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A Game of Trades

Princess Sabella welcomes one and all for an evening of conversation, drinks, and a game. What is the game? A game of trades. She firmly believes that everyone has something to offer, and everyone has something they want or need - silver, rare materials, information? What does the night hold for you? And who will make an offer so compelling that the princess gives up her precious ingot of platinum?

(OOC: More detailed structure for how this will work will be explained at or before the event. Attendees can make multiple trades with multiple people using silver, resources, materials, items - like rare tchotchkes or books or fancy weapons, information - in the form of clue shares, crafting commissions, etc. The limit is your imagination! There will be an expectation of being chill, so be polite in refusing a trade and accepting a refusal.)


March 31, 2021, 5 p.m.

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Apollo Graziella Zoey Claudia Cecilia Cufre Michael



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Bastion Hall

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound have been dismissed.

Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound have been dismissed.

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl arrive, following Graziella.

Apollo arrives on time, a satchel slung across his body - an unusual sight, when he's dressed up for an event. A little at odds, perhaps, with his gold jacket. Ah well! But look - he has Siri with him, anyway, and passes that off to her, then neatens his jacket, goes to find Sabella.

Princess Graziella Pravus arrives with her usual retinue of guards in tow but this time two of them are lugging along a large trunk full of dresses and finery to be used for the game this afternoon. She is wearing a sleek velvet dress and a large gold hand makes up her necklace, the greedy thing reaching up and grasping at her chin in an expression of want. Her hair is left loose and it flows around the black mink stole on her shoulders with an airy floating atmosphere. As she arrives she casts a listless look around the room and motions for her guards to drop the chest somewhere convenient.

Graziella puts a flask painted with the sigil of House Pravus in a simple cloth bag embroidered with the phases of the moon.

The Kennex party arrives, consisting of Ladies Cecilia and Zoey and their combined entourage. Zoey's aide, Ruslana, caries a couple of garment bags slung over her arm, and a satchel containing a number of notebooks and language primers.

Zoey turns to Cecilia and asks, "How do you suppose this begins? The rules were clear enough, but I am unsure of how to start."

It's not typical for Claudia to wander around with a member of her crew trailing behind her like a lost puppy, but that is what is happening today. She strolls through the door, dressed rather normally for her, but she's got a member of her crew carrying a good sized chest that he sets down somewhere before vanishing. It's upon that chest that she sets herself, watching the rest arriving.

Cecilia shrugs, "I do not know." Mary has some garment bags of her own. "Maybe we just stand in a corner and hawk our wears ..... or we just start shouting what we want?" She teases Zoey with a playful nudge. "Though I would be happy if there was a drink."

Following close on the heels of one of the staff charged with guiding guests to the event, Cufre enters the hall. She's come alone, dressed in sensible winter woolens that are made to stand up against the cold far more than they are meant to garner attention. The wearer seems to adopt a similar tack, thanking her guide quietly before edging toward the spread at the table, twirling something between her fingers as she crosses.

Hearing Zoey's voice, Apollo turns to find her with eyes, a smile flaring on his features. "Well, Lady Zoey," he says, "as it happens, I was hoping I'd see you here. I'm hoping to trade for information, and I think it's rare anyone that's got more of it than you do." He offers a bow to her and Cecilia, flashes Cufre and Claudia a smile.

As the guests for the game arrive, a few might catch Sabella sneaking a cookie from one of the platters on the table bearing snacks. She pops the small treat into her mouth and covers it with one hand, eyes wide in delight and affected guilt. "Hello hello!" She greets, once done chewing. "Apollo, you came! Oh, I bet you have incredible things to trade." The Pravus guards bearing a chest earn a look of intrigue and a servant sent to help them place it. "Your Highness, welcome. You have come prepared!" As more come in, she waves them close. "Please, make yourselves comfortable, let any of the house staff know if you need a beverage - we have all kinds! And there are plenty of snacks for everyone!" When she sees Zoey and Cecilia, she steps over to greet them, with hugs if she will let them. "Cecilia, have you met Apollo Whisper? He is my newest protege. Apollo! This is Lady Cecilia, Niklas's little sister and another of my proteges." Claudia and Cufre earn nods of acknowledgment. "Welcome! I will start us off in just a moment."

Claudia lifts a hand up, wiggling her fingers at Apollo with a flash of a smile in return. Then she gives a far more respectful incline of her head towards Sabella, however, she doesn't budge from sitting on the chest of her precious trade items.

Zoey returns Sabella's hug with a warm smile, then turns to Apollo. "Oh goodness, it has been some time, has it not, Guildmaster? Well, lucky for you, information is the number one commodity I intend to offer today."

Graziella's large eyes remain half lidded with a dour distracted demeanor -right- up until their host arrives- soon as she spots Sabella the Princess' blossoms into a perfectly performed plastic smile and gives their host full attention. She inclines her head politely when she is greeting and intones in her strange lilting voice, "I've brought some of my designs, one dress in particular is done in a Eurusi fashion which is all the rage lately. I won't reveal my friends by name but I've outfitted a few Whispers in similar, as a favor." She looks around the room and her Cheshire smiles persists even though it doesn't reach her eyes as she offers Apollo a little finger wave across he distance.

Apollo smiles at Sabella, offering a bow to her as well. "Of course, your highness. Wouldn't miss it." He turns to the introduction, gives Cecilia a proper bow of her own. "Lady Cecilia - good to meet you. Prince Niklas' sister and here with Lady Zoey - that'll make you a Kennex, won't it?" He smiles and - catching the wave from Graziella - he returns one of his own, seeming in authentic good cheer. "I've left most of mine to certificates, as I wasn't sure what might please - but I do have a lovely pair of earrings to start. Rose gold and seraphinite and topaz."

Cufre returns Apollo's smile and dips into a curtsey upon catching Sabella's eye before her attention goes back to surveying the food offerings. She opts, for now, to leave the food and instead seeks out a refreshment. Her exchange with the server is a bit extended, ending with a bashful little smile on the jeweler's part as she opens her palm to reveal the twisted string she'd been toying with earlier.

Cecilia hugs Sabella back warmly. "Oh this is amazing." She assures her sister before looking at Apollo. "Yes. I am the youngest of the Kennex siblings. Or one of the sets of us." She laughs musically. "It is a pleasure to meet you Guildmaster. I have heard amazing things about your work. And we are practically family since we have the same Patron." She says warmly curtsying back. "I have some clothing and some hair pins to start .... I'm afraid unless someone wants mood piano music from a non-Bard no one will want a certificate from me."

Claudia reaches a hand down to pat the top of the chest she's sitting on, "I have some goods here, diamondplate, velvet and honeysilk. But in addition to that I will freely negotiate a deal to aquire almost any market available item." She pauses for a moment, tilting her head, considering, "So I offer trade deals as well, if everyone is agreeable to terms."

Michael arrives. Specifically, he arrives when the typical announcers are busy announcing OTHERS so by the time they get to his name, he is already mingling and if one glances towards the doorway to see him the man is long gone amid the crowds. Sneaky. Sneaky.

Michael checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Michael is successful.

The Eurusi gown does indeed catch Zoey's eye, but when Apollo displays the earrings she cannot help but marvel. "Cecilia, do not speak of yourself thus. Take pride in your talent," she says before examining the jewelry more closely. "Dare I ask what sort of information you might seek in exchange for these stunning earrings?" she asks Apollo.

Cecilia admires the earrings. "Those are amazing. Guildmaster."

Graziella seems curious about the earrings as well and she drifts over to hear the sort of information that Apollo is looking for with a gentle rise in her browline. Most of her guards remain near the open chest full of dresses so that people can see what she's brought for trade.

Sabella is a good friend, which is why when he is not at the door when announced, she calls out to the crowd at large a brightly cheerful greeting, "Welcome, Duke Michael Bisland! You are just in time!" See? A wonderful friend. She grins as she scans the crowd and beckons everyone in to get things started. "This is my first time trying something like this, so I do not have much of a structure in mind. You may all introduce what you have on offer, and/or what you are looking for, and then... Approach one another as interest strikes you!" A little shrug lifts her shoulders before she adds, "I have an ingot of platinum on offer. However? Several bolts of luxury fabric or rare gems may be made available, as well."

In their discreet way, the serving staff get a quick message to Cufre that has her following one of them out of the hall for a time. When she returns, she's smiling and her bit of braided string is being put through its paces as it snakes through and around her fingers. She finishes her drink and sets the goblet on an empty tray.

When Graziella hears about bolts of luxury fabric and rare gems she pivots her attention smoothly to Sabella and smiles rather sweetly as she says in her strange vacant voice, "I'm a collector of rare gems and fabrics, I like to use them in my art.." She gestures to the case and one of her guards pulls out The Blood of Caldera, a saffron piece glittering with bloodstones and malissite. "I try to work cultural influence into the pieces I wear around Arx." She adds something more softly after in discreet aside to Sabella, "Any spidersilk?"

"Lady Claudia. You're here to make sure I don't trade horribly right?" Michael winks aside to his protege before speaking louder. "I have. One. Certificate redeemable for a wee baby peachick after it has been suitably weened away from its mum." People are /announcing/ their tradeable things. So Michael pulls a roll of parchment from his inside jacket pocket that has been pinched shut with yellow wax and marked indelibly with a Bisland Signet Ring. Then it waves about a bit before slipping back into his pocket.

Apollo's assistant, Siri, drifts toward the door to intercept a missive, and then comes to interrupt him with a brief exchange back and forth, animated hands and questions. When she departs - likely ferrying a scrap of information off to whoever's lingering at the door - he turns back to those who were inspecting the earrings, and gives a smile. "Pardon the interruption. Ah - there are a whole variety of topics of interest, actually - I think it's better for a side conversation." His eyes turn toward Graziella, tongue touching his teeth a moment, and he says, "I _do_ think I have some spidersilk left, but that's very dear stuff."

Sabella's eyes widen in surprise at Michael's offer, but her attention shifts to Graziella and Apollo. "Sadly, I am not in possession of any spidersilk. My fabrics do not come so rare as that, though I do have generous quantities of some."

"I have every faith in your ability." Claudia assures Michael, shaking her head just a bit at him before a look of amusement flickers across her face at his item of trade. "That wee baby peachick is worth quite a lot, are you sure that someone will be able to afford a trade?"

Zoey nods to Apollo and steps to one side to one side. She takes a couple of books out of her satchel and cradles them in her arms. "I am open to negotiate when you are."

Cecilia sidles up to Sabella. "I wouldn't mind talking fabrics and gems." She says as Mary brings her a drink.

Apollo slips aside with Zoey to murmur with her in quiet.

"They are rather dear, aren't they?" Michael murmurs aside to Claudia at her words, then looking about amongst those gathered. "Perhaps someone might manage to barter, bargain or negotiate it away from me. We will see won't we? I've the resources of a Duchy to trade as well. Which is apparently a lot. Some seatouched wool, artshall tweed. I left the Steelsilk in safekeeping."

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl arrive, following Graziella.

"It is and I've been having dreams of a veil made from the stuff.. I probably only need a bolt or two to make the thing a reality..." Graziella sighs though and tilts her gaze toward Apollo's interest as she asides, "I don't want information I could possibly have that would be of interesting to anyone though. I spend most of my time in my Lair reading and working on my art."

After taking a deep breath - eyes closed for that moment as she braces herself - Cufre moves nearer to the knot of negotiators. There's a hint of red touching her cheeks which belies the confidence in her voice as she says, "I have a lovely bit of artistry myself. Just in time for spring's approach. Made with my own hands, this one-of-a-kind braid of thread. A perfect gift, I think."

Graziella drops A warm cook hearth with a deer head mounted above it.

Graziella drops A comfortable couch designed for laying down.

Graziella has joined the A warm cook hearth with a deer head mounted above it.

Cufre drops a colorful bracelet of knotted string.

Cufre gets a colorful bracelet of knotted string.

"More tweed? Such a very fine thing to trade." Claudia glances around at those gathered, then she nods faintly, "I would say that there might just be a few things I've seen, or overheard, people offering that //might// be worth enough for a precious peachick. Might." She shrugs her shoulders a bit, hands held out to the side for a moment before she drops then back onto the chest, lifting her voice some, "Diamondplate, velvet and honeysilk if anyone's in the market."

With a smile to Cecilia, Sabella nods. "Anything you are looking for in particular? I do have a beautiful handful of epiphanite." A curious eye flicks to Cufre. "Mistress Harrow's work is truly lovely. I recently sent Lily out to purchase a gift and her shop was where it was found."

There is an exchange of whispers, then Zoey pulls her red leather book from her satchel.

Apollo glances up from his friendly murmured conversation with Zoey to smile at Graziella. "What sort of dreams?" he wonders. "Very curious."

Cecilia whispers softly to Sabella. She smiles softly.

Graziella checks charm and performance at normal. Graziella is successful.

Graziella moves over to stand near the hearth with a coy look over her shoulder at Apollo as she goes and the naive performance rings authentic when she adds, "Oh, the sort that happen when you sleep." She turns her back to most of the room to warm her hands as negotiations continue.

"The Tweed might get traded out but the Peachick would be difficult." Michael stands closer to Lady Claudia than the others for the moment. Until the bracelet comes out and he aborts his lean to walk towards her. "May I get a closer look, Mistress Harrow?"

"That is because the peachick is very rare, very precious, very hard to come by a reasonable trade for." Claudia points out, fully endorsing the specialness of peafowl evidently. Then she finally slides from her chest to her feet, moving in the direction of Cecilia and Sabella, offering the pair an easy nod in greeting.

Cecilia smiles and nods at Claudia. "Hello." She says warmly.

Sabella responds to Cecilia quietly before looking over at Graziella. "You make art? I have painted some! I would love to hear more about what you do with rare materials."

Pausing in her whispered exchange with Lady Cecilia, Cufre dips into a quick curtsey to Duke Michael, then extends her bent arm into the space between both Cecilia and Michael and drapes the knotted bracelet across her wrist slowly. "See how it catches the eye?"

Graziella turns to respond to Sabella and she pulls a macabre lantern out of her bag, "This for example, the inside of the skull is lined in mirrorsilver to create the illusion of glowing eyes when the candle is lit." She sets her lantern down near the fire and lights the candle inside, "I gave one to a Grayson Prince once, in a bar... because he was so taken with the thing." Graziella taps her chin as she tries to remember, "Nicholas? With an H, he said." She mummers something more softly to Sabella after as the macabre lantern flickers nearby.

Cecilia nods to Cufre. "It is very beautiful." She says softly.

Graziella takes A fancy writing quill made from a peacock feather from a simple cloth bag embroidered with the phases of the moon.

"Hello." Claudia replies, flashing Cufre a smile as well, but most of her attention seems to be for Cecilia, "Pardon...don't mean to be rude, but did I hear you right that you had clothes...and fabrics? I might have misheard."

Zoey flips through the red-covered book in her hands, speaking quietly to Apollo as she does. After a moment, she nods to him.

Cecilia nods and grins at the woman. "I do. What would you like to see?" She bows her head to Claudia.

Apollo nods agreeably, too, and summons Siri - already approaching - back over. Just so they can wind their way over to a table so he can point out things for Siri to transcribe. Information! It makes the world go 'round.

"Fabulous...what fabrics did you have?" Claudia wonders, gesturing back towards the chest she was sitting on, "I've fabrics as well, but I've also some very nice metal on offer, too."

Michael gets grey silk tunic with beading and embroidery from The Silver Lining Garment Bag.

Cecilia nods softly, "I have more in the way of clothing ..... as for fabrics I really only have tweed ...." She blushes softly. "I do have a perfume that is very nice as well."

Sabella motions a servant over and whispers to them to retrieve something for her. "It will just be a moment," she says to Cecilia before giving Claudia her attention. "I do not recall if we have been introduced. Princess Sabella Grayson. I have fabrics! Many bolts of velvet and honeysilk, currently." Then, that skull has her eyes locked on it. "Noah, perhaps?" The question of which Grayson prince having her attempting to solve the mystery. "My husband would have told me if he had gotten such a thing. Niklas, no H." Her head tilts, study the glow. "I have not yet been able to acquire any gems from the Saffron."

"A pleasure as always, Guildmaster," Zoey says to Apollo with a smile and a nod. she carefully tucks the earrings away once they are handed to her along with the return of her book. She turns and looks out over the rest of the gathering, taking it in while she decides whom to speak to next.

Claudia laughs faintly, "I do like tweed, although I've some set aside for personal use as well." She crosses one arm over her chest, the other hand reaching up to drum her fingers against her chin, "What clothes might you have on offer?" She wonders, then her eyes narrow a fraction before she flashes a smile, "Oh, but perfume you say? Do tell...what does it smell like?" When Sabella introduces herself she uncrosses her arms, sweeping a bow, "Lady Claudia Malespero, Your Highness. A pleasure to meet you as well. If no one wants any of the velvet I have myself, I may be interested in adding to my collection. Can't ever have too much can we?"

"I'm rather certain with was.. Nicholaus, Prince Nicholaus Grayson.. this was over a year or two now. I don't think I've seen him around Arx in sometime. Certainly has nothing to do with owning a curious lantern though, if you wanted on of your own?" Graziella smiles sweetly to Sabella and another softer aside after.

Cecilia grins, "It smells like the earth after the rain." She informs the woman pulling out the bottle to show.

Michael tips a hat that doesn't exist upon his head towards Cecilia. "You negotiate well, apparently, Lady Cecilia." Then to reach out and pat Cufre's elbow. "I'm sure I'll be along to bother you for something sometime soon. Whenever I can convince them to let me patrol, I end up in the lowers." Then Michael steps away to head towards the gathering of Princess Sabella and a cousin of his.

Cecilia smiles at Micheal. "I am willing to trade services if you need." She says with a bow of her head.

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Claudia nods faintly, studying the bottle that Cecilia produces, "And what might you consider accepting in trade for such a perfume?"

Zoey sits down on an available couch and makes herself comfortable before stacking her books and primers beside her. "I offer more information in exchange for goods and services, if anyone is interested, otherwise I will be lounging with a class of wine for anyone who wishes to catch up."

Once Siri is set to her task, Apollo slips back over to the gathering - after a well-placed, "Thank you, Lady Zoey, ever so much." To the gathering - and in earshot of Zoey: "Well," he says. "Aside from that pair of earrings and a rather vast store of materials - with a few rarities - I've got a number of sketches for designs - armor, accessories, dresses, garments of all sorts. And more jewelry. Only needs to be worth my while to make them up, of course. Information or otherwise, I'm quite certain I can be generous." He flashes a smile to Michael. "Duke Michael, so good to see you."

The house servant returns and places two lovely epiphanite in Sabella's hand, which quickly get pressed into Cecilia's palm, fingers tucked over them. She doesn't say anything, just smiles before dipping her chin to Claudia. "Lady Claudia! Your family has recently taken Ashford's dear Lady Sunaia. Perhaps I can trade for you to replace her?" The princess' tone is light and teasing, not meant to be taken seriously at all, reinforced by a friendly wink. "Let us see how the other trades go, hm? I may have a use for that diamondplate." Then she turns back to a quiet conversation with Graziella.

Another few whispers later finds Cufre exchanging the much-talked-up bit of twisted string for a perfume bottle.

Cecilia murmurs softly with Curfe. She smiles and trades the perfume for a bracelet. "I'm sorry Lady Claudia. Mistress Cufre had first claim ...... though she might want to trade it for something." She nibbles her lip. "I do have a very nice woolen coat, a dress of flowers ...... some promises. ((OOC Writs ))"

"We have, yes." Claudia replies with a laugh, shaking her head, "I am not sure that I can match Lady Sunaia's worth, I'm afraid. I'd make a very poor trade, I'm very disreptuable, overly fond of boats and loud feathery birds." Then she glances at Cecilia, that smile never wavering even as she loses the trade, "Such is the sway of the market. Perhaps I'll circle back around to look at the coat if no one else has snatched it up."

"Master Apollo." Michael narrows his eyes at the man, like being called Duke is something Apollo might be saying as a joke. He'll reach out to clap his hand upon the man's shoulder anyways though. "Noo, Princess Sabella. We can't trade people otherwise. Well. You know. I'd have to flee." Information though, information is important and he quietly hmms to himself. "What information is getting traded now? We talking Archfiends or folklore?"

Apollo smiles. "Bit of both, why not," he says. "When there's such ripe opportunity as this and I haven't got to go charm a scholar. Though that can be fun at times. Do you crave some fresh new things, my lord?" He seems amused by Michael's suspicious response to being called Duke; he rather enjoys it, it seems.

Graziella heads over to store something in her handbag near her trunk of dresses after having a quiet conversation with Sabella and she casts a glance around the room to see if anyone else was eager to trade before she starts to have things packed away for travel back to her ward.

Another dispatched servant, another trade of gems - or so it seems. Two pitch black stones are given to Graziella for two others. "A pleasure, Princess." Sabella dips her chin. Gliding over toward Michael, she slips her arm through his and wonders, "Has anyone claimed that peachick yet?"

Zoey manages to acquire a glass of spiced red wine somewhere along the line, as well as a small plate of cookies. She watches the exchange between Michael and Apollo with amused interest until she hears Sabella. "What peachick? There is a chick available for trade?"

Cecilia takes a seat by Zoey and sips her drink. She shows Zoey her bracelet. "Yes Duke Bisland has a peachick. Word has it that he's looking for Dragonweap."

Cufre withdraws from the heat of trading to grab another drink. That in hand, she lingers, openly attending the currents of exchange.

As the room erupts in talk of the peachick Princess Graziella lingers to hear the asking price and the mention of dragonweep gets a slick smirk.

The mention of a peachick causes her to tilt her chin in Michael's direction, "The Duke." Then Claudia eases on over towards Apollo, flashing him a smile, "Hello there. You said designs?"

"I have dragonweep, the one that I'll ever need and I wonder if its overdoing it." Michael turns his hip to display the blade upon his waist towards those gossiping about his peachick. "This is an unborn peachick of Claudia's Bibi clutch. Should be hatching in a week's time. Then weening period is a month or so. Then...well. They're a pain in your ass for a full year. Wing clipping or you keep them close because they're liable to get into trouble. Then they keep getting into trouble, but they're big enough to usually get out of it. If anything, its a prison sentence."

Apollo's brows loft at Claudia, a smile curling. "I did," he says. "And though I'd certainly /like/ a dragonweep, I won't ask one for a bit of time at the workbench. Are you after something new to wear?" He surveys her clothing a moment, considering, and lifts bright eyes back to her face.

"Unless you are a crafter who is selling them, having more than one dragonweep is an excessive display," Zoey opines as she looks Michael's way. "What crime are you asking in exchange for the feathery prison sentence, dear cousin?"

"I imagine its quite the fashion statement though.." Graziella has a curious curl to her grin as she stands there considering having a peacock to follow her around Arx. "That's a swell way to be noticed.." Glancing over as she makes it clear she'd like to hear the answer to Zoey's question about the price.

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Michael glances back towards Apollo to take in his attire. Clothes being mentioned now quite frequently. "The negotiation for something like this is....involved I would say? We would need to hammer down whether or not ownership of these peachicks is split amongst the brood. As in, the brood is halved. Or. Each of us own part share of each offspring." A hand waves towards Claudia as she approaches. "Are we splitting the brood or each one individually?"

Cecilia sips her drink and lounges back. "Isn't there a saying about counting peachicks before they are hatched? Are they hatched yet?"

"Probably good, I've none available and I hear they are rather difficult to obtain." Claudia repolies with a laugh, glancing in Michael's direction as he gets a few bites on the trade. "I would be very interested in something new to wear, Master Apollo. I've some very fine tweed that I'm looking to have something made with, and a stock of other fabric to either offload or use." Both being equal in her eyes, evidently. The question about the ownership of the boord gets a tilt of her head, "I would say that it certainly would work in my favor to go with the latter, each one individually."

"We are counting these eggs rather conservatively, Lady Cecilia. Lady Zoey." Because if you 'Lady' one you should probably 'Lady' the other. Michael is quick to wave down a passing server and snake something to drink. "House Bisland is the only purveyor of any sort of volume of Peacocks within the Compact. As far as I am aware." A widening smirk towards Zoey. "Are your dogs not suitable enough companions? You wish a peafowl as well?"

Apollo flares a hand at Claudia. "I see you've a very ecclectic style; I've a number of designs that I think could take your sensibilities and marry them together with your figure and features, comfortable and new at the same time. Mm? Do you favor pants and shirts exclusively, or are you looking for a dress?"

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl leave, following Graziella.

Sabella glances between Michael and Claudia. "Splitting one bird between the two of you makes it rather difficult to trade one thing for it. However..." Her nose scrunches as she considers. "Would you each take fifty thousand silver and an epiphanite?"

Zoey scoffs playfully. "I only have the one dog! Octavian is lovely, really, but ever since little Uriel discovered he likes dogs I can barely get the boy to leave him alone. Besides, I am beginning to miss Sir Struttington. I never realized before how much I liked having birds around."

Claudia glances down at her clothing, brows lifting a moment before she shrugs, "I'm open to a dress, but I tend to favor pants and shirts because I can walk faster, and don't trip on them on my ship. But I have heard that having a dress is sometimes a very handy thing, if it happens to be the right kind. Which I would trust your taste over my own." There's a shake of her head to Sabella, "No need, if the Duke finds your offer acceptable I'll kindly let him have this whole peachick to himself for trade."

"Octavian is something alright. He recovers well after someone sneaks him cheddar." Michael speaks as if that wasn't /him/ doing the bad bad thing of feeidng a dog cheddar. His elbow finds the armrest and his fist his cheek as Claudia and Apollo's negotiations get underway. "Fifty thousand per and epiphanite. I'm guessing thats a stone, your highness?" A playful hmm towards Sabella. "That is quite the sizeable sum. Are you aware that you might have to avoid fenceposts whenever you walk your possibly peacock companion? I have had to unwind Sir Struttington's gizzard from at least /four/ different well spaced fence posts in his lifetime."

Apollo flares a hand, an easy reassurance offered. "No, no - if you favor pants and shirts, I can manage the sort that will carry you through whatever a dress would." Siri - finished transcribing - goes to intercept another missive, and this time looks... frustrated. There are a series of small gestures sent Apollo's way, which he only catches halfway through - but with a bit of distraction, he offers a smile to Claudia. "Lady Claudia. Shall we find a time to discuss this later? It seems I'm needed at the shop." An apologetic smile is turned toward Sabella.

"Yes, a stone, equivalent in value to an ingot of diamondplate." Sabella explains to Michael. "So, as Lady Claudia is deferring to you, 100 thousand silver and two epiphanite. Or? One ingot of platinum." She meets Apollo's look and nods, giving a reassuring smile.

Zoey's eyes go wide and she gasps, "An ingot of platinum for the peachick?"

Michael checks composure and etiquette at hard. Michael fails.

"Platinum." Michael restates from Sabella's offer, his eyebrows furrow immensely and his lips set towards a smile, spreading wider and wider as his eyes sink downwards in thought. "You'd offer such a thing for something that is bound to litter your gardens with feathers and..other things? If so, then the trade shall be done." The note pulled from his jacket pocket and held aloft to wait for Sabella to take it.

"Of course." Claudia replies, giving Apollo a nod before she lets her attention drift back to the peachick conversation, moving to give Michael a sharp elbow to the side, muttering to him, "You're not supposed to try and talk them out of the deal, dear Duke."

With that, Apollo offers a bow around, and slips on out.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary leave, following Apollo.

In a smooth, graceful motion, Sabella leans in to take Michael's face in her hands and press a friendly kiss to his forehead before plucking the note from his hand and holding it out to Zoey. "Eventually, my dear friend? I will need information."

Zoey checks composure at hard. Zoey is successful.

Zoey looks down at the note that Sabella slips into her hands, blinks, then looks up. She stands, dips into a graceful curtsey, and replies, "Of course, your Highness. Whatever you need."

"I'm starting to think there is a bit of magic to this." Michael's eyebrows furrow just a touch as he looks towards Zoey. "The peacocks always tend to end up back in Bisland hands." Except...he sounds serious. Its not a joke and Michael being serious should be worrisome.

"Trade magic." Claudia agrees with a nod, glancing towards Zoey, then Sabella, then Michael with a thoughtful look before she nods again, "Magic, yes."

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