Martino's tisking for a moment as he's leading both her and Kaia upon the dance floor. "Oh you think this is - my - doing?!" Wryly curling his lips, the Lord Martino and Princess Natasha are keeping Kaia sandwiched between them, his left hand leading closer over Natasha's shoulder to pivot them slightly. A fleeting smile to Olivian and Deva as the two are upon the dance floor, the Lord Martino is murmuring his to his two dance partners.

Narcissa points one finger at Venturo accusingly. "It is not my fault if the riddles are too much for -you-." Before the motion can even be finished, Thea has extended a glass of vodka at her and she suddenly finds herself with wine in one hand and vodka in the other. "I..well. What is the proper decorum and order as far as manners dictate to having a drink in either hand?"

Lenard swallows the sip he was on, and sets the glass down, "We had a deal." He states, narrowing his eyes, "If you didn't intend to hold up your end of it, you shouldn't have agreed to it, you're better than this." He sounds genuinely hurt, "My apologies, your grace, your highness." He offers, though it might not be clear for what.

"It was allll the day downstairs," Deva snorts and rolls her eyes at Olivian in a good natured fashion, her unwavering grin betraying her amusement. One would think she'd be able to keep up with his flair, but her shoes prove to be more of a barrier. One starts to slip out from underneath her, having loosened too much, and she starts to fall with her balance askew. That awkward grip on her dance partner's shoulder starts to slide away, but she may also wrangle him down with her in an awkward heap. "Ahh shii--" she starts to yelp during the beginning of her descent to the floor.

Olivian's eye widen as the disaster-to-be loom large in front of him, his other hand releasing hers and shooting to tuck around her waist and pull her up from the precipice of impending floorhood, "Easy there! That was my bad, we can keep things simple." He smiled and helped her get her feet underneath her once more.

Sunaia offers a close-mouthed smile, something tensed, not from the appearance of the Thrax Princess - greeting Natasha with a shallow bow of her head, "Your Highness. It's a pleasure. Forgive me, I had to ask my betrothed to escort me out before -- I, ah, get too overwhelemed. Might suddenly faint. Fresh air and opened spaces are preferred after one attempts to be social. In addition, the Ashford elbow shouldn't be on the dancefloor." Then, with a glance toward Pasquale, "Lead on?"

"Thank you Princess." Pasquale says to Natasha. "I am looking forward to the big day." he looks back to Sunaia, smiles a little, and adds. "Yes. Please excuse us." he nods to Sunaia and then heads out along with her.

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Domonico gives Thea a look in response to hers before he looks between Drake and his sister, careful thought crossing his face before a smile forms. "Well... As Drake here is having to rest... and Aahana is staying across the Square at the Manor... perhaps you would humour me this one time and join me on the dancefloor. Unless you cannot be seen to dance with your serious brother that is?"

"No, no, it's my bad for thinking I could wear these shoes," Deva scowls at herself. She pauses a moment after Olivian sets her to rights, giving him a small and apologetic and terribly awkward smile. Holding up one finger, she then plucks her shoes off one by one until she's barefoot on the floor. "Now I'll be able to do crazy stunts," she insists, after tossing them under the nearest table. A hand lifts to put one of her curls back to rights, and she straightens her posture, ready to go again. "Second attempt."

Thea is talking at the couches, ready to take a sip but---her eyes bug out. It's a Princess domino effectout there. "Everything um---,"she was going to say alright. But you know---it looks like it's handled. Hopefully. Maybe.

Better late than never right? Alessia pauses by the entrance as she's greeted by the servants, though only momentarily as she's soon wandering around the room taking in the decor and the wares. She smiles faintly when her gaze settles on some familiar figures.

"I don't think it's unrealistic to wait till you've held up your part of the bargain first. You did offer the challenge." Gwenys replies steadily in Lenard's direction, shrugging her shoulders lightly. "If you just want to drop it, I'm fine with that too. No skin off my nose, or the toes of whoever ends up dancing with me."

There seems to be something about the newly betrothed couple that has ensnared Natasha's attention, keen eyes following the wake of the couple; so distracted is she that Deva's near-spill on the dance floor with her goes unnoticed. Were it not for Olivian's quick reflexes, there may have been a comical domino effect in the making, but the Sword of Southport manages to avert disaster, tilting her head at Martino's quiet whispering to her and his wife. She replies with a quiet word, before she returns to dancing with both Malvicis, steps taking her in circuitous movements across the floor. Occasionally, however, she'll return her gaze towards where Pasquale and Sunaia have left.

"Oh, not at all," Keely reassures Lenard, although she looks a touch puzzled by the apology. The disruption on the dance floor draws her attention over briefly, as she winces, and then pales slightly, suddenly nervous about her own attempts at dancing. "I just... need to freshen up," she murmurs to the cousins and her sister, slipping back to find a hidden corner where she can give herself a Stern Talking-To.

Olivian smiled and nodded firmly, "Second attempt, we're getting serious now. Serious dancing." A smile danced across his features as he took up the same dance they had been doing before, "I'm going to hold you to that!" The man winked.

"You already conned me into drinking some of that foul brew." Lenard answers Gwenys. "And you know I'm good for it. I thought you were, too." He glances to Keely again, "My apologies your highness, I'm afraid I will owe you that dance for another opportunity, I am no longer able to enjoy this party." And then, he turns and heads for the exit.

Deva says something quietly to Olivian with a laugh punctuating her words. Then they resume dancing, and she seems much more comfortable with the more complicated steps this time. "Sorry!" she calls out to the other dancers, grinning sheepishly over at the Malvicis and Natasha. "I'll try not to do that again."

Liara's given pause by Lenard but simply offers a light smile and little duck of her chin rather than inquire further, and nor does she meddle with her sister (for now!). Instead, she slips away in search of some food - it's not long before she has a plate with a couple of little pastries on it, which she takes on through the hall, gaze turning to the dance floor.

Thea really eyes Domonico. "Are you feeling alright?" Because really, someone was a bit excited to NOT dance. "I mean, I'm pretty content you know...with my vodka, want some,"Thea asks with hopes of a distraction.

Now unburned by troublesome footwear, Olivian moved alongside Deva with a surety of grace and sense of rhythm that bled beautifully into the music, "No need to apologize, this has happened at pretty much every party I've attended in recent memory. One time the entire dancefloor got knocked over, it was like a wave of pain and embarrassment."

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Gio comes down from the upstairs landing, arriving fashionably late to the party

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Pivoting easily on his toes, Martino's stepping away from Deva as her and Olivian are moving upon the dancefloor. With a twist to the side, the dance-of-three is finishing the sleek waltz over the wooden dance floor. A touch breathless, the older Malvici Lord is laughing slightly as he's stepping back. His right hand upon Natasha's side while left is drawing back to rest on Kaia's shoulder, "Why, our good Princess Natasha, thank you for letting us both dance like so. Hopefully that will get your Lord upon the floor now." Turning his chin towards Gio at his arrival, Martino's sharp greens are crinkling a-far to him.

Domonico smiles a little wider before he takes the vodka from.his sister and, after drinking some and puts it aside, stands and offers Thea his hand, "Humour me this once Thea?"

There's a bright smile on Kaia's face as the trio ends their dance. Her wintery eyes scan the room happily. Taking not of Gio as he makes his way down the stairs. A polite nod and a smile are directed his way and then she reaches out to grab a drink from one of the trays being carried about the room by a servant.

Smiling wryly, Gio waves to Martino and Kaia as he approaches the two

Deva's apology gets a reassuring expression from the Thraxian princess, and whatever has managed to ensnare her reverie regarding Pasquale and Sunaia, Natasha's regard falls on the Malvicis again, her smile tugging up the corners of her mouth. The remark does return her focus to where Romulius has hidden himself, fond exasperation painting its visible brushtrokes on her countenance. "Even I'm not all that convinced of whatever persuasive acumen I may have in getting him to do that, but I'll try. It was a pleasure, my lord Martino, my lady Kaia." She dips her head to both host and hostess. "I trust that the only reason I didn't embarrass myself was because of how splendidly the two of you perform together, if nothing else, presumably whatever flaws in my own were handily camouflaged by the both of you."

With the trio breaking for drinks, a hand rests on Martino's forearm, a brief squeeze delivered in parting, before skirts swirl at her pivot and cutting a quick clip towards where the Blackshore lord has docked himself.

Thea sees Gio and waves. "Gio,"she calls out with a grin. "How are you?"getting more to drink.

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"I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or even more horrified that I could have started a cross-compact incident tonight," Deva tells Olivian lowly, her eyes crinkled at the corners with amusement. The smooth steps come naturally to her now that she is not impaired by impractical footwear. "Thank you for indulging me. Is it time for a snack yet?" Food forever on her mind.

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"You have a bagful of Olivian indulgences, don't worry." He smiled and lead the final few steps of the dance, winding them to a close. "Shall we get you something to eat then?" Motioning over to a table of food, Olivian smiled invitingly, "Also, you should feel better. If for no other reason that it would have made for a great story."

"You know, I'm not sure I've ever *seen* you dance, even when we were children. And now I learn you've the ability to manage two partners?" Romulius offers Natasha a wry look on her approach, now-empty goblet resting on the surface of the table he's made his solitary perch at. A calloused hand rises to comb its way through the ebon curtain that falls from the crown of his head, pushing back a few stray curls that had threatened to find their way loose and forcing them back into their proper positioning. "Truthfully, as proud as I am of you for managing so ably, I'm more impressed by the Lord Martino's managing to convince you to partake. I trust it wasn't too terribly traumatic?" A teasing lilt accompanies his words as he rises to draw up a chair for his childhood friend.

Kaia has a drink in one hand, and the other locked around one of Martino's arms. She seems to be taking the moment to rest, drink and observe. There's pleny of peers and commoners alike enjoying themselves by the dancefloor. The place is packed; and she seems pleased. "Everyone seems to be having such a good time. I'm so glad.

Domonico shakes his head at Thea's ignoring of his request before smiling as she calls out to Gio. He chuckles before saying half to himsekf and halfto the others nearby. "Well... It is good to know I am more likely to get her to fight me than dance still."

Chuckling low across to Natasha, Martino's chin is dipping to her as he's commenting easily, "Oh we shall just -have- to dance again us three. Perhaps with your dear Lord as well." Crinkling his eyes a-far to Romulius at the jest, the older Malvici Lord's eyes are wrinkling his age in the edges. Stepping away with Kaia in his arm, Martino is mming low as he's replying hush, "Well, my darling Kaia, it is ball and party hosted by you. The dear socialite of mine."

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Hearing his called upon, he looks towards the source and offers a wave, "I'm well, and you?"

"Aww. I'd best not go through 'em too quickly," Deva leaves the dance floor, much to everyone else's safety, arm-in-arm with Olivian. "I -do- like stories, that's true. And most of mine include spectacular failings. It wouldn't have been so bad, especially since you would've picked me up as long as I hadn't broken your arm in the process." She fills up her plate with finger foods. It's more of a pile than a polite helping. Still scrawny, she still eats with an unshakably ravenous appetite. "Try this," she mumbles between bites, holding up a tiny sandwich for Olivian.

Martino is overheard praising Kaia.

Narcissa is overheard praising Malvici.

"Eh, broken arms heal. Would be an interesting opportunity to train to use my left, however. I'm sure it would come in handy at some point, right?" Olivian tries the sandwich as instructed, "Very good. Kaia is definitely one of the best, no dispute there." The man smiled, taking up a glass of Saik red instead of any food.

Olivian is overheard praising Kaia.

"As I told Lord Martino and his beautiful wife, just now, the only reason why I managed was because their performance vastly outstrips mine that it was easy to camouflage whatever weaknesses I may have had in my lack of practice." Dark eyes reflect an abundance of mirth, however, once she's found her way back to the Blackshore Sword's vicinity. "As for witnessing any prior attempts on my part, you have, once," Natasha reminds, though she doesn't join him there, a hand bracketing on the flaring curve of a hip as she regards him from her elevated height. "We were paired together on my ninth nameday, forced into it by one of my etiquette instructors." Amusement grows more evident at the inadvertent stroll down memory lane. "Practice makes perfect, she said, except I wasn't practicing, and neither were you, and I'm certain that I would've broken my ankle were it not for your heroic dive to get between myself and the floor. One would think that incident would have made you decide to stay away from my vicinity for the rest of your life, but I think it's only inspired the opposite. I think you've been delightfully contrarian your entire life." With her own teasing barb tossed to him in turn, her gaze wanders back to the dance floor. "I think we could do better this time, though, if you would oblige me."

Deva is overheard praising Kaia.

Deva is overheard praising Malvici.

Keely is overheard praising Kaia.

Thea is overheard praising Kaia.

Keely is overheard praising Malvici.

"That's very true. You can always tie it behind your back-- probably less painful," Deva suggests. Then something comes to mind, words quietly murmured with an openly sly smile on her lips.

Olivian nodded firmly, setting the glass of wine back down on the table with a grin.

Food finished, Deva crouches to find her shoes under one of the tables. Dangling them from hooked fingers, she gives Olivian a wordless nod and begins to head on out of the ballroom with a wave goodbye for those still partying.

Olivian has left the the dance floor.

Deva has left the the dance floor.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel leaves, following Deva.

Deva leaves, following Olivian.

Gio nods to Kaia

There's a lovely tint to Kaia's skin as she begins to receive compliments for the hosting. Polite thank you's are issued in return along with gracious smiles as she saunters about the room escorted by her husband, Martino. Then, they would find their place by a lifted area in the stairs. The music would slow down just slightly, enough for the hostess to be heard. The lady's voice would go out to the crowd in a charming tone. "Thank you all for coming.~ It's been truly a delight to host you. I'm so glad you've all seemed to enjoy it." she would go on to say. "It's been an honor for our house to have you here as our guests; and, although, the festivities are now coming to an end, please do feel free to stay and mingle for as long as you desire. My husband and I wish you all a lovely night.~" she would announce; and, then, the music would resume once again.

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